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					                              Seasonal Staff Fact Sheet 2011

     WORKING IN LYON                       LIVING IN LYON             GETTING AROUND LYON
1.   Duration                      10. Accommodation                  15. Transport in Lyon
2.   The Job                       11. Internet Access                16. Driving to Lyon
3.   Training                      12. Work Permit or Carte de        17. Flying to France
4.   Shifts                            Sejour                         18. Bus Service
5.   Time Off                      13. Medical
6.   Salary                        14. Bank Account                     BRING YOUR FRIENDS
7.   Your Commitment                                                  19. Recruitment
8.   Office Dress
9.   Call monitoring

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     1. DURATION                                      2. THE JOB

Due to the training courses we have                   The job involves taking emergency calls from
scheduled, you need to select a starting date         UK and foreign customers who require
from the list below. We also need to know             assistance following a vehicle breakdown or
your preferred finishing date. These dates            road traffic accident, in Europe (including the
will then be agreed and confirmed in your             UK).
contract from ACTA’s Human Resource
Department. Please note there may be                  During the summer months, particularly the
possibilities of longer or even permanent             main school holidays, we are extremely busy
contracts at the end of the season however,           with call volumes peaking in July and
this will depend on your performance and              August. We therefore need your additional
attendance whether you get the option to              support to help us manage this peak.
extend your contract.
                                                      Your language skills (minimum A Level in
Day one of each training session starts at            French standard) are essential for liaising
09.00 hrs sharp on the dates specified below          with garages, and other services.
so please ensure you will be available for            Understandably our customers can quite
your chosen course. We are also looking for           often be distressed when calling us. They
people with excellent technical knowledge to
                                                      may feel vulnerable in an unfamiliar country.
join our small team of Technical Specialists.         This is why they need you to be confident
Please note: Technical Specialists will be            and able to deal with their crisis.
required to give over the phone repair advice
to our customers and to liaise with garages           Key Skills:
on the best repair solution so your technical          Motivation and commitment
knowledge skills are essential.                        Empathy and mindfulness
N.B: Customer Advisors do not require                  Knowledge and awareness of cultural
mechanical knowledge.                                    differences (ideally, at least one year
                                                         spent abroad)
Choice of Course starting dates:                       Excellent interpersonal and
(Please note that these dates are not negotiable)        communication skills
 28th March                 th
                       30 May                         Ability to adapt appropriately to different
 02nd May                    th
                       27 June                          situations
                                                       Ability to work professionally in a high-
Choice of Contract end dates:                            pressure environment
 4th September                                        Computer literate
 11th September
 02nd October                                        Interviews will be conducted by telephone in
 Potential extensions until 31st December            French and English to assess your aptitude
                                                      for the job.
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3. TRAINING                                          6. SALARY
Prior to starting the job you will receive 2         The salary is 1,453 Euros (approximately
weeks Induction training (Monday to Friday           1,162 Euros net) per month, + 8.33% of the
0900-1700), on the European products that            base salary accumulated during the contract.
we service. You will also be trained on our          Overtime will be available and higher rates of
operational procedures, how to use the               pay apply to Sundays, Bank Holidays, night
telephone system and how to use our own              shifts. Those people returning to work with
tailor-made      computer   packages.     Our        us for a second season get an additional 5%.
Training Officers, will ensure that these two        If you return for a third season you get
weeks are full of fun and variety - we want          vouchers for tea/coffee and lunch in addition
you to enjoy it.                                     to your salary.

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                                                     7. YOUR COMMITMENT
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4. SHIFTS                                            The AA will contribute 150 Euros towards
                                                     your travel costs to Lyon. This will be upon
You will be required to work to a shift pattern      presentation of original travel receipts (e.g.
of 35 hours per week. The shifts are                 air fare / train ticket) and you will be
mornings, afternoons & nights. Each shift is         reimbursed at the end of the contract.
approximately 7 hours long but you can be            However, this is on the provision that you
asked to work up to 10 hours per day and             have shown total commitment to your role as
earn overtime.                                       a Customer Advisor.
                                                     If you have to be cautioned for attendance or
 Morning shifts start at: 07.00, 08.00, 09.00,
  10.00 or 11.00.                                    performance issues then unfortunately you
 Afternoon shifts start at: 12.00, 13.00, 14.00,    will not be rewarded with this bonus.
  15.00, 16.00, 17.00 or 18.00.
 Night shift will be 23.00 to 07.00.

It is also important for you to understand that
on some shift patterns you could be working
a mix of morning and afternoon shifts, 8 days
in a row followed by 2 rest days. Here is an         8. OFFICE DRESS
example of how the rota can work:                    We are quite relaxed about the dress code
Week 1:                                              as the temperatures can get extremely hot
Monday and Tuesday - Rest days                       in Lyon. However, we do ask staff to wear
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and            smart casual dress to work as AA
Sunday - 15.00hrs – 23.00hrs                         Managers & Directors visit the Lyon site
Week Two:                                            during the summer.        Shorts are not
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – 10.00hrs-            accepted unless they are smart / chinos
18.00hrs                                             and girls must dress “sensibly”. Sportswear
Thursday and Friday – Rest days                      won’t be accepted at any time.
Saturday and Sunday – 13.00hrs – 21.00hrs            You will be provided with a security access
                                                     card to allow you to enter and exit the

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5. TIME OFF                                          9. CALL MONITORING
You may swap shifts “within reason” with a           Please note that all calls are recorded within
colleague but this must be agreed between            our European Operation Centre for training
yourselves and authorised by one of the              and compliance purposes.
Team Leaders. Please note that due to the            Personal calls are strictly forbidden and will
nature of the work and time of year the Call         be closely monitored.
Centre is very busy so unfortunately no
annual leave can be accommodated during
your contract with us.
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10. ACCOMMODATION                                  12. WORK PERMIT or CARTE DE SEJOUR

ACTA have arrangements for a limited                As EEC resident, a Carte de Séjour or
number      of   rooms    in   local   basic          work permit is no longer required.
accommodation which can be rented for                 However, Human Resources do require
approximately 700€ per month. Up to 50% of            your long full birth certificate in French
the first and last months rent of your                (the one which details your parents’
seasonal contract will be subsidised leaving          names and occupations) for Social
you to pay the remainder (approx. 350€) for           Security purposes.
each of these months, after this you will be
liable for the full amount of any additional
months rent. However, if you can provide a                                         Back to contents
signed letter or documentation proving to          13. MEDICAL
ACTA HR that you are already paying rent
elsewhere, whilst working for the company,         You must obtain your European Health
then contributions to the additional months        Insurance Card which replaces the old E111.
during your seasonal contract will also be         Go on for more
made. There is also a one off administration       information.
fee of 75€ payable which will be deducted
from your first months salary. Please note         Please ensure you visit the Department of
that under any circmstance do we accept            Health web site at and check
any responsibility for the accommodation,          for full details on reciprocal NHS benefits.
nor do we take any special requests.
                                                   We also recommend that you take out some
Just to put you in the picture these               form of Personal Insurance to cover you in
apartments are similar to basic student            the event of loss of personal belongings,
accommodation. They are individual studios         passport, cash etc.
with their own private bathroom situated
either near the office, just off the main Lyon
motorway or within a 10 minutes bus ride
They have a bedroom however, no bedding
is provided so you will need to supply this
yourself. There is a kitchen facility with a                                       Back to contents
fridge, cooker etc. However please note            14. BANK ACCOUNT
there will be no cutlery, crockery or cooking
utensils, again you will need to provide these     We are sure you will want to be paid for all
items. Laundry facilities are not necessarily      your hard work in which case you will need
available so you will have to make                 to open a French bank account so that ACTA
alternative arrangements.                          can pay your salary.

Room keys can be collected from the ACTA           To do this you will require:
office or the residence. You will need to let
us know in advance if you would like us to          Your passport with a photocopy.
make a reservation on your behalf. Also             Proof of your UK address (i.e. bank
please notify us a few days in advance of            statement or utility bill.) Confirmation of
your intended date and time of arrival so that       your French address.
we can ensure your room is available.               If you are staying at accommodation
                                                     arranged by us, the Human Resource
                                Back to contents     Department at A.C.T.A will provide a
                                                     letter certifying that you are a resident. If
11. INTERNET ACCESS                                  you are making your own arrangements
                                                     you will need to get written authorisation
There is no Internet access facility in the          from your landlord/landlady confirming
proposed rented accommodation. There are             that you are staying with them.
however a multitude of Internet cafés in Lyon
and libraries provide a free limited access
during their opening hours.

Please note that any Internet access in the
office is for work related purposes only and
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15. TRANSPORT IN LYON                                  17. FLYING TO FRANCE

Our offices are not situated in Lyon city centre
and you will need to plan a public transport
budget. A standard single bus ride costs 1.60€,
however you might be entitled to student               If you are flying to Lyon (St Exupéry
discount.                                              Airport) the taxi fare from the airport to
                                                       Limonest will be in the region of 70 Euros,
                                    Back to contents   (more expensive on a Sunday and late at
                                                       night) it is a distance of approximately
16. DRIVING TO LYON                                    46kms from the airport. If you are flying
                                                       into Grenoble Airport, the taxi fare will be
If you are intending to drive to France, please        in the region of 140 Euros (again more
ensure that you;                                       expensive on a Sunday and late at night)
                                                       a distance of approximately 100kms.
 Let your Motor Vehicle Insurers know that
  your are going to be driving in France for an        Both EasyJet and RyanAir offer low cost
  extended period of time. This is to ensure           airfares to Lyon or Grenoble; both operate
  that you are fully covered to drive overseas         from London Stansted however both
  for the duration otherwise only 3rd party            British Airways and BMI are good
  cover will apply.                                    alternative from other airports.
 If you are borrowing a car you will need to
  ensure that you have the original (VRD)                                           Back to contents
  Vehicle Registration Document, together
  with your insurance documents and a letter
  from the vehicle owner (recorded keeper on
  VRD) authorising that you can take the               18. TRAMWAY SERVICE
  vehicle overseas.
 If you are hiring or leasing a vehicle you will
  need to obtain a VE103b, please contact              Alternatively, there is a Tramway service
  Business Services at the AA (telephone               at St Exupéry Airport called Rhone
  0800 55 11 88) for further information.              Express ( The
 Beam Benders – these will adjust the glare           trams leave approximately every 15
  from your headlights when driving in France          minutes to Lyon and the fare is
  at night and are available from most port            approximately 13.00€ one way. From
  terminals.                                           Grenoble Airport the total approximate
 Other requirements when driving in France            cost for the shuttle, train, and taxi to
  are a warning triangle, high visibility jacket,      Limonest is 60 Euros.
  fire extinguisher, first aid kit, and GB sticker.
 AA European Breakdown Cover (what
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  else!!!) to ensure that you are in good hands
  should you have an incident in your vehicle
  overseas. (telephone 0800 444 500 for a
 Please let ACTA Human Resources have
  your vehicle details upon your arrival.              19. RECRUITMENT

                                                       Talk to your friends!
                                                       Are they interested in the job? Can they
                                    Back to contents   speak French to a minimum of A level
                                                       standard? Have they got experience in
   15. DIRECTIONS                                      Customer Service?
The AA’s 24 Hour European Operation Centre             Ask them to send their CV to
is situated next to Buffalo Grill and Decathlon in
Limonest on the A6 12 km north of Lyon.
                                                       Closure date for applications: 17th June

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