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					                                                                                               CDF Circular Letter: Some Initial
Canon Law Society of America                                                                   By: Msgr. Thomas Green

                                                                                                  A May 3, 2011 Congregation for the Doctrine
                                                                                                                                                           After briefly noting the structure of the letter,
                                                                                                                                                        we will comment on its three key parts and then
                                                                                                                                                        indicate some noteworthy developments gener-
                                                                                                                                                        ally by contrast to SST and Essential Norms.
                                                                                               of the Faith (CDF) circular letter1 reminded             Structure of Letter
                                                                                               episcopal conferences of the revised May 21,
                                                                                               2010 motu proprio Sacramentorum sanctita-                  The introduction to the letter notes that a key
                                                                                               tis tutela (hereafter SST) on delicta graviora.2         episcopal responsibility is assuring the common
                                                                                               While SST mentions various delicts, the letter           good and protecting children. This means espe-
                                                                                               addresses only clerical sexual abuse of minors.          cially developing procedures to aid victims and
                                                                                               To facilitate a coordinated implementation of            educate the faithful on protecting minors. In do-
                                                                                               such norms, the CDF seeks conference guide-              ing so the bishops are to follow canon law and
                                                                                               lines to aid bishops in addressing this delict           take civil law into account.
                               A quarterly newsletter from the Canon Law Society of America

                                                                                               with due regard for differing Church-state situ-
                                                                                                                                                           The letter’s first largely pastoral part (five
                                                                                                                                                        subheadings) considers the victims of abuse,
                                                                                                 The circular letter4 highlights certain key, but       the protection of minors, the formation of future
                                                                                               often overlapping, canonical-pastoral themes             priests6 and religious, the support of priests,
                                                                                               to be incorporated into the guidelines. Many of          and cooperation with civil authority. The sec-
                                                                                               those themes directly regard the penal process,          ond largely canonical part (without subhead-
                                                                                               but others concern broader pastoral issues such          ings) briefly summarizes selected canonical
                                                                                               as the bishops’ relationships to the clergy and          provisions on clerical sexual abuse of minors.
                                                                                               the faithful at large, especially the victims of         It focuses largely on the preliminary investi-
                                                                                               abuse and their families. The letter explicitly          gation. The third canonical-pastoral part (nine
                                                                                               encourages the bishops to consult other ordinar-         subheadings) partially restates the prior part. It
                                                                                               ies such as major superiors of clerical religious        guides ordinaries in dealing with allegations of
                                                                                               institutes in drafting such guidelines.5                 abuse in keeping with their key supervisory re-
                                                                                                                                                        sponsibilities (cc. 1341; 1717; 223).
                                                                                                  The conferences are to submit such guide-
                                                                                               lines to the CDF by May 2012. If the guidelines             We now highlight certain key points in the
                                                                                               are to bind individual bishops, the conferences          letter.
                                                                                               are to observe the usual Holy See recognitio
                                                                                                                                                        I General Considerations:
                                                                                               process involving various dicasteries (c. 455;
                                                                                               Pastor Bonus 82).                                          a) The victims of sexual abuse: Like the pope,
                                                                                                                                                                                       (see CDF, page 6)

                                                                                                 Call for 2011 Resolutions
                                                                                                    The Resolutions Committee encourages                   Visit
                                                                                                 members to submit resolutions for the 2011             for the Guidelines and form for submitting a
                                                                                                 Annual Business Meeting during the Conven-             resolution. You can either download and print
                                                                                                 tion by August 15, 2011.                               a form, or submit your resolution online. ▼
                               June 2011

                                                                                                     IN THIS ISSUE

                                                                                                 4                          5                           6                          7
                                                                                                        John Jay                   2011                        Classifieds                Committee
                                                                                                        Report on                  Convention                                             Corner
                                                                                                        Clergy Abuse               Update                                                                 ▼
                                                                                              ... in Christ Jesus the life-giving law of the Spirit has set you free from the law of sin and death. (Rom. 8:2)

Society Offers Assistance to Anglican Ordinariate

                      hope that each of you    assisting the creation and initial formation        Dr. Barbara Anne Cusack has found it
                      had a blessed celebra-   of the Anglican Ordinariate and the ju-          necessary to resign from her position as
                      tion of Easter. As we    ridic persons associated with it, until such     chair of the Research and Development
                 celebrate the new life that   time as the Ordinariate is able adequately       Committee due to the additional demands
                 Christ has won for us, it     to supply its own canonists.” It was fur-        that will be placed upon her as the Arch-
                 is nonetheless distressing    ther resolved “that the CLSA compile and         diocese of Milwaukee works in resolving
 Rev. Michael that we have experienced         maintain a list of canonists willing to assist   its bankruptcy status. In light of Barbara
  Joyce, CM so many tragedies during           the delegate from the Congregation for the       Anne’s resignation, the Board of Gover-
the past several weeks with tornadoes in       Doctrine of the Faith to the United States,      nors recommended that I reconstitute the
the South and Midwest and floods along         the Ordinary, and the Ordinariate and in-        Research and Development Committee.
the Mississippi River and several other nat-   dividual Ordinariate parishes, clergy, and       Chorbishop John Faris has accepted an ap-
ural disasters. For those of you who have      other juridic persons to help them with          pointment to chair the Research and Devel-
experienced suffering or sorrow from those     their creation and their ongoing canonical       opment Committee. Fr. John Beal, Msgr.
events, I assure you of my prayers.            needs.” The Office of the Executive Coor-        Patrick Lagges and Fr. Robert Oliver have
                                               dinator developed a list of canonists will-      accepted reappointment to the committee.
   I write this column just several days af-
                                               ing to assist as mentioned in the resolution.    Mrs. Rita Joyce also serves on the com-
ter attending the Annual Conference of the
                                               I then wrote to Cardinal Wuerl offering the      mittee ex officio. I thank these members
Canon Law Society of Great Britain and
                                               assistance of the CLSA in accordance with        of the reconstituted Research and Devel-
Ireland. It was an affirmative experience of
                                               the resolution and included the list with        opment for accepting their appointments.
the mutual relationship that exists between
                                               the letter. Cardinal Wuerl responded and         I also take this opportunity to thank Bar-
the various sister societies represented at
                                               expressed his gratitude to the members of        bara Anne for her service as the previous
the gathering. The topics presented dur-
                                               the Society, especially those who person-        chairperson of the committee as well as for
ing the conference pointed to common
                                               ally offered their services, for the resolu-     her gracious service to the Society over the
concerns that the Societies address in their
                                               tion. He informed me in the letter that the      years.
respective work. Very fruitful exchanges
                                               Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith
occurred in the informal times together as                                                         I also extend congratulations on the be-
                                               is considering the level of interest in an Or-
well.                                                                                           half of the members of the Society to Bish-
                                               dinariate among Anglicans in the United
                                                                                                op-elect Joseph Binzer and Bishop-elect
   At the seventy-second annual conven-        States but no determination has yet been
                                                                                                Charles Thompson for their appointments
tion, the members of the Society unani-        made concerning the Ordinariate. Once the
                                                                                                by the Holy Father respectively as Auxil-
mously approved a resolution to offer the      Congregation makes a decision relative to
                                                                                                iary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Cincin-
assistance of the CLSA “to the delegate        the Ordinariate, Cardinal Wuerl will con-
                                                                                                nati and Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of
from the Congregation for the Doctrine         tact the Office of the Executive Coordina-
                                                                                                Evansville. We also join together to con-
of the Faith to the United States and the      tor about engaging the volunteers.
                                                                                                gratulate a member who regularly attends
Anglican Ordinariate after its creation, in
                                                                                                our annual conventions, Bishop Daniel
                                                                                                Conlon, on his appointment as Diocesan
          SPOTLIGHT ON CLSA SCHOLARSHIPS                                                        Bishop of Joliet. I am confident that the
                                                                                                particular portions of God’s flock which
 A Note of Thanks                              2011 Scholarship Awarded                         they have been appointed to serve will ben-
                                                                                                efit greatly from their pastoral leadership.
    The Society would like to acknowledge         Ms. Annette Wellman has been selected
 the generous bequest given from the es-       by the Board of Governors to receive this          Please be assured of my daily prayers for
 tate of Eleanor Fazzalaro and Msgr. Fran-     year’s scholarship award. Ms. Wellman            you. I hope that your summer schedule al-
 cis Fazzalaro. Msgr. Fazzalaro graduated      will begin her studies at St. Paul Univer-       lows you some rest from your labor. May
 with his JCD from Catholic University in      sity in Ottawa, Ontario this fall.               that relaxation refresh you and bring you
 1949 and was a long time CLSA member            Congratulations! ▼                             new vigor as we together work for the wel-
 until his death in 2007.                                                                       fare of God’s people. ▼

2 ▼ CLSA NEWSLETTER                                                                                                        J U N E 2 0 11
        O F F I C E O F T H E E X E C U T I V E C O O R I N AT O R

The OEC Prepares for Transition Period

                           lthough      only     the time when many
                           slightly    more      Regional Meetings
                           than two months       are held throughout
                 have passed since the last      the country, we wel-
                 issue of the Newsletter,        come presentations
                 the Office of the Execu-        given at these gath-
   Sr. Sharon    tive Coordinator has been       erings. Our posting
  Euart, RSM involved in a variety of            them on the CLSA
activities. We hosted the meeting of the         website does not
Board of Governors in early April and            preclude a presenter
look forward to hosting the Publications         from publishing it
Advisory Board in late June. We continue         in a journal or other
to prepare for a transition period during        canon law resource. The Board of Governors met at the Hecker Center in April, (l-r)
August and September when Katie Rich-            We anticipate plac- Msgr. Michael Padazinski, Rita Joyce and Fr. Larry Jurcak
ards will be on maternity leave and Susan        ing on the website presentation by Msgr.    We wish you a wonderful summer with
Mulheron will complete her JCL at Catho-         Harmon Skillin from the Western Regional time for relaxation and reflection. ▼
lic University of America and return to the      Meeting and by Msgr. William King from         BOARD OF GOVERNORS
Archdiocese of St. Paul/Minneapolis where        the Eastern Regional Conference of Can-
she will be working in the Diocesan Tri-         onists.                                     President
bunal. Ms. Amy Tadlock who is complet-                                                           Rev. Michael P. Joyce, CM
                                                   We are pleased with the returns from
ing her JCL course work this summer and                                                      Vice-President
                                                 the 2011 Scholarship appeal. Letters were
will remain in the Washington, DC area to                                                        Mrs. Rita F. Joyce
                                                 mailed in February and we continue to
complete her thesis will be working with                                                     Secretary
                                                 receive contributions with several being
us on a regular part-time basis for the time                                                     Mrs. Siobhan M. Verbeek
                                                 made in memory of individuals, especially
Katie is on leave. Susan will continue to                                                    Treasurer
                                                 former members of the Society who are de-
assist us “remotely” with the Tribunal sta-                                                      Rev. Gregory T. Bittner
                                                 ceased. Some Regional Conferences also
tistics report and Roman Replies & CLSA
                                                 made contributions to the fund. We are          Consultors
Advisory Opinions. I am most grateful to
                                                 pleased to announce that the 2011 schol-          Very Rev. Mark O’Connell
Katie, Susan and Amy for their willingness
                                                 arship has been awarded to Ms. Annette            Msgr. C. Michael Padazinski
to work together in ensuring that the OEC                                                          Mrs. Meg Romano-Hogan
                                                 Wellman of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Annette
will continue to serve its membership dur-                                                         Rev. Manuel Viera, OFM
                                                 will begin her studies in canon law in Sep-
ing these months.                                                                                  Rev. Thomas E. Cronkleton, Jr.
                                                 tember at St. Paul University. Elsewhere in
   As you are aware, this is the second is-      this Newsletter there is an article about An-     Mrs. Margaret Poll Chalmers
sue of this year’s Newsletter that is entirely   nette and the scholarship.                      Past-President
electronic! Beginning with the coming fis-                                                          Rev. Lawrence Jurcak
                                                    If you have not already received it,
cal year, all four 2011-2012 issues of the                                                       Executive Coordinator
                                                 you will be receiving the 2011 Conven-
Newsletter will be sent to our members                                                              Sr. Sharon A. Euart, RSM
                                                 tion Brochure which contains information
electronically. We hope you will enjoy                                                           Contact Information
                                                 about the program, registration procedures,
reading the “news” and will let us know                                                            Canon Law Society of America
                                                 details about the site, and nominations for
if there are additional items or articles you                                                      The Hecker Center, Suite 111
                                                 office. It promises to be an excellent con-       3025 Fourth Street, NE
would like to see included in future issues.
                                                 vention at a beautiful site on the Johns          Washington, DC 20017-1102
   We continue to update the CLSA web-           River in Jacksonville, Florida. Elsewhere          Tel: (202) 832-2350
site. You may have noticed that we have          in this Newsletter Katie explains the con-         Fax: (202) 832-2331
added several items to the website for           vention registration process which is avail-
downloading. Since the Spring months are         able online.                             

J U N E 2 0 11                                                                                      CLSA NEWSLETTER ▼ 3
John Jay College Reports No Single                                                             Membership
Cause, Predictor of Clergy Abuse                                                               Dues
  Sr. Sharon Euart, RSM, Executive Coordinator, attended the press conference on the
release of the Report on the “Causes and Context of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic           The 2011-2012 fiscal year Member-
Priests in the United States, 1950-2010” by the John Jay College Research Team, the City       ship Dues Invoices will be mailed to
University of New York, May 18, 2011 at the United States Conference of Catholic Bish-         members on July 1, 2011. Please re-
ops Headquarters in Washington, DC.                                                            member that only those who pay this
                                                                                               year’s dues will continue to receive the
  This landmark study by researchers at John Jay College of Criminal Justice of the City       quarterly CLSA eNewsletters and be
University of New York, which examined the causes and context of the clergy sexual             mailed the 2011 Proceedings. We ask
abuse crisis in the U.S. Catholic Church, concluded that there was no single cause or pre-     that members pay their dues by Octo-
dictor of sexual abuse by Catholic clergy. The report added that situational factors and op-   ber 1, 2011.
portunity to abuse played a significant role in the onset and continuation of abusive acts.
                                                                                                 Our Student Assistant, Susan Mul-
  The report can be found at             heron, has completed a year-long proj-
abuse-minors-by-catholic-priests-in-the-united-states-1950-2010.pdf                            ect of imputting the data from our phys-
                                                                                               ical membership files into the website
                                                                                               database. Please be sure to check and
                                                                                               update the historical data we have in
                                                                                               your membership profile online. While
                                                                                               logged in, you can verify your current
                                                                                               contact and professional information
                                                                                               and make any updates if necessary.

                                                                                                 Please note: All CLSA members
                                                                                               have an online profile, there is no need
                                                                                               to ‘Register’ (this creates a duplicate

                                                                                                 To log in, enter your username and
Dr. Karen Terry, John Jay College, City University of New York, Bishop Blasé Cupich,           password in the ‘Member Sign In’ box
Bishop of Spokane, Chair of the USCCB Committee on the Protection of Children and              located in the upper right hand cor-
Young People, and Diane Knight, CMSW, Chair of the USCCB National Review Board.                ner of the homepage -
Photo courtesy Nancy Wiechec, Catholic News Service.
                                                                                               Once logged in, select ‘Manage Profile’
                                                                                               in the right hand ‘My Profile’ menu
                                                   UPCOMING EVENTS                             (where the log in box previously was).
     Visit us Online Today!                                                                    Here you can change any information
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                                                                                               associated with your account including
                                                 the Online Calendar at
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                                                 July 1: 2011-2012 Membership Dues             Bio’).
                                                 Invoices mailed to members
                      rg                         July 11-17: Asociacion Mexicana de              Forgot your password? The Office
           www.                                  Canonistas Conference in San Juan de          of the Executive Coordinator cannot
                                                 los Lagos, Jalisco                            retrieve your current password. If you
                                                 August 2-3: Oklahoma/Arkansas Re-             have forgotten your passwod you will
                                                 gional Meeting in Tulsa, OK                   need to reset your password by clicking
                                                 September 12-15: Canon Law Society            on the ‘Forgot your password?’ link lo-
                                                 of Australia & New Zealand Confer-            cated on the homepage. Use the email
                                                 ence in St Kilda, Melbourne                   address where this eNewsletter was
                                                 October 10-13: 73rd Annual CLSA               sent.▼
                                                 Convention in Jacksonville, FL

4 ▼ CLSA NEWSLETTER                                                                                                      J U N E 2 0 11
                  2 0 11 C O N V E N T I O N U P D AT E

“The Sunshine State...”
By: Rev. Michael Boccaccio                        their orange T-shirts or jackets and straw
                                                  ‘jungle’ hats [
   ... welcomes the CLSA for the fifth time,
                                                  downtonw-vision/ambassadors].          Their
come October 10-13, for our annual Con-
                                                  goal is to provide a service to visitors by
vention. Previously, CLSA has held a con-
                                                  being welcoming, friendly, approachable
vention in Miami (1961), Orlando (1980
                                                  and helpful; in my two visits to Jackson-
& 1998) and Tampa (2005). This year,
                                                  ville, I experienced just that. Not only will
we shall be gathering in Jacksonville, FL
                                                  you see them while walking to Jackson-
which boasts: “at 840 square miles, Jack-
                                                  ville Landing et al., but also when walk-
sonville is the largest city in the continental
                                                  ing to Immaculate Conception Church
USA!” Our corner of Jacksonville will be
centered at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville
                                                  The church is about a 7 minute stroll from
Riverfront []
                                                  the hotel.
located directly on the St. John River. The
river waterside walkway is a ‘highway of             Because of its ‘spot’ on the map, e.g.,
activity, from strollers to roller blades, and    on the coast, Jacksonville is very much a
is well lit at night.                             water place. Just outside the hotel is a wa-
                                                  ter taxi service, for $3 you can go across
                                                                                                  Convention Materials
  Via the river walkway, a mere three min-
                                                  the river where a number of more upscale         The 2011 Convention Brochure was
ute walk, is Jacksonville Landing, with its
                                                  restaurants is located (varying in cuisine:     mailed to members following Memorial
eateries [especially for lunch], shops, etc.
                                                  from seafood, obviously, to steaks and su-      Day. Please look for the brochure in your
[]. Within
                                                  shi). The water taxi can also be used just      mailbox and online at
a ten minute walk are two other ‘centers/
                                                  to cruise the river. Beyond the walking and
malls’: Laura St. StreetScape and Hemming                                                         Online Registration
                                                  watering travels, in driving distances are a
Plaza      [].
                                                  number of sites to visit: parks, amusement
The restored Library in Hemming Plaza,                                                              Convention registration and credit card
                                                  areas, ocean beaches, golf courses, etc.
now a mini-mall, is a ‘must’ to visit in it-                                                      payments are now available online at
self. Within this entire area and beyond,           So plan to enjoy the area [bring sun-
you will notice what I refer to as ‘the           protection] as well as the convention. Let
Orange People’! Jacksonville provides             Florida state its shining sun to you. ▼         Pre-Convention Workshops
an ‘Ambassador’ team, recognizable by                                                               This year the CLSA will be offering
                                                                                                  two pre-convention workshops in con-
                                                                                                  juction with the 2011 convention pro-

                                                                                                    •	 Hierarchical Recourse: Can’t We
                                                                                                  All Just Get Along? Presented by Rev.
                                                                                                  Msgr. Patrick Lagges and Sr. Lynn McK-
                                                                                                  enzie, OSB
                                                                                                    •	 A Telescopic Probe into the Struc-
                                                                                                  ture and Dynamic Aspects of a Defective
                                                                                                  Consent in Light of Evolving Doctrine
                                                                                                  and Jurisprudence. Presented by Rev.
                                                                                                  Augustine Mendonça.

                                                                                                    Look for more information on these
A water taxi takes passengers across the St. John’s River to Southside Jacksonville, where        workshops in your 2011 Convention
attendees will discover more upscale restaurant options.                                          Brochure and on the website.▼

J U N E 2 0 11                                                                                         CLSA NEWSLETTER ▼ 5
(CDF, from page 1)                              mentions recent changes on prescription          enabled to respond. The bishop determines
the bishop or his delegate must listen to the   (twenty years from the completion of the         what pertinent information is to be commu-
victims and aid them spiritually and psy-       victim’s eighteenth year) and notes pedo-        nicated to the cleric.
chologically.                                   pornography as a delict (art. 6 §2).7
                                                                                                   i) The bishop or major superior is to
  b) The protection of minors: In some             c-d) The bishop or major superior is prin-    determine appropriate precautionary mea-
countries “safe environment for minors”         cipally responsible for investigating allega-    sures (c. 1722) even during the preliminary
programs already aid parents, teachers, and     tions and forwarding credible ones to the        investigation (revised SST 19).
pastoral workers in recognizing and ad-         CDF, which will provide for both justice
                                                                                                   j) Conference norms complement but do
dressing signs of abuse.                        for the priest and the good of the Church
                                                                                                 not replace the two codes or SST; the usual
                                                including the victims (SST 16). Only the
   c) The formation of future priests and                                                        Holy See recognitio process is required for
                                                CDF makes definitive decisions on the pos-
religious: Bishops and major superiors are                                                       said norms to be binding.
                                                sible administrative dismissal of clerics.
to assure the proper discernment of voca-                                                        III Procedural Suggestions for Ordinaries:
tions while fostering a healthy human and          e) Generally a guilty cleric is subject to
                                                                                                 (somewhat repetitious of part II)
spiritual formation of candidates especially    1) disciplinary restrictions at least regard-
regarding chastity and spiritual paternity.     ing contact with minors along with a pos-           a) The notion of “sexual abuse” is to
Formation programs should reflect official      sible penal precept or 2) ecclesiastical pen-    reflect SST 6, CDF jurisprudence and in-
formation directives and closely monitor        alties including dismissal.                      terpretation, and, interestingly enough, the
candidates transferring between seminar-                                                         pertinent civil law.
                                                  f) An accused cleric may seek laicization
ies, dioceses, and religious institutes.                                                            b-c) One alleging sexual abuse is to be
                                                including a dispensation from celibacy pro
   d) Support of Priests: Continuing clergy     bono Ecclesiae.                                  treated with respect and aided spiritually
formation programs should especially en-                                                         and psychologically; he/she may request
                                                  g) The preliminary investigation is to re-
hance their understanding of sexual abuse                                                        confidentiality if various delicts violating
                                                spect the privacy and reputation of all in-
and foster an appreciation of their distinc-                                                     the sacrament of penance are also involved
tive canonical-civil responsibilities. Bish-                                                     (SST 24; 4 §1).
ops are to address allegations in accord          h) Generally, before a CDF referral, the
with canon and civil law while respecting       cleric to be informed of the allegation and                                (see CDF, page 8)
the rights of all involved. The innocence of                                                     583-2807,
the accused is presumed; yet certain min-                 CLASSIFIEDS
isterial restrictions may be imposed dur-                                                          The ARCHDIOCESE OF EDMON-
ing the investigation. Efforts to restore the
                                                 Positions                                       TON, ALBERTA is seeking a degreed
                                                                                                 canon lawyer to serve full-time as Direc-
reputation of clergy falsely accused are to      More information regarding these
                                                                                                 tor responsible for the Office of Canonical
                                                 positions can be found at
be pursued.                                                                                      Services. The position would be of inter-
                                                 under Employment.
                                                                                                 est to clerics, religious or laity. Responsi-
  e) Cooperation with Civil Authority: De-          The ARCHDIOCESE OF GALVES-                   bilities include both tribunal and chancery
spite differing Church-state situations co-      TON-HOUSTON, TX is seeking a de-                work. Questions regarding this position
operation with civil authority is important.     greed priest to work full-time as a Judge       may be directed to Delia Waldock, Vice-
Allegations of abuse by clerics and other        in the Metropolitan Tribunal. The qualified     Chancellor, at or
church employees are to be reported as re-       candidate should possess a JCL or JCD de-       780-469-4446 ext. 226.
                                                 gree, be proficient in the use of technology,
quired with due regard for the sacramental
                                                 and have an interest in matrimonial juris-      Wills
seal (c. 983).                                   prudence. Applicants should send their
                                                 cover letter and resume or curriculum vi-          Please remember the Canon Law Soci-
II Brief summary of canon law                                                                    ety of America in your will. Our legal title
concerning clerical sexual abuse of              tae to Rev. Lawrence W. Jozwiak, Judicial
                                                 Vicar, at                  is: Canon Law Society of America, 3025
minors: (subheadings my own)                                                                     4th Street, NE, Suite 111, Washington,
                                                   The DIOCESE OF CAMDEN, NJ is                  DC 20017.
   a-b) The letter notes the original April
                                                 seeking a degreed canon lawyer to serve
2001 SST text and the 2003 papal faculties       full-time as Vice-Chancellor. Applicants        If you would like to place an ad on our
later included in the revised May 2010 SST       should send a resume/CV to Rev. David J.        website or in the next eNewsletter, please
text which granted the CDF greater flex-         Klein, Chancellor, Diocese of Camden, 631       contact Katie Richards,
ibility in handling such cases. The letter       Market Street, Camden, NJ 80102, (856)

6 ▼ CLSA NEWSLETTER                                                                                                           J U N E 2 0 11
                                               ture. The last increase occured in 2003.
                                                  The Publications unit covers costs, ex-
The Committee Corner aims to keep the
membership informed of committee activity      penses, and income associated with CLSA            Conventions
throughout the year by highlighting various    publications. Besides printing, costs in this      October 8 – 11, 2012
Committees. The Committee on Resource          unit include expenses for distribution, inven-      Hyatt Regency O’Hare, Rosemont, IL
and Asset Management and the Committee         tory, and maintenance of books. Database            Theme: Parish, Parish Life, and Leadership
on Convention Planning are featured in
                                               resources will be included in future expenses.     October 14 - 17, 2013
this issue.
                                                 The Conventions unit covers the cost of           Hyatt Regency, Sacramento, CA
Committee mandates and memberships are
available at                     the pre-convention workshops and the main
                                               convention. Its income comes primarily from
                                                                                                Convention Planning
               Resource and                    the convention and pre-convention fees.                          By: Rev. Patrick J. Cogan, SA
               Asset Management
                                                 The Scholarship unit oversees the income                          The Convention Planning
               By: Rev. Gregory T. Bittner     and expenses associated with scholarships.                        Committee (CPC) is charged
                                               Currently, the Society is funding three                           with the responsibility to
                 The Resource and Asset
                                               scholarships and a fourth scholarship will                        identify the program of pre-
Management Committee (RAM), a consti-
                                               be added for the upcoming fiscal year. We        sentations for the annual CLSA convention.
tutional standing committee, was created
                                               will be attempting to award one new schol-       The CPC meets annually, usually in January
in 2008; it assumed the responsibilities of
                                               arship each year, and the RAM hopes to be        at the Office of the Executive Coordinator in
the former Budget, Scholarship and Invest-
                                               able to increase the scholarship amount in       Washington ,to draft a convention program,
ment Committees.
                                               coming years. The income for scholarships        which is reviewed and approved by the
   The committee met in February to pre-       comes from an Investment Account, which          Board.
pare a budget for the upcoming 2011-2012       increases with your donations and special
fiscal year, to be approved by the Board at    contributions. As the account grows, we are        The presentation topics and speakers are
its April meeting. The Committee looks at      able to continue to fund and increase the        selected in light of the convention theme.
four units of the Society when preparing       number of scholarships.                          This task requires substantial reflection and
the budget; General Operations, Publica-                                                        brainstorming by the CPC members who
                                                 The RAM committee, along with the ca-          each bring various areas of expertise to the
tions, Conventions and Scholarship.
                                               pable day to day business bookkeeping of         process. The task of the CPC is also assisted
   The General Operations unit, as the name    Katie and oversight provided by Sr. Sharon,      by recommendations from the membership,
suggests, covers the general business op-      our Executive Coordinator, as well as our        especially from attendees at the annual con-
erations of the Society. Its income source     Accountant/Auditor, attempts to provide the      vention who complete the evaluation forms.
is membership dues, and the RAM foresees       proper financial management for the contin-
the need for a dues increase in the near fu-   ued economic health of the Society.                 The process that the CPC follows is very
                                                                                                straightforward: a topic is identified and then
       NEW MEMBERS                               Ms. Annunziata Grech
                                                                                                a speaker is proposed who is both knowl-
                                                 Rev. Kim F. Holland                            edgeable about the topic and an effective pre-
 The CLSA extends a warm welcome to
                                                        Ottawa, ON                              senter. Marriage seminars are an especially
 the following NEW MEMBERS who have
                                                 Rev. John C. Kozlowski                         popular part of the convention program, and
 joined the Society since March 2011.                   Washington, DC                          thus two or three topics related to marriage
   Rev. Bruce Ansems                             Mr. Timothy McNeil                             law and tribunal ministry are part of every
          St. Mary’s, KS                                Omaha, NE
                                                                                                convention program. Since the membership
   Rev. Ronal C. Barusefski                      Mr. John C. Peiffer II
                                                        Irvine, CA                              of the CLSA continues to increase with new
          Harrisburg, PA
                                                 Mr. Robert T. Pine                             members, the CPC seeks to incorporate new
   Rev. John J. Boyle
          Marquette, MI                                 Austin, TX                              faces and voices into the program.
                                                 Sr. Joseph Marie Ruessmann, RSM
   Rev. Paul Churchill                                                                            The presentations fall into two categories:
                                                        Alma, MI
          Dublin, Ireland                                                                       plenary sessions and seminars. The plenary
                                                 Mr. Carlos J. Sacasa III
   Rev. James R. DeViese, Jr.
                                                        Washington, DC                          sessions, the keynote opening address and
          Oakhill, WV
   Dr. John Gargan                                                                              two major addresses, are designed to reflect
          Dallas, TX                                                                                        (see COMMITTEES, page 8)

J U N E 2 0 11                                                                                        CLSA NEWSLETTER ▼ 7
(CDF, from page 6)                             minors would be jeopardized or the com-             e) Before a CDF referral, the accused
                                               munity scandalized.                              is to be informed of the allegation and en-
  d) Investigations are to respect the pri-
                                                                                                abled to respond barring serious contrary
vacy and good name of all involved.            Noteworthy Features                              indications. The bishop determines the in-
   e) Generally the accused is to be in-          a) Continuing clerical formation in chas-     formation to be shared.
formed of an accusation and enabled to         tity and spiritual maturity is important cou-       i) In defining sexual abuse, the guide-
respond even during the preliminary inves-     pled with sexual abuse education.                lines are to consider SST 6, CDF jurispru-
                                                  b) The accused is presumed innocent           dence and interpretation, and, interestingly
  f) Review bodies do not replace the bish-    during an investigation although he may          enough, the pertinent civil law.
op’s discernment and governance power in       still be subject to certain restrictions.          j) Review boards do not replace the bish-
addressing allegations.
                                                  c) Collaboration with civil authorities       op’s discernment and governance role in
  g) Conference guidelines are to consider     is highlighted (e.g., reporting obligations)     addressing such issues.
the pertinent civil law especially regarding   even given diverse Church-state situations.        k) A cleric deserves a fitting and just
abuse reporting obligations.
                                                  d) Certain key points in SST are reaf-        sustenance during a disciplinary or penal
  h) A cleric deserves a just and fitting      firmed, e.g., CDF assessment of allega-          process.
sustenance during a disciplinary or penal      tions, possible clerical disciplinary or penal     l) A return to ministry is precluded if
process.                                       measures, the right to privacy and good          children would be jeopardized or the com-
  i) A return to ministry is prohibited if     reputation, the relevance of so-called pre-      munity scandalized. ▼
                                               cautionary measures.
   1 For an official English translation       to Protect Pledge to Heal Charter for            And it also seems appropriate to consult
of Cardinal Levada’s covering letter, the      the Protection of Children and Young             major superiors of lay religious institutes
circular letter, and a synthesis of it by      People Essential Norms Statement of              and societies, both men and women, given
Father Federico Lombardi, see Origins          Episcopal Commitment Revised June 2005           their broad ecclesial experience
41/3 (May 26, 2010) 40-45.                     (Washington: USCCB, 2006) 21-31.
                                                                                                  6 Most frequently the letter refers to
  2 For an official English translation           4 A circular letter does not create new       priests; but sometimes it speaks more
of SST and other explanatory texts, see        law or interpret authentically either the        generically of clerics; and at times it
Origins 40/10 (July 22, 2010) 145-156;         code or SST. For a thoughtful examination        mentions religious. Only once does it
also Roman Replies and CLSA Advisory           of the force of papal, conciliar, and curial     mention lay church employees, i.e., part I,
Opinions 2010, 66-92.                          documents, see Kurt Martens, “Nature of          e) on cooperation with civil authorities.
                                               Authority of Roman Documents,” CLSA
   3 Actually various conferences have         Proceedings (2007) 131-164 esp. 143 on             7 Here the letter omits a significant
already prepared such guidelines and           circular letters.                                revised SST development. Clerical sexual
even binding norms in this regard. See                                                          violation of a person who habitually has
“Aide: Many Bishops Already Have Abuse           5 The bishops should also consult              only the imperfect use of reason is also a
Guidelines,” Zenit (May 16, 2011) 3. As        the major superiors of clerical societies        delictum gravius (art. 6 §1).
regards the United States, see the text        of apostolic life since at least those of
of Essential Norms in USCCB, Promise           pontifical right are ordinaries (c. 134 §1).

   The eNewsletter of the Canon Law            (from COMMITTEES, Page 7)                        the Board, speakers are invited by the chair-
 Society of America is published and           the “larger picture” of the convention theme     person. The CPC is very encouraged by the
 distributed electronically as a service to    and its relationship to canon law, both theo-    generous response of the invited speakers – at
 members four times a year by the Office       retical and practical. Sometimes the plenary     least 75% accept the invitation immediately.
 of the Executive Coordinator.                 session presentations are not technically ca-
                                               nonical in nature, but have an immediate            The convention is one of the principal
   Membership in the Society is open to                                                         ways that both members and non-members
                                               relevance for canon law, and serve to more
 interested persons as active, associate or                                                     connect to the Society, whether by atten-
                                               fully inform canonists about related issues
 student members, depending on specific                                                         dance or by reading the various presenta-
                                               from the perspective of other disciplines. The
 qualifications of training and experi-                                                         tions in the published CLSA Proceedings.
                                               seminars are of a more practical nature and
 ence in canon law. The annual mem-                                                             Thus the committee work is an important
                                               serve to assist the ministry of canonists.
 bership fee is $200.00. Interested per-                                                        activity to serve the membership and to
 sons can apply online at          Once the projected program is approved by      foster the mission of the CLSA. ▼

8 ▼ CLSA NEWSLETTER                                                                                                          J U N E 2 0 11