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									Do IT and They Will Come – and Stay!
Retaining Online Faculty and Students

                                       By: Dr. K. Kay Delk
                                    Mr. Benjamin J. Taylor

  Seminole Community College
      Be yourself. Only better.SM
   Do IT and They Will Come – and
   Stay! Retaining Online Faculty and

By: Dr. K. Kay Delk   Mr. Benjamin J. Taylor
407-328-2181          407-328-2249
Format of Presentation
   15 minutes: Overview of College and
   Discussion of Overcoming Barriers
   15 minutes: Retaining Students in
   Online Instruction
   7 minutes: Questions and Answers
Seminole Community College
   SCC is a comprehensive community
   college with 31,946 total unduplicated
   students in the 2001/02 report year.
   AA and AS degrees
   Adult Education
   High School
   Workforce Education
My History in DL Courses
   Three years teaching online
   Dissertation in DL Administration to be
   completed 2003
   Courses Taught: Network Concepts,
   Network Plus, Microsoft Windows 2000
   Networking Courses, Network Analysis
   & Design
   Totally online instructor for past year
DL Instructor Profile
   Teaching online requires a different set
   of course delivery skills.
   You need to get training:
     Web Page Design and Publishing
     How to convert campus class to online
     CMT such as Blackboard or WebCT
   Must be organized and efficient – You
   can’t change your mind.
   Take an online class.
Instructors Want…
   SUPPORT. Research indicates that teaching
   online takes more time. To recruit and retain
   online faculty, administration must provide
   support and incentives
     Stipend or release time to design online courses
     Best equipment the college can afford
     Technical support staff
     Flexibility of working from home
     Virtual Office Hours
     Teaching at a distance when traveling
Administration and Legislators
   Reduction in costs
     Parking, classrooms, equipment
   Increased enrollments
     15% of enrollments come from outside my
     geographical area
     Students with time, health, or personal challenges
     enroll in online classes
   Retention of students
     The BIG R!
Institution’s Advantages
   State-of-the-art education.
   Competitive with other institutions.
   Increased Enrollments
     If you don’t make the course available
     online, another college will. 15% of my
     enrolled students are from outside SCC’s
     geographical area.
     More Dollars for institution
Barriers to Developing Distance
Learning Courses
   Lack of Faculty Time to Develop Courses
   Limited Incentives for Faculty to Develop
   Required Technological Skill Development for
   Resistance from Faculty for Philosophical
   Lack of Institutional Support
Lack of Faculty Time to Develop

   Faculty Release Times (Reduced Course
   Publisher Developed Course Modules
   Consortium Approach – Shared Course
Limited Incentives for Faculty to
Develop Courses

   Stipends and/or Release Times
   SPD (Staff Professional Development)
   Funds Included in Grant Proposals
   More Flexible Virtual Office Hours for DL
Required Technological Skill
Development for Faculty

   On-sight WebCT Training
   Distributed Mentorship Model
   Staff Development Funds for
   Conferences and Training
Resistance from Faculty for
Philosophical Reasons

   Faculty Education and Training
   Mixed-mode and/or Enhanced Courses
   Inter-College Relationships
   Gentle Pressure
Lack of Institutional Support

   Education of Administration –
   Institutional Advantages
   Funding Included in Grant Proposals
   Distributed Administrative Model
   Support of President and VPs
Dr. Delk’s History in DL Courses
   Six years teaching online!
   Dissertation in DL completed in 1996
   Courses Taught: Lotus, every version of
   MS Office, Computer Concepts,
   Internet, and Explorer
   Totally online instructor for past 2.5
Retention, Retention, Retention!
   Studies by individual institutions suggest that
   course-completion and program-retention
   rates are generally lower in distance-
   education courses than in their face-to-face
   Retention is a BIG Problem, especially with
   vendor courses. You cannot purchase a
   vendor course, put it on the web, and just
   expect students to learn.
   In Florida part of our funding comes from
   course completers
Communication, Communication,
Communication: the 3Cs
   Must be Clear
   Must be Consistent
   Must be Continual
Blackboard and WebCT Provide
Necessary Communication Tools
   Student Bulletin Board
   Student E-mail
   Chat Room
   Testing Online
   Student Tracking
   Grade program
   Available from any computer any time
Communicate BEFORE Class
  Post course welcome letter, syllabus,
  and schedule when students start
  Provide links to College DL site.
  They know what is expected of them.
  Posting helps market the course.
Course Must Be Easy to Navigate
   Organize content
     Course Materials
     Publisher Content
     Lecture Notes
     Communication Tools
Students Must Learn WebCT and
Become Familiar With the Site
   Two-hours reviewing site is an
   assignment for first week of class
   FAQ page
   Must pass an introductory quiz
Student Introductory Activities
 Help them “Meet” others by:
   Introductions on Board
   E-mail assignment
   Home page within Course Management
   Virtual students encourage, support and
   motivate each other.
   They feel more comfortable about asking
   questions online.
Key – Student-Student Interaction
   Probably more important than
   Instructor-Student Interaction
   Learning is a human experience – do
   EVERYTHING to facilitate collaboration
   and interaction
   Participation Points
If You Do it, They Will Stay.
   Communicate often. Be online every day and TELL
   them if you will be at a conference or not answering
   e-mail for a specific period
   Create assignments that will encourage student to
   student interaction and give POINTS for participation
   Be efficient – answer questions and grade projects in
   a timely fashion.
   Create fun assignments and have them share with
   the class: Travel Project / Investment Project
   Provide practice quizzes and a time frame to take
   Have fun and your students will have fun.
Questions and Answers
   Thank you for attending. Please contact
   us for further Q&A.

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