Asset / Substation
SUBSTATION PENETRATION                                       Project Number:
PERMIT for > 200mm                                           Date of Issue
     This Sub Station Excavation Permit is to be completed for any activity that penetrates the ground surface greater than 200mm
      within a substation and within 2 metres outside of the substation fence.
      (Includes all shovelling, driving of stakes, use of backhoes, skid steer equipment, excavators, front end loaders, etc.,)
     This Sub Station Excavation Permit is to be reviewed when each stage of the project is achieved.
     The Team Leader* has the responsibility for ensuring each sign off has occurred.
     This Permit is to be read in conjunction with the Asset Access Manual - part 3.6.5; relevant Field Instructions; and JSWP’s.
     Note: It is an offence, under the Electricity Industry of SA Acts and Regulations to excavate or open the ground so as to cause
      damage to ETSA underground facilities.
     In the event that the earth grid or any other straps and installations are damaged this must be reported as soon as practicable to
      the SMSC or NOC.
     A copy of this Earth Penetration Permit shall be maintained on the Job Folder and Project files at all times.
1. Project Design and Planning
Drawing Numbers
Asset /area requiring
Reason for Penetration
Team Leader*                                                                                    Contact No.
Company carrying out
Contact No.                                        Contact Person
JSWP 106 Location
Request Issued              Yes No              Date Requested

2. Services Location Information for the Sub Station Penetration
Tasks                                              Yes        N/A                   Date              Tasks completed
1. Relevant plans; documents; records;
2. Dial Before You Dig advice received.
3. Water, sewer, storm services identified.
4. Telecommunications/ fibre optic/ security
/pilot cables identified.
5. Electronic/radar survey report by                                                                  Signature: Work Initiator/Project
                                                                                                      Manager/Operations Supervisor
Professional Location Service
6. Corrected/ marked up drawings,                                                                     Date:
hazard/safety plans identify site services.
Project Risk Assessment attached
3. Job Planning for the Sub Station Penetration
Job Folder accepted by Team Leader
                                                       Signature: Team Leader*
(Including updated plans images etc.)
    Proposed penetration              Post Hole Digger           Shovel                    Front End Loader            Excavator
    equipment                         Hydro vac                  Backhoe                   Skid Steer Loader           Other:
Tasks                                                      Yes          N/A         Date              Tasks completed
1. Contract Process – complete?
2. Electrical Clearance; Hazard ID; and Risk
Assessment - AAM15 completed?
3. Job Safe Work Procedure -AAM09 complete?
4. Substation Work Entry Permit - AAM08
completed for unendorsed company?
5. Switching Plan – Approved?                                                                         Signature: Team Leader*
6. Copies relevant work and information to
Contractor, Accompanying Officer/ L3 Safety
* The Team Leader is the designated EU representative responsible for the management of the job.
              Status: Issued                  Page 1 of 2                       Review July 2011
4. On Site Project Administration for the Sub Station Penetration
Tasks                                                         Yes     N/A   Date    Tasks completed
1. Site surface markings are verified against site
hazard/safety plan?
2. Equipment on site is certified/calibrated/tested &
tagged – validated?
3. Operators have the required accreditations?
4. Site Induction of personnel AAM06 (Golden rules /
Rules for Substations)?
5. Network Access Plan/ Switching sheet on site and
6. Project Team Briefed (inc. contractors EU people and
Safety Observers)?
7. Substation Mobile Plant Hazard Assessment verified?
8. Document safe work methods and risk assessment
completed? (eg JSEA SF - 44)?
9. FI: A11 Excavating Near Underground Cables
10. Contractors have read and understood all relevant
project information (plans, permits, Risk Assessments)?
                                                                                    Signature: Team Leader*
11. Accompanying Officer/L3 Safety Observer has all
relevant work and hazard information?                                               Date:

12. Pre start Tool box meeting – Accompanying
Officer/L3 Safety Observer briefs work, hazards and
safety responsibilities to all personnel on site?
No work shall proceed until Sections 1 to 4 are completed and signed off.
5. On Site – Sub Station Penetration Implementation (Cable locations have been determined using hand digging and /or
vacuum excavation as determined by the site risk assessment)
Team Leader                                         Signature                                Date

Civil Contractor                                        Signature                              Date

Accompanying                                            Signature                              Date

6. Site Works Completed and drawings marked “as constructed” (Original left on site. Copy forward to Facilities
Records Coordinator or Sub Station Design)
Site Supervisor                                  Signature                                    Date

Team Leader                                             Signature                              Date

7. Records Updated by Facilities Records Coordinator or Sub Station Design
Entered By                                        Signature                                    Date

8. PROJECT CLOSED Team Leader advised by Facilities Coordinator - all records have been updated
Team Leader/                                 Signature                                   Date
Project Manager

                   Status: Issued                       Page 2 of 2                         Review July 2011

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