1200 pre-lube - Jebel Hash House Harriers_ Muscat_ Oman by zhangyun


									                         Registration Form - JH3 1200th Run Pre-Lube Weekend
                                                           19th / 20th June 2008
                                   E-mail hash@holiday-in-oman.com                   www.Holiday-in-Oman.com
                                                               FAX to 00-968-244685774
Your Family Name:

Your Given Name(s):

Your Hash Handle:                                                             Sex (M/F)

Your home Hash:


Nationality:                                                                   Country:

First Aider                                                                  Passport No:

E-mail:                                                                      Date of Birth:

T-Shirt Size (Adult) :            Small               Medium               Large                 XL                  XXL

          (√ one)

Choice of Beverage                 Beer              Light Beer          Red Wine             White Wine         Softies only


Dietary Requirements            Carnivore            Herbivore           Omnivore


                                                                                                             Hash event - only -   Hash event - only -
                                                 Full - with beer or Full - softies only
Payment                                                                                                       with beer or wine      softies only
                                                  wine (OMR 25)           (OMR 20)
                                                                                                                  (OMR 20)             (OMR 15)

                              Select which
                            option you require
                           Payment details
                           below - please
                           Payment received

All Costs are in Omani Rials. Payment should preferably be posted or by bank transfer to be received by the 1st June, but cash payment will be
accepted on check-in.
Participants in the JH3 1200th Pre-Lube June 2008 expressly waive their right to pursue the Committee of said event, their agents, servants or
assigns, for any loss, including injury and personal loss, howsoever caused, while participating in the event

Signature & Date:

Payment Method:

1. Cash in Omani Rials

2. VISA see form on main page, fill it in and fax to us at the address shown below the banner of this registration form.

3. Bank transfer to Oman Arab Bank           Swift Code OMABOMRU

Account name: Robert Wornford Gardner        Account number: 3124-131102-500 Branch: Al Khuwair, Com S Branch

Office use only:                                          Payment Included:                        Banked:

Explanation of Package Descriptions
FULL - with or without   We shall pick you up from Seeb Airport or Muscat Hotel and transport you to and from the camp site. We shall provide
beer                     tents and the basic camping package.
HASH EVENT ONLY -          You have your own 4 x 4 and camping equipment and will get yourself to and from the camp site. We shall provide the
with or without beer       basic camping package
                           We shall provide the camp site + bon-fire + breakfast, lunch and dinner as appropriate + (beverages, as listed above),
Basic camping package
                           until they run out.

                           Flight number
Flight Details
                           Scheduled arrival time

Staying on for the 1200th Run on Saturday 21st June? Circle whichever is appropriate                  YES                  NO

If yes, DO YOU NEED ACCOMMODATION? We can assist in finding something for you.                        YES                  NO

Do you require us to pre-book the Jebel Akhdar Hotel for you?                                         YES                  NO

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