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									                                                                                                                                                         www.BocaNews.com • March 8, 2009 • Society & The Arts S
                                               Boca Raton News
                   Dining guiDe                                                                                                                                Fashion Alert
mexican                                        Glades Plaza-2200 W.Glades Rd.
Baja café Uno                                  Suite11A,Boca-561-955-8884 Open nightly       oasis cafe                                             merican artist Shepard Fairey and his design firm Studio Number One (SNO), re-
201 N.W.1rst Ave. Boca 561-394-5449 Open       for Dnr. 4-10pm, late nights on weekends.     Renaissance Hotel Boca 2000 NW 19st, Boca              nowned for subliminal street campaigns, prepare for an artistic takeover of Saks
for Lnch and Dnr. Mon.-Thurs. 11:30am-                                                       561-368-5252 Open Lnch and Dnr. Daily
10M, Fri 11am-11pm, Sat. 11:30am-11pm,         J&J raw Bar                                   Light Fare Menu 11am-10pm                              Fifth Avenue this spring. The feat supports the luxury retailer’s sixth seasonal WANT
Sun. 4pm-10pm Dnr. only                        634 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray-561-272-3390
                                               Open for Lnch and Dnr. Mon.-Sat. 11am-        old School Bakery & café
                                                                                                                                                    IT! Campaign, which features cutting-edge trends in a wide range of styles, from a
Blue coyote                                    10:30pm                                       814 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray; 61-243-8059       wide range of designers, for a wide range of budgets.
Wharfside Plaza-6861 S.W. 18th St. Boca-561-                                                 Pastries, Coffee, and Lnch Daily; 6:30am-3pm
362-9022., Lnch Daily, Dnr. Thurs.-Mon.,       Jakes’ Stone crab                                                                               SNO’s signature images—propagandist representations of the WANT IT! Trends will
Closed Wed. and Sun.                           514 Via de Palmas Boca-561-347-1055 634       pastrami Queen                                 become omnipresent in Saks Fifth Avenue’s markets around the country. The campaign
                                               E.Atlantic Ave. Delray-561-347-1055 Dnr.      7132 Beracasa Way, 561-391-8989, Monday-
Boardride’rs                                   Daily, Mon.-Thurs. 5pm-10pm, Fri. 5pm-        Sunday 11am-9pm                                adopts signature avant-counterculture style and guerilla tactics in all aspects including
234 S. Fed. Highway, Boca. 561-392-0044        11pm, Sat. 2pm-1am-Sun. 2pm-10pm                                                             catalogs, shopping bags, store windows, presentations and saks.com.
                                                                                             Saquella café
moquila                                        Legal Sea foods                               82 Royal Palm Place-410 Via De Palmas,            Saks Fifth Avenue’s WANT IT! campaign—winner of the gold RACie award—is dedi-
Palmetto Place 99 S.E. Mizner Blvd. Boca-      Town Ctr-6000 W. Glades Road Boca-561-        Boca. 561-338-8840 Open for Breakfast,
561-394-9990 Lnch and Dnr. Mon.-Fri,           447-2112 Lnch and Dnr., Mon.-Thurs.           Lnch, and Dnr., Mon.-Wed. 7am-8pm,             cated to delivering uncompromising fashion to its audience. The collaboration with Fairey
Sat.-Sun. Dnr. only from 4pm-Midnight          11:30am-10pm, Fri.-Sat. 11:30am-11pm,
                                               Sun. 12pm-9pm
                                                                                             Thurs.-Sat. 7Am-10pm, Sun. 7am-3pm             and SNO marries high artistic standards and almost universal accessibility. “I’m not in-
Senor Burrito                                                                                Toojay’s Gourmet deli                          terested in speaking to a small group, said Fairey. “I’ve always thought it was the duty of
513 N.E 20th Street Boca-561-347-6600 Lnch     mccormick&Shmick’s                            Polo Shoppes-5030 Champion Blvd.               intelligence to make art for the people.”
and Dnr. Daily 11:30am-10pm                    University Commons -1400 Glades Rd. Boca.     Boca-561-241-5903, 2200 Glades Rd. Boca,
                                               561-394-2428 Lnch and Dnr., Mon.-Thurs.       561-392-4181 Regency Court-3013 Yamato
perUvian                                       11:30am-10pm, Fri.-Sat. Noon-11pm, Sun.       Rd. Boca-561-997-9911 Breakfast, Lnch, and
                                               Dnr. all day Noon-10pm                        Dnr. daily. 8am-9pm
La rosa nautica
515 NE 20th St. Boca, 561-296-1413/561-        32 east
361-7205, M-F, 11am-11pm; Sat. 11am-           32 E.Atlantic Ave. Delray-561-276-7868 Open   TUrkiSh
11pm; Sun. 11am-10pm                           nightly for Dnr. Mon.-Thurs 5:30pm-10,pm.,
                                               Fri.-Sun. 5:30pm-11pm                         anaToLia
Seafood                                                                                      212 S. Fed. Hwy., Boca, 561-361-4000, Wkdys:
                                               SandwicheS/deLi                               Open 7 day a week.
atlantic fish Grill                                                                          Mon.-Fri. 11am-11pm; Sat. & Sun. 12-11pm
14820 Military Trail. Delray-561-638-8338      Beany’s café
Dnr. nightly                                   126 NE 2nd St., Boca. 561-392-1085            wine Bar
Boston’s on the Beach                          Ben’s deli kosher                             rustic cellar
40 S.Ocean Blvd.Delray-561-278-3364            The Reserve-9942 Clint Moore Rd. Boca 561-    Royal Palm Place-409 S.E.Mizner Blvd.
Breakfast, Lnch and Dnr., Mon.-Fri. Lnch       470-9963; Lnch and Dnr. Daily 11am-9pm        Boca-561-392-5237 Lnch and Dnr. Daily
11-1:30pm, Dnr. 5pm-11pm, Sat.-Sun.                                                          Sun.-Thurs. 1pm-Midnight Fri.-Sat.
7am-11pm, Fri.-Sat.-Sun Lnch served on         eilat café kosher                             1pm-2am
upperdeck                                      Wharfside Plaza-6853 S.W.18th St.Boca -561-
                                               368-6880 Open for Lnch and Dnr. Mon-Thurs
                                               11am-9pm, Sun 12pm-9pm, Closed Fri.-Sat.      oTher
Busch’s Seafood                                                                              meals on The move, inc.
840 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray-561-278-7600       Jakes deli                                    "...Simply The Best Restaurants Delivered!"
Lnch and Dnr. Daily Lnch 11:30am-3:30pm        149 N.E 4th Ave, Delray, Mon-Sat 7am-         561-488-9665 www.mealsonthemove.com
Dnr. 4:30pm-10pm                               3:30pm
                                                                                                              Let’s Eat!
city oyster                                    nestors Gourmet deli
213 E. Atlantic Ave. Delray-561-272-0220.      7050 West Palmetto Park Rd 561-391-0999
Open for Lnch and Dnr. Mon.-Sat. Lnch          Open Daily 7am to 9pm
11:30-2:30pm, Dnr. 5pm-11pm Sun. Dnr.
4pm-10pm                                       nexStore marketplace
                                               I95 & Congress Av., Exit 50 Boca 561-241-
Gold coast Seafood Grill                       1000 M-F, 7am-8pm, Sat 10am -4pm

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