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									               The New Era Press
               Burcon Chiropractic
Volume 7, Issue 1                                                                                               Winter 2006

Dr Mike is going to Austria                                         5th International Symposium on
for Meniere’s Presentation                                          Meniere’s Disease & Inner Ear
Office will be closed from Friday, March 3,                         Homeostasis Disorders
2006 through Thursday, March 9, 2006.                               After presenting at the the 5 International Symposium
                                                                    on Meniere’s disease in Los Angeles, CA last spring,
The 25th Anniversary of the                                         Dr. Mike was the first doctor of chiropractic to be invited
Prosper Meniere Society                                             to join the Prosper Meniere Society. Dr. Mike will be
The 12th International Symposium and Workshops                      speaking to the head Ear, Nose and Throat specialists
on Inner Ear Medicine and Surgery                                   of research hospitals from the United States, Australia,
Named after Prosper Meniere (1799-1862), The                        Egypt, England, Israel, Italy, Japan, Portugal and
Prosper Meniere Society (PMS) was founded in 1981                   Wales.
by the International Meniere’s Disease Research
Institute (IMDRI) of the Colorado Otologic Research
Center (CORC).

Its primary goal is to promote the academic
dissemination and discussion of clinical research data
on Meniere’s disease and all aspects of inner ear
dysfunction, pathophysiology, diagnoses and

Dr. Mike’s wife, Jane, will be accompanying him on the
trip. Jane did her student teaching in Vienna, so she is
thrilled at returning. She currently teaches elementary
music in Kent City.                                                 Zell, Ziller Valley, Austria

                                                                    Dr. Burcon currently sees over one hundred Meniere’s
                                                                    patients. Over 9 out of 10 patients with uni-latarel (one
                                                                    ear), and over 2 out of 3 patients with bi-latreral (both
                                                                    ears) Meniere’s, get the problem under control in six
1     Dr Mike and his wife, Jane, are going to Austria!
                                                                    visits or less.

                                                                    Although most people have never heard of Meniere’s
2     Should you get a flu shot?
                                                                    disease, it is as common as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
2     Kids, ear Infections, antibiotics and chiropractic.           Every Meniere’s patient Dr. Burcon has seen has
                                                                    suffered a whiplash injury, although most denied it on
3     What Time Tuesday? Author to speak locally.
                                                                    their case history form. The most common cause of
4     YMCA Bench Press Competition                                  the whiplash was auto accidents, but there are dozens
                                                                    of other ways to get it.

                                                            Newsletter 1
Should You get a Flu Shot???                                Chiropractic Adjustments for Ear Infections
The flu vaccine is temporary, while getting the flu         Ear infections are the most common reason for office
produces long lasting immunity. I know several              visits to pediatricians. For years these infections have
chiropractors whose children never have gotten any          been treated with the use of antibiotics. However, the
type of vaccines, and they are the healthiest kids I        American Academy of Pediatrics recommends not
know. Many of them never miss a day of school due           using antibiotics for treatment of ear infections.
to illness throughout grade schoole, middle school or       Research shows that children with chronic ear
high school!                                                infections usually have restrictions of the natural
This year’s vaccine is based on last year’s strain. A       drainage of the middle ear. Medical doctors often
group of doctors and scientists guess at which flu          recommend surgery to impant tubes to drain the ears,
might strike again. Did you know that only one out of       but chiropractors can often accomplish the same goal
five people who think that they have the flu actually       with a few specific adjustments.
have it? For those over the age of 65, the flu vaccine      The journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics studied
only helps one out of three people, at best.                332 children with chronic ear infections. Results
Common side effects of the vaccine include fever,           showed that 80% did not suffer another ear infection in
fatigue, joint pain and headache. The most serious          the six month period after their first adjustment.
side effect is Guillian-Barre’ syndrome. Many flu
vaccinations include the mercury based preservative
Thimerosal. Thimerosal can cause autism, brain              Quote by Thomas A. Edison
damage, birth defects or cancer.                            “The doctor of the future will give no
Research shows that if you get a flu shot containing        medicine, but will interest his patients in the
Thimerosal for five consecutive years, you are ten          care of the human frame, in diet, and in the
times more likely to get Alzheimer’s disease, than          cause and prevention of disease.”
someone who had one or two shots or no shots at all!
(Mercury is a heavy metal and your body cannot get
                                                            Help a Hurting Friend!
rid of it!)
                                                            “It is a tragedy that so many people are
Furthermore, the size of the problem has been greatly
                                                            suffering and don’t know that your upper
exaggerated. Although the Center for Disease Control
                                                            cervical chiropractor’s special type of care
(CDC) says that every year in the United States, an
                                                            can help them.
average of 36,000 people die from the flu, the actual
number is closer to 753!                                    You can make a difference by spreading the
                                                            word to a friend or relative.
How does the number go from from 753 to 36,000?
The CDC combines flu deaths with pneumonia deaths           Better still; personally bring someone here
in its National Vital Statistics Report.                    who is hurting to see your doctor.
                                                            Thank you,” Louella J. Harris, founder of the
                                                            National Awareness Campaign for Upper
Some Alternatives to the Flu Vaccine
                                                            Cervical Care.
You need to get enough rest. Exercise and drink
plenty of pure water. (Not Grand Rapids city water
unless you filter it!) Eat fresh garlic and stay away                          Winter Hours
from sugars and other “white” foods.
                                                              Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday:
Of course, avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol. Wash
                                                                           10:00 am – 6:00 pm
your hands frequently, keep a positive attitude, and of
course, get your spine checked by a specific                            Please Call 616.575.9990

                                                    Newsletter 2
A NOTED AUTHOR/PASTOR                                                 GRTV Cable Channel 25
ABORTED “SUICIDE MISSION”                                            Saturday, May 6, 4:00 pm
                                                                   COMMUNNITY MEDIA CENTER
When James Tomasi cancelled his plans to commit suicide            2nd Floor of West Side Library
in 1997, he had no idea he would eventually help thousands             711 Bridge Street, NW
of people around the world get their normal lives back, too.
James had wanted to die; finally giving up all hope after a 12
year battle with the agony of a disease called Trigeminal           Talk Show Host: Dr. Mike Burcon
Neuralgia (TN). But, after his wife, Rhonda, heard a radio
                                                                     Special Guest: James Tomasi
broadcast in her car near their home, James recovered his
life.                                                             Make your plans soon to attend Dr. Mike’s first talk show.
                                                                  Please bring a hurting friend or relative to discover what
What did she hear on that radio program? A highly                 upper cervical specific chiropractic is all about.
motivated woman (Louella Harris) told her remarkable,
emotion packed story of how a rare health care procedure          Free pizza will be served after the show. You will also
reduced her crippling misery with fibromyalgia. This turned       receive a free DVD of the show. You will be informed as to
out to be the very same procedure that ultimately ended           the date and time of the airing of the program in the near
James Tomasi’s pain and eventually gave him back his life.        future. Reservations are required. Call 616.575.9990.

James suffered with TN, better known as the “suicide
disease,” an incurable nerve condition of the face. TN is the
most painful condition experienced by man, with suicide
being the only documented means of providing lasting relief.
He called the excruciating spasms “the beast.”

Years of medical treatments that included powerful epileptic
drugs had left James doped like a zombie. He considered
major surgery that would sever or cover the nerve, but that
cost $40,000.00, while offering a limited chance of success.

Rhonda called and scheduled a meeting with an upper
cervical doctor. Within three days of the first non-surgical
treatment the pain was greatly reduced, by the third
treatment, James was pain free for thirteen months.

James and Rhonda have written several books. One book,
what TIME, tuesday? chronicles his life with the debilitating
disease, and shares his testimony of the remarkable
recovery through an upper cervical specialist. They travel all
over the nation doing public service lectures, TV and radio
appearances, as well as speaking in churches, colleges and
clinics. Their commitment to make people aware of this
healing science has taken them to several countries. They
don’t want anyone else to suffer like they did.

                                                          Newsletter 3
 PATIENT APPRECIATION DINNER                                             Southeast Branch YMCA
                   FRIDAY, MAY 5, 6:30 PM
                                                                         3rd Annual Natural Open
                                                                        Bench Press Competition,
                   5510 28TH STREET, SE
                                                                         Saturday, February 11,
At last year’s patient appreciation dinner you heard a                10:30 am, 730 Forest Hill SE
fantastic talk by Dr. Mike’s Australian patient, good friend
                                                                      Burcon Chiropractic is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor
and upper cervical specific advocate, Greg Buchanan.
Check out his website at                              YMCA Mission: to put Christian principles into
                                                                      practice through programs that build healthy spirit,
James Tomasi is this year’s special guest. Learn how he got
                                                                                    mind and body for all.
his Trigeminal Neuralgia under control with upper cervical
specific chiropractic. Also, Dr. Mike will tell you about his trip   Competition is open to males and females from 15 years
to Austria and his Meniere’s lecture.                                old to 50+. Awards ceremony will follow competition.
What do Trigemianl Neuralgia, Meniere’s syndrome, Bell’s             Burcon Chiropractic will be passing out free literature and
palsey and Parkinson’s disease have in common? A                     offering free spinal examinations and free mini-massages
posterior atlas subluxation, that’s what! Bring a hurting            at this event.
friend or relative to learn more and let us treat you to dinner.
Seating is limited, so please call 616.575.9990 today.               Hope to see you there!

Burcon Chiropractic
4362 Cascade Road, SE
Suite 115 Cascade Square
Grand Rapids, MI 49546-8312


                                                             Newsletter 4
Newsletter 5

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