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									                          AIR-SHIELDS® C450 INCUBATOR

                •     Oval shaped port doors for increased
                •     Removable microprocessor controller
                      with keypad lock and membrane touch
                •     Iris ports for ventilation tubing support
                •     Auxiliary air probe for accurate air
                                                                                               Typical Manufacturer’s Picture

Alarms                                   Airflow: activated by fan failure or a short circuit Air Flow probe. Probe:
                                         activated may be a defective Air, Baby High. Also activated by an open-
                                         circuited Air Flow probe when the temperature sensed below deck is greater
                                         than 30°C to 31°C. High temperature: activates if incubator temperature
                                         exceeds 39.5°C ± 0.5°. Set temperature: activates if Air Temperature
                                         fluctuates from set temperatures as follows: in air More - Air Temperature:
                                         +1.5 ± 0.5°C, -2.5 ± 0.5°C. Power fail: activates if primary power to the
                                         incubator fails or the power cord is accidentally disconnected from the wall
                                         receptacle. System fail: internal malfunction, refer unit to service.

Silence/Reset                            Silence: silences the Set Temp audible alarm for 15 minutes; alarm silence is
                                         automatically overridden if a subsequent alarm occurs within the period of
                                         silence. Silences Power Fail audible alarm for 2 minutes. Reset: cancels High
                                         Temperature, Air Flow or Probe alarms if alarm condition no longer exists.

Temperature Control Ranges               Air mode control: 20.0 to 37°C, 37 to 38.5° C temperature override mode.
                                         Temperature rise time <50 minutes. Temperature variation: 1.5°C.
                                         Temperature overshoot: 0.5°C maximum. Temperature uniformity: 1.0°C.
                                         Oxygen concentration range: ambient to >70%. Humidity: typically between
                                         50 and 60% with water in humidity reservoir.

Nominal Dimensions                       Height from floor: 140 cm or 55”. Depth: 56 cm or 22” including guardrail.
                                         Width: 116 cm or 45.5” including guardrail. Nominal weight: 76 kg or 168 lbs
                                         including guardrail and without accessories. Mattress tilt:
                                         trendelenburg/reverse trendelenburg: 0° ± 9°

Power Requirements                       120V ± 10%, 50/60Hz, 500 W maximum

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                              The technical data given in this publication are for general information and are subject to change
                                                                        without notice.

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                         166 Highland Park Dr. Bloomfield, CT 06002 U.S.A.
             Tel: (860) 218-2575 Fax: (860) 218-2565 Email:
Rev 1 9/03

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