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					                                                    Fifth Street
                                                    Management Co.

 To:    Centergy One Tenants
 Date: June 26, 2011
 Re:    Certificate of Insurance

 You are required to procure and maintain an insurance policy of commercial
 general liability insurance for Centergy One. Following are the requirements
 Landlord has set forth:

       1. Limits            $2,000,000 General Aggregate
                            $2,000,000 per Occurrence

       2. Additional        Centergy One Associates, LLC, TUFF-
          Insured           Yamacraw, LLC, Fifth Street Management Co.,
                            LLC, Centergy One Condominium Association,
                            Inc., TUFF-ATDC, LLC, and Midtown Park
                            Associates, LLC

       3. Certificate       Fifth Street Management Company, LLC
          Holder            Centergy – Suite 1350
                            75 Fifth Street
                            Atlanta, GA 30308

 Please contact your insurance carrier immediately to have the certificate
 issued and faxed to 404.419.9607. For any questions regarding your
 Certificate of Insurance, please contact Sharon Joseph at 404.419.9603.