By Farhan M. and Elena G.
                                 They concentrated on the
                                 philosophy of art, rather than

                                 The artwork was very abstract.

                                 The artworks in this group are
                                 difficult to distinguish and
                                 classify as Expressionistic art.

                                 Began in 1905 in Paris

The Bedroom – Vincent Van Gogh
The name derives from the French word for “wild beasts”
        This movement was radical
        because of the hot, bright and
        raw colors that they used.

        Emphasis on their
        extraordinary color schemes
        distinguished them as a
        notable art movement.

        Emotion was expressed by:
        -Exaggerated hues
        - Extremes: warm became hot
        and cool became cold
        - complementary schemes
        made colors stand out to draw

Beasts of the Sea - Henri Matisse
 What happened before?

The starry night over the
Rhone - Vincent Van Gogh                      Antibes, The Pink Cloud
                                                   - Paul Signac
Post Impressionism
Artists began to use different methods of conveying the artwork in a more self
expressive way.
Use of varying, and unrealistic colors emerged.
                                      Vincent Van Gogh
                                      - (30 March 1853 – 29 July
                                      - He was born in Groot-
                                      Zundert, Holland
                                      - Most popular in Germany
                                      - Had a very troubled life
                                      - Considered to be a part of the
The Starry Night - Vincent Van Gogh   post-impressionist period but
                                      had a great influence on the
                                      expressionist period and
                                      - Used pure and bold colours in
                                      his artworks (contrasting
                                      - His paintings way of painting
                                      (through colours, long curvy
                                      brushstrokes and composition)
                                      showed his feelings
                            Edvard Munch
                            -(12 December 1863 – 23
                            January 1944)
                            - Born in Loten, Norway
                            - Left college to become a
                            - Lost most of his family to
                            - Munch had a very difficult
                            life, his emotions of sorrow,
                            pain, passion and stress, were
                            shown through his paintings
                            - He is a well-known German
                            Expressionist painter

The Scream - Edvard Munch
                                Max Beckmann
                                -(February 12, 1884 –
                                December 28, 1950)
                                - Born in Leipzig, Saxony
                                - Began to study art at a young
                                - He painted a number of self-
                                - His paintings showed a great
                                deal of contour, bold colours
                                and loose brushstrokes
                                - Well-known German
                                Expressionist painter

Self-portrait with Horn - Max
                           -(31 December 1869 – 3
                           November 1954)
                           -Born in Le Cateau-Cambrésis,
                           - In 1887, Matisse went to
                           Paris to study law and later
                           worked as a court
                           -He discovered his love for
                           painting in 1889
                           -His mother inspired him to
                           listen to his own emotions
                           rather than follow the artistic
                           -he was also a sculptor, a
                           printmaker and a
                           -during the expressionist
                           period, Matisse’s paintings
                           showed uses of bright colours
                           and focused on expression
                           rather than details
Woman with a Hat – Henri
Weisses Haus in
Dangast - Erich Heckel

Erich Heckel
-(31 July 1883- 27 January 1970)
- Born in Döbeln, Saxony
- He was a painter and a printmaker
- Heckel Admired the works of Evard Munch
- Left college to found an expressionist group "Die Brücke" with three other
- many of his artworks were destroyed by the Nazi Party because they were
seen as degenerate
                             Train Smoke - Edvard

Self-portrait as a Soldier
- Ernst Ludwig Kirchner       By the Shore - Edvard
                          Ravine – Vincent Van

    Potsdamer Platz
                            Mountain Studio –
- Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
                          Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Now it’s time for a Quiz! YAY!
•   Quiz

•   1. When did the expressionism period begin?

•   2. Where did it begin?

•   3. Expressionism was based on __________ rather than ___________.

•   4. What movement came before expressionism?

•   5. Name 5 expressionist painters.

•   6. Name three expressionist paintings.

•   7. Name the expressionsist painting that is found on our classroom door and also in our slideshow?

•   8.What type of brush strokes were prominent in Vincent Van Gogh's paintings?

•   9.What was the distinguishing feature of expressionist art?

•   10.What is being said in the following statement: "Warm became hot and cool became cold."?

•   BONUS:
•   11. What completely irrelevant creature was present in our slideshow?

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