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					                                             BEN C. NEWCOMB
                                   1114 Trowbridge Dr. - Houston, TX 77062
                     Cell: (713) 542-0007 - Home: (281) 480-8168 - Office: (512) 535-4686

                                            EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
A results-oriented IT professional with over twenty years experience in operating systems, and real-time UNIX
and C application development and maintenance. Hands on experience in Apache on Linux, intranet and
Internet web server development and installation. Real-time data ingest from serially attached devices,
database insert and retrieval programming on UNIX/LINUX using RPC, ISAM, MySQL and some PostgreSQL
and Oracle SQL. Expertise in areas including:

              UNIX/LINUX Devel, Admin        C-Language                      Perl Language
              Project Management             Shell Scripting                 PHP Language
              Strong analytical skills       Network (WAN and LAN)           MySQL
              Ability to work                Effective verbal and written    Postgres
               independently                   communication skills
              Disaster Recovery              Business Continuity             Oracle

                                        PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE
AVFINITY, L.L.C., AUSTIN, TX                                                                       2006 - Present
Senior Systems Engineer
One of the primaries contributing to design, build, support of its infrastructure, consisting of redundant LINUX
(Redhat Enterprise 4) boxes (Dell), Cisco routers and switches. Including heavy documentation on processes
and policies.
  Developed registered user website for sending TypeB, AFTN, APIS, and Fax messages using Apache,
   PHP, and MySQL.
  Network install and support including IP, DNS as well as hardening with iptables, hosts.allow and
  Used webmin and installed and maintain custom shell script to ensure vital processes are running. Shell
   sends an email to the administrators on duty when a failure is detected.
  Installed and maintain sendmail (w/secure SMTP), DNS, Dovecot (w/secure POP3), clamav,
   Spamassassin, Squirrelmail, and other basic LINUX services.
  Developed (C, PHP, Shell) the APIS (Advanced Passenger Information System) solution while working
   with U.S. Customs. As a result AvFinity is now a certified APIS vendor, enabling airlines to transmit APIS
   messages cost effectively and machine to machine.

WAL-MART CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, BENTONVILLE, AR                                             3/2007-5/2007
Senior IT Consultant through Novell
Ported and documented Perl 5.8.8, modules, and supporting applications to SUSE Linux 9 and SUSE Linux 10
from other UNIX flavors. We used Eclipse (an IDE), OpenOffice, and Subversion to help with documentation.

WAL-MART CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS, BENTONVILLE, AR                                                 12/2006-1/2007
Senior IT Consultant through EKI
Part of a team (lead developer) porting a compile, release, and distribution system, written in C and shell script,
to SUSE LINUX and Sun Solaris 2.8 platforms. Installed 32bit C compilers, gdb, on SuSE Linux. Created the
documentation for the project and completed on-time even with compressed schedule.

UNIVERSAL WEATHER AND AVIATION, HOUSTON, TX                                               1986 - 2006
Manager Infrastructure Services (2005-2006)
Responsible for directing and mentoring employees who designed, installed and maintained UNIX, LINUX, and
Windows servers, telecommunications equipment, corporate network (including Internet connection and
BEN C. NEWCOMB (713) 542- 0007                                                                        PAGE 2

connections to international offices), UPS and Generator. Managed service contracts for servers, network
equipment, UPS and generators. Served as Business Continuity Coordinator.
 Managed group of eleven IT professionals made up of UNIX, Windows, Storage and Network administrators,
  two supervisors, and telecommunication specialists, which maintained and grew global corporate
  infrastructure with a budget of $1.2 million.
 Led effort to partner with Sungard while directly collaborating with CFO and CIO, establishing traditional
  disaster recovery plan for company.
 Developed, wrote and implemented first corporate business continuity plan, in cooperation with the BCP/DR
  team and all business units. This continuity plan was activated successfully during Hurricane Rita, ensuring
  successful continued business operations even after most employees evacuated.
 Managed oversight of consultants for yearly assessment of company‟s technology infrastructure, leading to
  execution of enhanced security.
 Established baseline measurements for system performance through external vendor monitoring and internal
  shell scripts.

Manager UNIX/C Group (2000-2005)
Led and mentored team of twelve C/C++, Perl and Windows C/C++ Developers supporting development and
maintenance of new and legacy applications. Directed and mentored UNIX and Network Administrators to
design, install, and maintain UNIX/LINUX (Solaris/SUSE), and network (CISCO) infrastructure.
 Conducted traffic study, recommended and upgraded company‟s internet connection to AT&T‟s dual and
  redundant DS3s (MARO), allowing internet usage growth without any degradation of service to client‟s
  access to web sites.
 Led team that brought in SUN E10K hardware hosting corporate ORACLE database, optimizing functionality
  for infrastructure.
 Hands on team management of Perl Web developers for redesign of corporate registered user area that
  delivered easy to use aviation web site.
 Maintained and developed my custom C code on UNIX that processed inbound and outbound faxes through
  Biscom Fax Server via TCP/IP connections. This provided automated fax capabilities for Houston world
  headquarters office from Oracle and custom messaging applications.

Manager Network Services (1999 – 2000)
Managed Universal‟s Internet and Intranet sites, enterprise wide network hardware and connectivity, UNIX
hardware and custom C application development and maintenance.
 Assessed internet usage, upgraded company‟s internet connection ensuring fast connectivity to internet by
  employees and clients.
 Found root cause of network issues and made appropriate corrections.

UNIX/C Developer (1988 - 1999)
Responsible for design, development, documentation and installation of custom C applications creating
weather graphics and sorted textual weather data from various weather data feeds. In addition, developed
software for use by clients, allowing access to products.
 Conceived, designed and developed ImpactWeather‟s NotiFax           product that delivers weather warnings to
  clients based on state, county or zone, generating over $55K annually.
 Awarded “Employee of the Month”.
 Wrote technical and user manuals for software products I developed in „C‟ called UVeze and UView.

UNIX/C Developer Consultant (1986 - 1988)
Design, develop and maintain a weather graphics generation and distribution system for use by the company
and corporate aviation clients.
 Part of a two man team that designed and developed Universal Weather and Aviation‟s weather graphics
   systems. These graphics (winds and temperatures aloft, radar, and satellite images) were used to assist
   corporate aviation with their trip planning.
 Installed and maintained the company‟s first UNIX computer systems. These systems ran our custom
   graphic generation software.
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             B.S. in Computer Science, University of Southern Mississippi, Hattiesburg, MS

                                  PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
                        Pink Elephant‟s ITIL Service Management Conference
                               Disaster Recovery Journal‟s Spring World
                                        VMWORLD Conference
                Hire Right and Manage Wisely and Effective Business Communications

                                   COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT
                                          Deacon, BAPC
              Westminster Christian Academy, President (past), Board of Directors (past)
               Hobby Airport Exchange Club, President (past). Board of Directors (past)
                                        Member of Infragard

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