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									                            Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation
  Address                   DT743 BINH CHUAN               Contact name      TRAN QUOC DOAN
  Town/ City                THUAN AN                       Position          COC MANAGER
  Province/ State           BINH DUONG                     Phone             84-650-740690
  Mailing Address           DT743 BINH CHUAN, THUAN AN,    Fax               84-650-711487
                            BINH DUONG, VIETNAM
  Country                   VietNam                        E-Mail  
  Website URL         Time              GMT+ 7 hrs
  FTN Status                Trade Participant              Chain of       FSC Chain Of Custody
                                                           custody status SGS-COC-1228 (OBTAINED FROM
  Target date for           NA                             Target date
  FMU                                                      for COC
  certification                                            certification
  Ownership                 Legal form     Established     Employees         Annual sales ($USD)
  Corporated                               1993            4.500             35.000.000
  Date became FTN participant                              FTN Manager contact
  18        February 2006                                  Mr Le Khac Coi


Truong Thanh Furniture Corporation has been one of leading furniture manufacturers in Vietnam, established since
1993, exporting to 30 countries world-wide with a wide range of product lines including wooden flooring, indoor and
outdoor furniture. Truong Thanh have developed rapidly over the last 13 years and have been aided by sponsorship
from the private sector development programme of the Danish government, who provided training for technicians
and workers in 2000. Training for key personnel has been provided by the US Agriculture Department, in American
Hardwoods and Wood Industry.

Truong Thanh is comprised of six companies, covering more than 340,000 square meters, involved in the forest
product trade and one company dedicated to the distribution of mobile phone cards - Truong Thanh VMS.

Of the wood industry companies one is based in Laos and the remaining 5 are based in Vietnam;
FACTORY 1 - Truong Thanh Binh Duong - Furniture manufacture
FACTORY 2 - Truong Thanh Dak Lak - Furniture manufacture
FACTORY 3 - Truong Thanh Dak Lak - Furniture manufacture (operational in Aug/2006)
FACTORY 4 - Truong Thanh Thu Duc - Furniture manufacture.
FACTORY 5 - Truong Thanh Binh Duong 2 (operational in Sep/2006 )
FACTORY 6 - Truong Thanh Sekong Province, Lao – Furniture manufacture and domestic purchasing

Each company is at a different stage of production, the new sawmill in Laos is not yet fully functioning, but is
expected to have an operating capacity of 500m3/month when staff training and set up is completed.
  Field of activity              Share of business                 Main equipment              Installed capacity
                                   turnover (%)
Indoor Furniture           25%                           Sawmill, Planing mill, Sanding     Sawing mill: 8000
                                                         line, Boiling plant, Kilns,        m3/month
Outdoor (Garden)           65%                           Balestrini Tenoner / Mortiser,     Kilndry: 5000m3/month
Furniture                                                Auto copy machine, Disc
                                                         automatic spraying systems,
Flooring                   10%                           Painting system.                   Disc automatic spraying
                                                                                            200 containers/month

                                       SPECIES & VOLUMES
  Common name               Scientific name              Current products              Volumes       Can volume
                                                                                     available (m3    increase?
                                                                                        er year)
Pyinkado, Narra         Lagerstromia flos-         Furniture / flooring              3500          NO
                        reginae, Narra
Keruing                 Dipterocarpus spp.         Furniture / flooring              3600              NO
Kempas                                             Furniture / flooring              600               NO
Kapur                   Dryobalanops spp.          Furniture / flooring              500               NO
                        principally D.aromatica
Yellow Balau            Shorea spp                 Furniture   /   flooring          1200              NO
Teak (plantation)       Tectona grandis            Furniture   /   flooring          18000             YES
Manni                   Pygeum arboreum            Furniture   /   flooring          2600              NO
Eucalyptus               Eucalyptus spp.           Furniture   /   flooring          29000             YES

  Product            Qualities           Dimensions                Current markets      Export         Volume 2005
                    /grades/                                                          experience
Hardwood      JIS                   Various – to customer                                            200 conts
flooring      GRADE A               requirements
Indoor        To customer           Various – to customer                                            500 conts
furniture     specification. Core   requirements               EUROPE, JAPAN, USA,
              range of designs                                   AUSTRALIA, NEW        13 YEARS
              available.                                       ZEALAND, DOMESTIC
Outdoor       BS EN 581             Various – to customer                                            1300 conts
(Garden)      JIS                   requirements

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