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					Going „Green‟

May 13, 2010
    Earth Facts - 2070
                                                             • Water will be a rare
                                                               resource which will be
                                                               available in half glasses
                                                               only for drinking daily
                                                             • Clothing will be disposable
                                                               for lack of water to wash
                                                             • Average life expectancy is
                                                               35 years
                                                             • A charge would be levied
                                                               for the air we breathe for
                                                               each adult everyday

    * Source: Article published in the magazine "Crónicas de los Tiempos“, in April 2002. Author: Dr. A. P. J. Kalam
    Economy & the Environment –
    current trends
     Economic growth rate of 8% expects energy
      consumption to grow by 4.3% (2007)
     India in 2007 imported 70% of it‟s oil
      requirements. By 2031, this would be 90%
     By 2031 India would need to add over 40,000 MW
      of electric generating capacity every year to
      address growing infrastructure needs
     It is expected that 70% of the infrastructure that
      will exist in 2030 is yet to be built

    Source: Need for a Paradigm Shift – Opportunities for Indo-Canadian Dialog in Energy, April 2008
    Banking & it‟s unique position in the
       Highest opportunity to see with 400 million
        Indians transacting at an average 4-6 times a
       Occupies space of primary lender & custodian to
        individuals at large
       Banker and consultant to large, medium and
        small industries
       Invests in large scale projects for infrastructural
        and other long term growth projects
       Circulates funds to generate money in various

    The Global Opportunity for Green

    $ 500 billion                     Value of Low Carbon Energy Market by 2050

                                      Demand for projects generating GHG
    $ 100 billion
                                      emission credits by 2030
                                      Worldwide investment in clean energy in
    $ 100 billion
    $ 18.6 – 23.1 billion             Estimated solar industry revenues by 2010

                                      Global fuel cell and distributed hydrogen
    $ 15 billion
                                      market by 2015
                                      Cumulative net savings from energy efficient
    $ 84 billion
                                      products in US by 2012

                                        Size of Opportunity

    Source: Corporate Governance and Climate Change: The Banking Sector A Ceres Report, January 2008
    Captialising on the Opportunity
       Promotion and launch of energy efficient products and
       Assist corporate, SMEs, suppliers to early adoption of
        environment friendly practices through:
          Risk modeling to include environmental risk
          Incentivise customers – corporate & individual for green
       Green fund investment, trading and distribution – similar to
        commodities like bonds
       Renewable energy certificate exchange

    Going Green at ICICI Bank
     Benchmarking bank‟s carbon footprint and
      efforts towards carbon neutral activities
     Environment friendly employee activities &
     Building awareness & providing green options to
     Investment in green projects

     Driving the Movement


                     ICICI Bank
                     Go Green

    Green Partners                         Customers
     Partnership                              Products

    Employee Participation
    •   E-Greetings                •   POWER GO GREEN Contest-
                                       550 entries

    •   Paperless COD/ COE         •   Go Green in product &
        meetings meetings              process notes (PAC)

    •   Credit Cards e-statement   •   Use of CFL Lamps

    •   Go Green in internal       •   Auto Power Off for all PCs

     Employee Participation

     •   Green section in I-Voice,   •   Use of e-Memos for internal
         ICICI Bank employee forum       approvals

     •   Regulated AC temperature    •   Celebrating Green Events-
                                         World Environment Day,
                                         Earth Hour

     •   Green message on Visiting
         Cards (recycled paper)

     Customer Engagement

     •   Incentivising Green life-     •   Driving B2 & InstaBanking-
         style- Green Vehicles &           Paper-less/ Travel-free
         Housing                           banking

     •   Rationalisation of physical
                                       •   E-Statement Drive
         customer communication

     •   Green messaging across        •   Green Events- World
         touch-points/                     Environment Day, Earth         Hour

     Customer Engagement

     •   Eco friendly gifting to all   •   Launch of paperless, low
         customers/ relationships          energy e-branches

     •   Green themed activities at    •   E-Lok Adalat in Delhi

     Employee Participation – Way Forward
     •   Contest –Green Team for        •   Reduced eWastage by
         paper & energy                     upgrading existing PCs

     •   Monthly green hour at          •   Use of paper with higher
         branches                           recycled percentage

     •   Car pooling across offices     •   Monitoring use of printers
         and branches

     •   Education of the Green Way
         of life through partnerships
         with NGOs

     Customer Engagement – Way
                                      •   Green Caller tunes for call
     •   Green communication over         center, landlines &
         IVR and hold tunes               corporate mobile

     •   Shift to bio-degradable
                                      •   Continued promotion of
         credit/debit/ prepaid card
                                          online banking

     •   ATM chargeslips to carry
         green messaging

     Footprint Mapping @ ICICI Bank

      Carbon, Water,
       Paper & Waste            Land      Energy
       Footprints Mapping
       at bank facilities
      Carbon Footprint         Carbon Footprint
       Benchmarking                Road Map
      In-house Emission
       Reduction (GHG)
      Carbon Footprint     Carbon    Waste   Water

     Clean Technology -
     Project Finance

     Assistance to Green Projects
        Promoting eco-friendly technologies
           Clean coal technologies
        Initiatives to reduce emissions
           ISO 14000 - Environment Management Systems
           Energy        Service   Companies (ESCO)      with
           Demand Side Management (DSM) with utilities
           Waste heat recovery
           Energy Efficient air-conditioning

     Assistance to Green Projects
        Zero Emission Initiative
        Green Building Initiatives
        National Initiatives
        Green Governance Initiatives
        Funding clean technology projects

     Green Initiatives at ICICI Group

     ICICI Group Company Initiatives
      ICICI Securities
         Green Calendar to customers
         Quarterly statement moved online

      ICICI Lombard
         Provision of e-Policies/ policies with reduced
         Night Shift at Malad processing hub, A/c
          switched off for an hour/day

     ICICI Group Company Initiatives
        ICICI Prudential Asset Management Company

                                  Headline 1:
                                     This tree manufactured five
                                   pounds of pure oxygen everyday.
                                    Till we hacked it down to make this

                                  Headline 2:
                                         Trees have life too.
                                    And that includes the one chopped
             Hard-hitting Green         down to make this paper.
               messages on

     Benefits to ICICI Group
        Establish ICICI Group as a responsible corporate
         citizen through its commitment to the environment
        Environmental savings of over 30,000 trees and
         water supply to 100,000 rural households for a
        Cost savings of Rs 380 mn from 3.6 mn reams of
         paper saved
        Investment in carbon footprint evaluation and
         offsetting activities expected to be returned over 3 to
         5 years through operational efficiencies
        Generation of revenue stream through Carbon

     Thank You

      To know more, visit us at

     Clean coal technologies
        Innovative concepts like deep beneficiation of coal (coal
         washeries) and coal bed methane have been introduced for
         the first time in the country
        Through a demonstration project we assisted the first coal
         washery in the country (ST-BSES) for providing a solution
         to Indian coal, which has high ash content and is highly
         polluting, via the process of deep beneficiation of coal
        We also assisted Essar Oil, the first company to
         successfully demonstrate the concept of coal bed methane
         in India
        The replication potential of these demonstration projects
         have been significant

     Sahastratronic Contols Pvt. Ltd.
        An energy service company (ESCO) which worked with
         Nasik Municipal Corporation (NMC) on a shared savings
         based street lighting ESCO project
        Energy saving potential was assessed jointly with NMC
        Energy Services Agreement for implementation of the
         project entered into between SCPL and NMC
        Savings were shared for five years
        Earlier energy bill prior to project implementation - Rs 50.0
         million per annum for area allotted to SCPL
        Avg achieved annual savings - Rs 17.0 million on a capital
         investment of Rs 16.6 million
        Project completed in Nov 2005
        Payback period ~1.5 years

     SCPL                   Cont…..
      Installation of 486 street light controllers covering
       about 19000 street lights at various lighting
       stations to improve street lighting efficiency
      Improvement in the existing electrical distribution
       network for
            Reduction in cable losses
            Power factor optimization

     SCPL                  Cont…..
        Salient Features of Street Light Controller
        Microprocessor based unit with a real time clock
        Three modes of operation (Start , Run & Dim)
        Voltage correction in Start mode as per lamp manufacturer
         specifications to enhance life of bulb
        Microprocessor changes mode to Run mode where voltage
         is changed to acceptable lux level
        At programmed time DIM mode takes over automatically to
         reduce illumination at an agreed value
        On/Off and sunrise/sunset timings for 52 weeks can be

     SCPL                    Cont…..
        The actual lux level varies
         due to variation in the
         voltage levels
        The red graph shows the
         approx lux level, whereas
         green graph shows the
         acceptable lux level
        Light level available during
         peak traffic hours is less
         than during low traffic
        Large potential to save
         energy 12 pm to 6 am

     ESCO Business Models
                        Model 1               Model 2


                                              Repays Loan
       Repays Loan   Lends           Lends

                        ESCO      Operates,    User


     Noida Power Company Limited
        Private distribution company for Greater Noida
        Commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural
        Replacement of bare cables with insulated cables and LT
         lines with HT lines. Increase in HT/LT ratio from 0.85 to 2.46
        Distribution network improvements after load research –
         annual savings of 1.7 mn units against estimated 0.6 mn
        Metering of unmetered consumers
        DSM – replacement of old pumps by energy efficient pumps
         (55% energy savings) besides 22% reduction in water

     Sterlite Industries Limited
        Waste heat recovery
        Major unit manufacturing copper at Tuticorin
        Copper smelting exothermic process
        Hot flue gases with high heat content being
        Waste heat recovery system to be installed
        Power generation 10.4 MW
        Payback <1 year
        Reduction of CO2 emission: 47,500 tpa

     Sterlite Industries Limited            Cont…

        Water Recycling/conservation        : annual
        Current Power requirement      :   794 KW
        Power saving with modifications     : 420 KW
        Annual saving in power cost    :   Rs 14.2 Mn
        Current water loss             :   1419 m3
        Cost of water                  :   Rs 17 / m3
        Annual saving in water cost         : Rs 8.5 Mn

        Total savings in water recycling : Rs 22.7 Mn

Sumaya HMX Systems Ltd
   Development of “Ambiator”, an eco-friendly alternative to an AC
   Works on the indirect evaporative cooling technology by incorporating a
    wet plate and a cross flow heat exchanger
   Provides 100% filtered cool fresh air and consumes about 35% power
    compared to an AC making it about 65% more energy efficient compared
    to an AC
   Does not use chloro fluoro carbons (CFC), as it does not run on
    compressor-based technology
   The product has also been endorsed by TERI (DCS 001) and the Energy
    Management Centre (EMC) under GoI
   The company has improved the heat exchanger efficiency of the

   Ambiator from 63% to about 80%

   The company is currently improving on
      bringing min offer temperature below 23ºC &
      reducing product size
     Zero Emission Initiative
        Reva Electric Car Company Limited
            Manufacture of Electric Vehicle
        New Generation Motors
            Electric drive system for two and three wheelers
        Twenty First Century Batteries
            Lithium ion flexible polymer electrolyte
             rechargeable battery

     Green Building Initiatives
        CII-GBC
        LEEDS – platinum rated Green Business Centre
         at Hyderabad
        Centre for excellence in energy/ environment
        First building outside USA and third in the world
         to achieve platinum rating
        Support for GBC set up and 2 years operations

     National Level Initiatives
      Establishing Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE)
      Setting up of Green Business Centre (GBC) with
      Energy rating for electrical appliances - CERC
      Innovative structuring of ESCO projects
      Demand side management in utilities
      Greenhouse gas mitigation
      Demonstration of concept of coal washeries led
       to a Govt. policy on mandatory coal washing

     National Level Initiatives
      Capacity building of technology institutions
           Central Power Research Institute (CPRI) – Setting
            up of a laboratory for testing various transformer &
            power station characteristics at Bangalore
           Electrical Research & Development Association
            (ERDA) - Setting up of a short circuit laboratory &
            facilities for testing electrical appliances
           The Energy Research Institute (TERI) - Setting up
            of an instrument bank with calibration facility &
            creation of an energy efficiency advisory & training

Indian Army‟s Green Governance
   Implementing agency - Indian Army Environment Ecology
    Cell (IAEEC)
   Comprises of
      25 sub-projects at select Indian Army locations in the
       following areas
            rainwater harvesting
            ground water rejuvenation
            construction of check dams
            treatment of water bodies
            waste management and
            wind energy harvesting at remote military outposts
       awareness initiative for school children on ecology at
        select sainik schools, military schools
Indian Army‟s Green Governance
   Reduced water run-off and higher water percolation into
   Increased water storage through artificially constructed
    lakes, check dams & bunds
   Increase in ground water table
   Assured water supply during peak summer
   Creation of environmental parks
   Reduced dependence on water tankers or municipal water
    supply for gardening or horticulture
   Better utilization of waste water with suitable treatment
   Improved awareness among school children on issues
    related to ecology & biodiversity
Tata Power Environmental Sustainability
   Support to Tata Power for its Environmental Sustainability
    Programme comprising
      Scaling up of existing energy-saving awareness
       initiative named “Tata Power Energy Club”
      A few renewable energy pilot projects
   Tata Power Energy Club is involved with sensitization of
    school children to spread the energy conservation
    awareness in their residential areas
   Tata Power has scaled up the initiative
      originally focussed on Mumbai to five other cities
       namely New Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore &
      besides launching campaigns on its website and in
       networking sites like Facebook
Tata Power Environmental Sustainability
   Renewable energy pilot projects in the area of
      Solar photovoltaic based LED lighting
      Solar-thermal based water heating and
      A hybrid solar-wind system
Robin Age
   A weekly children‟s newspaper exclusively written for
    children of 5-14 years of age and published by M/s
    Deep Prakash
   Encourages children back into the reading habit
    through content that is informative, interactive,
    engaging and fun
   Carries news & information
      current affairs, science, technology, sports,
       careers, culture
      Special focus on energy and environment
      activities, puzzles and projects
Robin Age
   Grant assistance given to RobinAge
      envisages carrying an environment page in every
       alternate issue of RobinAge
      promote sensitivity and awareness about
       environmental issues amongst school children
       organise in-school workshops to introduce
        children to basic concepts of energy &
       publish a special issue on the occasion of
        „Environment Day‟ (June 5) in 2009
       organise child-to-child outreach programmes
     Finance to Green Projects
        Projects in the area of Waste Management financed:
           Current assisted projects:
              Jindal Urban Infrastructure Limited sponsored
               integrated MSW processing plant at Timarpur
               and Okhla in Delhi
                  1,950 tonnes per day of MSW to be
                  20 MW of power production
                  Bio-methanation unit


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