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Board Approved Employee New Hire Checklist
      ****Please note Job Requisitions created and printed on hard copy
                       paper will no longer be accepted.

      Complete and submit Online Job Requisition. See “Create a Job Requisition”
        Submit interview questions

District will prepare the packet and notify committee chair for pick up. District HR will not
release screening packet to committee chair until interview questions have been submitted.

      Conduct screening and interview process. See “SMCC Selection Committee Training
   Guide & Handout.”

      Return completed hiring packet (with preferred candidate(s)) to the College Human
   Resources Office to obtain further signatures and processing to District HR.

      Allow time for job offer to be made from District HR and job confirmation to be sent to

      Once job confirmation is received, College Human Resources will send an email about
      the new employee to the supervisor and key personnel information for email account
      set up, computer access, SIS, CFS, telephone, etc.

      Employee must get a MEID (Maricopa Enterprise ID). See “Find Your Enterprise ID”

      As soon as the employee is in the system, grant designee rights in Time and Labor to
      the appropriate person.
          For Board approved employees, please give designate rights to:
          A peer (PSA employees cannot be delegated to other PSA employees)

   Managers! If you will be away for any period of time, you must designate another
     individual to approve Job Requisition documents in your worklist. See “Assigning
     Your Worklist”

Manager’s/Supervisor’s New Hire Checklist                                              Page 1
Updated 9/14/2007

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