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					Please collaborate! Presentation started by Mark Clarkson
Email or Twitter me for editing rights and add your own ideas.

  25 "Techy" Tips
    for Not so
 "Techy" Teachers

 A collaboration of ideas for
   quick and simple ways to
    use technology in the
 classroom - ANY classroom!                               Unidentified Photographer (1946.) Smithsonian
                                                   Institution: Mary Blade, standing at blackboard. Flickr
Techy Tip #1 - Use Wordle for wall displays

Go to

Copy and paste in the syllabus or scheme of work
(or vocabulary words, technical terms, question papers...)

Print the word cloud

Affix to wall
Instant decoration!
Techy Tip #2 - Find teaching resources quickly

1. Go to
2. Type in the name of your subject
   (e.g. History) as well as 'teaching'
   and 'resources' as
   keywords into the
   search box.
3. (optional) Start
   saving your
   bookmarks on so you
   can access them anywhere! :-)

                                          Doug Belshaw

          Also try!
Techy Tip #3 - Random Pupil Pickers

If you ever need to choose individuals or
groups of pupils at random, try one of
these tools:
                * The Hat *

  * Classtools - *
      (choose 'Random Pupil Picker')

        * Super Teacher Tools *

     Mark Warner - & @pam_thompson
Techy Tip #4 - Quick and Easy Posters
 Have you ever wanted to make a large poster for a
 display, but struggled because you only have an A4

 Try this:
 • Visit
 • Upload your image.
 • Choose the size of your poster.
 • The site will then make a printable PDF with your
   image split into sections.
 • Then trim and stick it together!

                    Mark Warner -
Techy Tip #5 - Writing Together is a free service which allows people to
write collaboratively... as you type on screen, you can see
others typing too. It sounds complicated, but it's
* Just visit and click on 'Create New Pad'
* Tell someone else the address of your Etherpad and
work together!
Could be used by staff to collaborate on documents, or
by students as a brainstorming / writing exercise in any
curriculum area.

                    Mark Warner -
Techy Tip #6 - Videos made easy

             Go to

             Click on 'Education' at the bottom to
             sign up for an 'All-Access Pass'

             Upload pictures, choose music, create
             a powerful music video in seconds.

             Create a brilliant stimulus or starter
Techy Tip #7 - Work Together

Go to

Put your Schemes of Work and other departmental
documents online and invite the rest of your department.

You can now edit the files collaboratively and access them
no matter where you are!
Techy Tip #8 - Use Plain English

The CommonCraft Show is a series of videos that explains a
host of complex topics, all " plain English"

How to:
• invest money
• use social media
• survive a zombie attack
• and many more...

You could always have students make their own!
Go to to have a look
Techy Tip #9 - Create quizzes

• Go to

• Download the free "Fling the Teacher" generator

• Create interactive quizzes on any subject

• If you like the tools, then you can buy site licenses for a
  reasonable fee
Techy Tip #10 - Interactive Posters lets you create powerful
interactive posters - embed videos as well as using text and

You can create and manage student
accounts too - and all for free.

Print them out, share them online,
set homework, summarise topics...
Techy Tip #11 - Online Mindmaps You can create mindmaps that others
can view and add ideas!

• Save your mindmap as a pdf

• Print them out, share them online,
  set homework and summarise topics

• Great for visual learners

• You can add links and pics too

                                            Louise Jones - Goodonskis
Techy Tip #12 - Sharing Presentations You can upload your presentations so
that others can see them!

• Search other presentations for ideas

• See winning presentations for styles and content

• Great for paperless training

• Great for revision and research

• You can see notes pages too

                                              Louise Jones - Goodonskis
Techy Tip #13 - Start Rasterbating

Not quite as dirty as it sounds:

Go to

Upload an image

Create a huge poster

Now just stick 25 sheets
of paper to your wall!
Techy Top #14 - Generate Ideas
With the aid of the Random Activity Generator

Just click, and generate a challenge for the class!
Techy Tip #15 - Tux Paint is great!
            Tux Paint is easy to download, easy to
            install, easy to use, easy to print, easy to
            save and easy to share.

It is great for painting .......and has brilliant sound
effects....and lots more!
Techy Tip #16 - Find a Podcast
Download iTunes, go to the Podcast Directory and click
'Power Search' on the right.

Enter your subject name in 'Description'

Pick something that sounds interesting and listen!
Techy Tip #17 - Start a Podcast!
All you need is:
• a cheap microphone
• Audacity ( )
• a free podcast host: e.g., or

                        Have pupils record information
                        about topics, explain answers to
                        questions or interview each

                        Zoomar (2008) Roscoe
                        considers recording a podcast.
                        Flickr 03.2009
Techy Tip #18 - Indispensable Tools

Drew Buddie has created an editable list of tools at

There are scores of brilliant
ideas and you are encouraged
to edit the page and add your
own suggestions!
Techy Tip #19 - Start a blog

    I Should Be Marking blog              Mr Clarkson's blog
   at   at

Blogs can be useful for a number of things. You can set
homework, share resources and links or use them to reflect
on your own practice.

Sign up for free at ,
Techy Tip #20 - Befriend a techy!

When your computer stops, IWB stops, printer stops, software stops,
network stops, internet stops, blogs stops............... Magic Fingers gets
them going again!
Techy Tip #21 - Twitter. Really.
Okay, as crazy as it sounds, if you join, I will personally guide you to
teachers who have the same interests, but new and different
answers as to how to teach kids so they are fully engaged! We
aren't relating socially, as most folks fear, but we are learning
professionally. One tweet at a time. (Yep, that's what it is called.)

• Sign up.
• Follow elemteachers (even though you have no idea what you are
• We will welcome you and guide you to like minded teachers (to
  the best of our ability)
~Marie Rush
Techy Tip #22 - Discover RSS

[To Do: Add some ideas on RSS feeds - readers, blogs,
other RSS sources...]

[Feel free to do some of this yourself! ;-D]
    Techy Tip #23- Snatch & Share
Better than tabs or bookmarks, this is a quick way to do last
minute research and then data-project it through the day.

*Add "Delicious Buttons"to Firefox

*"View" Delicious toolbar

*Create unique tag as you research

*Make this tag your "favorite" in toolbar and share.

                    Larry Baker
 Techy Tip #24 - Physics made easy
Who said that physics has to be boring?

Over 100 flash animations
of Physics concepts available
from the University of

Techy Tip #25 - Facebook & Tuenti

Social networking in
education is growing fast.   Scared of exposing yourself
Why not open a               to the world through your
Facebook or Tuenti           profile? Don't worry.
account?    Create "another you": Open      a new email account just
                             for FB or Tuenti and use an
You can create a page or a   alias. Tell your students to
group for your students to   do the same.
supplement your lessons!
What's this all about, then?

The idea is to create a bank             Please TYPE links as these
of slides, each detailing one            slides will be printed!
quick and simple way of
                                         Each week I will print off
using technology in the
                                         one slide and distribute a
classroom - ANY classroom.
                                         paper copy to all of the
                                         teachers at my school.
                                         To get in touch, use
                                         the links on the first slide.

                       KM Evans (2007.) Die           Some Rights Reserved
                       Computer Die. Flickr 03.2009
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