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					                 June 2009 newsletter                      

                                   Swimming Club Closure Dates
 The swimming Club finishes on Thursday 18th June 09 for
the summer holidays and returns after the summer break on
                                     Monday 17th August 09.
It has been noted that volunteers are not coming forward again to do some things like desk duty, we need more for desk
(Monday/Tuesday nights especially). Swimmers are sometimes not getting their full session as teachers have to take the
register as no-one has put their names on board. PLEASE PUT NAMES ON BOARD. THE CLUB DESK IS NOT A
DIFFICULT TASK. (Ask anyone who has recently helped out). Every Parent should take a turn on the desk if
possible, and then the same people won’t have to do it all the time.

Building Closing at 9.30p.m. It has been noted that some of the children are taking longer to get changed in
the late evening session, just a reminder to say that the building closes at 9.30. 15 minutes is sufficient time to leave
TO CLOSE UP. Parents are still turning up late to pick up their children, committee members are not getting home
before 9.45-10pm, please turn up 5 minutes before the session ends. We want to get home at the end of a
session not wait around for parents who are late. If you are noted to be continually late getting changed,
you may be asked to leave the swimming session early.

Soft Play Area - Please make sure that if you are using the soft play you have to pay for it, some children are
still going into the soft play area without paying.

We have a new coach

Gary Stobbart has accepted the position of head coach. We wish Gary good luck in
his new position and hope that everyone will give Gary any help that he needs.

Well don’t to our Teachers

Susan and Aimee have passed their level 1 Teaching Aquatics since our last newsletter. Well done to both of them. We
    are hoping to secure funding to put our teachers through more courses.

    Handicap gala - Well done to Robyn Turnbull and John Gheel
    Robyn who is in the Developers squad won our Easter handicap gala. All children taking part had a good time. The
    teacher’s race was won by John who won the golden flipper.

Our website is now back up and running after being down for a short period of time, please visit and keep up to date with
any information that is on the Website.
                                      CHILD PROTECTION AND SAFETY ISSUES

It has come to our attention that some parents are still not coming into the pool to drop of their children or when
picking them up. For every child, it is necessary that an adult brings in and picks up from inside the building. When you
come into the pool it is easier for you to keep up to date with what is happening in the club and to discuss your child’s
progress, or for us to communicate with you.

All update contact information should have been handed back in by now, if you still have not done so please do as
soon as possible.

We are looking into the possibility of holidng a parents evening in the near future, there is also a
suggestions book at the club desk, just ask whoever is on the desk for it.

Please could you remember to check the notice board for galas that are due to take place. We need
more children to enter galas.

Galas Attended since last newsletter
Mad March                    Falkirk Otters                          Midlothian minnows                      LDD Gala
Well done to Kim Taylor and Sophie Ross who have just came back from swimming in Germany with the
West Lothian Squad both girls picked up medals while there.

Forth Valley Junior league –
The Forth Valley Junior League is ideal as an introduction to swimming galas. The races are age banded
and are aimed at up and coming swimmers. The majority of races are over a single length with only the
older swimmers having to complete the two lengths. And it is not just for the very best swimmers: if you
swim too fast the team gets points deducted!!
Ideally we need a team of about 24 per gala but we can go with fewer. There is a mixture of individual and
relay races so dependent upon numbers each swimmer can have about 4 races on average. Even if you only
want to swim in one race then that is okay as well.
At our first gala this year the swimmers performed really well and managed to score 76 points, a great
The remaining dates for Broxburn in 2009 are:
         5th September, TBA at Whitburn
         19th September, 6:30pm at Grangemouth
         3rd October 1:30 p.m. St Margarets (Our own hosted event)
         15th November, 2:00pm at Whitburn

There is also a gala that should have been held in April that is to be re-arranged.

Coaches corner –            As Gary is still settling in we have not asked him for an update for the newsletter.
He will have input for you in the next newsletter.

Club Captains - Scott Simpson has now taken up the post of vice captain since Stephen no longer attends the
swimming club

Captains - Danielle Gatenby and Mark Paterson. Vice captains - Jenny Taylor and Scott Simpson. If any of the
swimmers have any issues that they would like raised with the committee the new boy and girl captains are the people to
speak to if you don’t want to speak to an adult.

Sponsorship letters have gone out to companies, if anyone wishes to pick up one of the sponsorship letter
to take to their work, please speak to Karen Paterson.
Anyone with a business willing to sponsor the swimming club could sponsor some of the following things –
Club championships                     Handicap gala                 Forth valley junior league             new trophies
Team building exercises                Web Hosting                   Kitting swimmers with club merchandise
         any sponsorship we get we can match it with Sports match.
    •    Bag Packing at Scotmid - Saturday 23rd May– Thanks to those who turned up. We raised £182.69
         - not bad for 4hrs work. A reminder for those who could not make it, we have a further date
         booked on Saturday the 19th December, Scot-Mid Broxburn 11-3pm. It will be much busier and
         we will need more helpers. Put it on your calendar now.
    •    BBQ – this year held at Almondell Country Park on Saturday 6th June 09 from 11am – 4 pm – ticket
         are now on sale, please support your club.
    •    Football cards - £120 made so far. Club gets £20 for each completed card. Any cards still to
         come in please speak to Audrey Buckley or Karen Paterson.

It is advisable that swimmers purchase hats and t-shirts for galas - the club sells club branded swimsuits,
caps, kitbags, water bottles, polo shirts and hooded tops. Anyone wishing to place an order can either
contact - Diane or Charles Nisbet. or fill in a swim shop order from the notice
We now stock t-bag t-shirts (a must for on the poolside during competitions) and boys Jammers.
Alternatively you can order online at the club website.
Also now available are towels with Broxburn logo you can get your name on the towel as well.

E-MAIL - We have created an e-mail account which we will use to distribute this and future newsletters.
Please make sure that you’re SPAM filters do not delete e-mails from:

WEBSITE - Broxburn Swimming Club have a website – give it a visit:

BROXBURNASC has become an affiliate with the buy. At site. This site offers online shopping at over 100 high street
and online shops (M&S, Tesco’s, John Lewis and Amazon to name a few). For each purchase made via our buy. at site
( we get commission of up to 15%! To access this you          must go through our buy. At site and
not direct to the retailers own site. You get the same prices as if you go direct and, if there are any special club offers,
you get those too! Try and get friends and family to use it too - every purchase is really important to club funds. You
will see banner links throughout our website which will link you to the site. Finally, kids, the shopping is for parents
or adult family and friends. If you want something – ask first!!

Thanks for reading all the way through. We hope to
send out e-mails regularly to keep you updated on what
is going on in your club. If you would like to add
anything to future newsletters please e-mail the club e-

Karen Paterson
Club President

Please turn over for committee members information

Club President                            Vice President
Karen Paterson – 501301                   Still Vacant

Secretary                                 Treasurer                            Child Protection
David Green   834410                      Cathy Gray 500040                    Jenni McCabe 853423    

Enrolment Secretary                       Gala secretary                       FVJL
Liz McPherson 204806                      Linda Taylor 858439                  Colin Robertson 855260            

Swim shop                                 Fundraising
Diane+Charles Nisbet                      Audrey Buckley 854166          

Gary Stobbart            Shona Anderson                                Paul Rafferty

                                        Committee Members
  There are still spaces for committee members, please give your name to
  any of the above named contacts if interested in joining the committee.
       (Meetings are normally on a Wednesday night, once a month).