Eagles - DOC by zhangyun


by Miriam Hellman

Exodus 19:4 “You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles’ wings
and brought you to Myself”

Mathew 24:28 “For wherever the carcass is, there the eagles will be gathered together”

Luke 17:37 “For wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered together”
Note that there is a difference between a body and a carcass. Body is alive and carcass is dead.
There are 2 classes of eagles. Lower; which is called Vultures or Buzzards, and Higher; Eagles
The class determines certain things about these eagles. They behave according to their nature
and according to their class.

The Lower Eagle (Vultures)
Vulture means one who cries woes and one who is a screamer and a complainer
? Their wing span is 7 feet
? They always feed that which is dead. They are lazy and they always feed on left overs
? Its life is consumed with the thoughts and the appetites of death
? They don’t die of natural causes and death has gotten to their system so much that they are
immune to death
? Vultures cannot get to 20,000 feet
? Egypt’s symbol is the vulture (national flag).

Higher Eagles
? Feeds only on life giving force. Only feeds on that which he has killed himself and drinks that
fresh blood which gives tremendous strength to the body. For he has a magnificent body.
? His wing span is anywhere from 12-14 feet
? He is known to soar from 20,000-40,000 feet
? He takes the winds of adversity and uses it to get into higher levels of heaven (he is an
? God likened Himself like the Higher eagle
? Very powerful and very talented. As he is flying he can chop off a 6 foot branch with 3-6 inches
in diameter and slice it off just like that
? He is able to sweep down from the heavens at speed of 120 miles/hr and pick up a rabbit and
lift it up in the air. This speaks of a great speed

Job 39:27-30 “does the eagle mount up at your command, and make its nest on high? On the
rock it dwells and resides, on the crag of the rock and the stronghold. From there it spies out the
prey; its eyes observe from afar. It’s young ones suck up blood and where the slain are, there it

? He has the ability to calculate the goal, and the time to reach it
? Eagles mate for life. The male eagle comes to the female eagle and makes a loud screeching
sound and they fly into the heavens together. They fly as high as possibly they can go together.
When they reach to the point where they can go no further, they lock their tailings together and
they allow themselves to drop off and they come down very fast to the ground.
The female eagle cannot spread her wings until the male eagle spread his wings first then she
follows. They are in this even to death. This is courtship. Then they fly for the second time back
into the heavens together. They fly as high as possibly they can go together. When they reach to
the point where they can go no further, they lock their tailings together and they allow themselves
to drop off but this time the male eagle cannot spread his wings until the female eagle spread her
wings then he follows. This marriage union typifies Christ and His Church. There is a covenant
and this union seals up the covenant. And also speaks of the principle of submission
? Then the eagles fly and make their life together; they start to build their nest to prepare a family.
They pick all kinds of fresh twigs and branches and the finest of what is available. They build on
other eagles foundation. So is the church build on the foundation of Christ and the apostles. Their
home is like a community. The eagle never build a place only for himself but also for other weaker
eagles that need to be housed under his branches.
? Eagles are very decorative in building up their nest. They put mink and fox in their nest. They
are prosperous creatures!
Who are the prosperous? These are the ones who work hard but the lower eagles don’t provide
for another but for him.
? Eagles lives on the mountains because of their enormous size
? Eagles do not fly but mount up means they jump off, leap off. They soar and they don’t flop their
wings. There is a saying “you either soar like an eagle or you will run with the turkeys”. The word
of God says Come up to the mountain of the Lord. It is always to go up to Jerusalem but go down
to Egypt.
? Eagles never allow a cloud to come between them and the sun. They always soar above the
? One of the important things about the eagle is the renewing process. There is a time in the life
of the eagle where he has to make a choice, a decision! Either he can refuse this opportunity or
he will take it. He has to renew his strength. The eagle’s life span is 120 years or more. In mid-life
around the age of 50-70 years old, the beak of the eagle comes out of joint. This is very painful
and sore. So the eagle is no longer able to provide his own food, no longer eat and also at the
same time some of his feathers begins to go wild. He has to make a decision to renew his life,
which is a complete restoration of youth. It is a matter of life and death. If he chooses not to
renew his life this means he must rely on others to take care of him as long as he lives. Eagles
always want to provide for his family. He is the head and not the tail. He goes and searches for a
mountain on an enormous cave where he can move around and extend his wings. It has to be
secluded and high up, a place of protection because he is going to go in a process of renewal.
This mountain must be near of a waterfall and have a beehive. So he goes into this cave and
starts to pluck every feather off of his body. He will absolutely be stripped bare. Then he starts to
whip his beak off (very painful).
He must remain in this cave for 30 days. He steps outside to bathe 3 times in a day in the
waterfalls. A water like a torrent that beats on him. This beating of the water, beats away the hard
leathery skin and it rejuvenates the skin and he must sit in the sun 3 times a day.

All this time he only drinks water and eats honey from the rocks. (This is fasting period). When he
plucked off all his feathers, all the wounds, scars and bruises are totally exposed. (No more
covered up with fancy feathers). All open and exposed. The eagle is hidden in the cleft of the rock,
he is allowing himself to be exposed between him and God. All these past wounds start to be
treated. During this time of renewal, the eagle is in a very vulnerable place. So his companion is
there to protect him and to provide for him. We need to cover one another and not to expose.
Prayer works as to cover and to protect. After the 30 days everything start to grow back, a
complete rejuvenated body, a new beak, brand new feathers, brand new creature. But he can’t
leave that cave for another 10 days because in the next 10 days air pockets developed
underneath all the feathers. In the 10th day he rips open every one of this air pockets and his
entire body is saturated in oil. Every feather is totally protected and shielded. If he had gone out
before that anointing process, in the first rainfall he would be drowned, his feathers will not be
protected. So the eagle is good for another 50 or more years.
? Eagles tell other eagles where the life force food is and they all gather where the body is.
? The power of the eagle comes from the strength of the body and the strength of the wings. That
makes them excel in speed. Power depends on what force power they feed on. They don’t feed
on death or whatsoever. They only feed that which is fresh.
what ever is of the spirit is fresh, new and life.
? Vultures always vomit on their victim by way of defending himself. When the devil comes on us
he always vomit garbage and filth.
? Vultures only eat that which is already dead either killed by an animal or it is died of its own self.
He has a very sensitive nose. When he comes close to the dead animal he must smell a bad odor
otherwise he will not eat. So he waits until the body is totally decayed then he feast on it. We
cannot feed that which is dead, old and not the living word of God. There is death all around us,
we can think and feed ourselves all day on death. The longer stays with us the more it will stink.
The more you get involved in it you are behaving like a vulture and you will gather where the
vultures are gathered.
? God has called us to be an eagle Christians. There are two groups of gathering, eagles and
vultures. We cannot afford to mix into their gatherings. Jesus said in Mathew 12:30 “He who is
not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad”

Renewal of the eagle = presenting your bodies as a living sacrifice (total consecration)
? The eagle when he is bare and weak he is really at the mercy of God. All the sacrifices in the
Old Testament were brought alive not dead. Animals were slaughtered on the spot. (no dead
work or dead practices) What is alive is presented to God.
? Each wing has 1250 feathers. Every one of its feathers must be in place
? Sometimes eagles are so concerned about their wings that they forget about their claws. They
don’t keep them in shape and they neglect to care for their claws. Then all of sudden, something
serious sets in, they cannot walk properly or land properly. They can even crush in landing
because they did not care for their feet.
As Christians we have our soaring moments and we have our walking moments.
We need to be able to walk through difficult situations.
? When it is time for the baby eagles to fly. The eaglets don’t want to fly because they are in a
comfortable and cozy place. The mother and the father starts to fly to a reasonable distance
(maybe to another mountain) which the young ones can make it and other times the parent eagle
start to flop their wings to create a lot of wind (just like a fan) so the little eagles can fly. It is the
responsibility of the shepherd to create an atmosphere for us to take off.

The parent eagle never throws their babies off. But it is the incentive to go for more and have
more (It is a loving and caring atmosphere). It produces hunger and thirst for the things of God.
So they come out of their nest and start to fly but the moment they start to look down instead of
looking at the mother they start to fall down and the adult eagle swoops down and catches them
under the wings and brings them back in their nest. The adult eagle never let his babies crush in
the ground. This is repeated over and over until the baby eagles know how to fly.
Deut. 32:11 “As an eagle stirs up its nest, hovers over its young, spreading out its wings, taking
them up, carrying them on its wings”
? Eagles are born in a certain geographical area. They stay in that area. Eagles have a territory.
? The eagle has very unusual eyes that no eye of any animal in the animal kingdom like the eyes
of the eagle. The eagle has two eyelids. It has an outward eyelid and inner eyelid. The inner
eyelid is used like a windshield wiper so the eagle can soar into the heavens with his eyes shut.
With his eyes shut he can see! “All seeing the eyes of God”. With his eyes closed he can see a
great distance.
? The eagle has 2 lenses to protect the eyes from dust, wind, water or anything that comes in its
way and it lubricates the eye. The eye of the eagle turns 270 degree. It can see front back and
behind. He knows what is going on all around him. He can see moving objects within 2 miles
away with a great precision. (Discernment)
? Their eyes is so keen that it zeroes into every situation that eagle looks at and it alerts the
animal immediately if there is something which is not right connected to that situation.
? The Light of the body is the eye. Mathew 6:22-23” the lamp of the body is the eye. If therefore
your eye is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye is bad, your whole body will
be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great is that darkness:
? Something built in the eye of an eagle (homing device) to send the eagle back home. When the
eagle goes too far from the place where he is born, he starts to feel an excruciating pain in his
eyes that he has to turn back. When an eagle has turn into a full maturity he is built within him a
life plan. God develops in him a life plan and a life span. He knows where he is at, how he is
getting there and how to get back. God has done in a wise way because it is the building of
wisdom and it goes with maturity.
Sometimes eagles try to break that life plan through sin, disobedience, insensitivity or breaking
the conscience. They start to go so far that they cannot come home. They start to go far resisting
the pain in their eyes, they go more and more then all of sudden this device that it is built in them
for safety no longer serves them. They cannot find their way back.
As we mature and move in that plan that God had designed for us, the plan becomes clearer.
Therefore, we are able to go to greater heights.
? The eagle soars so high into the heavens and flies so fast. All advancement in the life of the
eagle comes when the wind is contrary. All spiritual advancement will come through spiritual trials
which are the only way that will make us to move up in the midst of conflict and trials. This is how
we grow. Baby eagles are stirred up in the nest. They don’t like to go out of their nest. What the
mother does to make the baby eagles fly? Their only motivation is hunger. Their food is withheld
from them. A lot of Christians don’t like to move from their dead places, dead fellowship or from
dead communities. But when they get hungry enough they will want to go for more of God. If you
are never hungry of God, you will never go. If you go in the way of God it means you are going
into adversity, many things will come against you to hold you back mainly people thinking that
maybe you are getting there a little too far. Hunger and thirst for the things of God. When we go
after them it will cost us something.
? Another distinct feature of the eagle it has a built in defense system that no other creature has
except man. We have a built in danger detector inside of us.
How come so many times we haven’t detected the danger or the snare. Eagle has a tremendous
alarm system built into their being. They can sense from a great distance that something is wrong.
? The eagle is never trapped unless the eagle will run past the warning signals. The eagle is only
caught when it comes to food. The eagle gets trap because of men who laid a trap. So the devil
lays trap for you through another individual.
? Eagles live in the sky and they are designed to be in the sky. We are designed to live in the sky.
When we are overly preoccupied or overly concerned by those things that are connected to the
ground we have already been caught in a trap and that’s where the vultures live in the ground.
? A lot of time eagles are harassed by other lower birds. They catch them when the eagles are
flying in lower altitudes. The whole tactic is to drive the eagle to the ground. The eagle uses the
wind circuits that the lower birds are creating and its raises up itself higher. The eagles are never
caught in the storm.

Isaiah 40:31 “And those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, They shall mount up with
wings like eagles. They shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.”

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