Imperialism_Google_Earth_Activity by shuifanglj


									Check   Order      Location                      Information

                                Start here. Cuba wants independence from
          1       Cuba

                                Go to New York. Publishers Pulitzer and
                  New York,     Hearst use sensational headlines to boost
                  New York      sales and elicit sympathy from Americans to
                                help the Cubans gain independence.

                                Head back to Cuba. The USS Maine sinks in
          3       Cuba
                                Havanna Harbor.

                                Cross the Atlantic Ocean to Spain. Spain
          4       Spain         and the US declare war on each other. The
                                Now cross the globe, as a boat goes (not
          5       Philippines   over land) to the Philippine Islands.
                                Commodore George Dewey defeats the
                                Spanish fleet.
                                Go back to Cuba. The US Army finally gets
                                to Cuba (wool uniforms and all). Theodore
          6       Cuba
                                Roosevelt and the Rough Riders along with
                                the Ninth and Tenth Calvary take Kettle Hill.

                  Paris,        Cross the Atlantic Ocean,to Paris France.
                  France        The Treaty of Paris

                             Go to Washington D.C. The US gains new
          8                  territory: Philippines, Guam, Midway, Puerto
                             Rico and Cuba.

        On your
                                Find the new territories gained by the US.
                                               Task                                                  Answer

Cuba is fighting for its independence from Spain. General Wyler wants to defeat the Cubans to keep
them under Spanish colonial rule. Click http://www.;pc/gov/rr/hispanic/1898/reconcentration.html

Public support for the Cubans is encouraged and even contrived from the headlines
of the New York Globe and the New York World. Click to read the headlines.

Click on the link to watch the USS Maine sink and get a tour of the harbor.

The war begins but is only fought in Spain's colonial territories. Here is Spain's
declaration of war. Http://

The first major battle of the Spanish-American War took place in Manila Bay,
Philippine Islands. Commodore George Dewey easily took control of the Philippine
Islands in one day. Get a sense of how the natives felt by clicking here.

Notable US Army units include the Rough Riders and the Ninth and Tenth Calvary

The Treaty of Paris ended the war, but ignited the US on the world stage in terms of
what would define US foreign policy during most of the 20th century.

At the turn of the 20th Century music plays a key role in current events. There were
no MP3 players, no computers or internet. There wasn't any radio or television
stations yet. People couldn't watch youtube, but they could buy sheet music.

Looking at the locations of the islands. How will these places be beneficial to the
US especially in the Pacific with the trade in China, etc?

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