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					Swedbank AB in Ukraine

             February 2007
A successful Group

    Swedbank                              Hansabank

•   Corporate Bank of the Year in     •   Best bank in Estonia for 6
    Sweden 2003 - 2005                    consecutive years

•   Sweden’s Best Bank for            •   Bank of the year in Lithuania for
    Entrepreneurs for 3 consecutive       the first time in 2005
                                      •   Most highly respected company
•   Voted Sweden’s most attractive        in Latvia in 2005
    financial employer and top 8
    overall                           •   Winner of the Entrepreneurship
                                          Award 2005

Market position - Sweden

      Mortgage loans
      Household deposits
      Mutual fund investments
      Individual pension savings
                                      2        Equity linked bonds
                                               Consumer credits

 1    Premium pension savings
      Card clearance transactions
      Internet bank
      Telephone bank
                                               Unit-linked insurance
                                               Business deposits
      Real estate brokerage                    Stock brokerage
                                               Corporate lending
Swedbank Group today
Home markets, universal banking      Other markets, niche banking
Sweden - Swedbank
                                     Denmark - Swedbank branch
Estonia - Hansapank                  Finland - Swedbank branch
Latvia - Hansabanka                  Norway - Swedbank branch, investment
Lithuania - Hansabankas              banking through First Securities (51%)
                                     Russia - Corporate banking and leasing in
                                     Moscow, Kaliningrad and St Petersburg
Collaboration/alliances              US - Merchant/investment and corporate
                                     banking in New York
Finland - 1.1 % ownership in Aktia   Luxemburg - banking for Swedish
                                     China - Rep. office in Shanghai
                                     Japan - Rep. office in Tokyo
                                     Spain - Rep. office in Marbella
                                     Ukraine - Rep. office in Kyiv

Swedbank in Ukraine
• Representative office in Kiev opened in
  November 2006

   – Supporting Swedbank’s customers

   – Building networks

   – Business intelligence

Swedbank enters Ukraine through the acquisition
of TAS-Kommerzbank

• On February 7, 2007, Swedbank signed an agreement to acquire 100% of
  the share capital of TAS-Kommerzbank.

• The purchase price USD 735 million including equity contribution to TAS
  of USD 50 million.

• Additional performance based payment in 3 years of up to USD 250

• Sergiy Tigipko, the current owner of TAS, will remain as CEO

TAS: one of Ukraine’s fastest growing banks
• Founded in 1989. Headquarter – in Kiev

• Universal bank with a recognized name

• Ukraine’s thirteenth largest banks based on total loans (22nd in 2003)

• Rapidly growing retail and SME franchise
    – Current roll-out of new NICE-TAS strategy targeting the retail market
    – Rapid gain of market shares in retail loans (2.5%, No9) and retail deposits
      (1.6%, No 13)

• Modern and national wide branches network: 170 sales points in all
  regions of Ukraine

Swedbank’s support to customers in Ukraine
• Trade Finance
   – Documentary Credit (Letter of Credit or L/C)
   – Bank Guarantee
   – Structured Trade Finance

• Local risk analysis

• Advise on local financing

 With acquisition of TAS-Kommetzbank Swedbank has got an opportunity to
               develop a full spectrum of services for its clients

Welcome to a world full of business opportunities!
Our contacts in Ukraine:

Swedbank AB, Representative Office in Ukraine
Tatiana Byrka, Head of the Representative Office

42-44 Shovkovychna Str., office 306
Kyiv, 01601, Ukraine
Telephone: +380 44 490 12 38
Fax: +380 44 490 12 94
GSM: +380 67 463 5202