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					April 2001                        The Newsletter of the Order of the Arrow Section SR-5                          Volume 9, Issue 4

             Welcome To Dixie
                  A Note from the Dixie Vice-Chief & Host Lodge Chief
                        Dixie has finally arrived and all of Itibap                              As the Lodge Chief and past Dixie
                  is happy it’s here. We have been planning this                          Vice-Chief I welcome everyone to the
                  weekend for the past two years and hope it                              Dixie Fellowship 2001 hosted by
                  meets your expectations. Our main goal for                              Itibapishe Iti Hollo. We have prepared a
                  you is to have fun and enjoy all our hard work                          great program for you from the minute the
                  in preparing for the Dixie. We have some                                opening show begins right up to when we
                  training and competitions planned along with                            all pack up and head out on our separate
                  some exciting shows for you to enjoy. We are                            ways. If there should be any questions
Jeremy Cawley pumped up and ready to rock and roll. So hold               Paul Culp       concerning your visit to the camp please
on tight and let the party begin. If there is anything I can help     feel free to ask any staff member, and they will do their best
you with this weekend be sure to find me. I’m the one in the          to answer your questions and concerns.
straight jacket along with my loony adviser.                                When we took on this responsibility about two years
      Putting the CHEER back in cheerful service.                     ago we had no idea what was in store for our lodge. Though
                              WWW,                                    these last months have proved tiring and trying I believe we
                                                                      have successfully accomplished our goals as a lodge both to
              Jeremy Cawley, Dixie Vice-Chief                         ourselves and to the section.
               Chuck Bowman, Dixie Adviser                                               Continued on page 5

Arrowman Service Award
      Rededicate Yourself To The Order
     Throughout the history of the OA         area is designed to give an incentive to            Another area of the award is to be
there have been many nationally               attend troop meetings. An Arrowman’s           active in the OA. It is intended to give
sponsored awards for service. This past       first responsibility is to the troop, but it
                                                                                                     Continued on page 4
year the National Committee created the       is often said that the OA is keeping
Arrowman Service Award as a                             Scouts out of the troop when
way for Arrowmen to                                     in fact it is supposed to keep
rededicate themselves to the                            them there. The award also           Page 2 ............... Chiefly Speaking
Order’s principles.                                     encourages brothers to aid
     One aspect of the award                            other members of the OA in           Page 3 ......A Note from the Editor
focuses on the OA and the                               their pursuit of further
individual      member.      It                         understanding of Scouting and        Page 4-5 ............Updates / Awards
concentrates on ways that each                          the OA through becoming
                                                                                             Page 6-7 ................ Lodge Reports
Arrowman can grow in his or her               brotherhood members. It concludes with
understanding of the Order and in             a challenge of rededication to the             Page 8 ............ Calendar of Events
Scouting. The first requirement in this       obligations of the Order and Scouting.
The Five Feathers                       Order of the Arrow, Southern Region, Section 5                                               Page 2

Thank You
      You’ve Made a Difference
                                                Chiefly Speaking
                                                  Remembering the Past, Learning for the Future
    The 2000-2001 Section Administration                                    Welcome to Dixie. After over a year’s worth of hard work by
would like to thank all the Section staff who                       approximately 150 staff members this weekend filled with fun,
made this year such a success.                                      excitement, and brotherhood is finally here. I want to thank everyone
                                                                    who has put the time into the planning and execution of this fellowship.
Section Staff                                                       Please be sure to thank any of the individuals listed to the left of my
                                                                    article or Itibap staff member that you encounter because the work
Jason Laney, Chief                                                  that they have put into this weekend is amazing. I am eternally grateful.
     Mac McLean, Adviser                                                    This has been an especially busy year for me, and I am sure for
     Chuck Hanchey, Staff Adviser                                   you as well. The year started off with a great Dixie held at Tsali Lodge
Ryan Yamada, Vice Chief                                             with over 900 brothers converging on the mountains of Western North
     Michael Thompson, Adviser                                      Carolina. Following the Dixie, over 250 Arrowmen from SR-5 joined
                                                                    over 6000 Arrowmen in Knoxville for the National Order of the Arrow
John Garwood, Secretary                                             Conference (NOAC) in July. Two other successful events in our section
     Trey Courtney, Adviser                                         were ArrowTech, host of the pilot for the new Lodge Adviser Training
Christopher Maxey, Webmaster                                        Seminar, and the Carolina Indian Seminar put on by Eswau Huppeday
                                                                    Lodge. In addition to these functions, I truly enjoyed visiting the
     Tripp Clark, Adviser
                                                                    many lodges throughout our section and meeting new friends at each
ArrowTech Staff                                                     event. Thank you for a wonderful time.
                                                 Section Officers
Tommy Luhring, Coordinator                                                  One thing that I have noticed is that training is a vital part of
                                                   2000-2001        almost every event that I attend. It might be sessions for specific
   Johnnie Brown, Adviser
                                                                    committees or for all brothers in attendance, but training always
Burl Holland, Administration Dean                                   provides necessary information for Arrowmen to improve both
Justin Sill, Inductions Dean                                        themselves and their lodge. On Saturday morning most of you will
                                                      Chief         take part in three hours of crucial training. The sessions ranging from
Ashley Fogleman , Program Dean
                                                   Jason Laney      “Elangomat Training” to “Putting the E in an OA Event” are designed
Hardy Childers, Masters Dean                                        to enhance various programs in your lodge. Although shows and quest
                                                                    events may be more fun, it is critical that you take an active role in the
Jonathan Hardin, Logistics Chairman
                                                                    training sessions. Take notes, ask questions and be sure to pay attention
Dixie Staff                                                         during the entire session. I remember that during my first couple of
                                                   Vice Chief       Dixies I did not pay close attention during the sessions and regretted
Jeremy Cawley, Vice Chief
                                                  Ryan Yamada       it afterwards. Be sure to not make the same mistake that I did. Whether
     Chuck Bowman, Adviser
                                                                    you are a youth or an adult I challenge you to take back the ideas that
Jeff Womack, Admin Coordinator                                      you learn from the training sessions and improve at least one thing in
     Max Cooper, Adviser                                            your lodge.
Justin Sill, IA Coordinator                                                 Finally, I want to thank you for everything that you do for
                                                  John Garwood      Scouting and the Order of the Arrow. Without active participants,
      James Barton, Adviser
                                                                    strong youth leaders and compassionate adult advisers, our program
Jeremy Christie, Program Coordinator                                would not be successful. It is a team effort and I hope that you know
     Ed Gibbs, Adviser                                              how much you are appreciated for everything that you do.
Matt Smith, Training Coordinator                                            Once again, I want to welcome you to the 49 th Dixie Fellowship.
     Charles Garwood, Adviser
                                                  Mac McLean        I hope that you have wonderful
                                                                    time, and if there is anything that I
Brian Simpson, Shows Coordinator
                                                                    can do to enhance your experience,
Brandon Johnson, Technical Director                                 please let me know. It has been a
     Tee Pruitt, Adviser                                            pleasure serving you this past year,
                                                                    and I hope to speak to you some
     We would also like to thank all                                time this weekend as we
Arrowmen who donated their time and                                 “Remember the Past, and Serve the
energy in pursuit of ‘On This First Step’ for                       Future.”
ArrowTech and laying the foundation as we
“Remember The Past, Serve The Future” at                            Yours In Brotherhood,
the 2001 Dixie Fellowship. Without these
Arrowmen who so unselfishly gave unto
themselves, no common goal could have
been achieved.                                                      Jason Laney

Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia                                                       
The Five Feathers                      Order of the Arrow, Southern Region, Section 5                                        Page 3

  A Note from the Editor                                                                   Welcome Back
                                                                                                 Tomo Chi-Chi Rejoins SR-5
     Fulfilling Our Obligations
                                                                                                                         Section SR-
                                              I would first of all like to thank all the                           5 would like to
                                        lodges for their support in this year’s Five                               welcome back
                                        Feathers. I have had a wonderful time doing        Tomo Chi-Chi Lodge 119. Three years
                                        the behind the scenes work for the four issues.    ago Tomo Chi-Chi moved to Section SR-
                                        It has been a pleasure to serve you this past
                                                                                           4, and after the latest realignment they
                                        year, and I wish you all luck here at Dixie.
                                                                                           have rejoined us here in SR-5. Tomo
                                              For my final “Note from the Editor” I
                                        would like to talk about fulfilling our            Chi-Chi is the lodge of the Coastal
                                        obligations in our daily lives. We all have a      Empire Council that is headquartered in
  duty to others as we move about the world as Arrowmen. We must be loyal to our           Savannah, Georgia.
  promises. We must be clean in mind, body, and spirit and most importantly serve               Tomo Chi-Chi has had two section
  cheerfully in all that all we do. As we live from day to day we are not often            chiefs in SR-5 and the former SE-5. It
  reminded of our vows in the Order, which are meant as a guide to our lives.              has also had six section vice chiefs. The
        Loyalty is an important value of the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts is looked          lodge has a membership of
  upon as a trustworthy and honorable organization by all that hear its name. Our          approximately 310 brothers.
  word should be as good as gold, and yet at times I hear my brothers in the OA                 When Catawba, Eswau Huppeday
  speaking lies. We are Scouting’s National Honor Society, and we often do not             and Itibapishe Iti Hollo joined SR-5,
  act the part. We are to be honest in all that we do. If we could do this simple          Tomo Chi-Chi moved to SR-4. Tomo
  task in all of our affairs then the world would become a much kinder place. We           Chi-Chi left SR-5 in 1997 when the other
  have the opportunity to serve others and help our movement grow by example.              three lodges returned to SR-5.
  This does not limit ourselves simply to those who we see often. Our word must                 Last year Tomo Chi-Chi won the
  be true even to people that we have never met.                                           SR-4 Team Dance Competition at the
        Another ideal is to be clean in all aspects. I am not saying this to get people    2000 SR-4 Conclave and is looking
  to take a bath, but rather I am speaking about being kind to all. We must keep our       ahead to bright days in Dixie.
  minds from temptations of ungenerous and evil actions. We must be strong and                  So, welcome back Tomo Chi-Chi.
  not bow to the popular choice for it is often not the choice that we feel is right.
  Our spirits must be pure and clean because that is what leads us to our choices
  in life. With a spirit darkened by the worldly and secular things we are incapable
  of making the decisions that are most important to us.
        Finally, being cheerful in all our acts of service is the most important ideal
  of the BSA. We as Arrowmen are expected to be willing to serve everyone who
  is in need of assistance. Even if we do not wish to be happy when we work it is
  our responsibility to do this. By being happy while we help others, the person               Here are this year’s Five Feathers
  that we are helping will become even happier because we are assisting them with               submissions and points that go
  a joyful spirit.                                                                               towards “Lodge of the Year”
        Today’s world is clouded with many temptations that can force us from the             Tsali      3/6pts Catawba 3/6pts
  path of our obligations in Scouting and the Order. If we strive to fulfill these            Muscogee 3/6pts        AKK 3/6pts
                              obligations and not deviate from the path that we follow
                              we will be able to be a beacon of light to those we             Skyuka     3/6pts    Santee 1/2pts
                              encounter and will help them to live the life of an             Bobwhite 2/4pts       Eswau 3/6pts
                              Arrowman.                                                       Itibap     3/6pts   Unali’yi 2/4pts

                                  Yours In WWW,                                                    The Five Feathers is
                                                                                              published quarterly. If you have an
                                                                                              article and/or picture (with
                                                                                              caption) for submission, please
                                                                                              send it to the Section Secretary.
                                  John J. Garwood

Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia                                                  
The Five Feathers                        Order of the Arrow, Southern Region, Section 5                                      Page 4

Arrowman Service Award with Criteria
inactive members a reason to attend chapter       o Mentor a Scout (or, if an adult,       o Serve as an Elangomat at an
and lodge events. Hopefully offering an                another Scouter) in your unit.          Ordeal.
incentive for inactive members to come to         o Rededicate yourself to the
events will expose them to the fun and                                                  Completed items may be signed off by the
                                                       principles of the Order of the
excitement that the OA has to offer.                                                    Arrowman’s Scoutmaster, Lodge Chief and
                                                       Arrow through discussions with a
      Finally, the award also stresses                                                  Lodge Adviser. The Award may be ordered
                                                       lodge officer or adviser.
service in itself. Since the OA was founded                                             through your lodge.
in 1915, is has remained committed to          Chapter/Lodge Activity: (Complete Any
service. This requirement is designed to       Three)
ensure that brothers will either participate      o Participate on a lodge camping
in community service or help the lodge by               promotion or unit elections team.
serving as an Elangomat during ordeals.           o     Attend and serve in a leadership
      Below is a complete list of these                 capacity at two lodge functions.
requirements. Each lodge chief and
                                                  o     Serve as a chapter or lodge officer
adviser has more information and can
                                                        or as the Chairman of a lodge
answer questions.
                                                        operating committee.
  Arrowman Service Award Criteria                 o     Attend a Section Conclave,
                                                        National Leadership Seminar, or
Personal: (Complete All)                                National Conference.
   o Remain active in your unit (or, if           o     Serve as a trainer in an Order of
     an adult not in a unit, active in                  the Arrow training event.
     your Scouting role) through at            Service: (Complete One)
     least 75% meeting attendance.
   o Help an Ordeal member attain                 o Participate in council, chapter, or
     Brotherhood.                                       lodge service project.

Change In Adult Arrowman Nomination
     Number Of Adult Nominations Based Upon Size of Unit
     Each year upon holding a troop or         example, a troop having 51 to 100                n   T h e
team election for youth that results in at     registered active youth may nominate two             individual
least one youth candidate being elected,       adults each year if at least 1 youth has been        will be an asset
the unit committee may nominate one            elected. Recommendations of the adult                to the Order because
registered unit adult, 21 years of age or      selection committee, with the approval of            of       demonstrated
older, to be a candidate. The nomination       the scout executive, serving as Supreme              abilities that fulfill the
is sent to the lodge adult selection           Chief of the Fire, will be candidates for            purpose of the Order.
committee that is composed of the lodge        induction, provided the following                n   The camping requirements set
adviser, the chairman of the council           conditions are met:                                  forth for the youth members are
committee on which the lodge adviser               n Selection of the adult is based on             fulfilled.
serves, and the lodge staff adviser.                    the ability to perform the              n   The adult’s membership will
     A policy change this year enables                  necessary function to help the              provide a positive role model for
troops or teams having more than 50                     Order fulfill its purposes, and it is       the growth and development of the
registered active youth to nominate an                  not intended for recognition of             youth members of the lodge.
additional adult for every 50 registered                service, including current or prior
active youth or fraction thereof. As an                 achievement and position.

Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia                                                   
The Five Feathers                         Order of the Arrow, Southern Region, Section 5                                            Page 5

SR-5 Lodge Receives OA Service Grant                                                            Welcome
     Skyuka Lodge Honored With A $1,500 Grant                                                        Continued...
     For several years the National Order        design of the project; how the project               This would not have been possible
of the Arrow Committee has provided              impacts a significant number of Scouts;        without the help of all of those lodge
matching service grants to lodges. The           and how the project enhances Cub               members who took an active role in the
grants, limited in number, are for projects      Scouting or Boy Scouting in the council.       scheme of this Dixie. After this weekend
submitted by application to the national               Over 70 lodges submitted                 we can sit back and look at what we
OA office. A total of $30,000 was made           applications for the 2001 grants, but only     accomplished and no longer have to bite
             available for distribution to       12 lodges were selected to receive the         our nails wondering how we are going to
                     lodges in 2001 for          awards. SR-5’s own Skyuka Lodge was            pull this huge event off. Once again I thank
                         these projects.         one of the fortunate recipients.               all of you for your hard work, dedication
                             T     h         e         Skyuka Lodge received $1,500 for the     and above all your ability to do this with
                              evaluators         construction of a pair of high and low trap    the utmost fellowship and brotherhood that
                              considered         houses at the shotgun range located at         our lodge has to offer.
                                t h e            Camp Bob Hardin. The council camp had
                                    innovative   been using hand thrown targets, so it was                        WWW,
                                        scope    in need of some type of improvement. The
                                        and      lodge’s project will enhance shotgun               Paul Culp, Itibap Lodge Chief
                                                 shooting as a recreational activity and as a    Linda Bowman, Itibap Lodge Adviser
                                                 merit badge.
                                                       Congratulations to Skyuka Lodge and
                                                 lets see another SR-5 lodge get one next

                                       Lodge Reports
                                                     Eswau 560                                                      Tsali 134
                                                     Adam Lutterloh,                                                Todd Knaperek,
                                                     Lodge Secretary                                                VC Administration

                              The year 2001      Dancing and Drumming. The lodge is                  “I get knocked down, but I get up
                       has started off           preparing for Spirit and for Quest events      again, ain’t nobody gonna keep me
                   fabulously for Eswau          and hope to have a strong showing in these     down...” seems to be the song of choice
                Huppeday. On March 23-25         competitions as well.                          with Tsali’s leaders lately. After the Spring
             Eswau had its annual Spring              Already having three successful lodge     Fellowship, on March 23-25, it is obvious
         Fellowship. We had a great Quest        events, Eswau is looking forward to many       that Tsali is back and getting better day
     for the Golden Arrow, which included        more. On May 5th, we will be having a          after day. First, we reorganized our lodge
 some Dixie events to better prepare             lodge workday at Camp Bud Schiele. We          structure, created a web site that has shown
Eswau for Dixie Quest. The weekend also          will be working on finishing our OA            to be quite a valuable tool for our brothers,
included some training on chapter                amphitheater and preparing camp. The           and just came off of one of the best
importance within the lodge. We had our          lodge will be having its first Ordeal on May   weekends we have seen in quite some time
first Brotherhood ceremony on Saturday           18-20, and its second on June 1-3, where       now. The construction of Camp Daniel
night. The weekend went fabulously, and          we it will be holding lodge and Vigil          Boone’s new conservation lodge, which is
we are glad a few section brothers came          Elections. We would like to wish everyone      sponsored by Tsali Lodge, is now
to join us. Eswau is currently preparing for     the best of luck at Dixie, and we hope to      underway; the Dixie 2000’s totem poles
Dixie. We are fine-tuning our Ceremonies,        see you during the weekend.                    have finally been mounted; and on top of
                                                                                                        Continued on page 6

Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia                                                         
The Five Feathers                    Order of the Arrow, Southern Region, Section 5                                        Page 6

Lodge Reports
that, our cooking team has truly been out    fun and service, and new faces. Section             Furthermore, the lodge display has
doing themselves at each lodge function.     Chief Jason Laney, Section Secretary          been updated. It contains information
      All in all, I believe Tsali Lodge is   John Garwood and AKK brother Heath            about lodge patches, events and current
beginning to show that we are capable        Ramey showed up for some of the fun           affairs. We recommend that all brothers
of ‘beating’ the odds. Though our            and mingling with Catawba Lodge on            visit this display so that you can learn
numbers are still small, all of our active   Saturday. In the near future, we will         about our lodge. We also encourage all
members are highly committed to the          have our annual Beaver Festival/First         Skyuka Lodge members to observe the
purpose of the OA and are undoubtedly        Ordeal to be held at Grimes where we          other lodge’s displays so that we may
going to go far to overcome any              expect an attendance of over 500 people.      gain more insight on such matters. On a
obstacles that may stand in our way.              This is a big year for Catawba           whole, the Skyuka Lodge is enjoying the
After the Dixie, we are hosting a Spring     Lodge. It is our 50th anniversary. Our        Dixie and we offer best wishes and
Ordeal that will definitely add to our       lodge is planning on hosting a rededication   safety to all of our brother lodges! Have
base of already committed brothers. Just     ceremony for our Arrowmen and we are          a super time!
thinking of this idea, gives us officers a   also planning on a festive 50th
feeling of relief and excitement. This       anniversary celebration at our Fall
                                                                                                            Muscogee 221
sense of excitement also gives us some       Fellowship located at Clear Creek Scout
                                                                                                            Fred Descy,
relief to know that when myself and the      Camp. All are invited to join us in our
                                                                                                            Lodge Chief
rest of the officers are just a bunch of     celebration of our 50th anniversary.
‘has-beens,’ our hard work will shine             All interested are invited to all of
through and the lodge will be left in good   our functions and for further information          Muscogee Lodge has been very
hands. We hope to see all of you during      can        contact        myself         at   busy recently. On February 17-18, 2001
the weekend, and we hope you see us, or by visiting         we held a Leave No Trace Trainer’s
just look for the Top Gun logos.             our web site at         Certification course. Knowledgeable
                                                                                           experts in the field of LNT taught this
                                                                                           course. Thank you to all who came out,
                    Catawba 459                                 Skyuka 270                 especially our guests from other councils
                    Ryan Yamada,                                Roger Revell,
                                                                                           in the area.
                    Lodge Chief                                 Publications Chairman
                                                                                                Our first fellowship of the new
                                                   Skyuka Lodge has a great show           millennium was held March 23-25,
      Catawba Lodge has been busy! In        planned for this year’s Dixie. Thanks to      2001. This fellowship was a great
preparation for Dixie we have assembled      the time put into our organization by Kyle    success. In addition to it being a
one of our lodge’s largest contingencies     Hoover, the Dixie chairman, the lodge         fellowship, we also called-out 44 scouts
ever! We plan on making this quite a year    on a whole has worked to put on an            and scouters as candidates for our order.
for spirit, competition, and fellowship.     impressive show. Once again, Skyuka           This was a great turnout for our Call
      The weekend of March 16 - 18 we        Lodge made their Scouter’s Guide to           Outplus . We also had 21 Arrowmen seal
hosted our annual Spring Fellowship at       Camping up-to-date. This book is on           their membership in our order by
the Mecklenburg County Scout                 display, and we encourage all participants    becoming Brotherhood members. I
Reservation, aka Camp Grimes. This           to stop by and take a look at it. In          would like to thank Section Chief Jason
event was primarily used as a                addition, the secretarial department took     Laney, Section Secretary Adviser Trey
preparation for Dixie. Brothers spent the    another step with this book; it is now        Courtney, and our two visitors from
morning and afternoon testing their skills   available at no cost on the lodge web         Santee Lodge for coming out to our
in various events ranging from the egg       page. On the net, the book virtually          fellowship.
toss to archery. As well, we inducted 16     allows scoutmasters to successfully                On April 7, 2001 we held our One-
new Brotherhood members on Saturday          research and plan a trip in a matter of       Day Service Project at Bethel Christian
evening. The weekend was filled with         moments.                                      Camp, in Gaston, SC. For the project

Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia                                                 
The Five Feathers                     Order of the Arrow, Southern Region, Section 5                                        Page 7

Lodge Reports
we worked on the aquatics area so that        has been busy in not only Dixie                                  Bob White 87
it will be able to be open this summer        preparation but also has recently held our                       Anand Suthar,
with a systematic approach. April 21,         annual Winter Banquet. The banquet                               Lodge Chief
2001, was the Indian Waters Council           was a great success as we entertained             The Bob White Lodge is gearing
show, EXPO, which the lodge assisted          an inspirational guest speaker. At the       up and looking forward to a wonderful
with as well as promoted camping at.          end of the banquet there was also a unit     Dixie. We are preparing to have our 1st
     I hope that everyone is having a         election and camp promotions training in     annual Spring Ordeal on March 23-25.
great time in preparing for the 2001          which brothers in our lodge could gain       In December we conducted another
Dixie Fellowship. I am looking forward        valuable information to help them. The       wonderful LLDC to arrowmen of our
to seeing all of you this weekend. If you     most recent of events that Santee has        lodge. We conducted our training at an
need anything, just let me know. You          hosted is our Spring Fellowship in which     Arrowmens lake house. We had the
can         contact          me        at     brothers took part in many work projects     chance to bond and get to know each                     to benefit the well being of our camp.       other.
                                              As this Dixie arrives, Santee has but one         Bob White Lodge also just held its
                                              wish. That is to “Remember the Past          Lodge Banquet on January 20th. At the
                    Itibap 188
                    Paul Culp,                and Serve the Future”, as we look            banquet we recognized our new Vigil
                                              forward to a great fellowship with the       Honor Members and awarded the
                    Lodge Chief
                                              fellow lodges in Section SR-5.               Founders Award and the J. Rucker
      On behalf of Itibapishe Iti Hollo                                                    Newberry Award.
Lodge #188 I would like to welcome all                                                          Some upcoming dates to look
of you to Dixie 2001. We hope your                              Unali’Yi 236               forward to are the Summer Ordeal held
weekend here is filled with excitement                          Robert A. Dunn,            on June 1-3 and in August is our 3rd
and fun. We also welcome you to our                             Lodge Chief                annual Block Party. If you want to come
home camp of Camp John J. Barnhardt.                                                       and need any information you can
Enjoy the facilities, and feel free to roam     Dixie 2001 is here already and             contact any Bob White Arrowmen.
about, just don’t get lost. The staff     Unali’yi is prepped and ready. Unali’yi
doesn’t have time to send out search      has kept together a solid year and hopes                            AKK 185
parties.                                  to show our stuff at Dixie this year.                               Michael Kirby,
      We feel that we have pulled         We’ve had great functions throughout                                Lodge Chief
together a great event and that this Dixiethe year. We had a few guests at our
will be one of the best around Be sure    fall fellowship from other lodges in the               Atta Kulla Kulla is hard at work
to take back with you memories as well    section and we hope they had a great             getting ready for Dixie. On March 23-
as a new-found feeling of brotherhood.    time.                                            25 we held our Spring Fellowship. At
So enjoy our camp, hospitality and              We have also kept up with service          the event we had chapter competitions
above all else DIXIE 2001.                to our local Camp Ho Non Wah. After              in Quest Events and Spirit. I would like
                                          our council’s recent forestation project         to thank Chase Iseman and Randy
                     Santee 116           the lodge has planned workdays to help           Dargan from Santee Lodge 116, and
                     Chase Iseman,        clean up and prepare camp for this               Jason Laney for coming out to our
                                          summer.                                          fellowship.
                     Lodge Chief
                                                The lodge has also started planning              We also elected our new lodge
     This year looks good for Santee for the 50th anniversary Dixie fellowship             officers for the upcoming year. I would
Lodge as we arrive at the Dixie and can’t wait to see what develops. I                     like to congratulate Heath Ramey as our
Fellowship. Santee is very excited as hope everyone in the section plans on                new lodge chief. Atta Kulla Kulla is going
we prepare for a strong showing and a attending this wonderful event.                      to make a great showing at Dixie. I hope
great time at this years conclave. Santee                                                  to see everyone during the weekend.

Serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia                                                 
              Section SR-5
          Order of the Arrow
        Camp John J. Barnhardt
            Dixie Edition

                                    Dixie Edition

Section SR-5
 Contact Information
                                    Section Calendar
                                      Upcoming Section & National Events & Deadlines...
 Jason Laney, Chief
 (828)298-2344                      April 27-29      Dixie 2001 - Camp Barnhardt, NC
                                    May 15           Camp Promotion Kits available from
 Ryan Yamada, Vice Chief
 (704)844-0301               July 23 -
                                                     National Jamboree
                                    August 1
 John Garwood, Secretary
 (704)471-2464                      August 12-18     Philmont OA Adviser Training
                                    August 24        OA Service Grant applications available
 Mac McLean, Adviser
 (864)277-8861                      October 1        OA Lodge Charter Renewal Kits                                      available
 Michael Thompson, VC Adviser       November 2-4     NLS - Leesville, SC
                                    November 15      OA Lodge Support Pak available
                                    November 30      OA ServiceGrant applications due
 Trey Courtney, Secretary Adviser
 (828)264-0885                      December 31      Lodge Charter renewal deadline
                                    July 27 -        National OA Conference - Indiana
 Chuck Hanchey, Staff Adviser       August 1, 2002   University, Bloomington, Indiana

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