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Name: Alex Mavradis
Company: Alex Mavradis Photography
Website: Alex Mavradis Photography
Comments: First hand observation of the Wind Turbine at Hull, Massachusetts

Arriving by shuttle to Hull from Boston was a peaceful experience, with a mild breeze, the sun rising
in the early morning hours to Hull Harbor. We debarked onto the wharf and heard nothing from the
wind turbine that was creating electricity for many of the Hull residents and businesses.

The structure was not unsightly, as gas riggings were in the Harbor, the towering base of the wind
turbine was microscopic, compared to a tanker transporting crude oil through our environmentally
fragile harbor and surrounding islands. There was no smell of oil, the air around us was crisp and
clean, and it did not take up acres upon acres of real estate as do, huge electric generating power
plants from the Quincy shores to Boston Harbor.

The pillar, upon which the wind turbine and propellers stood, was clean and reflected the sun's early
morning rays.

I stood beneath the wind turbine and listened to the tranquilizing whoosh, as the wind turned the
propellers. No one had to speak loud to be heard, and this monument to clean energy disturbed no
sea critter or bird.

Later in the morning, several local children and their coaches prepared to play baseball on the field
adjacent to the wind turbine. No pollution hindered their game, and no one feared breathing in the
nasty oxides produced by oil or natural gas fumes from our harbor.

Residents were strolling along the water's edge; many were fishing from the clean ocean water, as
the tides were bringing in fish from the ocean.

As a photographer, I enjoy scenery, I am not politically involved in any environmental movement, but
like any human being, I want our oceans and land and air to be free of pollutants that hinder our
activities, no matter what we do for work or in our leisure time.

Alex Mavradis-Boston