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									                                                    Issue No. 49

                   Fall 2010

       Inspiring hope and enriching lives...
Fall 2010                                                                                                                  THE VOICE OF VARIETY

  It’s been a wonderful year of
  friends and fundraising!

Clockwise from top left: Buy-Low Foods’ Albert Lum and Daniel Bregg present Variety President Doug Rogers (centre) with a cheque for
$50,000; Variety kid Mackenzie H; A family enjoys a great day on the water at Vancouver’s Boat for Hope; Variety’s Executive Director Barbie
Hislop and Variety Kid Mackenzie V.

Thanks to you, Variety – The Children’s Charity has had another                      Okanagan, Kamloops and Vancouver. It is our way to thank you for your
busy and successful summer of fundraising throughout the                             support and share the stories of families and organizations that have been
province.                                                                            helped because of your generosity.

From multiple Radiothons to several Boat for Hopes and even a Food Fight,            We have more fundraisers and volunteer opportunities coming up this fall
donors and volunteers have been supporting Variety in droves. None of                where you can continue to make an impact in the lives of so many children
these events would have been possible without your generous donations of             across the province. We hope you will continue to be involved.
time, talent and treasure.
                                                                                     For all that you do, we greatly appreciate it and we thank you.
Donors and volunteers are incredibly important to us at Variety and vital
to the survival of any charity. Donors provide the funds while volunteers
ensure that costs are kept down. This means that the most money possible             Sincerely,
is able to go directly to helping children and families throughout BC.

Over the last few months, Variety has held several Top Hat events. They have
been a wonderful opportunity to recognize our top donors and volunteers              Barbara Hislop                                       Doug Rogers
in communities across BC, including Vancouver Island, Prince George, the             Executive Director                                   President

PAGE 2                                                                                                                                         WWW.VARIETY.BC.CA
                                                                         Your Community
                                                                                                                 To find out about volunteer
                                                                                                                 opportunities in your area
                                                                                                                 and how you can get involved,
                                                                                                                 contact the Manager of
                                                                                                                 Volunteer Services at
                                                                                                                 1.800.381.2040 or

Clockwise from top: Volunteers extraordinaire Jean List and Bernice Cook; A young Boat for Hope participant enjoys a day on the water;
Variety fundraising dynamo Vickie Ayers and Joanne Rintoul; Variety’s Manager of Volunteer Services, Maureen Curtis and volunteer Yasmin Ali.

It’s fun to work with people who love what they are doing and                       others volunteer their time on the dock and in the carnival. Many corporate
that makes being a manager of volunteers one of the best jobs                       groups find that events like these are a great way for staff to interact and
you can have.                                                                       volunteer together.

A great place to meet a lot of these folks is the Show of Hearts Telethon.          Variety is lucky to have great support from students and young professionals.
This January, over 2,700 volunteers came together, many of whom have not            Young Variety Volunteers organized a Makeover Event at Blanche Macdonald
missed a Telethon in decades. Meeting up with old friends is a big part of          Centre in Vancouver for girls who have Down Syndrome and their mothers.
the experience and every year more and more people join in on the fun.              Urban Variety is always coming up with new membership and fundraising
Volunteers can visit the Variety website to register online for Telethon 2011.      events, the most recent being a lawn bowling competition and party.

Volunteers have been involved in the Variety Auction and Vintage Market             Variety volunteers are also busy in communities around the province, selling
presented by Buy-Low Foods for going on 29 years! Some show up the day              Gold Heart pins, collecting for the Kids Coin Drive and taking donations over
of the event to help and others spend months rounding up the auction                the phones at our Radiothons. It was exciting to be able to recognize these
items. Do you have a new item to donate? Email and            wonderful people, along with donors and sponsors, at this year’s Top Hat
let us know.                                                                        events in numerous communities throughout the province.

Boat for Hope, a swashbuckling event held in Victoria, Vancouver                    As someone once told me, you cannot be fun unless you are having fun,
and Kelowna, attracts skippers and volunteers every June to take kids who           and that is something Variety volunteers always take to heart! To those who
have special needs out on the water and give them a day of fun and laughter!        volunteered their time this year, thank you! Variety is truly grateful.
Local firemen, staff from our friends at Pharmasave, Buy-Low Foods, Maple
Leaf Foods, Pacific Yachting Magazine, Teekay Corporation and a host of
Fall 2010                                                                                                       THE VOICE OF VARIETY

    Don’t miss out on these upcoming
    Variety events!

                                                                                                   Clockwise from left: Two sisters and their
                                                                                                   mom take home some goodies after a day
                                                                                                   of makeovers; Young Variety ham it up at
                                                                                                   the Blanche Macdonald makeover event;
                                                                                                   A young makeover recipient.

  UPCOMING EVENTS                                    COLLECTING COINS FOR KIDS
  Kids Coin Drive for Variety – Across BC            Eight year old Max has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy. Unable to walk, he requires a
  September 1st – October 31st                       specialized wheelchair. Variety paid for modifications to make the family van wheelchair
  Making change with your change!                    accessible. Previously, Max often had to stay home because it was incredibly difficult to
  Call 1.800.381.2040 if you would like to get       get him into the car and out into the community. The van has changed his life. Now his
  involved and distribute coin boxes in your area.   family can take him out anytime. Max wants to raise money for Variety so that other kids
                                                     like him can receive the benefits of Variety’s help. This is why he is helping out with the
  Labour Day Classic – Vancouver                     Kids Coin Drive for Variety.
  September 6th – Hastings Racecourse
  Buy a ticket for the 50/50 Draw and
  support Variety!

  Shore2Shore – Across Canada
  September 7th – 21st
  White Rock Firefighters will be cycling
  across Canada to raise money for Variety.
  Sponsor their ride by visiting
                                                      F        presented by                                  Sunday, October 17th
                                                                                                             10am - 3pm
                                                                                                             The Westin Bayshore, Vancouver                                  It’s the 29th Annual Auction and Vintage Market! Stock up on everyday grocery items
                                                     marked at vintage prices, just like they were in the good old days! You can also get an
  3rd Annual Variety Children’s Radiothon            early start on your holiday shopping with our fantastic live and silent auction items.
  September 8th & 9th – Nanaimo                      Call the Variety office at 1.800.381.2040 or visit to get your tickets
  Tune into The Wave 102.3FM and                     before they sell out!
  call 250-760-1220 to donate!

  BC Breeder’s Cup Derby Days – Vancouver
  September 26th – Hastings Racecourse
  Buy a ticket for the 50/50 Draw and                     GOLDEN HEART
  support Variety!                                    COMMUNITY ACHIEVEMENT
                                                          AWARD DINNER                                       Wednesday, November 10th
  7th Annual Variety Children’s Radiothon                                                                    6pm
  October 6th & 7th – Kamloops                                                                               The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
  Tune into B100 and call 250.372.0100
  to donate!                                         Join us for the 2010 Golden Heart Community Achievement Award Dinner presented
                                                     by Scotiabank, as we honour Variety’s incredible corporate partner, Global BC.
  Visit for more information       Call the Variety office at 1.800.381.2040 or visit to reserve your seats.
  on any of our upcoming events.                     This evening is sponsored in part by Canada Wide Media Limited and Buy-Low Foods.

PAGE 4                                                                                                                                WWW.VARIETY.BC.CA
                                                                   What a summer!
                                                                                                        SUMMER EVENTS!
                                                                                                        We had a great summer
                                                                                                        of fundraising around the
                                                                                                        province and some incredible
                                                                                                        new events including
                                                                                                        Food Fight! The Battle for
                                                                                                        Brunch and two new golf
                                                                                                        tournaments. Thanks for your
                                                                                                        generous support!

                                                                                                               Clockwise from top: Some friends enjoying a
                                                                                                               day of eating and fundraising at Food Fight!
                                                                                                               The Battle for Brunch; Gordon Food Services
                                                                                                               presented a cheque for $3,081 to Variety from
                                                                                                               an office fundraiser; Ramneek with her parents
                                                                                                               at the Shore2Shore launch; Excited golfers at
                                                                                                               the Buy-Low Foods Golf tournament.

                                                                        A SHORE2SHORE STORY
                                                                        This fall a group of dedicated White Rock Fire Fighters, known as
                                                                        Shore2Shore, will be cycling from Halifax, Nova Scotia to White
                                                                        Rock, BC to raise funds for Variety. Ramneek, daughter of White
                                                                        Rock Firefighter and Shore2Shore participant, Bira, suffered a
                                                                        massive stroke at age five which caused partial paralysis and a
                                                                        brain injury. Due to her injuries, she was unable to participate in
                                                                        the activities she used to love, like riding her bike with other kids in
                                                                        the neighbourhood. Variety provided the funds for a specialized
                                                                        bicycle that Ramneek could ride despite her stroke. The bike
                                                                        gave her a newfound sense of freedom and independence and
                                                                        was also a beneficial form of physical therapy.

                                                                        HERE ARE SOME WAYS OTHERS HAVE GOTTEN INVOLVED:

  Do you have an                                                        Trailwinders
                                                                        A team of Canadian runners completed the toughest footrace

  idea for a fundraising
                                                                        on earth, the Sahara Race Egypt and collected pledges.
                                                                        Raised over $8,100 this year.

  event for Variety?                                                    Arlington Hotel in Port Alberni
                                                                        Teams raised money through a huge scavenger hunt.
                                                                        Raised over $7,000 this year.

  EVENTS FOR VARIETY                                                    Gordon Food Services
                                                                        Staff held a “Survivor” party with employees participating in
  Organize and run your own fundraising event and donate the            challenges and getting voted off the island.
  proceeds to Variety. This is a great way for you to raise money       Raised over $3,000 this year.
  and have fun! Variety will provide you with the information and
  tools you need to hold a successful fundraiser. Contact the special   Blues Jam Fundraiser at Historic Dewdney Pub in Mission
  events department at 1.800.381.2040 or visit for    Blues musicians join together for a pub party.
  more information.                                                     Raised over $1,500 this year.

WWW.VARIETY.BC.CA                                                                                                                                     PAGE 5
Inspiring Hope                                                                                                     THE VOICE OF VARIETY

    Your support has reached so many within
    British Columbia and we thank you.

                                                                     Kids in Fort St. John posed with their Sunshine Coach.

    Julia was helped by Variety.

    Julia has DiGeorge Syndrome as well as a complex heart condition
    known as tetrology of fallot. When she was 7 months old she required
    a major cardiac surgery so specific that it was only performed by one
    doctor, who was located in Stanford, California. Variety helped with
    the airfare and accommodation costs for Julia and her parents so that
    she could have this important operation.

    Fort St. John Friendship Society
                                                                             Variety presented a cheque to St. Joseph’s Hospital.
    Variety recently provided a Sunshine Coach to the Fort St. John
    Friendship Society, an organization that serves 600 children who have
    special needs in the Fort St. John area. The specially equipped coach
                                                                             St. Joseph’s Hospital
    transports the kids to after school programs as well as weekend and      Foundation, Comox
    summertime adventure outings.
                                                                             Variety provided a grant of $67,000 for infant and pediatric critical
    The Sunshine Coach has made a world of a difference in their ability     care equipment for the Maternity/Child Unit at St. Joseph’s Hospital
    to transport the children under their care on wonderful outings, says    Foundation. The life saving equipment purchased with this grant
    executive director, Anita Lee.                                           included infant ventilators, defibrillators and vital sign monitors.

                                                 SIXTEEN YEARS OF WARMTH
                                                 Betty Carlyle has been a dedicated Variety volunteer for the last sixteen
                                                 years. She loves each and every part of Variety and volunteers whenever
                                                 she can. She says it warms her heart.
                                                 From holiday fundraisers at Metrotown Mall in         community and knew about the important role
                                                 Burnaby to getting up before dawn to spend            that Variety played. The good feeling she gets
                                                 the day working a golf tournament, Betty has          from volunteering her time is her motivation.
                                                 done it all. She volunteers for the annual Variety    Knowing that she is making a difference is her
                                                 Auction and Vintage Market and the semi-              reward and she feels it both in her heart and in
                                                 annual Variety lotto draws, rolls hundreds of         the kind words from her friends at Variety.
                                                 Robert Bateman posters and stuffs thousands
                                                 of receipts after the Show of Hearts Telethon.        Thank you Betty! You are what charity and
                                                 Before her time as a volunteer, Betty had never       compassion are all about. Variety is so lucky to
                                                 had a personal association with Variety but she       have you.
                                                 was aware of the organization’s presence in the

PAGE 6                                                                                                                                WWW.VARIETY.BC.CA
                                                                                 Enriching Lives                         THE VOICE OF VARIETY

                                                                                                               HOW YOU’VE
                                                                                                               In the last year Variety
                                                                                                               has provided funding to 50
                                                                                                               organizations and over
                                                                                                               1,300 families across British
                                                                                                               Columbia to inspire hope
                                                                                                               and enrich lives.

                                                                             Variety assisted Eddy, who has cerebral palsy, by providing a grant for
                                                                             his ankle-foot orthoses and a quickie wheelchair. Since then, Eddy has
                                                                             been committed to helping other children who have special needs.
                                                                             Eddy works hard fundraising in his community for Variety with the
                                                                             help of his family and friends. In his spare time he loves playing sports.

Variety kid Eddy.                            Variety kid Kyle.
                                                                             Kyle has severe anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. This means
                                                                             that he needs to make periodic visits to the psychiatric facility at BC
                                                                             Children’s Hospital. Variety provided funding for flights to Vancouver
                                                                             for Kyle and his family and accommodation while in the city. With the
                                                                             financial burden of his diagnosis lifted, the family can concentrate
                                                                             on getting Kyle the help he needs. Kyle and his family are now active
                                                                             fundraisers for the Kids Coin Drive for Variety.

                                                                             Reach Child and Youth
                                                                             Development Society, Delta
                                                                             Variety granted $25,000 for three customized Wheelchair Bicycle
                                                                             Tandems for the Bicycle Loan Program, hosted through the Reach
                                                                             Child and Youth Development Society and the Families of Your Society.
                                                                             These bikes enable families to enjoy a recreational outing with the
The McLure family enjoys a day out on their customized wheelchair            entire family and offers children with limited mobility the opportunity
bicycle tandems.                                                             to experience a sense of freedom.

                                                      THE LEGACY OF A LIFETIME
                                                      Barbara Stewart, long time Variety member, volunteer and
                                                      fundraiser, is leaving a bequest to Variety in her Will.
                                                      Having been blessed with healthy kids and             tax benefits, so estate planning ahead of time is
                                                      grandkids, she hopes to make a difference in the      a good idea.
                                                      lives of other children who need Variety’s help.
                                                                                                            There are several ways you can plan to make a
                                                      Barbara strongly believes that everyone should        gift to Variety depending on your circumstances.
                                                      leave a charitable donation in their Will. It is an   Variety’s Legacy giving professionals are available
                                                      easy way to give and no matter the size of the        to work with your advisors to make sure things are
                                                      gift, it is making a difference. She cautions that    properly structured. It is your generosity that gives
                                                      it is incredibly important to put it in writing to    help and hope to children who have special needs.
                                                      make sure that your final wishes are recognized.      For more information on how you can change
                                                                                                            the lives of children for years to come, call
                                                      Leaving a Legacy to Variety is a wonderful way        1.800.381.2040 or visit
                                                      to make a lasting impact on children who have
                                                      special needs. You may benefit from substantial

WWW.VARIETY.BC.CA                                                                                                                                            PAGE 6
            Ways to Give
            CORPORATE SUPPORT                                                                           EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS
      Corporate support is truly vital to Variety’s fundraising success.                                Donate By Phone
      There are many ways to get involved.                                                              Donate by calling toll-free 1.800.381.2040

      From our long term friends like Global BC, Pharmasave, Buy-Low Foods,                             Donate Online
      Great Canadian Gaming Corporation, MarketPlace IGA and White Spot                                 Visit to make a secure online donation.
      Restaurants to new and emerging partnerships with Teekay Corp-
      oration, Terus Construction, Flight Centre, Stuart Olson Construction                             Monthly Giving
      and Scotiabank, Variety is fortunate to have such strong corporate                                A simple way to make regular donations through automatic bank with-
      support. These corporations and many others are invaluable to the work                            drawals, post–dated cheques, Visa or Mastercard. There is no minimum
      Variety does.                                                                                     donation – every dollar helps kids in BC.

      There are numerous ways to show corporate support for Variety. Try our                            Text Donating
      employee payroll giving program or consider corporate volunteering.                               Text message the word KIDS to 45678 and $10 will be donated to Variety.
      Hold an event and donate the proceeds to Variety or donate a certain                              The one-time donation of $10 will automatically be added to your cell
      percent of sales for a set period or partial proceeds from a particular                           phone bill or deducted from your prepaid balance.
      product. Variety will work with you to create a unique sponsorship
      program that will strategically support your marketing and branding                               Legacy Program
      goals. Contact our Corporate Partnership Manager at 1.800.381.2040 for                            Leaving a Legacy to Variety in your Will is a wonderful way to make a
      more information on how your business can get involved.                                           lasting impact on children who have special needs.

                                                                                                        Sunshine Coaches

            Help Us Help Kids!
                                                                                                        These coaches are donated to children’s organizations throughout the
                                                                                                        province to help transport children in comfort and safety to places of
                                                                                                        education, recreation and therapy. Donate a minimum of $1,047 and be
                                                                                                        recognized with your name on the side of the Coach.
        Your generous support has been vital in helping us help kids over the
        years. Please consider giving again to ensure we continue to be there to
        help children who have special needs. Thank you.                                                Editor: Danielle Lucas; Copy Editors: Carla Jones, Chris Byrnes, Jessica Murray
                                                                                                        Contributors: Barbara Hislop, Doug Rogers, Maureen Curtis
                                                                                                        Design: Sanaz Afshar; Printing: Eaveswood Colour
            With your donation, Variety can help children in many ways, including:

                $30        One month of medication for a child with ADHD

                $75        One month of dietary supplements for a palliative child

                $150       One pair of orthotic shoes
                $420       Ten days out-of-town accommodation for parents while child is in hospital
                $1047 Goes towards the purchase of a Sunshine Coach with your name on it
                Other $ _________________
                                                                                                                                                                               Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6
                                                                                                                                                                               4300 Still Creek Drive
                                                                                                                                                                               Variety - The Children’s Charity

                I am interested in your monthly giving program, please call me.

                I have left a Legacy for Variety in my Will.
                Knowing this helps us with future planning.

        Please print clearly so that we can issue you a tax receipt with the correct
        information. If using a Visa or MasterCard for your donation, please ensure
        the name you print on the donation form is the same one that appears on
        your credit card. Please mail your donation to the address below.

                Cheque (please make cheque payable to Variety - The Children’s Charity)

                Credit Card

            Name as it appears on card:

            Credit Card Number:

            Expiry Date:
                                   Variety sends periodic event updates. Variety does not share email
                                   addresses with third parties.

                                    Variety - The Children’s Charity

                                    4300 Still Creek Drive
                                    Burnaby, BC V5C 6C6
                                    Registered Charity #108168709

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