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Classifying Dragons by zhangyun


									                         Classifying Dragons

       Imagine that you are a famous space explorer and biologist. You have
recently arrived on the planet Nitram. Your job is to study the Nitramian
animals and develop a system for classifying them.
       You decide to begin your work by classifying Nitram’s dragons. You
think that this name is not very scientific. However, you must admit that
the animals look a lot like the monsters of Earth legends.
       You ask the computer to give you a brief summary of all the
information it has on Nitramian dragons. The computer produces the
following printout.


Drako: About 5-6 meters tall. Four legs. 2 batlike wings. Able to fly. Body
covered in scales. Lives in mountains. Feeds on large animals.
Quetzalcoatl: About 2 meters long. 2 legs. 2 birdlike wings. Able to fly.
Green and red feathers. Long feathers of many colors on top of head and
around neck. Green scales on snakelike tail. Lives in tropical jungles. Eats
fruit and small animals.
Sanjorge: About 2-5 meters tall. 4 legs. 2 small batlike wings. Not able to
fly. Body has reddish-brown and greenish-brown scales. Lives in mountains.
Probably eats animals.
Smaug: Largest known dragon. About 6-9 meters tall. 4 legs. 2 batlike
wings. Able to fly. Body red, belly orange. Seems to be covered in scales.
Extremely aggressive. Lives in mountains. Feeds on large animals, including
Tailoong: About 4 meters long. Long, thin, snakelike body covered with gold
scales. 4 legs. Lionlike mane of long colorful feathers. Lives in forests near
lakes. Feeds on flowers and water plants.
Wyvern: About 2-3 meters long. 2 legs. 2 birdlike wings. Able to fly.
Head, neck, and tail covered with red, yellow, and brown scales. Long red
feathers around base of neck. Wings and body covered with brown
feathers. Lives in mountains. Feeds on small animals. May also feed on the
remains of dead animals.

Your job is to develop a dichotomous key classifying these dragons. You
may do this on the back or on another piece of paper.

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