TeenGenreBooklist by mudoc123


									     FICTION                                       GRAPHIC NOVELS                        Vampires, Werewolves & Zombies:
Chow/ Bitter Melon                            Aristophanes/ The Zabime Sisters           Atwater-Rhodes/ All Just Glass
Davis/ Chasing AllieCat                       Arnold/ BB Wolf and the Three LPs          Caine/ Ghost Town
Divine/ The Meltdown                          Canada/ Fist Stick Knife Gun: A Personal   Cast/ Awakened: a House of Night novel
Franklin/ Jenna & Jonah’s Fauxmance            History of Violence                       De la Cruz/ Bloody Valentine
Goodman/ Something Like Hope                  Cloonan/ Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales   Keaton/ Darkness Becomes Her
Grant/ Teenie                                 Dorkin/ Beasts of Burden                   Kenyon/ Infinity: Chronicles of Nick
Harrison/ Tale of Two Pretties (The Clique)   Doyle/ A Study in Scarlet                  Mancusi/ Night School
Heasley/ Where I Belong                       Gaiman/ The Sandman 5: A Game for You      Nelson/ Throat
Hubbard/ Like Mandarin                        Mignola/ The Amazing Screw-On Head and     Robinson/ Vampire Crush
Jensen/ Falling in Love With English Boys      Other Curious Objects                     Sampson/ Vester: a Deviants novel
Lee/ Thief Girl                               Niffenegger/ The Night Bookmobile          Schreiber/ Cryptic Cravings
Lynch/ Angry Young Man                        Raicht/ The Stuff of Legend: The Dark      Smith/ Midnight (Vampire Diaries: Return)
Myers/ Kick                                   Torres/ Lola: A Ghost Story                Smith/ Blessed (sequel to Tantalize)
Padian/ Jersey Tomatoes Are the Best          Weing/ Set to Sea                          St. Crow/ Jealousy
Restrepo/ Illegal                             Yolen/ Foiled
Roy/ Mindblind                                                                                SCI-FI
Selfors/ Mad Love                                                                        Clare/ City of Fallen Angels
Stevenson/ The Latte Rebellion                     FANTASY                               Destefano/ Wither
Taylor/ The Girl Who Became a Beatle                                                     Karr/ XVI
Tharp/ Badd                                   Armstrong/ The Gathering                   Lore/ I Am Number Four
Van Draanan/ The Running Dream                Bachorz/ Drought                           Malley/ The Legacy (sequel to Resistance)
Whela/ See What I See                         Brennan/ The Faeman Quest (Faerie Wars)    Neumeier/ The Floating Islands
Williams/ Miles From Ordinary                 Chandler/ Evercrossed                      Oliver/ Delirium
                                              Derting/ Desires of the Dead               Patterson/ Angel: A Maximum Ride Novel
Adventure Fiction:                            Despain/ The Lost Saint (Dark Devine)      Stracher/ The Water Wars
Davies/ Hacking Timbuktu                      Fisher/ Sapphique (sequel to Incarceron)
Horowitz/ Scorpia Rising                      Grant/ Plague: a Gone novel                     MYSTERY
Moore/ Subject Seven                          Guibord/ Warped                            Archer/ Through Her Eyes
Smith/ Solitary (Escape from Furnace 2)       Hand/ Unearthly                            Beaudoin/ You Killed Wesley Payne
                                              Houck/ Tiger’s Curse                       Harrington/ Clarity
                                              Hunter/ Born at Midnight                   McMann/ Cryer’s Cross
                                              Jones/ The Charmed Return                  Summers/ Fall For Anything
Blundell/ Strings Attached
                                              Mahoney/ The Iron Witch
Dagg/ The Year We Were Famous
                                              Oliver/ The Demon Trapper’s Daughter             NONFICTION
Hooper/ Fallen Grace
                                              Stein/ Kindred                             Against Medical Advice [Teen Bio Friedman]
Lowry/ Like the Willow Tree: The Diary of
                                              Terrell/ Fallen Angel                      How They Croaked [Teen 909 Bragg]
 Lydia Amelia Pierce
                                              Turetsky/ The Time-Traveling Fashionista   Over the Moon [Teen 812 Picoult]
Turner/ Father of Lies

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