Strumica Business Incubator

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					Strumica Business Incubator

Strumica, Macedonia


CONTACT PERSON               Nikola Trendov

ORGANISATION DESCRIPTION The Strumica Incubator was established in 2001 by the national government
                         of the Republic of Macedonia and the finance assistance of the World Bank
                         to support the local development of the industrial markert. The services
                         offered are: renting space (providing office and product facility) and
                         equipment, lending services (preparation business plans and small loans up
                         to 7000$ with annual interest rate of 10.5% most of the loans are non –
                         collateral with small guaranty. The fund available for lending is directly from
                         the incubator and there are no Bank Procedures involved), secretarial
                         services, management services (business contacts, cooperation with similar
                         companies within the industry, cooperation with other incubator clients
                         from the country and abroad, networking marketing, consulting legal
                         economic services (company registration, preparation of complete business
                         studies and plans, sourcing of external funds, legal advice and
                         representation, agreements, contracts accounting services.

OPERATIVE AREA               Local market

TURNOVER (2009)              € 10,000

STAFF                        2 persons, of which 1 permanent.
FIELD OF ACTIVITIES   SMEs development and support, administrative and legal services to
                      enterprises, management services, promotion of entrepreneurship in
                      education and training

MAIN PROJECTS         From idea to business (2010)