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               Circuit Rider
                          Asbury United Methodist Church Newsletter – Published Monthly
  FEBRUARY – 2011                      90 Church Avenue, Forestville, Connecticut 06010               Volume 18, Issue 2

Pastor                                                                                Custodian
 The Rev. Laura L. Galbraith                                                            Bruce Lauzier
Minister of Visitation                                                                Asbury Church Office: 860-584-0529
 The Rev. Vincent Watson                                                              Office FAX: 860-584-0520 (call first)
Music Director                                                                        Dial-A-Prayer: 860-582-1225
 Michael Coderre                                                                      Parsonage: 860-261-4131
Organist                                                                              Pastor e-mail:
 Jana Ros                                                                    
Secretary & Circuit Rider Editor                                                      Secretary email:
 Melissa Gray                                                                
Nursery Coordinator                                                                   Asbury Web Page:
 Jennifer Perry                                                              

                                              presented through the calendar              giving opportunities by each
                                              year, and especially around the             member! We plan to implement
                                              holidays. However, maybe there is           the following schedule in 2011:
                                              a way to better spread these giving           *As much as possible, second
                                              opportunities out over the calendar.        offerings during worship will be
                                                Our generosity as a congregation          taken no more than twice a month.
Dear Friends,
                                              is known throughout the                     The only exception to this will be
   A discussion in our church
                                              community and places like St.               in times of disaster or emergency
council about the many giving
                                              Vincent DePaul and the Salvation            need, such as the collection that
opportunities that are presented to
                                              Army, Plainville Group Home and             was taken last year when the
Asbury folks during the fall
                                              the Soup Kitchen all know that              earthquake happened in Haiti.
through to Christmas revealed that
                                              they can count on us for our                  You will read more about these
there were a lot of giving
                                              support in times of need. Members           collections in next month’s
opportunities during this time,
                                              of groups like AA, the Girl Scouts          newsletter, so look for specific info
especially between mid-November
                                              and Boy Scouts, and even a                  on these offerings and when they
and the end of December! We are
                                              professional networking group that          will take place, in the March
all in strong agreement that, as one
                                              now uses our building for their             newsletter.
member of the Council stated,
                                              meetings, all willingly joined in             *The stewardship campaign will
―When it comes to giving, the
                                              with us to give to those in need            occur in October 2011, so that we
Asbury family has always
                                              over the holidays! What a blessed           can truly take time to consider our
responded, time, money, you name
                                              partnership we not only engage in           annual giving plans, apart from the
it and it gets done. Why is this? I
                                              as the members of Asbury, but that          holiday and year end giving
think it is because we all remember
                                              we provide for others to be a part          appeals.
that when it comes to giving, we
                                              of as well!                                   *We will take one ―Holiday Food
can never give as much as Jesus
                                                Giving as we, the people of God           Collection‖ in November that will
gave to us. I truly believe that the
                                              are invited to do, is always an             be used to fill baskets for those
members of Asbury are motivated
                                              opportunity to engage in ministry.          who can use them at Thanksgiving
by this, and whether we know it or
                                              You should always give as you feel          and extras will be stored for
not, it is at the base of the giving
                                              led to give and not feel pressured to       Christmas baskets to be given out
nature of this great bunch of
                                              give when you are unable or                 in December. Because of the
people.‖ With that said, we agreed
                                              uncomfortable in giving. With that          generosity that is always
that we do not want to cut any of
                                              said, we would like to allow for            experienced at the Thanksgiving
the giving opportunities that are
                                              greater consideration of these                     (Continued on Page 2)
                                           Asbury United Methodist Church
  FEBRUARY – 2011                                 The Circuit Rider                                    Page 2
       (Continued from Page 1)                   Fellowship Hour            02/14 Lenny Cannon
food collection, we are not                th
                                          6 ………….…6 & 7 Gradeth       th          Jackie Watson
concerned that we will have                        Sunday School Class            Brian Hannon
enough for both holidays, and this                                                Lisa Taylor
                                         13th.…………...Kate Bechert &
will free us up to consider other                                           02/15 Dustin Heinzman
Christmas giving opportunities in                         Josh Nicosia      02/16 Rebecca Washington
December. November will also             20th……………Mary Gibson &                   Carol Wazorko
still include the Thanksgiving                           Tommy Esten              Cole Lockhart
offering envelopes.                      27th……...…Stephanie Pascual,             David Woellmer
  *December giving opportunities           Jen Burrow & Chris Grennan       02/17 Gale McIntyre
will then be devoted to the Angel                                           02/18 Donna Cutler
Tree gifts, the Hat and Mitten                         Ushers                     April Savino
Tree, the Shoe Box project and           Wayne Fuller, Bonnie Emery,        02/19 Nicole Hurlburt
gifts for shut-ins. December will        Chad Lockhart, Dennis Floyd,             Karna Baumberger
also still include the Christmas              and Roy DiYulio                     Margaret Belisle
offering envelopes and a request                                                  Bette Hubbard
for support to fill any year end
                                           Communion Stewards                     Madison Whillock
shortfalls that we face.                        Treaty & Wayne Fuller       02/20 Donald Lunn
  We are hoping that this will help         February Altar Guild                  David Majors
us to better focus on specific                      Lorna Baxter            02/21 Alexis Scanlan
giving opportunities as they are                                                  Nancy Deprey
presented, and afford each member        February Birthday Caller           02/22 Rebecca May
the time to prayerfully consider                    Joyce Cannon                  Christopher Pinette
his/her level of involvement in                                                   Linda Dorman
them. Look for ongoing                                                      02/23 Edith Devino
information as it is presented in the                                       02/24 Erika Labadia
newsletter and bulletins as we go                                                 Jennifer Perry
forward into 2011, continuing                                               02/25 Laurel Schwartz
always in fulfilling our call to be in                                      02/26 Treaty Fuller
mission as the giving people of                                                   Vickie Keddy
Asbury.                                                                           Penelope Luis
                           God bless,             FEBRUARY                  02/27 Patricia Sallstrom
                         Pastor Laura    02/01 Heather Wright                     Kirstin Rossi
                                               Kim Cyr                            Crystal Agvent
                                               Kelly Amadio                       Kane Spielman
                                               Derrick Kulesa               02/28 Barbara Hrywniak
                                         02/02 Gail Wojtusik                If there are any omissions or
                                         02/03 Lisa Weed                    corrections to the birthday list,
                                         02/04 Barbara Alim                 please contact the church office at
                                         02/06 Kim Varano                   860-584-0529 or e-mail Melissa at
         For February                    02/07 F. Townsend Downs
                                               Sandra Vaughn
       Worship Leaders                         Jennifer Mahaney
 6 ……….....….Mark Hultman                02/08 Jacob Rossi
13th.………...….Wayne Devino                02/09 Judy Staub
20th.…...……..…..Denise Krom                    Robert Conrad
27th…….…...……JoAnn Bacon                       Courtney Taylor                 The deadline for the March
8:30 am service – Carl Aspland           02/10 Marilyn Bechert                       Circuit Rider is
                                               Carol Williams                    Sunday, February 13.
             Greeters                          Zachary Butler                 Please leave all articles in the
 6 …...Mike & Wanda Nestico                    Mia Clement                    mailbox in the church office
13th………...Don & Joan Tilley                    Jeffrey Wegner                      or e-mail them to:
20th & 27th………..……....TBA                02/13 Mary Dyer          
                                               Michael Emery
                                           Asbury United Methodist Church
 FEBRUARY – 2011                              The Circuit Rider                                           Page 3
                                       To Our Asbury Family,                   Members of Asbury,
FAMILY PAGE                              A huge thank you for the cards,         I want to thank you for the very
                                       prayers, the poinsettia plant, and      generous scholarship for the
 Please keep these people              the beautiful carolers. This was        Mission Trip to Biloxi. It is very
   in your prayers……                   very moving, very caring from our       much appreciated and helped to
Ronald Jennings, Karen Nygren,         church family.                          defray some of the cost of the trip.
Desiree Szydlo, Tyler Voisine,           And to Pastor Laura and Pastor          But most of all, I want to thank
Mark Cannon, Jack Topalian,            Vin for their help and visits, and to   you for sponsoring the trip. You
Arlene Chabot, Elsie Lyons, Sue        Eula and Cecil for communion.           gave me the opportunity to do
Bromirski, Ellinor Archer, Mae         We Love you!                            something wonderful that I will
McCabe, Edward Coloske, Fred             Paul is doing very well, and is       always remember. Mission Trips
Dumond, Bob Conrad, Shelly             finally home after extensive major      are one of the many ways our
Pierce, and others who have needs      surgery at 93 years of age.             entire church is doing God's work
of which we may not be aware.                                       Always,    and helping our neighbors who are
Serving Overseas                                                Bea Trafton    in need.
Scott Maskery, Todd Anderson,          Dear Asbury Friends,                                       Thank you again,
Christopher Couture                      Many thanks for the Christmas                          Karna Baumberger
                                       cards, the delicious cookies and the
                                       gift bag of useful items. It was a
If you wish to relate prayer needs
                                       real surprise and greatly
to the chain, please call Phyllis
                                       appreciated. It is nice to know
Petit at 589-6059 or Dorothy
                                       others are thinking of you and
Zurawel at 589-4079. Please keep
                                       care, especially on holidays.
your call brief, and be aware of the                                           Pastor Laura,
                                         Blessings to everyone and a very
privacy rights of the person(s) for                                              Please extend our gratitude to
                                       happy and healthy new year.
whom you are requesting prayers.                                               everyone within your congregation
                                                                  With love,
            DEATHS                                              Elsie Lyons    for all of their prayers, thoughts,
Asbury member, Anna Petit,                                                     and get-well wishes during my
                                       Dear Anderson Family and all of
mother of Sharon Scott, passed                                                 recent hospitalization. The power
                                       my Asbury UMC Friends,
away, Monday December 27,                                                      of prayer was as evident as ever,
                                         Thank you so much for the
2010. A Funeral service was held                                               and we thank each and every one
                                       wonderful presents your family
at DuPont Funeral Home on                                                      of you.
                                       brought me at Christmas. It was so
Thursday, December 30, 2010.                                                                              Thank you,
                                       nice to be remembered by my
                                                                                       Mayor Art Ward and Family
                                       church family. I’ll think of you
                                       often and keep you in my prayers.       Dear Pastor Laura and Members of
                                               Sincerely in Christian Love,    Asbury UMC,
                                                            Allen Bingham        The Mt. Pleasant UMC family
                                         I would like to thank my Asbury       would like to take this opportunity
                                       Family for their kindness; while I      to thank you for your generous
Dear Pastor Laura and everyone at                                              donation of $200. It was truly a
Asbury UMC,                            have been unemployed you have
                                       looked out for me, offered words        blessing, and we will use the
  Thank you for the many prayers                                               money wisely.
for my beloved Bernie. Special         of wisdom and given me the
                                       strength that I need to continue          May God bless you and your
thanks for the many visits and gifts                                           church family, and may you all
of food. Also thank you so much        with my job search.
                                         I know that God is there for me       have a happy New Year.
for the beautiful memorial service.                                                                 Love in Christ,
                        Love to all,   and will always provide for me, I
                                       have no doubt of that. I also know                         Therosine White
                    Rich Kirschner                                                       Outreach Co-Chairperson
                                       that He has provided me with a
Dear Asbury Friends,                   caring, loving church family at         (Mt. Pleasant UMC has been our
  Thank you so much for my             Asbury.                                 host church during our Biloxi
Christmas bag. It was very much                                 Thank you,     Mission trips.)
appreciated.                                               Karren Grayson
               Jeanette Mahannah
                                              Asbury United Methodist Church
 FEBRUARY – 2011                                  The Circuit Rider                                             Page 4
Dear Friends,                             a family visiting all the sights in
  On behalf of all of us at St.           Korea. Our 2010 was full of fun
Vincent DePaul Mission of Bristol,        and busy times. We started the New
Inc., I would like to thank you for       Year with Jennifer’s family in
your generous donation of scarves,        Taiwan. Then all of a sudden it was
mittens, hats, paper goods, and new       spring at U.S. Army Garrison
winter clothing (some even                Yongsan in Seoul and the kids were
wrapped)! We are also very grateful       getting ready to finish the school
                                                                                          Current Expense
for the donation of Christmas             year. Elena was inducted into the             Financial Information
Shoeboxes for the Women with              National Junior Honor Society and        Total 2010 Shortfall Contributions
Children Program.                         Paul finished his Gifted Class           through 1/9/2011: $15,838
  It is only with your support along      project on eels with PowerPoint          Total 2010 Christmas Envelopes
with others that we are able to           slides and briefing notes. (He’ll be     through 1/9/2011: $ 3,924
continue our mission of helping the       ready for the Air Force in no time!)
less fortunate among us.                    In early July we packed up the            With this, all of our 2010 budget
                             Sincerely,   house and made the 40-ish mile           needs were met, including all
                      Phillip J. Lysiak   journey south to Osan Air Base near      $30,918 of our New York
                   Executive Director     Pyeongtaek. Scott started his job as     Conference Apportionments. Many
                                          the A1 (Director of Manpower,            thanks and congratulations to all for
An Update from Irene Kelsey’s
                                          Personnel, and Services) for 7th Air     the wonderful support that you gave,
                                          Force in mid-July. We held our big       in so many ways, to make this
Hi Folks of the Christian Outreach        summer Exercise Ulchi Freedom            possible once again.
Committee and Asbury UMC,                 Guardian and by then Elena started          Our monthly Current Expense
  Due to working 12 hours a day, 7        7th grade and Paul started 2nd grade.    income needed to meet all 2011
days a week, I overlooked the             All of a sudden it seemed like           Budget needs will be approximately
beautiful card you sent me for at         Halloween was upon us…then               $20,000. This is about the same as
least two weeks. My desk is a mess        Thanksgiving. Jennifer and the           it was in 2010.
lately. Thank you for your moral          other 7 AF/A1 spouses helped host           Beginning next month and every
and spiritual support and the             25 ROK Air Force A1 counterparts         month thereafter, we will provide a
awesome card. I may be out soon           and their families as we treated them    comparison of actual Current
on dismissal and if not, I’m not sure     to an all-American Thanksgiving          Expense income for the month with
when. I’m scared sometimes,               dinner. It was a lot of fun to share     the amount needed for the month,
lacking faith, yet the overwhelming       our culture and traditions with them.    and also the year to date shortage or
evidence is on my side. I believe           We just had our first ―dusting‖ of     surplus.
truth will prevail, most of the time.     snow last week and the kids were                 Your Committee on Finance,
Yet sometimes I imagine negative          doing a ―snow dance‖ hoping for a                              Dave Barry, Chp.
scenarios. Thank you.                     school snow day. We are now
                                  Love,   getting ready for some leave in
                                   Tim    Hawaii and Connecticut through
                                          Christmas and New Year’s.
                                          Hopefully we’ll see many of you
                                          along our trip! We hope 2010 was
                                          great to everyone, and pray 2011
                                          keeps everyone happy, healthy, and           All Commitee Treasuers
                                          safe.                                    Please leave your Committee's
Dear Asbury UMC Family,                                                            records, including a summary of the
  Merry Christmas to everyone from                        With warmest regards,
                                                 Scott, Jennifer, Elena and Paul   2010 income and expenses, as well
Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea.                                                  as passbooks, checkbooks, etc. in
Despite what you have heard and                                         Maskery
                                                                                   the church office as early as you can
seen recently in the news regarding                                                in 2011, or contact Lori Schaffrick
Korea, all of us are safe and                                                      with any questions.
continue with our ―normal‖ daily                                                                             Thank you,
routines – school for the kids, daily                                                             The Audit Committee
walks with Chico, and going out as
                                            Asbury United Methodist Church
 FEBRUARY – 2011                                 The Circuit Rider                                             Page 5
                                                                                  wonderful with the children and I
                                                                                  don’t know what I would have done
                                                                                  without her help. At a difficult time
                                                                                  she needed to be back in the
                                                                                  worship service, and I was fortunate
                                                                                  to meet ―Paige’s Mom‖, Jennifer.
    With Thanks to Pastor Vin!                                                    She has stepped in to help and will
After many years of service as our                                                continue to help Jennifer. (Yes,
Minister of Visitation, Rev. Vin                                                  there are a lot of Jennifer’s in the
Watson, has decided that it is time         I would like to thank the PPR         nursery these days as ―Sam’s Mom‖
to retire (again). Pastor Vin served     Committee and Pastor Laura for the       Jennifer is in the nursery a lot and
as Asbury's pastor from 1957 –           beautiful flowers that were              helps out while she is there.)
1964 and he has served as our            presented to me during the Sunday          I also want to thank those that I
Minister of Visitation since Rev.        service Jan. 16th in ―honor of my        grabbed at the last minute on
Norma Rust was pastor at Asbury.         retirement‖ from the Nursery. They       Sunday mornings or called and
In his role as Minister of Visitation,   are still blooming beautifully today,    asked to cover for me. They are
Vin has faithfully come to Bristol       the 21st!                                Eula Foster, Marilyn May and
from Bloomfield (where his home             I thank all of you for the            ―Mason’s Mom‖ Charlene. Len and
is) every Thursday to visit our shut-    opportunity to spend time with your      Nathan Cannon, Toby Henry, and
ins and those in nursing homes and       little ones each week. I have been       Janelle Sanchez have also been
hospitals. Before heading out on his     doing it for about 15 years. I am        ―asked‖ at the last minute and have
visits, he also checked in with the      finding it hard to ―let go‖ but rest     been great helpers.
Seniors’ meeting each week as            assured they are now in very               I know a lot of these people will
well. He has regularly sent out via      capable hands with my daughter,          still be willing to help Jennifer as
email his "Mid-week Message," to         Jennifer Perry. She actually taught      they continue to provide a safe,
those on his mailing list and even in    me how to ―work in a nursery‖ as         clean and happy environment for
his "retirement", Vin continues          she was the first regular staff person   your young ones to be during the
those messages. We cannot express        to run the nursery when we               services. I too will help her out
it adequately in a few words, but        remodeled that area.                     when needed.
Pastor Vin, know that our thanks            I would like to thank all of you        I hope I did not miss anyone that
and gratitude are with you in yet        who have helped me regularly and         has helped me at one time or
again, your retirement!                  in a pinch throughout the years. I       another, and again thank you for the
                                         want to mention you all by name          opportunity to serve my church in
   With Thanks to Linda Henry!           and hope I don’t forget anyone. Our      this way. Children, I have loved
Many thanks to Linda Henry for her       entire congregation should be aware      you all and enjoy watching you
faithful years of service as our         of all that you have done to keep our    grow into young adults. Keep God
Nursery Coordinator. It appears that     youngest members safe and happy          in your lives and make good
she coordinated the nursery for so       while their families are worshiping.     choices!
many years, that no one knows               When I first started, Donna                               In Peace and Love,
exactly how many, but she has seen       Redman was my regular helper                                        Linda Henry
many children grow up in the             along with April Savino. Then                     We Need YOU!
church. Thanks Linda for your            Melissa May, Beth Pond and               The Asbury Handbell Choir is
years of dedicated service and now       Lindsey Majors became my steady          looking for new members. If you
may you enjoy your much deserved         crew for several years until they        have enjoyed hearing our music at
rest sitting in the congregation on      ―grew up and went off to college!‖       services, please consider joining us.
Sunday mornings! Not to worry            Lindsey was with me the longest          There is no music reading
about nursery care now, as Linda’s       and has been a tremendous help.          experience needed. If you can count
daughter, Jennifer, who has worked       She still helps when she can. Thank      to four and know your left from
with Linda in the past in the nursery,   you to Joyce Cannon who started          your right, then you can ring bells!
(and who is a teacher during the         out helping because her young            We rehearse on Tuesday evenings
week) has taken over the ship and is     grandchildren didn’t want ―Nona‖ to      from 6:00 to 7:00 and have lots of
already making friends with the          leave, and then without realizing it     bells that need ringing. We hope
children of the nursery. Welcome         became my steady helper. She is          you can join us!
(back) Jen!
                                            Asbury United Methodist Church
 FEBRUARY – 2011                                 The Circuit Rider                                            Page 6

                                            Food Bank at Salvation Army
                                         Thank you to all who continue to
                                         bring in non-perishable food
                                         donations for the Food Bank. And
                                         thank you to Jan & Bill King who
  The CT District United Methodist       deliver the generous collections.
Women will be holding their Winter       There is a box on the stage in
Gathering at the Westport UMC in         Wesley Hall for these items.
Westport, CT on Feb 12. The                 Paper Goods for the Women’s
Speaker is Susan Delaney - Director         Shelter at St. Vincent De Paul         On Monday, February 14th at 6:30
of Peace Works. The theme is:            The folks at St. Vincent De Paul are      pm the Church Council will hold a
Building Up A Beloved Community          so appreciative of the paper goods        special Charge Conference during
- Say No to Hate Crimes and              that keep coming in. Thank you to        their meeting to vote on the Finance
Bullying. To reserve your seat in        all who continue to drop off             Committee’s proposed 2011 Budget.
advance please mail a check for          donations. The box is still on the
$8.50 to: Ms. Kim Weigle, 10             stage in Wesley Hall. And again
Robin Hill Rd., Westport, CT             thank you to Jan & Bill King for
06880. You may also call 203-259-        delivering these items.
4859 or email                             Scrip Cards for Mission Work at to reserve                    Asbury UMC
your seat.                               Thank you to all who participate in
  There will be a collection of the      the Scrip Card program in support
following items for a local women’s      of Mission work here at Asbury                  Activities for February
shelter: baby bottles, diapers (size 3   UMC. It has been a tremendous             3rd – Movie – Lunch In
and up), Desitan or A& D ointment        success and continues to grow. As        10th – Valentine Luncheon
(for diaper rash), grocery gift cards    more people remember that they can       20th – Speaker or Crafts With Pat –
(Stop & Shop or Stew Leonards)           make regular (and not so regular)               Provide Sandwiches and
  Anyone interested in going that        purchases with Scrip cards the                  Dessert
wants to share a ride may contact        opportunity for Mission Outreach         27 – Birthday Celebrations and

Denise Krom @ 860-793-0394 or            grows as well                                   Games – Lunch In
email @              Valentine’s Day Cards for
                                             Asbury Friends and Family            A reminder from the Senior
                                         Please look for the address labels in    Fellowship Group about the
                                         the Narthex of our Asbury UMC            PENNY JUG they have in the
                                         Shut Ins and friends living far away     Narthex on Sunday mornings. The
                                         as well as the soldiers we support.      Seniors have had a Penny Fund for
                                         Please feel free to take one and send    many years, and with the monies
                                         a Valentine’s Day card to brighten       collected they have helped Asbury
                                         up their day, letting them know          with numerous projects. Thank you
           Soup Kitchen                  we’re thinking of them                  for your continued support.
Thank you to the Confirmation                The next Christian Outreach
Class and Pastor Laura who served         Meeting is scheduled for February
at the Zion Lutheran Soup Kitchen         6th in the Library starting at 11:30
on January 11th. The Girl Scouts           AM. All are welcome to join us.
under the wonderful leadership of
Geri Beveridge will be serving at                FREE TAX FILING!                 The Crochet Group has decided to
the February 8th meal and the            Would you like to have your taxes        expand to add knitting and crafts to
Education Committee has                  done for free? Call 211, INFOLINE          our program. We would like to
volunteered for March 8th. Thank         to speak to a caseworker who can           have persons join our group who
you to everyone who assists in this      fill you in on income requirements,        would be interested in doing any
extremely worthwhile community           and if you are eligible, they will set    one of these activities. Please call
outreach service.                        up an appointment for you!                 Pat Sallstrom, 860-261-4148 for
                                                                                           more information.
                                              Asbury United Methodist Church
  FEBRUARY – 2011                                  The Circuit Rider                                               Page 7

  Hurricane Katrina Disaster               connections that you now feel with
     Response Volunteer                    the region are strong and would
  I am pleased to inform you of a          further serve as a catalyst for what I
special exhibition that will take          believe would be a successful
place at Central Connecticut State         show. This letter serves as a call for
                                           items that could be considered for
University (CCSU) from February
3rd through March 10th. As some of         this special exhibition. While only a
you know, I am Associate Professor         select number of items will be able
of Art at CCSU and I also serve as         to be exhibited, we will be choosing
Gallery Director for the Chen Art
Center. I enjoy my work there,
curating exhibitions and thinking
                                           ones that will best represent a vivid
                                           narrative for all who visit the
about the educational components of          The Chen Art Gallery is housed in             An exhibition of works
the art of display.                        the Department of Art at CCSU and               by Rolland Golden &
  My Disaster Response work has            is serviced by full-time faculty                 Donald Boudreaux
led me to curate an upcoming               members as well as two paid
exhibition that will focus on              university assistants. The                   February 3 - March 10, 2011
Katrina. This idea of a Katrina            anticipated audience for this
exhibition came to me two years            exhibition includes the university                  February 3, 2011
ago, but because of other                  community, including fine art and         2:30 - 3:30 Artists’ Talk
commitments and a few roadblocks           art education students from our           4:00 - 7:00 Opening Reception
along the way, the show won’t come         department, as well as other students     Free wine, hors d’oeuvres, and other
to fruition until 2011 – almost six        and faculty from the CCSU campus          refreshments
months after the 5 year anniversary        and visitors from the Greater
of the storm. But, I still think that it   Hartford community, at large. Last               In the Inner Gallery
will be relevant and that visitors to      and hardly least, I expect that our                 Friends from Afar
Chen will enjoy the show.                  guest list will include numerous          A collection of photographs,
  My vision is to curate an                Gulf Coast Katrina volunteers, as         journals, and memorabilia from
exhibition by artists whose work           well!                                     Connecticut residents who have
shows the stories of strife and              Again, the dates for this exhibition    been involved in the Hurricane
victory. In the larger gallery, works      are February 3 – March 10, 2011.          Katrina recovery efforts.
by New Orleans artist, Rolland             The opening reception is scheduled
Golden, and native New Orleanean,          for Thursday, February 3rd. If you            Conversations over Lunch...
Donald Boudreaux, will be                  so choose to submit an item for           February 9th from 12:00 - 12:50 pm
exhibited. In the Inner Gallery, a         exhibition consideration, please          ―A Conversation with Ms. Zelma
smaller and more intimate space, an        contact me at           Wooten‖ - Native New Orleanean,
exhibition entitled ―Friends from          and I will forward further                Zelma Wooten, will share her
Afar‖ will showcase photographs,           information. If you have any              personal story of being in New
journals, and memorabilia of               questions or wish to discuss details      Orleans during Hurricane Katrina
Connecticut residents who have             of the exhibition, I welcome your         and the harrowing days afterward.
been involved in the recovery              phone call at 860-680-6807 (cell) or
efforts over the past five years.          860-651-7148 (home).                      February 23rd from 12:00-12:50 pm
  This is why I’m writing to you             Thank you, in advance, for your         ―Nature’s Hand‖ - CCSU Professor
today. I know that many of you             consideration, and I hope that you        Mary Collins’ Advanced Creative
have special ―treasures‖ that remind       will choose to take part in this          Nonfiction class will read from
you of your time spent on the Gulf         exciting event. I genuinely look          their personal essays, which explore
Coast, from photographs to journal         forward to your response.                 the power of nature to destroy and
entries, from poignant emails to                                        Sincerely,   heal.
other memorabilia. I am convinced              Cassandra Broadus-Garcia, Ph.D.
that an exhibition of these artifacts,         CCSU Associate Professor of Art            Regular Gallery Hours:
objects, and images would set the                      Chen Art Gallery Director           M - F 1:00 - 4:00 pm
stage for a very special exhibition. I                                                 Free Admission and Parking
believe that the personal                                                  
                                             Asbury United Methodist Church
  FEBRUARY – 2011                                 The Circuit Rider                                          Page 8

                                           as to how to positively prevent                Asbury's Directory
                                           these costly wasteful events are       Did you get your picture taken
                                           welcome!                               yet??? With membership's plans
                                                                     Sincerely,   to purchase an updated software
                                                                Mark Hultman      package with the proceeds from
                                                              Chair of Trustees   our soup & grinder sales, we will
   WATER CONSERVATION                                                             be able to update Asbury's
  I thought about entitling this                                                  Pictorial within the next few
article ―run-away toilets‖, but with                                              months. There are many changes
a title of water conservation                                                     that need to be updated and
instead it sounds a lot more                                                      provided to our members. With
positive. With building use up, we                                                that, we are asking those of you
use a bit more water, but a                                                       that haven't gotten your pictures
recurring problem is run-away                 Super Bowl Grinder Sale             taken yet, to please do so and send
toilets. Even one toilet where the         AACT & Membership are                  or email them to the church office.
flapper valve fails to shut and the        sponsoring a Super Bowl                We will set up picture taking
water runs is costly to the                meatball grinder sale. If you are      sessions as well on a few Sundays
church—(oh, yes, it wastes water           interested in reserving yours,         following church services, so stay
too!)                                      please email Geri Beveridge at         tuned for the dates.
  As an example, take one of our 
older toilets with a tank capacity of      Grinders will be available for pick
5 gallons that takes a minute to           up on February 6th following both
refill after a flush. If that 5            services. $5 each and includes a 6"            FEBRUARY 2011
gallons flowed for an hour instead         meatball sub, cheese, peppers &             BIBLE READING GUIDE
of a minute it would send 5 x 60           mushrooms.                                   Abide in God’s Love
minutes or 300 gallons down the                                                    1      Leviticus 19.1-18
sewer; let it go for a day that              Membership 2010 Attendance            2      Deuteronomy 6.1-25
would be 7,200 gallons. The                Congratulations to the following        3      Matthew 19.13-30
average water use of the whole             Asbury Members with perfect             4      Mark 12.28-44
church in a three-month billing            attendance for the last 2 months of     5      John 3.1-21
cycle is about 4,300 cubic feet or         2010:                                   6      John 3.22-36
32,000 gallons. One run-away                                                       7      John 13.1-20
toilet running for five days               Jim & Debbie Bechert                    8      John 13.21-35
unchecked would waste the                  Bill & Jan King                         9      Hosea 1.1—2.1
equivalent of our entire average           Phyllis Petit                          10      Hosea 2.2-23
three-month water consumption,             Ann & Lukas Morin                      11      Hosea 11.1-11
which, of course, is expensive too!        Betty Topalian                         12      Hosea 14.1-9
  All this being said, it is due more      Joan & Don Tilley                      13      1 Corinthians 12.12-31
to old equipment, but we will all          Mernie Whitcomb                        14      1 Corinthians 13.1-13
benefit by keeping a listening ear                                                15      2 Corinthians 8.1-24
out for a run-away toilet. Some of         A special congratulations to           16      2 Corinthians 9.1-15
the ten toilets in the church have         several of our members that had        17      2 Corinthians 12.1-21
been replaced, but of special              perfect attendance for the entire      18      2 Corinthians 13.1-13
concern are those in more remote           year of 2010.                          19      Romans 12.1-21
parts of the building like Memorial                                               20      1 John 1.1-10
Hall and the downstairs children’s         Ann & Lucas Morin                      21      1 John 2.1-17
bathrooms. Especially if you see           Bill & Jan King                        22      1 John 2.18-29
(or hear) a run-away event and             Betty Topalian                         23      1 John 3.1-24
stop it, still bring it to the attention                                          24      1 John 4.1-21
of myself, another trustee or the          January starts a new year of           25      1 John 5.1-21
church office so that we can get           attendance, so be sure to attend       26      2 John
the unit fixed or replaced. Thanks         and sign the registration sheets.      27      3 John
to all for such listening. Any ideas                                              28      Jude 1-25
                    "I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?
                   I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert." (Isaiah 43.19)

January 7, 2011

Dear United Methodists:

Greetings to you in the name and love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, who sends us out into the world to
make disciples for the transformation of the world!

I am thrilled to write this introduction to the boldest initiative of the New York Conference in many years. At
last year's annual conference we unveiled our Vision Bearer Project, a strategic ministry to help God do a new
thing among us. Specifically, the Vision Bearers will seek to establish new worshipping communities to relate
to people whom the United Methodist Church has not been reaching. We are taking two approaches: planting
new faith communities and revitalizing existing ones.

Our Vision Bearer Task Force has already begun to recruit, select, and train lay Vision Bearers who will be
deployed within our conference to plant new faith communities with the support and sponsorship of existing
ones. We are excited about these new ministries, and we will continue to expand the number of Vision
Bearers. We also recognize that many of our existing churches are not effectively ministering to the people in
their neighborhoods. Accordingly, a second initiative is directed to the revitalization of such churches primarily
by adding a new worship service.

We are dedicating significant resources to this effort of "creating new places for new people and renewing
existing congregations," one of United Methodism's areas of focus for the present quadrennium. Training,
mentoring, and stipends will be given to lay Vision Bearers, and matching funds and support are available for
churches who wish to start another worship service.

I encourage you to read more about the Vision Bearers project on the New York Annual Conference website at
Information and registration. I also ask everyone who reads these words to stop and pray for the success of
God's "new thing" among us, and to pray unceasingly that we might continue to grow in faithfulness and
fruitfulness in being used by God to "make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert" by reaching out
with the loving, saving gospel of Jesus Christ - for such a time as this.

In Christ,

Jeremiah J. Park

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