BAILADORA PARENT MEETING AGENDA
                           FEBRUARY 24, 2009
Meeting called to order by Pres. Cindy Spizzirri @7: 00pm

TREASURER REPORT: Cindy explained to the parents about Jody Hanh
stepping down as our treasurer, due to her daughter leaving the Bailadoras.
Cindy introduced Ken Yanniello as our replacement.
Ken updated everyone on the funds that we have now. Which is
$3500.$2600 is budgeted for the San Antonio competition. Ms. Pearce paid
out of her budget for the hotel, transportation. Ken suggested we have a
reserve fund of $2000 to start off next year’s budget.

WEBSITE UPDATE: Andy Howard presented the new website Andy also talked about the newsletter, which can
be printed from this website. The Bailadoras had an article in, and they will also appear in the Courier Gazette, and the
Dallas Morning News due to their success at this past weekend’s
competition. Andy spoke of parent involvement and how at this last
competition he was amazed at how much help the other teams had from
their parents. This was really apparent; the team members were out
numbered by parents there to help.
Caris Dunn spoke of accessing the website for information and forms that
they girls might need.

Communication verification: Mrs. Pearce asked everyone to update their
email addresses. There was a form posted as well as sign up sheets for
people to volunteer for events in the near future. Help is needed with the
mini camp on March 18 and Spring Show. Mrs. Pearce also told everyone
about the board supplying dinners for the team the week of practice for
Spring Show and that parent are welcome to help.
   A. Budget- Mrs. Pearce gave an itemized list of the expenses for Spring
       Show and showed how we plan on paying for those expenses.
   B. Schedule- Mrs. Pearce explained the upcoming practice schedule and
       what to expect when the team returns from San Antonio.
   C. Program Ad Sales (handout included), the team will be selling personal
       ads and business ads for the programs that will be handed out at
       Spring Show. Incentives will be-top sales and over $150 ½ page ad for
       free to that girl and anyone over$150 group picture with the caption
“outstanding program ad sales”.
   D. Volunteer sign up sheets
   E. T shirts for the Spring Show will be designed for the team to
      purchase, as well as parents if they want.
   F. Senior Dads- will be a senior dance that the Dads are asked to dance
      with their daughters (girls will be dressed up like their favorite

   Candy sells in March. Incentive to sell
   1 box- 2 days of free dress during practice
   2 boxes- 1 week of free dress
   3 boxes- 2 weeks of free dress
   Mini camp- March 18th- still need volunteers to help with that.

   Dance & Social officer tryout in formation meeting 4-7 @ 7pm
   Dance officer applications due 4-27, 4:30 pm
   Dance officer workshop 5 4-7, 4:45-6:00pm
   Dance officer tryouts 5-8, 5 pm
   Team tryout information meeting 5-5, 7 pm
   Team and Social officer applications due 5-11, 4:30pm
   Team tryout workshops 5 18-21, 4:45-6:30pm
   Team and Social officer tryouts 5-26, 5pm
   New Team meeting 5-28, 7pm
   Family Picnic & BPO elections 5-31, 2-4pm

   San Antonio Trip:
   A. handout for parents
   B. Chaperones were introduced and then we had a short meeting
      afterwards, giving us the information we need as chaperones.
   C. A medical release was in the packet that needs to be completed and
      notarized and returned to school by Monday 3-2.
   D. Girls will need money for shopping, money for food has already been

   Meeting adjourned at 7:40pm

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