How to avoid buying a Conflict Diamond by anamaulida


									                             Always insist on buying conflict free
diamonds so that your conscience does not berate you later.What is a
conflict diamond?To know about a conflict diamond you must first know
that about 65% of the total produced in the world come from Africa. There
are countries like Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo and Liberia
where poor people are treated like slaves to produce diamonds. When these
are sold in the market, the money goes into funding insurgency, terrorist
activities, coups and other unsocial acts. These are known as conflict
free diamonds. They are created shedding the blood of people and the
money realized from their sales is also used for blood shedding. Hence,
they are also called blood diamonds.How to know whether you are buying a
conflict diamond or not?When you go to a jeweler to buy a diamond, you
must try and ensure that you are not buying a conflict diamond. It is not
the easiest of tasks to achieve but you can still try. Ask the jeweler
whether he or she knows the country of origin of a particular stone. If
the answer is the countries mentioned above then you can be almost sure
that it is a conflict diamond. If you research them well then you will
come to know of areas of Africa where non conflict diamonds are produced.
Next you can ask the jeweler to show you the proof that the diamond has
gone through the Kimberley Process. There are a set of documents that
show that it is Kimberley Process compliant. These are two ways to ensure
that you are not buying a conflict free diamonds.Kimberley ProcessIn
2002, the United Nations approved the Kimberley Process that was devised
by the World Diamond Council. This process consists of some laws that
ensure that all the diamonds mined in a particular country are non
conflict and certified by the government of that country. They issued a
tamper proof certificate and shipped in containers sealed by the
government. However, these laws are not totally enforceable and joining
the process is optional.Most people don't know about conflict diamonds.
But anyone buying them must be aware of this fact about diamonds. By not
buying conflict free diamonds you will at least ensure that the slave
runners will have to look at other options when they mine this rocks.

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