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					                                      Vintage issue - March 2010

Welcome to Vintage Issue of the Stella Bella Unwined Newsletter
Welcome to the Vintage 2010 issue of the Stella Bella Unwined Newsletter, and yes it has been a long
time between newsletters. The Unwined Newsletter has decided to adopt a seasonal frequency in
keeping with the seasonal nature of grape growing and wine making.

The next edition will be the Pruning Issue in June.

In between newsletters we will keep you up to date with e-snippets of news, reviews and the odd bit of

In subsequent editions we welcome contributions from all and sundry.

Its March, it’s hot and vintage is underway

                                                         Vintage officially commenced on 21 February
                                                         with some Sauvignon Blanc and has seriously
                                                         kicked in over the past few weeks with
                                                         Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Semillon all
                                                         ripe, ready to pick and looking fantastic.

                                                         The growing and ripening season has been
                                                         very dry and warm, near perfect for grape
                                                         growing with the month of February
                                                         unseasonably humid.

                                                         Will summer now over statistics tell us that we
                                                         have just experienced the driest summer on
                                                         record in the South West of Western Australia.

As well, it is a good blossom year with the red gums loaded with white blossom – almost snow like and
set to continue for another month, according to a local bee keeper.

The reason we become so excited about blossom is because it is the favoured food of the small bird
called the Silver eye which in years of little blossom turn to the next best thing which happens to be
ripening wine grapes. In summary, so far so good,with yields from our vineyards higher than forecast but
still with all our reds to pick.

Our next edition will include a review of the 2010 vintage.

                                             Vintage always seems to be upon us before we are ready.
                                             I guess that comes from a heavy reliance on the weather.
                                             Anyway it’s very busy and the winery is too busy to
                                             report too much.

                                             However for anyone contemplating a post Christmas
                                             weight loss programme, vintage comes highly
                                             recommended with proven result from cellar hands
                                                                  at      hauling,
                                             long gone with all that hose hauling press cleaning
                                             and long hours.

                                          The annual weighbridge calibration took place in mid
                                         February with all winery staff jumping on the scales
to reveal too much personal information. The winner of the 2010 vintage diet will be revealed
in the next edition.

March is a big month for new wines
The long awaited release of Stella Bella’s ultra premium red wines under the brand of SERIE
                                 LUMINOSA is now available

                                     The name means a bright or brilliant series and represents the best
                                    wines from Stella Bella. From the 2007 vintage we have released
                                    two varietals, a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Merlot. Both wines are
                                    eminently drinkable and will only improve with cellaring.

                                                include a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Merlot a Chardonnay and
As vintages and quality permit, the Series will incl
possibly Shiraz and even Sauvignon Blanc. We will see what the fortune of the 2010 vintage brings.

                                      With lots of fan fare planned for the top end wines, the Stella
                                      Bella 2009 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc will quietly slip into the
                                      chorus this month. Like is sibling 2009 whites the Semillon
                                      Sauvignon Blanc has lovely ripe rich vibrant fruit – very drinkable

    Skuttlebutt also has a new member which is only available from the
    cellar door and online. Many of our cellar door customers enjoy the
    exclusivity of something new and different and Otro Vino surely is. The
    wine is made from six different grape varieties – most of which are difficult
    to pronounce and more commomly used to make Port in Portugal. A
    wikipedia search will give you some insightful inforamtion on all these
    varieties. Make sure you do your homework before you purchase. The
    tasting note is on the website and our winemakers describe the wine as a
    “big glass wine “with plenty of soft and juicy red fruit. In the short time
    that the wine has been on sale, it has been very popular.

    If you have not yet tasted the Skuttlebutt Savvy, which is another cellar door
    exclusive, it is well worth a tipple. The wine is sweet, light and low in alcohol (only
    7.5%) a touch fizzy and made from Sauvignon Blanc.

    If your Mum says she doesn’t drink wine then she needs to taste the Savvy.

    Last but not least the 2007 Skuttlebutt Shiraz Cabernet another great red from
    the fantastic 2007 vintage.

    You might also have noticed the Skuttlebutt tap has shrunk a little on the
    new release wines. We think it looks a little classier- interested in your

Stella Bella Celebrates with            two trophies at the Royal Sydney Wine Show! A feat equivalent
to winning the lottery only we did it twice! This is a second trophy and a fourth gold medal for the 2007
Stella Bella Chardonnay and a second trophy for the 2009 Stella Bella Sauvignon Blanc.

Clearly an extraordinary effort of which we are all very proud. A special thank you to our grape growers,
viticulturists and winemakers.

                                             The 2007 Stella Bella Chardonnay and the 2009 Stella Bella
                                             Sauvignon Blanc are fast being recognized as benchmark
                                             top shelf Australian wines with continued success in the
                                             wine show circle. Having recently tasted the 2008 Stella
                                             Bella Chardonnay which has already been awarded 2 Gold
                                             medals and the 2010 Sauvignon Blanc which is still under
                                             construction in the winery, our continued show success is
                                             assured. Both wines are still available and selling fast.

                                             Winemaker Janice McDonald with Simon Tan WM and
                                             the Trophy for the Best Chardonnay and Best New
                                             World Chardonnay for the 2007 Stella Bella
                                             Chardonnay at the Hong Kong International Wine and
                                             Spirit Challenge

It’s Easter and It’s the Cellar Door’s 1st birthday – another reason to celebrate
with some great new releases and award winning wines. Take advantage of our celebratory
spirit with our great Easter and Birthday offer.

Please visit our Stella Bella Shop at

The cellar door will be 1 on Easter Saturday and if you are yet to visit the cellar door, it’s a fantastic
experience. Our cellar door might appear quaint but once you open the door, the experience of tasting
the Stella Bella wines with Sarah, Caroline, Gillian and Emma Clare is anything but. Step inside for a
friendly and informative tasting of our wines, delivered with true passion .Well worth a visit next time
you are in Margaret River.

Events - now and soon
The entire South West is full of colourful cows. It is certainly worth a trip to the South West over the
next few months to see the Cow Parade. The Cow Parade is an outside Art exhibit of life-sized cows from
a myriad of artists, with auctions at the end of the event benefiting charities - Very humorous and very
clever. Visit the website

Margaret River Wine Festival – Stella Bella will be at the vintage festival at Leeuwin Estate on Saturday
10th and Sunday 11 April or visit us at the cellar door. For information and bookings go to

Stella Bella Wine Dinner at Burswood with Winemaker Janice McDonald presenting the wines – April 19

Good Food and Wine Shows – you will see us in:

Melbourne – 4 to 6 June Perth – 2 to 4 July Sydney 16 to 18 July Adelaide 8 to 10 October

Brisbane – 5 to 7 November.

That is all for now- if you wish to make comment or contribute to the Stella Bella Unwined Newsletter
please email

Happy Easter from Stella Bella Wines


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