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					                                                          31"            American     18" adorable. Shipping        email       junecastello
     Collectors                                           Character Sweet Sue
                                                          Walker $110.00, 22½"
                                                                                      &             handling
                                                                                      extra. D. Cappel, PO

                                                          Ideal             Kissy,    Box 14294 , South             American Girl Bitty
       United                                             $25.00, 20" Effanbee
                                                          Happy Family Mother
                                                                                      Lake Tahoe, California
                                                                                      96151    530.544.1437
                                                                                                                    Twins, original brown
                                                                                                                    wigs, diaper, footed
        Your Master Key to the World of Dolls
                                                          $50.00, 16½" Ideal                                        hooded pj's, brown o/c
                711 S. 3rd Avenue                         Shirley Temple, Stand       16" 1972 vinyl Shirley        eyes, Perfect! $90. for
              Chatsworth, GA 30705                        Up & Cheer $60.00,          Temple dolls, Little          pair; Super 29" compo
Phone 706-695-8242 – Fax 706-695-0770                     Box lot of dolls $50.00,    Colonel and Rebecca           Shirley         Temple,
        Email:                 Box lot of bears            of Sunnybrook Farm,           marked on back, flirty
              Co-Owners: Dian and Gary Green              $50.00, shipping &          excellent      condition,     eyes, orig wig, really
                                                          handling extra. Rachel      $50.00      each     doll.    nice, redressed in pink
                                                          Payne, PO Box 69,           Sasha dolls boy and           pleated dress $650.
A one-year subscription for only $36.00 First             Columbia,          North    girl in original clothes,     Black compo headed
Class or $24.00 Third Class will bring                    Carolina 27925-0069         boy missing shoes,            girl with compo arms
COLLECTORS UNITED to you each month.                      252.216.7803                $250.00 for both dolls.       and       swing     legs
Remember, for your subscription you are entitled                                      Dorothy         Cassidy,      on       cloth     body.
to a FREE 40 WORD LISTING of your dolls                   Mint in box 8" Madame       14440 South Provencal         Unmarked. Wigged in
and/or related dolling world items in each new            Alexander 1981-1984         Drive, Homer Glen,            orig black mohair (face
MONTHLY ISSUE. Extra words are welcomed at                $50.00 each, 12" Mint       Illinois           60491      very       much      like
$.20 each.                                                in                  box     708.301.4899                  Shirley) $475, Loved
                                                          Scarlett, Rhett $175.                                     old brown teddy bear,
Our FORUM devotes itself to the transmittal of            Mint in box Effanbee        Wanted         Collectible    probably 1920"s $120;
useful knowledge in our collecting world. With this       Characters       $35.00     Concepts Hitty dolls          Patsy baby, (all comp)
column, we can express our concerns with one              each, Mint in box 18"       and         accessories.      orig wig, NASB Hush-
another.                                                  Mae West $75.00,            Other        doll    artist   a-Baby,         celluloid
                                                          shipping & handling         Hittys. Selling Gene          collection, Ginny's and
           SUBSCRIPTION RATES:                            extra. Call after 6 PM      dolls MIB $45 each.           their clothes. Have a
                                                          770.684.6844                Call for list or email me.    Merry Holiday Season!
One Year – First Class                         $36.00                                 Happy                         Dee Domroe, 9 Stuart
                                                          Effanbee Honey, 14",        Thanksgiving.                 Rd. W., Bridgewater,
One Year – Third Class                         $24.00
                                                          beautiful     condition,    June              Castello    CT 06752. 860-354-
Canada and Mexico                              $36.00     original    and      box    955      Amalia       Ave.    8442        or    dollrm
Other International                            $48.00     $75.00,        Madame       Los      Angeles,      CA
Single Copies                                  $3.00      Alexander       Victoria,   90022,       323-2682969
                                                          Mint in box $35.00
               DEADLINE DATES:
The DEADLINE DATE for each monthly issue of
C.U. is the 10th of the month preceeding the
month of issue for the subscriber’s FREE ads.
The DEADLINE DATE is the 15th of the month for
display and paid ads. Example: July 10th and 15th         Collectors United is pleased to announce that effective
would be the deadline for your listing to be
included in the August issue.                             with the September issue, Collectors United Magazine
                                                          can be accessed via internet as well as
15 Column Inches                       $75.00             your hard copy.
(Page length-one column) or equivalent area
horizontally placed
7½ Column Inches or Equivalent         $37.50             This is available to all current subscribers.
4 Column Inches or Equivalent          $20.00

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Single Banner Only                             $30.00     the Online Edition.
Double Banner with Link                        $40.00
Double Banner with ½ Page                      $60.00
Double Banner with Full Page                   $80.00     Username ‘cureader’
Larger ads can be arranged through Collectors United.
                                                          Password: Pre93E3
The above rates include ART LAYOUT for your AD, if
necessary. There is no charge for including your
“screened’’ (Velox, PMT’s, etc.) PHOTOS except for
the space they occupy. GLOSSY PRINTS                      We have had so many request for this addition to our
(black/white or color) $2.50 for screening.               publication.
A DISCOUNT of 10% is given for DISPLAY
ADVERTISING when purchased on a continuing basis
– at least three issues without change in the art work.   Hopefully, it will be very helpful for those who prefer
                                                          the internet.
C.U. reserves the right to edit copy. We also reserve
the right to refuse listing space to those who have
repeatedly violated the dolling code of ethics. Only in   Thanks for your continued support of C.U.
this way can we maintain the integrity of our
publication. We cannot be responsible for any             Dian & Gary Green
advertising other than our own.

Collectors United – Founder: Donna Stanley,
Published monthly by Collectors United, 711
Four 8’’ Storybook            $40. Mardi Gras $30.         also list of David Winter   cases. Connie Martin,         $80.00,         Furga
dolls, very class, just       Pilgrim $30. Colonial        Houses,                     4018 East 17th Street,        Sweet Adriana, hoop
like new, my collection,      $30.     Style    Magic      with mouse, collection      Tucson, Arizona 85711         skirt, matching dress,
no     boxes.       United    Whitney $45. Happy           of Coca Cola Santas.        520.325.1939                  hat, blue print gown,
States, Little Book,          Holidays 1989, 1990,         Betty               Bair,                                 14"            $25.00,
Marme, Israel, Book           1992, 1993 $25 each;         863.868.4732 or Email       Chein’s 1940’s, 1930’s        Mercedes
Star, Scarlett 17’’ pink      Brazilian,       Italian,    ebair@tampa                 Little Bo Peep table & 4      865.687.0433
Grow. I think she’s a         Parisian $10 each; Mel                  chairs (litho tin), red,
bridesmaid, not original      Odum’s Red Velvet                                        yellow, chairs 5’’ tall,      Madame        Alexander
Barbie       outfit      in   Gene, Hello Hollywood        Nice blond bubblecut        table 5’’ diameter, good      Sale:    Set      of   5
package, private $20.         $85 each; Effanbee           Barbie    dressed      in   condition, coloring $65.      Desperate
Bridal Collection $25.        Mom and Patsy and            Evening in Splendor         1930’s doll carriage          Housewives,        2007,
Other Bridal Dress, no        Christmas Eve $55.           coat and sheath dress,      cover and pillow set,         Never           removed
package $10. 1 more in        75th        Anniversary      heels         replaced,     embroidered          with     from    box,     $450.00
package. Midge 1963           Holiday Patsy $85.           excellent $75. Barbie       original     box    $35.      shipping & handling
doll fashion package,         Golden Autumn, Spring        Clane rare red hair         1930’s Old Woman              extra. Call before 9 PM
repro doll and dress in       Fling, Winter Patsy $65      American     Girl   hair    Who Lived in a Shoe           EST       252.747.4227
box, repaired $90. 35th       each; All dolls NRFB.        style, dressed in Holly     cast metal doorstop
Anniversary;        Model     Nancy Beadle, Toledo,        Dolly     red      attire   with original colors,         Cissy blue net dress,
Agency (Star) in a box,       Ohio, 419-385-7178           excellent $50. Always       Dodge        and     Co.      all original, even shoes,
Holiday Star – I still                                     buying          Vintage     6’’x5½’’x4½’’ $65. 423-       shoes are not in good
have some more. I             Good Luck Trolls, 3,         Barbie!      Jacqueline     247-1639, Mrs. Griffin        condition but doll is
have the custom stand         excellent     condition,     Horning,              19                                  excellent        condition
for the Vogue name on         $20.00, Rice Krispies,       Jamestowne          Dr.,    14" Madame Alexander          $400.00 shipping &
it. Caroline Cruz, 2411       3, Snap, Crackle, Pop,       Cincinnati, Ohio 45241,     McGuffey Ana, tagged,         handling
Lewelling Blvd., #48,         excellent      condition     513-779-3708                great     costume,      all   extra.     Gay     Massa
San Leandro CA                $25.00, Flatsy 1960,                                     original,            good     770.393.2861
                              original, Little Lulu,       1948 Duchess Dolls of       condition, circa 1950
Ideal Miss Revlon, 20",       Peanuts,         Mickey      All Nations in boxes        $395.00, 14" bisque,          Alex 1973 Sound of
in Queen of Diamonds          Mouse, all $25.00,           (five)             $70,     head marked FSBJ-60           Music 12’’ Maria with
outfit, hair in original      Campbell Soup doll           Fidel Castro latex $25,     Paris,                        wrist tag, Alex box $65.
set. Doll, dress, slip,       $25.00,              Pin     Baby Tressy $25, "The       French       Face,      on    1950’s Ideal P-92 (20’’)
panties, nylons, shoes,       Cushion doll, excellent      Wizard" (Oz) Mego in        walking body, charming        Toni       in     1950’s
gloves,         excellent     condition, $35.00, Steiff    pkg $25, Mrs. Beasley       lady      attire,    good     professional copy of a
condition, Discolored         Poodle, Jaco. Shipping       $25, 5 Annalee figures      condition,              all   Sweet Sue formal, just
jewelry, Fur stole a little   &     handling    extra.     Xmas               $48,     original          $500.00,    beautiful $125. 10½’’
worn     $50.     Audrey      Helene           Keefe,      Doll House Family (4)       Franklin, 8700 Riley          Ideal    Miss    Revlon
Fletcher, 84 Falmouth         803.945.9961                 bendable           $45.     Drive, Apartment 104,         wearing          original
Court, Bedford, Mass.                                      Buy     pays    postage     Little Rock, Arkansas         undies, earrings, extra
01730, 781.275.3112     For Sale: Inventory list           Rita, 631-427-8562          72205                         nice $45. 423-247-
                        mailed              when                                                                     1639, Mrs. Griffin
BARBIES: FAO Golden     requested, Collectible             Wanted: Pair of old         Madame        Hendron,
Greeting $60. Rockette  Madame        Alexander            bisque Legs for 7"          Georgene     Novelties,       ANNETTE
$75. Night Sensation    dolls, some boxed,                 Bonnie Babe, pink or        16" cloth doll, original      HIMSTEDT
$75. Benefit Ball $60.  Never removed from                 blue          molded        $35.00,           Betty       MIB:
Special Occasion        box,      very      nice,          shoes, pay up to            Boop, Pretty in Pink          Kai            $600.00
                        Inventory      list    of          $100.00. Want 1950's        Alexander,     Danbury        Bastian        $475.00
 30 YEAR COLLECTION OF OLD AND NEW                                                                                   Shireem        $475.00
                        Hallmark     ornaments,            8" Betsy McCall outfits     Mint 2001, Porcelain
 DOLLS,        PORCELAINS,        CELLULOIDS,                                                                        Timi/Toni pair $585.00
                        series from 1971,                  and          carrying
 ALEXANDER TRUNK DOLLS, MIB BARBIES,                                                                                 Sanga Pemba $585.00
 SHIRLEY TEMPLE TAPES, DOLL BOOKS,                                          BARBIES:                                 Paula          $550.00
 PATTERNS,      DOLL   CLOTHES,       BEANIES,                                                                       Ayoka          $585.00
                                                          FAO Golden Greeting                         $60.00
                                                          Rockette                                    $75.00         Madame Alexander
 ELVIS PRESLEY PLATES AND MEMORABILIA,                                                                               8’’ to 21’’
                                                          Night Sensation                             $75.00
                                                          Benefit Ball                                $60.00
 SNOWBABIES BY DEPT. 56, TALKING TOYS,                                                                               Madame Alexander
                                                          Special Occasion                            $40.00
 MUSIC   BOXES,   ALEXANDER   CLOTHES,                                                                               10’’ MIB Jane
                                                          Mardi Gras                                  $30.00
 BARBIE HALLMARK ORNAMENTS, CPK                                                                                        Averil      $80.00
                                                          Pilgrim                                     $30.00
 CLOTHES PATTERNS.                                                                                                   Maggie Mixup mint
                                                          Colonial                                    $30.00
                                                          Style Magic Whitney                         $45.00          Wearing riding habit
                                                          Happy Holiday 1989, 1990, 1992, 1993        $25 each        8’’          $380.00
              DLSASE FOR LIST.                            Brazilian, Italian, Parisian                $10 each       Rachel 8’’    $45.00
                                                          Mel Odum’s Red Velvet Gene, Hello
                                                            Hollywood                                 $85 each       Many 8’’ to 21’’
            LUDMILA SMITH                                 Effanbee Mom & Patsy Ann Christmas Eve      $55.00         Xavier Roberts Soft
             128 “A” STREET                               75th Anniversary Holiday Patsy              $85.00         Sculptured Dolls –
         SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO,                             Golden Autumn, Spring Fling, Winter Patsy   $65 each
                                                                                                                     Convention Dolls MIB
                 CA 94080
                                                                         ALL DOLLS NRFB
               650-583-6269                                                                                                 SASE/CALL
                                                                                                                          I MAY HAVE IT.
                                                                          NANCY BEADLE                                  Nancy Chvosta
                                                                          TOLEDO, OHIO                                   4600 DuBois
                                                                           419-385-7178                               Brookfield, IL 60513
                            Gigi's Dolls & Sherry's Teddy Bears                                                    Shirley Temple rare
                                                                                                                   8X10 Glossys, will
                                                  6029 N. Northwest Hwy .268.5845
                                                                      812                                          copy sample list $1.00,
                                                    Chicago, IL 60631 Ideal Miss Revlon, 20",                      Bisque Wedding Cake
                                                                       in Queen of Diamonds                        Topper,    Sweet,    3"
                                    773-594-1540 - www.gigisdolls.comoriginal
                                              doeskin outfit with lots outfit, hair in                             Limbaugh 5" Betty
                                                          of beading, headdress,       set.                        Boop, recessed eyes,
                             auburn hair, tin sleep       unusual $245. 1930’s         Doll,     dress,    slip,   12" Geisha glass eyes,
                             eyes, nice composition,      Nursery Rhyme “This          panties, nylons, shoes,     assorted doll patriots
Sale:           Madame       outfit looks totally orig.   Little Pig Went to           gloves,         excellent   from the 1970's. Louise
Alexander Rosamund           $95. Japanese 1920’s         Market” 16’’ cotton          condition,                  Williams, 705 East
Bridesmaid in tagged         frozen Charlotte-types       batting stuffed felt pig     Discolored jewelry, Fur     Culver Road, Knox,
blue      formal,     all    4’’ turn girls bisques       with painted features,       stole a little worn $50.    Indiana          46534
original, $145.00, two       plus      2½’’     bisque    yellow, blue clothes by      Audrey Fletcher, 84         574.772.4608
bisque     heads,    AM      Oriental boy/girl plus       Ross       and     Ross,     Falmouth          Court,
Dream baby # 341,            little   girl   watering     Oakland,       California    Bedford, Mass. 01730,       NRFB      8’’   Wendys
Schoenau                     flowers 5/$35. 423-          $75.      423-247-1639,      781.275.3112                120801 Being Like
Hoffmeister       #1800,     247-1639, Mrs. Griffin       Mrs. Griffin                                             Mommy, 120806 Loves
both for $65.00, lovely                                                                23’’ Rushton Santa,         Schools, 120807 Loves
1950's     Cissette    in    Barbie Bongo outfit,         Steiff rare pale yellow      V/Cloth, beard worn, w/     Her    Sunday     Best,
chemise,                     never removed from           Circus Dolly, Limited        6 more Santas $75.          12802     Loves    Fair,
original    box,    good     package, Mickey and          Edition of 480 $345.         HTF Barbie Stallion         12802 Loves County
coloring, head loose,        Pals      outfit,   never    Bendy Panda, all ID          Midnight, MIB $28. Iron     Fair, 1995-96 Cloth
$140.00, shipping &          removed              from    $175.00, 6" 1960's,          Squirrel     Nutcracker,    Patchity    Pan,    426
handling           extra.    package, fits Barbie         Gold Steiff , all ID, tag    MIB $36. 50’s tree with     Scarlett.     Smoke/Pet
Mary 619.464.2733            and any 11½" doll,           a bit tattered $195.00,      lites,   9’’    Spruce,     Free             Home.
                             $10.00              each,    Snap a Part Bear, no         F/Optic, NRFB $15.
FOR SALE: Madame             My      Friend     Mandy,    box     or    certificate    Windup/Working              m, 801-562-0756
Alexander 1st Ladies         never removed from           $155.00,          darling!   Christmas         Book,
Series IV – set of 6         package footwear and         Linda               Pilsl,   10½’’x9-3/4’’        w,     S.S. Cook Book 1980
dolls with boxes $250        tights,           $20.00,    920.458.8934                 another $8. Marlene         $25. Cabbage Patch
plus shipping. Dolls         Batman Bank, 1989,                                        Mathson, Blair, WI          Porcelain        Figurine
and      boxes      are      $20.00, Campbell Kids        Selling my collection of     54616, 608-989-2150         Bedtime Story $25.
excellent. Call JoAnne       Puzzle            $20.00,    Franklin Mint dolls, all     evenings                    Raggedy Ann Dot Book
in SC, 803-793-5931.         Myrtle Theis, 2800           Mint in box, Coca Cola                                   $12. 1972. Couch and
Tonner Cinderella from       Bailey            Avenue,    collection,       Sarah,     Good Luck Trolls, 3,        rocking chair made
Disney Doll and Teddy        Massillon, Ohio 49646,       Morgan, Danny, Kirby         excellent     condition,    from Coca-Cola Cans
Convention with box          330.832.4854                 and Billy. Original price    $20.00, Rice Krispies,      $20 each. Myrtle Theis,
$300.                                                     $195.00, selling for         3, Snap, Crackle, Pop,      2800      Bailey     NE,
                             Hush Little Baby MIB         $90.00 each. Shipping        excellent      condition    assillon, Ohio 44646,
Madame        Alexanders     $65. Baby Talks MIB          &     handling     extra.    $25.00, Flatsy 1960,        330-832-4854
for sale, all from 1989,     $65.    Beauty    Shop       Please             write.    original, Little Lulu,
50th Anniversary of          Baby Crissie MIB $50.        Joan     Flint,   41423      Peanuts,         Mickey     First Chatty Cathy’s
Gone With The Wind,          My     Beautiful   Doll      Thornton,        Hemet,      Mouse, all $25.00,          Paper hang tag –
8" Rhett #642, 8"            Valerie    MIB     $50.      California 92544-8272        Campbell Soup doll          warranty; Paper “Story
Ashley       #628,     8"    DeHetre Babies, all                                       $25.00,              Pin    Book” (4 pages) also
Scarlett #426, in their      MIB – Sunny – Honey          2010     MADC       Fall     Cushion doll, excellent     tagged pink & white
boxes,                       – Love – Daisy $150          Friendship Luncheon          condition, $35.00, Steiff   Peppermint       Stripe
$35.00 each, shipping        each; Baby Sitter’s          companion          dolls,    Poodle, Jaco. Shipping      dress plus panties, all
&     handling     extra.    Club Doll – all MIB – 7      Indian Boy and Indian        &                           $25. Have first Chatty,
Bonnie             Lenz,     dolls $500 for all;          Girl, $180.00 for both,      handling          extra.    body very good, talks,
352.688.9909 Florida         Turner Jennie, MIB           shipping & handling          Helene           Keefe,     face okay – hair full –
                             $195.        Evergreen       extra. Pat Sutton, 1469      803.945.9961                may      have     been
Madame Alexanders:           Princess MIB $65.            Hill Avenue, Cincinnati,                                 trimmed – nude $15.
Commuter     Rockette        Gibson Girl, MIB $65.        Ohio             45831,      South Bend doll stroller    Betty, 706-654-4850
Cissy, $175.00, FAO          Danbury Mint Cuddle          513.521.2098                 by Milton Bradley for
140th      Anniversary       Kids,    Porcelain    –                                   ages 3 to 6 – box never     Remember, a five day
Cissy $375.00, Blue          Ashley – Amy – Allison       For Sale: 21" bisque         opened $20. Ginnette        return privilege must
Bird Shadow Wendy            – Adam – MIB $450 for        Indian     Boy,     Kelly    doll bed 11’’ long, 5-      be granted on ALL
$40.00, Peaches and          all.    Postage     and      Rubert $22.50, 21"           3/4’’ high with original    C.U. transactions!
Cream          Wendy         Insurance exra. Phone        Baby             Turner,     bedding             $18.    Norma Talking Doll
$80.00, FAO Lucy and         770-445-3835,                Cassandra,          1986     Strawberry         Land     1950, hard plastic head
Ethel Wendy $100.00,         Catherine    Ragsdale,       $25.00, 24" Camelot          Miniatures Berry Patch      and shoulder plate in
Shea $40. Brenda             285 Ragsdale Rd.,            doll, Holly, $35.00, 3"      carrying case with 18       old christening dress
Frey, 4745 Bull Road,        Dallas, GA 30157             all    bisque     Santa,     dolls $35. 615-646-         and bonnet, sweet
Dover,   Pennsylvania                                     $12.50, 2" china head        6992                        memory $78. Priness
17315    717.292.3091        1920’s      Indian-made      $12.50,         Ladonna                                  Elizabeth (for the one
                             20’’    Indian     chief,    Unger, 303 South Troll                                   who     has     it   all!)
***********                  stockingnette       over     Street,         Sullivan,                                composition,       human
Miscellan                    padded          wooded,      Indiana 47882,                                           wig, beautiful face!
                             strong           painted                                                              Professionally dressed
  eous                       features, cream                                                                       in pink satin and velvet
Horsman     look-a-like,                                                                                           cape and hat, sacrifice
21’’ composition, cloth,                                                                                           $148. D. Crouch, 801-
straight leg toddler,                                                                                              226-7440. + More.
                    LOUISE HENDERSON
                                  2404 Hikes Lane
                                Louisville, KY 40218
                               Phone 502-458-4916

                               ALL DOLLS ARE IN THE BOX

                DOLLS ARE PRICE + Shipping and Insurance
R. John Wright Pooh Bear The Piglet $275.00     Muffy Snowbear                     $30.00   12’’ Rebecca                 $35.00
Good-Krueger Gund #19                $95.00     Muffy Snowflake                    $30.00   12’’ Lucinda                 $35.00
Good-Krueger (Faith) of 200 #119 $95.00         Vanderbear Fluffy Gibearny         $25.00   12’’ Degas Girl              $35.00
FP Joey                              $25.00     Splish Happy Vanderbear            $28.00   12’’ Laurie                  $45.00
F&B Mae West                         $40.00     10th Anniversary Vanderbear        $35.00   12’’ Jo 1332                 $35.00
F&B John Wayne                       $50.00     Tricky Trio Muffy Bear             $28.00   14’’ September               $45.00
Ron Lee Hot Air Balloon              $25.00     Hoppy Vanderbear                   $28.00   1984 Beth 8’’                $45.00
Suzanne Gibson Tamara                $25.00     Oatsie Horse                       $25.00   1982 Amy                     $30.00
1983 Betsy Wetsy CBS Toys            $30.00     Picnic Basket Set Vanderbear       $15.00   1977 Austria                 $30.00
Donny Osmond                         $25.00     Muffy Club House Secret Box        $15.00   1987 Jamaica                 $30.00
Glamour Gals Wedding Day Playset $35.00         Muffy black & red checked trunk             1980 Marme & 1980 Jo
1981 Mattel Bye Bye Diaper           $20.00      Metal                             $22.00    Each                        $30.00
Pink Sailorette Dumpling             $45.00     Muffy Sewing Tin Box               $15.00   1981 Welcome Home            $22.00
Alex Baby Brother                    $65.00     Muffy Small Chest with 3 porcelain          Marme 1980                   $30.00
Alex Baby Sister                     $65.00      Thimbles                          $18.00   Jamaica 1987                 $30.00
Alex Super Genius                               Muffy Horse Tricky Treat Trio with          Polish BK                    $40.00
Alex Black Pussy Cat                 $55.00      Blanket                           $25.00   Spanish Girl BK              $45.00
Steiff Chocolate Set                 $625.00    Muffy Easter Fantasy outfit MIP    $15.00   ’76 Hug-a-Bye Baby Vogue $40.00
Steif Roosevelt Campfire Set         $225.00    Rosemary Cinnebear                 $22.00   F&B 7001 Partytime Boy       $35.00
Steiff Louis Bear                    $575.00    Winnie the Pooh made for Sears Roebuck      F&B 7002 Partytime Girl      $35.00
Steiff Spring Flower USA 97          $125.00     100 years                         $28.00   F&B 748 Laurel MIB
Bialosky Bear (large) Ltd. Edition $65.00       1989 Raikes Sherwood Bear          $45.00    Jan Hagara                  $30.00
GI Joe Deluxe book & original repro of          Raikes Jill Bear                   $55.00   F&B Play Doll in box (older) $30.00
  1964 Action Sailor, Marine, Pilot & Soldier   Raikes Andrew Bear                 $55.00   F&B Olympic Skippy V908 $40.00
  Each                               $45.00     Raikes Large Emily                 $85.00   7488 F&B Maryann
GI Joe Action by Hasbro Limited Edition         Raikes Sam ’88                     $40.00    Jan Hagara                  $30.00
Commemorative 1996 Soldier, Sailor &            Raikes Lucy                        $40.00   7485 F&B Lesley Jan Hagara $35.00
  Marine                      Each $30.00       Raikes Hucklebear                  $85.00   F&B V500 Candy Kid           $35.00
F&B Brunette Baby                    $20.00     18’’ talking Freddy Krueger        $35.00   Bill Baloney                 $40.00
Ling Ling 18’’ by Pauline            $20.00     Sylvester Stallone Over the Top    $28.00   F&B 1560 Baby                $30.00
Talking MWT                          $35.00     1984 Newborn Black Thumbelina $25.00        F&B George Washington        $40.00
1978 Meg 8’’                         $35.00     F&B Mark Twain                     $35.00   F&B Groucho Marx             $40.00
14526 Amy dark blue dress 8’’        $40.00     14633 12’’ Meg                     $35.00   F&B 7486 Larry Jan Hagara $35.00
1980 Amy 411 – 8’’                   $30.00     16095 12’’ Amy                     $35.00   F&B Black Baby
Dorothy with red shoes 464           $40.00     Simpson Really Rude Bart           $35.00    Soft Sounds                 $30.00
Princess and the Pea                 $45.00     1970 Gretel BK                     $35.00   Outfit or Baby Soft Sounds $30.00
12’’ Beth made for Spiegel limited $40.00       BK Red Riding Hood                 $35.00   Bell Telephone Doll
Enchanted Doll ltd edition to 3000 $49.00       1970 BK Meg                        $35.00    White and black                     $30.00
                                                                                            Strawberry Patch Carry Case          $25.00
Wendy Learns Her ABC’s               $40.00     1968 BK Marme                      $35.00   Sunshine Family                      $25.00
Bobbie Sox Poodle Skirt              $45.00     1968 BK Beth                       $35.00   Emerald City Dorothy 1st Series
Miniature Madame                     $45.00     1968 BK Meg                        $35.00    Green plaid dress                   $45.00
Nancy Jean                           $40.00     BK French                          $35.00   8’’ Witch Wizard Oz
Wendy’s Best Friend Maggie           $45.00     BK Russian                         $35.00    1st Series                          $45.00
                                                                                            8’’ Mayor of Munchkinland
Polly Pigtails                       $45.00     1965 Marme                         $35.00    1st series of Oz                    $50.00
1996 Barbie Holiday                  $25.00     1996 12’’ Amy                      $35.00   8’’ Scarecrow 1st series of
Ed Grimley talking                   $35.00     Nashville Winter Wonderland        $35.00    Wizard of Oz                        $45.00
Sylvester Stallone (Over the Top)    $28.00     Wendy Loves Her Best               $45.00   8’’ Lion – 1st series of Wizard of
Victorian Elegance Barbie Hallmark $25.00       Wendy Loves Being Best Friends     $45.00    Oz                                  $45.00
                                                                                            8’’ Tin Woodsman 1st series
It’s Ernest by Kenner                $25.00     CU Gathering Yugoslavia                      of Oz                               $45.00
Kid Sister by Playskool Black                    1987                              $35.00   Dorothy blue checked with red
  22’’                               $28.00                                                  Shoes                               $40.00
F&B George Washington                $38.00                                                 Punky Brewster MIB                   $22.00
                           50th   Anniversary   I      Canal Fulton, Ohio          companion          dolls,     Evergreen,   Colorado
***********                Love Lucy & Ricky Gift      44614, 330.854.1207         Indian Boy and Indian         80437, 303.679.6525
   Barbies                 Set            $65.00,                                  Girl, $180.00 for both,
                           562.577.5993                Barbie Bongo outfit,        shipping & handling           Middleton            Doll,
                                                       never removed from          extra. Pat Sutton, 1469       Sincerity     numbered
LARGE         “BARBIE”
                           Barbies: Bob Mackie         package, Mickey and         Hill Avenue, Cincinnati,      and signed by Lee
COLLECTION for sale,
                           Empress Bride with          Pals    outfit,   never     Ohio             45831,       herself,    mold     was
December, 11, 2010, at
                           shipper       $350.00,      removed            from     513.521.2098                  retired before she died.
Morphy         Auctions,
                           Feeling        Groovy,      package, fits Barbie                                      Mint $75. Madame
Denver, PA, 717-335-
                           Billy   Boy    $65.00,      and any 11½" doll,          Teddy Roosevelt all           Alexander         limited
3435,     and    online
                           Grand Ole Opry Barbie       $10.00    each,       My    original doll in great        edition Queen Isabella
                           with Skipper $35.00,        Friend Mandy, never         shape, box a mess             and          Christopher
om. Many mint-in-box
                           Happy             New       removed from package        $65. Two Vanna White          Columbus $49. MA 8’’
and     mint.   National
                           Year Barbie, 1995,          footwear and tights,        dolls, not dressed the        Baby      Genius     $69.
prize winners, too!
                           $20.00,           50th      $20.00,                     same, plus 6 piece            Ginny             Lisney
Vintage through early
                           Anniversary I Love          Batman Bank, 1989,          wardrobe, all mint –          International      Bride,
1980’s “Barbie” and
                           Lucy & Ricky Gift Set,      $20.00, Campbell Kids       never opened $30.             very colorful mint $29.
Friends Dolls, Outfits,
                           $65. 562.577.5993           Puzzle $20. Myrtle          Plus postage. Kathy           Toodles blue stripe
vehicles, and early
                                                       Theis, 2800 Bailey          Gaylord, 3802 Sandy           outfit, nice hair bent
structures. Come join      ***********                 Avenue,        Massillon,   Ln.,    Florence,  SC         arms Vogue on body
                           Miscellan                   Ohio             49646,     29501, 843-678-8910           $200. BOOKS: Ginny
                                                       330.832.4854                                              Doll Encyclopedia $20.
Send stamped self            eous                                                  AM971 10’’ Baby, AO,          Collector’s
addressed envelope for
                           Mint in box 1992            Selling my collection of    adorable $325. 8½’’           Encyclopedia of Dolls,
Mint in box Barbie list
                           Fayzah Spanos 26"           Franklin Mint dolls, all    Heub. Kopple., AO             Vol. One and Two by
to: Patty Leach, PO
                           vinyl Jackue, with sailor   Mint in box, Coca Cola      $110.     23’’    black       Coleman $85. The
Box 1208, Millbrook,
                           outfit           $85.00,    collection,       Sarah,    B/Crissy, soft/v $85.         Handbook       of    Doll
Alabama 36054
                           Mint in box 1985            Morgan, Danny, Kirby        21’’ pair Pussycats,          Repair & Restoration
                           Franklin Mint Heirloom,     and Billy. Original price   black, white, 1 original      by Marty Westfall $25.
Barbies: Bob Mackie
                           17", porcelain Scarlett     $195.00, selling for        $90.    ’62    Madame         All are plus P&I. Minnie
Empress Bride with
                           $45.00, Mint in box         $90.00 each. Shipping       Alexander Bunny, cute         Birge, 1574 Rams Run,
shipper        $350.00,
                           Peggy Nesbit, Charles,      &     handling     extra.   toddler, rerooted hair        Shepherdsville,       KY
Feeling Groovy, Billy
                           Diana     and      Baby     Please             write.   $70. ’89 Christmas            40165, 502-693-4187
Boy $65.00, Grand Ole
                           William $45.00, free        Joan     Flint,   41423     Ginny, NRFB $28. Plus
Opry     Barbie    with
                           shipping on all dolls.      Thornton,        Hemet,     P&I. Marlene Mathson,         For Sale: 21" bisque
Skipper $35.00, Happy
                           Wanted:             Jeri    California 92544-8272       W13111 S. River Rd.,          Indian     Boy,     Kelly
New               Year
                           McCloud Linda doll                                      Blair, WI 54616, 608-         Rubert $22.50, 21"
Barbie, 1995 $20.00,
                           and Jerri McCloud           2010     MADC     Fall      989-2150 evenings             Baby             Turner,
                           club       newsletters.     Friendship Luncheon                                       Cassandra,         1986,
                           Linda Contrael, 6356                                    Jody doll, by Ideal, in       $25.00, 24" Camelot
                           Chiltern Road, NW,                                      box, hair is still in         doll, Holly, $35.00, 3"
                                                                                   plastic, Country Girl         all    bisque     Santa,
                                                                                   outfit $19.00, Mint in        $12.50, 2" china head
                                                                                   box Nancy Ann Story           $12.50,         Ladonna
                                                                                   Book doll, Cinderella in      Unger, 303 South Troll
                                                                                   pink,             polka       Street,         Sullivan,
                                                                                   dot box, darling doll,        Indiana           47882
                                                                                   $29. Patricia Tafel, PO       812.268.5845
                                                                                   Box 3686,

                                                                                   Middleton Doll Sincerity, numbered and signed by Lee
                                                                                     Herself, mold was retired before she died,
                                                                                     mint                                         $75.00
                                                                                   Madame Alexander Limited Edition Queen Isabella
                                                                                   and Christopher Columbus                       $49.00
                                                                                   Madame Alexander 8’’ Baby Genius               $69.00
                                                                                   Ginny Lisney International Bride, very colorful,
                                                                                     mint                                         $29.00
                                                                                   Toodles blue stripe outfit, nice hair, bent arms, Vogue
                                                                                   on body                                        $200.00

                                                                                   Ginny Doll Encyclopedia                     $20.00
                                                                                   Collector’s Encylopedia of Dolls, Vol. One and Two
                                                                                     by Coleman                                $85.00
                                                                                   The Handbook of Doll Repair and Restoration
                                                                                    by Marty Westfall                          $25.00

                                                                                                   ALL ARE PLUS P&I.

                                                                                                MINNIE BIRGE
                                                                                                1574 Rams Run
                                                                                            Shepherdsville, KY 40165
                                                                                       shipping & handling
           New Dates!
                                                                                       extra.        Mary
                                                            Alexander                  619.464.2733

          New Location!
                                                            Madame       Alexanders
                                                                                       Madame        Alexander
                                                            for sale all from 1989,
                                                                                       12’’ Blue Boy faded to
                                                            50th anniversary of
                                                                                       lavendar $30. Also
                                                            Gone      With     The

           New Dates!
                                                                                       Madame        Alexander
                                                            Wind. 8" Rhett #642, 8"
                                                                                       17’’ Maria Sound of
                                                            Ashley      #628,    8"
                                                                                       Music        1971-1973
                                                            Scarlett          #426.
                                                                                       missing shoes, outfit
                                                            Bonnie Lenz 352-688-
                                                                                       faded still very sweet
                                                            9909 Florida
                                                                                       $40. Plus postage.

Naples Doll Club
                                                                                       Kathy Gaylord, 3802
                                                            Madame       Alexander
                                                                                       Sandy Ln., Florence,
                                                            21’’ Manet with box
                                                                                       SC 29501, 843-678-
                                                            $100 plus shipping.

Doll Show & Sale
                                                            Have lots of Alexander
                                                            dolls. Call for wants.
                                                                                       MA’s for sale, all from
                                                            JoAnne in SC, 803-
                                                                                       1989, 50th Anniver-
                                                                                       sary of Gone With The
                                                                                       Wind, 8" Rhett #642, 8"
                                                            Madame         Alexander
                                                                                       Ashley     #628,      8"
                                                            Dolls: 8’’ MIB Scarlett
                                                                                       Scarlett #426, in their
         Friday, January 14, 2011                           #426, Melanie 627,
                                                            Mammy 402, Tom
                                                                                       $35 each. S&H extra.
               1 pm – 5 pm                                  Sawyer 491, Tinkerbell
                                                            13960,     Betty    Blue
                                                                                       Bonnie            Lenz,
                                                                                       352.688.9909 Florida
         Saturday, Jan. 15, 2011                            “Maggie Face” 420,
                                                            McGuffey Anna 496,
                                                                                       8" MA Scouting, Girl
              10 am – 4 pm                                  Lady Bird 430 $25
                                                            each; 8’’ Little Women
                                                                                       Scout made one time
                                                                                       only, 1991 to 1992,
                                                            Set – 6 dolls $180.
                                                                                       #317 $95.00, Daniel
                                                            Brooke Shields $8.
  Moorings Presbyterian Church – Moss Hall                  615-646-6992
                                                                                       Boone, #315 1991 only
                                                                                       $45.00, Texas, #313,
                 791 Harbour Drive                          Sale:          Madame
                                                                                       1991    only    $45.00,
                                                                                       Belk's Fannie Elizabeth
                1 block west of US41                        Alexander Rosamund
                                                                                       $45.    Gay     Massa,
                                                            Bridesmaid in tagged

          Naples, FL
                                                            blue      formal,    all
                                                            original, $145.00, two
                                                                                       Madame        Alexanders
                                                            bisque     heads,   AM
                                                                                       for sale, all from 1989,
                                                            Dream baby #341,
                                                                                       50th Anniversary of
                                                            Schoenau Hoffmeister
                                                                                       Gone With The Wind,
                                                            #1800, both for $65.00,
                                                                                       8" Rhett #642, 8"
                                                            lovely 1950's Cissette
  Antique, Vintage & Collectible Dolls & Miniatures         in chemise, original
                                                                                       Ashley       #628,    8"
                                                                                       Scarlett #426, in their
        Admission: Friday $8; Saturday $5;                  box, good coloring,
                                                            head loose $140.00,
              Children under 12 $3.00                                                  $35.00 each. S&H
                                                                                       extra. Bonnie Lenz,
               Doll appraisals $5 each                                                 352.688.9909 Florida
       Proceeds to Local Children’s Charities

         Dealer/Travel Information:
          Myrna Eby
239-947-3394 or 574-892-5866

   Dot Hagman – 239-434-6030

Or simply Google – Naples Doll Club
      The most highly anticipated doll show of the season
Large listing, drastically   Donna      Buckleman,      11’’ cloth dolls with          Francisco, CA 94080,      1940’s painted metal
reduced,         Barbies,    P.O.    Box.   10808,      painted faces, English         650-583-6269              canister set red, yellow
Madame Alexanders,           Baltimore, MD. 21234,      made, felt clothes,                                      with    cherry     motif,
Tyler                        410-446-2895       or      quite a pair $245. 423-        Ideal Harmony, Tressy,    largest 2½’’x2½’’, nice
Wentworh, also Shirley       chang@        247-1639, Mrs. Griffin         MIA, with box $45.00      condition – set of 4
Temple and Liz Taylor                                                                  each, Brandi, Kerry,      $45. World War II
doll, specify one $1.00      Himstedts and others       For Sale: Featuring            Crissy $30.00 each,       military crepe paper
or all for $2.00. All        .... SALE Anna Lisa        Limited Editions and           Tote $15.00, Barbie       W.A.V.E., 5’’ $35. 323-
mint,                        (Make offer), Emmi         Specials     from      our     Airplane        $30.00,   247-1639, Mrs. Griffin
Call       415.254.6515      $500, Ayoka $5400,         collections           plus     Adventure     GI    Joe
Elizabeth         Burrell,   Mirte and her Kleine       many other dolls and           $30.00, Vintage Growin    Shirley Temple 36" by
Apartment 318, 14639         $525, Marli $500, Krissi   bears       by       Steiff,   Hair Barbie, Francie      Garfinkle, 1984 $200.
Bauer              Drive,    I and Krissi II $750,      Canterbury, Madame             $45.00 each, Ken $20.     Joanie Nurse by MA
Rockville,      Maryland     Lina    $500,    Liliane   Alexander,          Tonner     Dorothy Porter, 6403      36" $200.00, A-E #
20853-2405                   $250,                  2   and Robin Woods.               Wildflower       Place,   3652, 36" $150.00,
                             Neblinas $500 each,        Large collection of            Johnston, Iowa 51031,     Barbie Sunrider #7428,
Sale: Julie Kruger All       Shireem $375, Pancho       Alice in Wonderland,           515.252.6212              Dallas dolls Horse,
Gone     $40;   Sweet        $375, Panchita $400,       Snow      White        and                               #3312, ten Speeder
mmm's PJ by Gerardi          Kaai    $400,    Melvin    Gone With The Wind,            Madelines, all mint, 2-   #7777, fold up trailer,
$65;      Jenny    by        $500, Some nice Heidi      Scarlett            series.    13", $15.00 each, 6-16"   Fashion Photo #2210,
Robin Woods $70;             Ott, 30" Antique doll,     Please         call       ..   $25.00 each, Madeline     Barbie items, $50.00
Lesley by Hagara $60;        Steiff Bears, Beanie       706.650.1928 Georgia           Books,                    for       all.     Joe
Barbie Afghan Hound          Babies Small, Med,                                        $8.00             each,   321.452.3595
$10; Robin Woods 8"          arge and Jumbos. Call      Elvis Presley Plates           Paperdolls,       $4.00
clown in peach and           for more info or e-mail    and Memorabilia, Steiff        each, still have Wendy    Beautiful big Lenci, 27"
aqua $35; all plus           lisnjim@       Animals,            large      Lawtons Little Women,     Fedora      from     the
shipping; Judy, 315-         for photos – Lis           collection              of     5 dolls, made by          1980's, mint in satin
684-3162                                                Snowbabies by Dept.            Ashton Drake, all for     lined box $400.00,
                             1940’s Knife Throwing      56,     Talking    Toys,       $175.00, very good        1983 Zanini Zambelli,
Sindy,        Littlechap,    Game with colorful litho   Music             Boxes,       price.          Thanks.   boy/girl twins, MIB
Tammy-Dawn-Barbie &          metal cowgirl target       Alexander        clothes,      425.397.8593              $150.00 pair, Texaco
Clones, Darci, Dusty,        (red, yellow, blue) with   Barbie          Hallmark                                 Man,      Buddy     Lee
Dolly          Darlings,     rough original box $35.    Ornaments,           CPK       Little Bo Peep 1940’s     Replica, MIB $75. Pat
Petra (German Barbie         1920’s Tweedle Dee,        Clothes         Patterns.      embossed      aluminum    Christenson, 426-19th
Clones), Tiny Teens,         Tweedle Dum                DLSASE        for     list.    tea set for 4 includes    Street, Black Eagle,
Penny Brite, Jenny                                      Ludmila Smith, 128 “A”         napkins and beautiful     Montana 406.453.3608
(Takara),           Holly                               Street, South San              colorful box $75.
Hobby, etc. Fashion
Dolls Available,
For Sale: Effanbee 16"       Niswonger, fair, 1958,
Patsy             Joan,      slw    Israelian,    no
composition,          all    shoes, one pink, one
original,    beautiful!!!    black, marked Ginny,
$145.00 shipping &           right shoe on pink
handling          extra.     Leather tie shoe, fuzzy
Wanted: Early white          bottom          $25.00,
shoes,     2¼",      for     postage paid. Joyce
Madame       Alexander       Bock, PO Box 350551,
14" Quint toddler,           Palm Coast, Florida
name your price!!!           32135     386.445.4317
Photos        available.
Marion Clouser, 6244         Jody doll, by Ideal, in
Whittondale      Drive,      box, hair is still in
Tallahassee,    Florida      plastic, Country Girl
32312, 850.668.6584          outfit $19.00, Mint in
                             box      Nancy      Ann
MIB     1992    Fayzah       Storybook          doll,
Spanos     26"     vinyl     Cinderella    in   pink,
Jackue, with sailor          polka                dot
outfit         $85.00,       box, darling doll $29.
Mint in box 1985             Patricia Tafel, PO Box
Franklin Mint Heirloom,      3686,        Evergreen,
17", porcelain Scarlett      Colorado         80437
$45.00, Mint in box          303.679.6525
Peggy Nesbit, Charles,
Diana     and      Baby
William, $45.00, free        1950’s Muffy, Ginny,
shipping on all dolls.       Hummel        Figurines,
Wanted:             Jeri     Black       Composition
McCloud Linda doll           Baby, Vinyl Cupies;
and Jerri McCloud            Cindy McClure Fairie
club      newsletters.       “Bluebell”;      Cameo
Linda Contrael, 6356         “Miss Peep”; Barbies;
Chiltern Road, NW,           Alexanders;
Canal Fulton, Ohio           Composition       Girls.
44614, 330.854.1207          Ruth Williamson, 217
                             Sandspur Ln., Vidalia,
Book That Doll Ginny,        GA 30474, 912-538-
signed        Jeanne         1028
21’’ Cissy/auburn hair                       $195.00
21’’ Scarlett/floral gown                    $325.00
21’’ Monet                                   $295.00
21’’ Cornelia/blue                           $325.00

19’’ a/c boy doll, nude                      $55.00
Chatty Cathy                                 $35.00
18’’ Victoria                                $35.00
16’’ Ideal Saucy Walker                      $35.00
Ant. A.M. Boy & Girl                  pair   $195.00
15’’ F&B Patsy/original                      $45.00
Shirley Temple 13’’ red velvet top           $55.00
Shirley Temple 15’’ dressed/1957             $65.00
Shirley Temple 17’’ flirty eyes/nude
 beautiful                                   $95.00
3 8’’ Vogue Ginnette/SE               Each   $30.00
8’’ Vogue Baby; dress & cap                  $25.00
9’’ Vogue Ginny Baby, older 57-62/dressed    $35.00
8’’ Little Sister Vogue; Ginnette/dressed    $30.00
21’’ Cornelia/redressed/long pink outfit,
  beautiful                                  $190.00
Jackie clothes/Cissy: Leather Cissy jacket   $25.00
Cissy sleeveless dress                       $25.00
Cissy; 1 pair black panties                  $5.00
Cissy slacks                                 $10.00
Cissy lined black top                        $15.00
Pink outfit/jacket & skirt                   $45.00
                All PLUS P&I.

            DORIS HARRIS
          2564 Huntington Way
          Orange Park, FL 32670
                          Tutti,      Bewitched,     Products.      Dennis       WANTED:        Remco       boxes, Pez, Robots,
***********               Tabitha, Diana Ross,       Ross, 5659 Halifax          Kitty Karryall, Ideal      Flicker         Rings,
    Wanted                Wonder         Woman,      Road,         Arcadia,      Superheroines, Patty       Monsters,      Kenner
                          Storykins,                 California 91007-8416       Duke, Flying Nun,          Blythe Boardgames,
Wanted:       Barbies,
                          Munsters/Addams,           626.446.9678                Charlie’s                  Drum-sets, Corgi, GI
1960's-now        and
                          Planet/Apes,      Love     email        mroden@        Angels,         Kojak,     Joes, Store Displays,
1970's GI Joe dolls,
                          Lucy,          Showbiz     or       Lost/Space, Partridge      Major Matt Mason,
clothes           and
                          Babies,       PufnStuf,       Famly,          David      Mattel Talkers. Daniel
accessories. Ginny,
                          Skediddlers,      Dave     m                           Cassidy,     Monkees,      Wachtenheim, 527 W.
Terri, and Jerri Lee,
                          Clark      5,     Dolly                                Beatles, Land/Giants,      7th Street #703, LA,
Kiddles, Blythe dolls.
                          Darlings,       Dream/     Wanted:    Manniken         Star    Trek,   Brady      CA 90014, 323-848-
All                old
                          Jeannie, Kiss, Cher,       Baby, was sold as           Bunch,        Twiggy,      3053
dolls and toys. $$
                          Farrah.          Daniel    Nicole, Jasmin or           Liddle Kiddles. Daniel
Cash      paid     $$.
                          Wachtenheim,       527     Sara,         sexed.        Wachtenheim, 527 W.        Wanted:        Uncut
Call 704.361.0151                th
                          West 7 Street, #703,       Shirley Pulley, 143         7th Street #703, LA,       paperdolls – one or a
                          LA, CA 90014, 323-         Pauls   Add    Road,        CA 90014, 323-848-         collection   –   pre-
Wanted!       Wanted!
                          848-3053                   Searcy,    Arkansas         3053                       1980’s. Please send
Wanted!          Patent
                                                     72143   501.268.7448                                   me your list or email
Pending Terri Lee
                          WANTED: Himstedt:                                      WANTED:         1960-      me. Shirley Harwood,
and Jerri Lee dolls,
                          Midori   2002,   Jani      WANTED: Crusader            1970's Barbies, GI         142 Gardenia St.,
Gene Autry dolls,
                          2004, Leleti 2007,         Rabbit,    Bullwinkle,      Joe Joe, Kiddles,          Irving, TX 75063, sm
Linda Baby, Connie
                          Lillemore 2007. Call       Jay             Ward,       Blythe,       Vintage      harwood@sbcglobal.
Lynn, Tiny Terri and
                          Lucy: 631-243-2532 or      Disneykins, Polykins,       Barbie dolls clothes       net
Tiny Jerri Lee dolls,
                          Email:                     Cracker         Jack,       & accessories, Ginny,
tagged     Terri   Lee
                           Animation, Batman,          Adam     Family,    &
clothing, hangers and
Helen Pessl Little
                                                     UNCLE,          Green       Planet of the Apes.        Misellane
                          Wants: Looking for a       Hornet,       Banana        Call Ramona @704-
Lady         Products.
                          Nancy Ann bisque           Splits, Jackson 5,          361-0151 anytime.             ous
Dennis Ross, 5659
                          china     doll,   also     Michael     Jackson,                                   Shirley Temple rare
Halifax          Road,
                          German Orsini girl         Pez, Liddle Kiddles,        Wanted: old greeting       8X10 Glossys, will
Arcadia,     California
                          dolls, 5" or 7" tall, If   Cereal     Premiums,        cards and postcards,       copy sample list $1.00,
                          you have wants, call       Toys    Related    TV       old    marbles,    old     Kewpie
                          me.        Downsizing      Shows/Cartoon               bottles, old Pixies/Elf    Bisque Wedding Cake
email        mroden@
                          collection.     Thank      Characters.    Daniel       dolls made of wire         Topper,    Sweet,    3"       or
                          you!!!            Sue      Wachtenheim, 527 W.         and felt. 252-216-         Limbaugh 5" Betty
                          831.484.9272               7th Street #703, LA,        7803, Rachel Payne,        Boop, recessed eyes,
                                                     CA 90014, 323-848-          PO Box 69, Columbia,       12" Geisha glass eyes,
                          Wanted!       Wanted!      3053                        NC     27925-0069.    I    assorted doll patriots
Wanted:     Manniken
                          Wanted!          Patent                                hope everyone has a        from the 1970's. Louise
Baby, was sold as
                          Pending Terri Lee          Wanted : compo left         Merry Christmas and        Williams, 705 East
Nicole, Jasmin or
                          and Jerri Lee dolls,       arm approx 6 1/2            a Happy New Year.          Culver Road, Knox,
Sara,          sexed.
                          Gene Autry dolls,          inches    long,    and                                 Indiana          46534
Shirley Pulley, 143                                                              WANTED:       Megos,
                          Linda Baby, Connie         compo              left                                574.772.4608
Pauls    Add    Road,                                                            Remco       Playsets,
                          Lynn, Tiny Terri and       leg approx 10 1/2
Searcy,     Arkansas                                                             Cereal boxes/Prizes,
                          Tiny Jerri Lee dolls,      inches long, for 21                                    Remember, a five day
72143, 501.268.7448                                                              TV Related Bubble-
                          tagged     Terri   Lee     inch teen type, need                                   return privilege must
                          clothing, hangers and      to be slender. Also         gum Cards, Lunch-          be granted on ALL
WANTED:          Liddle
Kiddles, Blythe,          Helen Pessl Little         shoes/feet for 22 inch         Large Raikes Bear       CU transactions!
                          Lady                       Bratz doll. Iris 478-               “Kitty”           New blond bubblecut
                                                                                                           Barbie,    dressed     in
                                                     Hush Little Baby MIB $65       Other Small Bears
                                                                                                           Evening in Splendor coat
                                                     Baby Talks MIB $65.00         China Teasets Older
                                                     Beauty Shop Baby Crissie
                                                                                                           and sheath dress, heels
                                                      MIB              $50.00       Wolverine metal        replaced        excellent
                                                     My Beautiful Doll Valerie      “Buffet” Colorful      $75.00
                                                      MIB              $50.00
                                                     Dehetre Baby’s All MIB         Barbie Case Older      Barbie Clone rare red
                                                     Each              $150.00
                                                                                                           hair American Girl hair
                                                     Baby Sitter’s Club Doll      1950’s Muffy, Ginny      style, dressed in Holly
                                                      All MIB – 7 dolls             Hummel Figurines,      Dolly      red    attire,
                                                      For all          $500.00   Black Composition Baby    excellent $50.00
                                                     Turner Jennie                    Vinyl Cupies
                                                      MIB              $195.00    Cindy McClure Fairie
                                                     Evergreen Princess                 “Bluebell”               Always
                                                      MIB              $65.00      Cameo “Miss Peep”
                                                     Gibson Girl MIB $65.00        Barbies; Alexanders;
                                                     Danbury Mint Cuddle Kids
                                                                                    Composition Girls            Vintage
                                                      Porcelain – Ashley-Amy-
                                                      Allison-Adam MIB             For more information
                                                      All for         $450.00            contact:
                                                                                  Ruth Williamson           Jacqueline Horning
                                                     Postage & Ins. Extra        217 Sandspur Ln.          19 Jamestowne Drive
                                                                                 Vidalia, GA 30474              Cincinnati,
                                                      Catherine Ragsdale
                                                                                   912-538-1028                 Ohio 45241
                                                       285 Ragsdale Rd.
                                                       Dallas, GA 30157                                        513-779-3708
                                                                                      31’’         American        $275.00,             36"
                                   TOYS                                               Character Sweet Sue
                                                                                      Walker $100. 16½’’
                                                                                                                   Patty Playpal, auburn
                                                                                                                   $275.00, 38" Princess
Little Bo Peep 1940’s embossed aluminum tea set for 4 includes napkins                Ideal Shirley Temple         Diana, blue velvet coat
                                                                                      Stand Up and Cheer           $350.00, L. Rick Angel
 And beautiful colorful box                                             $75
                                                                                      $60. Box Lot of Dolls        $350.00, 36" Patty
1940’s painted metal canister set red, yellow with cherry motif, largest              $100. Box Lot of Dolls       Playpal         brunette
 2½’’x2½’’, nice condition – set of 4                                   $45           $50. Shipping and            $275.00,       Madame
World War II military crepe paper W.A.V.E., 5’’                         $35           handling extra. 252-         Alexander 21" Scarlett,
1920’s Indian-made 20’’ Indian chief, stockingnette over padded wooded,               216-7803,      Rachel        36"     80's      Shirley
 strong painted features, cream doeskin outfit with lots of beading,                  Payne, PO Box 69,            Temple,      30"    80's
 headdress, unusual                                                     $245          Columbia, NC 27925-          Shirley          Temple,
1930’s Nursery Rhyme “This Little Pig Went to Market” 16’’ cotton                     0069                         30"     80's      Shirley
 batting stuffed felt pig with painted features, yellow, blue clothes by                                           Temple. 417.667.8107
 Ross and Ross, Oakland, California                                     $75           SPECIALS $5.00 each:
1924 copyright paper mache hen-on-nest candy container,                               1940’s      Cute     Felt    Rare Franklin Mint
 7’’x6’’x5’’                                                            $45           Christmas Elf, 6’’, hard     Diana in Hachi Gown,
                                                                                      plastic felt 1940’s Jolly    Mint in box, $795.00,
17’’ leather, cloth body for German bisque, no bisque hands             $45
                                                                                      Santa          Ornament      Kathy        Redmond
Leather, composition disc-jointed 9 legs for German bisque              $20           sweet, all bisque 1949       Fashion Lady $225.00,
Right leather arm with bisque lower arm, 6’’ total                      $20           Darling Girl sits on         Artist dolls, Limited
5’’ composition torso & upper arms for bisque                           $20           detailed Liberty Bell.       Edition, Charles and
Chein’s 1940’s, 1930’s Little Bo Peep table & 4 chairs (litho tin),                   856-456-0362                 Diana,
 Red, yellow, chairs 5’’ tall, table 5’’ diameter, good condition,                                                 $400.00 for both, Mint
 Coloring                                                               $65           NRFB Tickle Me Elmo          Liberty  of   London,
1930’s doll carriage cover and pillow set, embroidered with original                  with 9’’ Elmo $26.           Catherine Parr $220.
 box                                                                    $35           Shoebox w/ 25 toys;          Lucy Heckman, 100-50
1930’s Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe cast metal doorstop with                         Troll Archie with pals,      223rd Street, Queens
 original colors, Dodge and Co. 6’’x5½’’x4½’’                           $65           80’s comic, Snoopy –         Village,  New     York
1940’s Knife Throwing Game with colorful litho metal cowgirl target                   MORE $20. MWT’s              11429
                                                                                      Santa Troll 25’’ PJ Bag,     718.776.6285
 (red, yellow, blue) with rough original box                            $35
                                                                                      ‘’ Troll nitelite $18. 18
1920’s Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum 11’’ cloth dolls with painted faces,                  assorted dl/hats, s-4        For Sale: Mint in box
 English made, felt clothes, quite a pair                               $245          shoes $10. Plus P&I.         Himstedt dolls, Oscar,
The Partridge Family, the movie Cannonball Run boxed plus 3 other games,              Elma Hoff, W13622            Kerri, Charly, Medina,
 All MIB                                                                5/$55         Hwy. 95, Blair, WI           Minou,
Breyer Choice Christmas Carolers, Bob Cratchit with Tiny Tim, Mrs.                    54616, 608-989-2150          Fienne $495.00 each,
 Cratchit, Scrooge, etc. – all excellent                                11/$155       evenings                     Enzo,      Jule,    pair
1960’s glass ball tree ornaments 14 dozen boxed                         $55                                        $395.00, Timi, Toni,
4 pieces American Girl clothing.                                                      Large Paper Doll list        $595.00 pair, Tara,
                                                                                      $1.00, Doll list $1.00       Katalin,       Shireem,
     *****************************************************************                R. H. Stevens 17838          Lilliane, Neblina, Lisa,

                                                                                      SE Hwy 452 Umatilla,         Ellen, Bastian, Paula,
                                                                                      FL               32784       $295.00 each, Mrs.
1930’s Patsy look-a-like, 17’’ with molded hair, tin sleep eyes, good composition,    352-821-3276                 Beasley          $50.00,
 redressed                                                                  $45       BuzElsPds@directv.           920.337.4809
1930’s black mask-face rag doll, 15’’ with music box “Jingle Bells”,
 all original                                                               $65       1959     36"      Shirley    Remember, a five day
                                                                                      Temple, all original, 36''   return privilege must be
Estate Group of 2 celluloid-face corduroy body 12’’ babies, 2 Norah Wellings
                                                                                      Patty Playpal,               granted on ALL CU
 7’’ velvet sailors, 17’’ Eskimo, all original                              5/$25                                  transactions!
Alex 1973 Sound of Music 12’’ Maria with wrist tag, Alex box                $65
1950’s Ideal P-92 (20’’) Toni in 1950’s professional copy of a Sweet Sue formal,
 just beautiful                                                             $125
                                                                                      Valley of the Sun Doll Show
10½’’ Ideal Miss Revlon wearing original undies, earrings, extra nice       $45
Raggedy Ann 2002 National Hall of Fame for Toys 19’’ doll, NRFB             $55
1940’s French composition, cloth patriotic costumed 18’’ charmer, totally                   Saturday, March 19, 2011
 original with tag Lea Poupees Blanche Gautier, Paris                       $125                 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
1930’s Puss N Boots 16’’ all-felt character with glass eyes, felt clothing,
 wonderful!                                                                 $125
1950’s hard plastic 16’’ Bride with original gown, undies, socks, 1 shoe,                    PHOENIX, ARIZONA
 beautiful closed-mouth face                                                $55
1950’s hard plastic 16’’ Hawaiian hula dancer, complete with lei, hair flowers,
 hula skirt, hair original set mint unplayed with                           $65          Sponsored by The Valley of the Sun Doll Club
Horsman look-a-like, 21’’ composition, cloth, straight leg toddler, beautiful
 Auburn hair, tin sleep eyes, nice composition, outfit looks totally orig. $95                  North Phoenix Baptist Church
Japanese 1920’s frozen Charlotte-types 4’’ turn girls bisques plus 2½’’ bisque                         Fellowship Hall
 Oriental boy/girl plus little girl watering flowers                        5/$35                 5757 N. Central Avenue
Alex 1930’s Dionne 11’’ Toddler, beautiful composition, eyes, hair needs help,                        Phoenix, Arizona
 Redressed                                                                  $85
Effanbee 25’’ Rosemary composition, cloth with straight legs, beautiful composition      Admission Adults $4 – Children 3-12 $2.00
 Clean, need human hair wig, combed and needs suitable outfit               $125
Black Mammy 5’’ yarn bell                                                   $20                 For more information contact:
                                                                                          HARLENE - 480-831-9081
                          423-247-1639                                                Donations to benefit Arizona Doll & Toy Museum
                          MRS. GRIFFIN
First Chatty Cathy’s        dressed in pink satin           white, 1 original $90.      Madame       Alexander          Due to illness, I have
Paper Hang Tag –            and velvet cape and             ’62 Madame Alexander        21’’ Manet with box             many dolls to pick
warranty; paper “Story      hat, sacrificed $148. D.        Bunny, cute toddler,        $100, plus shipping.            from. Beanie Babies. If
Book” (4 pages). Also       Crouch, 801-226-7440,           rerooted hair $70. ’89      Have lots of Alexander          no answer, Leave a
tagged pink and white       + More. Composition             Christmas Ginny NRFB        dolls. Call for wants.          message. I will call you
peppermint stripe dress     babies and Alexander.           $28. Plus P&I. Marlene      JoAnne in SC, 803-              back. Merry Christmas,
plus panties, all $25.                                      Mathson, W13111 S.          793-5931                        Berneda 270.597.2844
Have first Chatty, body     23’’ Rushton Santa;             River Rd., Blair, WI
very good, talks, face      v/cloth, beard worn             54616, 608-989-2150         SPECIALS - $5 each:             Have pair of Happy
okay hair, full may         with 6 more Santas              evenings                    1940’s       cute    felt       Fats, 4 old doll beds,
have been trimmed,          $75.      HTF     Barbie                                    Christmas elf – 6’’ hard        re-done Horseman IEH
nude $15. Betty, 706-       Stallion Midnight, MIB          FOR SALE: Madame            plastic felt 1940’s Jolly       early               baby
654-4850                    $28.     Iron    Squirrel       Alexander 1st Ladies        Santa ornament swet,            18",          Strawberry
                            Nutcracker, MIB $36.            Series IV – set of 6        all bisque, 1949 Darling        Shortcake snail cart, I
S.S. Cook Book 1980         50’s tree with lights, 9’’      dolls with boxes $250,      Girl sits on detailed           B Ravca Indian Lady,
$25. Cabbage Patch          Spruce F/Optic NRFB             plus shipping. Dolls        Liberty Bell. 856-456-          seated at stretched
Porcelain       Figurine    $15. Windup/working             and      boxes     are      0362                            skin      on      frame,
Bedtime Story $25.          Christmas          book,        excellent.      Tonner                                      Redressed       Bebbles,
Raggedy Ann Dot Book        10½’’x7-3/4’          W,        Cinderella from Disney      Madame       Alexander          14" cloth body, Pebbles
$12. 1972. Couch and        another $8. Marlene             Doll     and     Teddy      Dolls – 8’’ MIB –               16" all vinyl. M. Smith,
Rocking Chair made          Mathson, Blair, WI              Convention with box         Scarlett #426, Melanie          419.447.7445
from Coca-Cola Cans         54616, 608-989-2150             $300. Call JoAnne in        #627, Mammy #402,
$20 each. Myrtle Theis,     evenings                        SC, 803-793-5931            Tom Sawyer #491,                Sale! R.J. Wright black
2800     Bailey     NE,                                                                 Tinkerbell     #13960,          Kewpie       Hottentot,
Massillon, Ohio 44646,      South     Bend      Doll        4 Snacktime CPK’s,          Betty Blue “Maggie              excellent    condition,
330-832-4854                Stroller   by     Milton        NRFB $225. NRFB             Face” #420, McGuffey            with                box,
                            Bradley for ages 3 to 6,        Playmates talking 26’’      Anna #496, Lady Bird            was $425.00, sell for
NRFB      8’’   Wendys      box never opened $20.           Corky,         Crickett     #430 $25 each; 8’’              $175.00, Vogue Ginny
120801 Being Like           Ginette Doll Bed 11’’           $85/$70.    MA      8’’     Little Women Set 6              1955, Kinder Crowd,
Mommy, 120806 Loves         long, 5-3/4’’ high with         McGuffy Baby, cheek         dolls $180. Brooke              MLSLW,
Schools, 120807 Loves       original bedding $18.           rub otherwise MIB           Shields $8. 615-646-            excellent condition, sell
her    Sunday     Best,     Strawberry         Land         $115. 18’’ ’62 Lively       6992                            for           $175.00,
12802     Loves    Fair,    Miniatures Berry Patch          Kitten, works #8055                                         Patricia   Spirek,    N
12802 Loves County          carrying case with 18           outfit needs stitches       NRFB Tickle Me Elmo,            10002 Padre Pio Drive,
Fair, 1995-96 Cloth         dolls $35. 615-646-             $95. Plus P&I. Elma         with 9’’ Elmo $26.              Necedah,     Wisconsin
Patchity    Pan,    426     6992                            Hoff, W13622 Hwy. 95,       Shoebox w/ 25 toys;             54646
Scarlett.     Smoke/Pet                                     Blair, WI 54616, 608-       Troll, Archie with pals,        608.565.7943
free             home.      Jointed   bisque      2’’       989-2150 evenings           80s comic, Snoopy,
Meribea220@yahoo.           twins,   cute     faces,                                    more      $20.      MWT’s       Wanted:     Manniken
com, 801-562-0756           clothes    with     crib        Sale: FAO Circus Star,      Santa Troll 25’’ PJ Bag,        Baby, was sold as
                            bedding old set –               $70.00, FAO Shopping        8’’ Troll nitelite $18. 18      Nicole, Jasmin or
“Norma Talking Doll”        special $14. Wanted:            Spree or Winter Velvet      assorted dl/hats, s-4           Sara,          sexed.
1950, hard plastic head     Nice             Lonny          $40.00                      shoes $10. Plus P&I.            Shirley Pulley, 143
and shoulder plate in       Anderson;       Connie          each,        Sapphire       Elma Hoff, W13622               Pauls   Add     Road,
old christening dress       Lynn      Dolls        –        Dreams         $60.00,      Hw. 95, Blair, WI               Searcy,     Arkansas
and bonnet, sweet           reasonable. 856-456-            Speigel Winners Circle      54616, 608-989-2150             72143 501.268.7448
memory $78. Princess        0362                            $35.00,   Barbie    for     evenings
                                                                                                                        Fax your ad to 706-695-0770.
Elizabeth (for the one                                      President   or    50th
who     has    it   all!)   AM971 10’’ Baby, AO,            Anniversary    Bathing      WANTED: Liddle Kiddles, Blythe Tutti, Bewitched, Tabitha,
                                                                                        Diana Ross, Wonder Woman, Storykins, Munsters/Addams,
composition,      human     adorable $325. 8½’’             Suit Barbie $25.00
                                                                                        Planet/Apes, Love Lucy, Showbiz Babies, PufnStuf,
wig, beautiful face!        Heubach Kopple., AO             each, Silver Sizzle         Skediddlers, Dave Clark 5, Dolly Darlings, Dream/Jeannie,
Professionally              $110.     23’’   black          Marilyn Monroe $60.         Kiss, Cher, Farrah.
                            B/Crissy, soft/v $85.           615.893.0931
                                                                                        WANTED: Megos, Remco Playsets, Cereal Boxes/Prizes, TV
 WANTED                     21’’ pair Pussycats,
                            black,                                                      Related Bubblegum Cards, Lunchboxes, PEZ, Robots, Flicker
                                                                                        Rings, Monsters, Kenner Blythe Boardgames, Drumsets,
                                                                                        Corgi, GI Joes, Store Displays, Major Matt Mason, Mattel
                            31’’ American Character Sweet Sue Walker        $100.00
 Uncut paperdolls           16½’’ Ideal Shirley Temple Stand Up
     One or a                and Cheer                                      $60.00      WANTE: Crusader Rabbit, Bullwinkle, Jay Ward,
    collection              Box lot of Dolls                                $100.00     Disneykins, Rolykins, Cracker Jack, Animation, Batman,
                            Box Lot of Dolls                                $50.00      U.N.C.L.E., Green Hornet, Banana Splits, Jackson 5, Michael
   Pre-1980’s                                                                           Jackson, PEZ.
                                           Shipping and handling extra.
                                                                                        WANTED: Remco Kitty Karryall, Ideal Superheroines, Patty
  Please send me            ****************************************************
                                                                                        Duke, Flying Nun, Charlie’s Angels, Kojak, Lost/Space,
 your list or email                                                                     Partridge Family, David Cassidy, Monkees, Beatles,
       me at                WANTED: Old greeting cards and                              Land/Giants, Sar Trek, Brady Bunch, Twiggy, Liddle
  smharwood@                postcards, old marbles, old bottles, old            Pixies/Elf Dolls made of wire and felt.
                            *************************************                              DANIEL WACHTENHEIM
 Shirley Harwood
                              Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
                                                                                                527 West 7th Street #703
 1428 Gardenia St.                                                                                  LA, CA 90014
 Irving, TX 75063           ****************************************************
                                                  Rachel Payne
                                      PO Box 69 – Columbia, NC 27925-0069
Madame       Alexander        Michael        Jackson       beautiful composition         7’’x6’’x5’’ $45. 17’’       $1.00, Kewpie Bisque
10’’ MIB Jane Averil          $20.00, Happy to be          clean, need human hair        leather, cloth body for     Wedding Cake Topper,
$80. Maggie Mix Up            Me, $15.00, mint in          wig,    combed      and       German bisque, no           Sweet, 3" Limbaugh 5"
mint wearing Riding           package Dusty, Mint          needs suitable outfit         bisque hands $45.           Betty Boop, recessed
Habit 8’’ $380. Rachel        in box $15.00, Large         $125. Black Mammy 5’’         Leather, composition        eyes, 12" Geisha glass
8’’ $45. Many 8’’ to 21’’     Marie Osmond $30.00,         yarn bell $20. 423-247-       disc-jointed 9 legs for     eyes, assorted doll
Xavier Roberts Soft           Glamour Gals case            1639, Mrs. Griffin            German bisque $20.          patriots   from    the
Sculptured Dolls –            with 16 dolls $65.00,                                      Right leather arm with      1970's.         Louise
SASE. Nancy Chvosta,          Large Boyd’s Bear with       Large Raikes Bear             bisque lower arm, 6’’       Williams, 705 East
4600           DuBois,        Chair $25.00, Large          “Kitty”, other    small       total       $20.      5’’   Culver Road, Knox,
Brookfield, IL 60513,         Steiff Parrott $95.00,       bears; China teasets –        composition torso &         Indiana         46534
708-485-4488                  Nude Barbies $1.00           older, Wolverine metal        upper arms for bisque       574.772.4608
                              each.    Shipping    &       “Buffet”  –    colorful;      $20.       423-247-1639,
4 Snacktime CPK’s,            handling         extra.      Barbie case, older.           Mrs. Griffin                The Partridge Family,
NRFB $225. NRFB               Eleanor Patterson, 72        Ruth Williamson, 217                                      the movie Cannonball
Playmates talking 26’’        Ontario         Street,      Sandspur Ln., Vidalia,        Good Luck Trolls, 3,        Run boxed plus 3 other
Corky, Cricket $85/$70.       Oswega, New York             GA 30474                      excellent     condition,    games, All MIB 5/$55.
Madame       Alexander        13126, 315.342.0669                                        $20.00, Rice Krispies,      Breyer          Choice
18’’ McGuffy Baby,                                         For Sale: 21" bisque          3, Snap, Crackle, Pop,      Christmas    Carolers,
cheek rub o/w MIB             Alex 1930’s Dionne 11’’      Indian      Boy,    Kelly     excellent      condition    Bob Cratchit with Tiny
$115. 18’’ ’62 Lively         Toddler,         beautiful   Rubert $22.50, 21"            $25.00, Flatsy 1960,        Tim, Mrs. Cratchit,
Kitten, works, #8055          composition, eyes, hair      Baby             Turner,      original, Little Lulu,      Scrooge, etc. – all
outfit needs stitches         needs help, redressed        Classandra,        1986,      Peanuts,         Mickey     excellent     11/$155.
$95. Plus P&I. Elma           $85. Effanbee 25’’           $25.00, 24" Camelot           Mouse, all $25.00,          1960’s glass ball tree
Hoff, W13622 Hwy. 95,         Rosemary composition,        doll, Holly $35.00, 3" all    Campbell Soup doll          ornaments 14 dozen
Blair, WI 54616, 608-         cloth with straight legs,    bisque Santa, $12.50,         $25.00,              Pin    boxed $55. 4 pieces
989-2150 evenings                                          2" china head $12.50,         Cushion doll, excellent     American Girl clothing.
                                                           Ladonna Unger, 303            condition, $35.00, Steiff   423-247-1639,     Mrs.
                                                           South Troll Street,           Poodle, Jaco. shipping      Griffin

            TUCSON                                         Sullivan, Indiana 47882
                                                                                                                     For Sale: Inventory list
                                                                                                                     mailed              when
              HOLIDAY                                      Ideal Miss Revlon, 20",
                                                           in Queen of Diamons
                                                                                         803.945.9961                requested, Collectible
                                                                                                                     Madame        Alexander
   DOLL SHOW & SALE                                        outfit, hair in original
                                                           set. Doll, dress, slip,
                                                                                         1950’s hard plastic 16’’
                                                                                         Bride    with    original
                                                                                                                     dolls, some boxed,
                                                                                                                     Never removed from
                                                           panties, nylons, shoes,       gown, undies, socks, 1      box,      very      nice,
     Saturday, December 4th,                               gloves,         excellent     shoe, beautiful closed-     Inventory      list    of
              2010                                         condition, Discolored         mouth face $55. 1950’s      Hallmark     ornaments,
                                                           jewelry, Fur stole a little   hard     plastic     16’’   series from 1971, also
                                                           worn,            $50.00,      Hawaiian hula dancer,       list of David Winter
                9:30 am - 4:00 pm                          Audrey Fletcher, 84           complete with lei, hair     Houses,              with
                                                           Falmouth           Court,     flowers, hula skirt, hair   mouse, collection of
                    ~ Admission ~                          Bedford, Mass. 01730,         original    set      mint   Coca Cola Santas.
                     Adults: $5.00                         781.275.3112                  unplayed with $65.          Betty               Bair,
       ($1.00 off with coupon, advertisement or                                          423-247-1639,       Mrs.    863.868.4732 or Email
    package of diapers for the Tucson Diaper Bank)         1924 copyright paper          Griffin                     ebair@tampa
                                                           mache      hen-on-nest                          
           Children: 12 years & under: FREE                candy container,              Shirley Temple      rare
                                                                                         8X10 Glossys,        will   Email   your    ad     to
                   Early Bird: $10.00                                                    copy sample list            diang@collectorsunited.c
             (7:30am - 9:30am/no discount)                                                                           om

           Randolph Park Hotel
           102 N. Alvernon Way
             Tucson, AZ 85711
           Antique, Vintage, Modern,
               Reproduction & Art
       Dolls, Accessories, Parts & Supplies
               Restringing & Repair
           Identification & Appraisals
              Holiday Doll Display

                   ~ Door Prizes ~

       Grand Prize Raffle to Benefit Charity
              Tucson Diaper Bank
    Sponsored by &
Antique         German       $475. Shrieem $475.         $139, rare WDW Snow        Shortcake snail cart, I     1985       13"   Limited
bisque, 1079, S&H,           Timi/Toni pair $585.        White including Disney     B Ravca Indian Lady,        Edition Princess Diana
Kestner      Handwerk,       Sanga Pemba $585.           dwarfs,    $365,    10"    seated at stretched         Lenci $125.00, MIB
West Germany doll,           Paula $550. Ayoka           Shirley Temple Baby        skin      on     frame,     with wrist tag and
Hummel        figurines,     $585.         Madame        Take Bow (D.M.) $39,       Redressed      Bebbles,     certificate,   MIB     8"
Madame Alexander 8"          Alexander 8’’ to 21’’       Wards 1972 Shirley,        14" cloth body, Pebbles     MA’s, Scarlett #400,
Beast, Antique French        and Convention Dolls –      original box, ribbon       16"                  all    Rhett #401, Mammy #
mesh                bag,     MIB. SASE. Call I may       winner $135, Ginny         vinyl.    M.     Smith,     402      $50.00    each.
genuine alligator hand       have      it.  Nancy        Miss    1930's     $29,    419.447.7445                Veneda Sims, PO Box
bag,    Vintage     blue     Chvosta, 4600 DuBois,       Lawton       Christmas                                 110684,        Nashville,
rhinestone           set     Brookfield, IL 60513,       Angel $75. 209-481-        Sale! R.J. Wright black     Tennessee        37222,
necklace,      bracelet,     708-485-4488. Happy         4847                       Kewpie         Hottentot,   615.831.3299
earrings.         Other      Holidays!                                              excellent      condition,
rhinestone      jewerly.                                 Bye-Lo     "Twins"   all   with box, was $425.00,      08 GUNZEL Resin
Whiting-Davis       gold     Beautiful black Crissy,     original, bent legs 8      sell for $175.00, Vogue     Brite; 08-09 Edition of
mesh bag. Hallmark           23" $50.00, Black Ideal     inches. One blue eyed,     Ginny 1955, Kinder          100 GUNZEL Johanna
1986             Santa.      16" $30.00, White Ideal     one              brown,    Crowd,          MLSLW,      in     Choc.      Brown;
614.451.4602                 Rosebud, 17" $50.00,        one sleep eyes one         excellent condition, sell   GUNZEL vinyl James
                             White Ideal 17" $50.00,     set, one boy, one girl.    for             $175.00,    from    the      Madame
Raggedy Ann 2002             Vogue 17" $50.00,           Very good condition.       Patricia    Spirek,    N    Alexander Company;
National Hall of Fame        Ideal Giggles, works a      They come in their         10002 Padre Pio Drive,      WPM            Piccollini;
for Toys 19’’ doll,          little $50.00, Kissy by     wicker bassinet. Call      Necedah,      Wisconsin     GUNZEL              2998
NRFB $55. 1940’s             Ideal, 23", $50.00, all     Sue 602.750.7124           54646                       Biggidur
French      composition,     dressed                                                608.565.7943                Kimberley vinyl Gunzel;
cloth            patriotic   beautifully.      Hazel     Due to illness, I have                                 Middleton Pink Quartz;
costumed 18’’ charmer,       Barnett, 123 Coral Vine     many dolls to pick         30 year collection of       Middleton Beary Furry
totally original with tag    Court,        Greenville,   from. Beanie Babies. If    old and new dolls,          Light; Gotz German
Lea Poupees Blanche          South Carolina 29611,       no             answer,     porcelains, celluloids,     Handcrafted
Gautier, Paris $125.         864.246.0209                Leave a message. I will    Alexander Trunk Dolls,      Play Doll Kea; Spanos
1930’s Puss N Boots                                      call    you       back.    MIB Barbies, Shirley        Limited Edition Light of
16’’ all-felt character      NRFB W. Lawtons             Merry       Christmas,     Temple tapes, doll          Life – Edition of 100;
with glass eyes, felt        special Hiawatha (great     Berneda 270.597.2844       books, patterns, doll       ZAPF 2000 Uli & Nini
clothing,     wonderful!     Thanksgiving display)                                  clothes,      Beanies,      by     Wiltred     Stein;
$125.     423-247-1639,      $129, Yuletide Carole,      Have pair of Happy         Cherished     Teddies.      Middleton Blessing of
Mrs. Griffin                 Marta, Sweden,              Fats, 4 old doll beds,     DLSASE      for    list.    Hope light blonde;
                                                         re-done Horseman IEH       Ludmila Smith, 128 “A’’     GUNZEL Resin Chyori;
Annette Himstedt MIB                                     early             baby     Street,   South    San      Gunzel WPM Biggidur
Kai 600 Bastian                                          18", Strawberry            Francisco, CA 94080,        Sylvia Louise no box.
                                                                                    650-583-6269                Have COA – no hat as

          JOIN TODAY!!!
                                                                                                                shown on certificate;
                                                                                    Jointed   bisque      2’’   2010 GUNZEL Resin
                                                                                    twins,   cute     faces,    Ula; Popular Beanies
                                                                                    clothes    with     crib    mint with hang tags.
                                                                                    bedding, old set –          Email        billybuttons
                                                                                    special $14. Wanted:
                                                                                    Nice             Lonny      CALL 856-853 -8128
                                                                                    Anderson;       Connie      Thank You -        Janet
                                                                                    Lynn      Dolls        –    Robinson
          Kish Collectors Society                                                   reasonable. 856-456-

            Kish & Company                                                                 Extraordinary Large
                                                                                           “BARBIE” Collection
                                                                                               FOR SALE
                     Society offers its members
                 A Kish Collectors Society Club Pin
                 Kish Collectors Society Newsletters                                         December 11, 2010
                 Exclusive Members Only Offerings                                            at Morphy Auctions
                                                                                                 Denver, PA
        Annual Membership is $25.00                                                              and online

                  Call 303.972.0053                                                         Many mint-in-box and mint.
                                                                                             National Prize Winners, too!
                                                                                      Vintage through early 1980’s “Barbie” and
                                                                                           Friends Dolls, outfits, vehicles,
             Or join on line                                                                     and early structures.

       at                                                              COME JOIN US!
Composition        babies      series from 1971, also          good        composition,    Texaco Man, Buddy            Plus postage. 3802
and Alex.                      list of David Winter            redressed $45. 1930’s       Lee Replica, Mint in         Sandy Lane, Florence,
                               Houses,                         black mask-face rag         box      $75.     Pat        SC 29501, 843-678-
American Girl Doll by          with mouse, collection          doll, 15’’ with music       Christenson, 426-19th        8910
Pleasant Co. She is            of Coca Cola Santas.            box “Jingle Bells”, all     Street, Black Eagle,
retired, original dress.       Betty             Bair,         original $65. Estate        Montana 406.453.3608         Steiff rare pale yellow
Good condition $155.           863.868.4732 or Email           Group of 2 celluloid-                                    Circus Dolly, Limited
Shipped      FREE    by        ebair@tampa                     face corduroy body 12’’     1985       13"    Limited    Edition of 480 $345.00,
UPS. 1920-437-9690,                        babies,      2    Norah     Edition Princess Diana       Bendy Panda, all ID
Violet J. Kempfert, 324                                        Wellings     7’’   velvet   Lenci $125.00, Mint in       $175.00, 6" 1960's,
Brookridge, Green Bay,         Due to illness, I have          sailors, 17’’ Eskimo, all   box                  with    Gold Steiff , all ID, tag
WI 54301                       many dolls to pick              original 5/$25. 423-        wrist       tag       and    a bit tattered, $195.00,
                               from. Beanie Babies. If         247-1639, Mrs. Griffin      certificate, Mint in box     Snap a Part Bear, no
For Sale: Inventory list       no             answer,                                      8"               Madame      box or certificate $155.
mailed              when                         Sale! R.J. Wright black
                               Leave a message. I will                                     Alexanders,       Scarlett   Darling! Linda Pilsl,
requested, Collectible         call    you       Kewpie
                                                 back.          Hottentot,                 #400,      Rhett    #401,    920.458.8934
Madame        Alexander        Merry             excellent
                                           Christmas,           condition,                 Mammy #402 $50.00
dolls, some boxed,                               with
                               Berneda 270.597.2844                  box,                  each. Veneda Sims,           For Sale: Effanbee 16"
Never removed from                               was $425.00, sell for                     PO       Box     110684,     Patsy             Joan,
box,      very      nice,
                       Have pair of Happy        $175.00, Vogue Ginny                      Nashville, Tennessee         composition,          all
Inventory      list    of
                       Fats, 4 old doll beds,    1955, Kinder Crowd,                       37222, 615.831.3299          original,    beautiful!!!
Hallmark ornaments,    re-done Horseman IEH      MLSLW,                                                                 $145.00 shipping &
                       early               baby  excellent condition, sell                 Michael        Jackson       handling         extra.
                  THE18",EASTERN SHOREStrawberry for             $175.00,                  $20.00, Happy to be          Wanted: Early white
                       Shortcake snail cart, I   Patricia
                   DOLL STUDY CLUB 10002 Padre Pio Drive,    Spirek,     N                 Me, $15.00, mint in          shoes,     2½",      for
                       B Ravca Indian Lady,                                                package          Dusty,      Madame       Alexander
                       OF ALABAMA
                       seated at stretched       Necedah,      Wisconsin                   Mint in box $15.00,          14" Quint toddler,
                       skin                      54646
                                  on joinframe, our
                                           us in
                 Invites you to Bebbles, 608.565.7943                                      Large Marie Osmond           name your price!!!
                       Redressed                                                           $30.00, Glamour Gals         Photos       available.
                       14" cloth body, Pebbles                                             case with 16 dolls           Marion Clouser, 6244
              MARCH FANTASY DOLL & TOYbig Lenci, 27"
                       vinyl.      M.
                                                 Fedora      from      the
                                                                                           $65.00, Large Boyds
                                                                                           Bear with Chair $25.00,
                      SHOW & SALE 1980's, mint in satin
                       419.447.7445                                                        Large Steiff Parrott         32312, 850.668.6584
                                           12,   lined box
                 Saturday, Marchlook-a-2011 Zanini Zambelli,     $400.00,                  $95.00,
                       1930’s Patsy              1983                                      Nude Barbies, $1.00
                       like, 17’’ Alabama
                    Fairhope,with molded boy/girl twins, Mint in                           each . shipping &            Book That Doll Ginny,
                       hair, tin sleep eyes,
                  Civic Center Auditorium        box,     $150.00    pair,                 handling          extra.     signed          Jeanne
                                                                                           Eleanor Patterson, 72        Niswonger, fair, 1958,
                                                                                           Ontario          Street,     slw          Israelian,
Show hours will be from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. – with set-up time from 7:00 a.m. to
                                                                                           Oswega, New York             no shoes, one pink,
9:30 a.m. Complimentary coffee and doughnuts will be served to dealers during the
                                                                                           13126, 315.342.0669          one black, marked
set-up time. Tables are $45.00 each and are 8 feet by 3 feet.
                                                                                                                        Ginny, right shoe on
                                                                                           James Dean “Rebel            pink    Leather      tie
Contracts should be sent in as early as possible as registration will be accepted on a
                                                                                           Rouser” never opened         shoe, fuzzy bottom
“first come – first serve” basis. Your canceled check will be your receipt.
                                                                                           mint in display box $75.     $25.00, postage paid.
                                                                                           Ashton Drake Wedding         Joyce Bock, PO Box
If the show is filled before receiving your registration form, your check will be
                                                                                           in Madrid, A Beautiful       350551, Palm Coast,
returned. You may, however, request your name to be placed on a waiting list. These
                                                                                           Bride       by     Titus     Florida          32135
tables will be released accordingly.
                                                                                           Tomesco $75.                 386.445.4317
Dealers are required to have a business license by the state of Alabama. For any
                                                                                           James Dean “Rebel Rouser” – never opened, mint
questions regarding this matter, please contact Tim Russell at 251-937-0260.
                                                                                            In display box                            $75.00
Please complete the contract/registration form and set it, along with your check or        Ashton Drake Wedding in Madrid, A Beautiful
money order to:                                                                              Bride By Titus Tomesco                   $75.00
                             Ruth Ann Brett, Registrar                                     Madame Alexander 12’’ Blue Boy,
                30192 Ono Boulevard - Orange Beach, AL 36561                                faded to lavendar                         $30.00
                                                                                           Also Madame Alexander 17’’ Maria Sound of
We ask that all contracts/registration forms be sent in by January 15, 2011. If you         Music 1971-1973 missing shoes, outfit faded,
have any questions, please contact Ruth Ann Brett, Registrar, at 251-980-5958.              still very sweet                          $40.00
                                                                                           Teddy Roosevelt, all original, doll in great shape,
                                                                                             box - A mess                             $65.00
                                                                                           Two Vanna White dolls, not dressed the same,
                                                                                            plus 6 piece Wardrobe, all mint –
                                                                                            never opened                              $30.00

                                                                                                         PLUS POSTAGE.

                                                                                                       KATHY GAYLORD
                                                                                                         3802 Sandy Lane
                                                                                                        Florence, SC 29501
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Dear Dian and Gary,
Please include my FREE 40 WORD LISTING of the following items FOR SALE, TRADE, or WANTED in the next issue of C.U.
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IN ADDITION, C.U. offers the following SPECIAL RATES: 15 COLUMN INCHES (one column length) ONLY $75.00; 7½ COLUMN INCHES ONLY
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          $.20          $.40         $.60          $.80         $1.00          $1.20        $1.40        $1.60         $1.80         $2.00
              Calendar of
                Events                                      November 2010
Doll and Bear Show and Sale, Sunday, November 21, 2010, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission $5 adults - $2 kids (12 and under); Early Admission 8
a.m. $10 per person. Free Parking – Door Prizes. FREE doll appraisals with paid adult admission. Limit of 6 items per person. Antique, Modern,
Original, Collectible & Barbie Dolls, Miniatures, Teddy Bears, Clothes, Accessories. Location: Hilton Lisle/Naperville; 3003 Corporate West
Drive, Lisle, IL. Directions: Take I-88 to the Naperville Road Exit, go North on Naperville Road and go to Warrenville Road, turn right onto
Warrenville Road to the Hilton. For more information contact: Julie Bronski,,, phone 312-919-
7135 – Next Show – November 2011.

                                                            December 2010
TUCSON HOLIDAY DOLL SHOW & SALE - Saturday, December 4th, 2010 - 9:30 am - 4:00 pm - ~ Admission ~ Adults: $5.00 ($1.00 off with coupon,
advertisement or package of diapers for the Tucson Diaper Bank), Children: 12 years & under: FREE, Early Bird: $10.00, (7:30am - 9:30am/no discount),
Randolph Park Hotel, 102 N. Alvernon Way, Tucson, AZ 85711. Antique, Vintage, Modern, Reproduction & Art Dolls, Accessories, Parts & Supplies
Restringing & Repair, Identification & Appraisals, Holiday Doll Display, ~ Door Prizes ~, Grand Prize Raffle to Benefit Charity
Tucson Diaper Bank. Sponsored by &

                                                             January 2011
January 14-15th Naples, Florida, Naples Doll Club, Moorings Presbryterian Church, 791 Harbour Drive, Firday 1-5 PM, Saturday 10-4 pm,
Admission $8.00 - Information: 239-434-6030

Naperville Doll & Teddy Bear Show, Antique-Vintage-Collectible, Sunday, January 23, 2011, Wyndham Hotel, 3000 Warrenville Road,
Lisle/Naperville, directly off I-88, go North on Naperville Rd. Turn right on Warrenville Road, 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Admission $5. Special exhibits.
Karla Moreland, 815-356-6125

                                                            February 2011
Doll and Bear Show and Sale, Sunday, February 6, 2011, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Admission $5 adults - $2 kids (12 and under); Early Admission 8 a.m. $10 per person.
Free Parking – Door Prizes. Free doll appraisals with paid adult admission. Limit of 6 items per person. Antique, Modern, Original, Collectible & Barbie Dolls,
Miniatures, Teddy Bears, Clothes, Accessories. Location: Ashton Place, 341 West 75th Street, Willowbrook, IL. For more information contact: Julie Bronski,,, phone 312-919-7135

February 12, 2011, Hill Country Doll Show & Sale, BEST Doll Show in TEXAS! Antique to modern dolls, bears, miniatures, supplies, books & repair. New
Braunfels Civic Center, 375 S Castell Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130, 9am-4pm, $5 Adults & $2 Children. Hourly door prizes and free parking., 830-708-8054

"The Little Show" Denver/Golden, Colorado Jefferson City Fairgrounds, 15200 W. 6th Ave. Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys Saturday, February 19,
2011 - 10am - 4 pm. Sale of handcrafted miniatures, dolls, bears, Silent Auction, workshop, Snack bar. Admission charged
Registrar: Audrey Fryer, 720-329-4973 PO Box 150509, Lakewood, CO 80215 - Pat Vick - Board Liaison to the little show. Visit the Denver Museum of
Miniatures, Dolls and Toys - Experience the Joy!

                                                                March 2011
The Eastern Shore Doll Study Club of Alabama invites you to join us in our March Fantasy Doll and Toy Show and Sale, Saturday, March 12, 2011, Fairhope,
Alabama, Civic Center Auditorium. Show hours will be from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information contact: Ruth Ann Brett, Registrar, 30192 Ono Blvd.,
Orange Beach, AL 36561, 251-980-5958

Saturday, March 19th, 2011, 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Phoeniz, Arizona Doll Show and Sale, Valley of the Sun Show, sponsored by Valley of the Sun Doll Club, North
Phoenix Baptist Church Fellowship Hall, 5757 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ, Adults $4 – Children 3-12 $2. Contact information: Harlene, 480-831-9081.
Donations to benefit the Arizona Doll and Toy Museum.

                                                                   May 2011
The Atlanta Doll Collectors Doll Show and Sale, Saturday, May 7, 2011 – 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Hilton Suites Atlanta Perimeter, 6120 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd.,
Atlanta, GA 30328, Admission $5 adults – Kids 10 and under Free. For more information: Website, Email:, phone 404-321-5760. Featuring all kinds of dolls and doll accessories: Barbie, Madame Alexander, Tonner, OOAKs, Others:
Antique, Vintage, Modern; Clothes – Accessories. Free Parking – Door Prizes.

                                                               August 2011
August 27, 2011, Hill Country Doll Show & Sale, One of the BEST Doll Shows in TEXAS! Antique to modern dolls, bears, miniatures, supplies, books &
repair. Live Oak Civic Center, 8101 Pat Booker Rd, San Antonio, TX 78223, 9am-4pm, $5 Adults & $2 Children. Hourly door prizes and free parking.
d      dith@d lld       830 708 8054