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					                          sPA WellNess PACKAGes                                                            the bistro • A Natural Food Kitchen
Dental Dream Day             150min $169      Be Well                    110min $125
Relax with a warm neck wrap, hot hand         Enhance your massage by relaxing and           “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food”, said the
treatment, and music all while getting        detoxifying beforehand in our Far Infrared     “father of medicine,” Hippocrates. The bistro is a gourmet, health-oriented
your teeth cleaned. After choose from a       sauna. A soothing shower and nourishing        restaurant located within our Wellness Center. We use only the freshest and
massage, facial, colonic or clay bath along   lunch will round out your spa experience.      highest quality ingredients including mostly organic vegetables, fruits and
with a light lunch.                           Colon Cleansing Day          185min $229       meats. These ingredients come from local sustainable farms when possible.
Dental Mercury Removal Support                A revitalizing spa package including,          Our cooking methods are a result of our desire to blend the sensual qualities
Plan                                $360      castor oil pack, colonic with probiotic,       of food with a sensible approach to well being.
Begin with the protection protocol in         magnesium bath, shower, lunch and a            What you eat matters.
addition to arnica and chelation complex      kombucha drink.
supplements. Boost your immune system         Spa Retreat                  150min $225
with an IV Vitamin C treatment followed
by an hour massage. Take home a quart
of homemade bone broth or soup. A
                                              Start your spa retreat with a therapeutic
                                              clay bath in our luxurious soaking
                                                                                                          Meet the GrotoN WellNess teAM
                                                                                                                                                                              Groton Wellness
day later come back to have a colon
                                              bathtub. Move on to a relaxing massage
                                              ending with our holistic European facial.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Medical    l   Dental   l   Spa   l   Bistro
hydrotherapy treatment.                       Wholesome lunch included.                    G. Robert Evans, dmd                      Nicole Howell, rdh
                                                                                           Jean Nordin-Evans, dds                    Josh Ivy, manager
                          IT’S ABOUT ALL OF YOU!                                           Terrance Shutts, dds                      Tricia Keenan, manager
                                                                                           Leon Lashner, dc, nd                      Linda Leland, manager
     Groton Wellness Medical Center, in combination with the                               Charise Ivy, md                           Gisele Leone, manager
     adjacent Groton Wellness Dental Spa, is the realization of a                          Robert Luby, md, abhm                     Tara Perry, esthetician
     life-long vision of Dr. Jean Nordin-Evans and Dr. Robert Evans.                       Jodi Cabral, chhc, aadp                   Wendy Walter, esthetician,
     Groton Wellness is a comprehensive and revolutionary center for                       Ross Robarge, lmt                             colon hydro therapist
     health and healing that offers integrative family medical care,                       Christine Francis, lcmt                   Elisabeth Horesh, licac, maom
     holistic dental care, wellness therapies, nutrition and education.                    Kristin DeRuzzo, rdh                      Karen Zimmerman, natural foods chef
     Our mission is wellness. We believe the best way to achieve                           Stephanie Hebb, rdh
     wellness is through a holistic approach to dental and medical
     care which focuses on education, nutrition, prevention and good
     health. We are establishing and nurturing a vibrant wellness
     community by helping others understand, practice and maintain                                            oNGoING MoNthlY seMINArs
     a healthy life.
     We are committed to serving you. All of you.                                          Mercury Toxicity and Detoxification (free)~Robert Luby, MD, ABHM
                                                                                           Introduction To Holistic Dentistry (free)~Jean Nordin-Evans, DDS
Dental Surgery Success Plan         $206                                                   Understanding Bioidentical Hormones (free)~Charise Ivy, MD                        Mon 9-6 • Tues 9-8 • Wed 9-6 • Thu 9-8 • Fri 9-5 • Sat 9-4
                                              Blissful                    180min $220      Practitioner Breakfast~Jean Nordin-Evans, DDS and Charise Ivy, MD
Improve your healing with our holistic        The ultimate spa package; soothing
remedies, anodyne and an IV Vitamin C                                                      Nutritional Weight Loss Program Information (free)~Jodi Cabral, CHHC, AADP
                                              massage, Classic Dr. Hauschka facial (with
treatment. End your day with an hour          foot soak and lymph stimulation from
massage and take home a quart of              head to toe), light lunch and a free gift.
homemade healing bone broth or soup.
                                              Tranquil                      90min $110
Purely You                    150min $225     Start with a relaxing skin brushing,
Detoxify and relax in our therapeutic clay    peaceful sauna, tranquil European facial
bath prior to an enjoyable Rejuvenating       and a natural smoothie.
Treatment facial where we will begin
                                              Radiant You                  50min $75
                                                                                                                                                                             493-495 Main St. Groton, MA 01450 • 978-449-9919
to restore your skin to its natural purity.                                                                          Prices are subject to change.
Wholesome lunch included.                     A mini facial, and make-up application.                                                                                         
                          sPA WellNess therAPIes                                                                           holIstIC sKIN CAre                                            At Groton Wellness we embrace Holistic Dentistry or health-focused dentistry.
                                                                                                                                                                                         We believe the mouth is the gateway to the whole body. Holistic Dentistry
IV Vitamin C                  90min $107        Manual Lymph Drainage                        Our skin care line, Dr. Hauschka                                                            is not just about your teeth ~ it is about your entire being, which is why
An excellent, effective anti-oxidant for                               30, 60min $48-$95     preparations, respect the body’s natural                                                    Functional Medicine plays a complimentary role. Groton Wellness Dental now
treating infections, inflammation and           For the face and neck: This therapy          rhythms, working with these processes to                                                    accepts Delta Dental Insurance.
allergies. Decreases damage from free-          encourages the elimination of metabolic      restore balance and bring about lasting                                                     In Functional Medicine we are physicians who look for and treat the root
radicals -- an underlying factor in heart       waste while accelerating the flow of fresh   beauty. Dr. Hauschka believes that when                                                     causes of health problems, not just the symptoms. We treat a wide spectrum
disease, cancer and aging. Screening test       oxygen and nutrients throughout the          individuals feel healthy and balanced,                                                      of chronic medical problems and conditions: detoxification and elimination
needed prior.                                   body. It positively affects the nervous      they are better able to care for others and                                                 of mercury, heavy metals and other toxins from the body after dental work,
Therapeutic Clay Bath                   $80     system, smooth muscles and fluid             the planet on which they live.                                                              obesity and weight loss, fatigue, thyroid disorders, gastrointestinal disorders,
Includes 20-minute clay bath, skin              movement in the connective tissue.                                                                                                       adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance (including prescription of bioidentical
brushing and a shower.                          Far Infrared Sauna                           Classic Treatment             120min $170     Rejuvenating Treatment 90min $130             hormones if needed), depression and anxiety, high blood pressure, heart
                                                  Initial Session                     $42    This treatment begins with deep relaxation:   Mask treatments, aromatherapy and             disease, allergies, asthma, diabetes, ADHD, and others.
Additional 10 minutes in bath           $10
                                                  Standard Session                    $35    a warm sage foot bath and gentle              lymph stimulation nurture and restore
Therapeutic Clay Foot Bath              $65     Invisible light waves transmit heat which    stretching movements for the neck, arms       the skin.                                                       heAlth FoCUseD DeNtIstrY
Magnesium Bath                30min $50         deeply penetrates body tissue. This          and hands. Lavender-infused compresses        Clarifying Treatment          75min $105
Ease stress, improve sleep and                  enhances removal of toxins through the       introduce you to a holistic facial that       Recommended for inflamed or advanced        Dental Cleaning                                                                $115
concentration, help muscles and nerves          stimulation of the cardiovascular and        includes two mask treatments to nourish,      acne. This therapeutic treatment draws      New Dental Patient Offer                                                        $99
function properly, regulate activity of         lymphatic systems.                           nurture and renew. Soft brushes are used      out impurities and calms inflammation to     Initial visit is a $422 value. Deposit of $50 is due when
325+ enzymes and reduce inflammation.                                                        to stimulate the skin’s natural balancing     encourage healthy skin.
                                                Acupuncture                                                                                                                             appointment is scheduled. Cannot be combined with insurance.
                                                                                             and regenerative impulses. The result is
Epsom Salt Bath                 30min $35        Initial Session              90min $100                                                   Cleansing Treatment            90min $130   Dental Dream Day*                                                              $169
                                                                                             a radiant complexion and a remarkable
The most effective means of making               Standard Session               60min $75                                                  This facial focuses on stimulating          Mercury Removal Support Plan*                                                  $360
                                                                                             feeling of lightness and inner balance.
the magnesium in your body readily              Hair-thin, sterile needles pleasantly                                                      circulation and awakening the inherent
                                                                                             Relaxation Treatment          75min $105                                                  * Please see Spa Wellness Packages for details.
available. Also flushes toxins and              adjust imbalances and blockages of the                                                     healing forces of the skin. Gentle
improves nutrient absorption.                   body, emotions, mind and spirit. Treats      Relax with a warm sage foot bath,             exfoliation and lymph stimulation leave
                                                a wide variety of conditions and is often    aromatherapy compresses and lymph             skin feeling fresh, clean and renewed.                           PhYsICIAN APPoINtMeNts
Colon Hydrotherapy                              profoundly relaxing. May include cupping     stimulation. Ease stress, banish tension
  Initial Session             75min $105        or Chinese herbal therapies.                 and awaken to renewed energy.
  Standard Session              60min $90                                                                                                                                              Initial Consult                                                             $424
  Coffee Implant                         $35    Targeted Injury Recovery 60min $100                                                                                                    Follow Up Visit                                                             $212
Also known as a colonic, colon irrigation       An hour long service that starts with 30                                                                                               Comprehensive Nutritional Evaluation             price varies based on insurance
                                                                                             Skin Brushing                30min $45        Teen Facial                     30min $40
or high enema, is a method of removing          minutes of acupuncture and is followed                                                                                                  with personalized recommendations                                please inquire
                                                                                             Helps detoxify, regulate metabolism and       Specially designed for teens. Deep
waste from the lower part of the large          by a 30-minute massage.                                                                                                                Mercury Removal Medical Consult                                            courtesy
                                                                                             promote weight loss. Enjoy while relaxing     cleansing and balancing for your over-
intestine without the use of drugs.             Massage Therapy                              in a heated bed.                              active skin. Includes instructions on how
Additionally, a probiotics or coffee                      25, 50, 80min $40, $75, $105                                                     to care for your skin at home.
implant (primarily for liver detoxification)    Therapeutic, deep relaxation, deep tissue,
                                                                                             European Facial                 60min $90                                                              NUtrItIoNAl WeIGht loss ProGrAM
can be administered at the conclusion of                                                     A traditional facial which includes           Clarifying Back Treatment 60min $85
                                                sports, Swedish, hot stone*, myofascial or
colonic therapy.                                                                             cleansing, facial massage and treatment       Your needs may vary from rough, dry, or     A natural and effective weight loss plan and treatment for medical conditions.
                                                                                             mask. A comprehensive lymph                   over-active oil production which is why     6 Session Group Program                                                     $489
Castor Oil Pack                  60min $45      * 80 minutes minimum                         stimulation massage is done to filter         anyone can benefit from this customized      includes one physician visit
A cloth is soaked in castor oil which is then                                                impurities from the body. Extractions are     treatment.
                                                Chair Massage       15, 30min $20-$40
placed on the skin. Enhances circulation                                                     done if needed.
                                                De-stress and renew at lunchtime or                                                        Waxing
& promotes the healing of the tissues &
                                                anytime!                                     Express Facial                 30min $50      Under Arm      $25    Face           $25
organs underneath the skin, improves
liver function, relieves pain, reduces          Jade Bed              20, 50 min $15-$35     Cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and perform    Back           $60    Bikini         $35
inflammation & improves digestion.              A unique experience that combines            minor extractions.                            Brow           $15    Brazilian      $75
                                                chiropractic, acupressure, massage and                                                     Lip            $12    Lower Leg      $40
                                                far infrared heat therapy to improve                                                       Chin           $12    Full Leg       $70
                                                overall health and well being.

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