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									Carving Seals
  Carving seal is the product of the Class

   Most famous and successful seal
masters realized the importance to learn
from the ancient experience. However, this
is just one method but it does not mean
the result or aim.

1. Hand- makers recorded their names on
  the artifacts that they made.

2. To stand for the names of artifacts.

3.The printed letters on the gold coins.
4.Burial objects .(陪葬品)

5. From Song Dynasty, artists usually use
  seals instead of their signatures, includes
  idioms, lucky words, mottoes, ancient
  names and so on.
6.Using as the ornamentation because there
  are buttons at the back of the seals .
7.Ironing the horses as making records on
  them .(烙马印)
several important types of seals
1. The seals in Qin Dynasty

  In Qin Dynasty,the text being put in the form
  like a Chinese word “田”.
2.Han Dynasty

 This is the most important one in the history of
 seals.Normally four words,a crossing in the
 middle .
3.Seals made in mud(封泥)

 They are used to seal the parcels in ancient.
 People avoid their parcels being opened or
 moved by someone else, they would use some
 mud to seal the parcels and then print their seals
 on them.
4.Portrait Seals

 Printed with characters, buildings, some animals
 and other patterns .
5.Seals with birds and insects

 The letters on such seals are decorated by the
 patterns of birds and insects.

   There are many kinds of seal materials,
such as jades(玉), metals, silvers,
bronze(铜), leads(铅), crystals(水
晶), pottery mud, etc. The most valuable
is jade. The second is metal. The third is
   Normal officials usually use bronze(铜)
for seals, so it is very common to see the
bronze seals which are excavated so far.
Now the most famous one are“ Qingtian
Stone”,“ Shoushan Stone”, and
“Changhua Stone”.
 Some seal- cutting masters
• Zhao Mengfu (1254- 1322)

 He usually just wrote the letters and then let
 other to make into seals. He uses the pure
 Xiaozhuan, most of which are red character.
• Wen Peng (1498- 1573)

 He is the first artist who is famous for seal-
• Deng Shiru (1743- 1805)

 He uses the active and vivid postures into the
 seal, especially into Red Seal.
• Wu Xizai (1799- 1870)

 He is the follower of Deng ShiRu. Based on
 Deng„ s style, he also had some innovation and
 formed his typical style, especially the easy and
 comfortable ambit.

          一日之迹                  画梅乞米
• Zhao Zhiqian ( 1799- 1870)

 He is in the same period as Wu Xizai. However,
 because of their different characters, the styles
 of their seals are also different. Wu is honest
 and straight, while Zhao is very boastful of his

• Huang Shiling (1850-1908)

 He uses Jin character in seals.
• Wu Changshuo ( 1844- 1927)

 Most seal masters are good at Zhuanshu, in
 which Wu Changshuo is very outstanding. His
 works, Shi Gu Wen, is one of the typical and
 great works. His seal is characterized of the
 deep meaning and the sureness of touch. He let
 the seal reach another new peak since 600

            缶者            鲜鲜霜中菊
   Mr.GuoMoruo said that the ancient arts
are enduring and unreachable, however,
can we say that all the ancient things are
much better nowadays things just on base
of that idea? of course we can not. That
would be stupid to have such ideas.
Beijing 2008
That is all.
Thank you.

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