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Chartis Inc.
Your world, insured

Our name, Chartis, is the Greek word for map. It is suggestive of our ability to set a course for our clients and
help them pursue new possibilities.
It also embodies our history and culture, both of which are rooted in exploration and the pursuit of excellence
through problem solving and innovation.
Our symbol is a compass in the shape of the letter ―C‖ for Chartis. It symbolizes the pioneering spirit of
Chartis and our willingness to be the first to venture into new markets and products. Blue represents the
confidence and assurance we provide around the world, and yellow signifies the brighter future we make
Our brand line is Your world, insured.
The phrase ―your world‖ helps to personalize our brand and communicate our commitment to clients and
partners. It declares that we meet their insurance needs—large or small, individual or commercial. The term
―insured‖ alludes to the security and assurance that our products and services provide to customers.

                                                    Chartis: Your world, insured                                  3
Cultural Principles

Innovation          We encourage change, always pursuing promising opportunities for clients,
                    our partners and ourselves.

                    We embrace diversity and foster a culture that promotes teamwork and
World Citizenship   inclusion to pursue a common good.

                    We create the future by working together and with our clients in an
                    atmosphere of trust and confidence.

                    At the heart of everything we do is an unshakable commitment to honesty,
                    fairness and respect.

                                     Chartis: Your world, insured                               4
Chartis Inc.:   >> a world leading property-casualty and general insurance

                >> serve more than 40 million clients;

                >> geography: 160 countries and jurisdictions;

                >> one of the industry’s most extensive ranges of
                products and services, deep claims expertise and excellent
                financial strength;

                >> 90-years of history;

                >> In 2009, Chartis wrote over $40 billion in gross
                premiums worldwide;

                >> 2009 operating income was $699 million;

                >> in 2009, Chartis paid on average, $75 million in claims
                every business day;

                >> in July 2009 rebranded non-life operations AIG

                >> Chartis has granted the ―Most Client Responsive
                Insurer of the Year 2010” award (source: StrategicRISK

                Chartis: Your world, insured
Chartis – key global finance metrics

2009, $ billion        Chartis US*           Chartis                         Chartis Inc.
Gross Premiums                 22.3                     18.2                          40.5
Net Premiums                   20.5                     12.3                          32.8

Combined Statutory                                          38

* Chartis US – property and casualty operations in the US and Canada
**Chartis International – property and casualty operations outside the US and Canada

                                              Chartis: Your world, insured
Chartis Business Profile
The 2nd largest American Insurance Company (Fortune 500*,
2009 GPW = over $40 billion.

                                                                                  Personal Lines; 9%

                              Africa/MEMSA; 2%
                                                                              Other; 16%
               Americas; 3%             Asia/Australia; 4%

   UK/Ireland; 15%
                                             Far East; 10%                                                       Liability/Financial Lines;

                                                                Commercial Casualty;
                                                  Europe; 11%         32%
                                                                                                                    A&H/Travel; 15%
                                                                                       Commercial Property;

 USA/Canada; 55%

 *List of TOP 500 largest American corporations
                                                                Chartis: Your world, insured
Business Overview: Chartis International
Property and Casualty operations outside the US and Canada
(45% of Chartis Inc. GPW)

>Product portfolio: personal and commercial general insurance.
>Executive team: Average tenure with Chartis = 22 years.
> 2006-2009 Average Combined Ratio: 90%.
>Leading general insurer in developed markets, including Japan and Europe.
> An established leader in developing markets, including first in China, India, Russia, etc..
>Market leader in industry specialties, i.e. Global Marine & Energy and Financial Lines.
>Named Best Global Insurer by Euromoney Magazine.

                                                  Chartis: Your world, insured                  8
Business Overview: Chartis International
 Property and Casualty operations outside US and Canada
 (45% of Chartis Inc. GPW)

                                                                                                                            Aviation; 3%
                                                                                                                                 Glabal Marine;

                                                                                               Speciality Lines;                   Other/Services;
                                     Americas; 7%
                                                                                                    17%                                  2%
                                                    Africa/MEMSA; 4%
                                                                                                                                       Lloyd's; 5%
 Europe (includes
 Western Europe,                                                                                                                           Property; 7%
Central europe and
    CIS); 24%
                                                         Asia/Australia; 10%           Casualty; 12%

                                                                                                                                           A&H; 22%
                                                                                          Personal Lines;

                                                                                                                   Energy; 15%

                                                      UK; 33%
                     Far East; 22%

                                                                Chartis: Your world, insured                                                              9
Chartis International: GAAP financial results

№     GAAP Financials, $ mln.                     2009               2008     2007     2006

      Net Premium Written                         12.291             14.390   13.051   11.401

      Underwriting Profit (Loss)                  (30)               1.047    1.771    1.871

 3.   Operating Income before Net Realized
                                                  475                1.672    3.236    3.375
      Capital Gains (Losses)

 4.   Operating Income                            624                592      3.070    3.317

      Loss Ratio                                  59.4%              55.6%    50.6%    49.9%

      Expense Ratio                               40.8%              36.9%    35.1%    34.3%

      Combined Ratio                              100.2%             92.5%    85.7%    83.2%

                                             Chartis: Your world, insured                       10
Business Overview: Chartis US
Property and Casualty operations in the US and Canada
(55% of Chartis Inc. GPW)

>Product portfolio: over 400 products and services.
>Executive team: Average tenure with Chartis = 20 years.
> 2006-2009 Average Combined Ratio: 98%.
>Regional offices: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, New York,
Philadelphia, San Francisco, Toronto. 22 branches
> Customer Segmentation: National Accounts (>$500M revenue), Corporate Accounts ($10M-$500M),
Small Business (<$10M)
>2009 Best Insurer overall, National Underwriter

                                                   Chartis: Your world, insured                   11
Business Overview: Chartis US
Property and Casualty operations in the US and Canada
(55% of Chartis Inc. GPW)

       Business                      Private Client Group;
                                              5%                     Healthcare; 3%
                                                                                                                        Market Segment
                                                     Aviation; 2%
                     Worker's                                                                                            Other; 8%
                 Compensation; 13%                                             Environmental; 2%
                                                                                                            Consumer; 7%

                                                                    A&H Products; 6%
                                                                                                      Small Business;                       National
                                                                                                            8%                           Accounts; 39%
                                                                        Multinational P&C; 6%

 General Liability/Auto
    Liability; 25%                                                      Programs; 5%

                                                                       nal Liability; 9%
                                     Property; 19%                                                              Accounts; 38%

                                                                                      Chartis: Your world, insured                               12
Chartis US: Stat financial results

№     Stat Financials, $ mln.        2009               2008     2007     2006

      Net Premiums Written           20.264             23.651   26.174   26.319

      Net Income (after tax)         2.531              2.194    5.460    3.949

      Loss Ratio                     85.2%              77.8%    67.3%    69.5%

      Expense Ratio                  24.7%              24.0%    20.4%    20.8%

      Combined Ratio                 109.9%             101.8%   87.7%    90.3%

                                Chartis: Your world, insured                       13
MAP Global Clients

                 Chartis: Your world, insured   14
European Risk Management Clients

                 Chartis: Your world, insured   15
Chartis Europe S.A.
Wholly owns CJSC ―Chartis Insurance Company‖
(100% stockholder)

>> S&P financial strength rating A+;

>> Headquarter – Paris, France

>> Total assets by the end of 2008 7,8 billion euro;

>> GPW 2008 – 3,25 billion euro;

>> Capital funds 2008 – 1,39 billion euro;

>> Combined ration 2008 – 86%;

>> Underwriting results, 2008 – 165 million euro;

>> Chartis Europe S.A. surplus exceeds the minimum requirement by 4.5 times.

                                                    Chartis: Your world, insured   16
«Chartis Insurance Company»
CJSC «Chartis»                                          >>Central office in Moscow
                                                        Branch in St. Petersburg
                                                        >> 2 point-of-sales offices in Moscow

16 years in Russia                                      >> Agencies in Moscow and St.
                                                        >> General agents in Kaliningrad,
                                                        Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don,
                                                        >> Number of employees - 130

Year   Form and legal entity name

1994   AOZT «RUS AIG» (AIG share - 49%)

1998   Renamed to CJSC «AIG Russia» (AIG share - 49%)

       As a result of the amendments to the insurance law about composite companies, AIG Insurance and Reinsurance
       Company, a specialized general insurance company was established. The new company has been fully capitalized

2005   by shareholder and licensed by the Federal Service from Insurance Supervision. (wholly owned by AIG Europe

       AIG Russia continues to underwrite and service life and pension insurance policies.

       Renamed to CJSC «Chartis Insurance Company» (wholly owned by Chartis Europe S.A. /previously AIG Europe
2009   S.A./). Licenses FSSN RF C №3947 77, P №3947 77.

2010   16 years in Russia

                                                     Chartis: Your world, insured                                     18
CJSC «Chartis»
Advantages for cooperation
 1. Financial strength             2. International and Russia                 3. Trust Client relations
                                   Experience                                  CJSC "Chartis Insurance
 CJSC «Chartis» is a financially                                               Company» insures large, mid-
 strong, stable and flexible       Global and Russia experience in             sized and small Russian
 organization. The capital and     providing insurance and financial           enterprises, as well as a
 reserves of Chartis Insurance     service. Operations in Russia since         number of major foreign
 Company are protected and         1994. Access to Global Network &            multinational companies
 closely regulated by Federal      Expertise across Chartis                    operating in Russia.
 Service of Insurance
 Supervision (FSSN), Russia.
 Parent’s company S&P rating
 A+. The Company continues to
 meet the reserve requirements
 necessary to meet our
 policyholder obligations
                                   5. Exceptional quality, business            6. Fulfillments of obligations
4. Professional team               support                                     CJSC ―Chartis Insurance Company‖
Dedicated qualified team for       Outstanding service, efficiency,            remains financially fit and committed
clients service. Complex of        data protection, compliance.                to providing unmatched value to
operations for Client’s needs.     Treated fairly business ethic.              customers by delivering distinct and
Account management.                Euromoney claims Service Award.             differentiated solutions.

                                                Chartis: Your world, insured                                19
Best Insurer for Claims Resolution
in Russia
According to Euromoney analytical survey

                          «Chartis Insurance Company» (before
                          03.08.2009 CJSC «AIG Insurance and
                          Reinsurance Company») has won Euromoney
                          Insurance Award as the «Best Insurer for
                          Claims Resolution in Russia in    2009»

                          The respondents of Euromoney Insurance
                          Survey, senior decision-makers from large
                          corporate and financial institutions nominated
                          AIG Insurance and Reinsurance Company as
                          the most reliable insurance company in Russia
                          for settling claims .

                          Euromoney is the leading international analytical
                          journal on financial markets

                           Chartis: Your world, insured                       20
CJSC «Chartis». Products portfolio
Out of 23 of type of insurance, determined by the Russian Law «About organization of insurance
business in Russian Federation» CJSC ―Chartis Insurance Company has licenses for 15 types of
                   Commercial Insurance
                   Civil liability, including professional liability
                   Financial Risks: D&O, BBB
                   Energy insurance
                   Construction and erection insurance
                   Cargo insurance
                   Corporate Motor Vehicle Fleet Insurance
                   Terrorism risk insurance
                   Products insurance against spoilage
                   Accident & Health

                   Personal Insurance
                   Automobile insurance
                   Homeowners/Renters Insurance

                   Accident & Health

                   Travel Insurance
                                                             Chartis:Your world, insured         21
CJSC «Chartis»
Innovations in Russia

>>    Created D&O (Directors and Officers liability insurance) market – around 80% of all D&O written
     polices in Russia;

>>    The capability to handle large, complex risks;

>>    Broad capacity to write significant risks in for metallurgy and oil sectors. Providing risk engineering, risk

     management, consultation of certified experts;

>> Product recall expense insurance – the first and sole licence for this type of insurance in Russia;
>> Complex cards holders insurance– our expertise (loyalty products, secure wallet, price protection,
     purchase protection, fraud insurance);

>> Reinsurance arrangements;

                                                   Chartis:Your world, insured                               22
CJSC «Chartis»
Innovations in Russia:

>> Products for employee benefits (voluntary emloyee benefits sales technique), occupational accident and
     specialty risk insurance as an advantage of insurance cover for the employee and employee’s family;

>>    First A&H Travel NAC;

>>    Direct Marketing Programs – cooperation with financial and retail institutions;

>>    Insurance of expensive and exclusive personal property, including luxury goods and arts

>> Providing highly professional underwriting expertise;
>> 90-year history of parent company, one of the industry’s most extensive ranges of products and services,
     deep claims expertise and excellent financial strength

                                                  Chartis:Your world, insured                              23
CJSC «Chartis» 2010 -2012
Charting the course

>> Overall goal is profitable growth, not market share;

>> We will pursue a mixed portfolio of Commercial and Consumer Business;

>> Organic growth but acquisitions not excluded;

>> Continue to lead underwriting on major commercial risks placements which require capacity
and security;

>> Continue to innovate on product and distribution;

>> With consumer – continue to offer competitive products for those segments and niches where we
are ready to compete;

>>Attract and retain the best human resources in the marketplace who fit our needs and strategy;

>>Geographically: expand conservatively into new cities through agency relationship.

                                                Chartis:Your world, insured                        24

 CJSC “Chartis Insurance Company”
 16/1, Tverskaya street., Moscow 125009, Russia
 Tel. + 7 (495) 935 89 50
 Fax: + 7 (495) 935 89 52

 Email: reception.moscow@chartisinsurance.com
 Web-site: www.chartisinsurance.com/ru

                                             Chartis:Your world, insured   25
Chartis is a world leading property-casualty and general insurance organization serving more than 40 million clients
in over 160 countries and jurisdictions. With a 90-year history, one of the industry most extensive ranges of
products and services, deep claims expertise and excellent financial strength, Chartis enables its commercial and
personal insurance clients alike to manage virtually any risk with confidence.

Chartis is the marketing name for the worldwide property-casualty and general insurance operations of Chartis Inc.
For additional information, please visit our website at www.chartisinsurance.com/ru.
CJSC «Chartis Insurance Company»
Financial Results
№         Description                                                      2009

    1.    Gross Premium Written (GPW)                                      Above RUB 1,6 billion

    2.    Net Premium Written (NPW)                                        Above RUB 796 million

    3.    Insurance Claims Paid                                            Above RUB 517 million

    4.    Equity Capital                                                   Above RUB 960 million

    5.    Actual Reserves                                                  Above RUB 1,18 billion

    6.    Assets                                                           Above RUB 2,5 billion
    7.    Profit                                                           Above RUB 26 million

CJSC ―Chartis Insurance Company‖ remains financially fit and committed to providing unmatched value to
customers by delivering distinct and differentiated solutions. The capital and reserves of Chartis Insurance
Company are protected and closely regulated by Federal Service of Insurance Supervision (FSSN),
Russia. Solvency margin is above 3,6 times (699 461 thousand rubles) the minimum regulated
requirement (967 649 thousand rubles vs 268 188 thousand rubles)

                                                  Chartis:Your world, insured                                  28
Large Claims Payments
Statistics. 2008-2009
                                                                                                    Amount of claims paid,
 №     Field of Client’s Company activity   Line of Business                  Description of loss

 1.    Недвижимость                         Страхование имущества                                   70,8 млн
                                                                              ущерб, пожар, залив

 2.    Производство/металлургия             СМР                                                     33,9 млн

 3.                                         Страхование имущества             Пожар                 29,9 млн

 4.    Строительство                        СМР                               Пожар                 27,2 млн

 5.    Строительство                        СМР                               Пожар                 26,9 млн

 6.    Грузоперевозки                       Страхование имущества             проникновение в       21,8 млн
                                                                              помещение, кража

 7.    Производство/Косметика               Страхование грузов                Кража                 9,9 млн

 8.    Геологоразведка                      Страхование грузов                                      9,5 млн

                                            Страхование имущества частных
 9.    Частное лицо                                                           Пожар                 4,8 млн

 10.   Геологоразведка                      Страхование грузов                                      4,7 млн

                                                                    Chartis:Your world, insured                              29

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