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					Dear Participant of the EVITA Project meeting in Riga!

In emergency please call:

(+371) 26309006- Ms. Agnese Janova
(+371) 29149919 -Ms. Diana Krievina

Radisson Blue Hotel Latvia (Reval Hotel Latvia, Elizabetes street 55),+R%C4%ABga&daddr=&hl=e


Latvian currency -- Lats (Ls or LVL) and Santims.

1 Lat (LVL) = 100 Santims
1 Euro ~ 0,714 Lats = 71 Santims

You can pay only in LVL in Latvia, except at hotels. There are exchange desk and cash point
in the Arrival Hall in the Riga Airport.
You can exchange money everywhere - airport, hotels, banks, exchange offices. In almost
every street you will find at least one exchange office. In almost all shops and taxi you can
pay with your credit card.

Information how to reach the City Centre from the Airport.

The Riga Airport is located ~ 10 km from the Riga City centre where the Radisson Blue Hotel
Latvia (Reval Hotel Latvia) is located (Elizabetes street 55).

Price from the Riga Airport to city centre ~ 9 Lats (~ 13 Euro). We suggest to take: Air Baltic
cab (green car) or Riga Taxi (red car). Please don’t take Mercedes cab in black colour (they
are cheating).

“Airport Express” minibus provided by “Air Baltic”:
Price – LVL 3. Payment is accepted only in cash and in LVL! Frequency – every 30 minutes.
(e.g. 10.00, 10.30 etc.) One of the stops – directly at Radisson Blue Hotel Latvia (Reval Hotel
Latvia). For more information please visit:

Public transport:
Bus No.22, which leaves from Abrenes Street, has direct services between the airport and the
city centre. You will get out straight at the terminal on the 2nd level. To get on the bus at the
airport look for bus stop located opposite the terminal behind the car park.
Frequency: every 10-30 minutes, journey time about 30 minutes. Fare – 70 santims (1EUR)
(payment - to the buss driver).
Sightseeing places
Majority sightseeing places in Riga you can access within easy walking distance from Reval
Hotel Latvia.

The detailed information about sightseeing places in Riga you can find at following webs:

Recommended places to visit outside of the Riga:

   1. Jurmala (30km from Riga) – its almost 33 km long white sand beach, large pine
      forests and the natural border of the city. More information available at
      How to go to Jurmala -

To see other place outside Riga - the best option to rent the car to visit or use any of the
travel agencies offers.

   2. TURAIDA CASTLE - Turaida castle rises above green foliage of trees like mighty
      ship built of red brick. Forepart of this imaginative ship is formed by northern
      forecastle gate tower, main tower, which is the highest one is like a spar in the middle
      of the ship but back of the ship is southern forecastle with towershaped southern
      section. Building of the castle was started in 1214 according to directions given by
      Albert, archbishop of Riga in the place where in former times was located wooden
      castle of Liv leader Kaupo. “Castellum” type fortress was built and named Fredeland
      in translation it means “Land of Peace”. This name was not popular and till nowadays
      survived local name – Turaida. Perfection of defensive system of the castle continued
      also in the next centuries – in 14th century was built towershaped southern section, in
      the beginning of 15th century when fire arms were invented was built semi rounded
      western tower. Along with formation of fortifications household buildings and living
      houses were erected in the inner yard of the castle. Small reconstruction work was
      carried out in 17th century though castle started to loose its strategically meaning.
      After fire in 1776 it was not reconstructed and in the course of time it was ruined. In
      the beginning of 20th century from Turaida castle there were left over separate
      fragments of defensive wall and some buildings – main tower, semi rounded tower
      and western section. Since 1976 regular archaeological excavations were carried out
      which were followed by restoration and conservation works as a result castle regained
      a part of its initial shape. Exhibitions about history of brick castle and Gauja Livs are
      available in restored buildings. From the view place of the main tower you can see the
      unique landscape of picturesque Gauja valley and territory of Turaida Museum
See the way how to get to Turaida from Riga (~ 50 km):,+Riga+LV+1010,+Latvija

   3. RUNDĀLE CASTLE - Despite its 67 km distance from Riga, Bauska region is one
      of the most visited by tourists. The main tourist attractions are Mezotne Manor,
      Bauska Castle and

Rundale Palace, which is a marvellous architectural and
historical monument. Rundale Palace was designed by and
built under the supervision of the outstanding Italian architect
Franchesco Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who designed the Winter
Palace and some manors in St. Petersburg. In 1736 the first
foundation stone of this baroque palace was laid. Construction
was finished by 1740. The first owner of the palace, Ernst
Johan Biron, was the Duke of Courland (the previously
independant western portion of Latvia), and is remembered for
being the favourite lover of the Russian Empress Anna
Joanovna. Nothing in Russia happened without Biron’s input.
Rundale Palace has 138 premises surrounded by a lovely Baroque park.

See the way how to get to Rundāle from Riga (~ 80km):,+Riga+LV+1010,+Latvija

   4. Bauska Castle was built in 1443 and was one of the last castles of the Livonian
      Order. After the Great Northern War, the castle became deserted and local inhabitants
      secretly began to take bricks from the castle as building material. The walls and one of
      the towers remained intact over the years, but the remaining four towers have been
      rebuilt. The fortress ruins and the castle’s central tower viewing platform are open to
      the public.
   5. Mezotne Manor. This Empire-style manor was built in 1802, and was the property
      of Princess Charlotte von Lieven, a governess of the Russian Emperor Pavil I. The
      manor is surrounded by an English park.

When travelling by car from Riga to Bauska, visitors may wish to stop at the fascinating
museum of ancient cars and tractors, which is housed in a hangar, located just at
Bauska’s outskirts. The exhibits include a ZIS-110 from 1938, a

     Wishing you a nice trip to Riga and inspiration for the EVITA Project meeting!

                          Looking forward to see you in Riga!