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					             Title of Your Unit Here
                Instructional Unit Resource Guide
Based on Principles of Universal Design and Differentiated Instruction

                   On this page, mix text and graphics

         Include the following information on this page
               Project Title
               Grade Level Focus
               Author names
               Agency/School District

                                Authors’ Note
Write a brief introduction for this project.

Tell us about yourself. Help the reader understand if their teaching experience is like
yours. How long have you been teaching? What are your current teaching
responsibilities? What is your experience with technology?

Tell us why you designed the unit? When do you plan to teach the unit? How long will
you spend on the unit? What do you hope students will gain from the unit?

Include a photo of yourself, if you so choose.

Similarly, if you feel comfortable having other teachers contact you about your unit,
provide your email address or school mailing address.

What standards will be met through this unit?

List the state standards that will be met as a result of student learning in this unit.

Somewhere on this page, include a web citation for interested readers to locate more
information about the standards you’ve outlined.


       Resources for locating state standards:

       Developing Educational Standards

                          Planning Pyramid
What should students know?

Review the following article: Schumm, J.S., Vaughn, S., & Harris, J. (1997). Pyramid
power for collaborative planning. Teaching Exceptional Children, 26(6), 62-66.

On this page, describe the decisions you have made concerning the content of your unit
that all students will know, what most students will know, and what some students will

Some students will know

Most students will know

All students will know

                              Teacher Library
What materials and resources will be useful for teachers?

Include a screen print and a brief description of one or more exemplary web sites.

Resources for locating instructional materials:

       4 Teachers
       42Explore: Thematic Pathfinders
       Blue Web’n
       Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators

                          Learner Activities
What materials and resources will be useful for engaging students in meaningful learning

Include a screen print and a brief description of one or more exemplary web sites or
educational products.

Resources for locating instructional materials:

       Cool Spots 4 Kids




What materials and resources will be useful for assessing student knowledge and skills?

     Some possible organizers for this page:

       Do they know it? (declarative knowledge)

       Can they do it? (skills)

       Application (near transfer/far transfer)

Resources for creating assessment materials:

       Rubric Tools

       Scoring Guide for Student Projects

       Electronic Quizzes

If students need test taking practice as a study strategy for mastering the content of the
unit, then...
        Try    Quia

                    Planning for Academic Diversity

For students that cannot read at grade level...
       Try text to speech

If a student has difficulty comprehending the material...
        Try study aids

If students have difficulty mastering the vocabulary of the unit, some suggestions
        Try a picture dictionary
        Try a talking dictionary
        Try the visual thesaurus

If you have students who need the instructional materials in a language other than
        Try Babel Fish

If you have students who have difficulty with handwriting, (either speed or accuracy),
        Consider dictation
        Consider allowing them to speak their answers in Kidspiration

If you have students who need additional challenge, then...
        Search Google or TrackStar for enrichment activities

For students who have difficulty with the calculating activities in this unit, try…
       Using Webmath
       Using Ask Dr. Math

If your unit requires students to conduct research, you might want to...
        Use the NewsTracker
        Use the Google Toolbar
        Use a simplified search engine