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					         Chippenham Vision Board meeting minutes 17 March 2010

1   Apologies: D Holdsworth, J Konynenburg, G Jones, D Purton, K                           ACTION
2   In Attendance: J Clark (Chair), A Nardell, Cllr J Clark, Cllr R
    Beattie, Cllr C Caswill, D Roberts, T Martienssen, R Backway, T
    Jacques , T Davis, C Mallon, C Lightfoot , Cllr Jane Scott, A.
    Correction to minutes of February 2010 meeting – Cllr Andrew Noblet attended meeting

3   Masterplanning
    The opportunities, constraints and feasibility/viability study of the 3 key
    sites are the first stage. The next steps will be to finalise the masterplan
    then the 3 development briefs as per the flowchart.

    Masterplanning progress report and flowchart describing agreed
    process to be placed on the Vision web-site                                            GJ

    Action: AN to follow up with GJ on printing of Vision documents                        AN/GJ

    Design advisor role / appointment
    TJ (Jacques Partnership) contracted as CDA to draft briefs to enable
    the commissioning of an opportunities, constraints and
    feasibility/viability study of 3 key Town Centre sites (Bath Road Car
    Park/Bridge Centre; Station Hill/Langley Park; Westmead
    Road/Riverside) and to assist in the procurement of consultants to
    undertake masterplanning work.
    Appointment of TJ as CDA role confirmed.

    Masterplan development / key sites update
    TJ has updated the common document for all sites and has produced 3
    site specific documents.
    TJ/TM will be meeting with 2 potential consultants to test the proposed                TJ/TM
    masterplan approach. Procurement will need to comply with Council
    tendering regulations. 3D mapping is now in place.
    Spatial Planning (L Tilshead) to comment on the draft briefs including fit
    with the Core Strategy before the next meeting. Latest version of the 3
    documents available for view - however Station Hill / Langley Park
    needs more work.
    Procurement expected to commence before the next meeting.                              TJ/AN
    Pedestrian links and relationships between the sites are likely to be
    covered but a public realm study is likely to be required to develop a                 tbd
    consistent framework for enhancements between the sites.
    It was agreed that public safety/security by design should be an
    important element of the brief/masterplanning.
Action: Masterplanning steering group to meet and finalise the brief
Action: AN to contact Mouchel to investigate if palette of materials can
be commissioned                                                              AN
Action: CC to provide contact to TJ to request input from Police

Langley Park – revised application under consideration by Planning
following the High Court’s dismissal of Ashtenne’s appeals. Principal
concern of the Vision Board is the potential negative retail impact on
the town (a position supported by the Council’s retail consultants) and
highway impacts.

Ashtenne’s planning agent is keen to engage with the Vision (last
Fridays meeting was postponed due to a lack of availability). AN
collated list of Board members interested in participating in site
walkabout and will liaise to arrange date.

Letter received from DTZ (Invensys Rail/Westinghouse’s agents)
requesting meeting to engage with Council/Vision Board. Meeting with
Invensys Rail/Westinghouse is a priority

Action: AN to arrange site visit with Ashtenne’s agent                       AN
Action: AN to organise meeting with Invensys Rail/Westinghouse and

Station Hill – Replacement of pedestrian footbridge at Chippenham
Station; design issues still to be finalised and work is programmed for
the financial year 2011/12. Opportunity to dovetail public realm
improvements to the station forecourt/Station Hill with this work, subject
to a scheme being agreed and funding identified.

Approach received from buyer of former Post Office – considering a
scheme including a small co-op (on car park), conversion of building to
offices and possibly some upper floor residential. Information on the
masterplanning process was provided to them. There are other units in
proximity requiring development. There is danger of missing a strategic
opportunity if a comprehensive approach is not adopted – we need to
avoid another ‘Golddiggers site’.

There is an outstanding issue to persuade Network Rail to do urgent
maintenance work on the Western Arches.

Barracuda are lobbying for extending seating by the Archways – not
supported. Again need a conversation with Network Rail.

Action: Masterplanning Steering Group to contact Network Rail                JC/AN

Bath Road/Bridge Centre – Mark Hunnybun gave a briefing on 8th
March describing the land deal which Council property officers were
now happy to recommend to relevant members. An outline scheme was
presented but it was not clear how this related to the land deal.

Concerns were raised that the indicative scheme presented for this key
site was a self contained, car island with poor connectivity to the town.
There were also concerns that the Vision Board’s
engagement/involvement had been last minute

Representations have been made including to the Internal Vision
Board. A letter has been sent to ING – with whom the terms are being
discussed – requesting a meeting to discuss the scheme. ING have
responded positively. The Board’s view is that Heads of Terms should
not be signed yet.

TJ to attend meeting on behalf of the Board - taking place next week.          TJ
Need to gauge ING’s appetite to change scheme. Permeability of site
for pedestrians is key.

The Heads of Terms are written from a property deal point of view.
Legal opinion on status of the document and supporting indicative plan
is needed.

Action - AN to contact legal team today including requesting advice on         AN
OJEU/procurement position

Related issue – where does the money go from the sale? Can asset
income go back to Vision projects? AC has met with Carlton Brand re
the Council’s property portfolio – way forward agreed is that the Council
will look at use of its holdings in the context of resilient communities. To
give oversight of land holdings in Vision towns to the Vision Board.

The Council needs to look at the model – capital receipts from
properties in other areas has funded Chippenham projects in the past –
equally the receipts from properties in Chippenham may be needed
elsewhere (ie new School developments). So the principle is welcomed           tbd
but is not practical to deliver.

Westmead/Riverside - Meeting held with the agent for the owner of
the meat factory – owner is prepared to wait until expected sum can be
realised – land value expectation is not currently realistic. However this
does provide time to prepare development brief for the site. Owner is
prepared to engage in discussions with neighbouring landowners re
future development. Developers have been put in touch with the agent.

Public Realm Strategy – The Masterplanning Steering Group has
considered a range of public realm improvement schemes designed by
the Council’s Urban Design Scheme. Agreed the need for a Public
Realm Strategy - creating a palette of materials (surfacing, furniture
etc.) for use throughout the town centre. This would also address wider
issues of orientation, movement and connectivity between the key
regeneration sites and could be undertaken alongside the development
of the Masterplan - further consideration of this approach will be             JC/AN
Core Strategy Consultation – Vision submitted extensive evidence to
this consultation. Major concerns were with the lack of transport links to
the town centre and the non-optimal delineation of the Southern
    Feedback from Spatial Planning not due until May. Transport & traffic
    meeting with Allan Creedy scheduled. There is a need to identify
    someone with experience of the traffic model including what can be
    tested (e.g. implications of market use on Sunday).
    JS – paper going to Cabinet in mid-April on the Core strategy regarding
    a number of areas where more information has come forward which
    may require revisions. Cabinet need to determine if they will go back
    out for further consultation – includes Chippenham).

    Liaison with developers
    It is Vision policy to develop meaningful but independent dialogue with
    all relevant developers and landlords in the town and its environs and
    meetings have already been held or are planned with most of these.
    Meeting with Mountgrange regarding Borough Parade successful.
    Mountgrange plan a facelift of the Borough Parade, and have indicated
    they are happy to work with the Vision, and are also interested in
    working together to develop a joint marketing pot/perhaps a joint
    brochure with the aim of improving the destination offer of Chippenham.
    Back-up evidence for Masterplanning
    There is already quite a weight of evidence behind the masterplanning
    effort, much of it commissioned by the Chippenham Vision. The Vision
    is seeking to derive further evidence in the areas of a Retail Strategy
    and a Leisure Facilities Survey, the latter in partnership with ChAP who
    have designed a survey format for review by the Vision Board.
    Leisure Facilities Strategy - ChAP have developed the survey, which
    has been added to their website. The survey will also be added to the      tbd
    CV website.
    Retail Strategy - Savills undertook the first stage of the Retail          AN
    Strategy. Spatial Planning are currently commencing procurement of a
    significant Town Centre retail study. The Board don’t want to duplicate
    that work but need to keep abreast of what they are doing, especially
    the issue of Town Centre uses.
    Robin Townsend (Head of Leisure) is working with Georgina Clampitt-        tbd
    Dix (Head of Spatial Planning) on the work.
4   Resourcing for the Vision
    Board relayed appreciation of IVB creation and discussed building the
    relationship with IVB and the Council. Outlined ‘measures’ – copy to
    other visions.
    JC ran through ‘duties’ or measures as per note circulated. Cllr Beattie
    produced a manifesto on what IVB is for. Place based meetings twice a
    year (ie six meetings in total) Maintain an up to date statement of what
    we are doing and where we are at. In order to avoid surprises such as
    the Bath Road asset sale again.
    Board also discussed issue of Community Area Board – who reports
    back? What is reported back? Agreed that if format is right - the notes    JC / CC
    from meeting should be made available to all.
    Note Salisbury Vision has a confidentiality agreement in place and a
    communications agreement.
5   Communications / public relations
    A marketing strategy has been agreed, and a web-site set up to inform
    people about the Vision’s activities and progress. Board discussed the
    need to keep stories coming through – need to promote the website –
    and the need to identify a budget to undertake such things.
    Action: Gareth to lead on media relations and stories.

6   Projects
    AMT Convention - Chippenham has been awarded the convention.
    Chief Executive of AMT meeting today with Town Council, ChAP and
    Vision. Attendance capacity of 250 confirmed, currently looking for
    local produce etc. for convention needs.
    Conservation Area Management Plan (CAMP) – the Vision Board felt
    strongly that this excellent document (and its sister Appraisal
    document) should have the maximum practicable planning weight. We
    have therefore succeeded in obtaining a public consultation.
    The consultation commenced on 15 January 2010 and copies of the
    CAMP are available electronically on the Wiltshire Council website. It is
    intended that the CAMP will be adopted as Supplementary Planning
    Guidance to the North Wilts Local Plan 2011 and ultimately as a
    Supplementary Planning Document in the Local Development
    LPSA Reward Monies – two priority projects were been put to the
    Area Board (25 January 2010): Skate Park (location to be determined)
    and River recreation provision. These have been endorsed by the Area
    AN engaged with property and youth services to identify land for the
    skatepark. Will also be arranging discussion/consultation with young
    people. Land identified next to Stanley Park. Other option looking at site
    near Rugby club - not as available; would be a longer term solution.
    Other ideas generated for requesting LSPA reward monies include:
    removal of eyesores in Town Centre; addressing issue of night time
    economy: safe/attractive town centre; shop frontages / design;
    improving the Arches. Feasibility work on the boat landing project
    identified a cost of approx £115 – 130k; currently requesting £100k
    from LPSA.
    Public Realm Improvements – the Urban Design Team have been
    instructed to undertake public realm designs for Station Hill/Forecourt,     TD
    New Road East and the area around the Post Office/Buttercross.
    Market extension down High Street - the Area Partnership (Town
    Centre team) is supporting the Town Council’s initiative to improve the
    market and extend it down the High Street. It has been agreed that the
    stakeholders will work to achieve a Saturday market by July 2nd. Traffic
    order change costs - £5k – awaiting commitment (Town Council could
    put the 5k in).
    Removal of eyesores - the Vision is supporting the Civic Society in
    persuading landlords to remove eyesores in the Town Centre, invoking
    where necessary the Conservation Area Management Plan and
    Pedestrianisation of High Street - the barrier times on Chippenham
High Street do not bear any relation to shopping hours. The Vision is
consulting with the Town Council as to whether the High Street should
a) be totally pedestrianised b) be a low-speed shared space area for
pedestrians and all forms of transport or c) have more sensible barrier JC / A Noblet
times, and/or less unsightly barriers
Avonbridge House and the riverside - following the Vision’s interest
in creating a café culture on the river bank, an initial meeting has been
held with the principal tenant of Avonbridge House- who are keen to
develop start-up serviced offices and conference/meeting space within
the building and seeking to convert attic space for this purpose

Avonside House - Greensquare have submitted a planning application
to demolish the former (derelict) hostel and rebuild to provide a terrace
of 3-4 bed houses which will be marketed as Affordable Housing (type
and tenure to be determined). Vision originally asked for inclusion of
retail unit – was beyond their scope. Also discussed a G/F live work unit
and increased height of corner unit). Planning officer does not see that
there are grounds currently for refusing application.                        tbd

JD Wetherspoons/Riverside area - JD Wetherspoons have taken
over the former Bar-Reva and expressed interest in developing the
riverside - however first planning application has been refused. Vision
will engage with the proprietors to see if an acceptable riverside AN
development can be achieved
Alternative flood prevention measures to Chippenham radial gate -
the Vision is reviewing the possibility of more sustainable/attractive/
effective single weir replacing the ugly radial gate - preferably with a
micro-hydro scheme. A hydraulic study will be necessary (£10-15k).
Punting on the river - the Punting Company to pilot punt hire in the
summer - requires landing pontoon and safety barrier in front weir.

Chippenham River Festival 2010 - second River Festival (Aug 28-
29th) is getting off the ground. Chippenham Rotary Club running Dragon
Boat racing in July so River Festival will run Raft Races on Sat 28th
Aug. Additional attractions this year are likely to include the Red Devils
parachute team, rowing boat tug of war, riverside treasure hunt. Health
and Safety discussions taking place - work from last year has provided
basis of taking work forward.
Proposal requesting funding (JC and JC left room) - Funded last year.
Festival failed to break even last year. Requesting contribution of
£9,000 from Vision. Board discussed concerns regarding the ambiguity
as to what the funding is for; pressures of other needs for funding this
year - proposal therefore rejected.

National cycle Route 4 - National cycle route 4 - public wrongly think
that the route is closed. Board agreed JK’s recommendations that the
right of way should be improved with disabled access, and advice to
cyclists to dismount. AN raised issue with Rights of Way manager – AN
waiting for report back.
Future Meetings (following 6 months)
Board members to be contacted regarding meeting dates for next   AM
6 months
Next meeting – 19th May – 11am to 1pm

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