Final Exam Review by qingyunliuliu


									Final Exam Review
 Expository Reading and Writing
  Class- Aitcheson & Johnson
  Pronoun Agreement Practice (Review
• 1. During the football season, (me and my
  family) (myself and my family) (my family
  and I) always attend every home game.
• 2 . Cousin Millie was thrilled when her best
  friend asked (she and our nephew) (our
  nephew and she) (her and our nephew) to
  attend the Lakers’ opening game.
• 3. If the bus is late, (them and the
  neighborhood children) (they and the
  neighborhood children) will often play
  soccer in the street.
    Pronouns continued . . .
• 4. The children were so loud and rude
  that (myself and my husband) (my
  husband and I) (me and my husband)
  don’t know how they can ever hear
  (theirselves, themselves, theyselves)
• 5. When the weather is dreary, (my
  daughter and I) (my daughter and myself)
  (me and my daughter) go to the mall for an
  afternoon of shopping.
Subject/verb Agreement Practice

• 1. One of the articles for the works cited page (are,
    is) missing from my note cards!
•   2. Each of the team players (agrees, agree) to have
    another practice before the tournament.
•   3. The cause of his many failures (was, were) pure
•   4. Neither of my siblings (lives, live) in Riverside
•   5. A roster of the membership and the new agenda
    (was, were) sent by the advisor before the meeting.
      Punctuation Practice
• 1. Remember homework is heavily weighted in this
• 2. This essay is important I have been working on it
  for Mr. Johnson for weeks.
• 3. Because mistakes in business letters are
  unacceptable and embarrassing accuracy is
• 4. I realize the homework requirement is critical
  however we must plan our work schedules carefully.
 Active/Passive Voice Review
• Active Voice: The subject of the
  sentence is the doer of the action.
• Mr. Aitcheson taught the lesson.
• Mr. Johnson and the TA handed out the
  test sheets.
•    In both sentences the subject of the
  sentence is doing what the verb
   Active/Passive Voice Review
• Passive Voice: The subject of the sentence is acted
• The lesson was taught by Mr. Aitcheson.
• The test sheets were handed out by Mr.
  Johnson and the TA.
• In both sentences the subjects (lesson; test sheets)
  were acted upon by someone.
• Note: Passive voice is made when a “to be” or “being” verb (am, is,
  were, was, be, been, being) is put together with a past participle of
  another verb.
• While passive voice is “legal” it is often more wordy and shifts the
  focus in writing. Passive voice should be used sparingly because it
  weakens the tone of the writing.
  Active/Passive Voice Review
Change the following passive sentences into active sentences!
• 1. Our late start tutoring sessions are recommended by Mr.
• 2. It was reported by the teacher that 98% of the class had
  failed the test.
• 3. By June 1st, all applicants to the university must be
  interviewed by the admission’s
• team.
• 4. The school records have been reviewed consistently by
  Mrs. Weber.
• 5. Why were those boxes destroyed by the night shift
        A Final Word . . .
Review again.
                           “Gin’ a body
Study some more.           meet a body
                           comin’ through
The Exam is challenging!   the rye . . . .”

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