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									                                       Virtual Office Application Form
Company Name: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Type of Business: ------------------------------------------------------------- Reg Number: ------------------------------
Business Address: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Postal Code: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Telephone: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Fax: ------------------------------------------
Email Address: ----------------------------------------------------------------- Website: -------------------------------------
Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr: ------------------ Last Name: ----------------------------- First Name: --------------------------------
Nationality: --------------------------------------------------------------------- Passport Number: -------------------------
Private Address: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Emergency Contact Number: ------------------------------------------------- Mobile Number: ---------------------------
E-mail Address: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Date of Birth: -------------------------------
 Start Date: --------------------------                                                Up To: ------------------------------------
 Please tick the service(s) your company will be taking at the time:
Telephone Services                       Fax Services                                      Address Services
Dedicated Telephone No.                  Dedicated Fax No.                                  Prestigious City Bus.
  Receptionist to answer                 Goes to your Voicemail                           Address
  Divert to Your Voicemail               Goes to your Mobile                              Usage of P.O Box
  Divert to your Mobile/Office           Goes to your E-mail

Please fill in each the following:
Bank                                             Branch                                        Account Number
------------------------------------             -----------------------------------           --------------------------------------
Basic of the agreement between Strategic Solution Consultancy & the client
1- Subscription fees are payable in advance. The deposit and set up fee are charged and paid with the initial payment
2- All charges are payable by the 1st of the month following the date of invoice unless paying by Direct Debit
   in which case payment will be collected one calendar month following the date of invoice. The company
   reserves the right to terminate the service if payment has not been received within the agreed time.
3- When termination the service the client agrees to give one month’s written notice which shall end at month
   end. The deposit less any charges as incurred under clause 4 will be refunded 4 weeks following the
   termination date.
4- If charges remain unpaid after one month, the company has not been contacted by the client with
   instructions and no notice of termination has been given, the company reserves the right to continue
   charging for the service until the deposit is exhausted and the contract will be terminated at the company’s
5- Receipt by the company of a completed Application Form and the appropriate fee shall be deemed as
   acceptance of all Terms and conditions of business.
6- If the client changes the nature of it’s business it must so inform the company in writing.
Payment Details – please select payment method
If your service is required to start immediately, it is mandatory to pay the initial invoice via credit card. Future
invoices can be method of your choice - Credit Card, Direct Debit or Bank Transfer

Credit Card Direct Charge Authority
1. Name and full address of credit card holder:
2. Card Number:
3. Expiry Date:
4. Issue Number:
5. Issue Date:
6. Type of Card:
7. I authorise strategic Solutions Consultancy to charge the above card with the total amount of each monthly
service invoice 20 days after the month end.

Important: All future payments are to be made by:
For office use only: Business Space/Virtual Office Reference No.:

SIGNED:                                                            DATE:

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