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					             Using Google Docs (Peer Revision in a Brave New World)
                                  College Prep

E   ver have the experience of needing to have a draft of your paper in class for peer
    revision, only to find out that your friend isn’t ready to revise? Google Docs can
take care of that problem, and here’s how…

   1.     Begin an account by going to
   2.     Once there, feel free to click on the “Google Docs in Plain English” video (be sure
          your speakers are turned up for the audio).
   3.     If you have an account with Google already, simply sign in. If not, you will need to
          begin an account by clicking on the “Get Started” button, located just beneath the
          sign-in box.
   4.     Enter your e-mail address (this will be your username) and a password that is a
          combination of numbers and letters (increases security of your password
   5.     You will need to retrieve the account confirmation in your actual e-mail once this is
          done, or Google Docs won’t work for you yet. PLEASE NOTE: You do NOT have
          to begin a gmail account to use Google Docs.
   6.     Once that’s done, a screen with a blue toolbar across the top will appear.
   7.     To upload your essay, simply click on “Upload” to bring up the next screen.
   8.     Beneath the prompt “Browse your computer to select a file to upload:”, find the file,
          whether it’s saved on your jump drive or personal file.
   9.     Click on that file to bring it into the window.
   10.    Then type in a file name for your essay (i.e. College Essay #1).
   11.    Then click “Upload File”.
   12.    You will now find that screen with the blue bar at the top again, but this time your
          file will appear beneath it.
   13.    Simply double click on the file to open it. It might look a bit strange, but that’s okay!
          At the top, click on the blue “Share” button and scroll down to “Share with others” to
          send this to your partner(s).
   14.    The next screen will ask you to invite your peer(s). You want to be sure that “as
          collaborators” is selected so that your peer(s) will be able to not only read, but also
          edit/add comments/highlight various aspects of your draft.
   15.    Simply type in your peer e-mail addresses, and then click on “Invite Collaborators.”
   16.    An e-mail shows up in your partner’s e-mail box with a link that they click to go
          directly to your paper (must have internet access, obviously).
   17.    Please keep in mind that your peer reviser needs to have an active Google account to
          open/collaborate on your file (if you’re sending this to someone in college, it might
          be good to take him/her through the instructions in items 1-5 above).
   18.    And that’s it! There are a number of tools in the toolbar with which you and your
          partner can play, including highlighting, changing text color, adding comments, etc.
   19.    One of the coolest functions is under “File,” where you can click on “Revision
          History.” This allows you to see “before” and “after” copies of your draft, just in
          case your partner makes a few changes with which you aren’t entirely comfortable.
   20.    Because this is a required step in the writing process, be sure to print a copy showing
          the collaboration that took place (don’t worry about printing in color).
   21.    And if you would like, feel free to invite me as a collaborator at:

          Mr. Ayer:
          Mrs. Bull:

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