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									myGlobe Ringback
As of October 6, 2008

To   download a ringback, text <CODE> to 2332.
To   send a ringback to another Globe subscriber, text GIVE <Your friend's 11-digit Globe #> <CODE> to 2
To   copy another Globe subscribre's ringback, text COPY <Your friend's 11-digit Globe #> to 2332.
To   preview a ringback, text H <CODE> to 2332. You will receive and message prompting you to call 233
To   search for a ringback: text SEARCH T <Song Title> or SEARCH A <Music Artist> or SEARCH C <Celeb

Ringback Rates: P15 for 15 days AND P30 for 30 days, except for the myStar personalized celebrity ringbacks,

               TITLE                 ARTIST'S NAME                  SONG CODE
      MyBukasP/OgieAlcasid             Ogie Alcasid                   TF413
      MyMnmhal/OgieAlcasid             Ogie Alcasid                   TF414
        NaisKo/OgieAlcasid             Ogie Alcasid                   TF415
        Ngayon/OgieAlcasid             Ogie Alcasid                   TF416
     SanayIkawNaNga/OgieA              Ogie Alcasid                   TF417
       YkapinMo/OgieAlcasid            Ogie Alcasid                   TF418
        KailanganKita/OgieA            Ogie Alcasid                   TF419
      WlaKngK2lad/SpongeC              Sponge Cola                    DC391
           Ayt/SpongeCola              Sponge Cola                    DC384
          SheSaid/TheDEY                 The DEY                      SC265
         INeedYou/TheDEY                 The DEY                      SC266
      NoLookingBack/TheDEY               The DEY                      SC267
          SheSaid/TheDEY                 The DEY                      RB904
         INeedYou/TheDEY                 The DEY                      RB905
      NoLookingBack/TheDEY               The DEY                      RB906
       StepBack/SpongeCola             Sponge Cola                    DC385
     DiNaMababawi/SpongeC              Sponge Cola                    DC386
      InAnotherLyf/SpongeC             Sponge Cola                    DC387
          GTK/SpongeCola               Sponge Cola                    DC388
         ATear/SpongeCola              Sponge Cola                    DC389
       AllTheTime/SpongeC              Sponge Cola                    DC390
      MakapilingKa/SpongeC             Sponge Cola                    DC392
         Lights/SpongeCola             Sponge Cola                    DC393
     MeteorShower/SpongeC              Sponge Cola                    DC394
        Saturn/SpongeCola              Sponge Cola                    DC395
       KeepTheFire/SpongeC             Sponge Cola                    DC396
          Puso/SpongeCola              Sponge Cola                    DC371
      BatoSaBuhangin/OgieA             Ogie Alcasid                   TF404
        BawatSandali/OgieA             Ogie Alcasid                   TF405
      DoonLang/OgieAlcasid             Ogie Alcasid                   TF406
        Handog/OgieAlcasid             Ogie Alcasid                   TF407
     IkwLngAngMmhln/OgieA              Ogie Alcasid                   TF408
        KahitNa/OgieAlcasid            Ogie Alcasid                   TF409
       KungSkli/OgieAlcasid            Ogie Alcasid                   TF410
 KngTyoyMgkklyo/OgieA               Ogie Alcasid         TF411
 MalayoPAngUmaga/Ogie               Ogie Alcasid         TF412
   PaanoNaKaya/Bugoy                    Bugoy            PC208
     LarongPinoy/JBP                      JBP            PC209
   2dayIs/MajaSRCruz       Maja Salvador & Rayver Cruz   WA796
 ShoutOut/MajaSRCruz       Maja Salvador & Rayver Cruz   WA797
    IWont/MajaSRCruz       Maja Salvador & Rayver Cruz   WA798
   MovinOn/ElliotYamin              Elliot Yamin         TF390
DameUnMomento/TheDEY                  The DEY            SC259
  GetDisFeeling/TheDEY                The DEY            SC260
       DooBeDoo/KC                KC Concepcion          SC258
   KailanganKita/GaryV           Gary Valenciano         DC372
  DntGivUpOnUs/PioloP              Piolo Pascual         DC373
   TheGift/PioloPascual            Piolo Pascual         DC374
  Got2Believ/ClaudineB           Claudine Barretto       DC375
 HowDidYouKnow/GaryV             Gary Valecianon         DC376
  NowDatIHavYou/ErikS               Erik Santos          DC377
TangingYaman/CBanawa               Carol Banawa          DC378
  Paalam/SharonCuneta             Sharon Cuneta          DC379
   Khit1Saglit/MartinN            Martin Nievera         DC380
     TellMe/JoeyAlbert              Joey Albert          DC381
 HnggangKailn/SharonC             Sharon Cuneta          DC382
  Anak/GaryValenciano            Gary Valenciano         DC383
         Lihim/Zelle                     Zelle           SC254
  MakngLuv/MarriNallos              Marri Nallos         SC255
  ThereWasYou/Cueshe                   Cueshe            SC256
  WalangAraw/JimmyB               Jimmy Bondoc           SC257
         Lihim/Zelle                     Zelle           RB893
  MakngLuv/MarriNallos              Marri Nallos         RB894
  ThereWasYou/Cueshe                   Cueshe            RB895
  WalangAraw/JimmyB               Jimmy Bondoc           RB896
    Capri/ColbieCaillat           Colbie Caillat         TF356
   Breakout/MileyCyrus              Miley Cyrus          TF357
   FlyOnThewall/MileyC             Miley Cyrus           TF358
 GrlsJustWnaHavFun/MC               Miley Cyrus          TF359
    SeeYouAgain/Miley              Miley Cyrus           TF360
  DDriveway/MileyCyrus              Miley Cyrus          TF361
  MissIndependent/Neyo                  NeYo             TF362
    Battle/ColbieCaillat          Colbie Caillat         TF363
  FeelingsShow/ColbieC             Colbie Caillat        TF364
    Magic/ColbieCaillat           Colbie Caillat         TF365
   MidnytBottle/ColbieC            Colbie Caillat        TF366
   OneFineWire/ColbieC            Colbie Caillat         TF367
    TailorMade/ColbieC             Colbie Caillat        TF368
   DLittleThings/Colbie           Colbie Caillat         TF369
    TiedDown/ColbieC               Colbie Caillat        TF370
    Alright/ElliotYamin            Elliot Yamin          TF371
  FindAWay/ElliotYamin            Elliot Yamin          TF372
     Free/EliotYamin             Elliot Yamin           TF373
 ImTheMan/ElliotYamin             Elliot Yamin          TF374
  OneWord/ElliotYamin            Elliot Yamin           TF375
TkeMyBrethAway/EYamn             Elliot Yamin           TF376
  TrainWrck/EliotYamin            Elliot Yamin          TF377
  WaitForU/ElliotYamin           Elliot Yamin           TF378
 UAreDOne/ElliotYamin             Elliot Yamin          TF379
   AfterAllDisYrs/Jrney            Journey              TF380
 AnywayUWant/Journey                 Journey            TF381
 BeGud2Urself/Journey              Journey              TF382
 Chnge4DBeter/Journey                Journey            TF383
 DntStopBelvn/Journey              Journey              TF384
  FaithNDHartlnd/Jurny               Journey            TF385
    Faithfully/Journey             Journey              TF386
  LetItTkeUBck/Journey               Journey            TF387
      Lights/Journey               Journey              TF388
 LykASunshower/Journy                Journey            TF389
 NeverWalkAwy/Journey                Journey            TF391
    OpenArms/Journey               Journey              TF392
 SeperateWays/Journey                Journey            TF393
  StoneInLove/Journey              Journey              TF394
   TurnDWorld/Journey                Journey            TF395
   WhatIneed/Journey               Journey              TF396
 WatItTkes2Win/Journy                Journey            TF397
  WheelInDSky/Journey              Journey              TF398
 WrDidILseUrLuv/Jrney                Journey            TF399
 WhosCryingNow/Journy              Journey              TF400
 WildestDream/Journey                Journey            TF401
  ASong4U/ElliotYamin            Elliot Yamin           TF402
     Yugto/RicoBlanco             Rico Blanco           TF403
       DooBeDoo/KC              KC Concepcion           RB897
DameUnMomento/TheDEY                The DEY             RB898
 GetDisFeeling/TheDEY               The DEY             RB899
        Tawag/Piolo              Piolo Pascual          PC179
       TimeOff/Piolo             Piolo Pascual          PC180
     Emily/Paraluman              Paraluman             DC367
 HowCouldI/Paraluman              Paraluman             DC368
     Teka/Paraluman               Paraluman             DC369
      Tabi/Paraluman      Paraluman/Kean of Callalily   DC370
     SweetLove/JayR                   Jay R             DC359
 WatUWntDo4Love/JayR                  Jay R             DC360
   WhatsGoingOn/JayR                  Jay R             DC361
  AintNoSunshine/JayR                 Jay R             DC362
  NeitherOneOfUs/JayR                 Jay R             DC363
     TenderLove/JayR                  Jay R             DC364
   YouAreMyLady/JayR                  Jay R             DC365
 TattoedOnMyMind/JayR           Jay R        DC366
 AkoPB/GabyConcepcion     Gabby Concepcion   TE835
 AwitinKo/GbyCncpcion     Gabby Concepcion   TE836
CmWatMay/GbyCncpcion      Gabby Concepcion   TE837
 OneHundredWays/JayR            Jay R        DC349
    JustToSeeHer/JayR           Jay R        DC350
  YouMakeMeFeel/JayR            Jay R        DC351
   LoveWontMake/JayR            Jay R        DC352
  AlwaysNForever/JayR           Jay R        DC353
 AftrDLuvHasGone/JayR           Jay R        DC354
No1CanComeClose/JayR            Jay R        DC355
   TimeWillReveal/JayR          Jay R        DC356
 ShesOutOfMyLife/JayR           Jay R        DC357
    TwoOccasions/JayR           Jay R        DC358
      TUFTheme/UFC               UFC         PC198
      BoutIntro/UFC              UFC         PC199
    EntDomination/UFC            UFC         PC200
EntGetOutOfMyWay/UFC             UFC         PC201
    EntHeavyHitte/UFC            UFC         PC202
       EntHero/UFC               UFC         PC203
    EntUltNytmare/UFC            UFC         PC204
    FaceThePain1/UFC             UFC         PC205
    FaceThePain2/UFC             UFC         PC206
  OptBellmDomitor/UFC            UFC         PC207
     Constantly2/Nina            Nina        TE283
    CoolWithYou2/Nina            Nina        TE284
   DieJustALittle/SideA         Side A       IB225
 HereDerEvryWer/LaniM      Lani Misalucha    DC336
Sam1DatUse2Luv/LaniM       Lani Misalucha    DC337
  WeCudHavItAll/LaniM      Lani Misalucha    DC338
   SkyLinePigeon/LaniM     Lani Misalucha    DC339
  ILuvUAllDaWay/LaniM      Lani Misalucha    DC340
   Bridges/LaniMisaluch    Lani Misalucha    DC341
    LuvOfMyLife/LaniM      Lani Misalucha    DC342
  ShakeIt/MetroStation      Metro Station    SC253
  DustInTheWind/LaniM      Lani Misalucha    DC343
   Healing/LaniMisaluch    Lani Misalucha    DC344
  GetHere/LaniMisaluch     Lani Misalucha    DC345
   WersIsTheLuv/LaniM      Lani Misalucha    DC346
  TinMan/LaniMisalucha     Lani Misalucha    DC347
 WhisperingWave/LaniM      Lani Misalucha    DC348
 KahitMagdusaPa/LukeM       Luke Mijares     GA284
    ColordKisses2/Nina           Nina        TE282
      EvenNow/Nina               Nina        TE351
        Fall4U/Nina              Nina        TE352
     FoolishHeart/Nina           Nina        TE355
   WilloftheWind/Jolina   Jolina Magdangal   GA281
     Vaklushi/Sexbomb              Sexbomb            GA283
    ElBimboUEMJ/RicoJ            Rico J. Puno         SC229
 AlcoholUEMJ/RdioSago     Radio Active Sago Project   SC230
 WgMtkotUEMJ/OLemon         Orange And Lemons         SC231
 MagasinUEMJ/PSantos             Paolo Santos         SC232
WgMoItanongUEMJ/MYMP                 MYMP             SC233
 WidSmileUEMJ/SBorder            South Border         SC234
Suproxy1UEMJ/FrancsM          Francis Magalona        SC235
 TikmanUEMJ//SugarFre              Sugarfree          SC236
        PraSaMsa/Var                    VA            SC237
      PareKo/SpongeC             Sponge Cola          SC238
      WorthIt/Craeons               Creaons           SC239
      Testudo/Craeons               Creaons           SC240
       Spolarm/Imago                 Imago            SC241
 Suproxy2UEMJ/FrncisM         Francis Magalona        SC242
    Torpedo1UEMJ/Isha                  Isha           SC243
  AllWnt4XmasU2/Sitti                  Sitti          VA258
  BabyColdOutsde/Sitti                 Sitti          VA259
  BabyCldOutsde2/Sitti                 Sitti          VA260
  BoogieWSantaC/Sitti                  Sitti          VA261
  BoogieWSantaC2/Sitti                 Sitti          VA262
 GrownUpXmasLst/Sitti                  Sitti          VA263
 GrwnUpXmasLst2/Sitti                  Sitti          VA264
      HvUrslfAMry/Sitti                Sitti          VA265
     HvUrslfAMry2/Sitti                Sitti          VA266
    illBHme4Xmas/Sitti                 Sitti          VA267
   illBHme4Xmas2/Sitti                 Sitti          VA268
    ISawMomKisin/Sitti                 Sitti          VA269
    Torpedo2UEMJ/Isha                  Isha           SC244
        Ligaya/Kitchie           Kitchie Nadal        SC245
Hard2Blv2UEMJ/Cueshe                Cueshe            SC246
   AlapaapUEMJ/6Cycle            6 Cyclemind          SC247
Hard2Blv1UEMJ/Cueshe                Cueshe            SC248
  WgNaLng/Rocksteddy              Rocksteddy          SC249
    TaraNa/Rocksteddy             Rocksteddy          SC250
     AllByMyself/IlDivo              Il Divo          SC251
  ISawMomKisin2/Sitti                  Sitti          VA270
 WerInDisLuv2geder/AJ              Al Jarreau         TF224
     Hero/ChadKroeger          Chad Kroeger           TF225
  LuckBALady/FSinatra          Frank Sinatra          TF234
     ThatsLife/FSinatra        Frank Sinatra          TF237
 DWayULuk2nyt/Sinatra          Frank Sinatra          TF238
    ALilBetter/GBarkley         Frank Sinatra         TF239
MyOwnWrstEnmy/IMnzel            Idina Menzel          TF240
 HeloGudBy/LupeFiasco             Lupe Fiasco         TF241
   DCoolest/LupeFiasco           Lupe Fiasco          TF242
 DoDPanc/PhntomPlanet          Phantom Planet         TF243
3WodenCroses/RTravis          Randy Travis         TF244
   HorseToWater/REM                 REM            TF245
  Antukin/RicoBlanco           Rico Blanco         TF246
     Ayuz/RicoBlanco            Rico Blanco        TF247
  Helpless/RicoBlanco          Rico Blanco         TF248
    SantaBaby2/Sitti                Sitti          VA277
   SmdayAtXmas/Sitti                Sitti          VA278
  SmdayAtXmas2/Sitti                Sitti          VA279
    DXmasSong/Sitti                 Sitti          VA280
   DXmasSong2/Sitti                 Sitti          VA281
 WnterWnderland/Sitti               Sitti          VA282
 WnterWnderlnd2/Sitti               Sitti          VA283
 PrctceMksPrfct/CIWA4    Cute Is What We Aim For   TF226
  PrfctInsanty/Dsturbd          Disturbed          TF227
   BackInLove/Estelle              Estelle         TF228
    InTheRain/Estelle             Estelle          TF229
  PrettyPlease/Estelle             Estelle         TF230
       Shine/Estelle               Estelle         TF231
SoMuchOutDWay/Estele              Estelle          TF232
ComeFlyWithMe/FrankS           Frank Sinatra       TF233
RingADngDng/FSinatra           Frank Sinatra       TF235
 StrangersInTheNyt/FS          Frank Sinatra       TF236
 Metropolis/RcoBlanco           Rico Blanco        TF249
 Outtathis/RicoBlanco          Rico Blanco         TF250
PraDKnaMwala/RBlanco            Rico Blanco        TF251
 Say4ever/RicoBlanco           Rico Blanco         TF252
 StartAgen/RicoBlanco           Rico Blanco        TF253
 UrUniverse/RcoBlanco          Rico Blanco         TF254
 4UrBabies/SimplyRed            Simply Red         TF255
 HvUrslfMeriLlXms/Sti               Sitti          TF264
ISawMmyKisnSanta/Sti               Sitti           TF265
 IlBeHome4Xmas/Sitti               Sitti           TF266
      JingleBell/Sitti             Sitti           TF267
   NgayongPasko/Sitti              Sitti           TF268
     SantaBaby/Sitti               Sitti           TF269
  SumdayAtXmas/Sitti               Sitti           TF270
IkawLngMmhalin/OgieA            Ogie Alcasid       DC322
  KahitNa/OgieAlcasid           Ogie Alcasid       DC323
KngTyoMgkklayo/OgieA            Ogie Alcasid       DC324
  Ngayon/OgieAlcasid            Ogie Alcasid       DC325
 MayMinamahal/OgieA             Ogie Alcasid       DC326
  BawatSandali/OgieA            Ogie Alcasid       DC327
 DoonLang/OgieAlcasid           Ogie Alcasid       DC328
SumtnGtMeStrted/SRed            Simply Red         TF256
   NaisKo/OgieAlcasid           Ogie Alcasid       DC329
BatoSaBuhangin/OgieA            Ogie Alcasid       DC330
     Stars/SimplyRed            Simply Red         TF257
   ThrillMe/SimplyRed           Simply Red        TF258
Wonderland/SimplyRed            Simply Red        TF259
   AllIWant4Xmas/Sitti              Sitti         TF260
   ItsColdOutside/Sitti             Sitti         TF261
  BogieWogieSanta/Siti             Sitti          TF262
 GrownUpXmasList/Siti               Sitti         TF263
     DXmasSong/Sitti               Sitti          TF271
  WintrWondrland/Sitti             Sitti          TF272
 TelIt2MyHeart/TDayne         Taylor Dayne        TF273
  Beautiful/TaylorDyne        Taylor Dayne        TF274
   JingleBellRock/Sitti             Sitti         VA271
    JngleBellRck2/Sitti             Sitti         VA273
   NgayongPasko/Sitti               Sitti         VA274
  NgayongPasko2/Sitti               Sitti         VA275
      SantaBaby/Sitti               Sitti         VA276
  AllWnt4XmasIsU/Sitti              Sitti         VA257
   Handog/OgieAlcasid          Ogie Alcasid       DC332
  KailanganKita/OgieA          Ogie Alcasid       DC333
SanayIkawNaNga/OgieA           Ogie Alcasid       DC334
  YakapinMoAko/OgieA           Ogie Alcasid       DC335
 SnaMaultMuli/SharonC         Sharon Cuneta       DC309
HowDidYouKnow/PioloP           Piolo Pascual      DC310
 KailanganKita/SarahG        Sarah Geronimo       DC311
 GyaNgDati/ErikSantos           Erik Santos       DC312
WgMoNSna/RichardPoon           Richard Poon       DC313
    ReachinOut/PopsF         Pops Fernandez       DC314
 LettngGo/JamieRivera          Jamie Rivera       DC315
   BreakMe/ChristianB       Christian Bautista    DC316
   TakeMeOut/BituinE         Bituin Escalante     DC317
CouldUBeMessiah/KuhL           Kuh Ledesma        DC318
N22logBAngDios/VinaM           Vina Morales       DC319
 PaskoNSintaKo/Sheryn          Sheryn Regis       DC320
 VrySpecialLuv/SarahG        Sarah Geronimo       DC321
  Machine/JamesBlunt            JamesBlunt        TE584
 GottaFindU/CampRock            Camp Rock         IB217
PlayMyMusic/CampRock            Camp Rock         IB218
WhatItTakes/CampRock            Camp Rock         IB211
   WeRock/CampRock              Camp Rock         IB212
   ThisIsMe/CampRock            Camp Rock         IB213
RTimeIsHre/CampRock             Camp Rock         IB214
DsIsMe/CampRockDemi       Camp Rock Demi Lovato   IB215
 WhoWillIBe/CampRock            Camp Rock         IB216
HstaLaVista/CampRock            Camp Rock         IB219
StartDParty/CampRock            Camp Rock         IB220
    2Stars/CampRock             Camp Rock         IB221
   TooCool/CampRock             Camp Rock         IB222
   HereIAm/CampRock             Camp Rock         IB223
 DsIsMe/CmpRckJulian      Camp Rock Julianne Miguel   IB224
LpangSnlgn/PDAMiguel           Miguel Mendoza         PC181
 Crush/DavidArchuleta          David Archuleta        SC225
 Crush/DavidArchuleta          David Archuleta        RB863
  Narito/MartinNievera          Martin Nievera        DC296
 Laughter/SouthBorder            South Border         DC297
  FoolTilTheEnd/AizaS            Aiza Seguerra        DC298
 Paano/RachelleAnnGo           Rachelle Ann Go        DC299
 IkawLamang/ZsaZsaP             Zsa Zsa Padilla       DC300
WhatMoreCanISay/Kyla                  Kyla            DC301
UGotMeWorking/MarkB              Mark Bautista        DC302
Wyt4ever/ToniGonzaga             Toni Gonzaga         DC303
  UntilThen/JedMadela             Jed Madela          DC304
 EachPassing/SamMilby              Sam Milby          DC305
 DiBaleNaLang/Jericho           Jericho Rosales       DC306
  EtoNaNaman/RandyS            Randy Santiago         DC307
 LookInHerEyes/PaoloV          Paolo Valenciano       DC308
 SSndliKlngnMAko/GbC          Gabby Concepcion        TE845
 BettrDys/GooGooDolls            Goo Goo Dolls        TE851
  PlsBCareful/JMChan      Jose Mari Chan/ Regine V.   WA781
  WenIMetU/BAlmalbis           Barbie Almalbis        WA782
   Barkada/Shamrock                Shamrock           WA783
  SexifyMyLuv/NKOTB         New Kids On the Block     KC322
      Single/NKOTB          New Kids On The Block     KC323
      Single/NKOTB          New Kids On THe Block     KC324
     StareAtU/NKOTB         New Kids On the Block     KC325
     StareAtU/NKOTB         New Kids On the Block     KC326
  StartAllOverU/MileyC            Miley Cyrus         KC327
  StartAllOverU/MileyC            Miley Cyrus         KC328
 SundyBldySndy/Colin             Colin Munroe         KC329
 SundyBldySndy/Colin             Colin Munroe         KC330
  TheDriveway/MileyC              Miley Cyrus         KC331
  TheDriveway/MileyC              Miley Cyrus         KC332
     Twisted/NKOTB          New Kids On The Block     KC333
     Twisted/NKOTB          New Kids On the Block     KC334
      Unfold/MarieD               Marie Digby         KC335
      Unfold/MarieD               Marie Digby         KC336
UnvslMndCntrl/Common                Common            KC337
UnvslMndCntrl/Common                Common            KC338
   2ndmorning/NKOTB         New Kids On The Block     KC267
   2ndmorning/NKOTB         New Kids on the Block     KC268
   Allnlovisfair/Stevie         Stevie Wonder         KC269
   Allnlovisfair/Stevie         Stevie Wonder         KC270
     AngelEyes/EllaF            Ella Fritzgerald      KC271
     AngelEyes/EllaF            Ella Fritzgerald      KC272
    BiggirlNow/NKOTB        New Kids On The Block     KC273
      Breakout/Miley              Miley Cyrus         KC274
    BrotherRay/DavidS           David Sanborn         KC275
    BiggirlNow/NKOTB        New Kids ON The Block     KC276
      Breakout/Miley              Miley Cyrus         KC277
    BrotherRay/DavidS           David Sanborn         KC281
    BrotherRay/DavidS           David Sanborn         KC282
   Clickclickclic/NKOTB     New Kids On the Block     KC283
   Clickclickclic/NKOTB     New kids On the Block     KC284
     Creepin/StevieW            Stevie Wonder         KC285
     Creepin/StevieW            Stevie Wonder         KC286
DdIhrusyulvme/SteveW            Stevie Wonder         KC287
DdIhrusyulvme/SteveW            Stevie Wonder         KC288
 DNtUWryThng/StevieW            Stevie Wonder         KC289
 DNtUWryThng/StevieW            Stevie Wonder         KC290
   DopeBoys/TheGame               THe Game            KC291
   DopeBoys/TheGame               The Game            KC292
  FlyOnTheWall/MileyC             Miley Cyrus         KC293
  FlyOnTheWall/MileyC             Miley Cyrus         KC294
    FullService/NKOTB       New Kids On the Block     KC295
    FullService/NKOTB       New Kids On the Block     KC296
 GrlsJstWnaHvFn/Miley             Miley Cyrus         KC297
 GrlsJstWnaHvFn/Miley             Miley Cyrus         KC298
    GrownMan/NKOTB          New Kids On The Block     KC299
    GrownMan/NKOTB          New Kids On the Block     KC300
  IBlvtoMySoul/DavidS           David Sanborn         KC301
  IBlvtoMySoul/DavidS           David Sanborn         KC302
  IfurlvCntbmvd/Stevie          Stevie Wonder         KC303
  IfurlvCntbmvd/Stevie          Stevie Wonder         KC304
MGNaMVeOutskrt/David            David Sanborn         KC305
MGNaMVeOutskrt/David            David Sanborn         KC306
IveGotNwsFrmU/DavidS            David Sanborn         KC307
IveGotNwsFrmU/DavidS            David Sanborn         KC308
     LetitRock/KevinR            Kevin Rudolf         KC309
     LetitRock/KevinR            Kevin Rudolf         KC310
 LtsCamraActn/NKOTB         New Kids On the Block     KC311
 LtsCamraActn/NKOTB         New Kids On The Block     KC312
  MsIndependent/Neyo                 Neyo             KC313
  MsIndependent/Neyo                 Neyo             KC314
  PutitOnMytab/NKOTB        New Kids On The Block     KC315
  PutitOnMytab/NKOTB        New Kids On The Block     KC316
    SOS/JonasBrothers          Jonas BRothers         KC317
    SOS/JonasBrothers           Jonas Brothers        KC318
 SeeUAgain/MileyCyrus             Miley Cyrus         KC319
 SeeUAgain/MileyCyrus             Miley Cyrus         KC320
   SexifyMyLuv/NKOTB        New Kids On The Block     KC321
   PlsBCareful/JMChan     Jose Mari Chan/ Regine V.   WA781
  WenIMetU/BAlmalbis           Barbie Almalbis        WA782
   Barkada/Shamrock               Shamrock            WA783
 IDoAnythin/Shamrock                Shamrock              WA784
    Movie/Spongecola               Spongecola             WA785
  Nocturne/Spongecola              Spongecola             WA786
   NgayongPasko/JedM                Jed Madela            WA697
     KungSakali/OgieA              Ogie Alcasid           DC293
   IisaPaLamang/LaniM             Lani Misalucha          DC294
SnayMlmnMo/OJMariano                OJ Mariano            DC295
  HetoNa/ConcreteSam              Concrete Sam            WA756
    AJunk/KmikazePNE      Kamikazee Vs.Parokya Ni Edgar   WA757
     IlNverGo/Nexxus                  Nexxus              WA758
 SyotngPClas/RSgoProj        Radioactive Sago Project     WA759
SuntkBwan/ScrmbldEgs             Scrambled Eggs           WA760
        Sana/Kenyo               Kenyo feat.Mcoy          WA761
 Papaya/GrvechickEduM     Groovechick feat. Edu Manzano   WA762
   Pasubali/Spongecola             Spongecola             WA763
   IkawLang/Shamrock                 Shamrock             WA764
     LataTambol/APO            Apo Hiking Society         WA778
 Mhalkta/JeromeJohnH          Jerome John Hughes          WA779
   ArawGabi/AHidalgo              Arnee Hidalgo           WA780
  BGood2Urself/Journey                Journey             SC197
     Faithfully/Journey               Journey             SC198
   FthfullyLive/Journey               Journey             SC199
   GirlCntHlpIt/Journey               Journey             SC200
  AlrytWthoutU/Journey                Journey             SC201
       Lights/Journey                 Journey             SC202
    LightsLive/Journey                Journey             SC203
  LovinTouchin/Journey                Journey             SC204
 OnlyTheYoung/Journey                 Journey             SC205
    OpenArms/Journey                  Journey             SC206
 OpenArmsLive/Journey                 Journey             SC207
 SendHerMyLuv/Journey                 Journey             SC208
 SeparateWays/Journey                 Journey             SC209
  WheelInDSky/Journey                 Journey             SC210
WenULuvAWman/Journey                  Journey             SC211
 WhosCryingNw/Journey                 Journey             SC212
  ShakeIt/MetroStation            Metro Station           SC213
  BGood2Urself/Journey                Journey             RB835
     Faithfully/Journey               Journey             RB836
   FthfullyLive/Journey               Journey             RB837
   GirlCntHlpIt/Journey               Journey             RB838
  AlrytWthoutU/Journey                Journey             RB839
       Lights/Journey                 Journey             RB840
    LightsLive/Journey                Journey             RB841
  LovinTouchin/Journey                Journey             RB842
 OnlyTheYoung/Journey                 Journey             RB843
    OpenArms/Journey                  Journey             RB844
 OpenArmsLive/Journey                 Journey             RB845
 SendHerMyLuv/Journey           Journey       RB846
  SeparateWays/Journey          Journey       RB847
  WheelInDSky/Journey           Journey       RB848
WenULuvAWman/Journey            Journey       RB849
 WhosCryingNw/Journey           Journey       RB850
   ShakeIt/MetroStation      Metro Station    RB851
      IfUrNotHere/Lea        Lea Salonga      SC214
 UnanKita/JimmyBondoc       Jimmy Bondoc      SC215
      IfUrNotHere/Lea        Lea Salonga      RB852
 UnanKita/JimmyBondoc       Jimmy Bondoc      RB853
  XMasInRHarts/JMChan       Jose Mari Chan    WA698
   N22logBaDyos/LaniM       Lani Misalucha    WA699
  K2ladMoWlaK2lad/OnL     Orange And Lemons   WA700
     Lihim/OrngLmons      Orange And Lemons   WA701
   Buloy/ParokyaNiEdgr     Parokya Ni Edgar   WA702
   Chikini2/ParokyaNiEd    Parokya Ni Edgar   WA703
  Halaga/ParokyaNiEdgr     Parokya Ni Edgar   WA704
  Harana/ParokyaNiEdgr     Parokya Ni Edgar   WA705
 InumnNa/ParokyaNiEdg      Parokya Ni Edgar   WA706
  MrSuave/ProkyaNiEdgr     Parokya Ni Edgar   WA707
   Silver2s/PrkyaNiEdgr    Parokya Ni Edgar   WA708
 SmbngGbi/PrkyaNiEdgr      Parokya Ni Edgar   WA709
   SorryNa/PrkyaNiEdgr     Parokya Ni Edgar   WA710
 SwimBeach/PrkyaNiEdg      Parokya Ni Edgar   WA711
  YesShow/PrkyaNiEdgr      Parokya Ni Edgar   WA712
      Ngiti/RonieLiang       Ronnie Liang     WA713
      Alipin/Shamrock          Shamrock       WA714
     HoldOn/Shamrock           Shamrock       WA715
   SmileAwy/Shamrock           Shamrock       WA716
 2yongDmdamin/SilentS      Silent Sanctuary   WA717
     Bitiw/Spongecola         Spongecola      WA718
     Tuliro/Spongecola        Spongecola      WA719
 SbihinMoNa/TopSuzara         Top Suzara      WA720
  WlaHa2npinPa/TruFait         True Faith     WA721
Kaibigan/UpDharmaDwn       Up Dharma Down     WA722
    LumaTug2gin/Apo               APO         WA690
   LetDLuvBegin/GinoP         Gino Padilla    WA691
    SyotaNgIba/Hilera            Hilera       WA692
        Sundo/Imago              Imago        WA693
       Taralets/Imago            Imago        WA694
    UnderRepair/Imago            Imago        WA695
   Princesa/Itchyworms        Itchyworms      WA696
    Hurting/BivdeVera          Biv deVera     WA774
   MalayMo/Southwind           Southwind      WA775
      Toyang/EHeads          Eraserheads      SA429
AngGustoNmin/Sexbomb        Sexbomb Girls     SA291
    Kamasupra/EHeads         Eraserheads      SA407
  SilntNytNaNmn/Sxbmb               Sexbomb Girls           SA310
   SpagetiSong/Sxbmb                Sexbomb Girls           SA311
  IHaveADream/Westlife                  Westlife            SA889
IWnDncWSmbdy/WhitnyH              Whitney Houston           SA914
  HarkHrldAngls/JBrkmn               Jim Brickman           SA707
    OHolyNyt/JBrkman                 Jim Brickman           SA710
    We3Kings/JBrkman                 Jim Brickman           SA717
  EvnDNytsRBtr/AirSply                 Air Supply           SA544
    KahitSino/Sexbomb               Sexbomb Girls           SA304
     GrlBMyn/FrancisM             Francis Magalona          SA360
  KbtnKinabkasn/FrncsM            Francis Magalona          SA361
  KldscopWrld/FrancisM            Francis Magalona          SA362
     Luv4Lyf/FrancisM             Francis Magalona          SA363
      24Hours/Cueshe                     Cueshe             SA372
   BbFilipina/BarakoBoy               Barako Boys           SA244
  HotNaHot/BarakoBoys                 Barako Boys           SA245
   ThWyULuk2nyt/RodS                  Rod Stewart           SA840
  CntSmylWoutU/BaryM                Barry Manilow           SA585
        Weak/SWV                          SWV               SA855
 NvrLuvDsWayAgn/DWark              Dionne Warwick           SA628
   AngPusaMo/Pedicab                    Pedicab             TE675
  MsBbGanda2/VArtists              Various Artists          TE670
     BayanijuanTheme      K. Roy Y. Yuson M.Abaya Yeng C.   PC149
    Symphaty/GooDolls              Goo Goo Dolls            TE955
   WellBeHere/GooDolls              Goo Goo Dolls           TE956
  WidoutUHere/GooDolls              Goo Goo Dolls           TE957
 NorthernDownpour/PAD            Panic at the Disco         TE958
 ShakeUrPomPom/MissyE                  Missy Elliot         TE959
  UntilDDayIsGone/REM                     REM               TE963
  Aeroplane/RedHotChli                Aeroplane             TE964
   Charlie/RedHotChiliP         Red Hot Chili Peppers       TE965
   DaniCalifornia/RHCP         Red Hot Chili Peppers        TE966
  DesecrationSmyl/RHCP          Red Hot Chili Peppers       TE967
 HumpDeBump/RedHotCP           Red Hot Chili Peppers        TE968
  MyFrends/RedHotChili          Red Hot Chili Peppers       TE969
  RoadTrippin/RedHotCP         Red Hot Chili Peppers        TE972
  Snow/RedHotChiliPprs          Red Hot Chili Peppers       TE973
  SoulToSquiz/RedHotCP         Red Hot Chili Peppers        TE974
 StadiumArcadium/RHCP           Red Hot Chili Peppers       TE975
  TelMeBby/RedHotChili         Red Hot Chili Peppers        TE976
  TurnItAgain/RedHotCP          Red Hot Chili Peppers       TE977
  WetSand/RedHotChiliP         Red Hot Chili Peppers        TE978
    Australia/JBrothers            Jonas Brothers           TE987
   Games/JonasBrothers              Jonas Brothers          TE988
  GdnytNGudBy/JBrother             Jonas Brothers           TE989
  JesusOfSuburbia/Gday                 Green Day            TF001
 LongWayDown/GooDolls               Goo Goo Dolls           TE950
 StayWithYou/Goo2Doll           Goo Goo Dolls       TE951
  StrangeLove/GooDolls          Goo Goo Dolls       TE954
 PasDeCheval/PanicAtD         Panic at the Disco    TE960
 DGreenGmen/PanicAtD         Panic at the Disco     TE961
WhenDDayMetDNyt/PAD           Panic at the Disco    TE962
  ParalelUniverse/RHCP     Red Hot Chili Peppers    TE970
 ReadyMde/RedHotChili       Red Hot Chili Peppers   TE971
    Realize/ColbieCailat         Colbie Caillat     TE979
 Dangerous/CaFeatAkon       Kardinal Feat Akon      TE980
    EveryoneNose/Nerd                NERD           TE981
  Akala/ParokyaNiEdgar       Parokya Ni Edgar       TE982
    Magic/RobinThicke            Robin Thicke       TE983
ItsNotMyTym/3DorsDwn            3 Doors Down        TE984
 TymWilReveal/DeBarge              DeBarge          TE985
  Leavin/JeseMcCartney         Jesse McCartney      TE986
   HeloBeautful/JBrothr         Jonas Brothers      TE990
   Hollywood/JBrothers         Jonas Brothers       TE991
   JustFrends/JBrothers         Jonas Brothers      TE992
   KidsOfDfuture/JBros         Jonas Brothers       TE993
  StilNLuvWdU/JBrother          Jonas Brothers      TE994
 YouAreThere/Mjackson         Michael Jackson       TE995
Sumertym/NKdsOnDBlck       New Kids On The Block    TE996
RWeDWaiting/GreenDay              Green Day         TE997
BlvdOfBrkenDrms/GDay              Green Day         TE998
GudRiddance/GreenDay              Green Day         TE999
 BigMachine/Goo2Dolls            Goo Goo Dolls      TE948
    Listen/GooGooDolls          Goo Goo Dolls       TE949
 MseryBusine/Paramore              Paramore         VA185
 4APessimist/Paramore              Paramore         VA186
DatsWatUGet/Paramore               Paramore         VA187
   Hallelujah/Paramore             Paramore         VA188
  LetDFlames/Paramore              Paramore         VA189
     Miracle/Paramore              Paramore         VA190
     crush3/Paramore               Paramore         VA191
     Fences/Paramore               Paramore         VA193
   Born4This/Paramore              Paramore         VA194
  AllWeKnow/Paramore               Paramore         VA195
    Pressure/Paramore              Paramore         VA196
   Antukin1/RicoBlanco            Rico Blanco       VA212
   Antukin2/RicoBlanco            Rico Blanco       VA213
     Ayuz1/RicoBlanco             Rico Blanco       VA214
     Ayuz2/RicoBlanco             Rico Blanco       VA215
  Helpless1/RicoBlanco            Rico Blanco       VA216
  Helpless2/RicoBlanco            Rico Blanco       VA217
   Mtropolis/RicoBlanco           RicoBlanco        VA218
  Mtropolis2/RcoBlanco            Rico Blanco       VA219
  OuttaThis/RicoBlanco            Rico Blanco       VA220
 OuttaThis2/RcoBlanco          Rico Blanco       VA221
 PraDKaMwala/RBlanco           Rico Blanco       VA222
PraDKaMwala2/RBlanco           Rico Blanco       VA223
  SayForevr/RicoBlanco         Rico Blanco       VA224
  Say4ever/RicoBlanco          Rico Blanco       VA225
  StartAgain/RcoBlanco         Rico Blanco       VA226
  StrtAgain2/RicoBlnco         Rico Blanco       VA227
 UrUnverse/RicoBlanco          Rico Blanco       VA228
 UrUnverse2/RicoBlnco          Rico Blanco       VA229
     BczULuvdMe/Nina               Nina          VA230
    BlueEyesBlue/Nina              Nina          VA231
      HaveUEver/Nina               Nina          VA232
  HwCnWeBLvers/Nina                Nina          VA233
 Vulnerable/SecndHndS     Secondhand Serenade    VA175
 WeRBroken/Paramore             Paramore         VA192
 UrCall/2ndhndSrenade     Secondhand Serenade    VA176
 Fall4u/2ndhndSrenade     Secondhand Serenade    VA177
 Stranger/2ndhndSrnde     Secondhand Serenade    VA178
Maybe/2ndhndSerenade      Secondhand Serenade    VA179
 UrCallo8/2ndhndSrnde     Secondhand Serenade    VA180
      HwDoILive/Nina               Nina          VA234
 ICudntAsk4More/Nina               Nina          VA235
  WenISeeUSmile/Nina               Nina          VA236
 UnbreakMyHeart/Nina               Nina          VA237
      ThereUlBe/Nina               Nina          VA238
  SavingForevr4u/Nina              Nina          VA239
 LuvWilLeadUBack/Nina              Nina          VA240
       ITurn2U/Nina                Nina          VA241
    IlNvrGetOvrU/Nina              Nina          VA242
 DntWnt2bUrFrnd/Nina               Nina          VA243
DntWnaMissAThng/Nina               Nina          VA244
   Captured/ChristianB      Christian Bautista   VA245
CudHvBnD1/ChristianB        Christian Bautista   VA246
    Creation/ChristianB     Christian Bautista   VA247
   4evrInUrEyes/XtianB      Christian Bautista   VA248
      Hope/ChristianB       Christian Bautista   VA249
    IBelieve/ChristianB     Christian Bautista   VA250
  IWnaBeD1/ChristianB       Christian Bautista   VA251
  JstDsTime/ChristianB      Christian Bautista   VA252
 LmutinNlng/ChrstianB       Christian Bautista   VA253
NlmtanKngSbhn/XtianB        Christian Bautista   VA254
  TakeARide/ChrstianB       Christian Bautista   VA255
D1HuWonMyHart/XtianB        Christian Bautista   VA256
IdDoAnythn/SmplePlan          Simple Plan        VA181
 ImJstAKid/SimplePlan         Simple Plan        VA182
WenImGone/SmplePlan           Simple Plan        VA183
MyXmasList/SmplePlan          Simple Plan        VA184
     ALovelyNight/LeaSea Salonga Julia Cook Jen Bechter Brandy Zarle SC150
 DoLuvUCozUrBtful/Lea           Lea Salonga Peter Saide              SC151
   ImposiblePosible/Lea        Lea Salonga Charlie Parker            SC152
 MyOwnLtleCorner/LeaS                  Lea Salonga                   SC153
     ALovelyNight/LeaSea Salonga Julia Cook Jen Bechter Brandy Zarle RB790
 DoLuvUCozUrBtful/Lea           Lea Salonga Peter Saide              RB791
   ImposiblePosible/Lea        Lea Salonga Charlie Parker            RB792
 MyOwnLtleCorner/LeaS                  Lea Salonga                   RB793
  IamTellingU/ChariceP             Charice Pempenco                  DC290
      4Mins/Madonna                      Madonna                     TE952
      Dstrbia/Rihanna                    Rihanna                     KC240
    Evergreen/RakiVega                  Raki Vega                    DC280
   AllIAskOfU/RakiVega                  Raki Vega                    DC281
TheWayWeWer/RakiVega                    Raki Vega                    DC282
 SamGudNeverLst/RakiV                   Raki Vega                    DC283
     TellHim/RakiVega                   Raki Vega                    DC284
      People/RakiVega                   Raki Vega                    DC285
     Memory/RakiVega                    Raki Vega                    DC286
  Somewhere/RakiVega                    Raki Vega                    DC287
 UDntBringMe/RakiVega                   Raki Vega                    DC288
    FinallyFound/RakiV                  Raki Vega                    DC289
     Lollipop/LilWayne                  Lil Wayne                    TE804
  IStayInLuv/MriahCrey                 Mariah Carey                  TE805
        Closer/NeYo                        Ne Yo                     TE806
       SexyCanI/RayJ                       Ray J                     TE807
     Disturbia/Rihanna                   Rihanna                     TE808
    Pork&Beans/Weezer                     Weezer                     TE809
 IsaPLmng/GbiCncpcion              Gabby Concepcion                  TE810
      Holiday/BeeGees                    Bee Gees                    TE811
   IStrtdAJoke/BeeGees                   Bee Gees                    TE812
 IvGtGetAMsg2U/BGees                     Bee Gees                    TE813
  FlngStrngrEvrydy/Chi                    Chicago                    TE821
  IfULivMeNow/Chicago                     Chicago                    TE822
 KngOfMytHvBn/Chicago                     Chicago                    TE823
 AkoPB/GabiConcepcion              Gabby Concepcion                  TE835
  AwitinKo/GbiCncpcion             Gabby Concepcion                  TE836
CmWatMay/GbiCncpcion               Gabby Concepcion                  TE837
 GvMAChnc/GbiCncpcion              Gabby Concepcion                  TE838
 Hanggang/GbiCncpcion              Gabby Concepcion                  TE839
  JustOnce/GbiCncpcion             Gabby Concepcion                  TE840
KungKailnganMAko/GbC               Gabby Concepcion                  TE841
 Broadway/GooGooDolls                 Goo Goo Dolls                  TE852
 CntLtItGo/GooGooDols                 Goo Goo Dolls                  TE853
     Dizzy/GooGooDolls                Goo Goo Dolls                  TE854
  FilDSlnc/GooGooDolls                Goo Goo Dolls                  TE855
  LetLovIn/GooGooDolls                Goo Goo Dolls                  TE856
    Year3000/JonasBro                 Jonas Brothers                 TE857
    BllerinGrl/LionlRchi    Lionel Richie   TE858
  Umbrella/MarieDigby        Marie Digby    TE859
   7Things/MileyCyrus        Miley Cyrus    TE860
       ByeBye/Mariah        Mariah Carey    KC227
 BreakingAway/Pedicab         Pedicab       TE676
   DeepEyes/Pedicab           Pedicab       TE677
 FolowThrough/Pedicab         Pedicab       TE678
        FX2/Pedicab           Pedicab       TE679
   GoodToGo/Pedicab           Pedicab       TE680
 SimulanMoNa/Pedicab          Pedicab       TE681
  AllofMe/RichardPoon      Richard Poon     TE682
 Goodbye2/RichardPoon      Richard Poon     TE684
 LetsCalDWholeThing/R      Richard Poon     TE687
 MoonRivr/RichardPoon      Richard Poon     TE688
   More/RichardPoon        Richard Poon     TE689
  MyKindofGirl/Rpoon       Richard Poon     TE690
  Naalala/RichardPoon      Richard Poon     TE691
Somewer2/RichardPoon       Richard Poon     TE692
 DLastTym/RichardPoon      Richard Poon     TE693
WayBackIn2Love/RPoon       Richard Poon     TE694
PacMnPnchRmx/WWilcox        Willy Wilcox    TE695
 PacManPunch/WWilcox        Willy Wilcox    TE696
  Massachusetts/BGees         Bee Gees      TE814
 NYMningDsaster/BGees         Bee Gees      TE815
 2LuvSmbody/BeeGees           Bee Gees      TE816
      Words/BeeGees           Bee Gees      TE817
  AlreadyGone/Chicago          Chicago      TE818
     Caroline/Chicago          Chicago      TE819
        Feel/Chicago           Chicago      TE820
 LovWilCmBack/Chicago          Chicago      TE824
   AdesteFideles/Enya            Enya       TE825
     Amarantine/Enya             Enya       TE826
     AnywhereIs/Enya             Enya       TE827
  ChristmasSecret/Enya           Enya       TE828
    It'sInTheRain/Enya           Enya       TE829
   OchChnSlntNyt/Enya            Enya       TE830
  Sm1SaidGudnyt/Enya             Enya       TE831
     Paumanhin/Zoo              Zoo         TE701
       SoWrong/Zoo              Zoo         TE702
      Soulmate/Zoo              Zoo         TE703
    TooSatisfied/Zoo            Zoo         TE704
   YourLove2/Alamid           Alamid        TE705
      Laklak2/Teeth            Teeth        TE706
      Prinsesa/Teeth           Teeth        TE707
  RockWitU2/JanetJacks     Janet Jackson    TE708
        Mercy/Duffy            Duffy        TE709
     Rockferry/Duffy           Duffy        TE710
 LostWoutU/RobinThcke         Robin Thicke        TE711
  AlMyLovin/JimSturges        Jim Sturgess        TE712
 RuleDWorld/TakeThat            Take That         TE713
 BabyLuv/NScherzinger      Nicole Scherzinger     TE714
  StrawberyFields/JimS        Jim Sturgess        TE715
    HowLong/Eagles                Eagles          TE718
   FirstTime/Lifehouse          Lifehouse         TE719
  Stolen2/DConfesional   Dashboard Confessional   TE720
 IGotItFrMama/WillIAm           Will.I.Am         TE721
SoryBlameItOnMe/Akon               Akon           TE722
       DoYou/NeYo                  NeYo           TE723
 WhateverULyk/NicoleS      Nicole Scherzinger     TE724
  Stronger/KanyeWest           Kanye West         TE725
 PushUpOnMe/Rihanna              Rihanna          TE726
 HateDtILuvU2/Rihana             Rihanna          TE727
 CntTelMeNothin/KWest          Kanye West         TE728
  PartyLikeARockstar/S         Shop Boyz          TE729
 SomebodysMe/EnriqueI       Enrique Inglesias     TE730
    DMgicOfDNyt/Enya                Enya          TE832
    DRiverSings/Enya                Enya          TE833
WeWishUAMerXmas/Enya                Enya          TE834
  Manila/GbiConcepcion      Gabby Concepcion      TE842
 Nkpgttka/GbConcpcion       Gabby Concepcion      TE843
 Pls4gvMe/GbConcpcion       Gabby Concepcion      TE844
   SnAyIkawNNga/GbC         Gabby Concepcion      TE846
WenIMetU/GbConcpcion        Gabby Concepcion      TE847
    Run/GnarlsBarkley         Gnarls Barkley      TE848
   Breathless/TheCorrs           The Corrs        TE849
  Become/GooGooDolls          Goo Goo Dolls       TE850
WenIGrwUp/DPscatDols        The Pussycat Dolls    TE861
   Fallen/RichardPoon         Richard Poon        TE683
  ITakeCareofU/RPoon          Richard Poon        TE685
 DntStpDMusic2/Rihana            Rihanna          TE731
 ShutUpAndDrive/Rihna            Rihanna          TE732
 DoUKnw/EnrqueIglesia        Enrique Iglesias     TE733
   Umbrella2/Rihanna             Rihanna          TE734
  MakesMeWonder2/M5              Maroon5          TE735
SundayMornin/Maroon5             Maroon5          TE736
 MustGetOut/Maroon5              Maroon5          TE737
   ThisLove/Maroon5              Maroon5          TE738
   Harder2Breathe/M5             Maroon5          TE739
  GudnightGudnyt/M5              Maroon5          TE740
WontGoHomeWoutU/M5               Maroon5          TE741
 WakeUpCall/Maroon5             Maroon5           TE742
        1234/Feist                 Feist          TE743
   Scream/Timbaland             Timbaland         TE744
 DWayIAre2/Timbaland            Timbaland         TE745
  BecauseofYou2/NeYo                  NeYo                 TE746
 Rehab/AmyWinehouse             Amy Winehouse              TE747
 SumerBreeze2/GBenson            George Benson             TE748
  Breezin/GeorgeBenson           George Benson             TE749
SmewerOnlyWeKnw/Kean                 Keane                 TE750
 KhtMputiNAngBhok2/RP             Richard Poon             TE686
        Gimik2/Zoo                     Zoo                 TE697
      IGaveItAll2/Zoo                  Zoo                 TE698
       Manhid2/Zoo                     Zoo                 TE699
  PainInMyHeart2/Zoo                   Zoo                 TE700
    LucyInDSky/BONO                   BONO                 TE716
  GoodLife2/KanyeWest              Kanye West              TE717
  BtySkinDp/Temptation           The Temptations           KC165
    GrlDntTkLv/MichealJ          Micheal Jackson           KC166
    GrlDntTkLv/MichealJ          Micheal Jackson           KC167
  Happy/MichealJackson           Micheal Jackson           KC168
  Happy/MichealJackson           Micheal Jackson           KC169
  HappyPpl/Temptations           The Temptations           KC170
  HappyPpl/Temptations           The Temptations           KC171
     IDecided/Solange           Solange Knowles            KC172
     IDecided/Solange           Solange Knowles            KC173
  IWnaBWrUR/MichealJ             Micheal Jackson           KC174
   iWnaBWrUR/MichealJ            Micheal Jackson           KC175
    IWntUBck/MichealJ            Micheal Jackson           KC176
    IWntUBck/MichealJ            Micheal Jackson           KC177
    IlBDggone/MarvinG              Marvin Gaye             KC178
     IlBDggne/MarvinG              Marvin Gaye             KC179
   IlCmeHm2U/MichealJ            Micheal Jackson           KC180
   IlCmeHm2U/MichealJ            Micheal Jackson           KC181
 GnaMkUMe/Temptation    the Supremes and the Temptations   KC182
 GnaMkUMe/Temptation             The Temptations           KC183
   JustDance/LadyGaga               Lady Gaga              KC184
   JustDance/LadyGaga               Lady Gaga              KC185
       Leaving/JesseM            Jesse McCartney           KC186
       Leaving/JesseM            Jesse McCartney           KC187
   LtlBtyPrty1/Jackson5             Jackson 5              KC188
   LtlBtyPrty1/Jackson5             Jackson 5              KC189
   MamaPearl/Jackson5               Jackson 5              KC190
       Mygirl/MichealJ           Micheal Jackson           KC192
       Mygirl/MichealJ           Micheal Jackson           KC193
  PplMkWrldRnd/Micheal           Micheal Jackson           KC194
  PplMkWrldRnd/Micheal           Micheal Jackson           KC195
  Reflections/Supremes            The Supremes             KC196
  Reflections/Supremes            The Supremes             KC198
   SteppingStone/Duffy                 Duffy               KC199
   SteppingStone/Duffy                 Duffy               KC200
    TheBoss/DianaRoss               Diana Ross             KC201
   TheBoss/DianaRoss             Diana Ross      KC202
TheHapening/Supremes           The Supremes      KC203
TheHapening/Supremes           The Supremes      KC204
 TheLuvUSave/Jackson5             Jackson 5      KC205
 TheLuvUSave/Jackson5             Jackson 5      KC206
     ThePrelude/Jayz                 Jay Z       KC207
     ThePrelude/Jayz                 Jay Z       KC208
     ThsCntBLife/Jayz              Jay - Z       KC209
     ThsCntBLife/Jayz               Jay-Z        KC210
 2BsyTnknBtbby/Marvin           Marvin Gaye      KC211
 2BsyTnknBtbby/Marvin           Marvin Gaye      KC212
     Umbrella/MarieD            Marie Digby      KC213
     Umbrella/MarieD            Marie Digby      KC214
  WtchOvrU/AlterBridge          Alter Bridge     KC215
  WtchOvrU/AlterBridge          Alter Bridge     KC216
   WhenIGrowUp/PCD             Pussycat Dolls    KC217
   WhenIGrowUp/PCD             Pussycat Dolls    KC218
  WidChildsHrt/Micheal        Micheal Jackson    KC219
  WidChildsHrt/Micheal        Micheal Jackson    KC220
     Urthere/MichealJ         Micheal Jackson    KC221
     Urthere/MichealJ         Micheal Jackson    KC222
  UCnCryShldr/MichealJ        Micheal Jackson    KC223
  UCnCryShldr/MichealJ        MCA Music Inc.     KC224
 TheSharpestLives/MCR     My Chemical Romance    TE774
        Sleep/MCR         My Chemical Romance    TE775
      Teenagers/MCR       My Chemical Romance    TE776
       TheEnd/MCR         My Chemical Romance    TE777
IKnwMLsnU/Temptation         The Temptations     KC154
   TheGhostofYou/MCR      My Chemical Romance    TE778
IKnwMLsnU/Temptation         The Temptations     KC155
DisSHowIDisapear/MCR      My Chemical Romance    TE779
      7Things/MileyC             Miley Cyrus     KC156
  BehindSea/PanicDsco       Panic at the Disco   TE780
DoUKnwWtImSeeing/Pnc        Panic at the Disco   TE781
      7Things/MileyC             Miley Cyrus     KC157
  MadasRabbits/Panic        Panic at the Disco   TE784
   9InDAfternun/Panic       Panic at the Disco   TE785
    YouNMe/Lifehouse              Lifehouse      KC091
    YouNMe/Lifehouse              Lifehouse      KC092
   FirstTime/Lifehouse            Lifehouse      KC098
   FirstTime/Lifehouse            Lifehouse      KC099
      TakeOnMe/Aha                   Aha         TE751
GvngUDBestIGot/ABker            Anita Baker      TE752
WeMadeIt/BustaRhymes          Busta Rhymes       TE753
LipsLykSugr/DBunymen     Echo And The Bunnymen   TE754
    Run/GnarlsBarkley         Gnarls Barkley     TE758
    GetUp/Goldfinger            Goldfinger       TE759
    Goodbye/Goldfinger           Goldfinger         TE760
  LetHerCry/HootieandT    Hootie and The Blowfish   TE762
DontSayYouLoveMe/M2M                M2M             TE763
 GudnytGudby/JonasBro          Jonas Brothers       KC124
      PrettyBoy/M2M                 M2M             TE764
  DressYouUp/Madonna             Madonna            TE765
 IntoTheGroove/Madona            Madonna            TE766
   ChingALing/MisyEliot         Missy Elliot        TE767
Blood/MyChemcRomance       My Chemical Romance      TE768
 Dead/MyChemRomance        My Chemical Romance      TE769
 FamousLastWords/MCR       My Chemical Romance      TE770
       Helena/MCR          My Chemical Romance      TE771
  HouseofWolves/MCR        My Chemical Romance      TE772
 StlInLuvWdU/JonasBro          Jonas Brothers       KC125
   Australia/JonasBro          Jonas Brothers       KC126
  KidsFDFture/JonasBro         Jonas Brothers       KC127
  HeloBeautfl/JonasBro         Jonas Brothers       KC128
  Games/JonasBrothers          Jonas Brothers       KC129
   Year3000/JonasBros          Jonas Brothers       KC130
   Hollywood/JonasBros         Jonas Brothers       KC131
   JstFriends/JonasBros        Jonas Brothers       KC132
  Low(Acapela)/FloRida            Flo Rida          TE756
  Low(TBarkerMix)/FloR            Flo Rida          TE757
 HoldMyHnd/HDBlowfish     Hootie and The Blowfish   TE761
    IDontLoveYou/MCR       My Chemical Romance      TE773
    FolkinAround/Panic       Panic at the Disco     TE782
  FrendNHolySpcs/Panic       Panic at the Disco     TE783
   9InDnnBck2St/Panic        Panic at the Disco     TE786
 SheHadTheWorld/Panic        Panic at the Disco     TE787
AHandsomeWoman/Panic         Panic at the Disco     TE788
 PianoKnowSmthin/Panc        Panic at the Disco     TE789
  WereSoStarving/Panic       Panic at the Disco     TE790
  DMidleofdCabin/Panic       Panic at the Disco     TE791
LvngWelDBstRvnge/REM                REM             TE792
 ManSizedWreath/REM                 REM             TE793
  Sprna2ralSerious/REM              REM             TE794
    AintDtPclr/MarvinG          Marvin Gaye         KC160
   FalingDown/ScarlettJ     Scarlett Johansson      TE795
         Dumb/Seal                  Seal            TE796
    AintDtPclr/MarvinG          Marvin Gaye         KC161
    IfItsInMyMind/Seal              Seal            TE797
     TheRightLife/Seal             Seal             TE798
    WeddingDay/Seal                 Seal            TE799
     Sweat/InnerCircle          Inner Circle        TE800
 Nt2prd2Bg/Temptation         The Temptations       KC162
 Nt2prd2Bg/Temptation         The Temptations       KC163
  CntHelpBtWaitV/TreyS          Trey Songz          TE801
  CntHlpBtWaitPV/TreyS      Trey Songz       TE802
  BtySkinDp/Temptation    The Temptations    KC164
  TakeABreath/JonasBro     Jonas Brothers    KC123
 TakeAChance/MamaMia        Mamma Mia        KC102
  MammaMia/MamaMia          Mamma Mia        KC103
 WinerTakesIt/MamaMia       Mamma Mia        KC104
 SlpnTruFingr/MamaMia       Mamma Mia        KC105
  LayAllUrLuv/MamaMia       Mamma Mia        KC106
NameOfDGame/MamaMia         Mamma Mia        KC107
 DsUrModrKnw/MamaMia        Mamma Mia        KC108
 MoneyMoney/MamaMia         Mamma Mia        KC109
 HoneyHoney/MamaMia         Mamma Mia        KC110
OurLastSumer/MamaMia        Mamma Mia        KC111
   SuprTroupr/MamaMia       Mamma Mia        KC112
WenAllSedDon/MamaMia        Mamma Mia        KC113
  VoulezVous/MamaMia        Mamma Mia        KC114
      SOS/MamaMia           Mamma Mia        KC115
 IHavADream/MamaMia         Mamma Mia        KC116
   Handa/MiguelEscueta    Miguel Escueta     TE803
  Paalam/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     SC138
  Paalam/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     SC139
  Paalam/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     RB775
   Handa/MiguelEscueta     Miguel Escueta    KC146
   Handa/MiguelEscueta     Miguel Escueta    KC147
  Paalam/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     RB778
GimeGimeGime/MamaMia        Mamma Mia        KC100
DancingQueen/MamaMia        Mamma Mia        KC101
    UmbrellaChorus/KC      KC Concepcion     SC137
   AkoyBabalk/Callalily         Callalily    SC113
 FrkOutBaby/Itchywrms        Itchyworms      SC115
    UmbrellaChorus/KC      KC Concepcion     RB772
    ForTheFirstTime/KC     KC Concepcion     SC134
   Radar/BritneySpears     Britney Spears    SC121
   ThankYou/Julianne          Julianne       TE654
RunTheShow/KatdeLuna        Kat de Luna      SC122
   Spotlyt/JenniferHdsn   Jennifer Hudson    SC124
  Superwoman/AliciaKys        Alicia Keys    SC125
  SwtestGrl/WyclefJean      Wyclef Jean      SC126
  NotMyName/TingTings      The Ting Tings    SC127
   BestDamnThing/Avril      Avril Lavigne    SC128
  Thunder/BoysLykGirls     Boys like Girls   SC129
    Vaklushii/Sexbomb          Sexbomb       SC130
     WeCry/TheScript          The Script     SC131
 WhatAbtNow/Daughtry           Daughtry      SC132
   AkoyBabalk/Callalily         Callalily    RB748
  EyesOnMe/CelineDion        Celine Dion     RB749
 FrkOutBaby/Itchywrms        Itchyworms      RB750
    Unsaid/Julianne          Julianne       TE656
 GiveUDWorld/TheDEY         The D. E. Y.    RB751
     Home/Westlife            Westlife      RB752
DntWnt2Mis/Aerosmith         Aerosmith      RB753
 MovingMntains/Usher           Usher        RB754
  Isipin/MiguelEscueta   Miguel Escueta     TE660
  LiveIt/MiguelEscueta   Miguel Escueta     TE661
 PullThrough/MEscueta    Miguel Escueta     TE662
SaPagkawala/MEscueta     Miguel Escueta     TE663
 AkingMundo/Sugarpop         Sugarpop       SC133
  MahalKita/Sugarpop         Sugarpop       SC135
  SaIyo2/VariousArtist   Various Artists    TE671
 SugatSaPuso2/Vartist    Various Artists    TE672
  SundalongBata2/VA      Various Artists    TE673
 WagMongPigilan2/VA      Various Artists    TE674
 EyesOnMe/CelineDion        Celine Dion     SC114
 GiveUDWorld/TheDEY         The D. E. Y.    SC116
     Home/Westlife            Westlife      SC117
DntWnt2Mis/Aerosmith         Aerosmith      SC118
 MovingMntains/Usher           Usher        SC119
  PrettyGirl/LukeMjres     Luke Mejares     SC120
  SmthingRyt/Westlife         Westlife      SC123
 TulakNgBbig2/Juliane        Julianne       TE655
  PrettyGirl/LukeMjres     Luke Mejares     RB755
 BalikCmula/MEscueta     Miguel Escueta     TE657
  Radar/BritneySpears     Britney Spears    RB756
RunTheShow/KatdeLuna        Kat de Luna     RB757
Close2DEdge/MEscueta     Miguel Escueta     TE658
  IsipinAcst/MEscueta    Miguel Escueta     TE659
  SmthingRyt/Westlife         Westlife      RB758
  Spotlyt/JenniferHdsn   Jennifer Hudson    RB759
 Superwoman/AliciaKys       Alicia Keys     RB760
 SwtestGrl/WyclefJean       Wyclef Jean     RB761
 NotMyName/TingTings      The Ting Tings    RB762
  BestDamnThing/Avril      Avril Lavigne    RB763
 Thunder/BoysLykGirls     Boys like Girls   RB764
   Vaklushii/Sexbomb         Sexbomb        RB765
    WeCry/TheScript          The Script     RB766
 WhatAbtNow/Daughtry         Daughtry       RB767
SyaNaNgaKya/Sugarpop         Sugarpop       SC136
 AkingMundo/Sugarpop         Sugarpop       RB768
   ForTheFirstTime/KC     KC Concepcion     RB769
  MahalKita/Sugarpop         Sugarpop       RB770
SyaNaNgaKya/Sugarpop         Sugarpop       RB771
 TakeMeThere/Escueta     Miguel Escueta     TE664
WhereIStand/MEscueta     Miguel Escueta     TE665
   BbGanda2/VArtist      Various Artists    TE666
   IsisiMoSaAkin2/VA     Various Artists   TE668
  Lampa2/VariousArtist   Various Artists   TE669
  7BlckRose2S/Chicosci      Chicosci       TE634
  7BlckRoses/Chicosci       Chicosci       TE635
  APromiseQ/Chicosci        Chicosci       TE636
   APromise/Chicosci        Chicosci       TE637
  JanuaryDays/Chicosci      Chicosci       TE638
     Knives/Chicosci        Chicosci       TE639
    LastLook/Chicosci       Chicosci       TE640
 MnlaTDSquad/Chicosci       Chicosci       TE641
    Matinee/Chicosci        Chicosci       TE642
   PinkHearts/Chicosci      Chicosci       TE643
  SweetMaria/Chicosci       Chicosci       TE644
 DevilMdeMDoIt/Chcosi       Chicosci       TE645
  VmpireSClub/Chicosci      Chicosci       TE646
  UreKilingMe/Chicosci      Chicosci       TE647
  Chus2Believe/Juliane      Julianne       TE648
  EmptyChairs/Julianne      Julianne       TE649
   Grateful2/Julianne       Julianne       TE650
     Healing/Julianne       Julianne       TE651
   LetItRain/Julianne       Julianne       TE652
  QueenInMe/Julianne        Julianne       TE653
   VrySpclLuv/SarahG     Sarah Geronimo    PC040
  BlueEyesBlue2/Nina          Nina         TE611
  HaveYouEver2/Nina           Nina         TE612
HowCnWeBLuvers2/Nina          Nina         TE613
   HowDoILive2/Nina           Nina         TE614
 INeverGetOverU2/Nina         Nina         TE617
  Saving4ever4U/Nina          Nina         TE619
 UnbreakMyHeart/Nina          Nina         TE621
 WenISeeUSmile/Nina           Nina         TE622
  YourLoveIsALie/SPlan     Simple Plan     TE275
   BcozULuvMe2/Nina           Nina         TE610
 CouldNotAsk4Mre/Nina         Nina         TE615
   ITurnToYou2/Nina            Nina        TE616
 LuvWilLeadUBack/Nina         Nina         TE618
    ThereUllBe2/Nina          Nina         TE620
  WhenIFallInLove/Sitt        Sitti        TE630
 AddictedToMe/DClick5    The Click Five    TE631
  HeadlghtDsco/DClick5   The Click Five    TE632
 DReasonWhy/DClick5      The Click Five    TE633
 WatFilsLyk4AGrl/Mdon       Madonna        TE316
 GudbyeMyLover/JBlunt     James Blunt      TE582
    High/JamesBlunt       James Blunt      TE583
   Machine/JoshGroban      Josh Groban     TE584
  SmoothOperatr/Sitti         Sitti        TE623
     TakeABow/Sitti           Sitti        TE624
    TheLookofLove/Sitti       Sitti     TE625
    TimeandTide2/Sitti        Sitti     TE626
      VoceAbuso/Sitti         Sitti     TE627
    WatersofMarch/Sitti       Sitti     TE628
         Wave/Sitti           Sitti     TE629
 4MinGrooveMix/Madona       Madonna     TE293
  AmericanLife/Madonna      Madonna     TE294
  BurningUp/Madonna         Madonna     TE295
 DeeprAndDeepr/Madona       Madonna     TE296
 ForbiddenLuv/Madonna       Madonna     TE297
  FutureLovers/Madonna      Madonna     TE298
  GetTogether/Madonna       Madonna     TE299
    HowHigh/Madonna         Madonna     TE300
     HungUp/Madona          Madonna     TE301
HungUpTymGoesBy/Mdna        Madonna     TE302
 ILoveNewYork/Madonna       Madonna     TE303
      Isaac/Madonna         Madonna     TE304
      Jump/Madonna          Madonna     TE305
  LaIslaBonita/Madonna      Madonna     TE306
  RayofLight/Madonna        Madonna     TE313
      Sorry/Madonna         Madonna     TE314
    TrueBlue/Madonna        Madonna     TE315
      Isaac/Madonna         Madonna     TE372
      Jump/Madonna          Madonna     TE373
  LaIslaBonita/Madonna      Madonna     TE374
      Sorry/Madonna         Madonna     TE382
    TrueBlue/Madonna        Madonna     TE383
  WatFilsLyk4AGrl/Mdna      Madonna     TE384
  NoBravery/JamesBlunt    James Blunt   TE585
  OutofMyMind/JmsBlunt    James Blunt   TE586
  SoLongJimy/JmesBlunt    James Blunt   TE587
   TearsandRain/JBlunt    James Blunt   TE588
  Wisemen/JamesBlunt      James Blunt   TE589
     Billy/JamesBlunt     James Blunt   TE590
  FebSong/JoshGroban      Josh Groban   TE592
 2WerUAre/JoshGroban      Josh Groban   TE593
 UAreLoved/JoshGroban     Josh Groban   TE594
      Lookin/OscarG         Oscar G     TE595
      2Become1/Sitti          Sitti     TE596
    4UrEyesOnly2/Sitti        Sitti     TE601
   HeyLukatDSun2/Sitti        Sitti     TE602
 DntKnwIWslukng4Lv/Si         Sitti     TE603
   INeed2BeInLuv2/Sitti       Sitti     TE604
     IkawPaRin2/Sitti         Sitti     TE605
     PaisTropical/Sitti       Sitti     TE609
      Cry/JamesBlunt      James Blunt   TE591
   AguaDeBeber2/Sitti         Sitti     TE597
       Birimbao/Sitti            Sitti Sitti          TE598
   CrossMyHeart2/Sitti               Sitti            TE599
         Fever/Sitti                 Sitti            TE600
   LancaPerfume2/Sitti               Sitti            TE606
    MasQueNada/Sitti                 Sitti            TE607
  OneNoteSamba/Sitti                 Sitti            TE608
    4Minutes/Madonna              Madonna             TE292
   LetItWillBe/Madonna             Madonna            TE307
  LikeAVirgin/Madonna             Madonna             TE308
   LikeItorNot/Madonna            Madonna             TE309
   LuckyStar/Madonna              Madonna             TE310
 OpenYourHeart/Madona             Madonna             TE311
       Push/Madonna               Madonna             TE312
    4Minutes/Madonna              Madonna             TE359
 4MinGrooveMix/Madona              Madonna            TE360
  AmericanLife/Madona             Madonna             TE361
  BurningUp/Madonna               Madonna             TE363
 DeeprAndDeepr/Madona             Madonna             TE364
 ForbiddenLuv/Madonna              Madonna            TE365
  FutureLovers/Madonna             Madonna            TE366
  GetTogether/Madonna             Madonna             TE367
    HowHigh/Madonna               Madonna             TE368
     HungUp/Madona                Madonna             TE369
HungUpTymGoesBy/Mdna             Madonna              TE370
 ILoveNewYork/Madonna             Madonna             TE371
   LetItWillBe/Madonna             Madonna            TE375
  LikeAVirgin/Madonna             Madonna             TE376
   LikeItorNot/Madonna             Madonna            TE377
   LuckyStar/Madonna              Madonna             TE378
 OpenYourHeart/Madona              Madonna            TE379
       Push/Madonna               Madonna             TE380
  RayofLight/Madonna              Madonna             TE381
      BinWaiting/ToniG          Toni Gonzaga          WA668
 MgktaTyo/Maja&Rayver     Maja Salvador-Rayver Cruz   WA669
   SolidGrnd/Southwind            Southwind           WA670
    Pgbgyan/Southwind             Southwind           WA671
     TyoNa/Southwind              Southwind           WA672
     MhalKo/Southwind             Southwind           WA673
     RunGirl/Southwind            Southwind           WA674
  BstatKsma/Southwind             Southwind           WA675
    DhilSaYo/Southwind            Southwind           WA676
    MovinOn/Southwind             Southwind           WA677
   SnaTyoNa/BivDeVera            Biv De Vera          WA678
 KluguranDakaRemix/AM             Ara Muna            TE557
   Body2/BillyCrawford         Billy Crawford         TE558
  IveBeenWaiting/ToniG          Toni Gonzaga          DC277
   HurtingInside/BivDeV          Biv De Vera          DC278
MgktaNTyo/MajaRayver       Maja Salvador & Reyver Cruz     DC276
   SetItOff2/Crawford             Billy Crawford           TE563
 ShesMine2/BCrawford              Billy Crawford           TE564
ShuldHvKnwn/BCrawfrd              Billy Crawford           TE565
  SoCold2/BilyCrawford            Billy Crawford           TE566
  MissinYou/BeaAlonzo               Bea Alonzo             DC271
 WhosDtGirl2/BCrawfrd             Billy Crawford           TE567
 WidoutUrLuv/BCrawfrd             Billy Crawford           TE568
  WorkIt2/BilyCrawford            Billy Crawford           TE569
    Bulimic2/Cambio                   Cambio               TE571
 CrazyBoutU/BeaAlonzo               Bea Alonzo             DC272
  CallCenter2/Cambio                  Cambio               TE572
 CloseToYou/BeaAlonzo               Bea Alonzo             DC273
   FieldTrip2/Cambio                  Cambio               TE573
   Pasaway2/Cambio                    Cambio               TE574
 Passengers2/Cambio                   Cambio               TE575
 Rumarampa2/Cambio                    Cambio               TE576
      You/BeaAlonzo                 Bea Alonzo             DC274
  AlwysLuvU/BeaAlonzo               Bea Alonzo             DC275
 YouWearMe2/Cambio                    Cambio               TE577
 Sakanasabi2/Cambio                   Cambio               TE578
 ShakeUrPants/Cambio                  Cambio               TE579
 Shopaholica2/Cambio                  Cambio               TE580
   MalayMo/SouthWind                South Wind             DC279
KlugurnDkpampngan/AM                 Ara Muna              TE555
KaluguranDkaBabes/AM                 Ara Muna              TE556
  ItsTym2/BilyCrawford            Billy Crawford           TE559
  LikeDa2/BilyCrawford            Billy Crawford           TE560
ManEnough2/BCrawford              Billy Crawford           TE561
 OneHello/ToniGonzaga              Toni Gonzaga            DC270
  9ToFive2/BCrawford              Billy Crawford           TE562
 Admit1Ting2/Cambio                   Cambio               TE570
 TotoyBoogie2/Cambio                  Cambio               TE581
  MomentLykDs/KellyC               Kelly Clarkson          SC074
 AngelsBrotMeHir/GuyS              Guy Sebastian           SC075
  EyeOfDTiger/Survivor                Survivor             SC076
    IBlivICanFly/RKelly                R. Kelly            SC077
 Ready2Fly/AmyPearson              Amy Pearson             SC078
  Survivor/DstnysChild            Destiny's Child          SC079
     Stronger/BritneyS            Britney Spears           SC080
 WenUBliv/WhtnyMariah     Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey   RB718
  SimileSmiley/BCradle            Barbies Cradle           TE533
   Sleep/BarbiesCradle            Barbies Cradle           TE534
  Some1Else/BCradle              Barbie's Cradle           TE535
   TheDance/BCradle               Barbies Cradle           TE536
  Untouchble1s/BCradle            Barbies Cradle           TE537
  Wing2/BarbiesCradle             Barbies Cradle           TE538
  AllDisTym2/SCuneta         Side A & Sharon Cuneta        TE539
    AllDisTym2/SideA                  Side A               TE540
       Anak2/SideA                    Side A               TE541
  FoolishHeart2/SideA                 Side A               TE545
 IBlievnDreams2/SideA                 Side A               TE546
  FinalCntdown/Europe                  Europe              SC081
  ThisIsMyNow/JordinS              Jordin Sparks           SC082
 WenUBliv/WhitneyMari     Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey   SC083
    Go/BarbiesCradle             Barbie's Cradle           TE523
  Gudnyt/BarbiesCradle           Barbie's Cradle           TE524
     Healing/BCradle             Barbie's Cradle           TE525
  MomentLykDs/KellyC               Kelly Clarkson          RB709
 AngelsBrotMeHir/GuyS              Guy Sebastian           RB710
  EyeOfDTiger/Survivor                Survivor             RB711
    IBlivICanFly/RKelly               R. Kelly             RB712
Ready2Fly/AmyPearson               Amy Pearson             RB713
     Stronger/BritneyS            Britney Spears           RB714
  Survivor/DstnysChild            Destiny's Child          RB715
   Dragonflies/BCradle           Barbie's Cradle           TE526
  FinalCntdown/Europe                  Europe              RB716
  ThisIsMyNow/JordinS              Jordin Sparks           RB717
   Everyday2/BCradle             Barbie's Cradle           TE527
   Free/BarbiesCradle             Barbies Cradle           TE528
     PagAlis/BCradle              Barbies Cradle           TE529
     PagIbig/BCradle              Barbies Cradle           TE530
  PlayinNDFilds/BCrdle            Barbies Cradle           TE531
  PretyPaprdol/BCradle            Barbies Cradle           TE532
   ByYourSide/SideA                   Side A               TE542
    ClarasEyes/SideA                  Side A               TE543
     Endlessly/SideA                  Side A               TE544
       IfOnly/SideA                   Side A               TE547
 ForeverInLove/KennyG                 Kenny G              SC084
    Silhouette/KennyG                 Kenny G              SC085
     Songbird/KennyG                  Kenny G              SC086
   TheMoment/KennyG                   Kenny G              SC087
DyingYoungThm/KennyG                  Kenny G              SC088
  WndrfulWorld/LouisA          Louis A feat Kenny G        SC089
 ForeverInLove/KennyG                 Kenny G              RB719
    Silhouette/KennyG                 Kenny G              RB720
     Songbird/KennyG                  Kenny G              RB721
   TheMoment/KennyG                   Kenny G              RB722
   Closer2/Rivermaya                Rivermaya              TE451
 IWantYou2/Rivermaya                Rivermaya              TE453
 KmikalReaction2/Rmya               Rivermaya              TE454
LigawanStage2/Rmaya                 Rivermaya              TE455
OJoKalugurnTag/AMuna                Ara Muna               TE466
  Underneath/AMorisete           Alanis Morisette          TE467
   ClockWtching/JMraz         Jason Mraz         TE468
   MrCuriosity/JsonMraz       Jason Mraz         TE469
    OLover/JasonMraz          Jason Mraz         TE470
     Plane/JasonMraz          Jason Mraz         TE471
   DForecast/JasonMraz        Jason Mraz         TE472
   DRemedy/JasonMraz          Jason Mraz         TE473
   Wordplay/JasonMraz         Jason Mraz         TE474
   AlFallDown/1Republic      One Republic        TE475
   AllWeAre/1Republic        One Republic        TE476
  ComeHome/1Republic         One Republic        TE477
  GdbyApathy/1Republic       One Republic        TE478
    Mercy/OneRepublic        One Republic        TE479
   Prodigal/OneRepublic      One Republic        TE480
  SlpingTruMyFngrs2/MS       Mamma Mia           TE498
   SOS1/PierceBrosnan       Pierce Brosnan       TE499
   SOS2/PierceBrosnan       Pierce Brosnan       TE500
DNameofDGme2/MamaMia         Mamma Mia           TE505
 VoulezVous1/MammaMia        Mamma Mia           TE506
 VoulezVous2/MammaMia        Mamma Mia           TE507
 DoesUrModerKnw1/MMia        Mamma Mia           TE508
 DoesUrModerKnw2/MMia        Mamma Mia           TE509
    Discipline/JJackson      Janet Jackson       TE277
      Circles2/MCarey         Mariah Carey       TE278
 DancngQueen1/MamaMia        Mamma Mia           TE487
 DancngQueen2/MamaMia        Mamma Mia           TE488
GimmeGimme/MammaMia          Mamma Mia           TE489
 LayAlUrLuvOnMe/MmMia        Mamma Mia           TE490
  MamaMia1/MerylStreep       Meryl Streep        TE491
  MamaMia2/MerylStreep       Meryl Streep        TE492
MoneyMoney1/MammaMia         Mamma Mia           TE493
MoneyMoney2/MammaMia         Mamma Mia           TE494
 OurLastSumer1/MmaMia        Mamma Mia           TE495
 OurLastSumer2/MmaMia        Mamma Mia           TE496
  SlpingTruMyFngrs1/MS       Meryl Streep        TE497
    SOS1/MerylStreep         Meryl Streep        TE501
    SOS2/MerylStreep         Meryl Streep        TE502
  SuperTrouper/MamaMia       Mamma Mia           TE503
DNameofDGme1/MamaMia         Mamma Mia           TE504
   NoOtherLove/SideA             Side A          TE548
  DGirlSoRyt4Me2/SideA           Side A          TE549
   ThinkItOver2/SideA            Side A          TE550
      WillIEver/SideA            Side A          TE551
      YouAndI/SideA              Side A          TE552
 DyingYoungThm/KennyG           Kenny G          RB723
   WndrfulWorld/LouisA    Louis A feat Kenny G   RB724
      MoveOn2/Rain               Rain            TE447
   AllForYou/Rivermaya        Rivermaya          TE448
     AM2/Rivermaya             Rivermaya            TE449
Checkmate2/Rivermaya           Rivermaya            TE450
DAkoSusuko2/Rivermya           Rivermaya            TE452
 Maskara2/Rivermaya            Rivermaya            TE456
  NiceTo2/Rivermaya            Rivermaya            TE457
PipingTom2/Rivermaya           Rivermaya            TE458
    Pure2/Rivermaya            Rivermaya            TE459
  Restless2/Rivermaya           Rivermaya           TE460
   Sleep2/Rivermaya            Rivermaya            TE461
SugalNgKplaran2/Rmya           Rivermaya            TE462
  SouljaGirl/SouljaBoy         Soulja Boy           TE463
OJoklngBuriKu2/AMuna            Ara Muna            TE464
OJoKlugurnDnce/AMuna            Ara Muna            TE465
   Say1/OneRepublic           One Republic          TE482
   Say2/OneRepublic           One Republic          TE483
Sum12SaveU/1Republic          One Republic          TE484
  Tyrant/OneRepublic          One Republic          TE485
WontStop/OneRepublic          One Republic          TE486
WeBlong2Gthr2/MCarey           Mariah Carey         TE279
Lawlaw1/DJSundalongB        DJ Sundalong Bata       VA132
    Payong2/MsGanda             Miss Ganda          VA137
    SaIyo1/DJSundalo        DJ Sundalong Bata       VA138
    SaIyo2/DjSundalo        DJ Sundalong Bata       VA139
SugatSaPuso1/MsGanda            Miss Ganda          VA140
SugatSaPuso2/MsGanda            Miss Ganda          VA141
SundalongBata1/DjSun        DJ Sundalong Bata       VA142
SundalongBata2/DjSun        DJ Sundalong Bata       VA143
  WgPipigilan1/MsGnda           Miss Ganda          VA144
 WgPipigilan2/MsGanda           Miss Ganda          VA145
  WrInDsLve/AlJarreau            Al Jarreau         VA146
  4UrBabies/SmplyRed            Simply Red          VA147
GotMeStrted/SmplyRed            Simply Red          VA148
     Stars/SimplyRed            Simply Red          VA149
  DCoolest/LupeFiasco           Lupe Fiasco         VA150
 HelloGdbye/LupeFiasc     Lupe Fiasco feat. Unkle   VA151
 2MyHeart/TaylorDayne          Taylor Dayne         VA152
  MetalHeart/CatPower            Cat Power          VA153
  Song2Bob/CatPower              Cat Power          VA154
   PrfctInsnity/Dsturbd          Disturbed          VA155
WorstEnemy/IdinaMenz           Idina Menzel         VA156
DoThePnic/PhantomPla         Phantom Planet         VA157
 PosesUrHart/DeathCab      Death Cab For Cutie      VA158
    Hero/ChadKroeger          Chad Kroeger          VA165
   NoSunlyt/DeathCab       Death Cab For Cutie      VA166
      Cath/DeathCab        Death Cab For Cutie      VA167
   LuvLivAlone/AliciaK          Alicia Keys         SC066
  BbGanda1/MsGanda              Miss Ganda          VA126
  BbGanda2/MsGanda                   Miss Ganda              VA127
   IsisiMo1/DjSundalo           DJ Sundalong Bata            VA128
   IsisiMo2/DjSundalo           DJ Sundalong Bata            VA129
    Lampa1/MsGanda                   Miss Ganda              VA130
    Lampa2/MsGanda                   Miss Ganda              VA131
Lawlaw2/DjSundalongB            DJ Sundalong Bata            VA133
MsBbGanda/DjSundalo             DJ Sundalong Bata            VA134
MsBbGanda2/DjSundalo            DJ Sundalong Bata            VA135
    Payong1/MsGanda                  Miss Ganda              VA136
 LowOneStack/FloRida                  Flo Rida               VA159
  CmeOvr/JohnLegend                 John Legend              VA160
    SoMchOut/Estelle                   Estelle               VA161
      InDRain/Estelle                  Estelle               VA162
    BckInLove/Estelle                  Estelle               VA163
     PrettyPls/Estelle                 Estelle               VA164
 TalkingBird/DeathCab          Death Cab For Cutie           VA168
 GrapevineF/DeathCab           Death Cab For Cutie           VA169
   ALilBetr/GnarlsBark            Gnarls Barkley             VA170
    BixbyC/DeathCab            Death Cab For Cutie           VA171
 SugaSuga/KeithSweat      Keith Sweat feat. Paisley Bettis   VA172
    Horse2Water/REM                    R.E.M.                VA173
  PrctceMkesPerf/Cute        Cute Is What We Aim For         VA174
   LuvLivAlone/AliciaK               Alicia Keys             RB702
    MyBoo/AliciaUsher         Usher Feat Alicia Keys         SC067
  KarmaUnplgd/AliciaK                Alicia Keys             SC064
  LessonLearnd/AliciaK               Alicia Keys             SC065
 NoOneReggae/AliciaK                 Alicia Keys             SC068
  TeenLuvAfair/AliciaK               Alicia Keys             SC069
  UnbrkblUnplgd/Alicia               Alicia Keys             SC070
  WildHrsUnplgd/Alicia               Alicia Keys             SC071
DntKnwMyName/AliciaK                 Alicia Keys             SC072
  DiaryHaniMix/AliciaK               Alicia Keys             RB694
     DntGivUp/AliciaK           Alicia Keys & Bono           RB695
   FallinUnplgd/AliciaK              Alicia Keys             RB696
     Girlfriend/AlicaK               Alicia Keys             RB697
    UDntColMe/AliciaK                Alicia Keys             RB698
      AintGtU/AliciaK                Alicia Keys             RB699
  KarmaUnplgd/AliciaK                Alicia Keys             RB700
  LessonLearnd/AliciaK               Alicia Keys             RB701
  ICantTellYouY2/Nina                   Nina                 TE422
DntWnt2bUrFrend/Nina                    Nina                 TE423
 ILuvUGudbye2/Nina                      Nina                 TE424
 IfIShuldLuvAgen2/Nin                   Nina                 TE425
StayNLuvDisWay2/Nina                    Nina                 TE426
  JealousAcoustic/Nina                  Nina                 TE427
   LoveMoves2/Nina                      Nina                 TE428
OneofTheseDays2/Nina                    Nina                 TE429
  PianoInDDark2/Nina                Nina            TE430
    ShooBeDoo2/Nina                 Nina            TE431
        Smile2/Nina                 Nina            TE432
SmewerDwnDRoad2/Nina                Nina            TE433
        Stay2/Nina                  Nina            TE434
        Steep2/Nina                 Nina            TE435
      Sunlight2/Nina                Nina            TE436
     SweetThing/Nina                Nina            TE437
   ThroughDFire2/Nina               Nina            TE438
WkndNNewEngland/Nina                Nina            TE439
 DntWnaMisAThng1/Nina               Nina            TE440
 DntWnaMisAThng2/Nina               Nina            TE441
   WhatIWant/Daughtry             Daughtry          RB692
 WhatAbtNow/Daughtry              Daughtry          RB693
   Crazy/AlanisMorisete      Alanis Morisette       TE442
       Coyotes/Mraz                 Mraz            TE443
      LiveHigh/Mraz                 Mraz            TE444
  DynamoViolation/Mraz              Mraz            TE445
     MakeItMine/Mraz                Mraz            TE446
   DiaryHaniMix/AliciaK          Alicia Keys        SC058
  DntGivUp/AliciaKBono      Alicia Keys & Bono      SC059
    FallinUnplgd/AliciaK         Alicia Keys        SC060
      Girlfriend/AliciaK         Alicia Keys        SC061
     UDntColMe/AliciaK           Alicia Keys        SC062
       AintGtU/AliciaK           Alicia Keys        SC063
     MyBoo/AliciaUsher     Usher feat Alicia Keys   RB703
   NoOneReggae/AliciaK           Alicia Keys        RB704
   TeenLuvAfair/AliciaK          Alicia Keys        RB705
   UnbrkblUnplgd/Alicia          Alicia Keys        RB706
   WildHrsUnplgd/Alicia          Alicia Keys        RB707
 DntKnwMyName/AliciaK            Alicia Keys        RB708
      AtUrBest2/Nina                 Nina           TE280
         Burn2/Nina                  Nina           TE281
   Crazy/AlanisMorisete       AlanisMorisete        TE362
D1HuWonMyHart1/Xtian        Christian Bautista      TE481
  4everNUrEyes1/XtianB      Christian Bautista      TE345
   Captured2/CBautista      Christian Bautista      TE385
 CuldHavBnDOne2/Xtian       Christian Bautista      TE386
   Creation2/CBautista      Christian Bautista      TE387
  JustDsTym2/CBautista      Christian Bautista      TE392
  LimutinNaLng2/XtianB      Christian Bautista      TE393
 NalimutanKoSbihn2/XB       Christian Bautista      TE394
  TakeARide2/CBautista      Christian Bautista      TE395
   Captured1/CBautista      Christian Bautista      TE408
   IBelieve1/CBautista      Christian Bautista      TE415
 IWnaBDOne1/CBautista       Christian Bautista      TE416
  JustDsTym1/CBautista      Christian Bautista      TE417
 LimutinNaLng1/XtianB    Christian Bautista   TE418
NalimutanKoSbihn1/XB     Christian Bautista   TE419
 TakeARide1/CBautista    Christian Bautista   TE420
D1HuWonMyHart1/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TE421
 4everNUrEyes2/XtianB    Christian Bautista   TE388
  Hope2/XtianBautista    Christian Bautista   TE389
   IBelieve2/CBautista   Christian Bautista   TE390
IWnaBDOne2/CBautista     Christian Bautista   TE391
CuldHavBnDOne1/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TE409
  Creation1/CBautista    Christian Bautista   TE410
  Hope1/XtianBautista    Christian Bautista   TE414
 AintALuvSong/Rachele     Rachelle Ann Go     PC026
Someone/RachelleAnnG      Rachelle Ann Go     PC027
 CantCry/RachelleAnnG     Rachelle Ann Go     PC031
  CntFight/RachelleAnn    Rachelle Ann Go     PC033
 MissingU/RachelleAnn     Rachelle Ann Go     PC034
 DtsWatLuvIs4/Rachele     Rachelle Ann Go     PC036
 OneHello/ToniGonzaga      Toni Gonzaga       PC042
WhenULuv/RachelleAnn      Rachelle Ann Go     PC028
  JstCantLtGo/Rachelle    Rachelle Ann Go     PC029
 Crying/RachelleAnnGo     Rachelle Ann Go     PC030
 NoRain/RachelleAnnGo     Rachelle Ann Go     PC032
  2StepsBhind/Rachelle    Rachelle Ann Go     PC035
  2WhereUAre/JGroban       Josh Groban        TE412
 FebruarySong/JGroban       Josh Groban       TE411
UAreLoved/JoshGroban        Josh Groban       TE413
    Chances/AirSupply        Air Supply       SC051
    Chances/AirSupply        Air Supply       RB646
ComeWatMay/AirSupply         Air Supply       SC012
ComeWatMay/AirSupply         Air Supply       RB647
EveryWoman/AirSupply         Air Supply       SC013
EveryWoman/AirSupply         Air Supply       RB648
 HvngUNirMe/AirSupply        Air Supply       SC014
 HvngUNirMe/AirSupply        Air Supply       RB649
 ICnW84ever/AirSupply        Air Supply       SC015
 ICnW84ever/AirSupply        Air Supply       RB650
    GivItAll/AirSupply       Air Supply       SC016
    GivItAll/AirSupply       Air Supply       RB651
  KipLuvAlve/AirSupply       Air Supply       SC017
  KipLuvAlve/AirSupply       Air Supply       RB652
  LonelyDNyt/AirSupply       Air Supply       SC018
  LonelyDNyt/AirSupply       Air Supply       RB653
 1MorChance/AirSupply        Air Supply       SC019
 1MorChance/AirSupply        Air Supply       RB654
 SwitDreams/AirSupply        Air Supply       SC020
 SwitDreams/AirSupply        Air Supply       RB655
TkngDChnce/AirSupply         Air Supply       SC021
 TkngDChnce/AirSupply      Air Supply    RB656
  2LessLnely/AirSupply     Air Supply    SC022
  2LessLnely/AirSupply     Air Supply    RB657
  YoungLove/AirSupply      Air Supply    SC023
  YoungLove/AirSupply      Air Supply    RB658
 WhatAbtNow/Daughtry        Daughtry     SB995
  FilsLyk2nyt/Daughtry      Daughtry     SB991
HoldMeInUrArms/RickA       Rick Astley   RB624
  Hpelessly/RickAstley     Rick Astley   RB625
 NvrLetUDwn//RckAstly      Rick Astley   RB626
 StrongMan/RickAstley      Rick Astley   RB627
  SheWnts2Dnce/RickA       Rick Astley   RB628
  TakeMe2UrHrt/RickA       Rick Astley   RB629
  2gedr4evr/RickAstley     Rick Astley   RB630
   WenIFallNLuv/RickA      Rick Astley   RB631
WhnevrUNdSumdy/RickA       Rick Astley   RB632
HoldMeInUrArms/RickA       Rick Astley   SB979
  Hpelessly/RickAstley     Rick Astley   SB980
 NvrLetUDwn//RckAstly      Rick Astley   SB981
 StrongMan/RickAstley      Rick Astley   SB982
  SheWnts2Dnce/RickA       Rick Astley   SB983
  TakeMe2UrHrt/RickA       Rick Astley   SB984
  2gedr4evr/RickAstley     Rick Astley   SB985
   WenIFallNLuv/RickA      Rick Astley   SB986
WhnevrUNdSumdy/RickA       Rick Astley   SB987
 Breakdown/Daughtry         Daughtry     SB989
  AllThsLives/Daughtry      Daughtry     RB633
  Breakdown/Daughtry        Daughtry     RB634
    Crashed/Daughtry        Daughtry     RB635
  FilsLyk2nyt/Daughtry      Daughtry     RB636
      Gone/Daughtry         Daughtry     RB637
 DerNBakAgn/Daughtry        Daughtry     RB638
    UsedTo/Daughtry         Daughtry     RB639
  AllThsLives/Daughtry      Daughtry     SB988
    Crashed/Daughtry        Daughtry     SB990
      Gone/Daughtry         Daughtry     SB992
 DerNBakAgn/Daughtry        Daughtry     SB993
    UsedTo/Daughtry         Daughtry     SB994
  WhatIWant/Daughtry        Daughtry     SB996
       Rosanna/Toto           Toto       SB827
  AngSarapDito/Project     Project 1     TE152
 Highway/KitchieNadal    Kitchie Nadal   TE153
SaySomething/MCarey      Mariah Carey    TE157
 Luxurious/GwenStfani    Gwen Stefani    TE178
  Dancex2/FallOutBoy     Fall Out Boy    TE179
  RichGirl/GwenStefani   Gwen Stefani    TE180
WatUWaitin4/GwenStef     Gwen Stefani    TE181
 UGveMeSumthin/JamesM          James Morrison         TE182
      ICaItLuv/LionelRchi        Lionel Richie        TE184
   IWishUKnew/MCarey            Mariah Carey          TE197
   IfImNotInLuv/SherynR          Sheryn Regis         DC254
   WerDoBroken/SherynR           Sheryn Regis         DC255
     Always/SherynRegis          Sheryn Regis         DC256
   StartingOver/SherynR          Sheryn Regis         DC257
   SaveDBest4Lst/Sheryn          Sheryn Regis         DC258
   ForUrEyesOnly/Sheryn          Sheryn Regis         DC259
   PatunayanMo/SherynR           Sheryn Regis         DC260
  ItMusHavBeen/SherynR           Sheryn Regis         DC261
   SanaNanditoKa/Sheryn          Sheryn Regis         DC262
   MyHartBeats4U/Sheryn          Sheryn Regis         DC263
   ThruMyFngrs/MamaMia        Cast of Mamma Mia       KC052
GimmeGimmeGimme/Mama          Cast of Mamma Mia       KC053
 DancinQueen/MammaMia         Cast of Mamma Mia       KC054
 LayUrLuvNMe/MammaMia         Cast Of Mamma Mia       KC055
  MammaMia/MammaMia           Cast of Mamma Mia       KC056
NameOfDGame/MammaMia              Mamma Mia           KC057
   WnrTksItOl/MammaMia        Cast of Mamma Mia       KC058
DosUrMomKnw/MammaMia          Cast of Mamma Mia       KC059
  MoneyMoney/MammaMia         Cast of Mamma Mia       KC060
  HoneyHoney/MammaMia         Cast of Mamma Mia       KC061
 RLastSummer/MammaMia         Cast of Mamma Mia       KC062
  SuperTroper/MammaMia        Cast of Mamma Mia       KC063
  IHvaDream/MammaMia          Cast of Mamma Mia       KC064
        SOS/MammaMia              Mamma Mia           KC065
 TkeAChncNMe/MammaMia         Cast of Mamma Mia       KC066
   SaidNDone/MammaMia         Cast of Mamma Mia       KC067
  VoulezVous/MammaMia         Cast of Mamma Mia       KC068
     9Crimes/DamienRice           Damien Rice         VA098
    iLLBeMissinU/PuffDad           Puff Daddy         VA099
    FlyMe2DMoon/FrankS           Frank Sinatra        VA100
        MyWay1/FrankS            Frank Sinatra        VA101
       SpiderPig/HannsZ         Hanns Zimmer          VA106
   SpndMyLyfWdU/Tamia                Tamia            VA107
  HoldMyHand/HootieNdB      Hootie And The Blowfish   VA108
         2BWdU/MrBig                 Mr. Big          VA112
    Plush/StoneTempPilot      Stone Temple Pilots     VA113
    AllWeKnow/Paramore              Paramore          VA114
    CudItBeImFall/Spiner            Spinners          VA115
     iLBdr4U/Rembrandts        The Rembrandts         VA116
   9InDAfternun/PanicAD       Panic at the Disco      TE267
     ImYours/JasonMraz            Jason Mraz          TE268
     AmericanBoy/Estelle             Estelle          TE269
      Rockstar/Nickelback          Nickelback         TE270
         Movie/AJDee                 AJ Dee           PB945
  Napatawag/CarlaH      Carla Humphries       PB946
   Tnx4Calling/Carla    Carla Humphries       PB947
     LongTym/Cass           Cass Ponti        PB948
       Musta/Cass           Cass Ponti        PB949
    Kwento/Charee        Charee Pineda        PB950
     Musta/Charee        Charee Pineda        PB951
DiNakakausap/Charles   Charles Christianson   PB952
  Napatawag/Charles    Charles Christianson   PB953
   Napatawag/Jason        Jason Abalos        PB957
  PDAAppleAkoMuna              Apple          PB974
    PDAAppleDream              Apple          PB975
  PDABanigAkoMuna              Banig          PB976
    PDABanigDream              Banig          PB977
   PDABeaAkoMuna                Bea           PB978
     PDABeaDream                Bea           PB979
  PDABugoyAkoMuna              Bugoy          PB980
  PDABunnyAkoMuna             Bunny           PB982
 PDAChivasAkoMuna             Chivas          PB988
PDAChristianAkoMuna          Christian        PB992
 PDAChristianDream           Christian        PB993
 PDACristinaAkoMuna           Cristina        PB994
  PDACristinaDream            Cristina        PB995
   PDAIcayAkoMuna               Icay          PB996
     PDAIcayDream               Icay          PB997
DiNakakausap/AJDee            AJ Dee          PB944
   Napatawag/Erich       Erich Gonzales       PB954
   Tnx4Calling/Erich     Erich Gonzales       PB955
      Musta/Jason         Jason Abalos        PB956
       CallMe/JonA           Jon Avila        PB958
       Musta/JonA            Jon Avila        PB959
    Gimik/KristineH     Kristine Hermosa      PB960
    Musta/KristineH     Kristine Hermosa      PB961
     CallMe/Melissa       Melissa Ricks       PB962
     Happy/Melissa        Melissa Ricks       PB963
      Movie/Mikee           Mikee Lee         PB964
      Musta/Mikee           Mikee Lee         PB965
      Happy/Nene          Nene Tamayo         PB966
       Musta/Nene         Nene Tamayo         PB967
    Napatawag/Paw           Paw Diaz          PB968
   Tnx4Calling/Paw          Paw Diaz          PB969
     DiBusy/Rayver         Rayver Cruz        PB970
     Musta/Rayver          Rayver Cruz        PB971
      Kwento/Rizza        Rizza Santos        PB972
       Movie/Rizza        Rizza Santos        PB973
   PDABugoyDream               Bugoy          PB981
   PDABunnyDream              Bunny           PB983
  PDACacaiAkoMuna              Cacai          PB984
     PDACacaiDream               Cacai            PB985
 PDACatherineAkoMuna           Catherine          PB986
  PDACatherineDream            Catherine          PB987
    PDAChrisAkoMuna               Chris           PB990
     PDAChrisDream                Chris           PB991
 ICnLuvULykTht/All4On          All-4-One          VA097
     MyWay2/FrankS           Frank Sinatra        VA102
    NewYork1/FrankS          Frank Sinatra        VA103
    NewYork2/FrankS          Frank Sinatra        VA104
 StrngrsInDNyt/FrankS        Frank Sinatra        VA105
  LetHerCry/HootieNdB   Hootie And The Blowfish   VA109
 HwMchIFeel/Ambrosia           Ambrosia           VA110
AHorseWNoName/Americ            America           VA111
  DKillinMoon/EchoAnd   Echo And The Bunnymen     VA117
 LipsLykSugar/EchoAnd   Echo And The Bunnymen     VA118
      PrettyBoy/M2M               M2M             VA119
  DntSayULuvMe/M2M                M2M             VA120
    PDAChivasDream               Chivas           PB989
    PDAInakiAkoMuna               Inaki           PB998
      PDAInakiDream               Inaki           PB999
   PDALaarniAkoMuna              Laarni           PC001
     PDALaarniDream              Laarni           PC002
  PDALambertAkoMuna             Lambert           PC003
   PDALambertDream              Lambert           PC004
   PDALiezelAkoMuna              Liezel           PC005
     PDALiezelDream              Liezel           PC006
 PDALChristineAkoMuna       Louise Christine      PC007
  PDALChristineDream        Louise Christine      PC008
    PDAMailaAkoMuna               Maila           PC009
     PDAMailaDream                Maila           PC010
   PDAMiguelAkoMuna              Miguel           PC011
    PDAMiguelDream               Miguel           PC012
   PDARanjitAkoMuna              Ranjit           PC013
     PDARanjitDream              Ranjit           PC014
    PDARossAkoMuna                Ross            PC015
      PDARossDream                Ross            PC016
     PDASenAkoMuna                 Sen            PC017
      PDASenDream                  Sen            PC018
   PDAShengAkoMuna               Sheng            PC019
     PDAShengDream               Sheng            PC020
     PDAVanAkoMuna                 Van            PC021
      PDAVanDream                  Van            PC022
 SupernturalSuper/REM            R.E.M.           VA031
 ShesAHandsome/Panic       Panic At The Disco     VA032
DoUKnwWtSeeing/Panic       Panic At The Disco     VA033
 NrthernDwnpour/Panic      Panic At The Disco     VA034
WenDDayMeDNytt/Panic       Panic At The Disco     VA035
    PasDeCheval/Panic    Panic At The Disco   VA036
 SweatALaLong/InnerCi       Inner Circle      VA123
GvingUDBest/AnitaBak        Anita Baker       VA124
  DannysSong/Loggins     Loggins & Messina    VA125
    DPianoKnws/Panic     Panic At The Disco   VA037
    BehindDSea/Panic     Panic At The Disco   VA038
  SheHadDWorld/Panic     Panic At The Disco   VA039
  FrmAMountain/Panic     Panic At The Disco   VA040
  MadAsRabbits/Panic     Panic At The Disco   VA041
  LowAcapella/FloRida         Flo Rida        VA042
  LvingWellisDBst/REM          R.E.M.         VA043
 ManSizedWreath/REM            R.E.M.         VA044
  UntilDDayIsDne/REM           R.E.M.         VA045
 WereSoStarving/Panic    Panic At The Disco   VA046
 IHvFrndInHSpce/Panic    Panic At The Disco   VA047
   FolkinAround/Panic    Panic At The Disco   VA048
      TakeOnMe/AHa              A-Ha          VA049
Hrd2SayImSori/Chcago          Chicago         VA050
  BadDay/DnielPowter       Daniel Powter      VA051
  Unbelievable/CraigD       Craig David       VA052
     Holiday/BeeGees         Bee Gees         VA053
HwDeepIsUrLuv/BeeGee         Bee Gees         VA054
 IStrtedAJoke/BeeGees        Bee Gees         VA055
IvGotAMsg2U/BeeGees          Bee Gees         VA056
  Massachusetts/BGees        Bee Gees         VA057
NYMiningDis1941/BGee         Bee Gees         VA058
2LoveSmebdy/BeeGees          Bee Gees         VA059
      Words/BeeGees          Bee Gees         VA060
WayBckIntoLuv/HGrant        Hugh Grant        VA061
 BigMachine/Goo2Dolls      Goo Goo Dolls      VA062
  BlackBalloon/GooDoll     Goo Goo Dolls      VA063
   Broadway/GooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls      VA064
    Dizzy/GooGooDolls      Goo Goo Dolls      VA065
 FeelDSlence/GooDolls      Goo Goo Dolls      VA066
  HereIsGone/GooDolls      Goo Goo Dolls      VA067
   IrisChorus/GooDolls     Goo Goo Dolls      VA068
    IrisIntro/GooDolls     Goo Goo Dolls      VA069
      Slide/GooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls      VA070
   Sympathy/GooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls      VA071
ChangeDWrld/EClapton        Eric Clapton      VA072
 WnderfulTonyt/EClapt       Eric Clapton      VA073
  LuvULately/DPowter       Daniel Powter      VA074
    Hard2Beat/HardFi          Hard-Fi         VA075
    BleedLykMe/Grbge          Garbage         VA076
IThnkImPranoid/Grbge          Garbage         VA077
  AllOvrBtDCryn/Grbge         Garbage         VA078
      S2pidGrl/Grbge          Garbage         VA079
      TheKiss/FaithHill         Faith Hill     VA080
 DWayULuvMe/FaithHill           Faith Hill     VA081
      AllMyLife/FloRida          Flo Rida      VA082
       Jealous/FloRida           Flo Rida      VA083
     MeNdYou/FloRida             Flo Rida      VA084
         Low/FloRida             Flo Rida      VA085
  LowInstrmntal/FloRid           Flo Rida      VA086
    MoneyRyt/FloRida             Flo Rida      VA087
    MsHngover/FloRida            Flo Rida      VA088
         Roll/FloRida            Flo Rida      VA089
    StillMissin/FloRida          Flo Rida      VA090
DQueenNdI/GymClassHe       Gym Class Heroes    VA091
        IsItYou/Cassie            Cassie       VA092
      Respect/ArethaF       Aretha Franklin    VA093
   Underneath/AlanisM       Alanis Morisette   VA094
     illBe/EdwinMccain        Edwin Mccain     VA095
          Cupid/112                112         VA096
CyaNaNgaKya/JAnnSJos      Julie Ann San Jose   TE154
   1andOnly1/MaCarey         Mariah Carey      TE155
    1andOnly2/MCarey         Mariah Carey      TE156
  ToDFloor/MariahCarey       Mariah Carey      TE158
  AlGudThings/Nfurtado       Nelly Furtado     TE159
      SexyLove/Neyo               NeYo         TE160
   Beep/PussycatDolls       Pussycat Dolls     TE161
  Buttons/PussycatDoll      Pussycat Dolls     TE162
  DontCha/PussycatDoll      Pussycat Dolls     TE163
 DntNidAMan/PussyDoll       Pussycat Dolls     TE164
  StickWidU/PussyDolls      Pussycat Dolls     TE165
  Sway/PussycatDolls        Pussycat Dolls     TE166
        SOS/Rihanna             Rihanna        TE167
   Unfaithful/Rihanna           Rihanna        TE168
 LetsGetBlwn/SnoopDog         Snoop Dogg       TE169
    Signs/SnoopDog            Snoop Dogg       TE170
 AkingMundo/SugarPop           Sugarpop        TE171
  BeautfulWorld/TkeDat         Take That       TE172
BrezeOnBy/DonyOsmond        Donny Osmond       TE173
WtIMeant2Say/DOsmond        Donny Osmond       TE174
 SugarGoinDown/FOB            Fall Out Boy     TE175
   Fergalicious/Fergie           Fergie        TE176
  OutOfReach/Gabrielle          Gabrielle      TE177
 Runaway/JanetJackson        Janet Jackson     TE183
       Stay/LisaLoeb           Lisa Loeb       TE185
 Dnt4getBoutUs/MCarey        Mariah Carey      TE186
  FlyLykAbird/MCarey         Mariah Carey      TE187
   ItsLikeDat/MCarey         Mariah Carey      TE188
   MineAgain/MCarey          Mariah Carey      TE189
   ShakeItOff/Mcarey         Mariah Carey      TE190
 StayTheNight/MCarey             Mariah Carey          TE191
HeyMama/BlackEydPeas         The Black Eyed Peas       TE192
 WerIsDLuv/BlackEyedP        The Black Eyed Peas       TE193
HwCnUMend/GreenJStne       Al Green Feat Joss Stone    TE194
 KungFuFight/CLoGreen            Cee Lo Green          TE195
  LabelsOrLove/Fergie                Fergie            TE196
  SexNDCity/DPfeifer      The Pfeifer Broz Orchestra   TE198
 AllDresdNLuv/Jhudson          Jennifer Hudson         TE199
  LawLaw/VariousArtist          Various Artists        TE200
  Payong/VariousArtist          Various Artists        TE201
    Lollipop/LilWayne              Lil Wayne           KC046
    Lollipop/LilWayne              Lil Wayne           KC047
   PorkNBeans/Weezer                 Weezer            KC048
   PorkNBeans/Weezer                 Weezer            KC049
  EveryoneNose/NERD                   NERD             KC050
  EveryoneNose/NERD                   NERD             KC051
TymOfMyLyf/DavidCook              David Cook           SC038
TymOfMyLyf/DavidCook              David Cook           RB672
 Honestly/RachelleAnn           Rachelle Ann Go        PB940
   Saludo/6Cyclemind              6 Cyclemind          SC035
 1StepAtATym/JordinS             Jordin Sparks         SC032
   Forever/ChrisBrown             Chris Brown          SC025
   Forever/ChrisBrown             Chris Brown          RB659
    Unbrkble/Fireflight             Fireflight         SC037
       Bitaw/MBoys                 MBoys'09            RB660
     BottleItUp/SaraB            Sara Bareilles        RB661
  IAmTellingU/Charice          Charice Pempenco        DC244
  BornToLoveU/Charice          Charice Pempenco        DC245
   SabihinMoNa/YengC           Yeng Constantino        DC246
 SbihinMoNa/KimGerald     Kim Chui & Gerald Anderson   DC247
   CrazyLove/KimChiu                Kim Chiu           DC248
       Bitaw/MBoys                   MBoys             SC026
     BottleItUp/SaraB            Sara Bareilles        SC027
      Daylight/KellyR            Kelly Rowland         SC028
       Kaiisip/Check                  Check            SC029
   MakeNoise/KrystalM            Krystal Meyers        SC030
  OnMyWayHere/ClayA                Clay Aiken          SC031
OutHereOnMyOwn/Marri              Marri Nallos         SC033
 PcktflSnshne/Natasha         Natasha Bedingfield      SC034
   SwtNSlw/Augustana               Augustana           SC036
      Daylight/KellyR            Kelly Rowland         RB662
       Kaiisip/Check                  Check            RB663
   MakeNoise/KrystalM            Krystal Meyers        RB664
  OnMyWayHere/ClayA                Clay Aiken          RB665
 1StepAtATym/JordinS             Jordin Sparks         RB666
OutHereOnMyOwn/Marri              Marri Nallos         RB667
 PcktflSnshne/Natasha         Natasha Bedingfield      RB668
   Saludo/6Cyclemind               6 Cyclemind            RB669
  SwtNSlw/Augustana                 Augustana             RB670
   Unbrkble/Fireflight               Fireflight           RB671
 IHaveNothing/Charice          Charice Pempenco           DC241
  PusongLito/KimChiu                 Kim Chiu             DC249
    YourInLove/ToniG              Toni Gonzaga            DC250
   Steep/ToniGonzaga              Toni Gonzaga            DC251
 WilAlwysLuvU/Charice          Charice Pempenco           DC242
      Mama/Charice             Charice Pempenco           DC243
    PartingTime/ErikS          Erik Santos & Kyla         DC239
IkawLangTalaga/YengC            Yeng Constantino          DC240
 IfIGivYouMyHart/Toni             Toni Gonzaga            DC252
AlwysSyingGdbye/Toni              Toni Gonzaga            DC253
   ImYours/JsonMraz                Jason Mraz             VA002
  AmericanBoy/Estelle       Estelle feat. Kanye West      VA003
   LowRemix/FloRida                  Flo Rida             VA004
  Rockstar/Nickelback               Nickelback            VA005
DGrinGentleman/Panic           Panic At The Disco         VA006
  9InDAfternoon/Panic          Panic At The Disco         VA007
  9InDAfternoon/Panic          Panic at the Disco         VA008
 UrLoveIsALie/SimpleP              Simple Plan            VA009
   Run/GnarlsBarkley             Gnarls Barkley           VA010
 Any1ElseButYou/Juno                   Juno               VA011
WeMadeIt/BustaRhymes     Busta Rhymes feat. Linkin Park   VA012
  FallingDown/ScarletJ         Scarlett Johannson         VA013
    GetUp/Goldfinger                Goldfinger            VA014
  Goodbye/Goldfinger                Goldfinger            VA015
 CntHelpButWait1/Trey              Trey Songz             VA016
 CntHelpButWait2/Trey              Trey Songz             VA017
   NoLove/SimplePlan               Simple Plan            VA018
    TheRightLife/Seal                   Seal              VA019
   ChingALing/MElliot              Missy Elliot           VA020
    WeddingDay/Seal                     Seal              VA021
       System/Seal                      Seal              VA022
       Loaded/Seal                      Seal              VA023
    Immaculate/Seal                     Seal              VA024
   IfItsInMyMind/Seal                   Seal              VA025
        Dumb/Seal                       Seal              VA026
 ShakeUrPom2/MElliot               Missy Elliot           VA027
 MakeItMine/JsonMraz               Jason Mraz             VA028
   LiveHigh/JsonMraz               Jason Mraz             VA029
DDynamoOfVol/JsonMrz               Jason Mraz             VA030
  BdaySong/JayDurias                Jay Durias            DC229
UCanDoMgic/JayDurias                Jay Durias            DC230
    Reward/JayDurias                Jay Durias            DC231
 MyCherieAmour/JayD                Jay Durias             DC232
 Lite&Shade/JayDurias               Jay Durias            DC233
 IHav2SayILuvYou/JayD                   Jay Durias            DC234
      Him/JayDurias                     Jay Durias            DC235
    Hangin/JayDurias                    Jay Durias            DC236
  GudNytGirl/JayDurias                  Jay Durias            DC237
DoDat2Me1MorTym/JayD                    Jay Durias            DC238
  Paalam1/R.Velasquez    Cesar   Montano & Regine Velasquez   TE131
 BabaeAko1/RVelasquez              Regine Velasquez           TE136
 BabaeAko2/RVelasquez              Regine Velasquez           TE137
  Paalam1/R.Velasquez    Cesar   Montano & Regine Velasquez   TE145
  Paalam2/R.Velasquez    Cesar   Montano & Regine Velasquez   TE146
  Paalam2/R.Velasquez    Cesar   Montano & Regine Velasquez   TE132
 AkoCWang1/J.Delgado                Johnny Delgado            TE133
 AkoCWang2/J.Delgado                Johnny Delgado            TE134
 Knglawenta/AlanKM.V.             Michael V & Allan K         TE135
 AkoCWang1/J.Delgado                Johnny Delgado            TE147
 AkoCWang2/J.Delgado                Johnny Delgado            TE148
 Knglawenta/AlanKM.V.             Michael V & Allan K         TE149
 BabaeAko1/RVelasquez              Regine Velasquez           TE150
 BabaeAko2/RVelasquez              Regine Velasquez           TE151
 SiyaNaNgaKaya/JulieA              Julie Ann San Jose         GA275
  BakitIkawPaRin/Maric               Maricris Garcia          GA276
AngAkingMundo/Sugarp                    Sugarpop              GA277
OnlyRemindsMeOfU2/CB               Christian Bautista         TE098
  Tryin2GetDFeelin1/CB             Christian Bautista         TE099
BMyNumberTwo2/XtianB               Christian Bautista         TE102
  BlueEyesBlue1/XtianB             Christian Bautista         TE103
  BlueEyesBlue2/XtianB             Christian Bautista         TE104
  Maneater/NelyFurtado               Nelly Furtado            TE126
  TakeABow1/Rihanna                     Rihanna               TE127
  Tryin2GetDFeelin2/CB             Christian Bautista         TE100
BMyNumberTwo1/XtianB               Christian Bautista         TE101
  CryForHelp1/XtianB.              Christian Bautista         TE105
  CryForHelp2/XtianB.              Christian Bautista         TE106
 FixngABrokenHart1/CB              Christian Bautista         TE107
 FixngABrokenHart2/CB              Christian Bautista         TE108
 HeavenhelpMe1/XtianB              Christian Bautista         TE109
 HeavenhelpMe2/XtianB              Christian Bautista         TE110
 JustALuvSong1/XtianB              Christian Bautista         TE111
 JustALuvSong2/XtianB              Christian Bautista         TE112
  MakeItWithU1/XtianB.             Christian Bautista         TE113
  MakeItWithU2/XtianB.             Christian Bautista         TE114
  OfAllDThings1/XtianB             Christian Bautista         TE115
  OfAllDThings2/XtianB             Christian Bautista         TE116
   You1/XtianBautista              Christian Bautista         TE117
   You2/XtianBautista              Christian Bautista         TE118
MoreDanUlEvrKnow1/CB               Christian Bautista         TE119
MoreDanUlEvrKnow2/CB               Christian Bautista         TE120
    GoOnGirl1/Neyo              NeYo          TE121
    GoOnGirl2/Neyo              NeYo          TE122
  BeatIt1/FallOutBoy        Fall Out Boy      TE123
  BeatIt2/FallOutBoy        Fall Out Boy      TE124
 RythmNation/Jackson       Janet Jackson      TE125
YkapDilim/Ornge&Lmon     Orange And Lemons    WA615
   DooBidoo/Kamikaze         Kamikazee        WA616
AwtNgBrkda/Itchyworm         Itchyworms       WA617
SanNaNgaB/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola       WA618
       Ewan/Imago               Imago         WA620
  Pnlangin/Moonstar88        Moonstar88       WA621
     Paano/Shamrock           Shamrock        WA622
 WlangMysteryo/Imago            Imago         WA623
AknKaNLang/Itchyworm         Itchyworms       WA624
     Beer/Itchyworms         Itchyworms       WA625
 TangiKngKsma/XtianB.    Christian Bautista   TE046
 AwayFromU1/XtianB.      Christian Bautista   TE047
Hands2Heaven1/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TE050
Hands2Heaven2/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TE051
 AwayFromU2/XtianB.      Christian Bautista   TE048
 ColorEvrywher/XtianB    Christian Bautista   TE049
DntWnaSeeUCry1/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TE052
  IWilBWatIBlieve/C.B.   Christian Bautista   TE054
    Miracle1/XtianB.     Christian Bautista   TE055
    Miracle2/XtianB.     Christian Bautista   TE056
     Naisko1/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TE071
     Naisko2/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TE072
 SheCouldBe1/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TE073
 SheCouldBe2/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TE074
 SinceIFoundU1/XtianB    Christian Bautista   TE075
 SinceIFoundU2/XtianB    Christian Bautista   TE076
DWayULukAtMe1/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TE079
DWayULukAtMe2/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TE080
DWayULukAtMeAcst1/CB     Christian Bautista   TE081
DWayULukAtMeAcst2/CB     Christian Bautista   TE082
 BeautfulNMyEys1/CB      Christian Bautista   TE083
 BeautfulNMyEys2/CB      Christian Bautista   TE084
 CuldNtAsk4Mre1/Xtian    Christian Bautista   TE085
 CuldNtAsk4Mre2/Xtian    Christian Bautista   TE086
 IfEvrUrInMyArms1/C.B    Christian Bautista   TE087
 PmapatkUlan/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar    WA614
Nkpgta2ka/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola       WA619
  LuvTeam/Itchyworm          Itchyworms       WA626
  Ambisyoso/Kamikaze         Kamikazee        WA627
 MartyrNybra/Kamikaze        Kamikazee        WA628
     Narda/Kamikaze          Kamikazee        WA629
    Bagsakan/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar    WA630
   1stDayFunk/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar               WA631
      Gitara/Parokya            Parokya Ni Edgar               WA632
    MangJose/Parokya            Parokya Ni Edgar               WA633
   Pa2Cologne/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar               WA634
   OrderTaker/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar               WA635
 Slwkain/McoySpceflwr   MCoy feat.The Spaceflower Show         WA636
 IkawLmang/Sanctuary            Silent Sanctuary               WA637
DntWnaSeeUCry2/Xtian           Christian Bautista              TE053
TymToSayGudby1/Nina                   Nina                     TE057
TymToSayGudby2/Nina                   Nina                     TE058
    AfterYou1/XtianB           Christian Bautista              TE059
    AfterYou2/XtianB           Christian Bautista              TE060
   Completely1/XtianB          Christian Bautista              TE061
  Completely2/XtianB           Christian Bautista              TE062
 EvrythngUDo1/XtianB           Christian Bautista              TE063
 EvrythngUDo2/XtianB           Christian Bautista              TE064
  4EvrythingIam1/C.B.          Christian Bautista              TE065
  4EvrythingIam2/C.B.          Christian Bautista              TE066
 ICanLuvUEasy1/XtianB          Christian Bautista              TE067
 ICanLuvUEasy2/XtianB          Christian Bautista              TE068
   Invincible1/XtianB          Christian Bautista              TE069
   Invincible2/XtianB          Christian Bautista              TE070
 MyHartHasMind1/Xtian          Christian Bautista              TE077
 MyHartHasMind2/Xtian          Christian Bautista              TE078
 IfEvrUrInMyArms2/C.B          Christian Bautista              TE088
FndngOutdHrdWay1/C.B           Christian Bautista              TE089
FndngOutdHrdWay2/C.B           Christian Bautista              TE090
  Got2BlivNMagic1/C.B.         Christian Bautista              TE091
  Got2BlivNMagic2/C.B.         Christian Bautista              TE092
 IWontHoldUBack1/C.B.          Christian Bautista              TE093
 IWontHoldUBack2/C.B.          Christian Bautista              TE094
NthinCanStpUsNow1/CB           Christian Bautista              TE095
NthinCanStpUsNow2/CB           Christian Bautista              TE096
OnlyRemindsMeOfU1/CB           Christian Bautista              TE097
  TakeABow2/Rihanna                 Rihanna                    TE128
  PlayedALive/SafriDuo             Safri Duo                   TE129
 IFINvrCUrFceAgen/M5         Maroon5 Feat Rihanna              TE130
 MlngMgml/PioloRegine           Piolo and Regine               PB904
  TangingIkaw/JerichoR           Jericho Rosales               PB902
PngrpNMahal/JayRMaja       JayR Siaboc/Maja Salvador           PB903
    IkawAtAko/YengC             Yeng Constantino               PB891
   StaClaus/KimShaina      Kim Chiu/Shaina Magdayao            PB892
  XmasBreak/EmmanA              Emman Abatayo                  PB893
   PaskoSaPinas/YengC Yeng Constantino / Star Magic All Star   PB894
 ArawNtnToM1/Makisig          Makisig and Friends              PB905
    Chickboy/VhongN              Vhong Navarro                 PB873
WagKangMakulit/Vhong             Vhong Navarro                 PB874
  YugyuganNa/VhongN           Vhong Navarro          PB875
AnakKaNgLngit/VhongN          Vhong Navarro          PB876
 UMakeMeFeel/VhongN           Vhong Navarro          PB877
      Song4U/ChadP              Chad Peralta         PB878
    TimeMchne/ChadP             Chad Peralta         PB879
       Realist/ChadP            Chad Peralta         PB880
     IDntKnow/ChadP             Chad Peralta         PB881
 Song4UAcoustic/ChadP           Chad Peralta         PB882
     MatudNila/MarkB           Mark Bautista         PB883
   SheCouldBe/XtianB         Christian Bautista      PB884
  KngMlyaLngAko/KrisL          Kris Lawrence         PB885
Reach4DSkyM1/SarahG           Sarah Geronimo         PB886
 IkwNaNgaAltVer/Piolo           Piolo Pascual        PB887
    CntMkeUSmyl/RJJ              RJ Jimenez          PB888
          Ako/RJJ                 RJ Jimenz          PB889
   MissKtaPagTues/RJJ            RJ Jimenez          PB890
       SaWakas/RJJ               RJ Jimenez          PB895
       Superstar/RJJ             RJ Jimenez          PB896
      TruLuvW8/RJJ               RJ Jimenez          PB897
          Oo/RJJ                 RJ Jimenez          PB898
    MgndangLahi/RJJ              RJ Jimenez          PB899
        InLove/RJJ               RJ Jimenez          PB900
      WagNaLang/RJJ              RJ Jimenez          PB901
   ThePast/JedMadella            Jed Madella         DC214
CntCryHrdEnough/JedM             Jed Madela          DC215
 ForTheFirstTime/JedM            Jed Madela          DC216
   BecauseOfYou/JedM             Jed Madela          DC217
 HowCnIFall/JedMadela            Jed Madela          DC218
LuvAlwysFndAWay/JedM             Jed Madella         DC219
    ForYou/JedMadela             Jed Madela          DC221
 ChangesInMyLyf/JedM             Jed Madela          DC222
OnlyRmindsMeOfU/JedM             Jed Madela          DC223
MreDanUllEvrKnw/JedM             Jed Madela          DC224
   HeavenKnows/JedM              Jed Madela          DC225
  RightNextToMe/JedM             Jed Madela          DC226
  TimeWillReveal/JedM            Jed Madela          DC227
 TheSearchIsOver/JedM            Jed Madela          DC228
 Beauty&Madness/JedM             Jed Madella         DC213
    Home/JedMadella              Jed Madella         DC220
   UrSong/JedMadella             Jed Madella         DC212
TymToSayGudby1/Nina                 Nina             TD880
    GoOnGirl2/Neyo                 NeYo              TD946
  BeatIt1/FallOutBoy           Fall Out Boy          TD947
  BeatIt2/FallOutBoy           Fall Out Boy          TD948
 RythmNation/JacksonJ         Janet Jackson          TD949
 Maneater/NelyFurtado          Nelly Furtado         TD950
  TakeABow1/Rihanna              Rihanna          TD951
  TakeABow2/Rihanna              Rihanna          TD952
  PlayedALive/SafriDuo           Safri Duo        TD953
 IFINvrCUrFceAgen/M5      Maroon5 Feat Rihanna    TD954
TymToSayGudby2/Nina                Nina           TD881
   LoveSongCh/NancyJ            Nancy Jane        PB929
   LoveSongCh/NancyJ            Nancy Jane        PB929
  AttrctnChorus/NancyJ          Nancy Jane        PB916
  CtrlBlancoInt/NancyJ          Nancy Jance       PB918
   CtrlBlancoCh/NancyJ          Nancy Jane        PB919
    CtrlLeonInt/NancyJ          Nancy Jane        PB920
    CtrlLeonCh/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB921
  DipInsdUIntro/NancyJ          Nancy Jane        PB922
   DipInsdUCh/NancyJ            Nancy Jane        PB923
  DrvngArndInt/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB924
  MoonLytMdInt/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB930
  MoonLytMdCh/NancyJ            Nancy Jane        PB931
   PerfctDietInt/NancyJ         Nancy Jane        PB932
   PerfctDietCh/NancyJ          Nancy Jane        PB933
    RockItIntro/NancyJ          Nancy Jane        PB934
  RockItChorus/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB935
   PlayArndInt/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB936
    PlayArndCh/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB937
 WithoutYouInt/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB938
  WithoutYouCh/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB939
      GoOnGirl1/Neyo               NeYo           TD945
    Lastikman/Parokya        Parokya Ni Edgar     DC211
      CallKuya/Mariel        Mariel Rodriguez     PB913
      HndiFone/Mariel        Mariel Rodriguez     PB914
      DiBusy/Jaymee           Jaymee Joaquin      PB915
   AttrctnIntro/NancyJ          Nancy Jane        PB917
  DrvngArndCh/NancyJ            Nancy Jane        PB925
   HldUClseInt/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB926
   HldUClseCh/NancyJ            Nancy Jane        PB927
   LoveSongInt/NancyJ           Nancy Jane        PB928
  Completely2/XtianB        Christian Bautista    TD885
 EvrythngUDo1/XtianB        Christian Bautista    TD886
 EvrythngUDo2/XtianB        Christian Bautista    TD887
  4EvrythingIam1/Xtian      Christian Bautista    TD888
  4EvrythingIam2/Xtian      Christian Bautista    TD889
 ICanLuvUEasy1/XtianB       Christian Bautista    TD890
 ICanLuvUEasy2/XtianB        Christian Bautista   TD891
    Invincible1/XtianB       Christian Bautista   TD892
   SheCouldBe2/XtianB        Christian Bautista   TD897
 SinceIFoundU1/XtianB        Christian Bautista   TD898
 SinceIFoundU2/XtianB        Christian Bautista   TD899
 MyHartHasMind1/Xtian        Christian Bautista   TD900
 MyHartHasMind2/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TD901
DWayULukAtMeAcst1/XB      Christian Bautista   TD904
DWayULukAtMeAcst2/XB      Christian Bautista   TD905
FndngOutdHrdWay1/C.B      Christian Bautista   TD913
FndngOutdHrdWay2/C.B      Christian Bautista   TD914
  BlueEyesBlue1/XtianB   Christian Bautista    TD927
  BlueEyesBlue2/XtianB   Christian Bautista    TD928
  CryForHelp1/XtianB.    Christian Bautista    TD929
  CryForHelp2/XtianB.    Christian Bautista    TD930
 FixngABrokenHart1/CB    Christian Bautista    TD931
 FixngABrokenHart2/CB    Christian Bautista    TD932
 HeavenhelpMe1/XtianB    Christian Bautista    TD933
 HeavenhelpMe2/XtianB    Christian Bautista    TD934
 JustALuvSong1/XtianB    Christian Bautista    TD935
 JustALuvSong2/XtianB    Christian Bautista    TD936
 MakeItWithU1/XtianB.    Christian Bautista    TD937
 MakeItWithU2/XtianB.    Christian Bautista    TD938
  OfAllDThings1/XtianB   Christian Bautista    TD939
  OfAllDThings2/XtianB   Christian Bautista    TD940
   You1/XtianBautista    Christian Bautista    TD941
   You2/XtianBautista    Christian Bautista    TD942
MoreDanUlEvrKnow1/CB     Christian Bautista    TD943
MoreDanUlEvrKnow2/CB     Christian Bautista    TD944
    CloserVerse/Neyo             Neyo          KC044
    Chances/AirSupply        Air Supply        SC011
    Parusa/Aftermath         Aftermath         WA662
    Burden/Aftermath         Aftermath         WA663
       Closer/Neyo               Neyo          KC045
    AfterYou1/XtianB     Christian Bautista    TD882
    AfterYou2/XtianB     Christian Bautista    TD883
  Completely1/XtianB     Christian Bautista    TD884
    Invincible2/XtianB    Christian Bautista   TD893
      Naisko1/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TD894
      Naisko2/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TD895
  SheCouldBe1/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TD896
 BeautfulNMyEys1Xtian     Christian Bautista   TD907
 BeautfulNMyEys2Xtian     Christian Bautista   TD908
 CuldNtAsk4Mre1/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TD909
 CuldNtAsk4Mre2/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TD910
 IfEvrUrInMyArms1/C.B     Christian Bautista   TD911
 IfEvrUrInMyArms2/C.B     Christian Bautista   TD912
  Got2BlivNMagic1/C.B.    Christian Bautista   TD915
  Got2BlivNMagic2/C.B.    Christian Bautista   TD916
 IWontHoldUBack1/C.B.     Christian Bautista   TD917
 IWontHoldUBack2/C.B.     Christian Bautista   TD918
NthinCanStpUsNow1/CB     Christian Bautista    TD919
NthinCanStpUsNow2/CB     Christian Bautista    TD920
OnlyRemindsMeOfU1/CB           Christian Bautista        TD921
OnlyRemindsMeOfU2/CB           Christian Bautista        TD922
 Tryin2GetDFeelin1/CB          Christian Bautista        TD923
 Tryin2GetDFeelin2/CB          Christian Bautista        TD924
BMyNumberTwo1/XtianB           Christian Bautista        TD925
BMyNumberTwo2/XtianB           Christian Bautista        TD926
     Track1/Parokya             Parokya Ni Edgar         DC197
   Nakakainis/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar         DC198
  AloneWitYou/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar         DC199
   DontThink/Parokya                 Parokya             DC206
Hw2MykLuvSng/Parokya            Parokya Ni Edgar         DC207
     Amats/Parokya              Parokya Ni Edgar         DC203
   AntiMatter/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar         DC204
PompianganNa/Parokya            Parokya NI Edgar         DC205
    IisaLang/Parokya            Parokya Ni Edgar         DC209
   BoysDoFall/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar         DC210
 Akala/ParokyaNiEdgar           Parokya Ni Edgar         DC200
  CelfoneWllet/Parokya          Parokya Ni Edgar         DC201
      Eman/Parokya              Parokya Ni Edgar         DC202
    IkwPngrap/PioloP              Piolo Pascual          PB909
    MyGirl/SamMilby                 Sam Milby            PB912
   Hallelujah/JeffBckle            Jeff Buckley          SB797
   IkwPngrap/MartinN             Martin Nievera          PB907
  IkwPngrap/RakiVega                Raki Vega            PB908
 IkwPngrap/MartinRaki     Martin Nievera and Raki Vega   PB910
Hands2Heaven1/XtianB           Christian Bautista        TD873
Hands2Heaven2/XtianB           Christian Bautista        TD874
DntWnaSeeUCry1/Xtian           Christian Bautista        TD875
DntWnaSeeUCry2/Xtian           Christian Bautista        TD876
  IwilBWatIBliev/Xtian         Christian Bautista        TD877
    Miracle1/XtianB.           Christian Bautista        TD878
    Miracle2/XtianB.           Christian Bautista        TD879
 TangiKngKsma/XtianB.          Christian Bautista        TD869
 AwayFromU1/XtianB.            Christian Bautista        TD870
 AwayFromU2/XtianB.            Christian Bautista        TD871
 ColorEvrywher/XtianB          Christian Bautista        TD872
DWayULukAtMe1/XtianB            Christian Bautista       TD902
  KngFuFytng/SamCon             Sam Concepcion           KC036
  KngFuFytng/SamCon             Sam Concepcion           KC037
 KngFuFytng/JackBlack      Ceelo Green & Jack Black      KC038
 KngFuFytng/JackBlack      Ceelo Green & Jack Black      KC039
DWayULukAtMe2/XtianB            Christian Bautista       TD903
       Imposible/KC              KC Concepcion           SB997
       Imposible/KC              KC Concepcion           SB997
       Imposible/KC              KC Concepcion           RB642
   AnAffair/GretchenB           Gretchen Barretto        DC189
 PlsDntAskMe/Gretchen           Gretchen Barretto        DC190
       More/GretchenB           Gretchen Barretto          DC191
       IWill/GretchenB          Gretchen Barretto          DC192
 UnexpctdSng/Gretchen           Gretchen Barretto          DC193
 AllDThngsUR/Gretchen           Gretchen Barretto          DC194
LuvMe4WtIam/Gretchen            Gretchen Barretto          DC195
IkawLamang/GretchenB            Gretchen Barretto          DC196
   HereIAm/ErikSantos              Erik Santos             DC181
      IfEver/SamToniG      Sam Milby and Toni Gonzaga      DC182
   Kokobom/MooseKids                Moose Kids             DC183
    IllBeThere4U/AizaS            Aiza Seguerra            DC184
 FlyMe2DMoon/Gretchen           Gretchen Barretto          DC185
 HouseIsNot/GretchenB            Gretchen Barreto          DC186
  MoreDanUllEvr/Gretch          Gretchen Barretto          DC187
  MoonRiver/GretchenB           Gretchen Barretto          DC188
    LafterNDRain/NeilS             Neil Sedaka             KC031
    BrkngUpSHrd/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             KC032
     LuvWlKipUs/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             KC033
        Solitaire/NeilS            Neil Sedaka             KC034
    LafterNDRain/NeilS             Neil Sedaka             KC026
    BrkngUpSHrd/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             KC027
     LuvWlKipUs/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             KC028
        Solitaire/NeilS            Neil Sedaka             KC029
  StndngNDInsyd/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             KC035
 SupahpaRemix/VhongN              Vhong Navarro            DC180
  StndngNDInsyd/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             KC030
     GetBetter/Charice               Charice               PB872
            Bad/MJ               Michael Jackson           SB830
           BeatIt/MJ             Michael Jackson           SB831
            Ben/MJ               Michael Jackson           SB832
     BillieJeanVerse/MJ          Michael Jackson           SB833
   BillieJean08Verse/MJ          Michael Jackson           SB834
     BillieJean08Ch/MJ           Michael Jackson           SB835
      BlackOrWhite/MJ            Michael Jackson           SB836
        TilUGtEngh/MJ            Michael Jackson           SB837
   SamaSama/MacoyF      Macoy Fundales Orange and Lemons   DC172
Pamela/Rmixes/VhongN              Vhong Navarro            DC176
 ChickboyRmixes/Vhong             Vhong Navarro            DC177
    KantaTayo/VhongN              Vhong Navarro            DC178
  ChaChaRemix/VhongN              Vhong Navarro            DC179
  AllDresd4Luv/JenHud            Jennifer Hudson           KC016
  AllDresd4Luv/JenHud            Jennifer Hudson           KC017
WagKangRemix/VhongN               Vhong Navarro            DC173
 TotoyBiboRmix/VhongN             Vhong Navarro            DC174
DonRmntkoRmix/VhongN              Vhong Navarro            DC175
     LabelOrLuv/Fergie                Fergie               KC010
     LabelOrLuv/Fergie                Fergie               KC011
  HowCnUMend/AlGreen          Al Green & Joss Stone        KC012
 HowCnUMend/AlGreen      Al Green & Joss Stone    KC013
 SexNDCityTheme/Pfeif    Pfeifer Broz Orchestra   KC014
 SexNDCityTheme/Pfeif    Pfeifer Broz Orchestra   KC015
  Bubbly1/ColbieCailat       Colbie Caillat       TD797
  Bubbly2/ColbieCailat        ColbieCaillat       TD798
   AllThatIGot1/Fergie            Fergie          TD799
   AllThatIGot2/Fergie            Fergie          TD800
  BigGrlsDntCry1/Frgie            Fergie          TD801
  BigGrlsDntCry2/Frgie            Fergie          TD802
     Clumsy1/Fergie               Fergie          TD803
    partypeople/nelly       Nelly feat. Fergie    KC006
    Partypeople/nelly              Nelly          KC007
   AllThatIGot1/Fergie           Fergie           TD847
   AllThatIGot2/Fergie           Fergie           TD848
  BigGrlsDntCry1/Frgie           Fergie           TD849
  BigGrlsDntCry2/Frgie           Fergie           TD850
 LondonBridge2/Fergie            Fergie           TD857
LosngMyGround/Fergie             Fergie           TD858
 AcrosDUniverse/JimS.         Jim Sturgess        TD859
HeyJude/JoeHenderson         JoeHenderson         TD860
TouchMyBody1/MCarey          Mariah Carey         TD861
TouchMyBody2/MCarey          Mariah Carey         TD862
      SoSick1/Neyo               NeYo             TD863
     Clumsy2/Fergie               Fergie          TD804
      Finally1/Fergie             Fergie          TD805
      Finally2/Fergie             Fergie          TD806
    HereICome/Fergie              Fergie          TD807
 LondonBridge1/Fergie             Fergie          TD808
 LondonBridge2/Fergie             Fergie          TD809
 LosingMyGround/Frgie             Fergie          TD810
 AcrossDUniverse/JimS         Jim Sturgess        TD811
HeyJude/JoeHenderson         Joe Henderson        TD812
TouchMyBody1/MCarey           Mariah Carey        TD813
TouchMyBody2/MCarey          Mariah Carey         TD814
      SoSick1/Neyo                 Neyo           TD815
WhenUreMadVerse/Neyo               Neyo           TD817
  WhenUreMad2/Neyo                 Neyo           TD818
  Apologize/1Repuiblic        One Republic        TD819
  StopandStare/1Rep.         One Republic         TD820
      SoSick2/Neyo                 Neyo           TD816
  Bubbly1/ColbieCailat       Colbie Caillat       TD845
  Bubbly2/ColbieCailat       Colbie Caillat       TD846
     Clumsy1/Fergie               Fergie          TD851
     Clumsy2/Fergie               Fergie          TD852
      Finally1/Fergie            Fergie           TD853
      Finally2/Fergie             Fergie          TD854
    HereICome/Fergie             Fergie           TD855
 LondonBridge1/Fergie               Fergie                TD856
      SoSick2/Neyo                    Neyo                TD864
WhenUreMadVerse/Neyo                 NeYo                 TD865
  WhenUreMad2/Neyo                   NeYo                 TD866
  Apologize/1Republic           One Republic              TD867
  StopStare/1Republic           One Republic              TD868
   CalendarGirl/NeilS             Neil Sedaka             SB974
HpyBdaySweet16/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             SB975
  LafterInDRain/NeilS             Neil Sedaka             SB976
  LittleDevil/NeilSdka            Neil Sedaka             SB977
  OhCarol/NeilSedaka              Neil Sedaka             SB978
BrkngUpHard2Do/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             RB618
   CalendarGirl/NeilS             Neil Sedaka             RB619
HpyBdaySweet16/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             RB620
  LafterInDRain/NeilS             Neil Sedaka             RB621
  LittleDevil/NeilSdka            Neil Sedaka             RB622
  OhCarol/NeilSedaka              Neil Sedaka             RB623
BrkngUpHard2Do/NeilS              Neil Sedaka             SB973
DalandanShake/VhongN            Vhong Navarro             PB858
 AnkKaNgLngt/VhongN             Vhong Navarro             PB859
   JumpArnd/VhongN                Moose Kids              PB860
MooseDance/MooseKids              Moose Kids              PB861
RainGoAway/MooseKids              Moose Kids              PB862
DnceShkeIt/MooseKids              Moose Kids              PB863
   SamaSama/MSBNK          Musika Sa Bahay Ni Kuya        PB864
  IfEvrICUAgn/MSBNK        Musika Sa Bahay Ni Kuya        PB865
  Magkayakap/MSBNK         Musika Sa Bahay Ni Kuya        PB866
   GwapoAko/MSBNK          Musika Sa Bahay Ni Kuya        PB867
   UnangGabi/MSBNK         Musika Sa Bahay Ni Kuya        PB868
   SorryKuya/MSBNK         Musika Sa Bahay Ni Kuya        PB869
   ByeByeNa/MSBNK          Musika Sa Bahay Ni Kuya        PB870
   TakeABow/Rihanna                 Rihanna               KB998
   TakeABow/Rihanna                 Rihanna               KB999
  TeenLuvAfair/AliciaK             Alicia Keys            SB941
          PYT/MJ               Michael Jackson            RB458
      RockWitU/MJ              Michael Jackson            RB459
      4AllTimes/MJ             Michael Jackson            SB838
     HealDWorld/MJ             Michael Jackson            SB839
    HumanNature/MJ             Michael Jackson            SB840
    CntStpLvngU/MJ             Michael Jackson            SB841
          PYT/MJ               Michael Jackson            SB842
      RockWitU/MJ              Michael Jackson            SB843
     OutOfMyLyf/MJ             Michael Jackson            SB844
   SmoothCriminal/MJ           Michael Jackson            SB845
     GirlSMine08/MJ      Michael Jackson feat   SB846
  GirlSMineChorus/MJ           Michael Jackson            SB847
  GirlSMineNoMine/MJ           Michael Jackson            SB848
 WayUMakeMeFeel/MJ       Michael Jackson   SB849
    ThrillerChorus/MJ    Michael Jackson   SB850
      ThrillerIntro/MJ   Michael Jackson   SB851
     ThrillerVerse/MJ    Michael Jackson   SB852
   StartnSmthn08/MJ      Michael Jackson   SB853
     StartnSmthn/MJ      Michael Jackson   SB854
StartnSmthnMmaSay/MJ     Michael Jackson   SB855
       WeRDWrld/MJ       Michael Jackson   SB856
       URNtAlone/MJ      Michael Jackson   SB857
      OutOfMyLyf/MJ      Michael Jackson   RB460
    ICanFeelIt/SeanK      Sean Kingston    SB869
 NytsRBeter/AirSupply       Air Supply     RB258
   HereIAm/AirSupply        Air Supply     RB259
  LostInLove/AirSupply      Air Supply     RB260
 LuvOutOfNtng/AirSply       Air Supply     RB261
 D1ThatULuv/AirSupply       Air Supply     RB262
    Why/AnnieLennox       Annie Lennox     RB263
    Complicated/Avril      Avril Lavigne   RB264
     DontTellMe/Avril      Avril Lavigne   RB265
      HeWasnt/Avril        Avril Lavigne   RB266
     ImWithYou/Avril       Avril Lavigne   RB267
     LosingGrip/Avril      Avril Lavigne   RB268
   HappyEnding/Avril       Avril Lavigne   RB269
   NobodysHome/Avril       Avril Lavigne   RB270
      Sk8erBoi/Avril       Avril Lavigne   RB271
 AsLongAsULuvMe/BSB      Backstreet Boys   RB272
 Drowning/BckstrtBoys    Backstreet Boys   RB273
 Everybdy/BckstrtBoys    Backstreet Boys   RB274
  GetDown/BackstBoys     Backstreet Boys   RB275
           Bad/MJ        Michael Jackson   RB446
          BeatIt/MJ      Michael Jackson   RB447
           Ben/MJ        Michael Jackson   RB448
    BillieJeanVerse/MJ   Michael Jackson   RB449
  BillieJean08Verse/MJ   Michael Jackson   RB450
    BillieJean08Ch/MJ    Michael Jackson   RB451
     BlackOrWhite/MJ     Michael Jackson   RB452
      TilUGtEngh/MJ      Michael Jackson   RB453
       4AllTimes/MJ      Michael Jackson   RB454
      HealDWorld/MJ      Michael Jackson   RB455
    HumanNature/MJ       Michael Jackson   RB456
     CntStpLvngU/MJ      Michael Jackson   RB457
   SmoothCriminal/MJ     Michael Jackson   RB461
      GirlSMine08/MJ     Michael Jackson   RB462
   GirlSMineChorus/MJ    Michael Jackson   RB463
  GirlSMineNoMine/MJ     Michael Jackson   RB464
 WayUMakeMeFeel/MJ       Michael Jackson   RB465
    ThrillerChorus/MJ    Michael Jackson   RB466
      ThrillerIntro/MJ           Michael Jackson           RB467
      ThrillerVerse/MJ           Michael Jackson           RB468
    StartnSmthn08/MJ             Michael Jackson           RB469
     StartnSmthn/MJ              Michael Jackson           RB470
StartnSmthnMmaSay/MJ             Michael Jackson           RB471
       WeRDWrld/MJ               Michael Jackson           RB472
 WantItDatWay/BkstBys            Backstreet Boys           RB276
 NvrBrkUrHrt/BkstBoys            Backstreet Boys           RB277
  Incomplete/BkstBoys            Backstreet Boys           RB278
  QuitPlaying/BkstBoys           Backstreet Boys           RB279
 ShapeOfMyHrt/BkstBys            Backstreet Boys           RB280
ShwMeMeaning/BkstBys             Backstreet Boys           RB281
WatHapens/DuranDuran               Duran Duran             RB282
   Copacabana/BarryM              Barry Manilow            RB283
WantUMore/DuranDuran               Duran Duran             RB284
     Nice/DuranDuran               Duran Duran             RB285
 Astronaut/DuranDuran              Duran Duran             RB286
   Sunrise/DuranDuran              Duran Duran             RB287
     EvenNow/BarryM               Barry Manilow            RB288
 ThroughDRain/BarryM              Barry Manilow            RB289
1MomentInTym/Whitney             Whitney Houston           RB290
    ItsNotRyt/Whitney            Whitney Houston           RB291
ImUrBaby2nyt/Whitney             Whitney Houston           RB292
 WannaDance/Whitney              Whitney Houston           RB293
  HavNothing/Whitney             Whitney Houston           RB294
 HowWillIKnow/Whitney            Whitney Houston           RB295
  Gr8tstLvOfAll/Whtney           Whitney Houston           RB296
  UrMakinMeHigh/Toni               Toni Braxton            RB297
 WrevrUWilGo/Dcalling               The Calling            RB298
 LuvLikeThis/NatashaB           Natasha Bedingfield        SB615
 LuvLikeThis/NatashaB           Natasha Bedingfield        RB243
   TeenLuvAfair/AliciaK             Alicia Keys            RB592
 BtrInTime/LeonaLewis              Leona Lewis             RB593
   BreakTheIce/Britney            Britney Spears           RB594
BringMeDownCh/Cueshe                  Cueshe               RB595
  FlngSlwly/GlenMrketa    Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova   RB596
 BtrInTime/LeonaLewis              Leona Lewis             SB942
   BreakTheIce/Britney            Britney Spears           SB943
  FlngSlwly/GlenMrketa    Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova   SB945
   KailanKaya/SherynR              Sheryn Regis            PB815
     Sofa/GlenTernal                Glen Ternal            PB827
  DancingNaked/KittyG                Kitty Girls           PB828
      4Ever/KittyGirls               Kitty Girls           PB829
      KITTY/KittyGirls               Kitty Girls           PB830
   KittyDnce/KittyGirls              Kitty Girls           PB831
     MyBoo/KittyGirls                Kitty Girls           PB832
     NvrEvr/KittyGirls               Kitty Girls           PB833
   WeInLove/KittyGirls                Kitty Girls           PB834
 AlwaysAWman/BilyJoel                 Billy Joel            RB614
EveryWoman/WhitneyH             Whitney Houston             RB615
DryUrEyes/SeanKngstn              Sean Kingston             RB616
 Gr8tstLvOfAll/Whtney           Whitney Houston             RB617
 AlwaysAWman/BilyJoel                 Billy Joel            SB969
EveryWoman/WhitneyH             Whitney Houston             SB970
 Feedbck1/JnetJackson              Janet Jackson            TD791
 Feedbck2/JnetJackson              Janet Jackson            TD792
 Feedbck1/JnetJackson             Janet Jackson             TD793
     Sunshine/ChadP                 Chad Peralta            PB845
 MissKtaPgTues/RJJmnz                RJ Jimenez             PB846
 BabalikKaRinM1/YvanL            Yvan Lambatan              PB847
HawakKamayM1/YengC              Yeng Constantino            PB848
   SunshineM1/ChadP                 Chad Peralta            PB849
    DingginM1/DaveyL               Davey Langit             PB850
BhndEyesM1/PankyChai     Panky Trinidad and Chai Fonacier   PB851
 SlmtSaYoIna/RonnieL                Ronnie Liang            PB852
   HilotM1/JayRSiaboc               JayR Siaboc             PB853
 ArigatouSlowM1/JunH                 Jun Hirano             PB854
  ArigatouFastM1/JunH                Jun Hirano             PB855
 KabitKabit/DreamGrls               Dream Girls             PB856
DryUrEyes/SeanKngstn              Sean Kingston             SB971
 Gr8tstLvOfAll/Whtney           Whitney Houston             SB972
 Feedbck2/JnetJackson              Janet Jackson            TD794
   OneTeamKapamilya                Marcus Davis             DC158
JumpAround/MooseKids                 Moose Kids             DC159
  WenUWisUpon/AizaS                Aiza Seguerra            DC160
   Childhood/RakiVega                 Raki Vega             DC161
  TearsInHeaven/KrisL              Kris Lawrence            DC162
  ItsMyTurn/ErikSantos               Erik Santos            DC163
   WhatAboutUs/YengC            Yeng Constantino            DC165
     PiliKaLang/YengC           Yeng Constantino            DC166
      Promise/YengC             Yeng Constantino            DC167
      IfYouGo/YengC             Yeng Constantino            DC168
    BakitNgaBa/YengC            Yeng Constantino            DC169
 AngSarapDto/Project1                 Project 1             DC170
UShudKnow/LukeMjares               Luke Mejares             RB598
    AsYouBelieve/Zelle                   Zelle              RB599
NvermindMe/MariaMena                 Maria Mena             SB960
NvermindMe/MariaMena                 Maria Mena             RB600
Pahamak/RyanCSingers         Ryan Cayabyab Singers          SB961
Pahamak/RyanCSingers         Ryan Cayabyab Singers          RB601
PengeNaman/Itchywrms                Itchyworms              SB962
   Sleepless/UntilJune                Until June            RB611
BringMeDownCh/Cueshe                   Cueshe               SB944
UShudKnow/LukeMjares               Luke Mejares             SB958
    AsYouBelieve/Zelle                  Zelle           SB959
PengeNaman/Itchywrms                Itchyworms          RB602
Ready2Fly/AmyPearson               Amy Pearson          SB963
Ready2Fly/AmyPearson               Amy Pearson          RB603
    WithMe/BrianJosef                Brian Josef        SB964
    WithMe/BrianJosef                Brian Josef        RB604
 GoDstance/ArielRvera               Ariel Rivera        RB613
   Sleepless/Until June              Until June         SB967
 GoDstance/ArielRvera               Ariel Rivera        SB968
   TakeItOrLeaveIt/Yas            Yasmien Kurdi         GA253
  PSILoveYou/Jennylyn           Jennylyn Mercado        GA259
   StopNStare/OneRep               One Republic         KB878
  TheJungleLine/Herbie           Herbie Hancock         KB981
  IkwPaRn/JrichoRsales           Jericho Rosales        EB084
 PngrpNaBtuin/JerchoR            Jericho Rosales        EB085
  BtfulInMyEyes/JrchoR           Jericho Rosales        EB086
 AlmstLovr/AFineFrnzy               Fine Frenzy         EB087
    Betamax/Sandwich                 Sandwich           EB088
   1DayInYourLife/Kyla                   Kyla           EB089
 StopnStare/OneRepub               One Republic         KB908
 LuvisFree/SherylCrow               Sheryl Crow         KB909
   MorningInRio/Sergio            Sergio Mendes         KB921
     DLukOfLuv/Sergio             Sergio Mendes         KB922
   DLukOfLuv/SergioM.             Sergio Mendes         KB923
   ItMinsNothng/Stereo            Stereophonics         KB925
  Falling/EmmyRossum              Emmy Rossum           KB926
LuvMeSexy/JackieMoon      Jackie Moon (Semi- Pro OST)   KB927
 DistantDreamer/Duffy                   Duffy           KB928
     Say/OneRepublic               One Republic         KB906
   FeelingsShow/Colbie             Colbie Caillat       KB907
      FadeAway/Mary                Mary J. Blige        KB910
    Hope/JackJohnson               Jack Johnson         KB912
  FeedbackVerse/Janet             Janet Jackson         KB914
     Luv/JanetJackson             Janet Jackson         KB915
 RockW/U/JanetJackson             Janet Jackson         KB916
    Wadsyaname/Nelly                    Nelly           KB917
 WatersofMarch/Sergio             Sergio Mendes         KB918
    FunkyBahia/Sergio             Sergio Mendes         KB919
   LugarComum/Sergio              Sergio Mendes         KB920
 WarwickAvenue/Duffy                    Duffy           KB930
     BeatIt/FallOutBoy              Fall Out Boy        KB931
   FeelingsShow/Colbie             Colbie Caillat       KB932
 StopnStare/OneRepub               One Republic         KB933
     Say/OneRepublic               One Republic         KB934
 DistantDreamer/Duffy                   Duffy           KB954
       Serious/Duffy                    Duffy           KB929
 LuvIsFree/SherylCrow               Sheryl Crow         KB935
     FadeAway/Mary               Mary J. Blige       KB936
   Hope/JackJohnson             Jack Johnson         KB938
        Luv/JanetJ.             Janet Jackson        KB941
   Wadsyaname/Nelly                  Nelly           KB943
 WatersOfMarch/Sergio          Sergio Mendes         KB944
   FunkyBahia/Sergio           Sergio Mendes         KB945
  LugarComum/Sergio            Sergio Mendes         KB946
  MorningInRio/Sergio          Sergio Mendes         KB947
    DLukOfLuv/Sergio           Sergio Mendes         KB948
 ItMinsNothing/Stereo          Stereophonics         KB951
 Falling/EmmyRossum            Emmy Rossum           KB952
LuvMeSexy/JackieMoon    Jackie Moon (Semi-Pro OST)   KB953
      Serious/Duffy                  Duffy           KB955
 WarwickAvenue/Duffy                 Duffy           KB956
    BeatIt/FallOutBoy            Fall Out Boy        KB957
  River/HerbieHancock          Herbie Hancock        KB976
     Nefertiti/Herbie          Herbie Hancock        KB977
 EdithNKingpin/Herbie          Herbie Hancock        KB978
  CourtNSpark/Herbie           Herbie Hancock        KB979
    SweetBird/Herbie           Herbie Hancock        KB980
 BothSidesNow/Herbie           Herbie Hancock        KB982
 Amelia/HerbieHancock          Herbie Hancock        KB983
 SayItAgn/MarieDigby             Marie Digby         EB090
 Stupid4U/MarieDigby             Marie Digby         EB091
  WenULuk/JonasBros              Jonas Bros.         EB092
      OJo/AraMuna          Ara Muna with Jumari      KB959
      OJo/AraMuna          Ara Muna with Jumari      KB960
 OJoTagalog/AraMuna                Ara Muna          KB961
 OJoTagalog/AraMuna                Ara Muna          KB962
      Pusa/Pedicab                  Pedicab          KB963
      Pusa/Pedicab                  Pedicab          KB964
 Kamandag/FirstCircle             First Circle       GA261
  IkawLang/Shamrock               Shamrock           GA260
WagKangMatakot/Shamr              Shamrock           GA262
     BtfulLisa/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB571
    BtfulNicole/SeanK          Sean Kingston         RB579
    BtfulNikki/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB580
   BtfulRachel/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB581
  BtfulRebecca/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB582
     BtfulSam/SeanK            Sean Kingston         RB583
 BtfulSamantha/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB584
   BtfulSammy/SeanK            Sean Kingston         RB585
    BtfulSarah/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB586
    BtfulSteph/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB587
    BtfulBecca/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB547
    BtfulBecky/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB548
     BtfulBeth/SeanK           Sean Kingston         RB549
 BtfulBritney/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   RB550
   BtfulBritt/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   RB551
 BtfulCrystal/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   RB552
BtfulDanielle/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   RB553
BtfulElizabeth/SeanK   Sean   Kingston   RB554
  BtfulEmily/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB555
   BtfulErin/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB556
BtfulHeather/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB557
   BtfulJen/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   RB558
BtfulJennifer/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   RB559
  BtfulJenny/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB560
   BtfulJess/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB561
 BtfulJessica/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   RB562
  BtfulJessie/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   RB563
  BtfulKelly/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB564
   BtfulKim/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   RB565
BtfulKimberly/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   RB566
 BtfulKimmy/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   RB567
 BtfulKristina/SeanK   Sean   Kingston   RB568
  BtfulLaura/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB569
BtfulAmanda/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   RB541
 BtfulAmber/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   RB542
   BtfulAmy/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   RB543
 BtfulAngela/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB544
  BtfulAngie/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB545
 BtfulAshley/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   RB546
BtfulAmanda/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   SB891
 BtfulAmber/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   SB892
   BtfulAmy/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   SB893
 BtfulAngela/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB894
  BtfulAngie/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB895
 BtfulAshley/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB896
  BtfulBecca/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB897
  BtfulBecky/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB898
  BtfulBeth/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   SB899
 BtfulBritney/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   SB900
   BtfulBritt/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   SB901
 BtfulCrystal/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   SB902
BtfulDanielle/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   SB903
BtfulElizabeth/SeanK   Sean   Kingston   SB904
  BtfulEmily/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB905
   BtfulErin/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB906
BtfulHeather/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB907
   BtfulJen/SeanK      Sean   Kingston   SB908
BtfulJennifer/SeanK    Sean   Kingston   SB909
  BtfulJenny/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB910
   BtfulJess/SeanK     Sean   Kingston   SB911
     BtfulLiz/SeanK     Sean Kingston   RB572
    BtfulLizzy/SeanK    Sean Kingston   RB573
   BtfulMandy/SeanK     Sean Kingston   RB574
   BtfulMegan/SeanK     Sean Kingston   RB575
   BtfulMelissa/SeanK   Sean Kingston   RB576
  BtfulMichelle/SeanK   Sean Kingston   RB577
    BtfulMissy/SeanK    Sean Kingston   RB578
 BtfulStephanie/SeanK   Sean Kingston   RB588
  BtfulStephie/SeanK    Sean Kingston   RB589
   BtfulTiffany/SeanK   Sean Kingston   RB590
     BtfulKim/SeanK     Sean Kingston   SB915
  BtfulKimberly/SeanK   Sean Kingston   SB916
   BtfulKimmy/SeanK     Sean Kingston   SB917
  BtfulKristina/SeanK   Sean Kingston   SB918
    BtfulLaura/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB919
   BtfulLauren/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB920
     BtfulLisa/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB921
     BtfulLiz/SeanK     Sean Kingston   SB922
    BtfulLizzy/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB923
   BtfulMandy/SeanK     Sean Kingston   SB924
   BtfulMegan/SeanK     Sean Kingston   SB925
   BtfulJessica/SeanK   Sean Kingston   SB912
   BtfulJessie/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB913
    BtfulKelly/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB914
   BtfulRachel/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB931
  BtfulRebecca/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB932
    BtfulSam/SeanK      Sean Kingston   SB933
 BtfulSamantha/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB934
  BtfulSammy/SeanK      Sean Kingston   SB935
    BtfulSarah/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB936
    BtfulSteph/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB937
 BtfulStephanie/SeanK   Sean Kingston   SB938
  BtfulStephie/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB939
   BtfulTiffany/SeanK   Sean Kingston   SB940
   BtfulLauren/SeanK    Sean Kingston   RB570
   BtfulMelissa/SeanK   Sean Kingston   SB926
  BtfulMichelle/SeanK   Sean Kingston   SB927
    BtfulMissy/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB928
   BtfulNicole/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB929
    BtfulNikki/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB930
IdDoAnythng/SmplePln     Simple Plan    TD756
 ImJustAKid/SimplePln    Simple Plan    TD757
  NewSoul1/YaelNaim       Yael Naim     TD758
  NewSoul2/YaelNaim       Yael Naim     TD759
  FarAway/Nickelback     Nickelback     TD760
  Rockstar/Nickelback    Nickelback     TD761
HwURemndMe/Nickelbck     Nickelback     TD762
 IdDoAnythng/SmplePln         Simple Plan       TD765
   SavinMe/Nickelback         Nickelback        TD763
  FEvryneCred/Nicklbck        Nickelback        TD764
  ImJustAKid/SimplePln        Simple Plan       TD766
   NewSoul1/YaelNaim           Yael Naim        TD767
   NewSoul2/YaelNaim           Yael Naim        TD768
   FarAway/Nickelback         Nickelback        TD769
   Rockstar/Nickelback        Nickelback        TD770
HwURemndMe/Nickelbck          Nickelback        TD771
   SavinMe/Nickelback         Nickelback        TD772
  FEvryneCred/Nicklbck        Nickelback        TD773
       Fantasy/EWF         Earth Wind & Fire    SB876
      Reasons/EWF          Earth Wind & Fire    SB882
AfterDLuvHasGone/EWF       Earth Wind & Fire    SB873
     LetsGroove/EWF        Earth Wind & Fire    SB879
     September/EWF         Earth Wind & Fire    SB884
Got2GetUIn2MyLyf/EWF       Earth Wind & Fire    SB878
    MightyMighty/EWF       Earth Wind & Fire    SB880
     OnYourFace/EWF        Earth Wind & Fire    SB881
    SaturdayNite/EWF       Earth Wind & Fire    SB883
     ShiningStar/EWF       Earth Wind & Fire    SB885
     SideBySide/EWF        Earth Wind & Fire    SB886
DatsDWayOfDWorld/EWF       Earth Wind & Fire    SB887
   YearninLearnin/EWF      Earth Wind & Fire    SB888
   Artista/PlasticBaloo      Plastic Baloo      WA610
  MrKarate250/PlasticB       Plastic Baloo      WA611
AfterDLuvHasGone/EWF      Earth Wind and Fire   RB524
    CantHideLove/EWF      Earth Wind and Fire   RB525
      Devotion/EWF        Earth Wind and Fire   RB526
       Fantasy/EWF        Earth Wind and Fire   RB527
      Getaway/EWF         Earth Wind and Fire   RB528
Got2GetUIn2MyLyf/EWF      Earth Wind and Fire   RB529
     LetsGroove/EWF       Earth Wind and Fire   RB530
    MightyMighty/EWF      Earth Wind and Fire   RB531
     OnYourFace/EWF       Earth Wind and Fire   RB532
      Reasons/EWF         Earth Wind and Fire   RB533
    SaturdayNite/EWF      Earth Wind and Fire   RB534
     September/EWF        Earth Wind and Fire   RB535
     ShiningStar/EWF      Earth Wind and Fire   RB536
     SideBySide/EWF       Earth Wind and Fire   RB537
DatsDWayOfDWorld/EWF      Earth Wind and Fire   RB538
   YearninLearnin/EWF     Earth Wind and Fire   RB539
    CantHideLove/EWF       Earth Wind & Fire    SB874
      Devotion/EWF         Earth Wind & Fire    SB875
      Getaway/EWF          Earth Wind & Fire    SB877
   EtoSummer/Callalily          Callalily       SB890
   EtoSummer/Callalily          Callalily       RB540
 WontHoldUBack/Toto             Toto       SB823
      Isolation/Toto            Toto       SB825
  WagNaLang/RJJmnz          RJ Jimenez     PB826
        Oo/RJJmnz           RJ Jimenez     PB822
   SaWakas/RJJmnz           RJ Jimenez     PB823
 TruLuvWaits/RJJMnz         RJ Jimenez     PB825
  AbtUrLove/RJJmnz          RJ Jimenez     PB819
MagandangLahi/RJJmnz        RJ Jimenez     PB820
MissKtaPgTues/RJJmnz        RJ Jimenez     PB821
   Superstar/RJJmnz         RJ Jimenez     PB824
  LiveForToday/Toto             Toto       SB826
StGeorgeNDragon/Toto            Toto       SB828
 WithoutYourLove/Toto           Toto       SB829
   HoldTheLine/Toto             Toto       SB822
         99/Toto                Toto       SB819
   GeorgyPorgy/Toto             Toto       SB821
        Africa/Toto             Toto       SB820
   IllBeOverYou/Toto            Toto       SB824
    Alex/PBBTeens2      Alex Anselmuccio   PB800
  Beauty/PBBTeens2      Beauty Gonzales    PB801
    EJay/PBBTeens2         Ejay Falcon     PB802
   Jieriel/PBBTeens2        Jieriel Papa   PB803
    Jolas/PBBTeens2        Jolas Paguia    PB804
    Josef/PBBTeens2       Josef Elizalde   PB805
   Kevin/PBBTeens2         Kevin Flood     PB806
    Linda/PBBTeens2      Linda Backlund    PB807
     Nan/PBBTeens2         Nan Clenuar     PB808
    Nikki/PBBTeens2      Nikki Uysiuseng   PB809
    Robi/PBBTeens2        Robi Domingo     PB810
    Rona/PBBTeens2          Rona Libby     PB811
     Val/PBBTeens2       Val Weignmann     PB812
         99/Toto                Toto       RB496
        Africa/Toto             Toto       RB497
   GeorgyPorgy/Toto             Toto       RB498
   HoldTheLine/Toto             Toto       RB499
 WontHoldUBack/Toto             Toto       RB500
   IllBeOverYou/Toto            Toto       RB501
      Isolation/Toto            Toto       RB502
  LiveForToday/Toto             Toto       RB503
      Rosanna/Toto              Toto       RB504
StGeorgeNDragon/Toto            Toto       RB505
 WithoutYourLove/Toto           Toto       RB506
 BtfulGrlsBrdge/SeanK    Sean Kingston     RB509
 BtfulGrlsOutro/SeanK    Sean Kingston     RB511
 BtifulGrlsRmx/SeanK     Sean Kingston     RB512
   ICanFeelIt/SeanK      Sean Kingston     SB889
       Ako/RJJmnz           RJ Jimenez     PB816
 CntMkeUSmyl/RJJmnz         RJ Jimenez     PB817
       InLove/RJJmnz        RJ Jimenez     PB818
   BtfulGrlsIntro/SeanK    Sean Kingston   RB510
       Change/SeanK        Sean Kingston   RB513
ColorsRggaeRmx/SeanK       Sean Kingston   RB514
   DryYourEyes/SeanK       Sean Kingston   RB515
   GotNoShorty/SeanK       Sean Kingston   RB516
MveFasterBrdge/SeanK       Sean Kingston   RB517
MoveFasterHook/SeanK       Sean Kingston   RB518
MveFasterPreCh/SeanK       Sean Kingston   RB519
     ICanFeelIt/SeanK      Sean Kingston   RB520
      Kingston /SeanK      Sean Kingston   RB521
  ThatAintRight/SeanK      Sean Kingston   RB522
     YourSister/SeanK      Sean Kingston   RB523
  BtfulGrlsBrdge/SeanK     Sean Kingston   SB858
   BtfulGrlsIntro/SeanK    Sean Kingston   SB859
  BtfulGrlsOutro/SeanK     Sean Kingston   SB860
  BtifulGrlsRmx/SeanK      Sean Kingston   SB861
       Change/SeanK        Sean Kingston   SB862
ColorsRggaeRmx/SeanK       Sean Kingston   SB863
   DryYourEyes/SeanK       Sean Kingston   SB864
   GotNoShorty/SeanK       Sean Kingston   SB865
MveFasterBrdge/SeanK       Sean Kingston   SB866
MoveFasterHook/SeanK       Sean Kingston   SB867
MveFasterPreCh/SeanK       Sean Kingston   SB868
      Kingston /SeanK      Sean Kingston   SB870
  ThatAintRight/SeanK      Sean Kingston   SB871
     YourSister/SeanK      Sean Kingston   SB872
  WeGotDParty/Hannah      Hannah Montana   EB044
    TrueFriend/Hannah     Hannah Montana   EB045
 NobodyIsPrfct/Hannah     Hannah Montana   EB046
MakeSomeNoise/Hannah      Hannah Montana   EB047
     RockStar/Hannah      Hannah Montana   EB048
  OldBlueJeans/Hannah     Hannah Montana   EB049
 LyfIsWtUMkeIt/Hannah     Hannah Montana   EB050
 OneInAMillion/Hannah     Hannah Montana   EB051
 BiggerThanUs/Hannah      Hannah Montana   EB052
 UandMe2gedr/Hannah       Hannah Montana   EB053
 SeeUAgain/MileyCyrus       Miley Cyrus    EB054
   EastNrth/MileyCyrus      Miley Cyrus    EB055
   RytHere/MileyCyrus       Miley Cyrus    EB058
    AsIAm/MileyCyrus        Miley Cyrus    EB059
   StrtAllOvr/MileyCyrs     Miley Cyrus    EB060
     Clear/MileyCyrus       Miley Cyrus    EB061
 GudNBrokn/MileyCyrus       Miley Cyrus    EB062
    IMissU/MileyCyrus       Miley Cyrus    EB063
  LetsDance/MileyCyrus      Miley Cyrus    EB056
  GrlsNytOut/MileyCyrs            Miley Cyrus          EB057
           Sulong                ULCH Sulong           JA045
        Low2/FloRida                Flo Rida           TD755
   Bubbly/ColbieCaillat          Colbie Caillat        KB880
 DntStpDMusic/Rihanna               Rihanna            KB885
   CrankThat/Souljaboy         Souljaboytellem         KB886
       GoOnGirl/Neyo                  Neyo             KB887
        Realize/Colbie           Colbie Caillat        KB888
        Sexyluv/Neyo                  Neyo             KB889
 WeBelngTgther/Mariah            Mariah Carey          KB890
  BabyCanIHold/Ronan            Ronan Keating          KB891
   IJstClldToSay/Stevie         Stevie Wonder          KB892
 Mrethanwords/Extreme               Extreme            KB893
   Money4Nothing/Dire             Dire Straits         KB894
 SmtymsLuvntEnuf/Don      Don Henley and Patty Smith   KB895
    WithorWithoutU/U2                  U2              KB896
        Waterfalls/TLC                 TLC             KB897
SundayBlodySunday/U2                   U2              KB898
    FlyMoon/GretchenB         Gretchen Barretto        PB784
 HseNotHme/GretchenB           Gretchen Baretto        PB785
 MreEvrKnw/GretchenB          Gretchen Barretto        PB786
   MoonRvr/GretchenB          Gretchen Barretto        PB787
  Affr2Rmbr/GretchenB         Gretchen Barretto        PB788
      More/GretchenB          Gretchen Barretto        PB790
 UnxptdSng/GretchenB          Gretchen Barretto        PB792
 OlDThngsUR/GretchenB         Gretchen Barretto        PB793
   Lve4IAm/GretchenB          Gretchen Barretto        PB794
   IkwLmng/GretchenB          Gretchen Barretto        PB795
      IWill/GretchenB         Gretchen Barretto        PB791
  DntAskMe/GretchenB          Gretchen Barretto        PB789
 ICnLvULykDat/All4One              All-4-One           TD539
 HwMuchIFeel/Ambrosia              Ambrosia            TD540
AHorsWthNoNme/Amrica                America            TD541
  Respect/ArethaFrnkln          Aretha Franklin        TD542
   9Crimes/DamienRice            Damien Rice           TD543
    I'llBe/EdwinMcCain           Edwin McCain          TD548
 SpndMyLyfWtU/EricBnt              Eric Benet          TD580
    Annie2/JamesBlunt             James Blunt          TD601
    Annie1/JamesBlunt             James Blunt          TD602
  ICntHirDMusc1/JBlunt            James Blunt          TD604
  ICntHirDMusc2/JBlunt            James Blunt          TD605
  1FDBrytsStrs2/JBlunt            James Blunt          TD608
GvMeSmLov1/JmesBlunt              James Blunt          TD603
  SameMistake2/JBlunt             James Blunt          TD610
 CrzyTngCldLv2/MBuble            Michael Buble         TD612
 HwSwtItIs/MykelBuble            Michael Buble         TD613
SummerWnd/MykelBuble             Michael Buble         TD615
  GetUrFrkOn/MisyEliot          Missy Elliot     TD616
     WorkIt/MissyElliot         Missy Elliot     TD617
  AllWeKnow/Paramore             Paramore        TD619
      Hypnotized/Plies              Plies        TD620
   I'llBeMsngU/PuffDadi         Puff Daddy       TD621
UDntKnowMe/RayCharls           Ray Charles       TD622
 WhrIsDLov/RobertaFlk         Roberta Flack      TD623
 CdItBImFlngNLv/Spnrs            Spinners        TD624
  Plush/StneTmplePilot     Stone Temple Pilots   TD625
 NvrMyLov/DAsociation        The Association     TD626
        Drive/TheCars            The Cars        TD627
 IlBDerForU/DRembrnts       The Rembrandts       TD628
         Cupid/112                  112          TD629
 ICnLvULykDat/All4One            All-4-One       TD630
 HwMuchIFeel/Ambrosia            Ambrosia        TD631
AHorsWthNoNme/Amrica              America        TD632
  Respect/ArethaFrnkln       Aretha Franklin     TD633
   9Crimes/DamienRice         Damien Rice        TD634
    I'llBe/EdwinMcCain        Edwin McCain       TD635
 SpndMyLyfWtU/EricBnt           Eric Benet       TD636
 ChngeDWrld/EricClptn          Eric Clapton      TD637
  WndrfulTonyt/EClaptn         Eric Clapton      TD638
      ThisKiss/FaithHill         Faith Hill      TD639
 DWayULovMe/FaithHill            Faith Hill      TD640
       Jealous/FloRida            Flo Rida       TD641
  ShineOn2/JamesBlunt          James Blunt       TD652
  ICntHirDMusc1/JBlunt         James Blunt       TD660
  ICntHirDMusc2/JBlunt         James Blunt       TD661
  1FDBrytsStrs1/JBlunt         James Blunt       TD665
  SameMistake2/JBlunt          James Blunt       TD666
  SameMistake1/JBlunt          James Blunt       TD667
 CrzyTngCldLv2/MBuble         Michael Buble      TD668
 HwSwtItIs/MykelBuble         Michael Buble      TD669
  ThatsAll/MchaelBuble        Michael Buble      TD670
SummerWnd/MykelBuble          Michael Buble      TD671
  GetUrFrkOn/MisyEliot          Missy Elliot     TD672
     WorkIt/MissyElliot         Missy Elliot     TD673
 LyngSFnGrlCnHv/Panic      Panic! At The Disco   TD674
  AllWeKnow/Paramore             Paramore        TD675
      Hypnotized/Plies              Plies        TD676
   I'llBeMsngU/PuffDadi         Puff Daddy       TD677
UDntKnowMe/RayCharls           Ray Charles       TD678
 WhrIsDLov/RobertaFlk         Roberta Flack      TD679
 CdItBImFlngNLv/Spnrs            Spinners        TD680
  Plush/StneTmplePilot     Stone Temple Pilots   TD681
 NvrMyLov/DAsociation        The Association     TD682
        Drive/TheCars            The Cars        TD683
 IIBDerForU/DRembrnts       The Rembrandts       TD684
         Cupid/112                 112           TD534
  WndrfulTonyt/EClaptn        Eric Clapton       TD582
      ThisKiss/FaithHill        Faith Hill       TD583
 DWayULovMe/FaithHill           Faith Hill       TD584
       Jealous/FloRida          Flo Rida         TD585
 NewYork/FrankSinatra        Frank Sinatra       TD586
  BlkBloon/GooGooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls       TD587
 HirIsGone/GooGooDols        Goo Goo Dolls       TD588
     Iris2/GooGooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls       TD589
     Iris1/GooGooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls       TD590
CaryUHome1/JmesBlunt          James Blunt        TD591
CaryUHome2/JmesBlunt          James Blunt        TD592
  ChngeDWrld/EricClptn        Eric Clapton       TD581
  IRiliWntU1/JmesBlunt        James Blunt        TD593
  IRiliWntU2/JmesBlunt        James Blunt        TD594
 ShineOn1/James Blunt         James Blunt        TD595
 ShineOn2/James Blunt         James Blunt        TD596
   Twisted/Keith Sweat        Keith Sweat        TD597
DnnysSng/KennyLoggns         Kenny Loggins       TD598
    19732/James Blunt         James Blunt        TD599
    19731/James Blunt         James Blunt        TD600
   ITkeEvrytng1/JBlunt        James Blunt        TD606
   ITkeEvrytng2/JBlunt        James Blunt        TD607
  1FDBrytsStrs1/JBlunt        James Blunt        TD609
  SameMistake1/JBlunt         James Blunt        TD611
  ThatsAll/MchaelBuble       Michael Buble       TD614
 LyngSFnGrlCnHv/Panic      Panic! At The Disco   TD618
 NewYork/FrankSinatra        Frank Sinatra       TD642
  BlkBloon/GooGooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls       TD643
 HirIsGone/GooGooDols        Goo Goo Dolls       TD644
     Iris2/GooGooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls       TD645
     Iris1/GooGooDolls       Goo Goo Dolls       TD646
CaryUHome1/JmesBlunt          James Blunt        TD647
CaryUHome2/JmesBlunt          James Blunt        TD648
  IRiliWntU1/JmesBlunt        James Blunt        TD649
  IRiliWntU2/JmesBlunt        James Blunt        TD650
  ShineOn1/JamesBlunt         James Blunt        TD651
   Twisted/KeithSweat         Keith Sweat        TD653
DnnysSng/KennyLoggns         Kenny Loggins       TD654
    19732/JamesBlunt          James Blunt        TD655
    19731/JamesBlunt          James Blunt        TD656
    Annie2/JamesBlunt         James Blunt        TD657
    Annie1/JamesBlunt         James Blunt        TD658
GvMeSmLov1/JmesBlunt          James Blunt        TD659
   ITkeEvrytng1/JBlunt        James Blunt        TD662
   ITkeEvrytng2/JBlunt        James Blunt        TD663
   1FDBrytsStrs2/JBlunt    James Blunt     TD664
 PnoyAkoPBBTeen/Cbalo          Cebalo      DC146
  KabataangPTeen/Itchy      Itchyworms     DC147
SupahDance/SupahDnce       Supah Dance     PB734
  TirahTirah/SupahDnce     Supah Dance     PB735
 Boomtiyaya/SupahDnce      Supah Dance     PB736
 HipHopSalsa/SpahDnce      Supah Dance     PB737
  StopNGo/SupahDance       Supah Dance     PB738
  RealMan/SupahDance       Supah Dance     PB739
ShakeYoThang/SpahDnc       Supah Dance     PB740
 BumpThatBooty/Supah       Supah Dance     PB741
UhmAhhAhh/SupahDance       Supah Dance     PB742
   DancingNaked/Supah      Supah Dance     PB743
   BootyBopBop/Supah       Supah Dance     PB744
   RockingCrazy/Supah      Supah Dance     PB745
KokeyDance/SupahDnce       Supah Dance     PB746
KembotXmas/SupahDnce       Supah Dance     PB747
        Low/Florida            Florida     TD741
   Agoraphobia/Incubus        Incubus      RB200
  ACrowMurder/Incubus         Incubus      RB199
    AnnaMolly/Incubus         Incubus      RB201
     AreYouIn/Incubus         Incubus      RB202
      Circles/Incubus         Incubus      RB203
       Drive/Incubus          Incubus      RB204
 HereInMyRoom/Incubus         Incubus      RB205
 Megalomaniac/Incubus         Incubus      RB206
   Nice2KnowU/Incubus         Incubus      RB207
    PardonMe/Incubus          Incubus      RB208
      Stellar/Incubus         Incubus      RB209
 TalkShwsMute/Incubus         Incubus      RB210
     Warning/Incubus          Incubus      RB211
 WishUWerHere/Incubus         Incubus      RB212
    CallCenter/Cambio         Cambio       KB828
    CallCenter/Cambio         Cambio       KB829
  Supahpalicious/Vhong    Vhong Navarro    DC140
    Wait4U/ElliottYamin    Elliott Yamin   KB809
    Wait4U/ElliottYamin    Elliott Yamin   KB810
  TouchMyBody/MariahC      Mariah Carey    KB855
 Touchmybody30/Mariah      Mariah Carey    KB856
   Isipin/MiguelEscueta   Miguel Escueta   KB817
     Grateful/Julianne        Julianne     KB822
     Grateful/Julianne        Julianne     KB823
    PainInMyHeart/Zoo            Zoo       KB824
    PainInMyHeart/Zoo            Zoo       KB825
   QueenInMe/Julianne         Julianne     KB826
   QueenInMe/Julianne         Julianne     KB827
  TakeMeTher/MiguelEsc    Miguel Escueta   KB830
 TakeMeThre/MiguelEsc        Miguel Escueta       KB831
     Pasaway/Cambio              Cambio           KB832
     Pasaway/Cambio              Cambio           KB833
        GimikM5/Zoo                Zoo            KB834
        GimikM5/Zoo                Zoo            KB835
     APromise/Chicosci           Chicosci         KB836
     APromise/Chicosci           Chicosci         KB837
       CVSC/Chicosci             Chicosci         KB838
       CVSC/Chicosci             Chicosci         KB839
  7BlackRoses/Chicosci           Chicosci         KB840
  7BlackRoses/Chicosci           Chicosci         KB841
   APromiseQuiet/Chico           Chicosci         KB842
   APromiseQuiet/Chico           Chicosci         KB843
    CVSCGrad/Chicosci            Chicosci         KB844
 TakeCareOfU/RichardP         Richard Poon        KB815
   Isipin/MiguelEscueta      Miguel Escueta       KB816
   2lakNgBibig/Julianne          Julianne         KB818
   2lakNgBibig/Julianne          Julianne         KB819
  FallinAway/MiguelEsc       Miguel Escueta       KB820
  FallinAway/MiguelEsc       Miguel Escueta       KB821
  LovUL8ly/DanielPowtr        Daniel Powter       TD544
 ITnkImPrnoid/Garbage           Garbage           TD545
    StupidGirl/Garbage          Garbage           TD546
Sympathy/JohnyRzeznk         Johnny Rzeznik       TD556
HwFrWveCm/Mtchbxtwnt        Matchbox Twenty       TD564
 IfUrGone/MtchbxTwnty       Matchbox Twenty       TD565
MadSeason/MtchbxTwnt        Matchbox Twenty       TD566
  Push/MatchboxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty       TD567
 Unwell/MtchboxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty       TD568
HwURmndMe/Nickelback           Nickelback         TD569
  Photograph/Nickelbac         Nickelback         TD570
  IWrtSnsNotTrgds/Pnic     Panic! At the Disco    TD571
  Crushcrush/Paramore           Paramore          TD572
   Hallelujah/Paramore          Paramore          TD573
 UndrDBrdg/RdHtChlPpr     Red Hot Chili Peppers   TD574
   Fidelity/RegnaSpektr      Regina Spektor       TD575
     Slide/RobbyTakac         Robby Takac         TD576
MkeDamnSure/TkeBkSun      Taking Back Sunday      TD577
    Empty/TheClickFive        The Click Five      TD578
 TheGoodKind/DWreckrs         The Wreckers        TD579
 Unwell/MtchboxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty       TD522
HwURmndMe/Nickelback           Nickelback         TD523
  Photograph/Nickelbac         Nickelback         TD524
  IWrtSnsNotTrgds/Pnic     Panic! At the Disco    TD525
  Crushcrush/Paramore           Paramore          TD526
   Hallelujah/Paramore          Paramore          TD527
 UndrDBrg/RdHtChliPpr     Red Hot Chili Peppers   TD528
   Fidelity/RegnaSpektr      Regina Spektor        TD529
     Slide/RobbyTakac         Robby Takac          TD530
MkDmnSre/TkngBckSndy       Taking Back Sunday      TD531
    Empty/TheClickFive        The Click Five       TD532
 TheGudKind/DWreckers         The Wreckers         TD533
 Hrd2SayImSori/Chcago             Chicago          TD535
DQueenNI/GymClasHero        Gym Class Heroes       TD549
 SpiderPig/HansZimmer         Hans Zimmer          TD550
    HardToBeat/HardFi             Hard Fi          TD551
  UrBeautful/JmesBlunt         James Blunt         TD552
 TheRemedy/JazonMraz            Jazon Mraz         TD553
 LookWhtYouveDone/Jet               Jet            TD554
   FoolishGames/Jewel              Jewel           TD555
  ImigrntSong/LedZplin        Led Zeppelin         TD557
   InTheEnd/LinkinPark          Linkin Park        TD558
  3AM/MatchboxTwenty        Matchbox Twenty        TD559
Bak2Good/MtchbxTwnty        Matchbox Twenty        TD560
  Bent/MatchboxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty        TD561
  BrytLyts/MtchbxTwnty      Matchbox Twenty        TD562
 Disease/MtchbxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty        TD563
 Hrd2SayImSori/Chcago             Chicago          TD498
  Unblievble/CraigDavd         Craig David         TD499
  LovUL8ly/DanielPowtr        Daniel Powter        TD500
 ITnkImPrnoid/Garbage            Garbage           TD501
    StupidGirl/Garbage           Garbage           TD502
DQueenNI/GymClasHero        Gym Class Heroes       TD503
 SpiderPig/HansZimmer         Hans Zimmer          TD504
    HardToBeat/HardFi             Hard Fi          TD505
  UrBeautfl/JamesBlunt         James Blunt         TD506
 TheRemedy/JazonMraz            Jazon Mraz         TD507
 LookWhtYouveDone/Jet               Jet            TD508
   FoolishGames/Jewel              Jewel           TD509
 Sympathy/JohnnyRzezk        Johnny Rzeznik        TD510
  ImigrntSong/LedZplin        Led Zeppelin         TD511
   InTheEnd/LinkinPark          Linkin Park        TD512
  3AM/MatchboxTwenty        Matchbox Twenty        TD513
Bak2Good/MtchbxTwnty        Matchbox Twenty        TD514
  Bent/MatchboxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty        TD515
 BryLyts/MtchbxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty        TD516
 Disease/MtchbxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty        TD517
HwFrWveCm/MtchbxTwnt        Matchbox Twenty        TD518
 IfUrGone/MtchbxTwnty       Matchbox Twenty        TD519
MadSeason/MtchbxTwnt        Matchbox Twenty        TD520
  Push/MatchboxTwenty       Matchbox Twenty        TD521
  Unblievble/CraigDavd         Craig David         TD536
  LoveInThisClub/Usher    Usher feat Young Jeezy   SB800
  IkawLangTalaga/Yeng       Yeng Constantino       PB781
AngSarapDto/Project1                 Project 1             PB782
  Habambuhay/YengC              Yeng Constantino           DC138
IfEverUrInMyArms/OjM                Oj Mariano             DC139
       Low/FloRida                    Flo Rida             TD472
     IsItYou?/Cassie                   Cassie              TD474
AmazingGrace/RubenS              Ruben Studdard            SB794
Angels/JessicaSmpson             Jessica Simpson           SB795
     GodIsADJ/Pink                      Pink               SB796
WdrfulWorld/RodStwrt               Rod Stewart             SB798
   Heaven/JamieFoxx                Jamie Foxx              SB799
AmazingGrace/RubenS              Ruben Studdard            RB437
Angels/JessicaSmpson             Jessica Simpson           RB438
     GodIsADJ/Pink                      Pink               RB439
  Halelujah/JeffBckley             Jeff Buckley            RB440
WdrfulWorld/RodStwrt               Rod Stewart             RB441
   Heaven/JamieFoxx                Jamie Foxx              RB442
 LoveInThisClub/Usher        Usher feat Young Jeezy        RB444
    DiNaGanun/Yeng              Yeng Constantino           PB780
BldingMystery/SarahM             Sarah McLachlan           RB314
Angel/SarahMcLachlan             Sarah McLachlan           RB315
 Adia/SarahMcLachlan             Sarah McLachlan           RB316
StarngAtDSun/Rooster                  Rooster              RB317
     Ignition/RKelly                  R. Kelly             RB318
  IBelivICanFly/RKelly                R. Kelly             RB319
 StartnSmtin/MichaelJ            Michael Jackson           RB320
   ImUrAngel/CelineD      Celine Dion duet with R. Kelly   RB359
 WenIFallinLv/CelineD              Celine Dion             RB360
   2Luv2More/CelineD               Celine Dion             RB361
  PowerOfLuv/CelineD               Celine Dion             RB362
DatsDWayItIs/CelineD               Celine Dion             RB363
MyHartWlGoOn/CelineD               Celine Dion             RB364
IKnewILovedU/CelineD               Celine Dion             RB365
 HavUBnInLuv/CelineD               Celine Dion             RB366
BcozULovedMe/CelineD               Celine Dion             RB367
JesusTkeDWhl/CarrieU            Carrie Underwood           RB368
InsydUrHeavn/CarrieU            Carrie Underwood           RB369
    Someday/Britney               Britney Spears           RB370
   Prerogative/Britney            Britney Spears           RB371
  ImASlave4U/Britney              Britney Spears           RB372
DntLast2Know/Britney              Britney Spears           RB373
  DoSomethin/Britney              Britney Spears           RB374
Baby1MorTym/Britney               Britney Spears           RB375
   DntStrtFre/BillyJoel              Billy Joel            RB376
  UptownGirl/BillyJoel               Billy Joel            RB377
   PianoMan/BillyJoel                Billy Joel            RB378
  JstDWayUR/BillyJoel                Billy Joel            RB379
   RockNRoll/BillyJoel               Billy Joel            RB380
    CheckOnIt/Beyonce                   Beyonce              RB381
     OldSongs/BarryM                Barry Manilow            RB382
LongWndngRoad/BarryM                Barry Manilow            RB383
   Mandy/BarryManilow               Barry Manilow            RB384
 LksLykWeMdeIt/BarryM               Barry Manilow            RB385
   WriteDSongs/BarryM               Barry Manilow            RB386
CntSmylWdoutU/BarryM                Barry Manilow            RB387
    Lonesome2nyt/Elvis                Elvis Presley          RB435
 Lonesome2nyt/BarryM                Barry Manilow            RB436
   Adrianne/TheCalling                 The Calling           RB307
 SoundSlence/SmnGrfkl             Simon & Garfunkel          RB308
 MrsRobnsn/SmonGrfnkl             Simon & Garfunkel          RB309
 TrbldWater/SmonGrfkl             Simon & Garfunkel          RB310
NoPromses/ShayneWard                 Shayne Ward             RB311
 SweetSurnder/SarahM               Sarah McLachlan           RB312
   RememberU/SarahM                Sarah McLachlan           RB313
   WhenAMan/MichaelB                Michael Bolton           RB321
  SaidILovedU/MichaelB              Michael Bolton           RB322
  LiveWdoutU/MichaelB               Michael Bolton           RB323
  OneSweetDay/Mariah        Mariah Carey feat. Boyz II Men   RB324
   WenUBelieve/Mariah      Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston    RB325
    WithoutYou/Mariah                Mariah Carey            RB326
   VisionOfLove/Mariah               Mariah Carey            RB327
 Someday/MariahCarey                 Mariah Carey            RB328
     MyAll/MariahCarey               Mariah Carey            RB329
 LoveTakesTime/Mariah                Mariah Carey            RB330
     IllBeThere/Mariah               Mariah Carey            RB331
    IStillBelieve/Mariah             Mariah Carey            RB332
   DntWant2Cry/Mariah                Mariah Carey            RB333
    Honey/MariahCarey                Mariah Carey            RB334
     Hero/MariahCarey                Mariah Carey            RB335
    Dreamlover/Mariah                Mariah Carey            RB336
      Butterfly/Mariah               Mariah Carey            RB337
 Dance/LutherVandross              Luther Vandross           RB339
   JetPlane/JohnDenver                John Denver            RB340
 Valentine/JimBrckman                Jim Brickman            RB341
    PblicAffair/JessicaS           Jessica Simpson           RB342
      LetsGetLoud/JLo               Jennifer Lopez           RB343
     IfUHadMyLuv/JLo                Jennifer Lopez           RB344
      HoldUDown/JLo                 Jennifer Lopez           RB345
        GetRight/JLo                Jennifer Lopez           RB346
  JustOne/JamesIngram               James Ingram             RB347
WantUrSex/GeorgeMchl                George Michael           RB348
   Faith/GeorgeMichael              George Michael           RB349
    LoveMeTender/Elvis                Elvis Presley          RB350
    CantHelpFallin/Elvis              Elvis Presley          RB351
  Survivor/DestinysChd              Destiny's Child          RB352
LoseMyBrth/DstnysChd      Destiny's Child   RB353
 Cater2U/DestnysChild     Destiny's Child   RB354
 Btylcious/DestnysChd     Destiny's Child   RB355
    TrueColors/CyndiL      Cyndi Lauper     RB356
 TimeAfterTime/CyndiL      Cyndi Lauper     RB357
   DroveAllNyt/CyndiL      Cyndi Lauper     RB358
 Lonesome2nyt/BarryM      Barry Manilow     SB768
GudbyeToLve1/Crpntrs        Carpenters      TD390
GudbyeToLve2/Crpntrs        Carpenters      TD391
 IWontLstADy1/Crpntrs       Carpenters      TD392
 IWontLstADy2/Crpntrs       Carpenters      TD393
 ForAllWeKnw1/Crpntrs       Carpenters      TD394
 ForAllWeKnw2/Crpntrs       Carpenters      TD395
 Jambalaya1/Crpenters       Carpenters      TD396
 Jambalaya2/Crpenters       Carpenters      TD397
TouchWnDncng1/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD398
TouchWnDncng2/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD399
 PlsMr.Pstmn1/Crpntrs       Carpenters      TD400
 PlsMr.Pstmn2/Crpntrs       Carpenters      TD401
  OnlyYsterdy1/Crpntrs      Carpenters      TD414
 CalngOcupnts2/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD417
 HurtnEachAdr2/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD339
 Ystrdy1ncMre1/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD340
 Ystrdy1ncMre2/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD341
 AlUGtFrmLve2/Crpntrs       Carpenters      TD343
DsGudOldDrms1/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD344
DsGudOldDrms2/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD345
  Superstar1/Crpenters      Carpenters      TD346
  Superstar2/Crpenters      Carpenters      TD347
RnyDysNMndys1/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD348
RnyDysNMndys2/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD349
GudbyeToLve1/Crpntrs        Carpenters      TD350
DsGudOldDrms1/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD385
DsGudOldDrms2/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD386
  Superstar1/Carpentrs      Carpenters      TD387
  Superstar2/Carpentrs      Carpenters      TD388
 HrtngEachAdr1/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD379
 HrtngEachAdr2/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD380
 YstrdyOncMor1/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD381
 YstrdyOncMor2/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD382
 AlUGetFrmLve1/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD383
 AlUGetFrmLve2/Crpntr       Carpenters      TD384
RnyDysNMndys2/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD389
   Solitaire1/Crpenters     Carpenters      TD402
   Solitaire2/Crpenters     Carpenters      TD403
WvOnlyJsBgun1/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD404
WvOnlyJsBgun2/Crpntr        Carpenters      TD405
 ThyLong2bCls1/Crpntr           Carpenters         TD406
 ThyLong2bCls2/Crpntr           Carpenters         TD407
 DsMsquerde1/Crpentr            Carpenters         TD408
 DsMsquerde2/Crpentr            Carpenters         TD409
 TcketToRide1/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD410
 TcketToRide2/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD411
  TopOfTWorld1/Crpnt            Carpenters         TD412
 TopOfDWorld2/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD413
  OnlyYsterdy2/Crpntrs          Carpenters         TD415
 CalngOcupnts1/Crpntr           Carpenters         TD416
   Realize/ColbieCailat        Colbie Caillat      KB846
 HurtnEachAdr1/Crpntr           Carpenters         TD338
 AlUGtFrmLve1/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD342
GudbyeToLve2/Crpntrs            Carpenters         TD351
RnyDysNMndys1/Crpntr            Carpenters         TD352
 IWontLstADy1/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD353
IWontLstADy12Crpntrs            Carpenters         TD354
 ForAllWeKnw1/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD355
 ForAllWeKnw2/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD356
 Jambalaya1/Crpenters           Carpenters         TD357
 Jambalaya2/Crpenters           Carpenters         TD358
TouchWnDncng1/Crpntr            Carpenters         TD359
TouchWnDncng2/Crpntr            Carpenters         TD360
 PlsMrPostMn1/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD361
 PlsMrPostMn2/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD362
  Solitaire1/Crpenters          Carpenters         TD363
  Solitaire2/Crpenters          Carpenters         TD364
WvOnlyJsBgun1/Crpntr            Carpenters         TD365
WvOnlyJsBgun2/Crpntr            Carpenters         TD366
 ThyLong2bCls1/Crpntr           Carpenters         TD367
 ThyLong2bCls2/Crpntr           Carpenters         TD368
DsMsquerde1/Crpentrs            Carpenters         TD369
DsMsquerde2/Crpentrs            Carpenters         TD370
 TcketToRde1/Crpnters           Carpenter          TD371
 TcketToRde2/Crpnters           Carpenters         TD372
 TopOfDWorld1/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD373
 TopOfDWorld2/Crpntrs           Carpenters         TD374
  OnlyYsterdy1/Crpntrs          Carpenters         TD375
  OnlyYsterdy2/Crpntrs          Carpenters         TD376
 ClingOcupnts1/Crpntr           Carpenters         TD377
 ClingOcupnts2/Crpntr           Carpenters         TD378
 KungFu/G9Rocksteddy      Gloc 9 feat Rocksteddy   PB779
      AllIWant/ID04                ID04            IB194
    AllOfMyDays/ID04               ID04            IB195
      CantLive/ID04                ID04            IB196
   DiyosAyTapat/ID04               ID04            IB197
      Everyday/ID04                ID04            IB198
    FriendsAgain/ID04             ID04            IB199
        Gabay/ID04                ID04            IB200
   HowExcellent/ID04              ID04            IB201
     IPraiseYou/ID04              ID04            IB202
    KingForever/ID04              ID04            IB203
PraisngNThankng/ID04              ID04            IB204
      SinoKami/ID04               ID04            IB205
     Surrounded/ID04              ID04            IB206
TheDayIFoundYou/ID04              ID04            IB207
       TheOne/ID04                ID04            IB208
  UnmovedMover/ID04               ID04            IB209
  Sunrise/DuranDuran          Duran Duran         SB763
 Astronaut/DuranDuran         Duran Duran         SB764
     Nice/DuranDuran          Duran Duran         SB765
WantUMore/DuranDuran          Duran Duran         SB766
WatHapens/DuranDuran          Duran Duran         SB767
 WeBelongToYou/ID04               ID04            IB210
 UrGrdAngl/RdJumpsuit    Red Jumpsuit Apparatus   EB025
 NytsRBeter/AirSupply          Air Supply         SB645
   HereIAm/AirSupply           Air Supply         SB646
  LostInLove/AirSupply         Air Supply         SB647
 LuvOutOfNtng/AirSply          Air Supply         SB648
 D1ThatULuv/AirSupply          Air Supply         SB649
    Why/AnnieLennox           Annie Lennox        SB650
     Compicated/Avril         Avril Lavigne       SB651
     DontTellMe/Avril         Avril Lavigne       SB652
       HeWasnt/Avril          Avril Lavigne       SB653
     ImWithYou/Avril          Avril Lavigne       SB654
      LosingGrip/Avril        Avril Lavigne       SB655
    HappyEnding/Avril         Avril Lavigne       SB656
   NobodysHome/Avril          Avril Lavigne       SB657
       Sk8erBoi/Avril         Avril Lavigne       SB658
 AsLongAsULuvMe/BSB          Backstreet Boys      SB659
 Drowning/BckstrtBoys        Backstreet Boys      SB660
 Everybdy/BckstrtBoys        Backstreet Boys      SB661
  GetDown/BackstBoys         Backstreet Boys      SB662
WantItDatWay/BkstBys         Backstreet Boys      SB663
 NvrBrkUrHrt/BkstBoys        Backstreet Boys      SB664
  Incomplete/BkstBoys        Backstreet Boys      SB665
  QuitPlaying/BkstBoys       Backstreet Boys      SB666
ShapeOfMyHrt/BkstBys         Backstreet Boys      SB667
ShwMeMeaning/BkstBys         Backstreet Boys      SB668
CntSmylWdoutU/BarryM          Barry Manilow       SB669
   Copacabana/BarryM          Barry Manilow       SB670
     EvenNow/BarryM           Barry Manilow       SB671
 ThroughDRain/BarryM          Barry Manilow       SB672
  WriteDSongs/BarryM          Barry Manilow       SB673
 LksLykWeMdeIt/BarryM              Barry Manilow            SB674
   Mandy/BarryManilow              Barry Manilow            SB675
LongWndngRoad/BarryM               Barry Manilow            SB676
     OldSongs/BarryM               Barry Manilow            SB677
    CheckOnIt/Beyonce                  Beyonce              SB678
    RockNRoll/BillyJoel                Billy Joel           SB679
   JstDWayUR/BillyJoel                 Billy Joel           SB680
     PianoMan/BillyJoel                Billy Joel           SB681
   UptownGirl/BillyJoel                Billy Joel           SB682
    DntStrtFre/BillyJoel               Billy Joel           SB683
  Baby1MorTym/Britney              Britney Spears           SB684
   DoSomethin/Britney              Britney Spears           SB685
 DntLast2Know/Britney              Britney Spears           SB686
   ImASlave4U/Britney              Britney Spears           SB687
    Prerogative/Britney            Britney Spears           SB688
      Someday/Britney              Britney Spears           SB689
 InsydUrHeavn/CarrieU            Carrie Underwood           SB690
 JesusTkeDWhl/CarrieU            Carrie Underwood           SB691
 BcozULovedMe/CelineD                 Celine Dion           SB692
  HavUBnInLuv/CelineD                 Celine Dion           SB693
 IKnewILovedU/CelineD                 Celine Dion           SB694
MyHartWlGoOn/CelineD                  Celine Dion           SB695
  DatsDWayItIs/CelineD                Celine Dion           SB696
   PowerOfLuv/CelineD                 Celine Dion           SB697
    2Luv2More/CelineD                 Celine Dion           SB698
   WenIFallinLv/CelineD               Celine Dion           SB699
    ImUrAngel/CelineD      Celine Dion duet with R. Kelly   SB700
    DroveAllNyt/CyndiL              Cyndi Lauper            SB701
  TimeAfterTime/CyndiL              Cyndi Lauper            SB702
     TrueColors/CyndiL              Cyndi Lauper            SB703
  Btylcious/DestnysChd             Destiny's Child          SB704
  Cater2U/DestnysChild             Destiny's Child          SB705
 LoseMyBrth/DstnysChd              Destiny's Child          SB706
  Survivor/DestinysChd             Destiny's Child          SB707
    Lonesome2nyt/Elvis               Elvis Presley          SB708
    CantHelpFallin/Elvis             Elvis Presley          SB709
    LoveMeTender/Elvis               Elvis Presley          SB710
   Faith/GeorgeMichael             George Michael           SB711
WantUrSex/GeorgeMchl               George Michael           SB712
  JustOne/JamesIngram              James Ingram             SB713
        GetRight/JLo               Jennifer Lopez           SB714
       HoldUDown/JLo               Jennifer Lopez           SB715
     IfUHadMyLuv/JLo               Jennifer Lopez           SB716
      LetsGetLoud/JLo              Jennifer Lopez           SB717
    PblicAffair/JessicaS          Jessica Simpson           SB718
 Valentine/JimBrckman               Jim Brickman            SB719
   JetPlane/JohnDenver               John Denver            SB720
 Dance/LutherVandross            Luther Vandross                SB721
      Cry/MandyMoore              Mandy Moore                   SB722
      Butterfly/Mariah            Mariah Carey                  SB723
    Dreamlover/Mariah             Mariah Carey                  SB724
     Hero/MariahCarey             Mariah Carey                  SB725
   Honey/MariahCarey              Mariah Carey                  SB726
  DntWant2Cry/Mariah              Mariah Carey                  SB727
    IStillBelieve/Mariah          Mariah Carey                  SB728
     IllBeThere/Mariah            Mariah Carey                  SB729
 LoveTakesTime/Mariah             Mariah Carey                  SB730
    MyAll/MariahCarey             Mariah Carey                  SB731
 Someday/MariahCarey              Mariah Carey                  SB732
   VisionOfLove/Mariah            Mariah Carey                  SB733
    WithoutYou/Mariah             Mariah Carey                  SB734
  WenUBelieve/Mariah     Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston         SB735
  OneSweetDay/Mariah      Mariah Carey feat. Boyz II Men        SB736
  LiveWdoutU/MichaelB             Michael Bolton                SB737
 SaidILovedU/MichaelB             Michael Bolton                SB738
  WhenAMan/MichaelB               Michael Bolton                SB739
  StartnSmtin/MichaelJ           Michael Jackson                SB740
   IBelivICanFly/RKelly               R. Kelly                  SB741
       Ignition/RKelly                R. Kelly                  SB742
 StarngAtDSun/Rooster                 Rooster                   SB743
  Adia/SarahMcLachlan            Sarah McLachlan                SB744
 Angel/SarahMcLachlan            Sarah McLachlan                SB745
 BldingMystery/SarahM            Sarah McLachlan                SB746
  RememberU/SarahM               Sarah McLachlan                SB747
 SweetSurnder/SarahM             Sarah McLachlan                SB748
NoPromses/ShayneWard              Shayne Ward                   SB749
 TrbldWater/SmonGrfkl           Simon & Garfunkel               SB750
MrsRobnsn/SmonGrfnkl            Simon & Garfunkel               SB751
 SoundSlence/SmnGrfkl           Simon & Garfunkel               SB752
   Adrianne/TheCalling              The Calling                 SB753
 WrevrUWilGo/DCalling               The Calling                 SB754
  UrMakinMeHigh/Toni               Toni Braxton                 SB755
  Gr8tstLvOfAll/Whtney           Whitney Houston                SB756
 HowWillIKnow/Whitney            Whitney Houston                SB757
  HavNothing/Whitney             Whitney Houston                SB758
 WannaDance/Whitney              Whitney Houston                SB759
ImUrBaby2nyt/Whitney             Whitney Houston                SB760
     ItsNotRyt/Whitney           Whitney Houston                SB761
1MomentInTym/Whitney             Whitney Houston                SB762
 LuvLikeThis/NatashaB Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston   SB769
MakesMeWndr4/Maroon5                 Maroon 5                   KA729
 LuvLikeThis/NatashaB Natasha Bedingfield feat. Sean Kingston   RB389
  SosickAcoustic/Ne-yo                 Ne-yo                    KB813
 UrGrdAngl/RdJumpsuit        Red Jumpsuit Apparatus             EA918
     Salta/DosFuertes             Dos Fuertes           DC084
 BailaCumigo/2Fuertes             Dos Fuertes           DC085
     Dale/DosFuertes            Quire Yo Bonita         DC086
   QiereYo/DosFuertes             Dos Fuertes           DC087
NosaHente/DosFuertes              Dos Fuertes           DC088
   Scierda/DosFuertes             Dos Fuertes           DC089
 BhayPrbinsya/Fuertes             Dos Fuertes           DC090
 MyDream/KeithMartin             Keith Martin           DC092
HappyDatUrMyn/KeithM             Keith Martin           DC093
AkinKNLng/Itchyworms              Itchyworms            DC094
  Pasubali/Spongecola             Spongecola            DC095
      Kaba/Shamrock                Shamrock             DC096
      Macho/Parokya            Parokya Ni Edgar         DC097
  Chichiquita/JessicaJ            Jessica Jay           DC098
  PapiPapi/Groovebox               Groovebox            DC099
Happy/SamConcepcion            Sam Concepcion           DC100
   UnderRepair/Imago                  Imago             DC101
   IllFindUrHart/SamC          Sam Concepcion           DC102
      IngatKa/SilentS          Silent Sanctuary         DC103
  Chacarron/ElChombo               El Chombo            DC112
HardHabit2Break/JedM     Jed Madela & Gary Valenciano   DC113
  You&I/JoseMariChan            Jose Mari Chan          DC114
SanNaNgaB/Spongecola              Spongecola            DC115
 MahirapMgmhal/Hilera                 Hilera            DC116
22logBaAngDyos/LaniM            Lani Misalucha          DC117
    Movie/Spongecola              Spongecola            DC118
   Lastikman/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar         DC119
 Forevermre/JedMadela             Jed Madela            DC120
    Haplos/Shamrock                Shamrock             DC121
    GustoKita/RonnieL            Ronnie Liang           DC122
Nkapagtataka/SpongeC             Sponge Cola            DC124
Magpakailanman/TopS              Tops Suzara            DC127
     Bitiw/Spongecola             Spongecola            DC128
    Tuliro/Spongecola             Spongecola            DC129
       Gitara/Parokya               Parokya             DC130
   Mosquito/LocoLoco               Loco Loco            DC131
  Kaibigan/UpDharma            Up Dharma Down           DC132
     Rebound/SilentS           Silent Sanctuary         DC133
    Ngiti/RonnieLiang            Ronnie LIang           DC134
 AngKatulad/Orange&L          Orange and Lemons         DC135
  Overlove/KeithMartin           Keith Martin           DC091
  AkingAwitin/RonnieL            Ronnie Liang           DC104
TuyoNgDmdmin/SilentL           Silent Sanctuary         DC105
  Papaya/EduManzano              Edu Manzano            DC106
EvenIf/SamConcepcion           Sam Concepcion           DC107
    Tuliro/Spongecola             Spongecola            DC108
Happy/SamConcepcion            Sam Concepcion           DC109
  Salawikain/Orange&L     Orange and Lemons   DC110
 WalangMisteryo/Imago            Imago        DC111
   IkawLamang/SilentS      Silent Sanctuary   DC123
 Ambisyoso/Kamikazee          Kamikazee       DC125
 LoveTeam/Itchyworms          Itchyworms      DC126
    Bagsakan/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar   DC136
  Prinsesa/Itchyworms         Itchyworms      DC137
   BecauseOfYou/Neyo              Neyo        KB739
    Brinca/DosFuertes         Dos Fuertes     DC083
 SheWillBLovd/Maroon5          Maroon 5       KB760
    ThisLove/Maroon5           Maroon 5       KB761
  WakeUpCall/Maroon5           Maroon 5       KB762
  WakeUpCall/Maroon5           Maroon 5       KB763
    SoSickRemix/Neyo              Neyo        KB765
        SoSick/Neyo               Neyo        KB766
      SexyLove/Neyo               Neyo        KB767
     BecauseOfU/Neyo              Neyo        KB768
    ThisLove/Maroon 5          Maroon 5       KB769
MkesMWonderR/Maroon            Maroon 5       KB770
MkesMWonderC/Maroon5           Maroon 5       KB771
MkesMWonderI/Maroon5           Maroon 5       KB772
   SsundanBrk/Callalily         Callalily     SB606
 AngAkngAwtin2/RLiang        Ronnie Liang     TD252
 EvenIf1/SamConcptIon      Sam Conception     TD253
 EvenIf2/SamConcption      Sam Conception     TD254
Happy1/SamConception       Sam Conception     TD255
Happy2/SamConception       Sam Conception     TD256
  I'llFindYOurHart1/SC     Sam Conception     TD257
  I'llFindYOurHart2/SC     Sam Conception     TD258
  IngatKa1/SilntSnctry     Silent Sanctuary   TD259
  IngatKa2/SilntSnctry     Silent Sanctuary   TD260
  Pasubali1/Spongecola        Spongecola      TD261
  Pasubali2/Spongecola        Spongecola      TD262
  Freeway1/Southwind           Southwind      TD300
 BrlyBreathng1/DSkeik        Duncan Sheik     TD304
  Papaya2/EduManzano         Edu Manzano      TD309
  Chacarron1/ElCombo          El Combo        TD310
  Chacarron2/ElCombo           El Combo       TD311
ChangingTyms1/Groove          Groovebox       TD312
ChangingTyms2/Groove          Groovebox       TD313
 UnderRepair1/Imago             Imago         TD314
  Under Repair2/Imago           Imago         TD315
 Forevermore1/JMadela        Jed Madela       TD316
 Forevermore2/JMadela        Jed Madela       TD317
  HrdHbit2Brek /JMdela       Jed Madela       TD318
  HrdHbit2Brek /JMdela       Jed Madela       TD319
   Chichiquita1/Jessica      Jessica Jay      TD320
   Chichiquita2/Jessica               Jessica Jay             TD321
  IngatKa2/SSanctuary             Silent Sanctuary            TD335
 Pasubali1/Spongecola                 Spongecola              TD336
 Pasubali2/Spongecola                  Spongecola             TD337
 Papaya1/EduManzano                  Edu Manzano              TD233
 Papaya2/EduManzano                  Edu Manzano              TD234
  Chacarron1/ElCombo                    El Combo              TD235
 Chacarron2/ElCombo                    El Combo               TD236
ChngingTmes1/Grovebx                  Groovebox               TD237
ChngingTmes2/Grovebx                   Groovebox              TD238
  UnderRepair1/Imago                      Imago               TD239
  UnderRepair2/Imago                      Imago               TD240
 Forevermre1/JedMdela                  Jed Madela             TD241
 forevermre2/JedMdela                  Jed Madela             TD242
 HrdHbitToBrk1/JMdla                   Jed Madela             TD243
 HrdHbitToBrk2/JMdla                   Jed Madela             TD244
  Chichiquita1/JscaJay                 Jessica Jay            TD245
  Chichiquita2/JscaJay                 Jessica Jay            TD246
 YouAndI1/JMariChan                 Jose Mari Chan            TD247
  YouAndI2/JmariChan                Jose Mari Chan            TD248
Lstkman1/PrkyaNEdgar               Parokya Ni Edgar           TD249
Lstkman2/PrkyaNEdgar               Parokya Ni Edgar           TD250
AngAkngAwitn1/RLiang                  Ronnie Liang            TD251
  Freeway2/Southwind                   Southwind              TD301
 PasngerSeat1/SSpeak               Stephen Speaks             TD302
 PasngrSeat2/SSpeaks               Stephen Speaks             TD303
        Low/FloRida                      Flo Rida             TD305
     Is It You/Cassie                     Cassie              TD306
 BrlyBreathng2/DSheik                Duncan Sheik             TD307
 Papaya1/EduManzano                  Edu Manzano              TD308
   YouAndI1/JoseMari               Jose Mari Chan             TD322
   YouAndI2/JoseMari               Jose Mari Chan             TD323
  Lastikman1/PNiEdgar             Parokya Ni Edgar            TD324
  Lastikman2/PNiEdgar             Parokya Ni Edgar            TD325
AngAkngAwitn1/RLiang                 Ronnie Liang             TD326
AngAkngAwitn2/RLiang                 Ronnie Liang             TD327
  EvenIf1/SConcepcion             Sam Concepcion              TD328
  EvenIf2/SConcepcion             Sam Concepcion              TD329
Happy1/SamConcepcion              Sam Concepcion              TD330
Happy2/SamConcepcion              Sam Concepcion              TD331
    I'llFndUrHart1/SC              Sam Concepcion             TD332
  SsndanChrus/Calalily                   Callalily            SB605
  AllAmrcnGirl/CarrieU            Carrie Underwood            SB607
LuvAGirl/GavinDeGraw                 Gavin DeGraw             SB608
Sumayaw/JpneyJoyride                Jeepney Joyride           SB609
   NoAir/JordinSparks     Jordin Sparks (feat. Chris Brown)   SB610
 CrosMyHart/JuliaDncn                 Julia Duncan            SB611
  WhineUp/KatDeLuna              Kat DeLuna        SB612
   Work/KellyRowland           Kelly Rowland       SB613
ShawtyGetLse/LilMama              Lil Mama         SB614
 DahilMhal/MarriNalos            Marri Nallos      SB616
    I'llFndUrHart2/SC       Sam Concepcion         TD333
 IngatKa1/SSanctuary        Silent Sanctuary       TD334
IfImInLuvWtU/SharonC           Sharon Cuneta       SB617
NotLuv/NakedBrosBand     The Naked Brothers Band   SB618
   FastCar/WyclefJean            Wyclef Jean       SB619
 Breakout/JuliaDuncan           Julia Duncan       RB247
 Breakout/JuliaDuncan           Julia Duncan       SB620
 HpyEvrAftr/JuliaDncn           Julia Duncan       SB621
 HpyEvrAftr/JuliaDncn           Julia Duncan       RB248
 Heres2Luv/JuliaDncan           Julia Duncan       RB249
 Heres2Luv/JuliaDncan           Julia Duncan       SB622
 OneHello/JuliaDuncan           Julia Duncan       SB623
 OneHello/JuliaDuncan           Julia Duncan       RB250
   Sailing/JuliaDuncan          Julia Duncan       RB251
   Sailing/JuliaDuncan          Julia Duncan       SB624
SayULuvMe/JuliaDuncn            Julia Duncan       SB625
SayULuvMe/JuliaDuncn            Julia Duncan       RB253
 Sunlight/JuliaDuncan           Julia Duncan       SB626
 Sunlight/JuliaDuncan           Julia Duncan       RB254
 SweetLuv/JuliaDuncan           Julia Duncan       SB627
LuvDance/JuliaDuncan            Julia Duncan       SB628
LuvDance/JuliaDuncan            Julia Duncan       RB255
 TlDeyTake/JuliaDuncn           Julia Duncan       SB629
 TlDeyTake/JuliaDuncn           Julia Duncan       RB256
 SweetLuv/JuliaDuncan           Julia Duncan       RB257
           Azyth                   Sandoz          JA044
  Freeway1/Southwind             Southwind         TD227
HwManyWrds/BlakeLwis             Blake Lewis       SB604
  Freeway2/Southwind             Southwind         TD228
PasengrSeat1/SSpeaks         Stephen Speaks        TD229
Pasengrseat2/SSpeaks         Stephen Speaks        TD230
HwManyWrds/BlakeLwis             Blake Lewis       RB231
 SsndanChrus/Calalily              Callalily       RB232
  SsundanBrk/Callalily             Callalily       RB233
  AllAmrcnGirl/CarrieU      Carrie Underwood       RB234
LuvAGirl/GavinDeGraw           Gavin DeGraw        RB235
Sumayaw/JpneyJoyride          Jeepney Joyride      RB236
   NoAir/JordinSparks          Jordin Sparks       RB237
 CrosMyHart/JuliaDncn           Julia Duncan       RB238
  WhineUp/KatDeLuna              Kat DeLuna        RB239
   Work/KellyRowland           Kelly Rowland       RB240
ShawtyGetLse/LilMama              Lil Mama         RB241
 DahilMhal/MarriNalos            Marri Nallos      RB242
 IfImInLuvWtU/SharonC         Sharon Cuneta        RB244
 NotLuv/NakedBrosBand    The Naked Brothers Band   RB245
    FastCar/WyclefJean         Wyclef Jean         RB246
  BrelyBrethng1/DSheik        Duncan Sheik         TD231
  BrelyBrethng2/Dsheik        Duncan Sheik         TD232
  UWrMentForMe/Jewel               Jewel           TD208
 CnWeStlBFrnds/MandyM          Mandy Moore         RB218
  BleedngLv/LeonaLewis         Leona Lewis         RB230
 CnWeStlBFrnds/MandyM          Mandy Moore         SB602
  BleedngLv/LeonaLewis         Leona Lewis         SB603
      Circles/Incubus             Incubus          SB592
 HereInMyRoom/Incubus             Incubus          SB594
      Stellar/Incubus             Incubus          SB598
       Drive/Incubus              Incubus          SB593
       Drive/Incubus              Incubus          SB593
 WishUWerHere/Incubus             Incubus          SB601
    AnnaMolly/Incubus             Incubus          SB590
  ACrowMurder/Incubus             Incubus          SB588
   Agoraphobia/Incubus            Incubus          SB589
     AreYouIn/Incubus             Incubus          SB591
       Drive/Incubus              Incubus          SB593
  Megalomaniac/Incubus            Incubus          SB595
   Nice2KnowU/Incubus             Incubus          SB596
    PardonMe/Incubus              Incubus          SB597
 TalkShwsMute/Incubus             Incubus          SB599
     Warning/Incubus              Incubus          SB600
 WishUWerHere/Incubus             Incubus          SB601
 SecretLuv/MandyMoore          Mandy Moore         SB586
WantUBack/MandyMoore           Mandy Moore         SB587
   InMyPocket/MandyM           Mandy Moore         SB584
    Candy/MandyMoore           Mandy Moore         SB580
  HavALilFaith//MandyM         Mandy Moore         SB582
     Cry/MandyMoore            Mandy Moore         SB581
IWannaBeWithU/MandyM           Mandy Moore         SB583
 OnlyHope/MandyMoore           Mandy Moore         SB585
    Candy/MandyMoore           Mandy Moore         RB191
  HavALilFaith//MandyM         Mandy Moore         RB193
   InMyPocket/MandyM           Mandy Moore         RB195
 SecretLuv/MandyMoore          Mandy Moore         RB197
WantUBack/MandyMoore           Mandy Moore         RB198
     Cry/MandyMoore            Mandy Moore         RB192
IWannaBeWithU/MandyM           Mandy Moore         RB194
 OnlyHope/MandyMoore           Mandy Moore         RB196
IWannaBeWithU/MandyM           Mandy Moore         SB583
 OnlyHope/MandyMoore           Mandy Moore         SB585
  KungParaSayo/WillieR       Willie Revillame      DC075
     MahalKita/WillieR       Willie Revillame      DC076
    IkawParin/WillieR                 Willie Revillame             DC077
   NariritoAko/WillieR                Willie Revillame             DC078
  MntingHiling/WillieR                Willie Revillame             DC079
 HepHepHooray/WillieR                 Willie Revillame             DC080
  NariritoAko2/WillieR Willie Revillame Lito Camo Vehnee Saturno   DC081
  DulceTirahTirah/UD4                Ultimate Dance 4              DC069
  SaWakas/RjJimenez                      Rj Jimenez                DC070
  Superstar/RjJimenez                    Rj Jimenez                DC071
TrueLoveWaits/RjJmnz                     Rj Jimenez                DC072
WagNaLang/RjJimenez                      Rj Jimenez                DC073
Cnt MakeUSmyl/RjJmnz                     Rj Jimenez                DC074
  Freeway/Southwind                     South Wind                 DC082
   Adrift/Jack Johnson                 Jack Johnson                KB708
  AllAtOnce/JJohnson                   Jack Johnson                KB709
  Angel/Jack Johnson                   Jack Johnson                KB710
  Enemy/Jack Johnson                   Jack Johnson                KB711
  GoOn/Jack Johnson                    Jack Johnson                KB712
   Hope/Jack Johnson                   Jack Johnson                KB713
 LosingKeys/JJohnson                   Jack Johnson                KB714
Monsoon/Jack Johnson                   Jack Johnson                KB715
   SameGirl/JJohnson                   Jack Johnson                KB716
 SlptruDStic/JJohnson                  Jack Johnson                KB717
ThydoThyDnt/Johnnson                   Jack Johnson                KB718
WatUThotUNid/Johnson                   Jack Johnson                KB719
 WhleWeWait/Jjohnson                   Jack Johnson                KB720
    AllArndMe/Flyleaf                      Flyleaf                 KB721
 AlArndMeAcou/Flyleaf                      Flyleaf                 KB722
     GoOnGirl/Ne-Yo                         Ne-Yo                  KB723
     GoOnGirl/Ne-Yo                         Ne-Yo                  KB724
WontGoHome/Maroon5                        Maroon 5                 KB727
 BusyBeingFab/Eagles                       Eagles                  KB731
     ICantWait/Akon                         Akon                   KB732
 LovIsFree/SherylCrow                   Sheryl Crow                KB733
BesameMucho/KennyG                        Kenny G                  KB734
     ItsMyTurn/BoyA                     Boy Abunda                 PB772
   MahalPaRin/SamM                       Sam Milby                 PB773
       MSKM/ErikS                       Erik Santos                PB774
 AllDsTngs/HarryCnkJr                Harry Connick Jr.             RB178
  OtherHrs/HarryCnkJr                Harry Connick Jr.             RB188
GudNytLuv/HarryCnkJr                 Harry Connick Jr.             RB180
   Eyes4U/HarryCnkJr                 Harry Connick Jr.             RB181
 Luv2Stay/HarryCnkJr                 Harry Connick Jr.             RB182
    More/HarryCnkJr                  Harry Connick Jr.             RB183
BluHeaven/HarryCnkJr                 Harry Connick Jr.             RB184
 MyPrayer/HarryCnkJr                 Harry Connick Jr.             RB185
  OnlyYou/HarryCnkJr                 Harry Connick Jr.             RB186
 VryTotOfU/HarryCnkJr                Harry Connick Jr.             RB189
OnceMyLyf/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   RB179
UDntKnwMe/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   RB190
 LastDance/HarryCnkJr      Harry Connick Jr.   RB187
OnceMyLyf/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   SB534
 AllDsTngs/HarryCnkJr      Harry Connick Jr.   SB533
  OtherHrs/HarryCnkJr      Harry Connick Jr.   SB543
GudNytLuv/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   SB535
   Eyes4U/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   SB536
 Luv2Stay/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   SB537
    More/HarryCnkJr        Harry Connick Jr.   SB538
 BluHeaven/HarryCnkJr      Harry Connick Jr.   SB539
  MyPrayer/HarryCnkJr      Harry Connick Jr.   SB540
  OnlyYou/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   SB541
 VryTotOfU/HarryCnkJr      Harry Connick Jr.   SB544
OnceMyLyf/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   SB534
UDntKnwMe/HarryCnkJr       Harry Connick Jr.   SB545
 LastDance/HarryCnkJr      Harry Connick Jr.   SB542
WayBckIntoLuv/HGrant         Hugh Grant        TD222
 BadDay/DanielPowter        Daniel Powter      TD223
  IDntLuvU/CRomance     My Chemical Romance    TD224
 UrDInsprtion/Chicago            Chicago       TD225
 URaiseMeUp/JGroban          Josh Groban       TD226
       westmont                westmont        JA043
SexyMama/JannoGibbs           Janno Gibbs      GA249
      WOFTossup                    WOF         PB771
   WOFAudienceChant                WOF         PB765
     WOFBankrupt                   WOF         PB766
    WOFBonusround                  WOF         PB767
     WOFNewpuzzle                  WOF         PB768
    WOFPrizepuzzle                 WOF         PB769
    WOFShowtheme                   WOF         PB770
 URaiseMeUp/JGroban         Josh Groban        TD209
  ToBeWithYou/Mr.Big            Mr. Big        TD210
 Better/ReginaSpektor      Regina Spektor      TD211
   WhatIveDone/LPark         Linkin Park       TD212
    Starlight/Muse                Muse         TD213
IDontLoveU/ChemicalR    My Chemical Romance    TD214
 Photograph/Nickelbck         Nickelback       TD215
MseryBusines/Pramore           Paramore        TD216
 UrDInspration/Chcago           Chicago        TD205
 BadDay/DanielPowter        Daniel Powter      TD206
WayBckIn2Luv/HGrant          Hugh Grant        TD207
  HappyBday/ClickFive       The Click Five     TD094
   UrDInspiration1/DE        Dianne Elise      TD179
   SweptAway1/DElise         Dianne Elise      TD181
CntTkeMyEyesOffU1/DE         Dianne Elise      TD185
WatAWondrfulWrld1/DE         Dianne Elise      TD187
WatAWndrfulWorld2/DE            Dianne Elise               TD188
   AllTheWay1/DElise            Dianne Elise               TD189
    AllTheway2/DElise           Dianne Elise               TD190
DWayULookTonight1/DE            Dianne Elise               TD191
DwayULookTonight2/DE            Dianne Elise               TD192
BabyINeedUrLovin1/DE            Dianne Elise               TD193
BabyINeedUrLovin2/DE            Dianne Elise               TD194
  TheLastTime1/DElise           Dianne Elise               TD195
  TheLastTime2/DElise           Dianne Elise               TD196
IkwAngLahatSAkin1/DE            Dianne Elise               TD197
IkwAngLahatSAkin2/DE            Dianne Elise               TD198
   UrDInspiration2/DE           Dianne Elise               TD180
   SweptAway2/DElise            Dianne Elise               TD182
 LandOfDLuvng1/DElise           Dianne Elise               TD183
 LandOfDLuvng2/DElise           Dianne Elise               TD184
CntTkeMyEyesOffU2/DE            Dianne Elise               TD186
  WhereIsTheTime1/DE            Dianne Elise               TD199
  WhereIsTheTime2/DE            Dianne Elise               TD200
 UrDInsprtionAcst1/DE           Dianne Elise               TD201
 UrDInsprtionAcst2/DE           Dianne Elise               TD202
 WhyCantItBe1/3rdAve             3rd Avenue                TD203
 WhyCantItBe2/3rdAve             3rd Avenue                TD204
          Lorano                    Sandoz                 JA041
       WESTMONT                  WESTMONT                  JA042
DersNthin/SeanKPaulD   Sean Kingston feat. Paul DeAnda     SB483
 MeLove/SeanKingston            Sean Kingston              SB481
TakeUDer/SeanKngston            Sean Kingston              SB482
DersNthin/SeanKPaulD   Sean Kingston feat. Paul DeAnda     SB483
  OverMyHead/TheFray               The Fray                SB491
  FeelDatWay/TaylorH             Taylor Hicks              SB487
How2SaveALyf/TheFray               The Fray                SB489
  SwearItAgn/Westlife              Westlife                SB497
 WaitVoiceGreeting/C5           The Click Five             TD177
 KyleJenyVGreeting/C5          The Click Five              TD178
EndOfTym/JustnByonce Justin Timberlake duet with Beyonce   RB164
       MyBoo/Usher                   Usher                 RB177
  CrazyInLuv/Beyonce               Beyonce                 RA979
YDontU/SantanaAlexBd        Santana feat Alex Band         SB478
 FeelBtr/SantanaStvnT     Santana feat. Steven Tyler       SB480
 IfDatsOk/ShayneWard            Shayne Ward                SB484
DatsMyGoal/ShayneWrd            Shayne Wardz               SB485
   ElNinYo/TataYoung              Tata Young               SB486
    AllAtOne/TheFray               The Fray                SB488
   LookAfterU/TheFray              The Fray                SB490
 Smooth/SantanaRobT       Santana feat. Rob Thomas         SB479
    Amazing/Westlife               Westlife                SB492
 WthoutWings/Westlife              Westlife                SB493
   FoolAgain/Westlife                   Westlife               SB494
     Mandy/Westlife                     Westlife               SB495
    Obvious/Westlife                    Westlife               SB496
     Tonight/Westlife                   Westlife               SB498
  TotalEclpse/Westlife                  Westlife               SB499
 Unbreakable/Westlife                   Westlife               SB500
WatMkesAMan/Westlife                    Westlife               SB501
 URaiseMeUp/Westlife                    Westlife               SB502
  Soulmate/NatashaB               Natasha Bedingfield          SB503
        Amber/311                          311                 SB504
      LoveSong/311                         311                 SB505
 AllOutOfLuv/AirSuply                  Air Supply              SB506
Superwman/AliciaKeys                  Alicia Keys              SB507
 NoMorILuvU/ALennox                  Annie Lennox              SB508
  KeepHoldingOn/Avril                Avril Lavigne             SB509
 WenCanICU/Babyface                    Babyface                SB510
    BabyBoy/Beyonce                     Beyonce                SB511
 BreatheOnMe/Britney                Britney Spears             SB512
    Stronger/Britney                Britney Spears             SB513
GimmeThat/ChrisBrown                  Chris Brown              SB514
GirlsWnaHvFun/CyndiL                 Cyndi Lauper              SB515
DntWnaBe/GoodCharlot                Good Charlotte             SB516
   AllByMyself/IlDivo                    Il Divo               SB517
Belong2Me/JesicaSmpn               Jessica Simpson             SB518
EndOfTym/JustnByonce     Justin Timberlake duet with Beyonce   SB519
MsIndependent/KellyC                Kelly Clarkson             SB520
AlwaysMyBaby/MariahC                 Mariah Carey              SB521
  LetMeLoveYou/Mario                      Mario                SB522
BabyBeMine/MJackson                Michael Jackson             SB523
  BillieJean/MJackson              Michael Jackson             SB524
 TilUGetEnuf/MJackson              Michael Jackson             SB525
 PretyYngThng/MJcksn               Michael Jackson             SB526
 LuvSong/SaraBareiles                Sara Bareilles            SB527
  HipsDontLie/Shakira                   Shakira                SB528
      SheIs/TheFray                     The Fray               SB529
UnbreakMyHeart/ToniB                 Toni Braxton              SB530
     CaughtUp/Usher                      Usher                 SB531
       MyBoo/Usher                       Usher                 SB532
        Amber/311                          311                 RB149
      LoveSong/311                         311                 RB150
 AllOutOfLuv/AirSuply                  Air Supply              RB151
Superwman/AliciaKeys                  Alicia Keys              RB152
 NoMorILuvU/ALennox                  Annie Lennox              RB153
  KeepHoldingOn/Avril                Avril Lavigne             RB154
 WenCanICU/Babyface                    Babyface                RB155
    BabyBoy/Beyonce                     Beyonce                RB156
 BreatheOnMe/Britney                Britney Spears             RB157
     Stronger/Britney        Britney Spears      RB158
GimmeThat/ChrisBrown           Chris Brown       RB159
 GirlsWnaHvFun/CyndiL         Cyndi Lauper       RB160
DntWnaBe/GoodCharlot         Good Charlotte      RB161
    AllByMyself/IlDivo            Il Divo        RB162
Belong2Me/JesicaSmpn        Jessica Simpson      RB163
 MsIndependent/KellyC        Kelly Clarkson      RB165
AlwaysMyBaby/MariahC         Mariah Carey        RB166
  LetMeLoveYou/Mario               Mario         RB167
 BabyBeMine/MJackson        Michael Jackson      RB168
   BillieJean/MJackson      Michael Jackson      RB169
 TilUGetEnuf/MJackson       Michael Jackson      RB170
 PretyYngThng/MJcksn        Michael Jackson      RB171
 LuvSong/SaraBareiles        Sara Bareilles      RB172
   HipsDontLie/Shakira            Shakira        RB173
      SheIs/TheFray              The Fray        RB174
 UnbreakMyHeart/ToniB         Toni Braxton       RB175
     CaughtUp/Usher                Usher         RB176
  Ireplaceable/Beyonce           Beyonce         SB364
    LipGloss/LilMama             Lil Mama        SB445
    SexyBack/JustinT       Justin Timberlake     SB424
     Omarion/IceBox              Omarion         SB459
 WtGoesAround/JustinT      Justin Timberlake     SB428
 HowDoIBreathe/Mario               Mario         SB446
  Ireplaceable/Beyonce           Beyonce         SB364
   UrBabies/NatashaB      Natasha Bedingfield    SB457
   LoveStoned/JustinT      Justin Timberlake     SB421
   Tattoo/JordinSparks        Jordin Sparks      SB419
 SncUveBinGone/KellyC        Kelly Clarkson      SB440
    OverIt/KatharineM      Katharine McPhee      SB430
WenWeDie/Bowlng4Soup       Bowling For Soup      SB372
      MyLove/JustinT       Justin Timberlake     SB422
  NvrCMeAg/AliciaKeys           Alicia Keys      SB418
    Crazy/JulioIglesias       Julio Iglesias     SB420
     Senorita/JustinT      Justin Timberlake     SB423
   SexyLadies/JustinT      Justin Timberlake     SB425
   SummerLuv/JustinT       Justin Timberlake     SB426
  TilEndOfTime/JustinT     Justin Timberlake     SB427
      Smoke/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia     SB452
     ThatDay/NatalieI      Natalie Imbruglia     SB453
       Torn/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia     SB454
       Guitar/Prince               Prince        SB461
 SameGirl/RKellyUsher     R. Kelly feat. Usher   SB462
 DontCare/RickyMartin          Ricky Martin      SB463
 NobodyLonely/RickyM           Ricky Martin      SB465
   Pegate/RickyMartin          Ricky Martin      SB466
 SheBangs/RickyMartin          Ricky Martin      SB467
    ShesAll/RickyMartin         Ricky Martin        SB468
SomosLaSemila/RickyM            Ricky Martin        SB469
    TuRecuerdo/RickyM           Ricky Martin        SB470
BlakMagcWman/Santana              Santana           SB471
      Europa/Santana              Santana           SB472
  IntoTheNight/Santana            Santana           SB473
   MariaMaria/Santana             Santana           SB474
   OyeComoVa/Santana              Santana           SB475
   SambaPaTi/Santana              Santana           SB476
 ShesNotThere/Santana             Santana           SB477
      DejaVu/Beyonce              Beyonce           SB361
   FlawsAndAll/Beyonce            Beyonce           SB362
 FreakumDress/Beyonce             Beyonce           SB363
       Listen/Beyonce             Beyonce           SB365
     Inconsolable/BSB         Backstreet Boys       SB358
MyEyesAdoredU/BarryM           Barry Manilow        SB359
   CrazyInLuv/Beyonce             Beyonce           SB360
 RingTheAlarm/Beyonce             Beyonce           SB366
    UpgradeU/Beyonce              Beyonce           SB367
 BreakAnotha/BlakeLws           Blake Lewis         SB368
    MyHello/BlakeLewis          Blake Lewis         SB369
     IGotU/BlakeLewis           Blake Lewis         SB370
   Got2Lose/BlakeLewis          Blake Lewis         SB371
  LoveStory/KatharineM       Katharine McPhee       SB429
   MomentLykDs/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       SB431
   BeautfulDster/KellyC        Kelly Clarkson       SB432
  CozOfU/KellyClarkson         Kelly Clarkson       SB433
     HazelEyes/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       SB434
     Breakaway/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       SB435
    Gone/KellyClarkson         Kelly Clarkson       SB436
   MissedDTrain/KellyC         Kelly Clarkson       SB437
     Low/KellyClarkson         Kelly Clarkson       SB438
    NeverAgain/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       SB439
   Sober/KellyClarkson         Kelly Clarkson       SB441
  TroubleWitLuv/KellyC         Kelly Clarkson       SB442
   WerIsUrHeart/KellyC         Kelly Clarkson       SB443
  LykDis/KellyRwlndEve    Kelly Rowland feat. Eve   SB444
    BeautyFire/NatalieI      Natalie Imbruglia      SB447
    BigMistake/NatalieI      Natalie Imbruglia      SB448
  CountngDays/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia      SB449
      Glorious/NatalieI      Natalie Imbruglia      SB450
       Shiver/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia      SB451
     Wishing/NatashaB        Natalie Imbruglia      SB455
WrongImprsn/NatashaB         Natalie Imbruglia      SB456
   Unwritten/NatashaB      Natasha Bedingfield      SB458
WenItWsMe/PaulDeAnda            Paul DeAnda         SB460
     Maria/RickyMartin          Ricky Martin        SB464
     Jenny/ClickFive            The Click Five        TD092
  HappyBday/ClickFive           The Click Five        TD095
  HappyBday/ClickFive            The Click five       TD096
  SheWillBeLoved2/M5                Maroon5           TD098
  SheWillBeLoved1/M5               Maroon 5           TD099
 HowDoILive2/TrishaYW          Trisha Yearwood        TD100
 HowDoILive1/TrishaYW          Trisha Yearwood        TD101
YouveGotAWay2/STwain             Shania Twain         TD102
YouveGotAWay1/STwain             Shania Twain         TD103
  YourSong2/EltonJohn              Elton John         TD104
  YourSong1/EltonJohn             Elthon John         TD105
 PlsForgiveMe2/BAdams            Bryan Adams          TD106
 PlsForgiveMe1/BAdams           Bryan Adams           TD107
WnUSayNthngAtAll2/RK            Ronan Keating         TD108
WnUSayNthngAtAll1/RK            Ronan Keating         TD109
  LetsFalInLove2/DKral            Diana Krall         TD110
  LetsFalInLove1/DKral           Diana Krall          TD111
 LoveIsAllAround2/Wet           Wet Wet Wet           TD112
 LoveIsAllAround1/Wet           Wet Wet Wet           TD113
LuvMe4Reasn2/Boyzone                Boyzone           TD114
LuvMe4Reasn1/Boyzone                Boyzone           TD115
 Hrd2SyGdbyYstrdy2/B2             Boyz II Men         TD116
 Hrd2SyGdbyYstrdy1/B2            Boyz II Men          TD117
  RealLove2/MaryBlige           Mary J. Blige         TD118
  RealLove1/MaryBlige           Mary J. Blige         TD119
   EndlessLove2/LRDR     Lionel Richie & Diana Ross   TD120
   EndlessLove1/LRDR     Lionel Richie & Diana Ross   TD121
TouchMeNDMorning2/DR              Diana Ross          TD122
TouchMeNDMorning1/DR              Diana Ross          TD123
 SayYouSayMe2/LionelR           Lionel Richie         TD124
 SayYouSayMe1/LionelR           Lionel Richie         TD125
  SheWillBeLoved2/M5              Maroon 5            TD126
  SheWillBeLoved1/M5              Maroon 5            TD127
 HowDoILive2/TrishaYW         Trisha Yearwood         TD128
 HowDoILive1/TrishaYW         Trisha Yearwood         TD129
YouveGotAway2/STwain            Shania Twain          TD130
YouveGotAWay1/STwain            Shania Twain          TD131
 YourSong2/ElthonJohn             Elton John          TD132
 YourSong1/ElthonJohn             Elton John          TD133
  Pls4giveMe2/BAdams            Bryan Adams           TD134
  Pls4giveMe1/BAdams            Bryan Adams           TD135
WhnUSayNthngAtAl2/RK           Ronan Keating          TD136
WhnUSayNthngAtAl1/RK           Ronan Keating          TD137
  LetsFalInLuv2/DKrall           Diana Krall          TD138
  LetsFallnLuv1/DKrall           Diana Krall          TD139
 LoveIsAllAround2/Wet           Wet Wet Wet           TD140
 LoveIsAllAround1/Wet           Wet Wet Wet           TD141
LvMe4AReasn2/Boyzone                 Boyzone               TD142
LvMe4AReasn1/Boyzone                 Boyzone               TD143
 Hrd2SyGdbyYstrdy2/B2              Boyz II Men             TD144
 Hrd2SyGdbyYstrdy1/B2              Boyz II Men             TD145
  RealLove2/MaryBlige             Mary J. Blige            TD146
  RealLove1/MaryBlige             Mary J. Blige            TD147
   EndlessLove2/LRDR       Lionel Richie & Diana Ross      TD148
   EndlessLove1/LRDR       Lionel Richie & Diana Ross      TD149
TouchMeNDMorning2/DR                Diana Ross             TD150
TouchMeNDMorning1/DR                Diana Ross             TD151
  SayUSayMe2/LRichie              Lionel Richie            TD152
  SayUSayMe1/LRichie              Lionel Richie            TD153
 BkitNgayonKaLang2/VA             Various Artist           TD154
 BkitNgayonKaLang1/VA             Various Artist           TD155
 Got2BelieveNMgic2/VA             Various Artist           TD156
 Got2BelieveNMgic1/VA             Various Artist           TD157
  HowToSaveALife2/VA              Various Artist           TD158
  HowToSaveALife1/VA              Various Artist           TD159
   Nakapagtataka2/VA              Various Artist           TD160
   Nakapagtataka1/VA              Various Artist           TD161
  OnDwingsOfLove2/VA              Various Artist           TD162
  OnDwingsOfLove1/VA              Various Artist           TD163
        TellMe2/VA                Various Artist           TD164
        TellMe1/VA                Various Artist           TD165
  TheSweetEscape2/VA              Various Artist           TD166
   DSweetEscape1/VA               Various Artist           TD167
   Evidence/Urbandub                 Urbandub              EB016
 KagatLabi/JoeyDeLeon              Joey De Leon            EB017
   SOS/JonasBrothers              Jonas Brothers           EB018
 LuvMves/JuliaFordham             Julia Fordham            EB019
  ErichPlayingPCGames             Erich Gonzales           CB227
       ErichPoolParty             Erich Gonzales           CB228
   ErichUsapMunaTayo              Erich Gonzales           CB229
      Jenny/ClickFive              The Click Five          TD090
      Jenny/ClickFive              The Click Five          TD091
       Closer/Travis                   Travis              RB131
 How2SaveALyf/TheFray                The Fray              RB126
  BeautifulGirls/SeanK            Sean Kingston            RB115
     Bartender/TPain                  T-Pain               RB129
  OverMyHead/TheFray                 The Fray              RB128
 ByUDrank/TPainYngJoc         T-Pain feat. Yung Joc        RB130
 DersNthin/SeanKPaulD    Sean Kingston feat. Paul DeAnda   RB118
  FeelDatWay/TaylorH                Taylor Hicks           RB124
  SwearItAgn/Westlife                 Westlife             RB137
     Amazing/Westlife                 Westlife             RB132
  WthoutWings/Westlife                Westlife             RB133
    FoolAgain/Westlife                Westlife             RB134
     Mandy/Westlife               Westlife         RB135
     Obvious/Westlife             Westlife         RB136
     Tonight/Westlife             Westlife         RB138
WatMkesAMan/Westlife              Westlife         RB142
  NvrCMeAg/AliciaKeys           Alicia Keys        RB143
 MeLove/SeanKingston          Sean Kingston        RB116
TakeUDer/SeanKngston          Sean Kingston        RB117
 IfDatsOk/ShayneWard           Shayne Ward         RB119
DatsMyGoal/ShayneWrd           Shayne Ward         RB120
 Awakening/Switchfoot           Switchfoot         RB121
  TotalEclpse/Westlife            Westlife         RB139
  Unbreakable/Westlife            Westlife         RB140
  URaiseMeUp/Westlife             Westlife         RB141
 ComeRain/TataYoung             Tata Young         RB122
   ElNinYo/TataYoung            Tata Young         RB123
    AllAtOne/TheFray             The Fray          RB125
   LookAfterU/TheFray            The Fray          RB127
SncUveBinGone/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       RB071
    OverIt/KatharineM       Katharine McPhee       RB060
WtGoesAround/JustinT        Justin Timberlake      RB057
     BabyILuvUrWay           Peter Frampton        KB700
 ILuveUrSmile/Shanice             Shanice          KB701
  CantHelpFallinInLuv         Russell Watson       KB702
Home/KatharineMcPhee        Katharine McPhee       RB058
 LoveStory/KatharineM       Katharine McPhee       RB059
  MomentLykDs/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       RB061
  BeautfulDster/KellyC        Kelly Clarkson       RB062
 CozOfU/KellyClarkson         Kelly Clarkson       RB063
    HazelEyes/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       RB064
    Breakaway/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       RB065
DntWasteUrTym/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson       RB066
   Gone/KellyClarkson         Kelly Clarkson       RB067
  MissedDTrain/KellyC         Kelly Clarkson       RB068
        Low/KellyC            Kelly Clarkson       RB069
    NeverAgain/KellyC         Kelly Clarkson       RB070
  Sober/KellyClarkson         Kelly Clarkson       RB072
 TroubleWitLuv/KellyC         Kelly Clarkson       RB073
  WerIsUrHeart/KellyC         Kelly Clarkson       RB074
ComeBack/KellyRwland          Kelly Rowland        RB075
 LykDis/KellyRwlndEve    Kelly Rowland feat. Eve   RB076
WithOutLuv/AmndaByne          Amanda Bynes         KB692
     CntHlpFalinNLuv          Andrea Bocelli       KB693
      IWntLastADay              Carpenters         KB694
   Close2U/Carpenters           Carpenters         KB695
TheReason/Hoobastank            Hoobastank         KB696
    Hello/LionelRichie         Lionel Richie       KB697
   WatAWondrfulWrld          Louis Armstrong       KB698
 IdDoAnythng4Luv/MtLf                 Meatloaf                KB699
    Lovefool/Cardigans             The Cardigans              KB703
     PDA/JohnLegend                 John Legend               SB410
   AintGotU/AliciaKeys               Alicia Keys              SB343
   WithYou/ChrisBrown               Chris Brown               SB383
Wonderland/JohnMayer                 John Mayer               SB417
   AintGotU/AliciaKeys               Alicia Keys              RA958
   WithYou/ChrisBrown               Chris Brown               RB006
Wonderland/JohnMayer                 John Mayer               RB047
      MyLove/JustinT             Justin Timberlake            RB051
    LoveHurts/Incubus                  Incubus                RB032
    Hero/BoysLikeGirls            Boys Like Girls             RA993
WenWeDie/Bowlng4Soup             Bowling For Soup             RA992
      IceBox/Omarion                  Omarion                 RB093
     PDA/JohnLegend                 John Legend               RB039
  HowDoIBreathe/Mario                   Mario                 RB079
     NoOne/AliciaKeys                Alicia Keys              SB345
       GFEngVer/Avril               Avril Lavigne             SB311
 LongRoad/FooFighters               Foo Fighters              SB400
   Falling/DuranJustinT Duran Duran feat. Justin Timberlake   SB310
  BeautifulGirls/SeanK             Sean Kingston              SB296
 ByUDrank/TPainYngJoc          T-Pain feat. Yung Joc          SB298
   WithYou/ChrisBrown               Chris Brown               SB383
  BeautifulGirls/SeanK             Sean Kingston              SB296
     PDA/JohnLegend                 John Legend               SB410
    PieceOfMe/Britney             Britney Spears              SB375
     Hot/AvrilLavigne               Avril Lavigne             SB355
     NoOne/AliciaKeys                Alicia Keys              SB345
  BeautfulLiar/Beyonce          Beyonce & Shakira             SB297
      Bartender/TPain                   T-Pain                SB295
  ItsNotOver/Daughtry                 Daughtry                SB395
      Home/Daughtry                   Daughtry                SB315
    Hero/BoysLikeGirls            Boys Like Girls             SB314
        Closer/Travis                   Travis                SB301
    LoveHurts/Incubus                  Incubus                SB404
  BeautfulLiar/Beyonce          Beyonce & Shakira             RA987
  ItsNotOver/Daughtry                 Daughtry                RB021
   LoveStoned/JustinT            Justin Timberlake            RB050
     LipGloss/LilMama                 Lil Mama                RB077
   WithYou/ChrisBrown               Chris Brown               RB006
    SexyLadies/JustinT           Justin Timberlake            RB054
      Home/Daughtry                   Daughtry                RB020
   Tattoo/JordinSparks             Jordin Sparks              RB048
    PieceOfMe/Britney             Britney Spears              RA996
  Ireplaceable/Beyonce                 Beyonce                RA983
    UrBabies/NatashaB          Natasha Bedingfield            RB090
     Hot/AvrilLavigne               Avril Lavigne             RA975
    NoOne/AliciaKeys            Alicia Keys       RA960
 Ireplaceable/Beyonce             Beyonce         RA983
       Dig/Incubus                Incubus         RB031
   LoveHurts/Incubus              Incubus         RB032
    NoOne/AliciaKeys            Alicia Keys       RA960
     GFEngVer/Avril            Avril Lavigne      RA964
 LongRoad/FooFighters          Foo Fighters       RB027
       Dig/Incubus                Incubus         SB307
   LoveHurts/Incubus              Incubus         SB404
  AintGotU/AliciaKeys           Alicia Keys       SB343
     Fallin/AliciaKeys          Alicia Keys       SB342
    NoOne/AliciaKeys            Alicia Keys       SB345
 Awakening/Switchfoot           Switchfoot        SB294
ComeBack/KellyRwland          Kelly Rowland       SB302
 ComeRain/TataYoung             Tata Young        SB303
   Crazy/JulioIglesias         Julio Iglesias     SB304
  CryingOut4Me/Mario               Mario          SB305
DarkRoad/AnnieLennox          Annie Lennox        SB306
  DoItWell/JenifrLopez        Jennifer Lopez      SB308
DntWasteUrTym/KellyC          Kelly Clarkson      SB309
    Glorious/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia     SB312
   Gravity/JohnMayer            John Mayer        SB313
 Aceptable/CalvnHaris          Calvin Harris      SB293
    Candyman/Xtina         Christina Aguilera     SB299
 LeaveEm/Ciara50Cent       Ciara feat. 50 Cent    SB300
Home/KatharineMcPhee       Katharine McPhee       SB316
    WenUrGone/Avril            Avril Lavigne      RA974
HelplessSheSmyls/BSB         Backstreet Boys      RA976
    Inconsolable/BSB         Backstreet Boys      RA977
MyEyesAdoredU/BarryM          Barry Manilow       RA978
     DejaVu/Beyonce               Beyonce         RA980
     Listen/Beyonce               Beyonce         RA984
   UpgradeU/Beyonce               Beyonce         RA986
BreakAnotha/BlakeLws            Blake Lewis       RA988
  MyHello/BlakeLewis            Blake Lewis       RA989
Used2LuvU/JohnLegend           John Legend        RB042
   Back2U/JohnMayer             John Mayer        RB043
   Gravity/JohnMayer            John Mayer        RB044
StupdMouth/JohnMayer            John Mayer        RB045
   Crazy/JulioIglesias         Julio Iglesias     RB049
     Senorita/JustinT       Justin Timberlake     RB052
    SexyBack/JustinT        Justin Timberlake     RB053
  SummerLuv/JustinT         Justin Timberlake     RB055
 TilEndOfTime/JustinT       Justin Timberlake     RB056
 OneLove/SpringWaltz     Spring Waltz Sountrack   DC065
  BeautyFire/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia     RB080
  BigMistake/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia     RB081
  RafaelNagbibihisSiya       Rafael Rosell         CB223
   ArronCountToThree         Arron Villaflor       CB224
 ArronIstorboKaSaDate        Arron Villaflor       CB225
      ArronNakialam          Arron Villaflor       CB226
SnaTyoNa/1MilionRose     One Million Roses - Ost   DC067
     Smoke/NatalieI        Natalie Imbruglia       RB085
    ThatDay/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia       RB086
       Torn/NatalieI       Natalie Imbruglia       RB087
   Wishing/NatashaB        Natalie Imbruglia       RB088
 WomansWorth/AKeys             Alicia Keys         RA956
     Fallin/AliciaKeys         Alicia Keys         RA957
    Karma/AliciaKeys           Alicia Keys         RA959
  TakeControl/Amerie             Amerie            RA962
 FlawsAndAll/Beyonce            Beyonce            RA981
FreakumDress/Beyonce            Beyonce            RA982
RingTheAlarm/Beyonce            Beyonce            RA985
    IGotU/BlakeLewis          Blake Lewis          RA990
SoSmall/CarrieUndrwd       Carrie Underwood        RB002
    Alone/CelineDion          Celine Dion          RB003
 TakingChances/Celine         Celine Dion          RB004
WrongImprsn/NatashaB       Natalie Imbruglia       RB089
  Soulmate/NatashaB       Natasha Bedingfield      RB091
  Unwritten/NatashaB      Natasha Bedingfield      RB092
WenItWsMe/PaulDeAnda         Paul DeAnda           RB094
       Guitar/Prince              Prince           RB095
 SameGirl/RKellyUsher     R. Kelly feat. Usher     RB096
 DontCare/RickyMartin         Ricky Martin         RB097
    Maria/RickyMartin         Ricky Martin         RB098
 NobodyLonely/RickyM          Ricky Martin         RB099
   Pegate/RickyMartin         Ricky Martin         RB100
 SheBangs/RickyMartin         Ricky Martin         RB101
  ShesAll/RickyMartin         Ricky Martin         RB102
SomosLaSemila/RickyM          Ricky Martin         RB103
  TuRecuerdo/RickyM           Ricky Martin         RB104
 WomansWorth/AKeys             Alicia Keys         SB341
    Karma/AliciaKeys           Alicia Keys         SB344
   GFFrenchVer/Avril         Avril Lavigne         SB348
   GFGermanVer/Avril         Avril Lavigne         SB349
SummerClothes/BruceS       Bruce Springsteen       SB376
LongWalkHome/BruceS        Bruce Springsteen       SB377
 RadioNowhere/BruceS       Bruce Springsteen       SB378
SoSmall/CarrieUndrwd       Carrie Underwood        SB379
  KissKiss/ChrisBrown         Chris Brown          RB005
 AintNoOthrMan/Xtina       Christina Aguilera      RB007
      Beautiful/Xtina      Christina Aguilera      RB008
     Candyman/Xtina        Christina Aguilera      RB009
   ComeOnOver/Xtina        Christina Aguilera      RB010
  GenieInABottle/Xtina         Christina Aguilera            RB011
    ITurnToYou/Xtina           Christina Aguilera            RB012
     OhMother/Xtina            Christina Aguilera            RB013
  SlowDownBaby/Xtina           Christina Aguilera            RB014
    VoiceWithin/Xtina          Christina Aguilera            RB015
 WhatAGirlWants/Xtina          Christina Aguilera            RB016
        GetUp/Ciara                   Ciara                  RB017
      LikeABoy/Ciara                  Ciara                  RB018
 LeaveEm/Ciara50Cent          Ciara feat. 50 Cent            RB019
    OverYou/Daughtry                Daughtry                 RB022
 InDsLyf/DeltaGoodrem           Delta Goodrem                RB023
  Falling/DuranJustinT Duran Duran feat. Justin Timberlake   RB024
  Sacrfice/Evanescence            Evanescence                RB025
   World/5ForFighting          Five For Fighting             RB026
   Brave/JenniferLopez           Jennifer Lopez              RB033
  DoItWell/JenifrLopez           Jennifer Lopez              RB034
      QueHiciste/JLo             Jennifer Lopez              RB035
   Heaven/JohnLegend              John Legend                RB036
NumberOne/JohnLegend              John Legend                RB037
 OrdnaryPpl/JohnLgend             John Legend                RB038
   SoHigh/JohnLegend              John Legend                RB040
   Stereo/JohnLegend              John Legend                RB041
NoSuchThing/JohnMyer               John Mayer                RB046
    Alone/CelineDion               Celine Dion               SB380
 TakingChances/Celine              Celine Dion               SB381
   KissKiss/ChrisBrown            Chris Brown                SB382
  AintNoOthrMan/Xtina          Christina Aguilera            SB384
      Beautiful/Xtina          Christina Aguilera            SB385
   ComeOnOver/Xtina            Christina Aguilera            SB386
  GenieInABottle/Xtina         Christina Aguilera            SB387
    ITurnToYou/Xtina           Christina Aguilera            SB388
     OhMother/Xtina            Christina Aguilera            SB389
  SlowDownBaby/Xtina           Christina Aguilera            SB390
    VoiceWithin/Xtina          Christina Aguilera            SB391
 WhatAGirlWants/Xtina          Christina Aguilera            SB392
        GetUp/Ciara                   Ciara                  SB393
      LikeABoy/Ciara                  Ciara                  SB394
    OverYou/Daughtry                Daughtry                 SB396
 InDsLyf/DeltaGoodrem           Delta Goodrem                SB397
  Sacrfice/Evanescence            Evanescence                SB398
   World/5ForFighting          Five For Fighting             SB399
  Pretender/FooFghters            Foo Fighters               SB401
  HandsOff/GoodChrltte          Good Charlotte               SB402
  DRiver/GoodCharlotte          Good Charlotte               SB403
   Brave/JenniferLopez           Jennifer Lopez              SB405
      QueHiciste/JLo             Jennifer Lopez              SB406
   Heaven/JohnLegend              John Legend                SB407
NumberOne/JohnLegend             John Legend           SB408
 OrdnaryPpl/JohnLgend            John Legend           SB409
    SoHigh/JohnLegend            John Legend           SB411
    Stereo/JohnLegend            John Legend           SB412
Used2LuvU/JohnLegend             John Legend           SB413
    Back2U/JohnMayer              John Mayer           SB414
   CryingOut4Me/Mario                Mario             RB078
    RafaelGirlInShower           Rafael Rosell         CB221
   RafaelGoingToMovies           Rafael Rosell         CB222
  CountngDays/NatalieI        Natalie Imbruglia        RB082
     Glorious/NatalieI        Natalie Imbruglia        RB083
      Shiver/NatalieI         Natalie Imbruglia        RB084
BlakMagcWman/Santana                Santana            RB105
      Europa/Santana                Santana            RB106
  IntoTheNight/Santana              Santana            RB107
   MariaMaria/Santana               Santana            RB108
   OyeComoVa/Santana                Santana            RB109
   SambaPaTi/Santana                Santana            RB110
 YDontU/SantanaAlexBd      Santana feat Alex Band      RB112
  Smooth/SantanaRobT      Santana feat. Rob Thomas     RB113
  FeelBtr/SantanaStvnT    Santana feat. Steven Tyler   RB114
 DntKnwMyName/AKeys               Alicia Keys          SB346
    TakeControl/Amerie              Amerie             SB347
     GFItalianVer/Avril          Avril Lavigne         SB350
       GFJapVer/Avril            Avril Lavigne         SB351
    GFChineseVer/Avril           Avril Lavigne         SB352
   GFPortugeseVer/Avril          Avril Lavigne         SB353
    GFSpanishVer/Avril           Avril Lavigne         SB354
     WenUrGone/Avril             Avril Lavigne         SB356
 HelplessSheSmyls/BSB          Backstreet Boys         SB357
   Escape/BoysLikeGirls         Boys Like Girls        SB373
   GimmeMore/Britney            Britney Spears         SB374
StupdMouth/JohnMayer              John Mayer           SB415
 NoSuchThing/JohnMyer             John Mayer           SB416
       GFJapVer/Avril            Avril Lavigne         RA968
    GFChineseVer/Avril           Avril Lavigne         RA970
   GFPortugeseVer/Avril          Avril Lavigne         RA971
    GFSpanishVer/Avril           Avril Lavigne         RA972
   Got2Lose/BlakeLewis           Blake Lewis           RA991
   Escape/BoysLikeGirls         Boys Like Girls        RA994
   GimmeMore/Britney            Britney Spears         RA995
SummerClothes/BruceS          Bruce Springsteen        RA997
 LongWalkHome/BruceS          Bruce Springsteen        RA998
  RadioNowhere/BruceS         Bruce Springsteen        RA999
   Aceptable/CalvnHaris          Calvin Harris         RB001
  Pretender/FooFghters           Foo Fighters          RB028
  HandsOff/GoodChrltte         Good Charlotte          RB029
 Driver/GoodCharlotte          Good Charlotte       RB030
DntKnwMyName/AKeys               Alicia Keys        RA961
DarkRoad/AnnieLennox            Annie Lennox        RA963
   GFFrenchVer/Avril            Avril Lavigne       RA965
  GFGermanVer/Avril             Avril Lavigne       RA966
   GFItalianVer/Avril           Avril Lavigne       RA967
ShesNotThere/Santana               Santana          RB111
      BachMusical2        Bach Johann Sebastian     WA363
    BachEnglshSuit        Bach Johann Sebastian     WA364
     BachArtFugue         Bach Johann Sebastian     WA366
    BethovenFurelse       BEETHOVEN Ludwig van      WA367
   BethovenMnuetG          Beethoven Ludwig van     WA368
   BethovnRmanceF          Beethoven Ludwig van     WA369
     BethovnSontaF         Beethoven Ludwig van     WA370
    BethovnSymph5          Beethoven Ludwig van     WA371
    MozartOverture       Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA372
     MozartDivertD       Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA373
     MozartPianFlt1      Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA374
      MozartPiano3       Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA375
     MozartPiano19       Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA376
      MozartRquim        Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA377
   MozartRqumStr1        Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA378
    MozartSymph25        Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA379
    MozartSymph41        Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus    WA380
     PachlblCanonD            Pachelbel Johann      WA381
     PachlblPrludeA           Pachelbel Johann      WA382
     PachlblFugues            Pachelbel Johann      WA383
     PachlblToctasC           Pachelbel Johann      WA384
     PachlblToctasD           Pachelbel Johann      WA385
    SchmanSonataA       Schumann Robert Alexander   WA386
    SchmanSymph1        Schumann Robert Alexander   WA387
    SchmanSymph2        Schumann Robert Alexander   WA388
    SchmanSymph4        Schumann Robert Alexander   WA389
       BachMusical        Bach Johann Sebastian     WA362
    BachMagnfcatD         Bach Johann Sebastian     WA365
CatMouse/RedJumpsuit     Red Jumpsuite Apparatus    EB006
 GivPeace/DPlasticOno       The Plastic Ono Band    EB007
    Paglisan/Jericho           Jericho Rosales      EB008
 Prcrstinator/Sandwch             Sandwich          EB009
        Wow/Kylie                    Kylie          EB010
    Pangako/LukeM               Luke Mejares        RA973
    Pangako/LukeM               Luke Mejares        SB340
HindiKoKaya/RichardR          Richard Reynoso       WA445
 Kronos/HardBoildEgz           HardBoiledEggz       WA390
  Tumakbo/PepePilar               Pepe Pilar        WA397
 1MinOfSilence/Kamia                Kamia           WA398
      Dejected/IMO                   IMO            WA399
   hkailan/Blackheaven       Blackheaven         WA401
  OneWord/ElliottYamin       Elliott Yamin       KB666
  OneWord/ElliottYamin       Elliott Yamin       KB667
   Grace/HardBoildEgz       HardBoiledEggz       WA395
      Laro/MadClown           Mad Clown          WA400
  Taranabai/Punchmint         Punchmint          WA402
   LetMeIn/SmokeFree         Smoke Free          WA403
   Paragon/DescantGot        Descant Gott        WA404
   FalinCalin/Treadston       Treadstone         WA405
     Time2Shine/IyaV          Iya Villania       WA406
  Fly2DMoon/PaviTropi     Pavi with Tropicalia   WA438
    KahitSino/RichardR     Richard Reynoso       WA447
      Sayang/ShirleyF       Shirley Funetes      WA454
   Lunar/HardBoildEgz       HardBoiledEggz       WA391
  Equinox/HardBoildEgz      HardBoiledEggz       WA392
   Stereo/HardBoildEgz      HardBoiledEggz       WA393
  Waiting/HardBoildEgz      HardBoiledEggz       WA394
    LakasTama/Siakol             Siakol          WA559
   Me&You/FallOutBoy         Fall Out Boy        KB598
   LookOfLuv/PaviTropi    Pavi with Tropicalia   WA433
  ShdowSmile/PaviTropi    Pavi with Tropicalia   WA434
   MuchLonger/RachelA      Rachel Alejandro      WA442
 BlagKatohnan/RachelA      Rachel Alejandro      WA443
     LangitNa/RachelA      Rachel Alejandro      WA444
 PminsnMinsn/RichardR      Richard Reynoso       WA446
  AleSaLangit/RichardR     Richard Reynoso       WA448
 4getBoutDFu2re/Sting            STING           TC991
     Fragilidad/STING            STING           TC992
      ParaSaAkin/Sitti            Sitti          TC993
FULvSmbdyStfree/STNG             STING           TC994
       Inside/STING              STING           TC995
    AkingHiling/3rdAve        3rd Avenue         TC996
  ItsProbablyMe/STING            STING           TC997
  NoSuchThing/3rdAve          3rd Avenue         TC998
      OneLook/Kjwan              Kjwan           TC999
 LuvIsd7thWave/STING             STING           TD001
       Pintura/Kjwan             Kjwan           TD002
   MadAboutYou/STING             STING           TD003
MoonOvrBourbnSt/STNG             STING           TD004
    Sayang/Rivermaya          Rivermaya          TD005
NeverComingHme/STING             STING           TD006
   TaratTat/JohnPratts        John Pratts        TD007
      Russians/STING             STING           TD008
       LSS/Stonefree           Stonefree         TD009
       LovingU/Nina               Nina           TD010
    SacredLove/STING             STING           TD011
 ShpeOfMyHartLiv/STNG            STING           TD012
    EveryLilThing/Sting          Sting           TD013
     StolenCar/STING             STING           TD014
  EvryBreathUTke/Sting           Sting           TD015
     KingofPain/Sting            Sting           TD016
  DeeDooDooDoo/Sting             Sting           TD017
  DBookOfMyLife/STING            STING           TD018
   IfIEvrLseFaith/Sting          Sting           TD019
TheyDanceAlone/STING             STING           TD020
 ShapeOfMyHeart/Sting            Sting           TD021
   ItsProbablyMe/Sting           Sting           TD022
ThisCowboySong/STING             STING           TD023
EnglshmnNNwYrk/Sting             Sting           TD024
      ThisWar/STING              STING           TD025
 WellBeTogether/STING            STING           TD026
 MyChngingMood/2Sitti             Sitti          TD079
    TimeandTide1/Sitti            Sitti          TD080
    TimeandTide2/Sitti            Sitti          TD081
  WithorWthoutU1/Sitti            Sitti          TD082
  WithorWthoutU2/Sitti            Sitti          TD083
DWnrTksAll/ABBABossa          ABBA Bossa         TD084
DncngQueen/ABBABossa          ABBA Bossa         TD085
  Chiquitita/ABBABossa        ABBA Bossa         TD086
  Fernando/ABBABossa             ABBA            TD087
KnwngMe&U/ABBABossa           ABBA Bossa         TD088
TnkU4DMsic/ABBABossa          ABBA Bossa         TD089
      Karoling/Siakol            Siakol          WA417
        Halik/Aegis              Aegis           WA418
        Luha/Aegis               Aegis           WA419
    BasangBasa/Aegis             Aegis           WA420
        Sinta/Aegis              Aegis           WA421
     ManiwalaKa/Aegis            Aegis           WA422
  TaradyinPot2/BayaniA     Bayani Agbayani       WA423
         Alive/Frio               Frio           WA424
    CouldHavBeen/Frio             Frio           WA425
     Sulat/Moonstar88         Moonstar88         WA426
    Torete/Moonstar88         Moonstar88         WA427
  SaLangit/Moonstar88         Moonstar88         WA428
   NightNDay/PaviTropi    Pavi with Tropicalia   WA429
   BizareLuv/PaviTropi    Pavi with Tropicalia   WA430
   ICantTellU/PaviTropi   Pavi with Tropicalia   WA431
          24Oras             jam creation        WA407
        UnangHirit           jam creation        WA408
        WishKoLang         Jolina Magdangal      WA409
         TVPatrol            jam creation        WA410
     HoldOn/Shamrock           Shamrock          WA411
 InDNameLove/Yasmien        Yasmien Kurdi        WA412
  KasalananKoBa/ToniG        Toni Gonzaga        WA413
   HmigPasko/FreddyA        Freddy Aguilar       WA414
 PskoNSintaKo/FreddyA       Freddy Aguilar       WA415
 DiwaNgPasko/FreddyA        Freddy Aguilar       WA416
      CallMe/PaviTropi    Pavi with Tropicalia   WA432
   Nkpagta2ka/RachelA      Rachel Alejandro      WA435
     KayTagal/RachelA      Rachel Alejandro      WA436
    IllBeBack/PaviTropi   Pavi with Tropicalia   WA437
    PaalamNa/RachelA       Rachel Alejandro      WA439
        KSP/RachelA        Rachel Alejandro      WA440
     MrKupido/RachelA      Rachel Alejandro      WA441
  PnakipButas/RichardR     Richard Reynoso       WA449
    Blanko/SesionRoad        Session Road        WA450
    Hiram/SesionRoad         Session Road        WA451
  LeavingU/SesionRoad        Session Road        WA452
SuntkBwan/SesionRoad         Session Road        WA453
         Cno/Bj&Jp               Bj & Jp         DC055
  MsgInABottle/DPolice         The Police        TD027
 WhenWeDance/STING               STING           TD028
    Runaway/TheCorrs           The Corrs         TD029
WhnevrISayUrNme/STNG             STING           TD030
    SoYoung/TheCorrs           The Corrs         TD031
 SumerSunshine/DCorrs          The Corrs         TD032
WhyShouldCry4U/STING             STING           TD033
 TatoedOnMyMind/Sitti              Sitti         TD034
DntStndClose2me/STNG          THE POLICE         TD035
       Someday/Nina               Nina           TD036
  InvisibleSun/DPOLICE        THE POLICE         TD037
 LetDPainRemain/SideA             SideA          TD038
      Listen/Stonefree         Stonefree         TD039
 MsgNABotleClsic/STNG            STING           TD040
 SoMnyQuestions/SideA            Side A          TD041
  Roxxane/THE POLICE          THE POLICE         TD042
 StayDsWayInlove/Nina             Nina           TD043
     Samba Song/Sitti              Sitti         TD044
WalkingOnDMoon/POLCE          THE POLICE         TD045
       Jeepney/KALA               KALA           TD046
     Manila High/KALA             KALA           TD047
   Crawling/Linkin park       Linkin Park        TD048
   Bubbly/ColbieCaillat      Colbie Caillat      KB599
   Me&You/FallOutBoy         Fall Out Boy        KB602
   Apologize/Timbaland         Timbaland         KB603
   SuperTrouper/ABBA          ABBA Bossa         TC982
   GimmeGimme/ABBA            ABBA Bossa         TC983
       Salamat/Bj&Jp             Bj & Jp         DC059
   Bubbly/ColbieCaillat      Colbie Caillat      KB593
  BrandNewDay/STING              STING           TC988
    DesertRose/STING             STING           TC989
   FieldsOfGold/STING            STING         TC990
  AnythingForYou/Nina             Nina         TD049
 NbodysLstening/LPark         Linkin park      TD050
PeopleRPeople/DSound            DSound         TD051
  GivenUp/Linkin park         Linkin park      TD052
       Manila/SideA              SideA         TD053
    SetYouFree/SideA             SideA         TD054
WrpdRoundUrFngr/STNG             STING         TD055
       TellMe/SideA              SideA         TD056
 SprtsMtrialWrld/STNG            STING         TD057
       Unsaid1/Lala               Lala         TD058
ASong4PenyBrwn1/SITI              Sitti        TD059
       Unsaid2/Lala               Lala         TD060
ASong4PenyBrwn2/SITI              Sitti        TD061
 BabyILuvUr Wy1/Sitti             Sitti        TD062
   IkawLamang1/Sitti              Sitti        TD063
 BabyILuvUrWay2/Sitti             Sitti        TD064
   IkawLamang2/Sitti              Sitti        TD065
  HinhnphnpKita1/Sitti            Sitti        TD066
 KngDRinLngIkw1/Sitti             Sitti        TD067
  HinhnphnpKita2/Sitti            Sitti        TD068
 KngDRinLngIkw2/Sitti             Sitti        TD069
 IWontStandInU1/Sitti             Sitti        TD070
     Olats/Rivermaya          Rivermaya        TD071
 IWontStandInU2/Sitti             Sitti        TD072
 Nawawala/Rivermaya           Rivermaya        TD073
 IfULeaveMeNow1/Sitti             Sitti        TD074
 Marimar/AiceleSantos        AiceleSantos      TD075
 IfULeaveMeNow2/Sitti             Sitti        TD076
 SendYourLove/STING              STING         TD077
 MyChngingMood1/Sitti             Sitti        TD078
AboutUNow/Sugababes           Sugababes        KB607
JstMyImgntn/Boyz2Men         Boyz II Men       KB608
   Me&You/FallOutBoy         Fall Out Boy      KB609
   Supervillain/Nicole    Nicole Scherzinger   KB610
 DNameofDGame/ABBA           ABBA Bossa        TC984
  IHaveADream/ABBA           ABBA Bossa        TC985
    VoulezVous/ABBA          ABBA Bossa        TC986
    AllThisTime/Sting            Sting         TC987
   Supervillain/Nicole    Nicole Scherzinger   KB611
      StillWill/50Cent          50 Cent        KB612
      StillWill/50Cent          50 Cent        KB613
    FlyLikeMe/Chingy            Chingy         KB614
    AintNoParty/Orson            Orson         KB616
    Capri/ColbieCaillat      Colbie Caillat    KB617
     1FineWire/Colbie        Colbie Caillat    KB619
   MdnytBottle/Colbie        Colbie Caillat    KB620
  Umbrella/VanilaSky        Vanilla Sky     KB621
  Magic/Colbie Caillat     Colbie Caillat   KB622
   TaylorMade/Colbie       Colbie Caillat   KB623
  MyGirl/Temptations     The Temptations    KB624
 BetterThanMe/Hinder           Hinder       KB625
 Oxygen/ColbieCaillat      Colbie Caillat   KB627
   LittleThings/Colbie     Colbie Caillat   KB628
  LittleThings/Colbie      Colbie Caillat   KB629
     Rehab/Rihanna            Rihanna       KB630
    TiedDown/Colbie        Colbie Caillat   KB631
  Battle/ColbieCaillat     Colbie Caillat   KB632
      Realize/Colbie       Colbie Caillat   KB633
    Haunted/Rihanna           Rihanna       KB634
      SayIt/Rihanna           Rihanna       KB635
QuestnXistng/Rihanna          Rihanna       KB637
       Cry/Rihanna            Rihanna       KB638
 SouljaGirl/SouljaBoy        Soulja Boy     KB639
 WorkThat/MaryJBlige       Mary J. Blige    KB640
 FeelingsShow/Colbie       Colbie Caillat   KB641
Feedbak/JanetJackson      Janet Jackson     KB642
Feedbak/JanetJackson      Janet Jackson     KB643
  JustFine/MaryJBlige       Mary J Blige    KB644
  JustFine/MaryJBlige      Mary J. Blige    KB645
IfIHdEyes/JackJohnsn       Jack Johnson     KB646
IfIHdEyes/JackJohnsn       Jack Johnson     KB647
SnsualSeductn/Snoop         Snoop Dogg      KB648
ShnOvrBbln/SherylCrw        Sheryl Crow     KB649
 LemeGetDat/Rihanna           Rihanna       KB650
  Mercy/OneRepublic        One Republic     KB651
 1MorChance/WillIAm           Will.I.Am     KB652
 GoodLife/KanyeWest         Kanye West      KB654
WontGoHome/Maroon5            Maroon 5      KB655
      Clumsy/Fergie            Fergie       KB656
        1234/Feist              Feist       KB657
 CrankThat/SouljaBoy         Soulja Boy     KB658
 SombdysMe/Enrique       Enrique Iglesias   KB659
DntStpDMusic/Rihanna          Rihanna       KB661
Stp&Stare/OneRepblic       One Republic     KB663
Stp&Stare/OneRepblic       One Republic     KB664
 Aaminin/6Cyclemind         6Cyclemind      SB332
         BI/Gloc9              Gloc9        SB333
  DisconnNotice/Pupil           Pupil       SB334
   MakingLuv/Sharon       Sharon Cuneta     SB335
 Migrane/Moonstar88         Moonstar88      SB336
    Monoblock/Pupil             Pupil       SB337
  PangakoYan/LukeM         Luke Mejares     SB338
 Aaminin/6Cyclemind         6Cyclemind      RA949
           BI/Gloc9               Gloc9        RA950
    DisconnNotice/Pupil            Pupil       RA951
     MakingLuv/Sharon        Sharon Cuneta     RA952
    Migrane/Moonstar88         Moonstar88      RA953
      Monoblock/Pupil              Pupil       RA954
    PangakoYan/LukeM          Luke Mejares     RA955
TakeAChanceOnMe/Abba           ABBA Bossa      TC977
     MammaMia/ABBA             ABBA Bossa      TC978
MoneyMoneyMoneyABBA            ABBA Bossa      TC979
     S.O.S/ABBA Bossa          ABBA Bossa      TC980
  Waterloo/ABBA Bossa          ABBA Bossa      TC981
   Habangbuhay/YengC       Yeng Constantino    PB759
   Habangbuhay/YengC       Yeng Constantino    PB759
   ItsYouAllAlong/SamM          Sam Milby      DC029
 WerDidUAkustic/SamM            Sam Milby      DC031
KsamaKng2mnda/OgieA           Ogie Alcasid     DC032
  BoomTiyaya/VhongN.        |Vhong Navarro     DC033
     HIpHopSalsa/IyaV          Iya Villania    DC034
 ShakeYoThng/GabrielV     Gabriel Valenciano   DC037
 UhAhAh/WowoweeGirls      Wowowee ASF Girls    DC040
  DncingNaked/KittyGrl          Kitty Girls    DC041
    GalawGalaw/BBClan            BB Clan       DC043
       Fire/DonThe4th     Don the 4th Letter   DC044
     SafeSexin/Quaizy            Quaizy        DC045
     ClubJump/Quaizy             Quaizy        DC047
 TykMeInUrEyes/Sydney      Sydney & Simon      DC062
     SlipAway/SydneyS      Sydney & Simon      DC064
     MahalParin/SamM            Sam Milby      DC027
  BootyBopBop/GeraldA      Gerald Anderson     DC042
     BkalNKmao/Acero            Cris Acero     DC046
   ChillenNManila/Bj&Jp          Bj & Jp       DC048
      KasamaMo/Bj&Jp             Bj & Jp       DC050
   KamiLang/Bastonero           Bastonero      DC051
        Tru143/Bj&Jp             Bj & Jp       DC052
  DaWayItWasB4/Bj&Jp             Bj & Jp       DC053
     TeykUHome/Bj&Jp             Bj & Jp       DC054
    KhitKontiLng/Bj&Jp           Bj & Jp       DC056
 DikoLngMsabi/SydneyS      Sydney & Simon      DC061
  IkawLamang/SydneyS       Sydney & Simon      DC063
 MhalPRinAkustic/SamM           Sam Milby      DC028
WerDidYouGo/SamMilby           Sam MIlby       DC030
  StopNGo/MIckeySaicy      Mickey and Saicy    DC035
   RealMan/VinaMorales        Vina Morales     DC036
BumpDatBooty/GeraldA       Gerald Anderson     DC038
AyokoNAyawMoNa/Bj&Jp             Bj & Jp       DC049
       Dumapa/Bj&Jp              Bj & Jp       DC057
      OhGiliwKo/Bj&Jp            Bj & Jp       DC058
 YkapinMoKo/SydneyS            Sydney & Simon           DC060
 BktNgynKLng1/VArtist           Various Artist          TC949
 BktNgynKLng2/VArtist           Various Artist          TC950
       westmont                unilab westmont          JA040
 HowToSaveALife2/VA             Various Artist          TC954
  Nakapagtataka1/VA             Various Artist          TC955
  Nakapagtataka2/VA             Various Artist          TC956
Got2BlieveNMagic2/VA            Various Artist          TC952
 HowToSaveALife1/VA             Various Artist          TC953
 OnDWingsOfLove1/VA             Various Artist          TC957
 OnDWingsOfLove2/VA             Various Artist          TC958
  TellMe1/VriousArtist          Various Artist          TC959
  TellMe2/VariousArtst          Various Artist          TC960
   DSweetEscape1/VA             Various Artist          TC961
   DSweetEscape2/VA             Various Artist          TC962
Got2BlieveNMagic1/VA            Various Artist          TC951
         HDMF            Home Development Mutual Fund   JA039
   HolyNyt/SouthPark             Eric Cartman           SB252
  OCome/FrankSinatra            Frank Sinatra           SB253
 Grandma/ElmoNPatsy              Elmo & Patsy           SB251
 XmasWtoutYou/NSync                 N'Sync              RA932
 XmasWtoutYou/NSync                 N'Sync              SB284
MeriXmasHpiHdy/NSync                N'Sync              SB285
 ColdOutside/RodStwrt            Rod Stewart            RA934
 ColdOutside/RodStwrt            Rod Stewart            SB286
  XmasIsHere/SarahM            Sarah McLachlan          RA935
  XmasIsHere/SarahM            Sarah McLachlan          SB287
BeHome4Xmas/SarahM             Sarah McLachlan          RA937
BeHome4Xmas/SarahM             Sarah McLachlan          SB289
BleakMdWinter/SarahM           Sarah McLachlan          SB290
MeriXmasHpiHdy/NSync                N'Sync              RA933
  HappyXmas/SarahM             Sarah McLachlan          RA936
  HappyXmas/SarahM             Sarah McLachlan          SB288
BleakMdWinter/SarahM           Sarah McLachlan          RA938
 WatChildIsDis/SarahM          Sarah McLachlan          RA939
 WatChildIsDis/SarahM          Sarah McLachlan          SB291
  Wintersong/SarahM            Sarah McLachlan          RA940
  Wintersong/SarahM            Sarah McLachlan          SB292
  Migrane/Moonstar88             Moonstar 88            SB322
   PangakoYan/LukeM              Luke Mejares           SB323
   MakingLuv/Sharon             Sharon Cuneta           SB324
  Aaminin/6Cyclemind             6 Cyclemind            RA942
        BI/Gloc9                     Gloc 9             RA943
  DisconnNotice/Pupil                 Pupil             RA944
   MakingLuv/Sharon             Sharon Cuneta           RA945
  Migrane/Moonstar88             Moonstar 88            RA946
    Monoblock/Pupil                   Pupil             RA947
 PangakoYan/LukeM                 Luke Mejares           RA948
PsychoTdy/PsychoTdy               Psycho Teddy           SB317
PsychoTdy/PsychoTdy               Psycho Teddy           RA941
   Monoblock/Pupil                     Pupil             SB318
 Aaminin/6Cyclemind                6 Cyclemind           SB319
        BI/Gloc9                       Gloc 9            SB320
 DisconnNotice/Pupil                   Pupil             SB321
    Dati/Freestyle                   Freestyle           IB191
      Dluce/UD40                       UD40              IB190
  BiyahengJeepney        Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper   IB183
       Tambalan          Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper   IB182
     Bed/JHoliday                    J Holiday           EB002
AmricanPie/DonMclean               Don Mclean            EB004
          HDMF         HOME DEVELOPMENT MUTUAL FUND      JA038
 AngSarap/Nightshift                Nightshift           GA246
 AngSarap/Nightshift                Nightshift           GA246
 AngSarap/Nightshift                Nightshift           GA246
       IllBeBack              Pavi with Tropicalia       WA340
  ShdowOfUrSmile              Pavi with Tropicalia       WA341
    FlyMe2DMoon               Pavi with Tropicalia       WA342
   Nakapagtataka                Rachel Alejandro         WA343
    AleNasaLangit               Richard Reynoso          WA354
      HmigPasko                  Freddy Aguilar          WA320
        Karoling                       Siakol            WA323
      NightNDay               Pavi with Tropicalia       WA335
      BizareLove              Pavi with Tropicalia       WA336
         CallMe               Pavi with Tropicalia       WA338
       KayTagal                 Rachel Alejandro         WA344
       PaalamNa                 Rachel Alejandro         WA345
           KSP                  Rachel Alejandro         WA346
       MrKupido                 Rachel Alejandro         WA347
      MuchLonger                Rachel Alejandro         WA348
   BulagKatohanan               Rachel Alejandro         WA349
       LangitNa                 Rachel Alejandro         WA350
     PminsnMinsn                Richard Reynoso          WA351
     HindiKoKaya                Richard Reynoso          WA352
       KahitSino                Richard Reynoso          WA353
     PanakipButas               Richard Reynoso          WA355
         Blanko                   Session Road           WA356
         Hiram                    Session Road           WA357
      LeavingYou                  Session Road           WA358
    SuntokBuwan                   Session Road           WA359
    SayangSayang                Shirley Funetes          WA360
      LakasTama                        Siakol            WA361
   PskoNaSintaKo                 Freddy Aguilar          WA321
     DiwaNgPasko                 Freddy Aguilar          WA322
          Halik                        Aegis             WA324
            Luha                  Aegis          WA325
        BasangBasa                Aegis          WA326
            Sinta                 Aegis          WA327
        ManiwalaKa                Aegis          WA328
       TaradyinPotPot      Bayani Agbayani       WA329
            Alive                  Frio          WA330
       CouldHavBeen                Frio          WA331
            Sulat             Moonstar88         WA332
           Torete             Moonstar88         WA333
          SaLangit            Moonstar88         WA334
        ICantTellYou      Pavi with Tropicalia   WA337
         LookOfLove       Pavi with Tropicalia   WA339
    HolyNyt/SouthPark         South Park         RA900
   OCome/FrankSinatra        Frank Sinatra       RA901
 XmasMdley/FrankSntra        Frank Sinatra       RA902
  SantaBaby/EarthaKitt        Eartha Kitt        RA898
  Grandma/ElmoNPatsy         Elmo & Patsy        RA899
   SlentNyt/GloriaEstfn      Gloria Estefan      RA908
     OHolyNight/IlDivo           Il Divo         RA909
     OHolyNight/IlDivo           Il Divo         SB261
 LetMeLuvU2nyt/RyanC        Ryan Cayabyab        SB268
   FlizNvdad/JseFlciano      Jose Feliciano      SB269
AwayInAManger1/Bossa        Bossa Christmas      TC921
AwayInAManger2/Bossa        Bossa Christmas      TC922
 HvUrslfMeriXms2/Bosa      Bossa Christmas       TC924
 I'llBeHme4Xmas2/Bosa      Bossa Christmas       TC926
TownOfBetlehem2/Bosa       Bossa Christmas       TC930
    SilentNight1/Bossa     Bossa Christmas       TC933
    SilentNight2/Bossa     Bossa Christmas       TC934
SomedayAtXmas1/Bossa       Bossa Christmas       TC935
SomedayAtXmas2/Bossa       Bossa Christmas       TC936
   HolyNyt/KellyClrkson      Kelly Clarkson      SB270
ChanukahSong/KennyG             Kenny G          SB271
    DXmasSong1/Bossa       Bossa Christmas       TC937
    DXmasSong2/Bossa       Bossa Christmas       TC938
   TheFirstNoel1/Bossa     Bossa Christmas       TC939
   TheFirst Noel2/Bossa    Bossa Christmas       TC940
   WeWishYou/KennyG             Kenny G          SB272
   DisChristmas1/Bossa     Bossa Christmas       TC941
   DisChristmas2/Bossa     Bossa Christmas       TC942
 DisIsXmasDay/LutherV       Luther Vandross      SB273
WeWshUMeriXmas1/Bosa        Bossa Christmas      TC943
 AllIWant4Xmas/Mariah        Mariah Carey        SB274
WeWshUMeriXmas2/Bosa       Bossa Christmas       TC944
 XmasMdley/FrankSntra        Frank Sinatra       SB254
CameUponMdnyt/FrankS         Frank Sinatra       SB255
CameUponMdnyt/FrankS         Frank Sinatra       RA903
    JingleBells/FrankS     Frank Sinatra    SB256
    JingleBells/FrankS     Frank Sinatra    RA904
 LetItSnow/FrankSntra      Frank Sinatra    RA905
  SilentNyt/FrankSntra     Frank Sinatra    SB258
  SilentNyt/FrankSntra     Frank Sinatra    RA906
WhiteXmas/FrankSntra       Frank Sinatra    SB259
WhiteXmas/FrankSntra       Frank Sinatra    RA907
  SlentNyt/GloriaEstfn     Gloria Estefan   SB260
 BlueXmas/ElvisPrsley       Elvis Presley   SB262
 WndrflChild/JohnLgnd       John Legend     RA912
 WndrflChild/JohnLgnd       John Legend     SB264
OHolyNight/JohnLgend        John Legend     RA913
HvUrslfMeriXms1/Bosa      Bossa Christmas   TC923
I'llBeHme4Xmas1/Bosa     Bossa Christmas    TC925
MeriXmasDrling1/Bosa     Bossa Christmas    TC927
MeriXmasDrling2/Bosa     Bossa Christmas    TC928
TownOfBetlehem1/Bosa     Bossa Christmas    TC929
    SilverBells1/Bossa   Bossa Christmas    TC931
    SilverBells2/Bossa   Bossa Christmas    TC932
 BlueXmas/ElvisPrsley       Elvis Presley   RA910
WatXmasMeans/JssicaS      Jessica Simpson   RA911
WatXmasMeans/JssicaS      Jessica Simpson   SB263
BlueXmas/JohnnyCash         Johnny Cash     RA914
BlueXmas/JohnnyCash         Johnny Cash     SB266
 HolyNyt/JohnnyMathis      Johnny Mathis    SB267
 HolyNyt/JohnnyMathis      Johnny Mathis    RA915
 WatChildIsDis1/Bossa    Bossa Christmas    TC945
 HarkTheHerald/Mariah       Mariah Carey    SB275
 WatChildIsDis2/Bossa    Bossa Christmas    TC946
    JesusBorn/Mariah        Mariah Carey    SB276
WhiteChristmas1/Bosa     Bossa Christmas    TC947
WhiteChristmas2/Bosa     Bossa Christmas    TC948
    JesusChild/Mariah       Mariah Carey    SB277
OHolyNyt/MariahCarey        Mariah Carey    SB278
WytXmas/MartnaMcBrde      Martina McBride   SB279
WndrflTym/AndyWliams       Andy Williams    SB280
HavUrself/AndyWliams       Andy Williams    SB281
    MissUMost/Mariah        Mariah Carey    SB282
 LastChristmas/Wham            Wham         SB283
    JesusChild/Mariah       Mariah Carey    RA925
OHolyNyt/MariahCarey        Mariah Carey    RA926
 EndOfRoad/BoyzIIMen        Boyz II Men     KB575
  HeyLover/BoyzIIMen        Boyz II Men     KB576
IlMkeLuv2U/BoyzIIMen        Boyz II Men     KB577
  NDStilOfDNyt/BoyzII       Boyz II Men     KB578
LivFrTday/3DoorsDown       3 Doors Down     KB579
    StillDown/Ashanti          Ashanti      KB580
 LetMeLuvU2nyt/RyanC     Ryan Cayabyab     RA916
  FlizNvdad/JseFlciano    Jose Feliciano   RA917
  HolyNyt/KellyClrkson    Kelly Clarkson   RA918
ChanukahSong/KennyG          Kenny G       RA919
  WeWishYou/KennyG           Kenny G       RA920
 DisIsXmasDay/LutherV    Luther Vandross   RA921
 AllIWant4Xmas/Mariah     Mariah Carey     RA922
 HarkTheHerald/Mariah     Mariah Carey     RA923
    JesusBorn/Mariah      Mariah Carey     RA924
WytXmas/MartnaMcBrde     Martina McBride   RA927
WndrflTym/AndyWliams      Andy Williams    RA928
 HavUrself/AndyWliams     Andy Williams    RA929
 MissUMost/Mariah Mar     Mariah Carey     RA930
  LastChristmas/Wham          Wham!        RA931
 OnlyDLonely/DianaKra      Diana Krall     KB581
 HartOFSatNyt/DianaKr      Diana Krall     KB582
  MeEnamora1/Juanes           Juanes       KB583
  MeEnamora2/Juanes           Juanes       KB584
  BigGirlsRemix/Fergie        Fergie       KB585
   DareToLive/Andrea      Andrea Bocelli   KB586
  VoceSilenzio/Andrea     Andrea Bocelli   KB587
    Bellissime/Andrea     Andrea Bocelli   KB588
     IoCiSaro/Andrea      Andrea Bocelli   KB589
          12Days               wsa         WA278
          AWasail              wsa         WA279
         RockXMas              wsa         WA299
         SawMom                wsa         WA300
  IllNeverGo/ErikSntos     Erik Santos     DC011
 KokeyDnceRmix/Kokey       Kokey Kids      DC012
KembotXmasDance/UD4            UD4         DC013
 WishUMeriXmas/Bossa       Bossa Nova      DC014
 XmasSong/BossaNova        Bossa Nova      DC015
 WhiteXmas/BossaNova       Bossa Nova      DC016
  HavAMeriXmas/Bossa       Bossa Nova      DC017
     SilverBells/Bossa     Bossa Nova      DC018
 BeHome4Xmas/Bossa         Bossa Nova      DC019
 WonderfulTime/Bossa       Bossa Nova      DC020
   DeckTheHalls/Bossa      Bossa Nova      DC021
 WinterWndrland/Bossa      Bossa Nova      DC022
 AnthrNewYirEve/Bossa      Bossa Nova      DC023
  AuldLangSyne/Bossa       Bossa Nova      DC024
           Carol               wsa         WA280
         DingDong              wsa         WA283
          GodRest              wsa         WA284
        HereComes              wsa         WA285
            Jolly              wsa         WA286
         LuksXMas              wsa         WA289
          Midnite               wsa           WA291
       OComeOCo                 wsa           WA292
        OXMasTre                wsa           WA293
           Time                 wsa           WA301
         UpHouse                wsa           WA302
        WeWishU                 wsa           WA303
  SantaBaby/EarthaKitt      Eartha Kitt       SB250
 LetItSnow/FrankSntra      Frank Sinatra      SB257
 OHolyNight/JohnLgend      John Legend        SB265
8DaysXmas/DstnysChld      Destinys Child      SB243
   TaratTat/JohnPrats        John Prats       PB757
  FeelsLikeXmas/Cyndi      Cyndi Lauper       RA886
  HomeOnXmas/Cyndi         Cyndi Lauper       SB239
  HomeOnXmas/Cyndi         Cyndi Lauper       RA887
   MinnieNSanta/Cyndi      Cyndi Lauper       SB240
   MinnieNSanta/Cyndi      Cyndi Lauper       RA888
   RockinAround/Cyndi      Cyndi Lauper       SB241
   RockinAround/Cyndi      Cyndi Lauper       RA889
   3Ships/CyndiLauper      Cyndi Lauper       RA890
   3Ships/CyndiLauper      Cyndi Lauper       SB242
8DaysXmas/DstnysChld      Destinys Child      RA891
 DeckDHals/DstnysChld     Destinys Child      RA892
 DeckDHals/DstnysChld     Destinys Child      SB244
FrstySnwmn/DstnysChd      Destinys Child      RA893
FrstySnwmn/DstnysChd      Destinys Child      SB245
  JngleBells/DstnysChd    Destinys Child      RA894
  JngleBells/DstnysChd    Destinys Child      SB246
   HolyNyt/DstnysChld     Destinys Child      RA895
   HolyNyt/DstnysChld     Destinys Child      SB247
 AngelsHeardHgh/Xtina    Christina Aguilera   SB235
 AngelsHeardHgh/Xtina    Christina Aguilera   RA883
XmasConga/CyndiLaupr       Cyndi Lauper       RA884
XmasConga/CyndiLaupr       Cyndi Lauper       SB236
XmasMrnng/CyndiLaupr       Cyndi Lauper       RA885
XmasMrnng/CyndiLaupr       Cyndi Lauper       SB237
  FeelsLikeXmas/Cyndi      Cyndi Lauper       SB238
  SlentNyt/DstnysChld     Destinys Child      RA896
  SlentNyt/DstnysChld     Destinys Child      SB248
 SprdLilLuv/DstnysChd     Destinys Child      RA897
 SprdLilLuv/DstnysChd     Destinys Child      SB249
  SlentNytHolyNyt/Erik      Erik Santos       PB755
     TheFirstNoel/Erik      Erik Santos       PB756
   NgayongPasko/Erik        Erik Santos       PB752
    AkalaMoLang/Zelle           Zelle         SB218
   MyOnlyWish/Britney     Britney Spears      SB224
AlamMoNaDBa/Sugarpop         Sugarpop         SB217
  CrazyIncrdble/BrianJ      Brian Josef       SB219
  DontSave/ClayAiken         Clay Aiken       RA878
 Joy2DWorld/ClayAiken        Clay Aiken       SB231
 Joy2DWorld/ClayAiken        Clay Aiken       RA879
  SilentNght/ClayAiken       Clay Aiken       SB232
  SilentNght/ClayAiken       Clay Aiken       RA880
   FirstNoel/ClayAiken       Clay Aiken       RA881
   FirstNoel/ClayAiken       Clay Aiken       SB233
 WntrWdrlnd/ClayAiken        Clay Aiken       SB234
 WntrWdrlnd/ClayAiken        Clay Aiken       RA882
 SinoBaNamanAko/Mau         Mau Marcelo       RA860
 LetMeLuvU2nyt/RyanC      Ryan Cayabyab       RA861
AlamMoNaDBa/Sugarpop          Sugarpop        RA863
   AkalaMoLang/Zelle             Zelle        RA864
  CrazyIncrdble/BrianJ       Brian Josef      RA865
     Galak/MBoys09            MBoys 09        RA866
 OCome/AmericanIdols       American Idols     SB220
 XmasTime/BckstrtBoys     Backstreet Boys     RA869
 XmasTime/BckstrtBoys     Backstreet Boys     SB222
  MyOnlyWish/Britney       Britney Spears     RA871
  AveMaria/CelineDion        Celine Dion      SB225
  AveMaria/CelineDion        Celine Dion      RA872
  DontSaveItAll/Celine       Celine Dion      SB226
  DontSaveItAll/Celine       Celine Dion      RA873
   NgayongPasko/Erik         Erik Santos      PB753
 OCome/AmericanIdols       American Idols     RA867
  SilentNight/Babyface        Babyface        SB221
  SilentNight/Babyface        Babyface        RA868
 XmasGiftOfLuv/BarryM      Barry Manilow      RA870
 XmasGiftOfLuv/BarryM      Barry Manilow      SB223
 OHolyNght/CelineDion        Celine Dion      RA874
 OHolyNght/CelineDion        Celine Dion      SB227
  LttleTown/ChrisBotti       Chris Botti      SB228
  LttleTown/ChrisBotti       Chris Botti      RA875
 MerryXmasBaby/Xtina     Christina Aguilera   SB229
  DontSave/ClayAiken         Clay Aiken       SB230
 MerryXmasBaby/Xtina     Christina Aguilera   RA877
 SinoBaNamanAko/Mau         Mau Marcelo       SB214
 LetMeLuvU2nyt/RyanC      Ryan Cayabyab       SB215
     Galak/MBoys09            MBoys 09        SB216
FrostyDSnwmn/Chipmnk      The Chipmunks       EB001
LookLikeXmas/Chipmnk      The Chipmunks       EA999
  SilentNyt/Spongecola      Spongecola        TC915
    LetItSnow/Imago             Imago         TC914
 MachoCSnta/Msculados        Masculados       TC913
 XmasInOurHearts/JMC      Jose Marie Chan     TC912
ItCmeUponAMdnyt/Josh        Josh Groban       TC901
   SilentNight/JoshG.       Josh Groban       TC910
 WatChildIsThis/JoshG     Josh Groban    TC909
 AveMaria/JoshGroban      Josh Groban    TC908
AngelsWeHavHerd/Josh      Josh Groban    TC911
  TheFirstNoel/JoshG.     Josh Groban    TC906
 ComeYeFaithful/JoshG     Josh Groban    TC905
 PanisAngelicus/JoshG     Josh Groban    TC904
DLilDrummerBoy/JoshG     Josh Groban     TC893
         Rudolph             Cover       BA223
       WhiteXmas             Cover       BA224
  JnglBlls/FrankSnatra   Frank Sinatra   EA998
 HvUrMeriXmas/Frank      Frank Sinatra   EA997
  SilverBells/DeanMrtn    Dean Martin    EA996
 LetItSnw/DeanMartin      Dean Martin    EA995
WntrWnder/BingCrosby      Bing Crosby    EA994
  Mamacita/Sexbomb          Sexbomb      SB212
 Fruitcake/Erserheads     Eraserheads    SB213
ItCmeUponMidnyt/Josh      Josh Groban    TC878
   SilentNight/JoshG.     Josh Groban    TC877
 WatChildIsDis/JoshG.     Josh Groban    TC876
 AveMaria/JoshGroban      Josh Groban    TC875
AngelsWeHavHerd/Josh      Josh Groban    TC874
   DFirstNoel/JoshG.      Josh Groban    TC873
OComeYeFaithful/Josh      Josh Groban    TC872
 PanisAngelicus/JoshG     Josh Groban    TC871
LilDrummerBoy/JoshG.      Josh Groban    TC870
   SilentNight/JoshG.     Josh Groban    TC889
 OComeAllYeFaith/Josh     Josh Groban    TC890
  TheFirstNoel/JoshG.     Josh Groban    TC891
AngelsWeHavHerd/Josh      Josh Groban    TC892
     AwayinManger3            null       MA621
     AwayinManger2            null       MA620
      AwayinManger            null       MA619
         AsLately             null       MA618
     AngelsonHigh2            null       MA617
      AngelsonHigh            null       MA616
    MyHeartthisNight          null       MA615
      AdesteFideles           null       MA613
     VirginmostPure           null       MA612
      MightyWonder            null       MA611
       ChildBornin            null       MA610
    WishYouaMerry2            null       MA609
     WishYouaMerry            null       MA608
        FirstNoel4            null       MA607
        FirstNoel3            null       MA606
        FirstNoel2            null       MA605
         FirstNoel            null       MA604
       SilentNight2           null       MA603
        SilentNight                null              MA602
   PaskonaNamanintro               null              MA601
   PaskonaNamanchrs                null              MA600
      Joy2theWorld2                null              MA599
       Joy2theWorld                null              MA598
        JollyStNick                null              MA597
        JingleBells2               null              MA596
         JingleBells               null              MA595
     HarktheHerald02               null              MA594
      HarktheHerald                null              MA593
     HailImmananuel                null              MA614
StaClsCmnToTwn/Diana            Diana Krall          KB185
UKnwMyNme/ChrsCornel           Chris Cornell         KB186
  IlNvrFalInLuvAgn/BB        Burt Bacharach          KB187
NvrOnSundy/ConFrancs          Connie Francis         KB188
 WatIGoToSchl4/Busted             Busted             KB213
    YouSaidNo/Busted              Busted             KB214
     Year3000/Busted              Busted             KB215
      YcntIbeU/Cure              Cure The            KB345
      Lovecats/Cure              Cure The            KB346
    NBtweenDay/Cure              Cure The            KB347
    JstLikeHeavn/Cure            Cure The            KB348
    Vintage/McCartney        Paul McCartney          KB349
  YouTellMe/McCartney        Paul McCartney          KB350
 PushUpOnMe/Rihanna              Rihanna             KB351
   HateILuvU/Rihanna             Rihanna             KB352
 BreaknDishes/Rihanna            Rihanna             KB353
     CanWeChill/NeYo              Ne-Yo              KB354
    LoadedClip/50Cent            50 Cent             KB355
 AmusemntPark/50Cent             50 Cent             KB356
    RunPigRun/QOTSA               QOTSA              KB357
   IntoDHollow/QOTSA     Queens Of The Stone   Age   KB358
   TurnDScrew/QOTSA      Queens Of The Stone   Age   KB359
   BatteryAcid/QOTSA     Queens Of The Stone   Age   KB360
  SutureFuture/QOTSA     Queens Of The Stone   Age   KB361
  SickSickSick/QOTSA     Queens Of The Stone   Age   KB362
     3sAnd7s/QOTSA       Queens Of The Stone   Age   KB363
  Pumps/AmyWnhouse           Amy Winehouse           KB340
    DoctorJones/AQUA           Doctor jones          KB341
     BarbieGirl/AQUA              AQUA               KB342
 WiLUstill/AmyWnhouse        Amy Winehouse           KB343
 TimeWntLetGo/Bravery          Bravery The           KB379
  Respect/ArethaFrankl       Aretha Franklin         KB407
     MakeUSmile/+44                 44               KB241
      Chapter13/+44                 44               KB242
BabyComeOnAcstic/+44                44               KB243
     Resolution/Darius           DARIUS              KB245
    DevilInYou/Darius             DARIUS          KB246
      SaveMe/Darius               DARIUS          KB247
HrdLvnWmn/DeepPurple           Deep Purple        KB174
  HushLive/DeepPurple          Deep Purple        KB175
  Twstd/ChrstnaMillian       Christina Millian    KB176
WenULukAtMe/CMillian       Christina Millian      KB177
 HotBoy/ChrstnaMilian        Christina Millian    KB178
 MyLvnGoes/ChrsMilian        Christina Millian    KB179
 DntWait/DshbrdCnfsnl    Dashboard Confessional   KB180
     Enuff/DJShadow             DJ Shadow         KB181
  JngleBels/DianaKrall          Diana Krall       KB182
  JngleBels/DianaKrall          Diana Krall       KB183
  JngleBels/DianaKrall          Diana Krall       KB184
 Faraway2/Apoclyptica        APOCALYPTICA         KB402
   Hope2/Apoclyptica         APOCALYPTICA         KB405
 HalOfKng/Apoclyptica        APOCALYPTICA         KB406
 CrossMyHrt/TrueFaith            True Faith       EA965
   ImNtMissnU/Stacie           Stacie Orrico      EA966
  LykAStr/CorrinBailey     Corrine Bailey Rae     EA967
  RytWerUWnt/JesseM         Jesse Mccartney       EA968
SayOk/VanessaHudgens       Vanessa Hudgens        EA969
 SpcUpUrLyf/SpiceGrls           Spice Girls       EA970
   Stranger/HilaryDuff          Hilary Duff       EA971
  TakeMeAway/Stacie            Stacie Orrico      EA972
   DKill/30SecsToMars     30 Seconds To Mars      EA973
 ThnkinAbtU/NorahJnes          Norah Jones        EA974
WnterWondrlnd/3rdAve            3rd Avenue        TC867
  DFirstNoel/DianeElis         Dianne Elise       TC869
 HvUrslfAMeriXms/Else          Dianne Elise       TC868
 TheXmasSong/3rdAve             3rd Avenue        TC866
 TheXmasSong/3rdAve             3rd Avenue        TC866
   IsangKinabukasan            Kapuso Stars       GA245
 NagIisangIkaw/Ronnie          Ronnie Liang       PB365
DaratingUmaga/Ronnie           Ronnie Liang       PB364
  NaisKo/RonnieLiang           Ronnie Liang       PB363
 Baricade/LoveMeButch         Love Me Butch       PB268
HlywdHlday/LuvMeBtch          Love Me Butch       PB269
LvngInDsgse/LvMeBtch          Love Me Butch       PB270
 Reconcile/LuvMeButch         Love Me Butch       PB271
StmbleUpon/LvMeButch          Love Me Butch       PB272
ThisNyts4U/GoBtweens        The Go Betweens       PB574
 SayUlBeThr/SpiceGrls           Spice Girls       EA919
  2Become1/SpiceGrls            Spice Girls       EA920
     Mama/SpiceGrls             Spice Girls       EA921
 HuDoUThink/SpiceGrls           Spice Girls       EA922
  MoveOver/SpiceGrls            Spice Girls       EA923
   TooMuch/SpiceGrls            Spice Girls       EA924
     Stop/SpiceGrls                 Spice Girls            EA925
  Viva4ever/SpiceGrls               Spice Girls            EA926
   LetLove/SpiceGrls                Spice Girls            EA927
    Holler/SpiceGrls                Spice Girls            EA928
   Goodbye/SpiceGrls                Spice Girls            EA929
    Two Hearts/Kylie                   Kylie               EA930
 Nangngawit/Sugarfree               Sugarfree              EA931
    Sigaw/Slapshock                 Slapshock              EA932
BabyComeBk/VanessaH            Vanessa Hudgens             EA935
 HyThrDlilah/PlainWyt            Plain White T's           EA937
   FellInLuv/CheNelle               Che Nelle              EA938
 TellHr/JesseMcartney            Jesse Mcartney            EA939
FrmYday/30SecsToMars          30 Seconds To Mars           EA940
     LikeThis/Mims                    Mims                 EA941
        Sana/1017                     1017                 EA933
   DsIsYImHot/Mims                    Mims                 EA934
 FlsePrtense/RedJump        Red Jumpsuit Apparatus         EA936
       ZaidoTheme                   Sandwich               GA243
RegaloNgKapusoTheme               Kapuso Stars             GA244
  SimplyHolding/ID04                   ID04                IB189
     OneVoice/ID04                     ID04                IB187
DeepInOurHearts/ID04                   ID04                IB186
 BeUntoUrName/ID04                     ID04                IB185
  SbikoNaNgaBa/ID04                    ID04                IB188
BstaKsmaKa/SouthWind               South Wind              DB966
 PraLngSyoKustik/Aiza             Aiza Seguerra            DB967
 KasalananKoBa/ToniG              Toni Gonzaga             DB968
  ParaLangSayo/AizaS              Aiza Seguerra            DB969
   WhiteXmas/SarahG             Sarah Geronimo             DB963
  2Dekada/GMA7Artist    Kuh Jett P Cookie C & Joey Ayala   DB964
   TaratTat/JohnPrats       John Prats/Dos Fuertes         DB965
       Ringbakada                    Xurpas                XA289
     DuloNgMundo                     Xurpas                XA290
    TawagNgPagibig                   Xurpas                XA291
      ParangMagic                    Xurpas                XA292
          Rason                      Xurpas                XA293
       AsanNaSiya                    Xurpas                XA294
     CelphoneLove                    Xurpas                XA295
     TextMoPusoMo                    Xurpas                XA296
        HanapKita                    Xurpas                XA297
     BabyGirlHintay                  Xurpas                XA299
        GroupSing                    Xurpas                XA300
        NewWave                      Xurpas                XA301
     PansininMoAko                   Xurpas                XA302
        TorpeSong                    Xurpas                XA303
      TulogSiyaGirl                  Xurpas                XA304
     TulogSiyaGuy                    Xurpas                XA305
         American              Xurpas          XA306
      SoapOperaMom             Xurpas          XA307
      AyawKausapin             Xurpas          XA308
         Nabuking              Xurpas          XA309
       Magnanakaw              Xurpas          XA310
        PataySaIyo             Xurpas          XA311
      AnnoyingFriend           Xurpas          XA312
         TakenSiya             Xurpas          XA313
       DesperateBF             Xurpas          XA314
          LaboGirl             Xurpas          XA315
           Heyow               Xurpas          XA316
          TawaGirl             Xurpas          XA317
         SapawCall             Xurpas          XA318
       LaglagPhone             Xurpas          XA298
  Marimar/AiceleSantos     Aicelle Santos      TC864
      MamaMia/Abba               Abba          TC861
   DancingQueen/Abba             Abba          TC862
  Marimar/AiceleSantos     Aicelle Santos      TC863
      Olats/Rivemaya         Rivermaya         TC859
 TayoyMagsamba2/Sitti            Sitti         TC858
 TayoyMagsamba1/Sitti            Sitti         TC857
  KngDrinLngIkaw2/Siti           Sitti         TC856
  KngDrinLngIkaw1/Siti           Sitti         TC855
    IkawLamang2/Sitti            Sitti         TC854
    IkawLamang1/Sitti            Sitti         TC853
 ASong4PenyBrwn2/Siti            Sitti         TC852
 ASong4PenyBrwn1/Siti            Sitti         TC851
SomewerDwnDRoad/Nina             Nina          TC850
 SomedayUreFrend/Nina            Nina          TC849
        Secret/Nina              Nina          TC848
          IDo/Nina               Nina          TC847
      Dreamguy/Nina              Nina          TC846
 UrAlIWnt4Xmas2/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TC845
 UrAlIWnt4Xmas1/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TC844
    Waiting/ChristianB.   Christian Bautista   TC843
     SheCouldBe/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TC842
  PaskoNSintaKo2/Xtian    Christian Bautista   TC841
  PaskoNSintaKo1/Xtian    Christian Bautista   TC840
     Invincible/XtianB    Christian Bautista   TC839
 I'lBHome4Xmas2/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TC838
 I'lBHome4Xmas1/Xtian     Christian Bautista   TC837
 GrownUpXmas2/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TC836
 GrownUpXmas1/XtianB      Christian Bautista   TC835
   GreatestFear/XtianB    Christian Bautista   TC834
 FxnWhileUWait/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TC833
   AnEveInDec1/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TC832
   AnEveInDec2/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TC831
  GivenUp/LinkinPark         Linkin Parking     TC830
NbodysLstening/LPark           Linkin Park      TC829
  Crawling/LinkinPark          Linkin Park      TC828
 Nawawala/Rivermaya            Rivermaya        TC860
WalangMagiisa/ABSCBN        ABS-CBN Stars       PB748
  Freeway/Southwind            Southwind        PB750
  Freeway/Southwind            Southwind        PB750
 IkawPaRin/AicelleSan        Aicelle Santos     GA239
  Forevermore/Martin         Martin Nievera     EA883
   GayaNgDti/Martin          Martin Nievera     EA884
LetMeBeTheOne/Martin         Martin Nievera     EA885
  KailanganKo/Martin         Martin Nievera     EA886
PgdtngNgPnhon/Martin         Martin Nievera     EA887
 BecauseOfYou/Martin         Martin Nievera     EA888
    BeMyLady/Martin          Martin Nievera     EA889
  BeautifulGirl/Martin       Martin Nievera     EA890
   TillMyHeart/Martin        Martin Nievera     EA891
ChangeTheWrld/Martin         Martin Nievera     EA892
  YouRMySong/Martin          Martin Nievera     EA893
     Born4U/Martin           Martin Nievera     EA894
RightHereW8ng/Martin         Martin Nievera     EA895
 W8ngInVain/Bamboo               Bamboo         EA896
  NvrLetHer/Blmfields         Bloomfields       EA897
  PlsDontGo/Blmfields         Bloomfields       EA898
  Guillotine/Urbandub           Urbandub        EA899
      Realist/ChadP           Chad Peralta      DB959
    DontKnow/ChadP            Chad Peralta      DB960
 IDoAnything4U/Chad           Chad Peralta      DB961
Song4UAkustic/ChadP           Chad Peralta      DB962
     Song4U/ChadP             Chad Peralta      DB956
  TimeMachine/ChadP           Chad Peralta      DB957
    Kasalanan/ChadP           Chad Peralta      DB958
   SoriBlameMe/Akon               Akon          KB390
 ThisAintAScene2/FOB          Fall Out Boy      KB370
  GoinToATown/Rufus       Rufus Wainwright      KB372
    Two/RyanAdams             Ryan Adams        KB373
  DanceTnytIntro/Paul       Paul McCartney      KB374
DanceTnytBridge/Paul        Paul McCartney      KB375
    Tambourine/Eve                 Eve          KB376
PartyLykRock/ShopBoy           Shop Boyz        KB377
       DoYou/NeYo                 Ne-Yo         KB391
 WhateverULyk/Nicole      Nicole Scherzinger    KB392
      Anything/Jojo                Jojo         KB393
MakeMeBettr/Fabolous            Fabolous        KB394
  TalkboutMe/50Cent              50 Cent        KB230
   BestFriend/50Cent             50 Cent        KB231
MoveAlong/AllAmrican     All American Rejects   KB232
   Joy2DWorld/Ashanti             Ashanti          KB233
     Lycanthrope/+44                44             KB234
    BabyComeOn/+44                  44             KB235
      LittleDeath/+44               44             KB236
       Nerdy/Busted               Busted           KB220
  ThatThingUDo/Busted             Busted           KB221
  Tmptation/DianaKrall          Diana Krall        KB222
 Vndcted/DshbrdCnfsnl     Dashboard Confessional   KB223
 SpceOddity/DvidBowie         DAVID BOWIE          KB224
 ThundrbrdsRGo/Busted             Busted           KB225
NthngHrtsLkeLuv/DanB       DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB226
    KindaLove/Darius             DARIUS            KB227
     LiveTwice/Darius            DARIUS            KB228
    BetterMan/Darius             DARIUS            KB229
  Bittersweet/Apoclypt        APOCALYPTICA         KB403
    Path2/Apoclyptica         APOCALYPTICA         KB404
   WndrflTnyt/Clapton          Eric Clapton        KB533
 KnckHeavnDor/Clapton          Eric Clapton        KB535
    LOVEU/Leah Dizon            Leah Dizon         KB408
BrndNewDay/LeahDizon            Leah Dizon         KB409
GotItFrmMama/WillIAm             Will.I.Am         KB410
     AyoTech/50Cent              50 Cent           KB411
 WidEvryHrtbeat/Robyn             Robyn            KB412
    Missing/LeahDizon           Leah Dizon         KB415
  Unmeisen/LeahDizon            Leah Dizon         KB416
 LongRdOutEden/Eagles             Eagles           KB547
  NoCloudyDays/Eagles             Eagles           KB548
  WaitNDWeeds/Eagles              Eagles           KB549
    UrNotAlone/Eagles             Eagles           KB550
    BZBeinFab/Eagles              Eagles           KB551
   LastGudTime/Eagles             Eagles           KB552
  CrankThat/SouljaBoy           Soulja Boy         KB553
  Apologize/Timbaland           Timbaland          KB485
   ImDesigner/QOTSA      Queens Of The Stone Age   KB364
  SickGuitarRiff/QOTSA   Queens Of The Stone Age   KB365
    MisfitLove/QOTSA     Queens Of The Stone Age   KB366
   RiverNRoad/QOTSA      Queens Of The Stone Age   KB367
  MakeItWitChu/QOTSA     Queens Of The Stone Age   KB368
 WishWasUrLov/Enrique        Enrique Iglesias      KB369
   Aishiteru/LeahDizon          Leah Dizon         KB287
 Impacto/DaddyYankee          Daddy Yankee         KB288
      Dimelo/Enrique         Enrique Iglesias      KB290
 MrBellamy/PaulMcCart        Paul McCartney        KB291
TwasMe/PaulMcCartney         Paul McCartney        KB292
  Gratitude/PaulMcCart       Paul McCartney        KB293
OnlyMamaKnows/PaulMc         Paul McCartney        KB294
HouseOfWax/PaulMcCar         Paul McCartney        KB295
NodUrHead/PaulMcCart      Paul McCartney    KB296
   PullCurtain/Sum41          Sum 41        KB378
10x10/YeahYeahYeahs      Yeah Yeah Yeahs    KB380
  IsIs/YeahYeahYeahs     yeah Yeah Yeahs    KB381
  Rockr2Swalow/Yeah      Yeah Yeah Yeahs    KB382
   KissKiss/YeahYeah     Yeah Yeah Yeahs    KB383
 AlguienSoyYo/Enrique    Enrique Iglesias   KB300
   OnTopOfU/Enrique      Enrique Iglesias   KB301
Dnt4getAbtMe/Enrique     Enrique Iglesias   KB302
 StayHereTnyt/Enrique    Enrique Iglesias   KB303
  RingMyBells/Enrique    Enrique Iglesias   KB304
      Push/Enrique       Enrique Iglesias   KB305
    MissYou/Enrique      Enrique Iglesias   KB306
SomebodysMe/Enrique      Enrique Iglesias   KB307
 TiredOfSorry/Enrique    Enrique Iglesias   KB308
DntStopDMusc/Rihanna          Rihanna       KB309
 ShutUpDrive/Rihanna          Rihanna       KB310
  YouMeDevil/Manson       Marilyn Manson    KB311
HartShapeGlas/Manson     Marilyn manson     KB312
   HellNotHot/Manson      Marilyn Manson    KB313
  RredCarpet/Manson       Marilyn Manson    KB314
CarCrashAway/Manson       Marilyn Manson    KB315
IfWasUrVamp/Manson        Marilyn Manson    KB316
HoleNHapines/Manson       Marilyn Manson    KB317
   Fearless/Daechelle        Daechelle      KB384
     Rockstar/PrimaJ          Prima J       KB385
  Stronger/KanyeWest        Kanye West      KB386
   LostHWay/BonJovi          Bon Jovi       KB387
 Summertime/BonJovi          Bon Jovi       KB388
  DownBoy/YeahYeah       Yeah Yeah Yeahs    KB389
  RunNTell/ElijahKelly      Elijah Kelly    KB437
   Dynamite/WillIAm          Will.I.Am      KB438
 Heartbreaker/WillIAm        Will.I.Am      KB439
    Invisible/WillIAm        Will.I.Am      KB440
 GetUrMoney/WillIAm          Will.I.Am      KB441
   IlBThere/RyanDan          RyanDan        KB456
WindBeneathWing/Ryan         RyanDan        KB457
 LikeTheSun/RyanDan          RyanDan        KB458
   TheFace/RyanDan           RyanDan        KB459
 FlashLight/JanyeWest       Kanye West      KB460
BarryBonds/KanyeWest        Kanye West      KB463
  IWonder/KanyeWest         Kanye West      KB464
  GoodLife/KanyeWest        Kanye West      KB465
BigBrother/kanyeWest        Kanye West      KB466
 TheGlory/KanyeWest         Kanye West      KB467
       Fire/50Cent            50 Cent       KB468
   MovinOnUp/50Cent           50 Cent       KB469
 Impossible/LeahDizon           Leah Dizon         KB413
Evrythng/Anythg/Leah            Leah Dizon         KB414
   RUFeelinFrMe/Leah            Leah Dizon         KB417
     Softly/LeahDizon           Leah Dizon         KB418
      Time/LeahDizon            Leah Dizon         KB419
  Wonderin/LeahDizon            Leah Dizon         KB420
   DriveMeCrazy/Leah            Leah Dizon         KB421
AgainAgain/LeahDizon            Leah Dizon         KB422
     Funiculi/Pavarotti      Luciano Pavarotti     KB423
  CelsteAida/Pavarotti       Luciano Pavarotti     KB424
   AveMaria/Pavarotti        Luciano Pavarotti     KB425
    DiQuella/Pavarotti       Luciano Pavarotti     KB426
   CheGelida?Pavarotti       Luciano Pavarotti     KB428
    LaDanza/Pavarotti            Pavarotti         KB429
     BumLikeU/Robyn                Robyn           KB430
  CrashBurnGrl/Robyn               Robyn           KB431
KonichiwaBitch/Robyn               Robyn           KB432
  AnytimeULike/Robyn               Robyn           KB433
  WhosThatGirl/Robyn               Robyn           KB434
       BeMine/Robyn                Robyn           KB435
 CntStpDBeat/Travolta          John Travolta       KB436
OneMreChance/WillIAm             Will.I.Am         KB442
 MakeItFunky/WillIAm             Will.I.Am         KB443
        SOS/WillIAm              Will.I.Am         KB444
    Impatient/WillIAm            Will.I.Am         KB445
    Fantastic/WillIAm            Will.I.Am         KB446
   ShesAStar/WillIAm             Will.I.Am         KB447
   AintIrPretty/WillIAm          Will.I.Am         KB448
      FlyGirl/WillIAm            Will.I.Am         KB449
       Over/WillIAm              Will.I.Am         KB450
 LadiesChoic/ZacEfron            Zac Efron         KB451
  ItTakesTwo/ZacEfron            Zac Efron         KB452
KnowWherIBin/Latifah          Queen Latifah        KB453
 GumAmBaltmor/Nikki            Nikki Blonsky       KB454
    Stolen/Dashboard      Dashboard Confessional   KB455
  DrunkHotGrls/Kanye            Kanye West         KB461
 Champion/KanyeWest             Kanye West         KB462
  MyGunGoOff/50Cent               50 Cent          KB470
 TouchTheSky/50Cent               50 Cent          KB471
     ComeGo/50Cent                50 Cent          KB472
    PeepShow/50Cent               50 Cent          KB473
     IlStillKill/50Cent           50 Cent          KB474
      AllOfMe/50Cent              50 Cent          KB475
     HandleMe/Robyn                Robyn           KB476
     RobotBoy/Robyn                Robyn           KB477
       Eclipse/Robyn               Robyn           KB478
WeDntCare/KanyeWest             Kanye West         KB427
    ThePrayer/RyanDan               RyanDan         KB479
         High/RyanDan               RyanDan         KB480
        Hello/CatEmpire         The Cat Empire      KB481
       HowLong/Eagles                 Eagles        KB482
    GoodMorning/Kanye             Kanye West        KB483
    FirstTime/Lifehouse             Lifehouse       KB484
   EvilLaugh/CornrStone          Corner Stone       TC824
 WitchBrwLaugh/CStone            Corner Stone       TC823
   BleedItOut/LnkinPark            Linkin Park      TC827
  HowlingWolves/CStone           Corner Stone       TC825
     IkawNaNga2/PioloP            Piolo Pascual     DB947
    Wagas/PioloPascual            Piolo Pascual     DB950
   YCntWeBe/PioloPscual           Piolo Pascual     DB951
  YCntWeBeAcustc/Piolo            Piolo Pascual     DB952
       DahilIkaw/PioloP           Piolo Pascual     DB945
      IkawNaNga/PioloP            Piolo Pascual     DB946
       IkawPaRin/PioloP           Piolo Pascual     DB948
 NgmmhalNgTnay/PioloP             Piolo Pascual     DB949
   Kasama/AizaSeguerra           Aiza Seguerra      DB954
    PersistentRain/AizaS         Aiza Seguerra      DB955
   TattoodNMyMind/Sitti                Sitti        TC472
I'mNoGood/AmyWnhouse            Amy Winehouse       KB321
   EndsTonyt/AllAmrican      All American Rejects   KB322
 Back2Blak/AmyWnhouse           Amy Winehouse       KB323
       NDaClub/50Cent                50 Cent        KB324
    21Questions/50Cent               50 Cent        KB325
          PIMP/50Cent                50 Cent        KB326
    EatTheRich/Arsmith            AEROSMITH         KB327
       Amazing/Arsmith            AEROSMITH         KB328
     Insensatez/Ajobim     ANTONIO CARLOS JOBIM     KB329
 TakeDbox/AmyWnhouse            Amy Winehouse       KB330
  InMyBed/AmyWnhouse            Amy Winehouse       KB331
 SmwRound/Apoclyptica           APOCALYPTICA        KB332
    PromisdMyslf/Ateens             A TEENS         KB333
 AwayFrmDSun/3DrsDwn             3 Doors Down       KB334
    Movies/AlienAntFrm         ALIEN ANT FARM       KB335
  SmoothCrimnal/AlienA         ALIEN ANT FARM       KB336
   Kryptonite/3DrsDown           3 Doors Down       KB337
       Loser/3DrsDown            3 Doors Down       KB338
 HelpUrself/AmyWnhous           Amy Winehouse       KB339
   CrmnFntsie/DvidGaret          David Garrett      KB189
    Csardas/DvidGarrett          David Garrett      KB190
   Toccata/DavidGarrett          David Garrett      KB191
   TleOfTsarSultn/David          David Garrett      KB192
    Outro/Chamillionaire         Chamillionaire     KB193
  WildWorld/CatStevens            Cat Stevens       KB194
      AirHostess/Busted              Busted         KB195
    Buleria/DavidBisbal         DAVID BISBAL         KB196
  ChaChaSlide/DJCasper           DJ CASPER           KB197
  GotaGtThruDis/Daniel       DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB198
   Finally/CeCePeniston        CE CE PENISTON        KB199
    BrkfstAtTiffany/DBS     DEEP BLUE SOMETHING      KB200
  IStrngAlngWidU/Diana            Diana Krall        KB201
 DGrlInDOthrRum/Diana             Diana Krall        KB202
   IfUrNtD1/DnlBedinfld    DANIEL BEDINGFIELD        KB209
  ICntReadU/DnlBednfld     DANIEL BEDINGFIELD        KB210
   Fridy/DanBedingfield      DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB211
 NvrGnaLivUrSde/DnBed        DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB212
       Britney/Busted               Busted           KB216
     PsychoGirl/Busted              Busted           KB217
 SheWntsToBeMe/Busted               Busted           KB218
         3am/Busted                 Busted           KB219
         Lillian/+44                  44             KB237
       Cliffdiving/+44                44             KB238
      Weatherman+44                   44             KB239
        NoItIsn't/+44                 44             KB240
 SleepnWdLytOn/Busted               Busted           KB248
 ShwMeDRealU/DanBdnfl        DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB249
 WrpMyWrdArndU/Daniel        DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB250
  TheWay/DnielBedinfld       DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB251
 GrwngUp/DanBednfield        DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB252
   Sorry/DanBedingfield      DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB253
    DntGivHrItAll/Daniel     DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB254
   Cmplictd/DanBedinfld      DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB255
    AllTheChildrn/Daniel     DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB256
   Holiness/DanBedinfld      DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB257
   IWntUrAtntion/Daniel      DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB258
MshnOnDMtrwy/DJShdow              DJ Shadow          KB259
  WlkieTalkie/DJShadow            DJ Shadow          KB260
 FixedIncome/DJShadow             DJ Shadow          KB261
 OrganDonor/DJShadow              DJ Shadow          KB262
  MdnytInAPrfctWrld/DJ            DJ Shadow          KB263
    Highnoon/DJShadow             DJ Shadow          KB264
    SixDays/DJShadow              DJ Shadow          KB265
BloodOnDMtrwy/DJShdw              DJ Shadow          KB266
UCntGoHmeAgn/DJShdow              DJ Shadow          KB267
    RingTheBell/DJOTZI             DJ OTZI           KB268
       HeyMa/Camron                Cam'ron           KB269
  ImPullnThru/DianaKra            Diana Krall        KB203
  AcdentlyInLuv/CCrows         Counting Crows        KB204
 CrashdDWeddng/Busted               Busted           KB205
 AsLuvrGo/DshbrdConfs       Dashboard Confessional   KB206
  BlwnItAgn/DanBedifld       DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB207
  JamesDean/DanielBed        DANIEL BEDINGFIELD      KB208
    IHaveADream/ABBA         ABBA Bossa      TC814
   DancingQueen/ABBA         ABBA Bossa      TC801
      VoulezVous/ABBA        ABBA Bossa      TC815
TheNameOfDGame/ABBA          ABBA Bossa      TC813
   GimmeGimme/ABBA           ABBA Bossa      TC812
    SuperTrouper/ABBA        ABBA Bossa      TC811
       Waterloo/ABBA         ABBA Bossa      TC810
         S.O.S/ABBA          ABBA Bossa      TC809
      MammaMia/ABBA          ABBA Bossa      TC807
KnowngMeKnowngU/ABBA             ABBA        TC804
TakeAChanceOnMe/ABBA         ABBA Bosh       TC806
 ThankU4TheMusic/ABBA        ABBA Bossa      TC805
       Fernando/ABBA             ABBA        TC803
       Chiquitita/ABBA           ABBA        TC802
  DWinerTkesItAll/ABBA       ABBA Bossa      TC800
 Symphony5/Beethoven          Beethoven      KB065
  IlykDWay/Bodyrockers       Bodyrockers     KB066
    LoveForMe/AshleeS      Ashlee Simpson    KB067
   NothingNew/AshleeS      Ashlee Simpson    KB068
     Surrender/AshleeS     Ashlee Simpson    KB069
   Unreachable/AshleeS     Ashlee Simpson    KB070
    AnotherLife/AshleeS    Ashlee Simpson    KB071
        LOVE/AshleeS       Ashlee Simpson    KB072
      BurninUp/AshleeS     Ashlee Simpson    KB073
 TheRockShow/Blink182         Blink 182      KB077
 ComnBack4Mre/AshleeS      Ashlee Simpson    KB078
  MyAgeAgain/Blink182         Blink 182      KB084
  ManOvrboard/Blink182        Blink 182      KB085
     Firstdate/Blink182       Blink 182      KB086
  Stay2gether/Blink182        Blink 182      KB087
   FeelingThis/Blink182       Blink 182      KB088
      NotNow/Blink182         Blink 182      KB089
       Always/Blink182         Blink182      KB090
   AnotherGirl/Blink182       Blink 182      KB091
    AlienExist/Blink182       Blink 182      KB092
 LoveTheme/BarryWhite        Barry White     KB093
    NoComplaints/Beck            Beck        KB099
   TheInformation/Beck           Beck        KB100
  Supposed2BeLove/Ayo             Ayo        KB101
  DownOnMyKnees/Ayo               Ayo        KB102
   SugaSuga/BabyBash          BabyBash       KB104
     FurElise/Beethoven       Beethoven      KB107
   SmallThings/Blink182       Blink 182      KB120
  Chseylain/Bloodhound    Bloodhound Gang    KB121
 ComesMary/Bloodhound     Bloodhound Gang    KB122
        LetGo/AstrudG      Astrud Gilberto   KB123
       Down/Blink182          Blink 182      KB124
         Loser/Beck                 Beck           KB125
      PayNoMind/Beck                Beck           KB126
FuckinWidMyHead/Beck                Beck           KB127
        Beercan/Beck                Beck           KB128
   PiecesofMe/AshleeS         Ashlee Simpson       KB129
SmelsFuny/BloodHound         BloodHound Gang       KB130
WaterBurn/BloodHound         BloodHound Gang       KB131
IWasQueer/BloodHound         BloodHound Gang       KB132
 PickingMe/BloodHound        BloodHound Gang       KB133
 Autobiogrphy/AshleeS         Ashlee Simpson       KB134
Shadow/AshleeSimpson          Ashlee Simpson       KB135
  Lala/AshleeSimpson          AshleeSimpson        KB136
     BetterOff/AshleeS        Ashlee Simpson       KB137
       SexxLaws/Beck                Beck           KB138
    MixedBizness/Beck               Beck           KB139
      CantWait/Avant                Avant          KB140
  IfYouBelieve/BoppinB            Boppin'B         KB141
 LeaveDWorld/BoppinB             Boppin' B         KB142
   IFeelLonely/BoppinB            Boppin'B         KB143
 SumthnSpcial/BoppinB             Boppin'B         KB144
      Rooftop/BoppinB            Boppin' B         KB145
 ThisIsMyTime/BoppinB            Boppin' B         KB146
 ChemiclReact/BoppinB            Boppin' B         KB147
  ImStilWaitin/BoppinB           Boppin' B         KB148
        WhoIsIt/Bjork               Bjork          KB149
   Money4Nothing/Dire           Dire Straits       KB155
   WlkOfLfe/DireStraits         Dire Straits       KB156
   TelegraphRoad/Dire           Dire Straits       KB157
  RomeoAndJuliet/Dire           Dire Straits       KB158
  SoFarAwy/DireStraits          Dire Straits       KB159
     Mesmerize/JaRule              Ja Rule         KB160
     Wonderful/Ja Rule             Ja Rule         KB161
     ShowYou/Ashanti              Ashanti          KB162
     StillDown/Ashanti            Ashanti          KB163
 HateItLoveIt/TheGame     The game Feat. 50 Cent   KB164
 HslersAmbtion/50Cent             50 Cent          KB165
 WndwShopper/50Cent               50 Cent          KB166
 DontKnwOfficr/50Cent             50 Cent          KB167
   BrotherInArms/Dire           Dire Straits       KB168
 BigYellowTaxi/CCrows         Counting Crows       KB169
Somebody/BryanAdams            Bryan Adams         KB051
Pls4GveMe/BryanAdams           Bryan Adams         KB052
  Heaven/BryanAdams             BryanAdams         KB053
    Flying/BryanAdams           BryanAdams         KB054
   BeUrself/Audioslave           Audioslave        KB060
     Boyfriend/AshleeS        Ashlee Simpson       KB061
   DerKuss/Wunderlich            Wunderlich        KB062
    Kreutzer/Beethoven          Beethoven        KB063
  RGodRHelp/Covenant      Covenant Singers The   KB513
  AndCanItB/LynFabella         Lyn Fabella       KB514
     ChristIsRisen/Lyn         Lyn Fabella       KB515
 OpenMyEyes/Covenant      Covenant Singers The   KB516
     RockOfAges/Devin        Devin Villacruz     KB517
 BreathOfGod/Windsong           Windsong         KB518
 ChuchFoundtion/Coven     Covenant Singers The   KB519
    MoneyMoney/ABBA            ABBA Bossa        TC808
     BlestBDTie/Nolyn        Nolyn Cabahug       KB520
 OHapiHom/LisaCabahug         Lisa Cabahug       KB521
  ComeThnkflPpl/Nolyn        Nolyn Cabahug       KB522
 HarkDHeraldSing/CBCP        CBCP M.O.S.T.       KB523
 CmeThoFount/Covenant     Covenant Singers The   KB524
   Liv4Today/3DrsDown        3 Doors Down        KB001
   Liv4Today/3DrsDown        3 Doors Down        KB002
     ManyMen/50Cent              50 Cent         KB003
    Victory2004/50Cent           50 Cent         KB004
      Wanksta/50Cent             50 Cent         KB005
         ThisGift/98y              98y           KB006
    ChristmasWish/98y              98y           KB007
 IfEvrydyCudBXmas/98y              98y           KB008
  ChstnutsRoasting/98y             98y           KB009
     OhHolyNight/98y               98y           KB010
   SilentNight/98Degrs         98Degrees         KB011
      StillOnIt/Ashanti          Ashanti         KB012
  AlwaysOnTym/JaRule             Ja Rule         KB013
       WhoIAm/Bratz               Bratz          KB014
      I DontCare/Bratz            Bratz          KB015
  StillofDNte/Boyz2men        BOYZ II MEN        KB016
        SoWhat/Bratz              Bratz          KB017
  ItCouldBeYours/Bratz            Bratz          KB018
       YouThink/Bratz             Bratz          KB019
    LookingGood/Bratz             Bratz          KB020
   RockTheWorld/Bratz             Bratz          KB021
       StandOut/Bratz             Bratz          KB022
   HeyAngelzPlay/Bratz            Bratz          KB023
 BackAt1/BrianMcKnght        Brian McKnight      KB024
  HereIAm/BryanAdams          BryanAdams         KB026
ANyt2Rmmbr/BryanAdms          Bryan Adams        KB027
 XmasTime/BryanAdams          Bryan Adams        KB030
LuksGudOnMe/BrynAdms          Bryan Adams        KB031
 MakeAMemory/Bonjovi             Bonjovi         KB032
   DeadOrAlive/Bonjovi           Bonjovi         KB034
 UGivluvBdNme/Bonjovi            Bonjovi         KB035
        Samba/Bond                Bond           KB042
 CutsLykKnfe/BrynAdms         Bryan Adams        KB045
  SilentNight/Byz2men                    BOYZ II MEN                  KB047
 OnlyLove/BryanAdams                     BryanAdams                   KB048
 ThisTime/BryanAdams                     BryanAdams                   KB049
   Thriller/MchaelJcksn                Michael Jackson                SB206
   TimeToLetGo/Sarah                   Sarah Geronimo                 PB720
    So/SarahGeronimo                   Sarah Geronimo                 PB721
 CloseToMyHeart/Sarah                  Sarah Geronimo                 PB722
WhatIfI/SarahGeronmo                   Sarah Geronimo                 PB723
  Miss/SarahGeronimo                   Sarah Geronimo                 PB724
KahitNa/SarahGeronmo                   Sarah Geronimo                 PB727
     IllBeHere/Sarah                   Sarah Geronimo                 PB725
     MrDeadma/Sarah                    Sarah Geronimo                 PB726
 PBBCeleb2/YengEman Yeng Constantino and Eman Abatayo                 PB729
MgingAnoPaMan/Martin                    Martin Nievera                PB730
LastkmanTheme/Martin                    Martin Nievera                PB731
SkatAngPnoy/YengEman Yeng Constantino and Eman Abatayo                PB728
 KokeyTheme/LitoCamo                       Lito Camo                  PB732
  Ikaw/SarahGeronimo                   Sarah Geronimo                 PB718
 Cool/RachelAnneWolfe                 Rachel Anne Wolfe               SB205
WlangKasingSarap/BMR                  Brownman Revival                SB204
   Thriller/MchaelJcksn                Michael Jackson                RA854
      Yakap/Callalily                       Callalily                 RA815
   TakipSilim/Callalily                     Callalily                 RA814
  TakeMyHand/Callalily                      Callalily                 RA813
    Sanctuary/Callalily                     Callalily                 RA812
      Pasan/Callalily                       Callalily                 RA811
       Muli/Callalily                       Callalily                 RA810
  Ikaw/SarahGeronimo                   Sarah Geronimo                 PB718
   AllByMyself/CelDion                    Celine Dion                 RA816
 AllComingBck/CelDion                     Celine Dion                 RA817
 HeartWlGoOn/CelDion                      Celine Dion                 RA818
         I/Craeons                          Craeons                   RA819
       Bakit/Cueshe                         Cueshe                    RA820
 BorrowedTime/Cueshe                        Cueshe                    RA821
   PasensyaNa/Cueshe                        Cueshe                    RA822
  HangOn/DraeYbanez                      Drae Ybanez                  RA823
     LandoRap/Gloc9                          Gloc 9                   RA824
 FakeUrWay/Dreamgirls   J Hudson Beyonce Anika Rose & Eddie Murphy RA825
  WenIFirstSawU/JFoxx                     Jamie Foxx                  RA826
WenFrstSwUDuet/Dgrls                Jamie Foxx & Beyonce              RA827
 TuwingUmuulan/JNieto                      Jan Nieto                  RA828
  ImNotGoing/JHudson                   Jennifer Hudson                RA829
    1NytOnly/JHudson                   Jennifer Hudson                RA830
 Dreamgrls/Dreamgirls Jennifer Hudson Beyonce & Anika Rose            RA831
     Move/Dreamgirls  Jennifer Hudson Beyonce Knowles Anika Noni Rose RA832
  DremgrlsFinale/DgrlsJennifer Hudson Beyonce Anika Rose Eddie Murphy RA833
 ItaktakMo/JoeydeLeon                    Joey de Leon                 RA834
    Ulam/JoeydeLeon              Joey de Leon         RA835
 TwoWords/LeaSalonga             Lea Salonga          RA836
  IkawNaNgaKaya/Lovi                  Lovi            RA837
 KungPuwedeLang/Lovi                  Lovi            RA838
 MnsnLngIbginMMrcelo          Maureen Marcelo         RA839
  Tadhana/Moonstar88             Moonstar 88          RA840
    Family/Dreamgirls             Dreamgirls          RA841
  ItsAllOver/Dreamgrls            Dreamgirls          RA842
  KldscopWrld/Final12      Philippine Idol Final 12   RA843
Nkpgtataka/PowChavez              Pow Chavez          RA844
 Hombre/SexbombGirls            Sexbomb Girls         RA845
 MoshiChikiyki/Sxbomb           Sexbomb Girls         RA846
 BrdgeOvrTrbldWtr/SnG       Simon and Garfunkel       RA847
    MrsRobinson/SnG         Simon and Garfunkel       RA848
WlangKasingSarap/BMR         Brownman Revival         RA852
 Cool/RachelAnneWolfe        Rachel Anne Wolfe        RA853
 GeminiPiano/SpngeCla            Sponge Cola          RA849
    IllBeAlright/Sarah        Sarah Geronimo          PB717
ImSorry/SarahGeronmo          Sarah Geronimo          PB719
HlgaSaBuhayKo/Chrion      Frederick Chrion Idmilao    ZA041
DevoidOfDrama/CeresT       Pamela Ceres Tanjutco      ZA040
FlyDNytAwy/PtrCaimbn     John Peter Bryant Caimbon    ZA039
 NrthBnd/MichelMgsysy     Michel Korina Magsaysay     ZA038
  MyLastDay/LeeViloria       Precious Lee Viloria     ZA042
     BcuzOfU/KMartin             Keith Martin         EA011
 MyChangingMood2/Siti                 Sitti           TC795
 IfULeaveMeNow2/Sitti                 Sitti           TC793
 MyChangingMood1/Siti                 Sitti           TC794
   TimeAndTide1/Sitti                 Sitti           TC796
       Unsaid2/Lala                   Lala            TC785
 BabyILuvUrWay2/Sitti                 Sitti           TC787
  HinahanapKita1/Sitti                Sitti           TC788
  HinahanapKita2/Sitti                Sitti           TC789
 IWntStndUrWay1/Sitti                 Sitti           TC790
 IWntStndUrWay2/Sitti                 Sitti           TC791
 IfULeaveMeNow1/Sitti                 Sitti           TC792
  WithOrWithoutU1/Siti                Sitti           TC798
  WithOrWithoutU2/Siti                Sitti           TC799
 BabyILuvUrWay1/Sitti                 Sitti           TC786
   TimeAndTide2/Sitti                 Sitti           TC797
       Unsaid1/Lala                   Lala            TC784
   AbraCadaver/Hives               Hives The          KB487
     Bis4Brutus/Hives              Hives The          KB488
  DiscoInferno/50Cent               50 Cent           KA996
  DiscoInferno/50Cent               50 Cent           KA997
    Justalilbit/50Cent              50 Cent           KA998
 LandingNLondon/3Drs            3 Doors Down          KA999
OnBendedKnee/Byz2men           BOYZ II MEN         KA961
 WaterRunsDry/Byz2men          BOYZ II MEN         KA962
 DoinJustFine/Byz2men          BOYZ II MEN         KA963
 4SeasonLonlnes/B2men          BOYZ II MEN         KA964
ASong4Mama/Boyz2men            BOYZ II MEN         KA965
  PassYouBy/Boyz2men           BOYZ II MEN         KA966
 HaveANiceDay/Bonjovi             Bon Jovi         KA967
     ItsMyLife/Bonjovi            Bon Jovi         KA968
LuvAWoman/BryanAdams           Bryan Adams         KA969
  LivnOnAPryer/Bonjovi            Bon Jovi         KA970
 Wlcm2WhrvrUR/Bonjovi             Bon Jovi         KA973
  DStryOfMyLyf/Bonjovi            Bon Jovi         KA974
 YouCantGoHme/Bonjovi             Bon Jovi         KA982
LoveAWoman/BryanAdms           Bryan Adams         KA983
  BlueChrstmas/Bonjovi            Bon Jovi         KA984
    NoBodysGirl/Bratz              Bratz           KA985
  All4Love/BryanAdams          Bryan Adams         KA986
    AllAboutYou/Bratz              Bratz           KA987
 ChangeTheWorld/Bratz              Bratz           KA988
       SoGood/Bratz                Bratz           KA989
      Cryin/Aerosmith            Aerosmith         KA990
  Jani'sGotGun/Arsmith         AEROSMITH           KA991
  LuvNElevator/Arsmith         AEROSMITH           KA992
   OuttaControl/50Cent            50 Cent          KA993
 CartnHerosRmix/AQUA               AQUA            KA994
DethNDMaiden/Amadeus         Amadeus Quartet       KA995
  AleNsaLngt/Bloomflds          Bloomfields        EA808
   BadMedicine/Bonjovi            Bon Jovi         KA971
 IWannaBeLove/Bonjovi             Bon Jovi         KA972
  LstManStandin/Bnjovi            Bon Jovi         KA975
  BelsOfFreedom/Bnjovi            Bon Jovi         KA976
    Wildflowers/Bonjovi           Bon Jovi         KA977
        IAm/Bonjovi               Bon Jovi         KA979
   Complicated/Bonjovi            Bon Jovi         KA980
    Novocaine/Bonjovi             Bon Jovi         KA981
     DeadQuote/Hives             Hives The         KB489
  LayDownSally/Clapton         Eric Clapton        KB491
   ICntStandIt/Clapton         Eric Clapton        KB492
   HelloOlFrend/Clapton        Eric Clapton        KB493
     LetItRain/Clapton         Eric Clapton        KB494
       Layla/Clapton           Eric Clapton        KB495
     Promises/Clapton          Eric Clapton        KB496
     HeyU/JamieScott      Jamie Scott & The Town   KB497
    RiseUp/JamieScott     Jamie Scott & The Town   KB498
 WeepingWil/JamieScot     Jamie Scott & The Town   KB499
  LoveSong/JamieScott     Jamie Scott & The Town   KB500
  StandInRain/JamiScot    Jamie Scott & The Town   KB501
   LadyWest/JamieScott     Jamie  Scott & The Town   KB502
   RunawayTrain/Jamie      Jamie  Scott & The Town   KB503
  WenWilICUrFace/Jamie     Jamie  Scott & The Town   KB504
   Shadows/JamieScott      Jamie  Scott & The Town   KB505
   Changes/JamieScott      Jamie  Scott & The Town   KB506
      GiveItToYou/Eve                 Eve            KB507
    MeEnamora/Juanes                Juanes           KB486
      TickBoom/Hives               Hives The         KB490
       Why/Gabrielle               Gabrielle         KB508
      BabyLove/Nicole         Nicole Scherzinger     KB509
 LordDntSlowDwn/Oasis                Oasis           KB510
    LondonTown/Jamie       Jamie Scott & The Town    KB511
    TwoMen/JamieScott      Jamie Scott & The Town    KB512
    GimmeMore/Britney           Britney Spears       RA850
    GimmeMore/Britney           Britney Spears       SB202
    GimmeMore/Britney           Britney Spears       SB202
    GimmeMore/Britney           Britney Spears       RA850
   TrapStar/YoungJeezy           Young Jeezy         KA848
    GoldLion/YeahYeah          Yeah Yeah Yeah        KA849
  AllThatINeed/Boyzone             Boyzone           KA930
   Liv4Today/3DrsDown           3 Doors Down         KA932
 BabyCnIHoldu/Boyzone              Boyzone           KA933
  MyWorld/3DoorsDown             3DoorsDown          KA934
  PictureOfYou/Boyzone             Boyzone           KA935
   ADiffrntBeat/Boyzone            Boyzone           KA938
   DoinBusiness/Ashanti             Ashanti          KA942
     SoGood/Boyzone                Boyzone           KA943
CominHomeNow/Boyzone               Boyzone           KA944
  KeyToMyLife/Boyzone              Boyzone           KA945
 LuvMe4AReason/Boyzne              Boyzone           KA946
    TurnBakTime/AQUA                 AQUA            KA947
 GoinGetsTough/Boyzne              Boyzone           KA948
       Lollipop/AQUA                 AQUA            KA949
 YouNeededMe/Boyzone               Boyzone           KA950
  AllDTymInWrld/Boyzne             Boyzone           KA952
   OuttaControl/50Cent              50 Cent          KA953
  IllNvrNtNeedU/Boyzne             Boyzone           KA954
 Motownphilly/Byz2men            BOYZ II MEN         KA955
Hrd2SyGudbye/Byz2men             BOYZ II MEN         KA956
 EndOfDRoad/Boyz2men             BOYZ II MEN         KA957
  StilofDNite/Boyz2men           BOYZ II MEN         KA958
   HeyLover/Boyz2men             BOYZ II MEN         KA959
 IllMkeLuv2U/Boyz2men            BOYZ II MEN         KA960
    50Luv/Temptations         Temptations/ The       KA806
      WhiteLite/Velvet     Velvet Underground The    KA807
 CaliDream/MamasPapas     The Mamas And The Papas    KA808
       OnlyU/Platters            Platters The        KA809
    JelousLovr/Rapture      Rapture The     KA810
      IdiotWalk/Hives         Hives The     KA811
      LilMorLilU/Hives        Hives The     KA812
     BroknBones/Hives         Hives The     KA813
       Diabolic/Hives         Hives The     KA814
      Undone/Weezer            Weezer       KA815
   SayItAintSo/Weezer          Weezer       KA816
    InDGarage/Weezer           Weezer       KA817
  OnlyNDreams/Weezer           Weezer       KA818
     LoveIsAll/Rapture      Rapture The     KA819
    NeverEnough/Open          Open The      KA820
       Lackey/Others         Others The     KA821
     StanBowls/Others        Others The     KA822
       William/Others        Others The     KA823
     SisSavior/Rapture      Rapture The     KA824
   ThruDGlass/Thirteen    Thirteen Senses   KA825
    IntoDFire/Thirteen    Thirteen Senses   KA826
    CandyShop/50Cent           50Cent       KA909
  LetMeGo/3DoorsDown        3DoorsDown      KA910
BeSomebody/3DrsDown         3DoorsDown      KA911
 RightWhereI/3DrsDown       3DoorsDown      KA912
        Victory/Bond            Bond        KA913
   ItsNotMe/3DrsDown        3DoorsDown      KA914
         Fuego/Bond             Bond        KA916
      Explosive/Bond            Bond        KA917
HereWthoutU/3DrsDown        3DoorsDown      KA918
    JustALilBit/50Cent         50Cent       KA919
       Caravan/Bond             Bond        KA920
  LandngNLondon/3Drs        3DoorsDown      KA921
     SugarPlum/Bond             Bond        KA922
       Carmina/Bond             Bond        KA923
 TheRealLife/3DrsDown       3DoorsDown      KA924
DWayUMakeMFeel/Ronan       Ronan Keating    KA925
 BhindThosEyes/3Doors       3DoorsDown      KA926
ILuvDWayULvMe/Boyzne           Boyzone      KA927
 NverWiLiBreak/3Doors       3DoorsDown      KA928
 NoMatterWhat/Boyzone          Boyzone      KA929
      MyOhMy/AQUA               AQUA        KA951
  Paratng/BrbieAlmalbs    Barbie Almalbis   DB936
  Nakakabaliw/BarbieA     Barbie Almalbis   DB944
   012/BarbieAlmalbis     Barbie Almalbis   DB922
   Bulong/KitchieNadal      Kitchie Nadal   DB923
   Dahilan/BrbieAlmlbis   Barbie Almalbis   DB924
   Firewoman/BarbieA      Barbie Almalbis   DB925
 Goodnyt/BrbieAlmalbs     Barbie Almalbis   DB926
   High/BarbieAlmalbis    Barbie Almalbis   DB927
   NoTouch/Rocksteddy        Rocksteddy     DB928
 SmeGroundLive/Ktchie          Kitchie Nadal      DB929
 SmileAtMe/Rocksteddy           Rocksteddy        DB930
   TabingIlog/BarbieA        Barbie Almalbis      DB931
  Torpe/BarbieAlmalbis       Barbie Almalbis      DB932
     Untitled/BarbieA        Barbie Almalbis      DB933
WgNaWgMoSsbhn/Ktchie           Kitchie Nadal      DB934
 ULearn/BrbieAlmalbis        Barbie Almalbis      DB935
          DHL RBT                     .           JA036
LgiMoDedma/Rockstedy            Rocksteddy        DB937
  GisingNa/Rocksteddy           Rocksteddy        DB938
  SameGround/Kitchie           Kitchie Nadal      DB939
   Majika/KitchieNadal         Kitchie Nadal      DB940
    Run/KitchieNadal           Kitchie Nadal      DB941
    Fire/KitchieNadal          Kitchie Nadal      DB942
  PagAlis/BrbieAlmalbs       Barbie Almalbis      DB943
   IyugyogMo/WillieR         Willie Revillame     PB715
         46/WillieR          Willie Revillame     PB716
     Time/Timbaland             Timbaland         KA781
   Fantasy/Timbaland            Timbaland         KA782
  DOthrSide/ScissorSis        Scissor Sisters     KA783
SinceUvBinGon/Rasmus           Rasmus The         KA784
  FuneralSong/Rasmus           Rasmus The         KA785
   NDShadow/Rasmus             Rasmus The         KA786
   StilNLuv/ThinLizzy            Thin Lizzy       KA787
  StillStanding/Rasmus         Rasmus The         KA788
    InMyLife/Rasmus            Rasmus The         KA789
   Time2Burn/Rasmus            Rasmus The         KA790
      Guilty/Rasmus            Rasmus The         KA791
 NtLykOthrGrls/Rasmus          Rasmus The         KA792
   DOneILuv/Rasmus             Rasmus The         KA793
   BackNDPic/Rasmus            Rasmus The         KA794
     BreakUOff/Roots             Roots The        KA795
WatNwPusycat/TomJone            Tom Jones         KA796
   SundayMorn/Velvet     Velvet Underground The   KA797
  Waitng4DMan/Velvet     Velvet Underground The   KA798
    FemFatale/Velvet     Velvet Underground The   KA799
     VenusFur/Velvet     Velvet Underground The   KA800
       Run3x/Velvet      Velvet Underground The   KA801
   AllTomParty/Velvet    Velvet Underground The   KA802
       Heroin/Velvet     Velvet Underground The   KA803
  DoNoWrong/Thirteen         Thirteen Senses      KA804
 SmthinSpl/Temptation        Temptation The       KA805
TheWayIAre/Timbaland            Timbaland         KA771
  WoohAlright/Rapture          Rapture The        KA756
  SantaBaby?Pussycat       Pussycat Dolls The     KA757
  Rudolph/Temptation         Temptations The      KA758
    BlueXmas/Platters          Platters The       KA759
 BoysRBak/Thin Lizzy             Thin Lizzy         KA760
GiveIt2Me1/Timbaland             Timbaland          KA761
GiveIt2Me2/Timbaland             Timbaland          KA762
GiveIt2Me3?Timbaland             Timbaland          KA763
GiveIt2Me4/Timbaland             Timbaland          KA764
   3SkinyGirl/Fratellis         Fratellis The       KA765
   Flathead1/Fratellis          Fratellis The       KA766
   Flathead2/Fratellis          Fratellis The       KA767
  GreatPretndr/Platter          Platters The        KA768
OhTimbalnd/Timbaland             Timbaland          KA769
   Release/Timbaland             Timbaland          KA770
   Bounce/Timbaland              Timbaland          KA772
ComeGetMe/Timbaland              Timbaland          KA773
   KillUrslf/Timbaland           Timbaland          KA774
 BoardMeet/Timbaland             Timbaland          KA775
   Scream/Timbaland              Timbaland          KA776
  Bombay/Timbaland               Timbaland          KA777
   Miscom/Timbaland              Timbaland          KA778
 OneNOnly/Timbaland              Timbaland          KA779
ThrowItNMe/Timbaland             Timbaland          KA780
     Guilty/Rasmus              Rasmus The          KA731
  FreakMeOut/Weezer                Weezer           KA732
     HoldMe/Weezer                 Weezer           KA733
 MyBestFriend/Weezer               Weezer           KA734
   PardonMe/Weezer                 Weezer           KA735
   PerfectSit/Weezer               Weezer           KA736
 TheOtherWay/Weezer                Weezer           KA737
 ThisSuchPity/Weezer               Weezer           KA738
      Peace/Weezer                 Weezer           KA739
 DamageHeart/Weezer                Weezer           KA740
DreamLilDream/Mamas       The Mamas And The Papas   KA741
HauntUEvryday/Weezer               Weezer           KA742
       Shot/Rasmus              Rasmus The          KA743
  NiteAftrNite/Rasmus           Rasmus The          KA744
  LucierAngel/Rasmus            Rasmus The          KA745
    LastGen/Rasmus              Rasmus The          KA746
DeadPromises/Rasmus             Rasmus The          KA747
   Immortal/Rasmus              Rasmus The          KA748
    SailAway/Rasmus             Rasmus The          KA749
KipUrHartBrkn/Rasmus            Rasmus The          KA750
HeartOfMisery/Rasmus            Rasmus The          KA751
   DntLetGo/Rasmus              Rasmus The          KA752
 WhiskyNJar/ThinLizzy            Thin Lizzy         KA753
  Welcm2Dtroit/Trick             Trick Trick        KA754
Monday2x/MamasPapas       The Mamas And The Papas   KA755
     Shiver/Maroon5              Maroon 5           KA717
    Tangled/Maroon5              Maroon 5           KA719
 SheWilBLuvd/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA718
    CantStop/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA709
  NtFallnApart/Maroon5        Maroon 5      KA711
       Kiwi/Maroon5           Maroon 5      KA712
BeterWeBreak/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA713
 BakAtUrDoor/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA714
 Hardr2Breath/Maroon5         Maroon 5      KA715
  Gudnight2x/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA710
 WontGoHome/Maroon5           Maroon 5      KA707
 FNvrSeeUrFace/Maroon         Maroon 5      KA704
  LilOfUrTime/Maroon5         Maroon 5      KA705
 NothnLst4ever/Maroon         Maroon 5      KA708
    ThisLove/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA716
 SwitestGudbye/Maroon         Maroon 5      KA726
      Secret/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA723
   ThruWithU/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA724
NtCominHome/Maroon5           Maroon 5      KA725
MakesMeWndr2/Maroon           Maroon 5      KA727
MakesMeWndr3/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA728
     TheSun/Maroon5           Maroon 5      KA720
  MustGetOut/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA721
  SundayMorn/Maroon5          Maroon 5      KA722
    2TmeTouch/Hives          Hives The      KA730
    IveFallen4U/ToniG      Toni Gonzaga     PB690
  LoveIsAllINeed/Yasmi    Yasmien Kurdi     GA240
  UBelong2MyHart/Jolin   Jolina Magdangal   GA241
IkawLangAtAko/JannoG        Janno Gibbs     GA242
       Radio/Amber             Amber        PB693
   BackIntoYou/Amber           Amber        PB691
     LoveDrunkAmber            Amber        PB692
  WudntItBNice/Blmflds      Bloomfields     EA879
 CtchMeImFaling/ToniG      Toni Gonzaga     DB920
   CrazyLove/KimChiu          Kim Chiu      DB921
           Glow                 wsa         WA199
       Groove2Move              wsa         WA200
       TranceDance              wsa         WA201
        WaveTrance              wsa         WA202
          BassRiff              wsa         WA203
   BeautyOfSimplicity           wsa         WA194
        FeelTheDay              wsa         WA195
        HeartBeatz              wsa         WA196
       RockTheClub              wsa         WA197
      HappyGoFunky              wsa         WA198
         Timeline               wsa         WA184
          Groovin               wsa         WA185
        Tranquility             wsa         WA186
           Hero                 wsa         WA187
        NoisyBass                       wsa               WA188
       DreamLoop                        wsa               WA189
       TranceLoop                       wsa               WA190
       RockTrance                       wsa               WA191
         BeatDrip                       wsa               WA192
      HouseDance                        wsa               WA193
   HardHabit/MartinN              Martin Nievera          EA880
   PersistentRain/Aiza            Aiza Seguerra           PB631
      Kasama/Aiza                 Aiza Seguerra           PB630
 PraLngSaYoAcstc/Aiza             Aiza Seguerra           PB628
  PraLngSaYoInstl/Aiza            Aiza Seguerra           PB633
Slawkain/OrngeNLmons            Orange N Lemons           PB635
WlaNgHhnpnPa/TrueFth                 True Faith           PB639
 LuvIs4Snging/Blmflds            The Bloomfields          PB641
WlaNgHhnpnPa/TrueFth                 True Faith           PB639
 LuvIs4Snging/Blmflds            The Bloomfields          PB641
 Magsasaya/6Cyclemind               6Cyclemind            SB188
   ParaLangSaYo/Aiza              Aiza Seguerra           PB632
    SaYoLamang/Aiza               Aiza Seguerra           PB629
TyoNgDmdmn/SlntSncty             Silent Sanctuary         PB638
 MhirapMgmahal/Hilera                  Hilera             PB640
Kaibigan/UpDharmaDwn            Up Dharma Down            PB643
  SyotangPaClass/RSP         Radioactive Sago Project     PB642
AmricanJnk/PNEKmikze     Parokya Ni Edgar and Kamikazee   PB634
JstASmylAway/Shamrck                 Shamrock             PB649
  Princesa/Itchyworms               Itchyworms            PB636
SanNaNgaBkda/SpngCla               Sponge Cola            PB637
 ShowMeASmile/Imago                    Imago              PB644
 IsangDngkal/Paramita                 Paramita            PB645
  HetoNa/ConcreteSam              Concrete Sam            PB646
 2loyAngIkot/DctaLcns              Dicta License          PB647
 HngngMyPgibg/Chltees                 Chilitees           PB648
Sn2kSaBwan/ScrbldEgs             Scrambled Eggs           PB650
Lmang2g2gn/APOAllStr               APO All Star           PB651
TyoNgDmdmn/SlntSncty             Silent Sanctuary         PB638
 MhirapMgmahal/Hilera                  Hilera             PB640
Kaibigan/UpDharmaDwn            Up Dharma Down            PB643
  SyotangPaClass/RSP         Radioactive Sago Project     PB642
AmricanJnk/PNEKmikze     Parokya Ni Edgar and Kamikazee   PB634
JstASmylAway/Shamrck                 Shamrock             PB649
  Princesa/Itchyworms               Itchyworms            PB636
SanNaNgaBkda/SpngCla               Sponge Cola            PB637
 ShowMeASmile/Imago                    Imago              PB644
 IsangDngkal/Paramita                 Paramita            PB645
  HetoNa/ConcreteSam              Concrete Sam            PB646
 2loyAngIkot/DctaLcns              Dicta License          PB647
 HngngMyPgibg/Chltees                 Chilitees           PB648
Sn2kSaBwan/ScrbldEgs                Scrambled Eggs                    PB650
Lmang2g2gn/APOAllStr                  APO All Star                    PB651
Slawkain/OrngeNLmons               Orange N Lemons                    PB635
 Magsasaya/6Cyclemind                 6Cyclemind                      SB188
 UpsideDwn/6cyclemind                 6 Cyclemind                     RA803
 1NytOnlyDsco/Drmgrls Beyonce Knowles Sharon Leal & Anika Noni Rose   RA804
Hard2SayGBye/Drmgrls    Beyonce Knowles Sharon Leal & Anika Rose      RA805
ReggaeFever/Brownman               Brownman Revival                   RA806
SoriNaPwdeBa/Brownmn               Brownman Revival                   RA807
     Magbalik/Callalily                 Callalily                     RA808
   Prinsesa/6cyclemind                6 Cyclemind                     RA801
   Umaasa/6cyclemind                  6 Cyclemind                     RA802
 Magsasaya/6Cyclemind                 6Cyclemind                      RA809
      Unperfect1/Lala                     Lala                        TC657
  WhatAboutYou1/Lala                      Lala                        TC658
  WhatAboutYou2/Lala                      Lala                        TC659
  BetterOffAlone1/Lala                    Lala                        TC660
  BetterOffAlone2/Lala                    Lala                        TC661
        Stars1/Lala                       Lala                        TC662
        Stars2/Lala                       Lala                        TC663
       It'sYou1/Lala                      Lala                        TC664
       It'sYou2/Lala                      Lala                        TC665
  NtUrOrdnaryGrl1/Lala                    Lala                        TC666
  NtUrOrdnaryGrl2/Lala                    Lala                        TC667
   UnperfectAcst1/Lala                    Lala                        TC668
  UnperfectAcstc2/Lala                    Lala                        TC669
  WatAboutUAcst1/Lala                     Lala                        TC670
  WatAboutUAcst2/Lala                     Lala                        TC671
    AllThisTime/Sting                    Sting                        TC672
   BrandNewDay/Sting                     Sting                        TC673
    DessertRose/Sting                    Sting                        TC674
 EnglishmanInNY/Sting                    Sting                        TC675
    FieldsOfGold/Sting                   Sting                        TC676
  4getboutDFutre/Sting                   Sting                        TC677
     Fragilidad/Sting                    Sting                        TC678
 FILseMyFaithNU/Sting                    Sting                        TC679
 IfULuvSmebody/Sting                     Sting                        TC680
        Inside/Sting                     Sting                        TC681
  It'sProbablyMe/Sting                   Sting                        TC682
 LoveIsD7thWave/Sting                    Sting                        TC683
  MadAboutLove/Sting                     Sting                        TC684
 MoonOvrBurbnSt/Sting                    Sting                        TC685
NverComingHome/Sting                     Sting                        TC686
      Russians/Sting                     Sting                        TC687
    Roxanne/ThePolice                  The Police                     TC705
    SacredLove/Sting                     Sting                        TC688
   SendYourLove/Sting                    Sting                        TC689
ShapeOfMyHeart/Sting            Sting         TC690
ShpeFMyHartLive/Stng            Sting         TC691
     StolenCar/Sting            Sting         TC692
 DBookOFMyLyf/Sting             Sting         TC693
TheyDanceAlone/Sting            Sting         TC694
ThisCowboySong/Sting            Sting         TC695
      ThisWar/Sting             Sting         TC696
 WellBeTogether/Sting           Sting         TC697
 WhenWeDance/Sting              Sting         TC698
WneverISayUrNme/Stng            Sting         TC699
 YShouldICry4U/Sting            Sting         TC700
 DntStndClose/DPolice        The Police       TC701
  InvisibleSun/DPolice       The Police       TC702
 MsgInABottle/DPolice        The Police       TC703
MsgNBttleRmix/DPolce         The Police       TC704
  SpritMterialWld/Plce       The Police       TC706
WlkngOnDMoon/DPolice         The Police       TC707
WrpdRoundUrFgr/Polce         The Police       TC708
 TbngIlog1/BrbisCrdle     Barbies Cradle      TC709
 TbngIlog2/BrbisCrdle     Barbies Cradle      TC710
KelanPMayIkw1/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TC711
KelanPMayIkw2/XtianB     Christian Bautista   TC712
  Sugat1/DictaLicense      Dicta License      TC713
  Sugat2/DictaLicense      Dicta License      TC714
     ArawMo1/Nina               Nina          TC715
     ArawMo2/Nina               Nina          TC716
FrdomNDSun1/RJacinto         RJ Jacinto       TC717
FrdomNDSun2/RJacinto         RJ Jacinto       TC718
   HeleHele1/RJacinto        RJ Jacinto       TC719
   HeleHele2/RJacinto        RJ Jacinto       TC720
  MatudNila1/RJacinto        RJ Jacinto       TC721
  MatudNila2/RJacinto        RJ Jacinto       TC722
   AkinKa1/SinoSikat         Sino Sikat       TC723
   AkinKa2/SinoSikat         Sino Sikat       TC724
    Magic1/SinoSikat         Sino Sikat       TC725
    Magic2/SinoSikat         Sino Sikat       TC726
   Pagibig1/SinoSikat        Sino Sikat       TC727
   Pagibig2/SinoSikat        Sino Sikat       TC728
   Praning1/SinoSikat        Sino Sikat       TC729
   Praning2/SinoSikat        Sino Sikat       TC730
   Prayer1/SinoSikat         Sino Sikat       TC731
   Prayer2/SinoSikat         Sino Sikat       TC732
    Sino1/SinoSikat          Sino Sikat       TC733
    Sino2/SinoSikat          Sino Sikat       TC734
 Telepono1/SinoSikat         Sino Sikat       TC735
 Telepono2/SinoSikat        Sino Sikat        TC736
TragcBeauty1/CnoSkat         Sino Sikat       TC737
TragcBeauty2/CnoSkat        Sino Sikat     TC738
  ShootingStar1/Teeth         Teeth        TC739
  ShootingStar2/Teeth         Teeth        TC740
  TugtuganNa1/Teeth           Teeth        TC741
  TugtuganNa2/Teeth           Teeth        TC742
TuladNgDati1/TheDawn        The Dawn       TC743
TuladNgDati2/TheDawn        The Dawn       TC744
     LSS1/Stonefree         Stonefree      TC745
     LSS2/Stonefree         Stonefree      TC746
   SugrWerGoinDown        Fall Out Boy     KA287
DanceDnce/FallOutBoy      Fall Out Boy     KA288
           24Oras       JAM CREATION       WA230
          TVPatrol         JAM MUSIC       WA231
         UnangHirit        JAM MUSIC       WA232
        WishKoLang         JAM MUSIC       WA233
    CristineWorkout      Cristine Reyes    GA216
       CristineScript    Cristine Reyes    GA217
       CristinePasko     Cristine Reyes    GA218
     JannoInspector       Janno Gibbs      GA219
       JannoShower        Janno Gibbs      GA220
     JannoChristmas       Janno Gibbs      GA221
      JayaLeftPhone      Jaya Ramsey       GA223
      JayaArtistahin     Jaya Ramsey       GA224
         JayaPasko       Jaya Ramsey       GA225
       JuliaNoSignal      Julia Clarete    GA226
          JuliaPalo       Julia Clarete    GA227
      JuliaParePasko      Julia Clarete    GA228
         PrinceChat      Prince Stefan     GA229
         PrinceGym       Prince Stefan     GA230
     PrinceHolyNight     Prince Stefan     GA231
    RhianHomework        Rhian Ramos       GA232
     RhianMemorize       Rhian Ramos       GA233
 RhianHappyChristmas     Rhian Ramos       GA234
         RichTaping      Rich Asuncion     GA235
      RichNatutulog      Rich Asuncion     GA236
        RichKaroling     Rich Asuncion     GA237
      RubySexytaba      Ruby Rodriguez     GA238
   IyugyogMo/WillieR    Willie Revillame   DB915
OneMoreChance/PioloP     Piolo Pascual     DB919
   46/WillieRevillame   Willie Revillame   DB918
   Kokey/GoinBulilits     Goin Bulilits    DB916
  Rehab/AmyWnhouse      Amy Winehouse      KB244
MkulayAngBuhay/GoinB      Goin Bulilits    DB917
 LuvWillLeadUBck/Kyla          Kyla        EA878
     RhianMemorize       Rhian Ramos       GA233
    CristineWorkout      Cristine Reyes    GA216
 WakeUpCall/Maroon5         Maroon 5       KA706
  MkeMeWndr/Maroon5               Maroon 5           KA703
     DoUKnow/Enrique          Enrique Iglesias       KB289
    Because OfU/NeYo                Ne-Yo            KB395
     Umbrella/Rihanna              Rihanna           KB396
  ShutUpDrive/Rihanna              Rihanna           KB397
      GraceKelly/Mika                Mika            KB398
  SoSickAcoustic/NeYo               Ne-Yo            KB399
  SignalFire/SnwPatrol          Snow Patrol          KB400
  GiveIt2Me/Timbaland            Timbaland           KB401
   Toktoktok/Sexbomb              Sexbomb            GA222
     AllByMyself/IlDivo             Il Divo          RA626
   Torpedo2UEMJ/Isha                  Isha           RA781
   Torpedo1UEMJ/Isha                  Isha           RA782
 TikmanUEMJ/Sugarfree             Sugarfree          RA783
 Sproxy2UEMJ/FrancisM        Francis Magalona        RA784
 Sproxy1UEMJ/FrancisM        Francis Magalona        RA785
 SpoliariumUEMJ/Imago               Imago            RA786
 PareKoUEMJ/SpongeCla           Sponge Cola          RA787
  ParaSaMasaUEMJ/VA            Various Artists       RA788
  OverdriveUEMJ/Barbie        Barbie Almalbis        RA789
 MalingAkalaUEMJ/BMR        Brownman Revival         RA790
  MagasinUEMJ/PSantos           Paolo Santos         RA791
    LigayaUEMJ/Kitchie          Kitchie Nadal        RA792
WgMoItanongUEMJ/MYMP                MYMP             RA793
WgMtkotUEMJ/OLemons         Orange and Lemons        RA794
Hard2Blv2UEMJ/Cueshe               Cueshe            RA795
Hard2Blv1UEMJ/Cueshe               Cueshe            RA796
    ElBimboUEMJ/RicoJ             Rico Puno          RA797
  AlcoholUEMJ/RASago      Radioactive Sago Project   RA798
 WidSmileUEMJ/SBorder          South Border          RA800
   AlapaapUEMJ/6Cycle           6 Cyclemind          RA799
  Kronos/HardBoildEgz         HardBoiledEggz         WA215
   Lunar/HardBoildEgz         HardBoiledEggz         WA216
  Equinox/HardBoildEgz        HardBoiledEggz         WA217
   Stereo/HardBoildEgz        HardBoiledEggz         WA218
  Waiting/HardBoildEgz        HardBoiledEggz         WA219
   Grace/HardBoildEgz        HardBoiledEggzv         WA220
  1MinOfSilence/Kamia               Kamia            WA221
    Tumakbo/PepePilar             Pepe Pilar         WA222
       Dejected/IMO                   IMO            WA223
      Laro/MadClown              Mad Clown           WA224
  Hkailan/Blackheaven           Blackheaven          WA225
  Taranabai/Punchmint            Punchmint           WA226
   LetMeIn/SmokeFree            Smoke Free           WA227
   Paragon/DescantGot           Descant Gott         WA228
   FalinCalin/Treadston          Treadstone          WA229
Facedown/RedJumpSuit      Red Jumpsuit Apparatus     EA872
        Berting/1017         1017        EA871
   SoFarAway/Bamboo         Bamboo       EA873
     IkawNaNga/Piolo     Piolo Pascual   PB621
NgmamhalNg2nay/Piolo     Piolo Pascual   PB623
      DahilIkaw/Piolo    Piolo Pascual   PB626
      IkawPaRin/Piolo    Piolo Pascual   PB625
   TuruanMoAko/Piolo     Piolo Pascual   PB624
WhyCantWeB2gdr/Piolo     Piolo Pascual   PB622
        ComingBack            wsa        WA209
        SorryMyLove           wsa        WA204
        StillHoldinOn         wsa        WA206
        ForeverIllBe          wsa        WA207
          MySecret            wsa        WA208
     GotToBeWithYou           wsa        WA210
     LoveIsEverything         wsa        WA211
          FirstTime           wsa        WA212
          LetMeGo             wsa        WA213
          YouAndI             wsa        WA214
     Wake/LinkinPark      Linkin Park    TC647
 LivOutDRest/LnknPark     Linkin Park    TC648
ShadwOfDDay/LnknPark     Linkin Park     TC649
 HandsHeldHi/LnknPark     Linkin Park    TC650
NoMreSorrow/LnknPark      Linkin Park    TC651
 VlentinesDay/LnknPrk     Linkin Park    TC652
 InBetween/LinkinPark     Linkin Park    TC653
   InPieces/LinkinPark    Linkin Park    TC654
 LilThngsGvUAwy/LPark     Linkin Park    TC656
 EvryLilThngSMgc/Stng        Sting       TC623
     Amandote/Thalia         Thalia      GA207
    NanditoAko/Thalia        Thalia      GA208
     HeyItsMe/Thalia         Thalia      GA209
     Chikalang/Thalia        Thalia      GA210
        Juana/Thalia         Thalia      GA211
       Mariang/Thalia        Thalia      GA212
   TenderKisses/Thalia       Thalia      GA214
  StillOnMyMind/Thalia       Thalia      GA215
 EvryBreathUTke/Sting        Sting       TC625
     KingOfPain/Sting        Sting       TC626
      SaIlalim/Kjwan         Kjwan       TC627
      OneLook/Kjwan          Kjwan       TC628
       TellMe/Thalia         Thalia      GA213
       Parapap/Kala           Kala       TC591
  DeDooDeDaDa/Sting          Sting       TC624
   AkingHiling/3rdAve     3rd Avenue     TC629
 AkngHilngAcstc/3rdAv     3rd Avenue     TC630
  NoSuchThing/3rdAve      3rd Avenue     TC631
HngatTauMgksm/3rdave      3rd Avenue     TC632
       Shai/Kjwan               Kjwan        TC633
      Pintura/Kjwan             Kjwan        TC634
     SaIlalim/Kjwan             Kjwan        TC635
     OneLook/Kjwan              Kjwan        TC636
 Sumigaw/Rivermaya           Rivermaya       TC637
  Sayang/Rivermaya           Rivermaya       TC638
  Tarattat/JohnPrats         John Prats      TC639
 PulisPngklawkan/Kala            Kala        TC640
      Parapap/Kala               Kala        TC641
EvryLilThngSMgc/Stng             Sting       TC642
EvryBreathUTke/Sting             Sting       TC643
    KingOfPain/Sting             Sting       TC644
 DeDooDeDaDa/Sting               Sting       TC645
 BlikSaByn/ErikSantos       Erik Santos      DB906
   SuperPinoy/ToniG        Toni Gonzaga      DB907
    PinoyAko/Cebalo             Cebalo       DB908
NryanKPaRnSna/PioloP       Piolo Pascual     DB909
  SayawPinoy/Vhong        Vhong Navarro      DB910
      Hai/Pokwang             Pokwang        DB911
   UuwiKaRin/AllStar           All Star      DB912
DhlNgmmhal/SherynR         Sheryn Regis      DB913
YstrdayDream/Makisig      Makisig Morales    DB914
       JolinaPasko       Jolina Magdangal    GA206
    JolinaAccessories    Jolina Magdangal    GA205
        JolinaOuija      Jolina Magdangal    GA204
         JolinaDog       Jolina Magdangal    GA203
 UuwiKaRin/AllStarCst       All Star Cast    PB620
      Hai/Pokwang             Pokwang        PB619
  SayawPinoy/Vhong        Vhong Navarro      PB618
NryanKaPaRnSna/Piolo       Piolo Pascual     PB617
    SuperPinoy/Toni        Toni Gonzaga      PB616
LipadNgPangarap/Gary      Gary Valenciano    PB615
  BalikSaBayan/ErikS        Erik Santos      PB614
        JolinaOuija      Jolina Magdangal    GA204
 CrzyLittleThng/ToniG     Toni Gonzaga w     DB883
  PerfectWorld/ToniG      Toni Gonzaga w     DB884
PowerOfDreams/ToniG       Toni Gonzaga w     DB885
 UrMyRytKndOf/ToniG       Toni Gonzaga w     DB886
   GwaAyDi/KimChiu          Kim Chiu w       DB887
     Trying/KimChiu         Kim Chiu w       DB888
  StayWithMe/ToniG        Toni Gonzaga w     DB889
      Sundo/Imago             Imago w        DB890
  Bagsakan/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar w   DB891
   Tuliro/SpongeCola      Sponge Cola w      DB892
   Bitiw/SpongeCola        SpongeCola w      DB893
 TuloyPaRin/Metaphor        Metaphor w       DB894
   Haplos/Shamrock          Shamrock w       DB895
       Ngiti/Shamrock               Shamrock w                DB896
       Rise/Samantha                Samantha w                DB897
  SeksiSeksi/Kamikazee              Kamikazee w               DB898
  IkwLmng/SlntSnctuary          Silent Sanctuary w            DB899
  Rebound/SlntSnctuary          Silent Sanctuary w            DB900
 Mgpkailnmn/TopSuzara              Top Suzara w               DB901
   AngelEyes/TopSuzara             Top Suzara w               DB902
  LoveTeam/ItchyWorms              Itchyworms w               DB903
NoonTmeShw/ItchyWrms               Itchyworms w               DB904
      Ngiti/RonnieLiang           Ronnie Liang w              DB905
      AllForOne/HSM2           High School Musical 2          EA847
        BetOnIt/HSM2           High School Musical 2          EA848
       Everyday/HSM2           High School Musical 2          EA849
       Fabulous/HSM2           High School Musical 2          EA850
GottaGoMyOwnWay/HSM2           High School Musical 2          EA851
 GottaGoMyOwnWy/Nikki     High School Musical 2 - Nikki Gil   EA852
 Humuhumunuku/HSM2             High School Musical 2          EA853
     IDon'tDance/HSM2          High School Musical 2          EA854
    WhatTimeIsIt/HSM2          High School Musical 2          EA855
     WorkThisOut/HSM2          High School Musical 2          EA856
 UAreDMusicInMe/HSM2           High School Musical 2          EA857
 UAreDMusicInMe2/HSM2          High School Musical 2          EA858
        Sabihin/Zelle                   Zelle                 SB182
      RingMeIntro/Nina                  Nina                  TC615
     LovingUIntro/Nina                  Nina                  TC613
    LovingUChorus/Nina                  Nina                  TC614
    RingMeChorus/Nina                   Nina                  TC616
    DGreatestGift1/Nina                 Nina                  TC617
    DGreatestGift2/Nina                 Nina                  TC618
     SoBlue1/SinoSikat                SinoSikat               TC619
     SoBlue2/SinoSikat                SinoSikat               TC620
    Sayang1/Rivermaya                Rivermaya                TC621
    Sayang2/Rivermaya                Rivermaya                TC622
  ByeByeNa/ManilaBossa              Manila Bossa              PB613
   StopThink/MnilaBossa             Manila Bossa              PB612
 AknAngMundo/MnlBossa               Manila Bossa              PB611
   IingatanKa/MnlBossa              Manila Bossa              PB610
   IfWeFallLuv/MnlBossa             Manila Bossa              PB609
 WagMgbbalik/MnlBossa               Manila Bossa              PB608
          Sala/Pupil                    Pupil                 SB178
        Sabihin/Zelle                   Zelle                 SB182
    Sugarpop/Sugarpop                 Sugarpop                SB181
     DiKasi/Moonstar88              Moonstar 88               SB180
          Sala/Pupil                    Pupil                 SB178
       Trying/KimChiu                 Kim Chiu                DB881
     StayWithMe/ToniG              Toni Gonzaga               DB882
 StayWdMe/ManilaBossa               Manila Bossa              PB607
 PgbgyanMuli/MnlBossa       Manila Bossa     PB606
AkoNaLngSna/MnlBossa        Manila Bossa     PB605
 WeBelong/ManilaBossa       Manila Bossa     PB604
  DahilKaw/ManilaBossa      Manila Bossa     PB603
 YouRDOne/ManilaBossa       Manila Bossa     PB602
  IingatanKa/MnlaBossa      Manila Bossa     DB872
  StopThink/MnilaBossa      Manila Bossa     DB873
    PerfectWorld/ToniG     Toni Gonzaga      DB877
 PowerOfDreams/ToniG       Toni Gonzaga      DB878
 YouAreThe1/MnlaBossa       Manila Bossa     DB864
  DahilIkaw/MnilaBossa      Manila Bossa     DB865
 WeBelong/ManilaBossa       Manila Bossa     DB866
KngAkoNlngSna/MBossa        Manila Bossa     DB867
 PgbgynMuli/MnlaBossa       Manila Bossa     DB868
 StayWthMe/MnilaBossa       Manila Bossa     DB869
WgKnngMgbblik/MBossa        Manila Bossa     DB870
  IfWeFalInLve/MnlBosa      Manila Bossa     DB871
 ByeByeNa/ManilaBossa       Manila Bossa     DB874
KngAknAngMndo/Mbossa        Manila Bossa     DB875
   CrzyLittleThng/ToniG    Toni Gonzaga      DB876
   UrMyRytKndOf/ToniG      Toni Gonzaga      DB879
     GwaAyDi/KimChiu           Kim Chiu      DB880
    NgitiAcoustic/Ronie     Ronnie Liang     DB863
 BleedLykMine/Garbage           Garbage      TC610
   ItsAllOverButDCrying         Garbage      TC611
  SayGoodbye/TheCorrs          The Corrs     TC612
    TaratTat/JohnPratts       John Pratts    TC608
   Sumigaw/Rivermaya          Rivermaya      TC609
       Sundo/Imago               Imago       DB845
     Bagsakan/Parokya     Parokya Ni Edgar   DB846
     Tuliro/SpongeCola       SpongeCola      DB847
     Bitiw/SpongeCola        SpongeCola      DB848
   TuloyPaRin/Metaphor         Metaphor      DB849
        Ulan/Aryana             Aryana       DB850
     Haplos/Shamrock           Shamrock      DB851
      Ngiti/Shamrock           Shamrock      DB852
      Rise/Samantha            Samantha      DB853
  SeksiSeksi/Kamikazee        Kamikazee      DB854
 IkwLmng/SlntSnctuary     Silent Sanctuary   DB855
 Rebound/SlntSnctuary     Silent Sanctuary   DB856
 Mgpkailnmn/TopSuzara        Top Suzara      DB857
  AngelEyes/TopSuzara        Top Suzara      DB858
 LoveTeam/ItchyWorms         ItchyWorms      DB859
NoonTmeShw/ItchyWrms         ItchyWorms      DB860
     Ngiti/RonnieLiang      Ronnie Liang     DB862
   Sumigaw/Rivermaya          Rivermaya      PB600
   AkingHiling/3rdAven        3rdAvenue      TC595
  TyoyMgksma/3rAven               3rdAvenue              TC597
NoSuchThing/3rdAven               3rdAvenue              TC596
     KnorrSbawgulay                  Knorr               GA201
     KnorrSbawgulay                  Knorr               GA201
     KnorrSbawgulay                  Knorr               GA201
     KnorrSbawgulay                  Knorr               GA201
     KnorrSbawgulay                  Knorr               GA201
    KnorrWowpaksiw                   Knorr               GA202
    KnorrWowpaksiw                   Knorr               GA202
    KnorrWowpaksiw                   Knorr               GA202
 AkngHilngAcst/3rdAve             3rd Avenue             TC607
         Marimar                 Aicelle Santos          GA200
         Marimar                 Aicelle Santos          GA200
         Marimar                 Aicelle Santos          GA200
     LANDBANKJING             LANDBANKChorale            ZA037
   SumayawKa/Gloc9                   Gloc 9              SB170
  PasensyaNa/Cueshe                 Cueshe               SB169
  Papaya/EduManzano              Edu Manzano             PB598
Chacarron/EduManzano             Edu Manzano             PB597
N22logBaAngDyos/Lani            Lani Misaluncha          PB599
Chacarron/EduManzano             Edu Manzano             PB597
  Papaya/EduManzano              Edu Manzano             PB598
 AkngHlingAcst/3rdAve             3rdAvenue              TC598
     ThatsAll/MBuble             Michael Buble           TC603
   SoYoung/TheCorrs                The Corrs             TC604
   Runaway/TheCorrs                The Corrs             TC605
SumerSunshine/DCorrs               The Corrs             TC606
    MockingBird/Katie             Katie Melua            KA827
Tym2SayBye/Katherine           Katherine Jenkins         KA828
 Got2BReal/MaryJBlige            Mary J. Blige           KA829
  PartyStrtr/WillSmith             Will Smith            KA830
   Elephants/WPBohm        WP | Bohm | Kontarskys        KA831
     Fossils/WPBohm        WP | Bohm | Kontarskys        KA832
    Pianists/WPBohm        WP | Bohm | Kontarskys        KA833
WatrMusicAquarium/WP              WP | Bohm              KA834
ViolinEMinor/WPAbbad     WP | Abbado | Nathan Milstein   KA835
    Close2Crazy/Katie             Katie Melua            KA836
   CrawlngUpHil/Katie             Katie Melua            KA837
  LostFound/WillSmith              Will Smith            KA838
 TellMyWhy/WillSmith               Will Smith            KA839
  HeardEmSay/Kanye       Kanye West feat. Adam Levine    KA840
   LipService/WetWet             Wet Wet Wet             KA841
  WishIWasLucky/Wet              Wet Wet Wet             KA842
SweetSurrendr/WetWet             Wet Wet Wet             KA843
   SwitLilMystery/Wet            Wet Wet Wet             KA844
  Morning/WetWetWet              Wet Wet Wet             KA845
  Strange/WetWetWet              Wet Wet Wet             KA846
 WithLilHelpFrend/Wet             Wet Wet Wet               KA847
    DriveSlow/Kanye                Kanye West               KA850
CrackMusic/KanyeWest               Kanye West               KA851
    Roses/KanyeWest                Kanye West               KA852
  BringMeDown/Kanye                Kanye West               KA853
  Addiction/KanyeWest              Kanye West               KA854
 WeMajor/Kanye West                Kanye West               KA855
 HeyMama/KanyeWest                 Kanye West               KA856
    Celebration/Kanye              Kanye West               KA857
    Gone/KanyeWest                 Kanye West               KA858
     Late/KanyeWest                Kanye West               KA859
Dimension/Wolfmother               Wolfmother               KA860
  Woman/Wolfmother                 Wolfmother               KA861
 JokerNThief/Wolfmoth              Wolfmother               KA862
 MindsEye/Wolfmother               Wolfmother               KA863
 CheatHeart/YeahYeah            Yeah Yeah Yeahs             KA864
 EvrythnIDo/katherine           Katherine Jenkins           KA865
   AllFallsDown/Kanye    Kanye West feat. Syleena Johnson   KA866
MyNameSJonas/Weezer                  Weezer                 KA867
 WrldTurnNLeft/Weezer                Weezer                 KA868
   BuddyHolly/Weezer                 Weezer                 KA869
   LetMeIn/YoungBuck               Young Buck               KA870
Welcme2South/YoungBu               Young Buck               KA871
    Stomp/YoungBuck                Young Buck               KA872
ShortyWanaRide/Young               Young Buck               KA873
  Caruso/KatherineJen           Katherine Jenkins           KA875
   OSoleMio/Katherine           Katherine Jenkins           KA876
UlNvrWokLon/Katherin            Katherine Jenkins           KA877
Dinamayan/6Cyclemind               6cyclemind               SB172
      Torpedo/Gloc9                   Gloc 9                SB173
    PangakoYan/Luke               Luke Mejares              SB171
  MdnytSpcial/JJoyride           Jeepney Joyride            SB174
      Pakiusap/Acel                    Acel                 DB843
    LaughandCry/Acel                   Acel                 DB844
          DJRetro                    Xurpas                 XA231
        RadioLove                    Xurpas                 XA229
        RadioGreet                   Xurpas                 XA230
           Hilik                     Xurpas                 XA232
       JingleBreak                   Xurpas                 XA233
          Shower                     Xurpas                 XA234
       BanyoBreak                    Xurpas                 XA235
          RapRBT                     Xurpas                 XA236
          RapGirl                    Xurpas                 XA246
        BalladRBT                    Xurpas                 XA237
        SexyChick                    Xurpas                 XA238
         HoneyGF                     Xurpas                 XA239
        WakeUpBF                     Xurpas                 XA241
       Girlfriends        Xurpas      XA242
         Bisaya           Xurpas      XA243
        CarCrash          Xurpas      XA244
      HuliNgPulis         Xurpas      XA245
      HospitalCall        Xurpas      XA247
        KasalGirl         Xurpas      XA248
        KabitGirl         Xurpas      XA249
        KabitGuy          Xurpas      XA250
      LasingLove          Xurpas      XA251
       LasingUlan         Xurpas      XA252
       TsongsAso          Xurpas      XA253
    LasingBreakUp         Xurpas      XA254
          Relax           Xurpas      XA255
         Unwind           Xurpas      XA256
          Exam            Xurpas      XA257
        Pakopya           Xurpas      XA258
     MentalEscape         Xurpas      XA259
     MentalPatient        Xurpas      XA260
       SelosFight         Xurpas      XA261
       SelosGuys          Xurpas      XA262
       TeleNovela         Xurpas      XA263
        IbotoAko          Xurpas      XA264
     IbotoPangako         Xurpas      XA265
      TVShopping          Xurpas      XA266
       HelloSong          Xurpas      XA267
      AcapellaRBT         Xurpas      XA268
         Waves            Xurpas      XA269
      TampoRNB            Xurpas      XA270
        TawagKa           Xurpas      XA271
      WagTampo            Xurpas      XA272
        PlaneCall         Xurpas      XA274
      PagibigRAP          Xurpas      XA275
        LoveRAP           Xurpas      XA276
          LostB           Xurpas      XA278
        Bakasyon          Xurpas      XA279
        IkawRAP           Xurpas      XA280
        PlaneGirl         Xurpas      XA282
        HiyaRAP           Xurpas      XA283
         Porma            Xurpas      XA284
      GangstaRAP          Xurpas      XA286
          Under           Xurpas      XA287
  CrazyLove/KimChiu      Kim Chiu     PB586
   PerfectWorld/Toni   Toni Gonzaga   PB581
   StayWithMe/Toni     Toni Gonzaga   PB582
  CrazyLilThing/Toni   Toni Gonzaga   PB583
PowerOfTheDream/Toni   Toni Gonzaga   PB584
MyRytKndOfWrong/Toni   Toni Gonzaga   PB585
   GwaAyDi/KimChiu      Kim Chiu   PB587
    Trying/KimChiu      Kim Chiu   PB588
        LasingUlan       Xurpas    XA212
        TsongsAso        Xurpas    XA213
     LasingBreakUp       Xurpas    XA214
           Relax         Xurpas    XA215
          Unwind         Xurpas    XA216
           Exam          Xurpas    XA217
         Pakopya         Xurpas    XA218
      MentalEscape       Xurpas    XA219
      MentalPatient      Xurpas    XA220
        SelosFight       Xurpas    XA221
        SelosGuys        Xurpas    XA222
        TeleNovela       Xurpas    XA223
         IbotoAko        Xurpas    XA224
      IbotoPangako       Xurpas    XA225
       TVShopping        Xurpas    XA226
        HelloSong        Xurpas    XA227
       AcapellaRBT       Xurpas    XA228
        RadioLove        Xurpas    XA189
       RadioGreet        Xurpas    XA190
          DJRetro        Xurpas    XA191
           Hilik         Xurpas    XA192
       JingleBreak       Xurpas    XA193
          Shower         Xurpas    XA194
       BanyoBreak        Xurpas    XA195
          RapRBT         Xurpas    XA196
          RapGirl        Xurpas    XA197
        BalladRBT        Xurpas    XA198
        SexyChick        Xurpas    XA199
         HoneyGF         Xurpas    XA200
          BoyToy         Xurpas    XA201
        WakeUpBF         Xurpas    XA202
        Girlfriends      Xurpas    XA203
          Bisaya         Xurpas    XA204
         CarCrash        Xurpas    XA205
       HuliNgPulis       Xurpas    XA206
       HospitalCall      Xurpas    XA207
         KasalGirl       Xurpas    XA208
         KabitGirl       Xurpas    XA209
         KabitGuy        Xurpas    XA210
       LasingLove        Xurpas    XA211
IWontLetUDown/Cueshe     Cueshe    SB118
    AllIWant/Cueshe      Cueshe    SB119
       IDo/Cueshe        Cueshe    SB120
 BrknIn2Pieces/Cueshe    Cueshe    SB121
     Today/Cueshe        Cueshe    SB122
  IfYouNeedMe/Cueshe               Cueshe           SB123
   MissingYou/Cueshe               Cueshe           SB124
             DHL                    DHL             JA035
  Waiting(Chorus)/Lala              Lala            TC600
   Waiting(Intro)/Lala              Lala            TC599
          GymCall                  Xurpas           XA169
          RoadTrip                 Xurpas           XA170
            Senti                  Xurpas           XA171
      ChikkaDemo2                   null            CB220
       LostBakasyon                Xurpas           XA158
          LoveRap                  Xurpas           XA159
        PagibigRap                 Xurpas           XA160
          PlaneCall                Xurpas           XA161
      WagMagtampo                  Xurpas           XA162
    TawagKaMamaya                  Xurpas           XA163
         TampoRnB                  Xurpas           XA164
           Waves                   Xurpas           XA165
     UndergroundRap                xurpas           XA151
        GangstaRap                 xurpas           XA152
           Porma                   Xurpas           XA153
        HiyaRappers                Xurpas           XA154
          PlaneGirl                Xurpas           XA155
      IkawMunaRap                  Xurpas           XA156
         Bakasyon                  Xurpas           XA157
    Hiling/JayRSiaboc           Jay R Siaboc        DB834
   Manhid/JayRSiaboc            Jay R Siaboc        DB835
 MinsanLng/JayRSiaboc           Jay R Siaboc        DB836
MayTmaAko/JayRSiaboc            Jay R Siaboc        DB837
 ManOfSteel/JaySiaboc           Jay R Siaboc        DB838
  Naglibog/JayRSiaboc           Jay R Siaboc        DB839
IkawNaNga/JayRSiaboc            Jay R Siaboc        DB840
MaanyagKa/JayRSiaboc            Jay R Siaboc        DB841
     PinoyAko/Cebalo               Cebalo           DB842
        HospitalCall               Xurpas           XA146
          KasalGirl                Xurpas           XA147
          KabitGirl                Xurpas           XA148
         KeringKeri               Kim Chiu          PB566
 GodExalted/GenWrship    Now   Generation Worship   DB822
  LordOfFreedom/NGW      Now   Generation Worship   DB823
     Wonderful/NGW       Now   Generation Worship   DB824
 IWill/NowGenWorship     Now   Generation Worship   DB825
      Longs4U/NGW        Now   Generation Worship   DB826
      URMyLife/NGW       Now   Generation Worship   DB827
 ExclusivelyYours/NGW    Now   Generation Worship   DB828
    GiveThanks/NGW       Now   Generation Worship   DB829
  EveryThing2Me/NGW      Now   Generation Worship   DB830
LuvLetter2MyMakr/NGW     Now   Generation Worship   DB831
 RendTheHeavens/NGW            Now Generation Worship        DB832
 AllPraise/NowGenWors          Now Generation Worship        DB833
   AkingAwitin/Ronnie                Ronnie Liang            PB362
 UpsideDwn/6cycleMind                 6cyclemind             SB156
   PasensyaNa/Cueshe                    Cueshe               SB125
ReggaeFever/Brownman              Brownman Revival           SB126
  1LastTime/SideCrash                 Side Crash             DB817
 Magmahal/ReginePiolo     Piolo Pascual & Regine Velasquez   DB820
 HumandaKa/Sandwich                    Sandwich              DB821
 KailanPaMan/KevinRoy                 Kevin Roy              DB819
WalangHangganan/Bojo                       Bojo              DB813
 SaNgalanNgPgIbg/Acel                  Acel Bisa             DB816
    IThinkOfYou/Bliss                     Bliss              DB815
NsanKaNa/NorthGroove                 North Groove            DB818
TangingIkaw/Shamrock                  Shamrock               DB814
     ImReady/JumpIn                     Jump In              EA829
 ItsMyTurnNow/JumpIn                    Jump In              EA830
       ItsOn/JumpIn                     Jump In              EA831
Jump2DRhythm/JumpIn                     Jump In              EA832
      JumpIn/JumpIn                     Jump In              EA833
      LetItGo/JumpIn                    Jump In              EA834
 PushIt2DLimit/JumpIn                   Jump In              EA835
      Vertical/JumpIn                   Jump In              EA836
    WerDoIGo/JumpIn                     Jump In              EA837
         RadioLove                       Xurpas              XA106
         RadioGreet                      Xurpas              XA107
 KlokngPalkngKokak/Z3             ZsaZsaZaturnnah            TC587
       Charing/1017                       1017               EA826
WgKaNaUmyk/Sugarfree                   Sugarfree             EA828
         Omepron2                        Unilab              JA033
         RadioLove                       Xurpas              XA065
    IyongIyo/Rachelle              Rachelle Ann Go           PB458
 URMyObssion/Rachelle              Rachelle Ann Go           PB457
  ThisMstBLuv/Rachelle             Rachelle Ann Go           PB456
  SmtngInDAir/Rachelle             Rachelle Ann Go           PB455
  MyFreverLuv/Rachelle             Rachelle Ann Go           PB454
 ComeOneDay/Rachelle               Rachelle Ann Go           PB450
 AndYouLuvMe/Rachelle               RachelleAnnGo            PB449
       Pakiusap/Acel                      Acel               PB459
       Pakiusap/Acel                      Acel               PB459
 ImSure/RachelleAnnGo              Rachelle Ann Go           PB453
  AlwaysLuvU/Rachelle              Rachelle Ann Go           PB452
 DntSayGudby/Rachelle              Rachelle Ann Go           PB451
AndMeU/RachelleAnnGo               Rachelle Ann Go           PB448
AlmAtingMgaPuso/Rach               Rachelle Ann Go           PB447
   NgitiAcoustic/Ronnie              Ronnie Liang            PB446
        ChikkaDemo                                           CB218
           RapGirl                    Xurpas              XA053
  Kembot/MarcusDavis              Marcus Davis            DB811
  DoDoDoDaDa/WillieR             Willie Revillame         DB800
     WalangIba/Ronnie             Ronnie Liang            PB368
     SaYoLang/Ronnie              Ronnie Liang            PB367
 TuloyPaRin/SpngeCola             Sponge Cola             PB428
  SaUgoyNgDuyan/Kris               Kris Aquino            PB445
     WhereIsLove/Kris              Kris Aquino            PB444
SomewhereSmehow/Kris               Kris Aquino            PB443
  PayapangDaigdig/Kris             Kris Aquino            PB442
  WatAWndrfulWrld/Kris             Kris Aquino            PB441
       TrueColors/Kris             Kris Aquino            PB440
    HushLittleBaby/Kris            Kris Aquino            PB439
SumwerOvrDRnbow/Kris               Kris Aquino            PB438
      Smile/KrisAquino             Kris Aquino            PB437
   IsntSheLovely/KrisA             Kris Aquino            PB436
     IWillBeHere/KrisA             Kris Aquino            PB435
   TwnkleLitleStar/Kris            Kris Aquino            PB434
   InUrEyes/KrisAquino             Kris Aquino            PB433
    Healing/KrisAquino             Kris Aquino            PB432
  RainbwCnnection/Kris             Kris Aquino            PB431
  WatMattersMost/KrisA             Kris Aquino            PB430
       You/KrisAquino              Kris Aquino            PB429
  KakabogKbog/Janelle     Janelle with Willie Revillame   DB798
     BuksanMo/WillieR            Willie Revillame         DB795
    IfWeFallLuv/YengC           Yeng Constantino          DB804
    IkawLamang/PioloP             Piolo Pascual           DB805
     BoomTarat/WillieR           Willie Revillame         DB806
  MaalalaMoSna/SilentS          Silent Sanctuary          DB807
        Mine/KimChiu                 Kim Chiu             DB808
 IsngPngrapLmng/TrueF               True Faith            DB809
 KakabogKabog/WillieR            Willie Revillame         DB796
  BoomTarat07/WillieR            Willie Revillame         DB797
    Paniwalaan/WillieR           Willie Revillame         DB799
    CuteNgInaMo/AiAiD            Ai ai Delas Alas         DB801
       CoolOff/YengC            Yeng Constantino          DB802
        TimeIn/YengC            Yeng Constantino          DB803
    AlaNanita/ChtaGirls           Cheetah Girls           EA811
  DanceWdMe/ChtaGirls             Cheetah Girls           EA812
     ItsOver/ChtaGirls            Cheetah Girls           EA813
     StepUp/ChtaGirls             Cheetah Girls           EA814
       Strut/ChtaGirls            Cheetah Girls           EA815
      DParty/ChtaGirls            Cheetah Girls           EA816
    WhyWait/ChtaGirls             Cheetah Girls           EA817
 SayongKamay/SarahG              Sarah Geronimo           DB810
        BabyItsU/Jojo                   Jojo              KA511
   NotDatKndaGrl/Jojo                   JoJo              KA512
      SecretLuv/JoJo             JoJo         KA513
     Crazy/Aerosmith          Aerosmith       KA514
       Homeboy/JoJo              JoJo         KA515
  NverSayGudbye/JoJo             JoJo         KA516
       YesOrNo/JoJo              JoJo         KA517
     Maneater/NellyF        Nelly Furtado     KA518
       Atlantic/Keane           Keane         KA519
 NotingInMyWay/Keane            Keane         KA520
  LeavinSoSoon/Keane            Keane         KA521
    ABadDream/Keane             Keane         KA522
  HamburgSong/Keane             Keane         KA523
    PutItBhindU/Keane           Keane         KA524
    TheIronSea/Keane            Keane         KA525
      TryAgain/Keane            Keane         KA526
     BrokenToy/Keane            Keane         KA527
    DFrogPrince/Keane           Keane         KA528
HandsOpen/SnowPatrol         Snow patrol      KA529
   Promiscuous/NellyF       Nelly Furtado     KA530
    NoHayIgual/NellyF       Nelly Furtado     KA531
 UndrDInfluence/James      James Morrison     KA532
 UGivMeSumtng/James        James Morrison     KA533
   AllGudThings/NellyF      Nelly Furtado     KA534
  AllGudThings2/NellyF      Nelly Furtado     KA535
  WondrfulWorld/James      James Morrison     KA536
   Undiscovered/James      James Morrison     KA537
      ThisBoy/James        James Morrison     KA538
     SmackThat/Akon              Akon         KA539
    BatOutOfHell/Meat          Meat Loaf      KA540
  2OutOf3Aint/Meatloaf         Meat Loaf      KA541
 IDoAnytn4Luv/Meatloa          Meat Loaf      KA542
 RocNRolDrim/Meatloaf          Meat Loaf      KA543
ItsOlComnBakNow/Meat           Meat Loaf      KA544
 DMonsterIsLoose/Meat          Meat Loaf      KA545
  LipsOfAnAngel/Hinder          Hinder        KA546
     CallDPolice/Meat          Meat Loaf      KA547
     ICallItLuv/Lionel       Lionel Richie    KA548
         Leave/JoJo              JoJo         KA549
  CatchMeImFallin/Toni      Toni Gonzaga      PB426
    IniibigKita/Kitchie     Kitchie Nadal     PB427
  Tadhana/Moonstar88         Moonstar 88      SB117
  IskulBukol/Bloomflds       Bloomfields      EA810
     FinallyMcdonalds         Mcdonald's      IB159
   FallingAway/MiguelE      MIguelEscueta     TC584
     EverKnw1/XtianB      ChristianBautista   TC580
     EverKnw2/XtianB      ChristianBautista   TC581
       Argos/Bamboo            Bamboo         EA804
         Pilit/Hilera           Hilera        EA806
   KCGlobeAdReggae          KC Concepcion       CB217
    DontMatter/Akon               Akon          KA605
 BigGrlsDntCry/Fergie            Fergie         KA580
       Daniel/Elton            Elton John       KA657
    FreaksNLuv/Elton           Elton John       KA666
 AllDatImAllowd/Elton          Elton John       KA667
     Electricity/Elton         Elton John       KA668
    2BWanted/Olivia       Olivia Newton-John    KA670
       Lonely/Akon                Akon          KA551
   HollabckGirl/Gwen         Gwen Stefani       KA552
      Bananza/Akon                Akon          KA553
  TroubleNobdy/Akon               Akon          KA554
       IWon't/Akon                Akon          KA555
LetMeBlwUrMind/Gwen      Gwen Stefani Ft. Eve   KA556
     DntLetUp/Akon                Akon          KA557
      RichGirl/Gwen          Gwen Stefani       KA558
   SoulSurvivor/Akon     Young Jeezy Ft. Akon   KA559
     Luxurious/Gwen          Gwen Stefani       KA560
       SoSick/NeYo               Ne-Yo          KA561
 LetMeGetDisRyt/NeYo             Ne-Yo          KA562
 GetDwnLykDat/NeYo               Ne-Yo          KA563
      SexyLuv/NeYo               Ne-Yo          KA564
        Time/NeYo                Ne-Yo          KA565
   WhenUrMad/NeYo                Ne-Yo          KA566
 SoSickRemix/LLCoolJ            LL Cool J       KA567
    TeBusque/NellyF          Nelly Furtado      KA568
  InGodsHands/NellyF         Nelly Furtado      KA569
    SayItRight/NellyF        Nelly Furtado      KA570
        DoIt/NellyF          Nelly Furtado      KA571
       Glow/NellyF           Nelly Furtado      KA572
 LondonBridge/Fergie             Fergie         KA573
 LondonBrdge2/Fergie             Fergie         KA574
       Forca/NellyF          Nelly Furtado      KA575
 LondonBrdge1/Fergie             Fergie         KA576
   Fergalicious/Fergie           Fergie         KA577
    AllDatIGot/Fergie            Fergie         KA578
   HereICome/Fergie              Fergie         KA579
LusngMyGround/Fergie             Fergie         KA581
      Clumsy/Fergie              Fergie         KA582
     WindItUp/Gwen           Gwen Stefani       KA583
TheSweetEscape/Gwen          Gwen Stefani       KA584
OrangeCountyGrl/Gwen         Gwen Stefani       KA585
   EarlyWinter/Gwen          Gwen Stefani       KA586
 NowDatUGotIt/Gwen           Gwen Stefani       KA587
 4InTheMorning/Gwen          Gwen Stefani       KA588
      Yummy/Gwen             Gwen Stefani       KA589
   Fluorescent/Gwen          Gwen Stefani       KA590
    BreakinUp/Gwen      Gwen Stefani    KA591
 DntGetItTwisted/Gwen   Gwen Stefani    KA592
    UStartedIt/Gwen     Gwen Stefani    KA593
  WonderfulLife/Gwen    Gwen Stefani    KA594
     WindItUp/Gwen      Gwen Stefani    KA595
    ShakeDown/Akon           Akon       KA596
    BlownAway/Akon           Akon       KA597
      TheRain/Akon           Akon       KA598
  NvrTookDTym/Akon           Akon       KA599
    MamaAfrica/Akon          Akon       KA600
     ICantWait/Akon          Akon       KA601
   GangstaBop/Akon           Akon       KA602
  TiredOfRunnin/Akon         Akon       KA603
  OnceInAWhile/Akon          Akon       KA604
   IWannaLuvU/Akon           Akon       KA606
  ThisAintAScene/FOB    Fall Out Boy    KA607
    Glamorous/Fergie        Fergie      KA608
 How2TouchAGirl/JoJo         JoJo       KA609
   ThnksFrMmrs/FOB      Fall Out Boy    KA610
      Wait4U/NellyF     Nelly Furtado   KA611
      Afraid/NellyF     Nelly Furtado   KA612
    Showtime/NellyF     Nelly Furtado   KA613
      GivIt2Me/Tim       Timbaland      KA614
    GivIt2MeTim/Tim      Timbaland      KA615
   GivIt2MeNelly/Tim     Timbaland      KA616
   GivIt2MeJustin/Tim    Timbaland      KA617
     Pedestal/Fergie        Fergie      KA619
   VoodooDoll/Fergie        Fergie      KA620
      Velvet/Fergie         Fergie      KA621
 MaryJaneShoes/Fergie       Fergie      KA622
      Finally/Fergie        Fergie      KA623
 GetUrHandsUp/Fergie        Fergie      KA624
     2LilSpnish/JoJo         JoJo       KA625
    Powerless/NellyF    Nelly Furtado   KA626
  WatUWaitng4/Gwen      Gwen Stefani    KA627
       Crash/Gwen       Gwen Stefani    KA628
        Cool/Gwen       Gwen Stefani    KA629
    BubblePop/Gwen      Gwen Stefani    KA630
     ALittleless/FOB    Fall Out Boy    KA631
         XO/FOB         Fall Out Boy    KA632
DStupdSongAbutMe/FOB    Fall Out Boy    KA633
 SophomoreSlump/FOB     Fall Out Boy    KA634
     TheBridge/Elton     Elton John     KA635
  DCaptainNDKid/Elton    Elton John     KA636
 BluesNvrFdeAwy/Elton    Elton John     KA637
 JstLykNoahsArc/Elton    Elton John     KA638
     Tinderbox/Elton     Elton John     KA639
   BngDDoldrums/FOB            Fall Out Boy      KA640
   HumHallelujah/FOB           Fall Out Boy      KA642
DTkeOvrDBreksOvr/FOB           Fall Out Boy      KA643
    CrocdileRock/Elton          Elton John       KA644
   RUReady4Luv/Elton            Elton John       KA645
 GudbyeYllwBrck/Elton           Elton John       KA646
     SoriSims2B/Elton           Elton John       KA647
        UrSong/Elton            Elton John       KA648
    SaturdyNyts/Elton           Elton John       KA649
    DBitchSBack/Elton           Elton John       KA650
    Fergalicious/Fergie           Fergie         KA618
  CndleInDWind/Elton            Elton John       KA651
       IWntLuv/Elton            Elton John       KA652
    DntLetDSun/Elton            Elton John       KA653
     TinyDancer/Elton           Elton John       KA654
  DeyCalItDBlues/Elton          Elton John       KA655
     RocketMan/Elton            Elton John       KA656
     PhilaFridom/Elton          Elton John       KA658
   BennieNDJets/Elton           Elton John       KA659
   ImStillStndng/Elton          Elton John       KA660
  StepIntoXmas/Elton            Elton John       KA661
     PorchSwing/Elton           Elton John       KA662
    AnswerDSky/Elton            Elton John       KA663
   TurnDLytsOut/Elton           Elton John       KA664
 DeyCallHerDCat/Elton           Elton John       KA665
  Lern2LuvUrslf/Olivia    Olivia Newton-John     KA671
  GrceNGratitud/Olivia    Olivia Newton-John     KA672
   LuvSLetngGo/Olivia     Olivia Newton-John     KA673
      GateGate/Olivia     Olivia Newton-John     KA674
        LetGo/Olivia      Olivia Newton-John     KA675
   IWiLftMyEyes/Olivia    Olivia Newton - John   KA676
    DPwrOfNow/Olivia      Olivia Newton - John   KA677
  NstrumntOfPis/Olivia    Olivia Newton - John   KA678
      BlueEyes/Elton            Elton John       KA679
 DntGoBrknMyHrt/Elton           Elton John       KA680
      HonkyCat/Elton            Elton John       KA681
IDontWannaGoOn/Elton            Elton John       KA682
      IslandGirl/Elton          Elton John       KA683
    LittleJeannie/Elton         Elton John       KA684
  LucyNDSkyWit/Elton            Elton John       KA685
         Nikita/Elton           Elton John       KA686
   PinballWizard/Elton          Elton John       KA687
      SadSongs/Elton            Elton John       KA688
  Sme1SavMyLyf/Elton            Elton John       KA689
       TheOne/Elton             Elton John       KA690
 EvrydaySDSame/9Inch         Nine Inch Nails     KA691
         Wish/9Inch          Nine Inch Nails     KA692
 HeadLykAHole/9Inch       Nine Inch Nails    KA693
        Sin/9Inch         Nine Inch Nails    KA694
  DPerfectDrug/9Inch      Nine Inch Nails    KA695
      Heresy/9Inch        Nine Inch Nails    KA696
       Hurt/9Inch         Nine Inch Nails    KA698
  MarchOfDPigs/9Inch      Nine Inch Nails    KA699
  WerNDis2gedr/9inch      Nine Inch Nails    KA700
    TheFragile/9Inch      Nine Inch Nails    KA702
     CoolOff/YengC      Yeng Constantino     DB790
     Mine/KimChiu            Kim Chiu        DB788
UmaasaSyo/6PartInvtn    Six Part Invention   DB787
AwayBati/YengConstan    Yeng Constantino     DB789
  Flordeluna/SherynR       Sheryn Regis      DB793
SaIyongKamay/SarahG      Sarah Geronimo      DB794
        Hiling/Frio             Frio         DB784
  Maalala/SilentSanct    Silent Sanctuary    DB785
 Sana/BreakingSilence    Breaking Silence    DB786
     TimeIn/YengC       Yeng Constantino     DB791
  JustCantSay/YengC     Yeng Constantino     DB792
PngarpLmng/TrueFaith         True Faith      DB783
 MidnytSlence/Salamin         Salamin        DB771
   Euphoria/Salamin           Salamin        DB772
    Umaga/Salamin             Salamin        DB773
  LoveUrLife/Salamin          Salamin        DB774
   Maskara/Salamin            Salamin        DB775
     Flight/Salamin           Salamin        DB776
  Kalawakan/Salamin           Salamin        DB777
     Drone/Salamin            Salamin        DB778
    Perfecto/Salamin          Salamin        DB779
     Pulso/Salamin            Salamin        DB780
 ArtOfPrludes/Salamin         Salamin        DB781
DoDoDoDaDaDa/WillieR     Willie Revillame    DB782
   LostNSpace1/Sitti            Sitti        TC572
   LostNSpace2/Sitti            Sitti        TC573
   GustoKita/Ronnie        Ronnie Liang      PB373
  Minsan/RonnieLiang       Ronnie Liang      PB372
KungAkoyUuwi/Ronnie        Ronnie Liang      PB371
  KaibiganMo/Ronnie        Ronnie Liang      PB370
   Ikaw/RonnieLiang        Ronnie Liang      PB369
 Hollywd/LoveMeButch      Love Me Butch      IB157
  GetAway/Retrospect        Retrospect       IB158
  KaibiganMo/Ronnie        Ronnie Liang      PB370
KungAkoyUuwi/Ronnie        Ronnie Liang      PB371
  Minsan/RonnieLiang       Ronnie Liang      PB372
   GustoKita/Ronnie        Ronnie Liang      PB373
AngCuteNgInaMo/AiAiD     Ai-ai Delas Alas    DB770
     Omepron_April           Omepron         JA032
    Hiling/JayRSiaboc        Jay-R Siaboc     PB399
    Bumalik/Chillitees       The Chillitees   PB393
Flicker/UpDharmaDown      Up Dharma Down      PB394
   Heaven/OuterHope           Outer Hope      PB395
   Kawawa/LiquidJane          Liquid Jane     PB396
 SnowhereRemix/Morse             Morse        PB397
     TheArrival/Drip              Drip        PB398
    Hiling/JayRSiaboc        Jay-R Siaboc     PB399
     Hilot/JayRSiaboc        Jay-R Siaboc     PB400
MayTamaAko/JayRSiabc         Jay-R Siaboc     PB401
Flicker/UpDharmaDown      Up Dharma Down      PB394
 SaNglanNgPgIbig/Acel             Acel        PB405
WalangHangganan/Bojo             Bojo         PB402
TangingIkaw/Shamrock           Shamrock       PB403
    IThinkOfYou/Bliss            Bliss        PB404
 SaNglanNgPgIbig/Acel             Acel        PB405
OneLastTime/SdeCrash          Side Crash      PB406
NasaanKNa/NrthGroove         North Groove     PB407
Kailanpaman/KevinRoy           Kevin Roy      PB408
 HumandaKa/Sandwich            Sandwich       PB409
  Rise/SamanthaJames      Samantha James      PB410
    IniibigKita/Kitchie      Kitchie Nadal    PB411
MayTamaAko/JayRSiabc         Jay-R Siaboc     PB401
     Hilot/JayRSiaboc        Jay-R Siaboc     PB400
    Bumalik/Chillitees       The Chillitees   PB393
  MyFarewell/Typecast          Typecast       PB374
       TellMe/SideA              SideA        TC558
    Ngiti/RonnieLiang        Ronnie Liang     PB366
    Ngiti/RonnieLiang        Ronnie Liang     PB366
ABSCBNSummerTheme            Modify Later     PB375
 PangKoreanovela/Bea          Beatriz Saw     PB377
  TechieDirector/Bodie        Bodie Cruz      PB378
 BasketballHunk/Bruce       Bruce Quebral     PB379
   CebusFinest/Dionne     Dionne Monsanto     PB380
   GamingAddict/Zeke       Zeke Dimaguila     PB381
KamingMgaSosi/GeeAnn      Gee-Ann Abrahan     PB382
  RisktakerAko/Jasmin      Jasmin Engracia    PB383
 AnimeFanatic/Jeremy        Jeremy Hidano     PB384
   Fil-IranHottie/Kian       Kian Kazemi      PB385
  ILuvClothes/Maricris      Maricris Dizon    PB386
 MstkenIdentity/Mikah         Mikah Dizon     PB388
 HanepSaPikUpLine/Nel          Nel Rapiz      PB389
  LyfIsAJourney/Robert    Robert Woods III    PB390
  DanceInstructr/Saicy       Saicy Aguila     PB391
  BeautyQueen/Wendy         Wendy Valdez      PB392
       DZMMTheme             Modify Later     PB376
 DanceFloorKng/Mickey         Mickey Perz     PB387
       Manila/SideA                      SideA                 TC555
  SaUgoyNgDyan/SideA                     SideA                 TC556
    SetYouFree/SideA                     SideA                 TC557
        KCGlobeAd                  KC Concepcion               CB216
   Reach4DSky/SarahG              Sarah Geronimo               DB759
 PeopleRPeople/DSound                   DSound                 TC546
TattoedNMyMnd/DSound                    DSound                 TC547
  AnythingForYou/Nina                     Nina                 TC548
  AnythingForYou/Nina                     Nina                 TC549
      Pusolog/Willie              Willie Revillame             PB360
      Pusolog/Willie              Willie Revillame             PB360
  CuteNgInaMo/Makisig             Makisig Morales              PB361
  AhDooDooDooh/Willie             Willie Revillame             PB359
  CuteNgInaMo/Makisig             Makisig Morales              PB361
   SmbdyTldMe/Killers                 Killers The              KA003
 WenUWerYoung/Killers                 Killers The              KA383
       Bakit/Cueshe                     Cueshe                 SB113
   Kembot/MarcusDavis               Marcus Davis               DB761
   ArawNtinTo/LittleBig             Little Big Kids            DB760
   DiscoSuperstar/UD4            Ultimate Dance 4              DB767
 Panola/UltimateDance            Ultimate Dance 4              DB768
      TakeItOff/UD4              Ultimate Dance 4              DB769
   SisiktDnAko/SarahG        Sarah Geronimo & Makisig          DB758
 BoomAlaJera/JungeeM               Jungee Marcelo              DB762
  SuprliciusMma/SlickS               Slick |N Sly              DB763
     Tinikling/DjCoki                   Dj Coki                DB764
 UD4DanceBreak/DjCoki                   Dj Coki                DB765
  DropIt/UltimateDnce4           Ultimate Dance 4              DB766
  IfWeFallInLove/YengC           Yeng Constantino              DB757
          Jackpot                       Generic                CB212
         LilyTutuli                     Generic                CB213
           Genie                        Generic                CB214
          Chismax                       Generic                CB215
           Air21                         Air21                 JA031
      Mine/KimChiu                     Kim Chiu                PB346
       Kembot/UD4               Ultimate Dance Four            PB348
 PgIbigNKya/XtianRach Christian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go   PB357
       RouninTheme                     Bamboo                  PB358
        Panola/UD4              Ultimate Dance Four            PB353
 SuperliciousMama/UD4           Ultimate Dance Four            PB355
       Tinikling/UD4            Ultimate Dance Four            PB351
        DropIt/UD4              Ultimate Dance Four            PB350
    BoomAlajera/UD4             Ultimate Dance Four            PB349
  Maalala/SlntSnctuary            Silent Sanctuary             PB343
      TakeItOff/UD4             Ultimate Dance Four            PB354
   DiscoSuperstar/UD4           Ultimate Dance Four            PB352
  UD4DanceBreak/UD4             Ultimate Dance Four            PB347
   Sana/BreakingSilence          Breaking Silence         PB344
  IWilNverLeaveU/ErikS              Erik Santos           PB338
    Superhero/Makisig            Makisig Morales          PB339
  ReachForDSky/SarahG            Sarah Geronimo           PB340
  1PngrapLng/TrueFaith              True Faith            PB341
         Hiling/Frio                    Frio              PB342
 HawakKamayKKK/Yeng             Yeng Constantino          PB337
  Umaasa/6PartInvntion           6 Part Invention         PB345
  ArawNatinTo/LBSSKids      Little Big Superstar Kids     PB356
   300LeonidasDsIsWer                   300               IB147
  300XerxesDivinePower                  300               IB148
  BostonDrama/Typecast               Typecast             PB323
  WlUEvrLearn/Typecast               Typecast             PB325
  TrningMySfty/SnoSkat               SinoSikat            TC542
 SoriNPwedeB/Brownman          Brownman Revival           SB104
 DKaMkuhaTngin/Danita                  Danita             PB327
      FireLove/Danita                  Danita             PB328
       Lunod/Danita                    Danita             PB331
  MgandangGulat/Danita                 Danita             PB333
     Promotor/Danita                   Danita             PB334
      Tanong/Danita                    Danita             PB335
  BostonDrama/Typecast               Typecast             PB323
    LandoChorus/Gloc9     Gloc 9 feat. Francis Magalona   SB110
  TwoWords/LeaSalonga              Lea Salonga            SB105
  DoUHearIt/LeaSalonga             Lea Salonga            SB103
 KungWalaNaNga/Danita                  Danita             PB330
    Sunburn/Sandwich                 Sandwich             EA800
     Promotor/Danita                   Danita             PB334
           BoyToy                     Xurpas              XA057
     BoyfriendWakeUp                  Xurpas              XA058
         Girlfriends                  Xurpas              XA059
           Bisaya                     Xurpas              XA060
          CarCrash                    Xurpas              XA061
       HuliKaNgPulis                  Xurpas              XA062
       IfOnly/Danita                   Danita             PB329
 AwitNgPangarap/YengC           Yeng Constantino          DB753
     ChickBoy/VhongN              Vhong Navarro           DB754
       Jeepney/Kala                     Kala              TC540
      ManilaHigh/Kala                   Kala              TC541
  LuckyLuckyMe/Makisig           Makisig Morales          DB747
 WgKangMakulit/VhongN             Vhong Navarro           DB748
   YugyuganNa/VhongN              Vhong Navarro           DB749
 AnakKaNgLangit/Vhong             Vhong Navarro           DB750
 YouMakeMeFeel/VhongN             Vhong Navarro           DB751
  Salamat/YengConstant          Yeng Constantino          DB752
   Probinsyana/Bamboo                 Bamboo              EA796
UmagangKyGnda/Bamboo                  Bamboo              EA797
  Muli/ReubenLaurente               Reuben Laurente                 IB146
         RadioLove                        Xurpas                    XA046
       RadioGreeting                      Xurpas                    XA047
       RadioRequest                       Xurpas                    XA048
            Hilik                         Xurpas                    XA049
        ShowerTime                        Xurpas                    XA050
        BanyoBreak                        Xurpas                    XA051
        RapRingBack                       Xurpas                    XA052
      BalladRingBack                      Xurpas                    XA054
         SexyChick                        Xurpas                    XA055
      HoneyGirlfriend                     Xurpas                    XA056
     LandoRap/Gloc9                        Gloc 9                   SB109
    Ulam/JoeydeLeon                    Joey de Leon                 SB091
    Amoy/JoeydeLeon                    Joey de Leon                 SB079
HikawLang/JoeydeLeon                   Joey de Leon                 SB080
     Itlog/JoeydeLeon                  Joey de Leon                 SB081
   MliitNSyota/JdeLeon                 Joey de Leon                 SB082
 Namputsa/JoeydeLeon                   Joey de Leon                 SB083
  NotSoHot/JoeydeLeon                  Joey de Leon                 SB084
   Pakikay/JoeydeLeon                  Joey de Leon                 SB085
  PwetMoyLaki/JdeLeon                  Joey de Leon                 SB086
 SnaBgynPnsit/JdeLeon                  Joey de Leon                 SB087
    Sexy/JoeydeLeon                    Joey de Leon                 SB088
  SingkitNPgibg/JdLeon                 Joey de Leon                 SB089
    Tawa/JoeydeLeon                    Joey de Leon                 SB090
 Hrd2SayGudbye/Dgrls        Beyonce Sharon Leal & Anika Rose        SB073
IWantUBaby/Dreamgrls  J Hudson Beyonce Eddie Murphy & Anika Rose SB063
WenFrstSwUDuet/Dgrls              Jamie Foxx & Beyonce              SB070
  ImNotGoing/JHudson                 Jennifer Hudson                SB067
 IAmChanging/JHudson                 Jennifer Hudson                SB071
  Move/TheDreamgirlsJennifer Hudson Beyonce Knowles Anika Noni Rose SB060
                    Jennifer Hudson Beyonce Anika Rose Eddie Murphy SB068
  ItsAllOver/Dreamgrls               OST Dreamgirls                 SB066
    Family/Dreamgirls                OST Dreamgirls                 SB064
  CadilacCar/Dreamgrls               OST Dreamgirls                 SB062
 WlaNgIba/Bloomfields                   Bloomfields                 EA788
  DearKuya/Sugarfree                     Sugarfree                  EA790
  KCMayKausapPaSiya                   KC Concepcion                 CB207
       KCHeIsDriving                  KC Concepcion                 CB208
   KCGimikNamanTayo                   KC Concepcion                 CB209
       KCAtHisHouse                   KC Concepcion                 CB210
    KCNasaKusinaSiya                  KC Concepcion                 CB211
  KelanKya\XtinBautsta              ChristianBautista               TC527
     Itsumo\Dice&K9                       Dice&K9                   TC528
  PulisPngklawkan\Kala                      Kala                    TC529
  Babam/BarbiesCradle                 BarbiesCradle                 TC523
 IndpdnceDy\BarbsCrdl                 BarbiesCradle                 TC524
   Idlip\BarbiesCradle               BarbiesCradle                    TC525
 AwayFrU\XtianBautsta               ChristianBautista                 TC526
  AngelEyes\TopSuzara                  TopSuzara                      TC538
    IWishULove/Kyla                        Kyla                       EA789
SafetyInNum/Urbandub                    Urbandub                      EA791
 FakeUrWay/Dreamgirls  J Hudson Beyonce Anika Rose & Eddie Murphy     SB061
 Dreamgrls/Dreamgirls Jennifer Hudson Beyonce & Anika Rose            SB065
  WenIFirstSawU/JFoxx                  Jamie Foxx                     SB069
MeantUNoHarm/EMurphy                  Eddie Murphy                    SB072
  1NytOnlyDsco/Dgirls Beyonce Knowles Sharon Leal & Anika Noni Rose   SB058
  DAkoBakla/MichaelV                    MichaelV                      GA191
  DAkoBakla/MichaelV                    MichaelV                      GA191
  DAkoBakla/MichaelV                    MichaelV                      GA191
  DAkoBakla/MichaelV                    MichaelV                      GA191
    LuckyMe/Makisig                 Makisig Morales                   PB273
       Date/Bangs                         Bangs                       PB274
        Kiss/Bangs                        Bangs                       PB275
       Love/Bangs                         Bangs                       PB276
       Mwah/Bangs                         Bangs                       PB277
    Romantic/Bangs                        Bangs                       PB278
      Secret/Bangs                        Bangs                       PB279
      Mwah/Dianne                        Dianne                       PB280
       Date/Dianne                       Dianne                       PB281
       Kiss/Dianne                       Dianne                       PB282
       Love/Dianne                       Dianne                       PB283
    Romantic/Dianne                      Dianne                       PB284
      Secret/Dianne                      Dianne                       PB285
         Date/Eda                       Eda Nolan                     PB286
         Kiss/Eda                       Eda Nolan                     PB287
         Love/Eda                       Eda Nolan                     PB288
        Mwah/Eda                        Eda Nolan                     PB289
      Romantic/Eda                      Eda Nolan                     PB290
        Secret/Eda                      Eda Nolan                     PB291
       Date/Kristoff                Kristoff Abrenica                 PB292
       Kiss/Kristoff                Kristoff Abrenica                 PB293
       Love/Kristoff                Kristoff Abrenica                 PB294
      Mwah/Kristoff                 Kristoff Abrenica                 PB295
    Romantic/Kristoff               Kristoff Abrenica                 PB296
      Secret/Kristoff               Kristoff Abrenica                 PB297
        Date/Piolo                    Piolo Pascual                   PB298
         Kiss/Piolo                   Piolo Pascual                   PB299
        Mwah/Piolo                    Piolo Pascual                   PB300
     Romantic/Piolo                   Piolo Pascual                   PB301
       Secret/Piolo                   Piolo Pascual                   PB302
        Love/Piolo                    Piolo Pascual                   PB303
     Date/Timmyboy                Timmyboy Sta Maria                  PB304
     Kiss/Timmyboy                Timmyboy Sta Maria                  PB305
      Love/Timmyboy        Timmyboy Sta Maria   PB306
     Mwah/Timmyboy         Timmyboy Sta Maria   PB307
   Romantic/Timmyboy       Timmyboy Sta Maria   PB308
     Secret/Timmyboy       Timmyboy Sta Maria   PB309
         Date/Trish                  Trish      PB310
          Kiss/Trish                 Trish      PB311
         Love/Trish                  Trish      PB312
         Mwah/Trish                  Trish      PB313
      Romantic/Trish                 Trish      PB314
        Secret/Trish                 Trish      PB315
          Date/Zap                    Zap       PB316
          Kiss/Zap                    Zap       PB317
          Love/Zap                    Zap       PB318
         Mwah/Zap                     Zap       PB319
       Romantic/Zap                   Zap       PB320
         Secret/Zap                   Zap       PB321
   EvrythingWillBeAlryt           Killers The   KA498
   MidnightShow/Killers           Killers The   KA499
     BelieveMeNatalie             Killers The   KA500
    GlamIndieRockRoll             Killers The   KA501
        OnTop/Killers             Killers The   KA502
    AndyUrAStar/Killers           Killers The   KA503
   AllDizThingsIveDone            Killers The   KA504
   SmileLikeYouMeanIt             Killers The   KA505
    MrBrightside/Killers          Killers The   KA506
 JennyWasAFrendOfMine             Killers The   KA507
 WenUWerYoung/Killers             Killers The   KA508
    MrBrightside2/Killer          Killers The   KA509
   SmbdyToldMe/Killers            Killers The   KA510
    1NytOnly/JHudson          Jennifer Hudson   SB059
MayTamaAko/JayRSiabo            Jay R Siaboc    DB742
     Magbalik/Callalily            Callalily    SB052
     Magbalik/Callalily            Callalily    SB052
     Magbalik/Callalily            Callalily    SB052
  ItaktakMo/JoeydeLeon          Joey de Leon    SB049
  KungPuwedeLang/Lovi                 Lovi      SB051
     Sulat/Manomano              Manomano       SB050
  Hombre/SexbombGirls          Sexbomb Girls    SB054
  ItaktakMo/JoeydeLeon          Joey de Leon    SB049
    JstSoUKnw/JesseM          Jesse Macartney   EA786
  NilamonNgGabi/PinUp            Pin Up Girls   SB053
   PangarapLang/YengC        Yeng Constantino   DB727
 PagNandyanSiya/YvanL         Yvan Lambatan     DB728
     TiredOfYou/ChadP           Chad Peralta    DB729
WishngLampara/EmmanA         Emman Abatayo      DB730
  GoWithMyHeart/JoanI            Joan Ilagan    DB731
TangingIkwLamng/IyaG              Iya Ginez     DB732
   Unfair/ChaiFonacier      Chai Fonacier     DB733
 NotToday/DreamGirls          Dream Girls     DB734
 MaasahanMo/RositaB         Rosita Bareng     DB735
      Ako/RjJimenez           Rj Jimenez      DB736
Karamay/PankyTrinida       Panky Trinidad     DB737
    YouMoveMe/IrishF        Irish Fullerton   DB738
  KailanKaya/RonnieL         Ronnie Liang     DB739
 FollwUrRoad/MicheleB       Michelle Bond     DB740
 KabitKabit/DreamGirl         Dream Girls     DB741
  KrishnasEyes/GeoffT        Geoff Taylor     DB743
HwakKmayAkustic/Yeng      Yeng Constantino    DB744
  SuperHero/MakisigM       Makisig Morales    DB746
  LoveStoodStill/MYMP            MYMP         IB119
      WithYou/MYMP               MYMP         IB114
 4everAndADay/MYMP               MYMP         IB116
     SoPerfect/MYMP              MYMP         IB117
     BackHome/MYMP               MYMP         IB118
  AngPagIbigMo/MYMP              MYMP         IB120
   SayoLamang/MYMP               MYMP         IB115
   MotorolaSilverfilter        Motorola       GA190
   PBB2Theme/Cebalo             Cebalo        PB257
      AwayBati/Yeng       Yeng Constantino    PB258
 AwitNgPangarap/Yeng      Yeng Constantino    PB259
  BulagPipiBingi/Yeng     Yeng Constantino    PB260
       CoolOff/Yeng       Yeng Constantino    PB261
  HawakKamay2/Yeng        Yeng Constantino    PB262
    JustCantSay/Yeng      Yeng Constantino    PB263
      Salamat/Yeng        Yeng Constantino    PB264
       TimeIn/Yeng        Yeng Constantino    PB265
      Salamat/Yeng        Yeng Constantino    PB264
      Salamat/Yeng        Yeng Constantino    PB264
       TimeIn/Yeng        Yeng Constantino    PB265
       TimeIn/Yeng        Yeng Constantino    PB265
        WagNaWag               MichaelV       GA189
        DjBumbay               MichaelV       GA188
MayBONaAko/MichaelV            MichaelV       GA186
MayBONaAko/MichaelV            MichaelV       GA186
       DiMaggigisa             MichaelV       GA187
       DiMaggigisa             MichaelV       GA187
HawakKamayLive/Yeng       Yeng Constantino    PB239
      HilotLive/JayR         Jay-R Siaboc     PB243
   SunshineLive/Chad         Chad Peralta     PB245
  MisKtaPgTuesLive/RJ         RJ Jimenez      PB241
      KimChiuMwah              Kim Chiu       PB248
      KimChiuSecret            Kim Chiu       PB249
      MattEvansDate           Matt Evans      PB250
      MattEvansKiss           Matt Evans      PB251
     MattEvansMwah           Matt Evans       PB252
     MelissaRicksKiss       Melissa Ricks     PB253
    MelissaRicksMwah        Melissa Ricks     PB254
    MelissaRicksSecret      Melissa Ricks     PB255
  YourLove/ErikSantos        Erik Santos      DB720
  MissKtaPgTues/RjJim        RJ Jimenez       DB721
 DiNaBbalikPa/SherynR       Sheryn Regis      DB722
 BhindThseEyes/PankyT      Panky Trinidad     DB723
    DingginLive/Davey       Davey Langit      PB242
 SlmatSaYoInaLve/Rnie       Ronnie Liang      PB244
  AldredGatchalianDate    Aldred Gatchalian   PB246
  AldredGtchlianSecret    Aldred Gatchalian   PB247
 Superhero/Rocksteddy        Rocksteddy       DB724
 MhiwgngPgibg/AldredG     Aldred Gatchalian   DB725
 Someday/BarbiesCrdel      Barbies Cradle     DB726
   BabalikRinLive/Yvan     Yvan Lambatan      PB236
BhndThseEyesLve/Pnky       Panky Trinidad     PB237
 TatoedOnMyMnd1/Sitti            Sitti        TC512
    ParaSaAkin2/Sitti            Sitti        TC503
 PlsDntGo2/XtnBautsta     ChristianBautista   TC505
      Prinsesa/Teeth            Teeth         TC506
    SambaSong2/Sitti             Sitti        TC507
    SambaSong1/Sitti             Sitti        TC508
 SoMnyQuestions/SideA           SideA         TC509
  StarsRBlnd/ParisHltn       ParisHilton      TC510
 StayInLuvDisWay/Nina            Nina         TC511
 TatoedOnMyMnd2/Sitti            Sitti        TC513
   AllINid1/BrbiesCradl     BarbiesCradle     TC488
   AllINid2/BrbiesCradl     BarbiesCradle     TC489
 AngAkingAwitin/SideA           SideA         TC490
AngIyongPaalam/DDawn          TheDawn         TC491
     Angel/StoneFree          StoneFree       TC492
   ForeverMore/SideA            SideA         TC493
      Goodbye/Juana             Juana         TC494
HrapinAngLwnag/DDawn          TheDawn         TC495
 LetDPainRemain/SideA           SideA         TC496
 5DipangTao2/BrbsCrdl       BarbiesCradle     TC498
     Listen/StoneFree         StoneFree       TC499
     MakeUMine/Nina              Nina         TC500
NwDtURHr1/XtnBautsta      ChristianBautista   TC501
    ParaSaAkin1/Sitti            Sitti        TC502
 PlsDntGo1/XtnBautsta     ChristianBautista   TC504
 5DipangTao1/BrbsCrdl       BarbiesCradle     TC514
    NothingNew/Hilera           Hilera        EA774
       Fishcake/POT              POT          EA775
      Panaginip/POT              POT          EA776
     PieceOfThis/POT             POT          EA777
          Ulitin/POT              POT         EA778
     YugyuganNa/POT               POT         EA779
   BabyILuvUrWay/Mig          Mig Ayesa       KA495
         RhianXmas          Rhian Ramos       GA175
         RhianXmas          Rhian Ramos       GA175
        RhianChoppy         Rhian Ramos       GA176
        AicelleChoppy       Aicelle Santos    GA177
         AicelleGusto       Aicelle Santos    GA178
         AicelleXmas        Aicelle Santos    GA179
      BrenanBlessings     Brenan Espartinez   GA180
       BrenanChoppy       Brenan Espartinez   GA181
        BrenanSecret      Brenan Espartinez   GA182
        GeraldGaling        Gerald Santos     GA183
         GeraldXmas         Gerald Santos     GA184
   KissFromARose/Mig          Mig Ayesa       KA496
    ForeverMore/SideA           SideA         TC461
  AngAkingAwitin/SideA          SideA         TC462
AngIyongPaalam/DDawn          TheDawn         TC463
HrpinAngLwanag/DDawn          TheDawn         TC465
     ParaSaAkin1/Sitti           Sitti        TC466
     ParaSaAkin2/Sitti           Sitti        TC467
     SambaSong1/Sitti            Sitti        TC468
     SambaSong2/Sitti            Sitti        TC469
      Angel/StoneFree         StoneFree       TC464
 TattoodNMyMnd1/Sitti            Sitti        TC470
   TattoodNMnd2/Sitti            Sitti        TC471
     Tatsulok/Bamboo           Bamboo         EA772
  SayYoullNverGo/ErikS       Erik Santos      DB706
       7DwarftsMarch           Generic        DB707
     AllegroSymphony           Generic        DB708
     BeethovenLullaby          Generic        DB709
      LittleNiteOfMusic        Generic        DB710
      AllegroClassical         Generic        DB711
       MozartClassical         Generic        DB712
       SpringClassical         Generic        DB713
       TrumpetAllegro          Generic        DB714
   HawakKamay/YengC       Yeng Constantino    DB717
  YourLoveRemix/ErikS        Erik Santos      DB715
HawakKamayLive/YengC      Yeng Constantino    DB718
HawakKamayRmix/YengC      Yeng Constantino    DB719
 BstFBthWrlds/HMntana     Hannah Montana      EA756
   WhoSaid/HMontana       Hannah Montana      EA757
    JstLikeU/HMontana     Hannah Montana      EA758
  PumpinUp/HMontana       Hannah Montana      EA759
 IfIWerAMovie/HMntana     Hannah Montana      EA760
  IGotNerve/HMontana      Hannah Montana      EA761
 OdrSydOfMe/HMontana      Hannah Montana      EA762
  DisIsDLife/HMontana       Hannah Montana          EA763
   Prinsesa/6Cyclemind         6 Cyclemind          SB025
     CoolNerds/Ciudad              Ciudad           SB027
       Grabe/Craeons              Craeons           SB023
BorodTymAcostc/Cushe              Cueshe            SB028
BorodTymAcostc/Cushe              Cueshe            SB028
SnaKungAywN/Myonaise            Mayonnaise          SB026
 NextInLine/MMendoza         Miguel Mendoza         SB020
     GamuGamo/Pupil                 Pupil           SB024
 MoshiChikiyki/Sxbomb         Sexbomb Girls         SB022
   HangOn/DraeYbanez           Drae Ybanez          SB009
   Pangako/StefLazaro           Stef Lazaro         SB010
Nkpgtataka/PowChavez           Pow Chavez           SB011
 Himala/GianMagdangal        Gian Magdangal         SB012
    Ngayon/AppleChiu            Apple Chiu          SB013
  IisaPaLamang/JMateo            Jeli Mateo         SB014
 TuwingUmuulan/JNieto            Jan Nieto          SB015
 Araw2Gabi2/ArmsCruz           Armarie Cruz         SB016
 HindiMgbabago/RSajor        Reymond Sajor          SB017
 DiNaNatuto/KenDingle           Ken Dingle          SB018
 MnsnLngIbgin/MMrcelo       Maureen Marcelo         SB019
   KldscopWrld/Final12   Philippine Idol Final 12   SB021
    NasanKaOrig/Pupil               Pupil           RA779
  NsanKaAcoustic/Pupil              Pupil           RA780
       Someday/Nina                 Nina            TC458
      ParaSaAkin/Sitti               Sitti          TC459
 TattoedOnMyMnd/Sitti                Sitti          TC460
     Backtome/Cueshe              Cueshe            SB008
    BoomTarat/WillieR       Willie Revillame        DB702
 AngLhtPraSyo/SherynR          Sheryn Regis         DB703
  DnaBbalikPa/SherynR          Sheryn Regis         DB704
   PusongLito/SherynR          Sheryn Regis         DB705
    Forevermore/SideA             Side A            TC436
 AngAkingAwitin/SideA              Side A           TC437
      Angel/Stonefree            Stonefree          TC439
HrpinAngLwnag/DDawn              The Dawn           TC440
     ParaSaAkin1/Sitti               Sitti          TC441
     ParaSaAkin2/Sitti               Sitti          TC442
    SambaSong1/Sitti                 Sitti          TC443
    SambaSong2/Sitti                 Sitti          TC444
 TattoodNMyMnd1/Sitti                Sitti          TC445
 TattoodNMyMnd2/Sitti                Sitti          TC446
AngIyngPaalam/DDawn              The Dawn           TC438
       Someday/Nina                 Nina            TC433
 AngLhatPraSayo/Shryn          Sheryn Regis         PB230
 DiNaBaBabalik/Sheryn          Sheryn Regis         PB231
  MriaFlrdeluna/Sheryn         Sheryn Regis         PB232
    PusongLito/Sheryn               Sheryn Regis            PB233
      Motorola12Gifts                  Motorola             GA185
      Motorola12Gifts                  Motorola             GA185
CharmMe/WkeUpUrStmte          Wake Up Your Seatmate         PB228
 Pnagnip/WkeUpUrStmte         Wake Up Your Seatmate         PB229
  Ambisyoso/Kamikazee                Kamikazee              PB234
   TuloyAngPasko/ONL             Orange N Lemons            PB235
   TuloyAngPasko/ONL             Orange N Lemons            PB235
   SilntNyt/ChrstnBtsta          Christian Bautista         TC432
  IfWeFallInLuv/YengRJ    Yeng Constantino and RJ Jimenez   PB069
    KailanKaya/Ronnie               Ronnie Liang            PB065
   PangarapLang/Yeng             Yeng Constantino           PB051
    PgNndyanSya/Yvan              Yvan Lambatan             PB052
   GoWithMyHeart/Joan                Joan Ilagan            PB055
     TiredOfYou/Chad                Chad Peralta            PB053
 WishingLampara/Eman              Eman Abatayo              PB054
  MaaasahanMo/Rosita               Rosita Bareng            PB060
      Karamay/Panky               Panky Trinidad            PB063
     YouMoveMe/Irish               Irish Fullerton          PB064
    KailanKaya/Ronnie               Ronnie Liang            PB065
      SikatAko/Davey                Davey Langit            PB067
  IfWeFallInLuv/YengRJ    Yeng Constantino and RJ Jimenez   PB069
   PangarapLang/Yeng             Yeng Constantino           PB051
     TiredOfYou/Chad                Chad Peralta            PB053
    BrendaFoxNewYear                 Brenda Fox             PB099
      BrendaFoxParty                 Brenda Fox             PB100
      BrendaFoxSong                  Brenda Fox             PB101
     BrendaFoxTawag                  Brenda Fox             PB102
  CarlaHumphriesXmas             Carla Humphries            PB103
    CarlaHumphriesGift           Carla Humphries            PB104
 CarlaHumphriesNwYear            Carla Humphries            PB105
  CarlaHumphriesParty            Carla Humphries            PB106
   CarlaHumphriesSong            Carla Humphries            PB107
  CarlaHumphriesTawag            Carla Humphries            PB108
    CassPontiChristmas                Cass Ponti            PB109
        CassPontiGift                 Cass Ponti            PB110
    CassPontiNewYear                  Cass Ponti            PB111
       CassPontiParty                 Cass Ponti            PB112
       CassPontiSong                  Cass Ponti            PB113
      CassPontiTawag                  Cass Ponti            PB114
    DeniseLaurelXmas               Denise Laurel            PB115
      DeniseLaurelGift             Denise Laurel            PB116
  DeniseLaurelNewYear              Denise Laurel            PB117
     DeniseLaurelParty             Denise Laurel            PB118
     DeniseLaurelSong              Denise Laurel            PB119
    DeniseLaurelTawag              Denise Laurel            PB120
    ErichGonzalesXmas             Erich Gonzales            PB121
   ErichGonzalesGift    Erich Gonzales    PB122
ErichGonzalesNewYear    Erich Gonzales    PB123
  ErichGonzalesParty    Erich Gonzales    PB124
  ErichGonzalesSong     Erich Gonzales    PB125
 ErichGonzalesTawag     Erich Gonzales    PB126
     PawChristmas          Paw Diaz       PB205
      PawNewYear           Paw Diaz       PB207
        PawParty           Paw Diaz       PB208
       PawTawag            Paw Diaz       PB209
  RoxanneChristmas     Roxanne Guinoo     PB210
      RoxanneGift      Roxanne Guinoo     PB211
   RoxanneNewYear      Roxanne Guinoo     PB212
     RoxanneParty      Roxanne Guinoo     PB213
     RoxanneSong       Roxanne Guinoo     PB214
    RoxanneTawag       Roxanne Guinoo     PB215
  SandaraChristmas       Sandara Park     PB216
      SandaraGift        Sandara Park     PB217
   SandaraNewYear        Sandara Park     PB218
     SandaraParty        Sandara Park     PB219
     SandaraSong         Sandara Park     PB220
    SandaraTawag         Sandara Park     PB221
     ZiaChristmas        Zia Marquez      PB222
         ZiaGift         Zia Marquez      PB223
      ZiaNewYear         Zia Marquez      PB224
        ZiaParty         Zia Marquez      PB225
        ZiaSong          Zia Marquez      PB226
       ZiaTawag          Zia Marquez      PB227
     JosephTawag       Joseph Bitangcol   PB180
    MaouiChristmas       Maoui David      PB181
       MaouiGift         Maoui David      PB182
    MaouiNewYear         Maoui David      PB183
       MaouiParty        Maoui David      PB184
       MaouiSong         Maoui David      PB185
      MaouiTawag         Maoui David      PB186
    MikkiChristmas        Mikki Arceo     PB187
        MikkiGift         Mikki Arceo     PB188
     MikkiNewYear         Mikki Arceo     PB189
       MikkiParty         Mikki Arceo     PB190
       MikkiSong          Mikki Arceo     PB191
         PawGift           Paw Diaz       PB206
  MayTamaAko/JayR        Jay-R Siaboc     PB070
 AbtUrLuv/RJJimenez       RJ Jimenez      PB072
AaronAgassiChristmas     Aaron Agassi     PB073
    AaronAgassiGift      Aaron Agassi     PB074
 AaronAgassiNewYear      Aaron Agassi     PB075
   AaronAgassiParty      Aaron Agassi     PB076
   AaronAgassiSong       Aaron Agassi     PB077
  AaronAgassiTawag               Aaron Agassi              PB078
AldredGatchalianXmas          Aldred Gatchalian            PB079
 AldredGatchalianGift         Aldred Gatchalian            PB080
AldredGatchalianNwYr          Aldred Gatchalian            PB081
 AldredGatchalianPrty         Aldred Gatchalian            PB082
AldredGatchalianSong          Aldred Gatchalian            PB083
AldredGatchalianTwag          Aldred Gatchalian            PB084
AlexPiersonChristmas              Alex Pierson             PB085
     AlexPiersonGift              Alex Pierson             PB086
 AlexPiersonNewYear               Alex Pierson             PB087
    AlexPiersonParty              Alex Pierson             PB088
    AlexPiersonSong               Alex Pierson             PB089
   AlexPiersonTawag               Alex Pierson             PB090
  ArronVillaflorXmas             Arron Villaflor           PB091
    ArronVillaflorGift           Arron Villaflor           PB092
 ArronVillaflorNwYear            Arron Villaflor           PB093
  ArronVillaflorParty            Arron Villaflor           PB094
   ArronVillaflorSong            Arron Villaflor           PB095
  ArronVillaflorTawag            Arron Villaflor           PB096
 BrendaFoxChristmas                Brenda Fox              PB097
     BrendaFoxGift                 Brenda Fox              PB098
      HazelAnnGift           Hazel Ann Mendoza             PB128
     HazelAnnParty           Hazel Ann Mendoza             PB129
    HazelAnnParty2           Hazel Ann Mendoza             PB130
  HazelAnnChristmas          Hazel Ann Mendoza             PB127
 YourLove/ErikSantos               Erik Santos             DB698
MisKtaPgTues/RjJimnz               RJ Jimenez              DB699
ArigatoTmadchi1/PDA     Pinoy Dream Academy All Star       DB700
ArigatoTmadchi2/PDA Jun Hirano Eman Abatayo Jay R Siaboc   DB701
     HazelAnnSong            Hazel Ann Mendoza             PB131
    HazelAnnTawag            Hazel Ann Mendoza             PB132
   HazelAnnTawag2            Hazel Ann Mendoza             PB133
    IsabelChristmas               Isabel Blaesi            PB134
         IsabelGift               Isabel Blaesi            PB135
     IsabelNewYear                Isabel Blaesi            PB136
        IsabelParty               Isabel Blaesi            PB137
        IsabelSong                Isabel Blaesi            PB138
       IsabelTawag                Isabel Blaesi            PB139
   JamillaChristmas             Jamilla Obispo             PB140
        JamillaGift             Jamilla Obispo             PB141
    JamillaNewYear              Jamilla Obispo             PB142
       JamillaParty             Jamilla Obispo             PB143
       JamillaSong              Jamilla Obispo             PB144
      JamillaTawag              Jamilla Obispo             PB145
    JasonChristmas               Jason Abalos              PB146
         JasonGift               Jason Abalos              PB147
     JasonNewYear                Jason Abalos              PB148
     JasonParty        Jason Abalos    PB149
     JasonSong         Jason Abalos    PB150
   JasonTawag          Jason Abalos    PB151
JaysonChristmas       Jayson Gainza    PB152
     JaysonGift       Jayson Gainza    PB153
 JaysonNewYear        Jayson Gainza    PB154
   JaysonParty        Jayson Gainza    PB155
   JaysonSong         Jayson Gainza    PB156
  JaysonTawag         Jayson Gainza    PB157
   JillChristmas          Jill Yulo    PB158
         JillGift         Jill Yulo    PB159
    JillNewYear           Jill Yulo    PB160
        JillParty         Jill Yulo    PB161
        JillSong          Jill Yulo    PB162
      JillTawag           Jill Yulo    PB163
 JoemChristmas         Joem Bascon     PB164
       JoemGift        Joem Bascon     PB165
  JoemNewYear          Joem Bascon     PB166
     JoemParty         Joem Bascon     PB167
     JoemSong          Joem Bascon     PB168
    JoemTawag          Joem Bascon     PB169
    MikkiTawag          Mikki Arceo    PB192
  NinaChristmas          Nina Jose     PB193
       NinaGift          Nina Jose     PB194
  NinaNewYear            Nina Jose     PB195
      NinaParty          Nina Jose     PB196
      NinaSong           Nina Jose     PB197
    NinaTawag            Nina Jose     PB198
  OlynChristmas      Olyn Meimban      PB199
       OlynGift      Olyn Meimban      PB200
  OlynNewYear        Olyn Meimban      PB201
      OlynParty      Olyn Meimban      PB202
      OlynSong       Olyn Meimban      PB203
    OlynTawag        Olyn Meimban      PB204
JorossChristmas      Joross Gamboa     PB170
      JorossGift     Joross Gamboa     PB171
 JorossNewYear       Joross Gamboa     PB172
    JorossSong       Joross Gamboa     PB173
    JorossTago       Joross Gamboa     PB174
JosephChristmas     Joseph Bitangcol   PB175
     JosephGift     Joseph Bitangcol   PB176
 JosephNewYear      Joseph Bitangcol   PB177
   JosephParty      Joseph Bitangcol   PB178
   JosephSong       Joseph Bitangcol   PB179
   ChikkaTest1                         CB204
   ChikkaTest2                         CB205
   ChikkaTest3                         CB206
NmmskoPo/PrkyaNEdgar          Parokya Ni Edgar        TC426
  Olops/ParokyaNiEdgar        Parokya Ni Edgar        TC427
 HapiNwYr/PrkyaNEdgar         Parokya Ni Edgar        TC428
 MchoNCSnta/Msculados            Masculados           TC429
GodRstYMryXms/OLemon        Orange And Lemons         TC430
   HoHoHoXmasWishes              Cornerstone          TC431
   KrishnasEyes/Geoff            Geoff Taylor         PB071
  FllowUrRoad/Michelle         Michelle Bond          PB066
      Ako/RJJimenez              RJ Jimenez           PB062
         Unfair/Chai            Chai Fonacier         PB058
       LetMe/Kristoff         Kristoff Abrenica       PB057
 TangingIkawLmang/Iya             Iya Ginez           PB056
   Dinggin/PDADaveyL            Davey Langit          DB693
 SlamatSyo/PDARonnie            Ronnie Liang          DB694
 BehindThose/PDAPanky          Panky Trinidad         DB695
 BehindThoseM1/PankyT          Panky Trinidad         DB696
    Hilot/PDAJaySialoc            Jay Sialoc          DB697
  NotToday/DreamGirls            Dream Girls          PB059
 PDATheme/PDAAllStars           PDA All Stars         PB061
  KabtKabit/DreamGirls           Dream Girls          PB068
 AkoUnangBmati/Aryana       Aryana And Buko Pie       TC420
     LetItSnow/Imago                Imago             TC421
 XmasNOurHrts/JMChan     Jose Mari Chan & Liza Chan   TC422
 GrwnUpXmasList/Meta4              Metafour           TC423
SmbangGbi/PrkyaNEdgr          Parokya Ni Edgar        TC424
  SilntNight/Spngecola           Spongecola           TC425
    YakapSaDilim/APO         APO Hiking Society       TC411
      Panalangin/APO         APO Hiking Society       TC410
      SaIlalim/Kjwan                Kjwan             TC396
       Solana/Kjwan                 Kjwan             TC397
     Invitation/Kjwan               Kjwan             TC398
      AngDaan/Kjwan                 Kjwan             TC399
  YouDidntKnow/Kjwan                Kjwan             TC395
 AkinKaNlng/Itchywrms            Itchyworms           TC407
      BlueJeans/APO          APO Hiking Society       TC408
      DooBiDoo/APO           APO Hiking Society       TC409
    Narda/Kamikazee              Kamikazee            TC412
 MangJose/ParkyaNEdgr         Parokya Ni Edgar        TC413
HvenKnws/OrngeNLmons        Orange And Lemons         TC414
 PapaColgn/PrkyaNEdgr         Parokya Ni Edgar        TC415
    Salapi/Itchyworms            Itchyworms           TC416
     Alipin/Shamrock              Shamrock            TC417
    OkLang/Shamrock               Shamrock            TC418
 SbihinMoNa/TopSuzara            Top Suzara           TC419
    CantDoThat/Kjwan                Kjwan             TC405
    2StepMarv/Kjwan                 Kjwan             TC406
       Ikaw/Chilitees              Chilitees          EA736
  NgayongGabi/Jeans               Jeans         EA737
  DVDX/SandwichMike      Sandwich Feat. Mike    EA738
 DVDX/SandwichMong       Sandwich Feat. Mong    EA739
DVDX/SandwichMyrene     Sandwich Feat. Myrene   EA740
     Adios/Slapshock           Slapshock        EA741
  ArawtGabi/TrueFaith          True Faith       EA742
     OneLook/Kjwan                Kjwan         TC404
    Beer/Itchyworms           Itchyworms        TC401
HartbreakSng/KimChiu            Kim Chiu        DB675
    IkawLang/Drizzle             Drizzle        DB692
ParaSyo/ProkyaNEdgar       Parokya Ni Edgar     TC400
     TaraLets/Imago              Imago          TC402
MrtyrNybera/Kmikazee          Kamikazee         TC403
     BbalikRin/YvanL    PDA - Yvan Lambatan     DB673
 Sunshine/ChadPeralta     PDA - Chad Peralta    DB674
AyanTuloy/Rocksteddy          Rocksteddy        DB676
  HindiIyo/JettPangan         Jett Pangan       DB677
 TitoTitaXmas/Makisig   Makisig - Super Inggo   DB678
  1stDayHigh/KimChiu            Kim Chiu        DB679
 1stDayHi/JasonAbalos        Jason Abalos       DB680
    1stDayHigh/Geoff       Geoff Eigenmann      DB681
 1stDayHi/MajaSalvdor        Maja Salvador      DB682
  1stDayHigh/GeraldA       Gerald Anderson      DB683
MhiwagngPgIbg/Aldred       Aldred Gatchalian    DB684
WowoweeXmas/WillieR         Willie Revillame    DB685
SprHeroRemix/Rckstdy          Rocksteddy        DB686
WowoweeRemixed/LitoC           Lito Camo        DB687
   JingleBellsRemixed           In House        DB688
 DeckTheHallsRemixed            In House        DB689
OCamAlYeFytfullRemix            In House        DB690
 SunshineRemix/ChadP      PDA -Chad Peralta     DB691
     TitoTita/Makisig       Makisig Morales     PB050
         One/U2                    U2           KA484
  WithOrWithoutU/U2                U2           KA476
        Vertigo/U2                 U2           KA477
KungAyawMo/Sugarfree           Sugarfree        EA735
     BeautifulDay/U2               U2           KA473
 StlHvntFndWtMLukn4                U2           KA474
         Pride/U2                  U2           KA475
    NewYearsDay/U2                 U2           KA478
  MysteriousWays/U2                U2           KA479
   StuckNMoment/U2                 U2           KA480
 WhrDStHvNoName/U2                 U2           KA481
   SweetestThing/U2                U2           KA482
 SndayBlodySnday/U2                U2           KA483
        Desire/U2                  U2           KA485
        WalkOn/U2                  U2           KA486
      Elevation/U2                U2          KA487
SmtimesUCntMkeIt/U2               U2          KA488
  DSaintsRComing/U2               U2          KA489
    Bones/TheKillers         Killers The      KA490
 SamsTown/TheKillers         Killers The      KA491
    NicoleSings/PCD     Pussycat Dolls The    KA492
   NicoleReplace/PCD    Pussycat Dolls The    KA493
    AshleyJoke/PCD      Pussycat Dolls The    KA494
 AwitNgLwalhti/EdithM     Edith Mendoza       DB662
    TuwingPasko/V3                V3          DB663
  Kahulugan/ReubenL      Reuben Laurente      DB664
PassAkoSaPsko/DinahA      Dinah Armesin       DB665
    Regalo/DesireeV      Desiree Villaviejo   DB667
  Nananalangin/Dulce            Dulce         DB668
    Emmanuel/JoniV        Joni Villanueva     DB669
 DkilngHari/Musikatha     Musikatha Kids      DB670
  Aguinaldo/Musikatha     Musikatha Kids      DB671
  OMagsaya/Musikatha    Musikatha Singers     DB672
NaisKngRegalo/CathyA       Cathy Amaca        DB666
    Number3/Drizzle            Drizzle        DB646
  Surface/KjwanYahoo           Kjwan          TC383
   Daliri/KjwanYahoo           Kjwan          TC390
  Twilight/KjwanYahoo          Kjwan          TC391
 StiksNStons/DaleIbay        Dale Ibay        TC261
     Drizzle/Kjwan             Kjwan          TC393
     MyDear/Kjwan              Kjwan          TC394
   Boomerang/Kjwan             Kjwan          TC384
    Someday/Kjwan              Kjwan          TC385
       Slip/Kjwan              Kjwan          TC386
    Backbone/Kjwan             Kjwan          TC387
       SetIt/Kjwan             Kjwan          TC388
     Moving/Kjwan              Kjwan          TC389
     Bracelet/Kjwan            Kjwan          TC392
  CasinoRoyaleTheme        Casino Royale      IB036
   Boomtarat/WillieR     Willie Revillame     PB048
    Nokia2310/6070              Nokia         TC382
AyanTuloy/Rocksteddy        Rocksteddy        PB035
 FrstDayBlues/FDHCast         FDH Cast        PB036
HeartbrkSong/KimChiu          Kim Chiu        PB037
  HindiIyo/JettPangan       Jett Pangan       PB038
ILuvUBoy/ToniGonzaga       Toni Gonzaga       PB039
MntainBke/BlueKtchup       Blue Ketchup       PB041
   PagIbig/Brainwash         Brainwash        PB042
IsangBndla2/Rvermaya         Rivermaya        PB043
   Lihim/MilkNMoney        Milk N Money       PB040
   NasaanKaNa/Kyla               Kyla         EA733
   Spolarium/Eheads         Eraserheads       SA979
  ShakeUrHed/Eheads            Eraserheads       SA961
 BorrowedTime/Cueshe              Cueshe         SA982
  Waiting4Bus/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA964
  HeyJay/Eraserheads           Eraserheads       SA956
ILuvUBoy/ToniGonzaga          Toni Gonzaga       PB039
TndahanNiNena/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA963
 TamaKa/Eraserheads            Eraserheads       SA980
  Tikman/Eraserheads           Eraserheads       SA981
AyanTuloy/Rocksteddy           Rocksteddy        PB035
HeartbrkSong/KimChiu             Kim Chiu        PB037
IsangBndla2/Rvermaya            Rivermaya        PB043
PoormansGrave/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA959
   Miguel/BrownOutfit     Brown Outfit Bureau    DB660
 SaWakas/Eraserheads           Eraserheads       SA960
  Shirley/Eraserheads          Eraserheads       SA962
Diksyonaryo/Chongkey            Chongkeys        DB659
      LabStori/Enchi               Enchi         DB649
     DVDX/Sandwich              Sandwich         EA731
    Frailty/Urbandub            Urbandub         EA732
       Define/Hilera              Hilera         EA734
 Down&Lonely/DGrass          Domestic Grass      DB650
 HangoverSong/Sefyla              Sefyla         DB651
  ItsOver/CCornflakes       Cherry Cornflakes    DB652
HumbleBegin/HumbleS          Humble Sauce        DB653
  SweetLovin/CoffeeB       Coffee Break Island   DB654
  Alkohol/Eraserheads          Eraserheads       SA954
   SisterSinistr/IndioI           Indio I        DB655
  Butterscotch/Eheads          Eraserheads       SA955
 DanceWidMe/ShuffleU          Shuffle Union      DB656
Sarungbanggi/Mudflow             Mudflow         DB657
 KailanLounge/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA957
DreamCloudy/G2Bndok       G2 and the Bundocks    DB658
ParuProngNing2/Eheds           Eraserheads       SA958
  Wating/Eraserheads           Eraserheads       SA966
WalangNgbago/Eheads            Eraserheads       SA965
 WishingWells/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA967
 68DrSixtoAve/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA968
AndalusianDog/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA969
BalikbayanBox/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA970
 CasaFntastica/Eheads          Eraserheads       SA971
 ChristmasPrty/Eheads          Eraserheads       SA972
    Futuristic/Eheads          Eraserheads       SA973
  Hahaha/Eraserheads           Eraserheads       SA974
  Palamig/Eraserheads          Eraserheads       SA975
   Playground/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA976
 SaturnReturn/Eheads           Eraserheads       SA977
 ScorpioRising/Eheads          Eraserheads       SA978
Superhero/Rocksteddy         Rocksteddy      DB661
     Pintura/Kjwan             Kjwan         TC377
       Shai/Kjwan              Kjwan         TC378
      Focus/Kjwan              Kjwan         TC379
IsangBandila/Rvrmaya         Rivermaya       TC380
           NBK                 Various       GA172
SeasonSmyl/Itchyworm        Itchyworms       DB647
LetMe/Orange&Lemons      Orange and Lemons   DB648
        Creamsilk              Mojofly       GA171
        Creamsilk              Mojofly       GA171
IsangBandila/Rvermya         Rivermaya       PB034
           Burp                              BA198
         Chicken                             BA199
           Cow                 N?A           BA200
        Cry Baby                             BA201
       Deep Laugh                            BA202
      Dogs Barking                           BA203
        Elephant                             BA204
           Fart                              BA205
          Flush                              BA206
           Frog                              BA207
          Gargle                             BA208
          Geese                              BA209
           Goat                              BA210
      Heart Beating                          BA211
         Howling                             BA212
        Monkeys                              BA213
 NightingaleChearping                        BA214
         Peacock                             BA215
         Rooster                             BA217
     Scream Female                           BA218
      Scream Male                            BA219
        Sneezing                             BA220
         Snoring                             BA221
      Witch Laugh                            BA222
LetMe/Orange&Lemons      Orange and Lemons   DB645
            Pig                              BA216
  SilverBell/Carpenter      Carpenters       KA461
   Voulezvous/ABBA             ABBA          KA429
ColWenUrSobr/Evanesc       Evanescence       SA919
ColWenUrSobr/Evanesc       Evanescence       RA777
    PDAChadOiMate          Chad Peralta      PB011
   PDAChaiFreeSpirit       Chai Fonacier     PB012
   PDADaveyDinggin         Davey Langit      PB013
 PDAEmanMakulitCute       Eman Abatayo       PB014
PDAGemmaAussieCutie      Gemma Fitzgerald    PB015
 PDAGeoffBoyNextDoor        Geoff Taylor     PB016
       PDAIrishSexy                Irish Fullerton            PB017
  PDAIyaPlitcianSinger                 Iya Ginez              PB018
    PDAJayRVizRocker                Jay-R Siaboc              PB019
   PDAJoanBuonGiorno                 Joan Ilagan              PB020
      PDAJunArigato                   Jun Hirano              PB021
   PDAKristoffFilCndian          Kristoff Abrenica            PB022
 PDAMichelleBondDtsMe              Michelle Bond              PB023
 PDAOonaClasPresident              Oona Barretto              PB024
PDAPankyMaayongAdlaw              Panky Trinidad              PB025
  PDARJTuwingTuesday                 RJ Jimenez               PB026
 PDARonnieChinkyEyed                Ronnie Liang              PB027
PDARositaDmiKoKwento               Rosita Bareng              PB028
      PDAYengIyakin              Yeng Constantino             PB029
PDAYvanCoolRckerDady              Yvan Lambatan               PB030
SeasonSmyl/Itchyworm                 Itchyworms               DB644
    ChainsAndGhosts                 Cornerstone               TC369
     GunsAndShouts                  Cornerstone               TC370
      HowlingWolves                 Cornerstone               TC371
     MonsterElecChair               Cornerstone               TC372
        PsychoLab                   Cornerstone               TC373
    ThunderEvilLaugh                Cornerstone               TC374
     WitchBrewLaugh                 Cornerstone               TC375
     WomanAttacked                  Cornerstone               TC376
 MrtyrNybera/Kmikazee                Kamikazee                IB031
   SweetLovin/CoffeeB           Coffee Break Island           DB638
 HumbleBegin/HumbleS               Humble Sauce               DB639
   ItsOver/CherryCorn            Cherry Cornflakes            DB640
 HangoverSongs/Sefyla                    Sefyla               DB641
DownAndLonely/DGrass              Domestic Grass              DB642
      LabStori/Enchi                      Enchi               DB643
   Miguel/BrownOutfit          Brown Outfit Bureau            DB632
 Diksyonaryo/Chongkey             The Chongkeys               DB633
     DreamCloudy/G2            G2 and the Bundocks            DB634
 Sarungbanggi/Mudflow                   Mudflow               DB635
  DanceWidMe/ShuffleU              Shuffle Union              DB636
   SisterSinister/Indio                  Indio I              DB637
OpenSeasonBoogAnswer                Open Season               IB024
  OpenSeasonBoogster                Open Season               IB025
  OpenSeasonBoogElliot              Open Season               IB026
  OpenSeasonBoogBeth                Open Season               IB027
OpenSeasonBoogPickUp                Open Season               IB028
    OpenSeasonElliot                Open Season               IB029
OpenSeasonScrtHndshk                Open Season               IB030
 Arigatou/JunEmanJayRJun Hirano Eman Abatayo & Jay-R Siaboc   PB031
 Argatou2/JunEmanJayR Jun Hirano Eman Abatayo Jay-R Siaboc    PB033
       Manila/GaryV               Gary Valenciano             PA972
  Crazy4U/ToniGonzaga              Toni Gonzaga               PB032
 AnnieBtungbkal/ToniG          Toni Gonzaga             PA973
     PersLab/SarahG           Sarah Geronimo            PA974
     MsUniverse/Piolo           Piolo Pascual           PA975
  BitinSaYo/ErikSantos           Erik Santos            PA977
 BonggaKaDay/Sheryn            Sheryn Regis             PA978
    BehButiNga/MarkB           Mark Bautista            PA979
  LangitNaNaman/Sam              Sam Milby              PA980
   KasiNaman/NikkiGil             Nikki Gil             PA981
     OLumapitKa.Nina                 Nina               PA982
  Dyng2TellU/Christian       Christian Bautista         PA984
   ICant4getU/ZsaZsa          Zsa Zsa Padilla           PA985
   Panaginip/Rachelle         Rachelle Ann Go           PA976
  IkawPaRin/JedMadela            Jed Madela             PA983
      Stars/Callalily              Callalily            RA778
   Panaginip/Rachelle         Rachelle Ann Go           PA976
      Stars/Callalily              Callalily            SA920
   Panaginip/Rachelle         Rachelle Ann Go           PA976
 AnnieBtungbkal/ToniG          Toni Gonzaga             PA973
 Crazy4U/ToniGonzaga           Toni Gonzaga             PB032
     MsUniverse/Piolo           Piolo Pascual           PA975
     PersLab/SarahG           Sarah Geronimo            PA974
  BitinSaYo/ErikSantos           Erik Santos            PA977
  LangitNaNaman/Sam              Sam Milby              PA980
      Stars/Callalily              Callalily            RA778
   Hallelujah/Bamboo               Bamboo               EA717
    PeaceMan/Bamboo                Bamboo               EA718
       FU/Bamboo                   Bamboo               EA719
MuchHasBnSaid/Bamboo               Bamboo               EA720
      Truth/Bamboo                 Bamboo               EA721
 WeWishUAMerryXmas       Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA432
   JingleBells/Gunther   Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA433
WhereDidMySnowmanGo      Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA434
 RudlphRedNosReindeer    Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA435
   HavUrslfMeriLilXmas   Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA436
  TheFirstNoel/Gunther   Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA437
   SilentNight/Gunther   Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA438
   TheLilDrummerBoy      Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA439
    WinterWonderland     Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA440
 HappyHoliday/Gunther    Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA441
 ISawMomKisStaClause     Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA442
   LetItSnow/Gunther     Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA443
    ChristmasAlphabet    Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA444
      WhiteChristmas     Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA445
   OComeOlYeFaithful     Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA446
 GodRestMeriGntlemen     Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA447
  HarkDHerldAngelSing    Gunther Kallmann Choir   The   KA448
TheXmasWaltz/Carpent             Carpenters             KA449
  SleighRide/Carpenter               Carpenters               KA450
ItsXmasTme/Carpenter                 Carpenters               KA451
StaClauseSComin2Town                 Carpenters               KA452
     ChesnutRoasting                 Carpenters               KA453
   SilentNite/Carpenter              Carpenters               KA454
   JingleBell/Carpenter              Carpenters               KA455
  LetItSnow/Carpenters               Carpenters               KA456
   HavUrslfMeriLilXmas               Carpenters               KA457
     MeriXmasDarling                 Carpenters               KA458
      IllBHome4Xmas                  Carpenters               KA459
    WinterWonderland                 Carpenters               KA460
      RingRing/ABBA                     ABBA                  KA416
      Waterloo/ABBA                     ABBA                  KA417
    HoneyHoney/ABBA                     ABBA                  KA418
        IDoIDo/ABBA                     ABBA                  KA419
         SOS/ABBA                       ABBA                  KA420
      Fernando/ABBA                     ABBA                  KA421
  DancingQueen/ABBA                     ABBA                  KA422
    MoneyMoney/ABBA                     ABBA                  KA423
KnowingMeKnowingYou                     ABBA                  KA424
 WhiteXmas/Carpenters                Carpenters               KA462
   HavUrslfMeriLilXmas                Jackson 5               KA463
StaClauseSComin2Town                  Jackson 5               KA464
  DXmasSong/Jackson5                  Jackson 5               KA465
UpOnDHousTop/Jackson                  Jackson 5               KA466
     FrostyDSnowman                   Jackson 5               KA467
RudlphRedNosReindeer                  Jackson 5               KA468
    XmasWontBDSame                    Jackson 5               KA469
    GivLuvOnXmasDay                   Jackson 5               KA470
SmdayAtXmas/Jackson5                  Jackson 5               KA471
 ISawMomKisStaClause                  Jackson 5               KA472
     TakeAChnceOnMe                     ABBA                  KA425
  DoesYourMotherKnow                    ABBA                  KA426
     MammaMia/ABBA                      ABBA                  KA427
   SuperTrouper/ABBA                    ABBA                  KA428
   GimmeGimme/ABBA                      ABBA                  KA430
 ThankYouForTheMusic                    ABBA                  KA431
      WeBelong/ToniG                Toni Gonzaga              DB623
   DahilIkaw/TrueFaith               True Faith               DB624
1stDayHigh/Kamikazee                 Kamikazee                DB625
   YouAreD1/ToniSam         Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby        DB626
  CloseEnctr/Sandwich                 Sandwich                DB627
      Choose/Mojofly                   Mojofly                DB628
    KungKyaKo/ToniG                 Toni Gonzaga              DB629
  Gr8stDay/BrbieKitchi    Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal   DB630
     Wowowee/LCamo                   Lito Camo                DB631
 InAnoderLyftym/GaryV              Gary Valenciano            PB004
      DidItEver/GaryV         Gary Valenciano            PB002
  EvenForAWhile/GaryV         Gary Valenciano            PB003
       KailanPa/GaryV         Gary Valenciano            PB005
    OnlyAFriend/GaryV         Gary Valenciano            PB006
     ShakeItOff/GaryV         Gary Valenciano            PB008
WgMoNSnangIspn/GaryV          Gary Valenciano            PB009
   WhatYouWant/GaryV          Gary Valenciano            PB010
   AllIDrmAbt/ChrisCyzr         Chris Cayzer             PA994
   HoldngOut/ChrisCyzr          Chris Cayzer             PA995
  HldngOutAC/ChrisCyzr          Chris Cayzer             PA996
   IGotYou/ChrisCayzer          Chris Cayzer             PA997
  IGotYouAC/ChrisCyzer          Chris Cayzer             PA998
  HowCanI/KrisLwrence          Kris Lawrence             PA999
    Paano/KrisLawrence         Kris Lawrence             PB001
       Taralets/Imago               Imago                IB008
  BhindThseEyes/Panky          Panky Trinidad            PA987
   Dinggin/DaveyLangit          Davey Langit             PA988
    HawakKamay/Yeng          Yeng Constantino            PA989
   Hilot/ScrambledEggs        Scrambled Eggs             PA990
  MissKtaPgTuesday/RJ            RJ Jimenez              PA991
SlmtSYoIna/EmanGemma Eman Abatayo and Gemma Fitzgerald   PA992
       Sunshine/Chad            Chad Peralta             PA993
     SanaBukas/GaryV          Gary Valenciano            PB007
   HoldngOut/ChrisCyzr          Chris Cayzer             PA995
       Sunshine/Chad            Chad Peralta             PA993
   AllIDrmAbt/ChrisCyzr         Chris Cayzer             PA994
   IGotYou/ChrisCayzer          Chris Cayzer             PA997
  IGotYouAC/ChrisCyzer          Chris Cayzer             PA998
   FiveAlive/Lokomotive         Lokomotive               EA728
 RideWdMe/Lokomotive             Lokomotive              EA730
      BabalikRin/Yvan         Yvan Lambatan              PA986
     Sanctuary/Callalily           Callalily             SA930
        Pasan/Callalily            Callalily             SA929
     FinalSong/Callalily           Callalily             SA924
     Sanctuary/Callalily           Callalily             SA930
       Insane/Callalily            Callalily             SA925
  KungKyKoLng/Calalily             Callalily             SA926
       Yakap/Callalily             Callalily             SA933
   TakeMyHand/Callalily            Callalily             SA931
    TakipSilim/Callalily           Callalily             SA932
    Umaasa/6cyclemind           6 Cyclemind              SA922
   YourLove/ErikSantos           Erik Santos             DB620
   IkawNaNgaKaya/Lovi                Lovi                SA937
          Alone/Lovi                 Lovi                SA934
          Stay/Lovi                  Lovi                SA939
        ILoveYou/Lovi                Lovi                SA938
    YoureStillHere/Lovi              Lovi                SA940
   EveryLittleStep/Lovi              Lovi           SA935
 MustHave/Pupil&Barbi     Pupil & Barbie Almalbis   SA942
    Sanctuary/Callalily            Callalily        SA930
    Sanctuary/Callalily            Callalily        SA930
 ToLoveAgain/SCuneta          Sharon Cuneta         SA921
      Dream/Callalily              Callalily        SA923
    Magbalik/Callalily             Callalily        SA927
       Muli/Callalily              Callalily        SA928
 KungPuwedeLang/Lovi                 Lovi           SA936
     Nene/Manomano               Manomano           SA941
 HowCanI/KrisLawrence          Kris Lawrence        DB619
  IGotYou/ChrisCayzer           Chris Cayzer        DB621
 IGotUAkustic/CCayzer           Chris Cayzer        DB622
    True/SpndauBallt          Spandau Ballet        EA018
  USxyThng/HotChocl8           Hot Chocolate        EA033
  Born4U/DavidPomrnz         David Pomeranz         EA027
    WeWlRckU/Queen                  Queen           EA016
BohemianRapsdy/Queen                Queen           EA288
JsDntWnBLnly/RegineV         Regine Velasquez       EA066
   Somebody/Depeche           Depeche Mode          EA109
       FixU/ColdPlay              Cold Play         EA410
 SoonerOrLater/Duncan         Duncan James          EA582
  PullinMeBack/Chingy       Chingy and Tyrese       EA641
NoWorries/SimonWebbe           Simon Webbe          EA502
    MoreThanDis/Roxy             Roxy Music         EA516
      ICntHelp/UB40                 UB40            EA518
 ComeRain/JennCuneta            Jenn Cuneta         EA586
       Talk/ColdPlay              Cold Play         EA495
          78/Hale                    Hale           EA689
       Brother/Hale                  Hale           EA690
      DahilSaYo/Hale                 Hale           EA691
         Elegy/Hale                  Hale           EA692
     EmptyTears/Hale                 Hale           EA693
   EyesWideShut/Hale                 Hale           EA694
    FireInTheSky/Hale                Hale           EA695
    HideAndSeek/Hale                Hale            EA696
      LastSong/Hale                  Hale           EA697
        Liham/Hale                   Hale           EA698
   ShootingStars/Hale                Hale           EA699
    StartingOver/Hale                Hale           EA700
     TheBalladOf/Hale                Hale           EA701
         Waltz/Hale                  Hale           EA702
    ChowkingDelivery               Various          GA169
 CloseEncntr/Sandwich             Sandwich          DB618
   IfItsLovinDatUWant              Rihanna          KA318
WevOnlyJstBegun/Carp             Carpenters         KA195
     SpeedyGonzales              Pat Boone          KA079
     Timeless/Sergio        Sergio Mendes      KA072
 SomebodyElse/RonanK        Ronan Keating      KA040
  Salvation/Cranberrie     Cranberries The     KA004
      NoFear/Rasmus           Rasmus The       KA044
     MyEvrythng/98y               98y          KA232
     NotNow/Blink182           Blink 182       KA233
  If2morrowNvrComes         Ronan Keating      KA033
FrmTheBottomOfMyHart        Stevie Wonder      KA175
   2DFloor/MariahCare        Mariah Carey      KA226
  IpredctARiot/KaiserC       Kaiser Chiefs     KA243
     SaveDBest4Last       Vanessa Williams     KA043
    PartyStarter/WillS         Will Smith      KA045
    ThongSong/Sisqo              Sisqo         KA048
PushDButtn/Sugababes          Sugababes        KA116
   HollabackGirl/Gwen       Gwen Stefani       KA188
HomeSwitHome/LimpBiz          Limp Bizkit      KA227
 MreThanWrds/Extreme           Extreme         KA259
   Dreams/Cranberries      Cranberries The     KA001
 ThsMsquerade/Carpent         Carpenters       KA192
 GoodPPL/JackJohnson         Jack Johnson      KA204
     Sunshine/Keane              Keane         KA208
   DoOrDie/PapaRoach          Papa Roach       KA088
  Bebot/BlackEyedPeas    Black Eyed Peas The   KA109
BaBump/BlackEyedPeas     Black Eyed Peas The   KA110
  SoWhtDFuss/StevieW        Stevie Wonder      KA117
  Superstition/StevieW      Stevie Wonder      KA179
    FlapUrWings/Nelly             Nelly        KA206
    Bedshaped/Keane              Keane         KA207
  RedDress/Sugababes          Sugababes        KA121
       SoSick/Ne-Yo              Ne-Yo         KA122
   ThoseGudOlDreams           Carpenters       KA196
 MrPostman/Carpenters         Carpenters       KA197
  TouchMeWenDancing           Carpenters       KA198
 Jambalaya/Carpenters         Carpenters       KA199
4OlWeKnow/Carpenters          Carpenters       KA200
OlUGtFrmLuvSLuvSong           Carpenters       KA201
 OnlyYstrday/Carpente         Carpenters       KA202
  Interplanetary/Carpe        Carpenters       KA203
          IDo/98y                 98y          KA231
  AlwysOnTime/JaRule            Ja Rule        KA246
     AintItFnny/Jarule          Ja Rule        KA247
      MJBDaMVP/MJB           Mary J. Blige     KA253
      IfUrNotTheOne       Daniel Bedingfield   KA267
BabyCanIHoldU/RonanK        Ronan Keating      KA038
    Linger/Cranberries     Cranberries The     KA005
       SoSick/NeYo               Ne-Yo         KA317
 PumpIt/BlackEyedPeas    Black Eyed Peas The   KA098
  HurtnEchOdr/Carpente            Carpenters         KA193
  BackAt1/BrianMcknigh         Brian Mcknight        KA229
     Rollin/LimpBizkit            Limp Bizkit        KA234
    PostcardFrmHaven         Lighthouse Family       KA242
   High/LighthouseFam        Lighthouse Family       KA185
 DmDdly/BlackEyedPeas       Black Eyed Peas The      KA104
   Union/BlackEyedPeas      Black Eyed Peas The      KA112
 DoWatUWnt/BlackEyedP       Black Eyed Peas The      KA113
  BeWidoutU/MaryJBlige           Mary J. Blige       KA123
 GoldDigger/KanyeWest            Kanye West          KA125
  ThereItGoes/JuelzSan          Juelz Santana        KA149
      Untitled1/Keane                Keane           KA268
          EI/Nelly                   Nelly           KA270
  CountryGrammr/Nelly                Nelly           KA271
  Patience/GunsNRoses           Guns n' Roses        KA272
  ParadiseCty/GunsNRos         Guns N' Roses         KA273
   CivilWar/GunsNRoses         Guns N' Roses         KA274
  IHopeUDance/RonanK           Ronan Keating         KA039
   UrAlIHav/SnowPatrol           Snow Patrol         KA025
    BeverlyHills/Weezer             Weezer           KA053
      SexyLuv/Ne-Yo                  Ne-Yo           KA069
   AudioDliteLowFidelty     Black Eyed Peas The      KA111
     InDaClub/50Cent                50 Cent          KA119
        ShutUp/BEP          Black Eyed Peas The      KA120
 HwWilIKnow/StevieWon          Stevie Wonder         KA176
 SmtymsLuvAintEnough      Don Henley & Patty Smyth   KA228
TouchTheSky/KanyeWes             Kanye West          KA260
   ContrlMyself/LLCoolJ            LL Cool J         KA261
        Ghostbusters         Mickael The Turtle      KA262
 HotStuff/DonnaSummer          Donna Summer          KA263
         IWillSrvive            Gloria Gaynor        KA264
      Fame/IreneCara              Irene Cara         KA265
  SayUSayMe/LionelRich           Lionel Richie       KA266
      Ugly/Sugababes              Sugababes          KA316
    BestFriend/50Cent               50 Cent          KA151
 IFeelGood/JamesBrown           James Brown          KA152
    URDSnshneFMyLyf            Stevie Wonder         KA181
   IWish/StevieWonder          Stevie Wonder         KA182
  For1sNMylife/StevieW         Stevie Wonder         KA183
   Words/RonanKeating          Ronan Keating         KA037
        RytNow/PCD           Pussycat Dolls The      KA126
     HotStuff/Pussycat       Pussycat Dolls The      KA130
HwManyTymsHwManyLies         Pussycat Dolls The      KA131
   WalkOfLife/DireStrai           Dire Straits       KA254
       NastyGirl/Nitty                Nitty          KA096
       Waterfalls/TLC                 TLC            KA097
    CntrolMyslf/LLCoolJ            LL Cool J         KA322
  LetsGetItStarted/BEP    Black Eyed Peas The   KA077
   TuttiFrutti/PatBoone         Pat Boone       KA078
 URaiseMeUp/RussellW         Russell Watson     KA095
   MasQueNada/Sergio         Sergio Mendes      KA068
   WenUSayNothinAtAll        Ronan Keating      KA089
     OriginalSin/INXS             INXS          KA367
     Disappear/INXS               INXS          KA368
     DevilInside/INXS             INXS          KA369
     BitterTears/INXS             INXS          KA370
   WhereAreYou/Justin         Justin Roman      KA371
SmwerOnlyWeKnw/Keane              Keane         KA372
    CrystalBall/Keane             Keane         KA373
     WickedSoul/Kubb              Kubb          KA374
     SoLonely/Mariah          Mariah Carey      KA375
    GoinCrazy/Natalie            Natalie        KA376
 DntFnkWdMyHart/Black     Black Eyed Peas The   KA099
  IfIWereU/Hoobastank          Hoobastank       KA184
 EvryDayILuvULesNLes          Kaiser Chiefs     KA189
  TixToRide/Carpenters         Carpenters       KA190
 Gudbye2Luv/Carpenter          Carpenters       KA191
      BbblePopElctrc          Gwen Stefani      KA281
  DontCha/PussycatDoll     Pussycat Dolls The   KA114
  RedDress/Sugababes           Sugababes        KA315
      Energy/Natalie             Natalie        KA377
  WhereAreYou/Natalie            Natalie        KA378
      SexyLove/NeYo               NeYo          KA379
  InDMornin/Razorlight          Razorlight      KA380
    AlwaysOnYourSide           Sheryl Crow      KA381
  RedDress/Sugababes           Sugababes        KA382
   IDntFeelLikeDancin        Scissor Sisters    KA384
  LondonBridge1/Fergie            Fergie        KA385
  LondonBridge2/Fergie            Fergie        KA386
  PonDeReplay/Rihanna            Rihanna        KA387
      LetMe/Rihanna              Rihanna        KA388
       Rush/Rihanna              Rihanna        KA389
  TheLastTime/Rihanna            Rihanna        KA390
   BreakItOff/Rihanna            Rihanna        KA391
     MillionMilesAway            Rihanna        KA392
   Dangerous&Moving               TATU          KA047
   HowDoILive/TrishaY       Trisha Yearwood     KA082
     HowBizarre/OMC                OMC          KA083
   Sway/PussycatDolls      Pussycat Dolls The   KA115
   21Questions/50Cent            50 Cent        KA153
  DontCry/GunsNRoses         Guns N' Roses      KA275
 Ysterdays/GunsNRoses        Guns N' Roses      KA276
    SympthyFTheDevil         Guns N' Roses      KA277
     WhtUWatingFor            Gwen Stefani      KA278
    Crash/GwenStefani         Gwen Stefani      KA279
 MyStyle/BlackEyedPea     Black Eyed Peas The   KA100
      Switch/WillSmith          Will Smith      KA011
  FeelIt/BlackEyedPeas    Black Eyed Peas The   KA105
 GneGoin/BlackEyedPea     Black Eyed Peas The   KA106
  MneyFNthing/DireStra         Dire Straits     KA236
   SWnderfl/DianaKrall         Diana Krall      KA237
     WhereIsDLuv/BEP      Black Eyed PeasThe    KA026
     FriendOrFoe/TATU             TATU          KA046
  SultnFSwng/DireStrai         Dire Straits     KA235
   PumpYaBrakes/WillS           Will Smith      KA057
  AllIWant/WetWetWet          Wet Wet Wet       KA058
    StayWdMeHartache          Wet Wet Wet       KA062
     ShesAllOnMyMind          Wet Wet Wet       KA066
   Gomenasai/T.A.T.U.            T.A.T.U.       KA027
    TakeMe/PapaRoach           Papa Roach       KA086
  IsItAnyWonder/Keane             Keane         KA324
     Unfaithful/Rihanna          Rihanna        KA325
  DontWnt24givMeNow           Wet Wet Wet       KA065
 CryMeARver/DianaKral          Diana Krall      KA238
 BsameMcho/DianaKrall          Diana Krall      KA239
 DlookOfLove/DianaKra          Diana Krall      KA240
  LstInSpce/Lighthouse     Lighthouse Family    KA241
 Nanananaaa/KaiserChi         Kaiser Chiefs     KA244
 OhMyGod/KaiserChiefs         Kaiser Chiefs     KA245
     RockW/U/Ashanti             Ashanti        KA248
     EnoughCryin/MJB          Mary J. Blige     KA252
   TelegrphRd/DireStrai        Dire Straits     KA255
  Romeo&Juliet/DireStr         Dire Straits     KA256
  SoFarAway/DireStrait         Dire Straits     KA257
       BrthersInArms           Dire Straits     KA258
       HeyBitty/Nitty              Nitty        KA054
    IfUCantDance/WillS          Will Smith      KA055
       Knife/Rockwell           Rockwell        KA056
 DiamndsFrmSieraLeone          Kanye West       KA145
   All4Luv/BryanAdams         Bryan Adams       KA222
    BigBigWorld/Emilia            Emilia        KA223
  RichGirl/GwenStefani        Gwen Stefani      KA224
 SlowDown/BobbyValent       Bobby Valentino     KA225
   Buttons/PussycatDoll    Pussycat Dolls The   KA282
   Uncnditional/Bravery       Bravery The       KA007
 ThsSDLastTime/Keane              Keane         KA186
        Lonely/Akon               Akon          KA187
 GoldDigger/KanyeWest          Kanye West       KA306
     No2morrow/Orson              Orson         KA073
ILuvItWenWeDo/RonanK         Ronan Keating      KA092
  HonestMstke/Bravery         Bravery The       KA006
   PlsBabyDont/Sergio           Sergio Mendes        KA070
   WevGot2nyt/RonanK            Ronan Keating        KA093
  LikeThat/BlackEyedPe      Black Eyed Peas The      KA103
      Ugly/Sugababes              Sugababes          KA124
          Beep/PCD            Pussycat Dolls The     KA127
        Stickwitu/PCD         Pussycat Dolls The     KA128
    IDontNidAMan/PCD          Pussycat Dolls The     KA129
     JustALilBit/50Cent             50 Cent          KA147
  HateItOrLoveIt/Game     The Game feat. 50 Cent     KA148
         Grillz/Nelly                 Nelly          KA150
 LovesThme/BarryWhite             Barry White        KA249
 CntGetEnghOfUrLvBabe             Barry White        KA250
 JstDWayUAre/BarryWhi             Barry White        KA251
     Cool/GwenStefani           Gwen Stefani         KA280
      DirtyLittleSecret   All American Rejects The   KA028
        SOS/Rihanna                 Rihanna          KA320
     EnoughCryin/MJB             Mary J. Blige       KA327
       MJBDaMVP/MJB              Mary J. Blige       KA328
        HandsUp/BEP         Black Eyed Peas The      KA074
 TheyDntWntMusc/Black       Black Eyed Peas The      KA107
  LetsGetRetarded/BEP       Black Eyed Peas The      KA075
        WeWillRockU1               Waterboy          KA080
        WeWillRockU2               Waterboy          KA081
  UrAllIHav/SnowPatrol            Snow Patrol        KA323
       BeWidoutU/MJB             Mary J. Blige       KA330
   Gudnyt Girl/Wet Wet           Wet Wet Wet         KA029
 ChasngCar/SnowPatrol             Snow Patrol        KA326
   LaBamba/WillieBobo             Willie Bobo        KA084
      Scars/PapaRoach             Papa Roach         KA087
  Promises/Cranberries         Cranberries The       KA002
 Temptation/WetWetWet            Wet Wet Wet         KA059
  JuliaSays/WetWetWet            Wet Wet Wet         KA060
SumwerSumhow/WetWet              Wet Wet Wet         KA061
 IfINvrCUAgain/WetWet            Wet Wet Wet         KA063
 AngelEyes/WetWetWet             Wet Wet Wet         KA064
   SheltrInDRain/Stevie         Stevie Wonder        KA067
      LooseEnd/Sergio           Sergio Mendes        KA071
      LyfIsARollrcoster         Ronan Keating        KA090
  LovnEachDay/RonanK            Ronan Keating        KA091
  DscoClub/BlackEyedPe      Black Eyed Peas The      KA108
   CantStopNow/Keane                 Keane           KA209
  SheHasNoTime/Kenae                 Keane           KA210
 WeMytWelBStrgr/Keane                Keane           KA211
    BendNBreak/Keane                 Keane           KA212
HvUEvrLuvAWomn/Bryan            Bryan Adams          KA213
   FunkyTown/LippsInc              Lipps Inc         KA214
      She/ElvisCostello          Elvis Costello      KA230
      ColorsOfDWind       Vanessa Williams     KA041
MyHump/BlackEyedPeas     Black Eyed Peas The   KA102
  IJstCalled2SayILuvU      Steveie Wonder      KA178
WanaGet2KnowU/GUnit              G Unit        KA177
HappyBday/StevieWndr        Stevie Wonder      KA180
      Stay/LisaLoeb            Lisa Loeb       KA215
      Bananza/Akon               Akon          KA217
    WhosThatGirl/Eve              Eve          KA218
 GanstaPradise/Coolip            Coolio        KA219
WeRAllOnDrugs/Weezer            Weezer         KA042
 NotLisning/PapaRoach        Papa Roach        KA085
 DontLie/BlackEyedPea    Black Eyed Peas The   KA101
    ActAFool/Ludacris          Ludacris        KA205
      Dilemma/Nelly              Nelly         KA220
     RideWitMe/Nelly             Nelly         KA221
PushDButton/Sugababe          Sugababes        KA314
   ItsLikeThat/Mariah        Mariah Carey      KA341
WeBLongTgethr/Mariah         Mariah Carey      KA342
 SaySomethin/Mariah          Mariah Carey      KA343
   ShakeItOff/Mariah         Mariah Carey      KA344
    MineAgain/Mariah         Mariah Carey      KA345
Dont4GetAbtUs/Mariah         Mariah Carey      KA346
  Circles/MariahCarey        Mariah Carey      KA347
    One&Only/Mariah          Mariah Carey      KA348
 YourGirl/MariahCarey        Mariah Carey      KA349
  FlyLikeABird/Mariah        Mariah Carey      KA350
  IWishUKnew/Mariah          Mariah Carey      KA351
 StayTheNight/Mariah         Mariah Carey      KA352
   MakinItLastAllNight       Mariah Carey      KA353
   ILuvMyChick/Busta        Busta Rhymes       KA355
  HateMe/BlueOctober         Blue October      KA356
  Ridin/Chamillionaire      Chamillionaire     KA357
  ShakeThat/Eminem              Eminem         KA358
  SuicideBlonde/INXS             INXS          KA359
 NeedYouTonight/INXS             INXS          KA360
       TasteIt/INXS              INXS          KA361
   BabyDontCry/INXS              INXS          KA362
   BeautifulGirl/INXS            INXS          KA363
  WhatYouNeed/INXS               INXS          KA365
  StrangestParty/INXS            INXS          KA366
    Bitiw/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola       PA960
   Tuliro/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola       PA961
   Movie/SpongeCola          Sponge Cola       PA962
Wandering/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola       PA963
   Gunita/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola       PA964
 DoUKnw/SpongeCola           Sponge Cola       PA965
 SaBingit/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola       PA966
  Nocturne/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA969
 MyselfInU/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA967
 AllWeNeed/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA968
  Pasubali/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA970
  Harapin/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola     PA971
     IkawForever/BMR      Brownman Revival   SA268
 MyselfInU/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA967
  SaBingit/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA966
  DoUKnw/SpongeCola          Sponge Cola     PA965
   Gunita/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola     PA964
 Wandering/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA963
    Movie/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola     PA962
    Tuliro/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA961
     Bitiw/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA960
IkawAngAkngMahal/BMR      Brownman Revival   SA266
  Harapin/SpongeCola         Sponge Cola     PA971
  Pasubali/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA970
  Nocturne/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA969
 AllWeNeed/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA968
   SpecialMemory/Lea          Lea Salonga    SA462
    PskoNSntaKo/LeaS          Lea Salonga    SA457
  Pasubali/SpongeCola        Sponge Cola     PA970
      GustoMoPa/BMR       Brownman Revival   SA263
   BktPapXmas/Sxbmb         Sexbomb Girls    SA293
  JuliaTearjrky/EHeads        Eraserheads    SA404
       Kailan/EHeads          Eraserheads    SA405
  ThMnIWsWU/JimmyB          Jimmy Bondoc     SA406
  WagKMatakot/EHeads          Eraserheads    SA395
CmingHme/LouieOcampo        Louie Ocampo     SA451
  DlgngFilpna/LOcampo       Louie Ocampo     SA453
 FosterNMind/LOcampo        Louie Ocampo     SA455
      ReachinOut/Lea          Lea Salonga    SA458
   Josephine/LOcampo        Louie Ocampo     SA460
 PtxasLullaby/LOcampo       Louie Ocampo     SA463
   Recuerdos/LOcampo        Louie Ocampo     SA464
WagTnongSaAkn/EHeads          Eraserheads    SA400
   PaepekEpek/JoeyDL         Joey De Leon    SA420
   ThruDYrs/LOcampo         Louie Ocampo     SA468
  Babaero/BarakoBoys         Barako Boys     SA242
        Hula/Eheads           Eraserheads    SA392
      Lilipas/Craeons           Craeons      SA284
    DirtyHarry/Gorillaz         Gorillaz     EA496
     CaliGrls/BchBoys         Beach Boys     EA002
      Yellow/Coldplay           Coldplay     EA003
      Rio/DuranDuran         Duran Duran     EA004
    Sadenes1/Enigma             Enigma       EA005
      RainngMn/GeriH         Geri Haliwell   EA007
  DntUWntMe/HumanLg           Human Leauge         EA008
     WhtWeding/BIdol              Billy Idol       EA009
      AllNyt/JntJckson         Janet Jackson       EA010
RGnaGoMyWay/LKravitz           Lenny Kravitz       EA012
   RytHereW8ng/RMarx            Marx Richard       EA026
  ComAwyWMe/NorahJ              Norah Jones        EA013
      Mor2Lyf/StacieO           Orico Stacie       EA014
   Subrbia/PetShopBys          Pet Shop Boys       EA015
      MakeLov/Room5                Room 5          EA017
     RedRedWyn/UB40                 UB40           EA020
   ShesTh1/RobiWilms          Robbie Williams      EA022
    MkingPlns4Ngl/XTC                XTC           EA023
       Milkshake/Kelis               Kelis         EA060
        ThActor/MLTR      Michael Learns To Rock   EA050
  Un4gtable/NatKngCol          Nat King Cole       EA048
     Unbelievable/EMF                EMF           EA047
     Superstar/Jamelia             Jamelia         EA046
StacysMom/FntnsOWayn       Fountains Of Wayne      EA045
        SongNo2/Blur                 Blur          EA044
  CntGtUOutHd/KylieM           Kylie Minogue       EA042
       CallMe/Blondie              Blondie         EA041
  KrmaCamln/CulturClb           Culture Club       EA040
      ILikeTht/Houston            Houston          EA037
 IWdDoAnytng/Meatloaf             Meat Loaf        EA036
 DntWoriBHapy/BobbyM          Bobby Mcferrin       EA032
   ChckItOut/BstieBoys          Beastie Boys       EA028
      RytThur/Chinggy              Chingy          EA043
   EverAfter/BonieBaily        Bonnie Bailey       EA442
      Hope/FaithEvans            Faith Evans       EA384
JoyToDWorld/DavidPom         David Pomeranz        EA475
    Joy2DWrld/NatKing          Nat King Cole       EA482
     JingleBells/FrankS        Frank Sinatra       EA267
 WintrWnderlnd/BingC            Bing Crosby        EA459
  HvUrMeriXmas/Frank           Frank Sinatra       EA476
12DaysofXmas/DChipmu          The Chipmunks        EA488
 I'llBeHm4Xmas/FrankS          Frank Sinatra       EA266
   LetItSnow/DeanMrtn           Dean Martin        EA457
      DntKnwY/NorahJ            Norah Jones        EA029
      WanaB/SpiceGrls            Spice Girls       EA031
  ThosSwtWrds/NorahJ            Norah Jones        EA051
      WtAmI2U/NorahJ            Norah Jones        EA052
    HumanNature/Kyla                 Kyla          EA053
        Stuck/StacieO           Stacie Oricco      EA059
XmasSong/NatKingCole           Nat King Cole       EA257
    XmasWish/RegineV         Regine Velasquez      EA258
     RadioGaGa/Queen                Queen          EA289
  UnderPressure/Queen               Queen          EA290
WeArDChampions/Queen             Queen         EA291
HandsToHeaven/Breath             Breath        EA292
 DncngWTrsMyI/Ultravx           Ultravox       EA094
     GrlsOnFlm/Duran         Duran Duran       EA095
    ItsNoGud/Depeche        Depeche Mode       EA096
 WlkngOnSnshyn/Ktrina    Katrina & The Waves   EA097
     PplRPpl/Depeche        Depeche Mode       EA098
BlsphmsRumrs/Depeche        Depeche Mode       EA099
 DoURlyWntHrtMe/Cultr        Culture Club      EA100
   EnjyDSilns/Depeche       Depeche Mode       EA101
  EvrthngCnts/Depeche       Depeche Mode       EA102
 HungryLykWolf/Duran         Duran Duran       EA103
  InvsblTouch/Genesis           Genesis        EA104
  Mstr&Srvnt/Depeche        Depeche Mode       EA105
    MorThnThs/BFerry          Brian Ferry      EA106
     SaveAPryr/Duran         Duran Duran       EA107
     Slave2Luv/BFerry         Brian Ferry      EA108
  StrangeLov/Depeche        Depeche Mode       EA111
 ThrwngItAlAwy/Gensis           Genesis        EA112
      WildBoys/Duran         Duran Duran       EA113
     CurtainFalls/Blue            Blue         EA261
    EyesOnU/JaySean            Jay Sean        EA262
     N2Deep/Genesis             Genesis        EA114
DntU4gtAbMe/SmplMnds         Simple Minds      EA115
      EnolaGay/OMD                OMD          EA117
    Centrfld/JGeilsBnd       J Geils Band      EA118
   NMyPlace/Coldplay            Coldplay       EA119
      Panic/Coldplay            Coldplay       EA120
 GodPutASmyl/Coldplay           Coldplay       EA122
  ThTideSHi/AtomcKtn        Atomic Kitten      EA123
  ThLstGdby/AtomcKtn        Atomic Kitten      EA125
   LadisNyt/AtomcKtn        Atomic Kitten      EA126
SorySmsHrdstWrd/Blue              Blue         EA129
  SyndSealdDlvrd/Blue             Blue         EA133
 Som12CalMyLvr/JanetJ       Janet Jackson      EA135
      All4U/JanetJksn       Janet Jackson      EA136
         Slow/Kylie               Kylie        EA138
       NUrEyes/Kylie              Kylie        EA140
      Clocks/Coldplay           Coldplay       EA141
     UHadMe/JossSton          Joss Stone       EA142
  FelNlovWABoy/JossS          Joss Stone       EA144
EnvlpedIdeas/TheDawn           The Dawn        EA181
 BabyItsCldOut/DeanM         Dean Martin       EA263
 ChipmnkSng/Chipmnk        The Chipmunks       EA264
   LittleStNick/BeachB        Beach Boys       EA269
SngALongs/MrSnowman        Mister Snowman      EA270
TalagaNaman/TheDawn            The Dawn        EA198
     BallaBaby/Chingy             Chingy           EA272
     GetDwnOnIt/Blue                Blue           EA273
 GetDwn2nite/Kc&DSun      Kc & The Sunshine Band   EA274
  ILuvU/NatKingColeTri       Nat King Cole Trio    EA275
 Misundrstood/RobbieW         Robbie Williams      EA276
DatsDWay/Kc&DSunshin      Kc & The Sunshine Band   EA280
  BluerThnBlu/RegineV        Regine Velasquez      EA065
   IfUCom2Me/Atomick           Atomic Kitten       EA206
      It'sOk/Atomick           Atomic Kitten       EA207
 LuvDsntHv2Hrt/Atomic          Atomic Kitten       EA209
        AllRise/Blue                Blue           EA213
     BreathEasy/Blue                Blue           EA214
        Bubblin/Blue                Blue           EA215
        FlyByII/Blue                Blue           EA216
 WtKndFoolAmI/RegineV        Regine Velasquez      EA071
   DahlMhlKta/ByFrnds           Boy Friends        EA077
      1stLov/ByFrnds            Boy Friends        EA078
   Salawahan/ByFrnds            Boy Friends        EA079
MulaNnHngngNgyn/LeaS            Lea Salonga        EA082
  UMakeMeWanna/Blue                 Blue           EA223
      Chocolate/Kylie              Kylie           EA225
   OnANiteLikeDis/Kylie            Kylie           EA228
  RedBloodWoman/Kylie              Kylie           EA229
   UrDiscoNeedsU/Kylie             Kylie           EA232
     Angels/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA233
 ComeUndone/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA234
       Feel/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA235
HvUMetMrsJnes/RobbieW         Robbie Williams      EA236
       Kids/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA237
    LazyDays/RobbieW          Robbie Williams      EA238
 LtMeEntrtainU/RobbieW        Robbie Williams      EA239
    Millenium/RobbieW         Robbie Williams      EA240
  MrBojangles/RobbieW         Robbie Williams      EA241
   NoRegrets/RobbieW          Robbie Williams      EA242
 OldBeforeIDie/RobbieW        Robbie Williams      EA243
      Radio/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA244
RoadToMandlay/RobbieW         Robbie Williams      EA245
     RockDj/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA246
    SexedUp/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA247
SomthinStupid/RobbieW         Robbie Williams      EA249
 SmthinButiful/RobbieW        Robbie Williams      EA250
     Strong/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA251
    Supreme/RobbieW           Robbie Williams      EA252
    GivingYouUp/Kylie              Kylie           EA340
   FeelingSoReal/Moby              Moby            EA341
   ExtremeWays/Moby                Moby            EA342
 YDsMyHrtFelSoBd/Moby              Moby            EA343
    InThisWorld/Moby              Moby          EA346
WeRMadeOfStars/Moby               Moby          EA347
 BlkRkinBeats/ChemBro      Chemical Brothers    EA366
  Breath/Telepopmusic        Telepop Music      EA367
  ClintEastwud/Gorilaz           Gorillaz       EA369
   Misread/KingsOfCon    Kings Of Convenience   EA372
    Spoiled/JossStone          Joss Stone       EA373
       Wires/Athlete             Athlete        EA374
 AintNtinWrng/Houston           Houston         EA293
     LearnChinese/Jin              Jin          EA294
AlwysOnMyMnd/PetShop         Pet Shop Boys      EA297
 BtfllnMyEy/JshaKadsn       Joshua Kadison      EA298
  Bitch/MeredithBrooks      Meredith Brooks     EA299
 ChrchDPsnMnd/CltrClb         Culture Club      EA301
  ColLkeDat/DigblePlnt       Digable Planet     EA302
   Dangerous/Roxette            Roxette         EA303
 Dresed4Suces/Roxette           Roxette         EA304
FeelnDSmeWay/NorhJns          Norah Jones       EA305
  4evrUrGrl/PaulaAbdul        Paula Abdul       EA306
Today/SmshingPumkins      Smashing Pumkins      EA348
1979/SmashingPumkins      Smashing Pumkins      EA349
Disarm/SmshingPmkins      Smashing Pumpkins     EA350
2nyt2nyt/SmshngPmkns      Smashing Pumkins      EA351
    SexyEyes/DrHook             Dr. Hook        EA327
   SexyAt17/StrayCats          Stray Cats       EA326
    HwDoUDo/Roxette             Roxette         EA307
 ItMstHvBenLv/Roxette           Roxette         EA308
      Joyride/Roxette           Roxette         EA309
  Listn2UrHart/Roxette          Roxette         EA311
  Lonestar/NorahJones         Norah Jones       EA312
   LookAtMe/KeriNoble          Keri Noble       EA313
   MissMe/CultureClub         Culture Club      EA314
 NkedEys/LusciusJaksn       Lucious Jackson     EA315
  Niteingale/NoraJones        Norah Jones       EA316
 Notorious/DuranDuran         Duran Duran       EA317
  OpsitAtrct/PulaAbdul        Paula Abdul       EA318
   OrdnaryWrld/Duran          Duran Duran       EA319
      RockStar/NERD               NERD          EA322
 RokThisTwn/StrayCats          Stray Cats       EA323
    RunToDSun/NERD                NERD          EA324
 RushRush/PaulaAbdul          Paula Abdul       EA325
  StryCatStrut/StryCat         Stray Cats       EA328
 Tenese/ArstedDvlpmnt    Arrested Development   EA329
 2muchInformtn/Duran          Duran Duran       EA331
    TruthRDare/NERD               NERD          EA332
  WarSong/CultureClub         Culture Club      EA333
 WeBelong/PatBenatar          Pat Benatar       EA334
WatUWntDo4Luv/GoWest                   Go West               EA335
  UCntHuryLuv/StrayCat                Stray Cats             EA336
      StraitUp/PaulaA                Paula Abdul             EA110
    TheseDreams/Heart                    Heart               EA049
      Sunrise/NorahJ                Norah Jones              EA035
         5/4/Gorillaz                   Gorillaz             EA378
        Punk/Gorillaz                   Gorillaz             EA379
     Re-Hash/Gorillaz                   Gorillaz             EA380
  SpeedOfSound/CldPlay                 Cold Play             EA387
    HotInDCity/BillyIdol               Billy Idol            EA352
    Boombastic/Shaggy                   Shaggy               EA353
    OhCarolina/Shaggy                   Shaggy               EA354
    SleepingChild/MLTR        Michael Learns To Rock         EA355
   SmrHoliday/ClifRchrd             Cliff Richard            EA356
  SmrtmeBlus/EdiCchran             Eddie Cochran             EA357
DWyUDoDThngsUDo/UB40                     UB40                EA358
  WenUrInLuvW/Dr.Hook                  Dr. Hook              EA360
   Galvanize/ChemBros.           Chemical Brothers           EA361
  SheWant2Move/NERD                     N.E.R.D              EA362
        Stop/Jamelia                    Jamelia              EA363
     IBelieveInU/Kylie             Kylie Minogue             EA364
      Millionaire/Kelis                   Kelis              EA365
  Human/Human League               Human League              EA388
  MrWendl/ArstedDvlpmt         Arrested Development          EA389
 CntTouchDis/McHammer                Mc Hammer               EA390
   IceIceBaby/VanilaIce               Vanilla Ice            EA391
  Anthr1BitesDst/Queen                   Queen               EA287
  HawaiFiveO/DVentures              The Ventures             EA393
 GodOnlyKnw/BeachBoys                Beach Boys              EA394
       Cantaloop/US3                      US3                EA395
  Im2Sexy/RihtSaidFred            Right Said Fred            EA396
      RocYaBody/MVP                      M.V.P.              EA411
      Ilarie/LasChicas                Las Chicas             EA412
   Gasolina/PapiRankin               Papi Rankin             EA413
    LuvAt1stSight/Kylie                  Kylie               EA414
    SpinningArnd/Kylie                   Kylie               EA415
     19-2000/Gorillaz                   Gorillaz             EA416
        Punk/Gorillaz                   Gorillaz             EA418
   RockDHouse/Gorillaz                  Gorillaz             EA419
      Porcelain/Moby                     Moby                EA421
      SouthSide/Moby                     Moby                EA424
 DntChaWnaRyd/JossStn                Joss Stone              EA428
   ThScientist/ColdPlay                Cold Play             EA434
 WnDrWasMeU/HSMusical      High School Musical - Gabriella   EA626
     Again/FaithEvans                FaithEvans              EA603
 Num1/PharellKanyeWst         Pharell and Kanye West         EA642
  CallOnMe/JanetJacksn             Janet Jackson             EA643
   OnlyOne/YellowCard              Yellowcard          EA610
  Lights&Sounds/Yellow             Yellowcard          EA611
    OcensAve/YelwCrd               Yellowcard          EA612
        Angel/Pharell                Pharell           EA613
 TmrwCmsTday/Gorillaz                Gorillaz          EA605
TngledUpNMe/SkyeSwtm            Skye Sweetnam          EA609
    MissingU/JohnWaite             John Waite          EA498
   SilverBells/DeanMrtn           Dean Martin          EA486
   1stNoel/NatKingCole           Nat King Cole         EA480
   HarkDHerald/NatKing           Nat King Cole         EA481
   Rudolph/DeanMartin             Dean Martin          EA484
     D1stNoel/EllaFitz           Ella Fitzgerald       EA487
   OComeAllYe/NatKing            Nat King Cole         EA483
     SilentNite/EllaFitz         Ella Fitzgerald       EA485
  WhiteXmas/DeanMrtn              Dean Martin          EA489
    Gold/SpandauBallet          Spandau Ballet         EA552
 SumwerINTime/Maksim                 Maksim            EA439
   Trippin/RobieWiliams         Robbie Williams        EA440
    FeelItBoy/BeeniMn              Beenie Man          EA614
  PutUrRecOn/CornBaily           Corrine Bailey        EA527
LayUrHands/SimonWebe             Simon Webbe           EA472
FrostyDSnwmn/Chipmnk            The Chipmunks          EA462
  Got2Belive/DvidPmrnz          David Pomeranz         EA463
KingNQueen/DvdPomrnz            David Pomeranz         EA464
     TheReflex/Duran             Duran Duran           EA514
   ModrnLuv/DavidBowi             David Bowie          EA512
   ComeUndone/Duran              Duran Duran           EA513
       IfULeave/OMD                    OMD             EA515
 NthingCompare/Sinead          Sinead O Connor         EA517
   IfIKeepMyHrt/NikiGil             Nikki Gil          EA479
HereWeGoAgn/Ray&Nora       Ray Charles & Norah Jones   EA444
   BeWidU/AtomicKitten           Atomic Kitten         EA446
 SuprDuprLov/JossStn               Joss Stone          EA448
   OneCallAway/Chingy                Chingy            EA600
 RtrnToInocens/Enigma                Enigma            EA601
 ComFlyWMe/FSinatra              Frank Sinatra         EA445
  SharingDNite/Dr.Hook              Dr. Hook           EA500
       Smile/LilyAllen              Lily Allen         EA598
       LiftMeUp/Moby                  Moby             EA451
    FeelGudInc/Gorillaz              Gorillaz          EA452
   TwistdTransistr/Korn                Korn            EA460
     Waves/MarjoriFair            Marjorie Fair        EA606
      LapDance/NERD                   NERD             EA607
         Brain/NERD                   NERD             EA608
  ImNtMissingU/StacieO            Stacie Orrico        EA640
   GivPisAChnc/Lennon             John Lennon          EA504
    JealousGuy/Lennon             John Lennon          EA505
      Woman/Lennon          John Lennon      EA506
     Imagine/Lennon         John Lennon      EA507
  BeautifulBoy/Lennon       John Lennon      EA508
  HoldOn/WilsonPhilips     Wilson Phillips   EA510
  YurNLuv/WilsonPilips     Wilson Philips    EA511
AllIWnt4Xmas/Chipmnk      The Chipmunks      EA454
   SilvrBells/Chipmnk     The Chipmunks      EA455
LookLikeXmas/Chipmnk      The Chipmunks      EA456
HerCmsStClaus/Chipmk      The Chipmunks      EA461
  SnaNgynPasko/LeaS         Lea Salonga      SA459
SnArwArwPsko/ARivera         Ariel Rivera    SA232
      Dahan2x/BMR        Brownman Revival    SA250
UndrDReggaeMoon/BMR      Brownman Revival    SA274
        Lintek/BMR       Brownman Revival    SA270
       Binibini/BMR      Brownman Revival    SA247
    MalingAkala/BMR      Brownman Revival    SA271
   Biglaan/6cyclemind        6cyclemind      SA220
       I/6cyclemind          6cyclemind      SA219
  Sandalan/6cyclemind        6cyclemind      SA222
         Kaka/Yano              Yano         SA352
     KumustaKa/Yano             Yano         SA353
         Esem/Yano              Yano         SA351
     Magasin/EHeads         Eraserheads      SA409
   PopMachine/Eheads        Eraserheads      SA485
   NgayongGabi/BMR       Brownman Revival    SA272
          I/Craeons           Craeons        SA281
Ta2dOnMyMind/Craeons          Craeons        SA369
      Grabe/Craeons           Craeons        SA277
  NeverLeaveU/Cueshe           Cueshe        SA375
       Stay/Cueshe             Cueshe        SA378
  HumpAhead/Cueshe             Cueshe        SA374
    CantLetGo/Cueshe           Cueshe        SA373
       Ulan/Cueshe             Cueshe        SA379
       Sorry/Cueshe            Cueshe        SA377
        Sky/Cueshe             Cueshe        SA376
   WithASmile/EHeads        Eraserheads      SA434
 HulingElBimbo/EHeads       Eraserheads      SA394
     Alapaap/EHeads         Eraserheads      SA384
  ParaSaMasa/Eheads         Eraserheads      SA484
 3StarsNASun/FrancisM    Francis Magalona    SA357
 LabAsanNa/JoeyDLeon       Joey De Leon      SA481
SayThatYouLoveMe/Lea        Lea Salonga      SA461
      TillIMetYou/Lea       Lea Salonga      SA467
  StayNLovDisWay/Lea        Lea Salonga      SA449
   INeedYouBack/Lea         Lea Salonga      SA446
 Afraid4Love2Fade/Lea       Lea Salonga      SA436
         EvnIf/LeaS         Lea Salonga      SA439
     FrndOfMyn/LeaS         Lea Salonga     SA442
    Pain/Lea Salonga        Lea Salonga     SA456
DntLovYouAnymore/Lea        Lea Salonga     SA445
     INvrKnwLuv/Lovi            Lovi        SA470
       214/LMejares        Luke Mejares     SA471
 Panaginip/Mayonnaise       Mayonnaise      SA249
     DuloNgDila/Pupil           Pupil       SA524
       NasanKa/Pupil            Pupil       SA255
  Dedma2/RockSteddy         Rocksteddy      SA288
  GisingNa/Rocksteddy       Rocksteddy      SA289
 AmoyNgPapa/Sexbomb       Sexbomb Girls     SA290
   CrushKita/Sexbomb      Sexbomb Girls     SA296
    BaktPapa/Sxbmb        Sexbomb Girls     SA294
AwitnMoIssywKo/Sxbmb      Sexbomb Girls     SA292
 BgayNBgay/ManoMano         Mano Mano       SA248
      Trip/6cyclemind       6cyclemind      SA223
      Elesi/Rivermaya        Rivermaya      SA262
    Himala/Rivermaya         Rivermaya      SA264
PnahnNnman/Rivermaya         Rivermaya      SA283
PaskngNgdaan/SCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     SA328
  HapiMeriXmas/Sxbmb      Sexbomb Girls     SA302
 SnaNgyngPsko/ARivera       Ariel Rivera    SA234
      MisKol/Craeons          Craeons       SA286
   Dedma/RockSteddy         RockSteddy      SA287
  GrabengTrapik/Variou    Various Novelty   SA345
 Kuwano/VariousNovelt     Various Novelty   SA346
IkwSana/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     SA320
KungMawawlaKa/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     SA322
 MhlKtaWlngIba/Sharon     Sharon Cuneta     SA323
   NanditoAko/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     SA324
 Pangako/SharonCuneta     Sharon Cuneta     SA326
WhatYouWant/FrancisM     Francis Magalona   SA365
  HoleLotLovn/FrancisM   Francis Magalona   SA366
  SensyaNa/JoeyDLeon       Joey De Leon     SA421
      PareKo/EHeads         Eraserheads     SA422
   Testing/JoeyDLeon       Joey De Leon     SA423
      ThinGrl/JoeyDL       Joey De Leon     SA424
    SemBreak/EHeads         Eraserheads     SA425
 KringSong/JoseNWally      Jose & Wally     SA426
   Superproxy/EHeads        Eraserheads     SA427
     Torpedo/EHeads         Eraserheads     SA428
  Trp2Jrusalem/EHeads       Eraserheads     SA431
TuwingUmuulan/EHeads        Eraserheads     SA432
 CanThisBeLove/SMount    Smokey Mountain    SA333
 Kailan/SmkeyMountain    Smokey Mountain    SA334
  BulagBulagan/Various    Various Novelty   SA344
BringMeDwn/Rivermaya         Rivermaya      SA261
      BackToMe/Cueshe            Cueshe      SA523
   KlbitPenge/JoseWally      Jose & Wally    SA526
  SylntNytNNmn/ARivera        Ariel Rivera   SA235
     SmpleLng/ARivera         Ariel Rivera   SA236
    SmleNUrHrt/ARivera       Ariel Rivera    SA237
       TellMe/ARivera         Ariel Rivera   SA238
  Tunay NLgaya/ARivera        Ariel Rivera   SA239
  SnaKhtMinsan/ARivera        Ariel Rivera   SA233
   NoTouch/BarakoBoys        Barako Boys     SA246
     LaKKtulad/ARivera        Ariel Rivera   SA240
   AyokoNaSna/ARivera         Ariel Rivera   SA224
   IDrmOfXmas/ARivera         Ariel Rivera   SA226
   NkraangPsko/ARivera        Ariel Rivera   SA229
    Photograph/ARivera        Ariel Rivera   SA230
     SAkngPuso/ARivera        Ariel Rivera   SA231
   HnahanapKita/Rvrmya        Rivermaya      SA265
     Kisapmata/Rvrmya         Rivermaya      SA267
         Jeggae/BMR       Brownman Revival   SA269
         Salarin/BMR      Brownman Revival   SA273
      12Naiiba/Craeons          Craeons      SA276
 HanggangNgayn/Sharon       Sharon Cuneta    SA318
     Nalilto/6cyclemind       6cyclemind     SA221
  SaLangitWalangBeer/V     Various Novelty   SA348
  KsntnMngPngt/Craeons          Craeons      SA282
      BanalNaAso/Yano             Yano       SA350
        Tsinelas/Yano             Yano       SA354
        Dianetic/Pupil            Pupil      SA254
 KngAywMoWg/Rivermaya         Rivermaya      SA280
         Ulan/Rvrmya          Rivermaya      SA285
    Sana/SharonCuneta       Sharon Cuneta    SA330
  SnaNgynPasko/SCuneta      Sharon Cuneta    SA331
SumyawSumund/Sexbomb        Sexbomb Girls    SA312
      TongSong/Sxbmb        Sexbomb Girls    SA313
  TulogNaBaby/Sexbomb       Sexbomb Girls    SA314
   WshKoSaPsko/Sxbmb        Sexbomb Girls    SA315
 AnkNLuning2x/Denmark           Denmark      SA380
  AsklMndngMlpt/Denmrk          Denmark      SA381
     IfUCKaye/Denmark           Denmark      SA382
    CLuning2x/Denmark           Denmark      SA383
    BogchiHokbu/Eheads       Eraserheads     SA385
      Fruitcake/Eheads       Eraserheads     SA386
     Pasaway/Jbrothers         J Brothers    SA393
   BgyanPansn/JBrothers        J Brothers    SA396
    WaitForMe/JBrothers        J Brothers    SA397
        Ligaya/EHeads        Eraserheads     SA408
  AwtNgKbataan/Rvrmya         Rivermaya      SA260
  BktNgynKaLang/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta    SA316
CoconutNut/SmokyMntn     Smokey Mountain   SA336
  DitoSaPusoKo/Sharon     Sharon Cuneta    SA317
 WalangTaoDIto/Bondoc     Jimmy Bondoc     SA410
ALongLongTimeAgo/Lea        Lea Salonga    SA435
    CnWeStpNTlk/LeaS        Lea Salonga    SA437
 DontKnowWhat2Do/Lea        Lea Salonga    SA438
       HowCanI/Lea          Lea Salonga    SA444
   IRmmbrThBoy/LeaS         Lea Salonga    SA447
   IThinkImInLove/Lea       Lea Salonga    SA448
 LetThePainRemain/Lea       Lea Salonga    SA452
    OnceUponALife/Lea       Lea Salonga    SA454
SabiMo/SmkeyMountain     Smokey Mountain   SA335
   LstYrsXmas/JimmyB      Jimmy Bondoc     SA399
    LtMeBTh1/JimmyB       Jimmy Bondoc     SA401
WagNangItnong/EHeads        Eraserheads    SA402
  MslngBhghari/EHeads       Eraserheads    SA411
     BaktPupy/JoeyDL       Joey De Leon    SA412
     Maskara/EHeads         Eraserheads    SA413
 IkwAngPagibig/Sharon     Sharon Cuneta    SA319
      Canton/JoeyDL        Joey De Leon    SA414
      Minsan/EHeads         Eraserheads    SA415
    Overdrive/EHeads        Eraserheads    SA417
   Isputoki/JoeyDLeon      Joey De Leon    SA419
 ImNotDatGirl/Sexbomb     Sexbomb Girls    SA303
SaKanya/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta    SA329
TngingIkwLmng/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta    SA332
AknNLngSnaSya/JimmyB      Jimmy Bondoc     SA398
   Mahal2xKita/ARivera      Ariel Rivera   SA227
 MnsnLngKtLuv/ARivera       Ariel Rivera   SA228
    WOUrLove/ARivera        Ariel Rivera   SA241
       Hero/Craeons           Craeons      SA278
WagKNangIyak/Craeons          Craeons      SA279
  HalukayUbe/Sexbomb      Sexbomb Girls    SA301
      Relax/Craeons           Craeons      SA368
   BabyILovU/JBrothers       J Brothers    SA389
  Hard2Believe/EHeads       Eraserheads    SA390
  LabanTukso/JBrothers       J Brothers    SA391
 JstASmylAwy/LMejares      Luke Mejares    SA472
   LivingWOU/LMejares      Luke Mejares    SA473
    PaanoNa/LMejares       Luke Mejares    SA474
   Mamacita/Sexbomb          Sexbomb       SA475
      Harana/Eheads         Eraserheads    SA482
        214/Rvrmya           Rivermaya     SA259
   FeelngXmas/Sxbmb       Sexbomb Girls    SA299
     Kaliwete/Eheads        Eraserheads    SA483
      Daisy7/Sxbmb        Sexbomb Girls    SA297
KissSabayHug/Sexbomb      Sexbomb Girls    SA305
    Loveless/Sexbomb                Sexbomb Girls             SA306
   MamasGirl/Sexbomb                Sexbomb Girls             SA307
    Pikpirikpik/Sxbmb               Sexbomb Girls             SA308
 PngrpKoIbgnKa/Sharon              Sharon Cuneta              SA327
 KahitHbngBuhay/SMoun             Smokey Mountain             SA337
  Paraiso/SmkyMountain            Smokey Mountain             SA338
WatsWrongWdDat/SmkyM              Smokey Mountain             SA339
 BawWawWaw/FrancisM               Francis Magalona            SA358
   NasanKaAcstic/Pupil                    Pupil               SA256
   PagibigKoyMetal/Vari            Various Novelty            SA347
  Question/RgaeMistres             Reggae Mistress            SA528
  FixingDaRadio/Ciudad                   Ciudad               SA529
 PnoNngyare/Mayonaise                 Mayonnaise              SA530
       Mystify/INXS                       INXS                KA364
     Beer/Itchyworms                  Itchyworms              IB004
   BeerLite/Itchyworms                Itchyworms              IB005
    Salapi/Itchyworms                 Itchyworms              IB007
    Buwan/Itchyworms                  Itchyworms              IB006
    Waiting/Slapshock                  Slapshock              EA684
    BeautifulDays/Kyla                    Kyla                EA686
       TollGate/Hale                      Hale                EA526
    SamaNa/Chillitees                   Chillitees            EA688
  CloseToYou/SamMilby                  Sam Milby              PA929
   Gr8stDay/BarbiKitchi   Barbie Almalbis and Kitchie Nadal   PA931
  SmileAtMe/Rocksteddy                Rocksteddy              PA933
   SummerDay/BarbieA               Barbie Almalbis            PA934
    FirstDayFunk/PNE              Parokya Ni Edgar            PA930
   LoveFloats/Metafour                  Metafour              PA932
          Nutrilin                       Unilab               JA027
      Choose/Mojofly                     Mojolfy              DB617
       AVONSONG2                         AVON                 XA017
       AVONSONG1                         AVON                 XA018
     GOODMORNING2                        AVON                 XA019
     GOODMORNING1                        AVON                 XA020
     Anna/TopSuzara                   Top Suzara              PA917
   BawatBata/TheDawn                   The Dawn               PA921
 Nkpgttaka/SpongeCola                Sponge Cola              PA919
    DiNaNatuto/Sound                     Sound                PA916
   KumotUnan/Boldstar                   Boldstar              PA915
 KbiluganNgBuwan/Drip                      Drip               PA913
  Pnalangin/Moonstar88               Moonstar 88              PA911
   PagIbig/KitchieNadal              Kitchie Nadal            PA910
  WhenIMetYou/BarbieA              Barbie Almabis             PA909
 BkitAngBbae/Sandwich                  Sandwich               PA908
  BtangBtaKPa/Sgarfree                 Sugarfree              PA906
     Paano/Shamrock                    Shamrock               PA920
  BlueJeans/Rocksteddy                Rocksteddy              PA918
        Ewan/Imago                      Imago               PA914
  Pnalangin/Moonstar88               Moonstar 88            PA911
  Nkpgttaka/SpongeCola               Sponge Cola            PA919
  BtangBtaKPa/Sgarfree                Sugarfree             PA906
  WhenIMetYou/BarbieA              Barbie Almabis           PA909
   PagIbig/KitchieNadal             Kitchie Nadal           PA910
  BlueJeans/Rocksteddy               Rocksteddy             PA918
 KbiluganNgBuwan/Drip                    Drip               PA913
      Paano/Shamrock                  Shamrock              PA920
   BawatBata/TheDawn                  The Dawn              PA921
  Pnalangin/Moonstar88               Moonstar 88            PA911
          HYDRITE               United Laboratories         JA026
WarOfDSky/MshkaAdams               Mishka Adams             TC368
      Katakataka/Isha                    Isha               TC362
   SayawSaHangin/Isha                    Isha               TC363
  PlsDntCry/EnrqueMrcs             Enrique Marcos           TC364
  SingYipYaYe/Chckitas                 Chickitas            TC365
MamasGrden/MshkaAdam               Mishka Adams             TC366
   123Wiggle/Chickitas                 Chickitas            TC367
   DooBiDoo/Kamikazee                 Kamikazee             PA912
    YakapSaDilim/ONL             Orange N Lemons            PA907
  AwitBkda/Itchyworms                Itchyworms             PA905
  PmaptakNaNman/PNE               Parokya Ni Edgar          PA904
     SuperInggoTheme                 Rocksteddy             PA927
  PmaptakNaNman/PNE               Parokya Ni Edgar          PA904
     SuperInggoTheme                 Rocksteddy             PA927
 YouAreTheOne/ToniSam      Toni Gonzaga and Sam Milby       PA928
  AwitBkda/Itchyworms                Itchyworms             PA905
    KungKayaKo/ToniG                Toni Gonzaga            DB610
  KngMlayaLngAko/KrisL              Kris Lawrence           DB611
 1stDayHiRmix/Kmikaze                 Kamikazee             DB612
 Close2URmix/SamMilby                 Sam Milby             DB613
  KngMalayaRemix/KrisL              Kris Lawrence           DB614
MagmahalRmix/SamSay          Sam Milby and Say Alonso       DB615
   MkitaMliRmix/Sgrfree               Sugarfree             DB616
 GustoNMkta/GlobeBrod               Session Road            DB609
   JewelInDPalaceAlipin               Shamrock              GA168
   GreatestDay/KitchieN   Kitchie Nadal & Barbie Almalbis   DB608
  KngMlayaLngAko/KrisL              Kris Lawrence           PA925
  SukobTulunganMoAko              Glaiza de Castro          PA924
      AalogAlogTheme                   Serenity             PA922
       SukobScream                Glaiza de Castro          PA923
     BackToMe/Cueshe                    Cueshe              RA755
   BaleWala/Rocksteddy               Rocksteddy             SA511
   PlyingSafe/Rockstedy              Rocksteddy             SA515
  Imposible/Rocksteddy               Rocksteddy             SA512
  SuprNovLchs/Rockstdy               Rocksteddy             SA516
  FixingDaRadio/Ciudad                    Ciudad                     RA761
     BackToMe/Cueshe                      Cueshe                     RA755
      DuloNgDila/Pupil                     Pupil                     RA756
   BaleWala/Rocksteddy                 Rocksteddy                    RA731
  Imposible/Rocksteddy                 Rocksteddy                    RA732
 KngWlaNTau/Rockstedy                  Rocksteddy                    RA733
 Mgpkailanm/Rockstedy                  Rocksteddy                    RA734
   PlyingSafe/Rockstedy                Rocksteddy                    RA735
    TaraNa/Rocksteddy                  Rocksteddy                    RA737
  WgNaLng/Rocksteddy                   Rocksteddy                    RA738
 SuprNovLchs/Rockstdy                  Rocksteddy                    RA736
 PnoNngyare/Mayonaise                  Mayonnaise                    RA765
 Mgpkailanm/Rockstedy                  Rocksteddy                    SA514
   KlbitPenge/JoseWally               Jose & Wally                   RA758
  Question/RgaeMistres              Reggae Mistress                  RA760
 KngWlaNTau/Rockstedy                  Rocksteddy                    SA513
  BrkngFree2/HsMusical High School Musical - Troy And Gabriella      EA622
   Bop2DTop/HSMusical High School Musical - Ryan And Sharpay         EA615
   BrkngFree/HSMusical High School Musical - Troy And Gabriella      EA616
 GetchaHead/HSMusical         High School Musical - Troy             EA617
 GtchaHead2/HSMusical          High School Musical - B5              EA618
    ICntTake/HSMusicalHigh School Musical - Troy Gabriella Sharpay   EA619
  Stck2Status/HSMusicl            High School Musical                EA620
 StrtFSmthng/HSMusicl High School Musical - Troy And Gabriella       EA621
   WrAllInDs/HSMusical            High School Musical                EA623
 WatIvBnLukn/HSMusicl High School Musical - Ryan And Sharpay         EA624
 WtIvBnLukn4/HSMusicl High School Musical - Ryan And Sharpay         EA625
  JepnyLive/SpongeCola                Sponge Cola                    SA508
      Nene/Manomano                    Manomano                      SA502
   Nkkbaliw/Pupil&Barbi         Pupil & Barbie Almalbis              SA500
KwLngAkngLab/Brownmn              Brownman Revival                   RA710
      Nene/Manomano                    Manomano                      RA709
   Nkkbaliw/Pupil&Barbi         Pupil & Barbie Almalbis              RA707
  JepnyLive/SpongeCola                Sponge Cola                    RA715
       RelaxingWaves                    In House                     DB596
  ToLoveAgain/AraMina                    Ara Mina                    RA712
     Ingay/Pin-UpGirls                 Pin-Up Girls                  RA713
         Child/Nidji                       Nidji                     RA714
  Kaibign/RegaeMistres              Reggae Mistress                  RA716
      SonataClassical                   In House                     DB598
        SonataPiano                     In House                     DB599
  NardaAcstic/Kamikaze                 Kamikazee                     IA988
KwLngAkngLab/Brownmn              Brownman Revival                   SA503
   Hulog/JimmyBondoc                 Jimmy Bondoc                    SA504
  ToLoveAgain/AraMina                    Ara Mina                    SA505
   Hulog/JimmyBondoc                 Jimmy Bondoc                    RA711
     Ingay/Pin-UpGirls                 Pin-Up Girls                  SA506
         Child/Nidji                Nidji           SA507
  Kaibign/RegaeMistres       Reggae Mistress        SA509
        MozartChant              In House           DB603
    5thSymphonyRave              In House           DB602
       DaEntertainer             In House           DB594
       ClassicalFlute            In House           DB593
           Chopin                In House           DB591
         ClassicHarp             In House           DB592
      FurEliseClassic            In House           DB595
        MozartTunes              In House           DB597
      VivaldiClassical           In House           DB600
    9thSymphonyRave              In House           DB601
   DahilIkaw/TrueFaith          True Faith          DB604
  KbtaangPnoy/Itcywrm          Itchyworms           DB605
DKoKyangRmix/SherynR          Sheryn Regis          DB606
  DahilIkwMix/TruFaith          True Faith          DB607
      One/MaryJBlige          Mary J. Blige         KA329
       LinisBihis/Tide              Tide            PA903
SkatPnoyRmix/SamToni     Sam Milby & Toni Gonzaga   DB589
 URDa1Remix/SamToni      Sam Milby & Toni Gonzaga   DB590
 WeBelongRemix/ToniG          Toni Gonzaga          DB588
   AkingPastol/JesCom             JesCom            IA981
      OHesus/JesCom               JesCom            IA942
    Pagaalala/JesCom              JesCom            IA943
      Hiwaga/JesCom               JesCom            IA983
   ILoveDLord/JesCom              JesCom            IA984
  KapuriPuriKa/JesCom             JesCom            IA985
 ChldrnOfEastr/JesCom             JesCom            IA945
   InHimAlone/JesCom              JesCom            IA947
 PngnoonPurihn/JesCom             JesCom            IA954
  PanalanginSa/JesCom             JesCom            IA944
     AveMaria/JesCom              JesCom            IA950
    InMyHeart/JesCom              JesCom            IA948
 TakeNReceive/JesCom              JesCom            IA980
   BalangAraw/JesCom              JesCom            IA940
MabutiPngnoon/JesCom              JesCom            IA957
     SaHapon/JesCom               JesCom            IA962
  BayanUmawit/JesCom              JesCom            IA951
TnapayNgBuhay/JesCom              JesCom            IA966
   AngPusoKoy/JesCom              JesCom            IA968
   InangMahal/JesCom              JesCom            IA969
    WaySukod/JesCom               JesCom            IA973
      Believe/JesCom              JesCom            IA974
   NaritoPaRn/JesCom              JesCom            IA976
   LoveUntold/JesCom              JesCom            IA971
     GoodItIs/JesCom              JesCom            IA978
 DEastrJourney/JesCom             JesCom            IA972
     TekaMuna/JesCom              JesCom           IA977
  HideNtUrFace/JesCom             JesCom           IA982
 GandngSinauna/JesCom             JesCom           IA941
   EmptySpace/JesCom              JesCom           IA956
     Pagbabalik/JesCom            JesCom           IA958
       AtHome/JesCom              JesCom           IA959
 SlamatSaDiyos/JesCom             JesCom           IA963
    TasteOfSee/JesCom             JesCom           IA964
  TheFaceOfGod/JesCom             JesCom           IA965
  TubigNgBuhay/JesCom             JesCom           IA967
   UmawitKayo/JesCom              JesCom           IA970
   MySoulFinds/JesCom             JesCom           IA975
  LiwanaganMo/JesCom              JesCom           IA979
 SaDiyosLamang/JesCom             JesCom           IA955
WagKaMangamba/JesCom              JesCom           IA960
 KungYngNaisin/JesCom             JesCom           IA961
       IfICould/JesCom            JesCom           IA946
   UrHeart2day/JesCom             JesCom           IA949
  HalinaLumapit/JesCom            JesCom           IA952
    ItoAngAraw/JesCom             JesCom           IA953
  MahwgngPgIbig/Aldred      Aldred Gatchalian      PA902
   DDayRemix/HaleLeon     Hale and Leon Chaplain   EA596
        One/MaryJBlige         Mary J. Blige       KA319
  UpsideDown/JackJohns         Jack Johnson        KA321
 RhymWoutReasn/Hilera              Hilera          EA594
     CFCHalinatUmawit               CFC            XA016
   WhereverUR/SBorder          South Border        TC345
 WishUWerHere/SBorder          South Border        TC346
          CFCComeOn                 CFC            XA013
         CFCUgnayan                 CFC            XA015
           CFCGlory                 CFC            XA014
  TooCrazy/SouthBorder         South Border        TC343
       Narda/Kamikaze           Kamikazee          IA936
 LzyDaisy/UpDharmadwn        Up Dharma Down        TC349
  SbihinMoNa/TopSuzara          Top Suzara         IA938
  TheShow/SouthBorder          South Border        TC344
  SyngAngLht/TrueFaith           True Faith        EA590
  EndlesSlent/Urbandub           Urbandub          EA592
BrwnHndSmash/SBorder           South Border        TC347
     PaperTiger/Cattski           Cattski          TC348
    TroublSleep/CornBly     Corrine Bailey Rae     EA588
           Hesitation              Stacie          BA192
   Reward/SouthBorder          South Border        TC342
 DahilNgmahal/SherynR          Sheryn Regis        PA886
    BuwadSukSil/JrKilat         Junior Kilat       PA885
   MartyrNyebera/Kami           Kamikazee          PA884
      Tinig/JoinTheClub        Join The Club       PA883
    Komiks/Kamikazee         Kamikazee        DB586
 TlunanNPuso/SessionR       Session Road      DB587
   CaptBarbellNandito        Shamrock         GA165
   CaptBarbellNandito        Shamrock         GA165
   CaptBarbellNandito        Shamrock         GA165
   CaptBarbellNandito        Shamrock         GA165
   CaptBarbellNandito        Shamrock         GA165
   CaptBarbellNandito        Shamrock         GA165
   CaptBarbellNandito        Shamrock         GA165
   CaptBarbellNandito        Shamrock         GA165
   CaptBarbellLuvSana        Shamrock         GA166
    BarkadaKo/IslaEra          Isla Era       IA932
  BumalikKaLang/JuliaC      Julia Clarete     IA934
   Happy/SquareHeads       Square Heads       DB584
  ThisISwear/SamMilby        Sam Milby        DB585
   DancingQueen/Abba            Abba          KA169
        SOS/Abba                Abba          KA167
   DiscoInferno/50Cent         50 Cent        KA146
      Always/BonJovi           Bon Jovi       KA269
   Lost4Words/RonanK       Ronan Keating      KA034
      LuvIsAllAround        Wet Wet Wet       KA076
   Father&Son/RonanK       Ronan Keating      KA036
  DLongGudbye/RonanK       Ronan Keating      KA094
     IDoIDoIDo/Abba             Abba          KA165
  SheBlivsInMe/RonanK      Ronan Keating      KA052
    HoneyHoney/Abba             Abba          KA166
TakeAChanceOnMe/Abba            Abba          KA172
 DoesUrMotherKnw/Abba           Abba          KA173
  WhoSayUCntGoHome             Bon Jovi       KA216
     MammaMia/Abba              Abba          KA174
   LastThingOnMyMind       Ronan Keating      KA035
      RingRing/Abba             Abba          KA163
      Waterloo/Abba             Abba          KA164
      Fernando/Abba             Abba          KA168
MoneyMoneyMoney/Abba            Abba          KA170
KnownMeKnownYou/Abba            Abba          KA171
   Solitaire/Carpenters      Carpenters       KA194
  WagKNgUmiyak/TrueF         True Faith       DB573
   KngAkoBSya/PioloP        Piolo Pascual     DB574
 SayawSaBubog/DJerks          The Jerks       DB581
 ReklmoNgReklmo/DJerk         The Jerks       DB582
 WeBelong/ToniGonzaga      Toni Gonzaga       DB543
   KailanMahalin/AFegi        Anna Fegi       DB569
WagKNgMagbblik/RNava        Roselle Nava      DB570
     WagNLng/HeartE       Heart Evangelista   DB572
   Lihim/MIlkNMoney         Milk N Money      DB578
  MoreDanEver/SherynR       Sheryn Regis      DB579
 PanaginipLang/SarahG         Sarah Geronimo        DB580
   SabihinMo/SherynR           Sheryn Regis         DB583
   ChaChaCha/VhongN           Vhong Navarro         DB550
   IkawLamang/PioloP            Piolo Pascual       DB551
   SaPilingMo/SherynR          Sheryn Regis         DB552
    BakitMahal/Janelle              Janelle         DB553
   Chill/ZanjoeMarudo         Zanjoe Marudo         DB554
   OneDose/CherryLou             Cherry Lou         DB555
   Wowowee/LitoCamo               Lito Camo         DB556
    OkNa/MilkNMoney            Milk N Money         DB557
  UAreDaOne/Serenity               Serenity         DB558
    SimplengTao/Gloc9               Gloc 9          DB567
LuvHsCumMyWyHeartE           Heart Evangelista      DB568
    Hanggang/WencyC           Wency Cornejo         DB559
  SeasonOfLuv/AliyahP           Aliyah Parcs        DB560
      TaraTena/Kyla                  Kyla           DB561
KaBayani/GaryGranada           Gary Granada         DB562
  Jam/KevinR&CookyC       Kevin Roy & Cooky Chua    DB563
 GustoNMkta/SessionR           Session Road         DB564
   IniwanMo/VMorales            Vina Morales        DB565
    Larawan/AnnaFegi              Anna Fegi         DB566
  AngelikaPracticeLang      Angelika dela Cruz      CB200
   AngelikaNasaTaping       Angelika dela Cruz      CB201
     AngelikaHoneyKo        Angelika dela Cruz      CB202
     AngelikaChikahan       Angelika dela Cruz      CB203
  ByeByeNa/RiverMaya      Bye Bye Na - Rivermaya    DB575
 Someday/BarbiesCrdle         Barbie's Cradle       DB576
  ChickenD/DChickies            The Chickies        DB544
 InLuvWitUPare/ChitoM          Chito Miranda        DB545
     LuckyGirl/Janelle              Janelle         DB546
MayKailanman/CBanawa           Carol Banawa         DB548
PuppyMoAko/Wowowee            Willie Revillame      DB549
      SukobNa/17:28                 17:28           DB577
           Dolan                    Unilab          JA025
UAreD1/SamMilby&Toni     Sam Milby & Toni Gonzaga   DB542
 SmileAtMe/Rocksteddy            Rocksteddy         DB541
    GudNews/JMaxwell             John Maxell        DB536
    HiMorale/JMaxwell            John Maxell        DB537
 TeamMembr/JMaxwell              John Maxell        DB539
     Solution/JMaxwell           John Maxell        DB538
   Leadership/JMaxwell           John Maxell        DB540
    CloseUpSmileAtMe               Close Up         GA163
    CloseUpSmileAtMe               Close Up         GA163
    CloseUpSmileAtMe               Close Up         GA163
    CloseUpSmileAtMe               Close Up         GA163
        HeroAllHero            Hero Angeles         CB199
   Sweet/SouthBorder           South Border         TC326
      Ngiti/PeacePipe       Peace Pipe      TC321
            DHL                 DHL         JA024
   Close2DEnd/Mojofly         Mojofly       TC323
  BestDtICan/SouthBrdr     South Border     TC325
Pagagos/UpDharmadown     Up Dharma down     TC322
    HeroCookingForMe       Hero Angeles     CB196
     HeroBusyPaSiya        Hero Angeles     CB197
     HeroPhotoShoot        Hero Angeles     CB198
       Gap2/Cattski           Cattski       TC320
  IkawNga/SouthBorder      South Border     TC324
     HeroBagayKami         Hero Angeles     CB195
         ILuvNYCast             Cast        GA162
   DahilIkaw/TrueFaith       True Faith     PA882
    WaitForever/GaryV         Gary V.       PA880
       Jeepney/Kala             Kala        PA881
         ILuvNYCast             Cast        GA162
         ILuvNYCast             Cast        GA162
        Ikaw/Brenan           Brenan        GA161
        Ikaw/Brenan           Brenan        GA161
        Ikaw/Brenan           Brenan        GA161
     Trip/6cyclemind        6cyclemind      RA694
   DahilIkaw/TrueFaith       True Faith     PA882
  AkoySyoIkayAkn/Iaxe           Iaxe        DB533
     Trip/6cyclemind        6cyclemind      RA694
      MisKol/Craeons          Craeons       RA692
       Dianetic/Pupil           Pupil       RA693
  Panaginip/Mayonnaise      Mayonnaise      RA697
     DakilaKa/EdithS     Edith San Pedro    DB519
 TagaMoSaBato/CAmaca       Cathy Amaca      DB520
    MyLove/JedMadela        Jed Madela      DB522
   GroundUpTV/Pikaso           Pikaso       DB523
   SummerDay/BarbieA      Barbie Almalbis   DB524
    Close2U/SamMilby        Sam Milby       DB525
    Sweet/SouthBorder      South Border     DB526
  KringSong/JoseNWally     Jose & Wally     RA691
       24hrs/Cueshe           Cueshe        RA695
 WheneverUAre/SouthB       South Border     DB530
  TheShow/SouthBorder      South Border     DB531
   WishUWerHir/SouthB      South Border     DB528
    Playa/SouthBorder      South Border     DB529
  RainbowRmix/SouthB       South Border     DB532
    TellDaWorld/TrinaB    Trina Belamide    DB534
   NowDatIHavU/TrinaB     Trina Belamide    DB535
  TooCrzy/SouthBorder      South Border     DB527
  CarsLightningOnDLine          Cars        IA925
   CarsLightningAdvise          Cars        IA926
 CarsMaterDCowboyCar            Cars        IA927
   CarsMaterAndDGhost            Cars         IA928
  CarsMaterPickUpUrFne           Cars         IA929
       CarsRaceStart             Cars         IA918
  CarsAngryDocHudson             Cars         IA919
 CarsDocHudsonsAdvise            Cars         IA920
      CarsQuitYappin             Cars         IA921
   CarsLightningCalling          Cars         IA922
    CarsLightningWaits           Cars         IA923
  CarsLightnngImptient           Cars         IA924
 SugodAcustc/Sandwich         Sandwich        EA583
    Direction/Slapshock       Slapshock       EA573
 NgayongWalaKaNa/Kyla            Kyla         EA574
    4evrIsNtAs/NikkiGil        Nikki Gil      EA575
 WalangKdala/Sandwich         Sandwich        EA576
   Wishin/ToniGonzaga       Toni Gonzaga      PA879
 WeBelong/ToniGonzaga       Toni Gonzaga      PA878
    Urd1/ToniGonzaga        Toni Gonzaga      PA877
   SobraInit/Kamikazee       Kamikazee        PA876
  SabihinMo/TopSuzara        Top Suzara       PA875
   NardaAcoustic/Kami        Kamikazee        PA874
 TeenAldredGwapoGnius     Aldred Gatchalian   PA860
    TeenBamComedian         Bam Romana        PA861
TeenBamGwapoKmdyante        Bam Romana        PA862
 TeenClareBeautyQueen      Clare Cabiguin     PA863
  TeenFredHunkyCadet        Fred Pawayan      PA864
  TeenGeraldFilAmCutie    Gerald Anderson     PA865
  TeenJamillaPrettyMom     Jamilla Obispo     PA866
  TeenKimChineseCutie          Kim Chui       PA867
      TeenMattRocker         Matt Evans       PA868
     TeenMikeeGenius          Mikee Lee       PA869
    TeenMikkiAstigOrig       MIkki Arceo      PA870
    TeenNinaSosyChick         Nina Jose       PA871
    TeenOlynFunLoving       Olyn Membian      PA872
    Urd1/ToniGonzaga        Toni Gonzaga      PA877
 WeBelong/ToniGonzaga       Toni Gonzaga      PA878
   Wishin/ToniGonzaga       Toni Gonzaga      PA879
   SobraInit/Kamikazee       Kamikazee        PA876
  KabataangPinoy/Itchy       Itchyworms       PA873
  SabihinMo/TopSuzara        Top Suzara       PA875
   NardaAcoustic/Kami        Kamikazee        PA874
 WeBelong/ToniGonzaga       Toni Gonzaga      PA878
 HwFarShudWeGo/FKong        Francis Kong      DB510
     FunnyHow/FKong         Francis Kong      DB511
  InvstInUrFmily/FKong      Francis Kong      DB512
     AGreatLife/FKong       Francis Kong      DB513
  MeasureSucess/FKong       Francis Kong      DB514
     Benchmark/FKong        Francis Kong      DB515
     TrueLove/FKong         Francis Kong      DB516
     CenturyCanning        CenturyCanning     JA023
       ArawMo/Nina              Nina          IA916
  SaAkingPanaginip/Jen    Jennylyn Mercado    GA160
       PickupLines1                           BA180
       PickupLines2                           BA181
       Pickuplines3                           BA182
       Pickuplines4                           BA183
       Pickuplines5                           BA184
       Pickuplines6                           BA185
       Pickuplines7                           BA186
 1stDayHigh/Kamikazee        Kamikazee        DB509
        Nokia1110               Nokia         TC318
        Nokia1100               Nokia         TC319
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
   RexonaFirstDayHigh          Rexona         GA159
  DOnlyWay2Live/Isha             Isha         TC308
    Sigbin/JuniorKilat       Junior Kilat     TC309
   MrPoltician2/PcePipe      Peace Pipe       TC310
   StrlytStrbryt/Chktas        Chikitas       TC311
 NksanaynKoNB2/FaithC       Faith Cuneta      TC312
 SsbihnKoNaBa/Juaquin          Juaquin        TC313
WrDoWeBgin/MshkaAdms       Mishka Adams       TC314
  Paraiso/CheryCrnflks    Cherry Cornflakes   TC315
InSummertime/EnrqueM       Enrique Marcos     TC316
   Paalam/FaithCuneta       Faith Cuneta      TC317
      GlobeLakasMo                            TC307
 WilIEvrMkeUMyn/Jquin          Juaquin        TC300
  Mrgarita/ChryCrnflks    Cherry Cornflakes   TC301
   MrPolitcian/PeacPipe      Peace Pipe       TC302
  DollsHed/DLateIsabel     The Late Isabel    TC303
  Chikitas/ChickyDance        Chikitas        TC304
 NksanaynKoNBa/FaithC       Faith Cuneta      TC305
    ChristShineInYou                          MA488
        DailyPrayer                           MA489
         Faith                       MA490
    GodsReasons                      MA491
      GodsSmile                      MA492
    GodsStrength                     MA493
   GodIsDAnswer                      MA494
    GreatestLove                     MA495
    HolyMoments                      MA496
     JesusCares                      MA497
     LifesReward                     MA498
    LifeWithJesus                    MA499
   LordsBlessings                    MA500
      LoveOfGod                      MA501
     MusicOfLife                     MA502
     OceanOfLife                     MA503
   PrayerAndKeys                     MA504
       ThisMuch                      MA505
    TimeWithGod                      MA506
   TrustInTheLord                    MA507
 WalkWithTheLord                     MA508
        AngLaki                      MA509
       BoraBora                      MA511
 AkoSiM-16/JrKilat    Junior Kilat   TC306
AttyAgaRadioTheme    Attorney Aga    TC298
     AGoodStart                      MA486
       ANewLife                      MA487
  BarkadaSummer                      MA510
      BoraDude                       MA512
      BoraFever                      MA513
    BoraGateway                      MA514
    CoolSummer                       MA515
       IceCream                      MA516
   InitNgSummer                      MA517
    LotionPlease                     MA518
MakeMeYourSummer                     MA519
   SarapNgBeach                      MA520
  SayaNgSummer                       MA521
    SummerBabe                       MA522
    SummerDate                       MA523
   SummerGimik                       MA524
   TaraNaSaBora                      MA526
    MotorolaHello      Motorola      GA158
    MotorolaHello      Motorola      GA158
    MotorolaHello      Motorola      GA158
    MotorolaHello      Motorola      GA158
    MotorolaHello      Motorola      GA158
    MotorolaHello      Motorola      GA158
    MotorolaHello      Motorola      GA158
 KCWrongNumberBaTo          KC Concepcion       CB193
 BgayNBgay/ManoMano           Mano Mano         RA675
    NasanKaOrig/Pupil              Pupil        RA666
  NsanKaAcoustic/Pupil             Pupil        RA685
  GisingNa/Rocksteddy         Rocksteddy        RA676
   INeverKnwLove/Lovi              Lovi         RA677
 HeroAkoKakausapSaYo         Hero Angeles       CB194
WalangTaoDIto/Bondoc        Jimmy Bondoc        RA667
       Luha/Kapatid              Kapatid        IA858
         MajikaGma           Kitchie Nadal      GA156
         MajikaGma           Kitchie Nadal      GA156
         MajikaGma           Kitchie Nadal      GA156
    Buwan/Wickermoss          Wickermoss        GA157
    Buwan/Wickermoss          Wickermoss        GA157
     Katawan/Hagibis             Hagibis        IA832
        Legs/Hagibis             Hagibis        IA834
 CnWeJstStop/JoseMari       Jose Mari Chan      IA838
  TLAkoSyo/Cinderella          Cinderella       IA840
  LgawTngin/Cinderella         Cinderella       IA844
      Hiling/Paramita           Paramita        IA848
     LeadMeLord/Basil         Basil Valdez      IA852
   LiftUpUrHands/Basil        Basil Valdez      IA854
   GroundUpTV/Pikaso              Pikaso        DB508
  SummerDay/BarbieA         Barbie Almalbis     DB507
     YourGirlAC/Roxie             Roxie         PA848
 SikatRemix/ToniNSam         Toni And Sam       PA847
       YourGirl/Roxie             Roxie         PA849
   Panaginip/AleckBov         Aleck Bovick      PA846
   Maligo/RoxRicBudoy    Roxie Rico And Budoy   PA845
 MaligoAC/RoxRicBudoy    Roxie Rico And Budoy   PA844
   LoveTrue/ChristianV     Christian Vasquez    PA843
     Chilaxing/Zanjoe            Zanjoe         PA842
     BudoyAko/JRKilat            JR Kilat       PA841
    DearHeart/Sharon        Sharon Cuneta       IA820
 ForgivNForget/Sharon       Sharon Cuneta       IA821
 HighSchoolLyf/Sharon       Sharon Cuneta       IA822
 SinasambaKta/Sharon        Sharon Cuneta       IA824
CokeBuksanAngSummer       Kiko Machine/Coke     IA830
        Kfyne/JrKilat         Junior Kilat      DB500
 JewelAlaminKtotohnan          Lady Hann        IA813
        JewelAsupre            Lady Hann        IA814
  JewelIlulubogCLHann     Jewel In The Palace   IA815
  JewelLasonSMgaBibe      Jewel In The Palace   IA816
 JewelNgksakitAngHari     Jewel In The Palace   IA817
      JewelSabwatan       Jewel In The Palace   IA818
     JewelUtangNLoob      Jewel In The Palace   IA819
     AkoSiM16/JrKilat         Junior Kilat      DB499
       Sigbin/JrKilat           Junior Kilat        DB501
    Raindance/PeaceP            Peace Pipe          DB502
     Ngiti/PeacePipe            Peace Pipe          DB503
   Paraiso/CherryCorn        Cherry Cornflakes      DB504
  Margarita/CherryCorn       Cherry Cornflakes      DB505
   MyLove/JedMadela             Jed Madela          DB506
        MisisAngat                                  BA173
          FartTrip                                  BA175
       ManSneezing                                  BA177
   Happy/Itchyworms              Itchyworms         TC281
     Una/SpongeCola             Sponge Cola         TC272
   Gemini/SpongeCola            Sponge Cola         TC273
         1992/Isha                   Isha           TC274
SmwrNDNyt/MshkaAdams           Mishka Adams         TC275
  BeautiflLdy/EnriqueM         Enrique Marcos       TC276
  PangarapKo/KitchieN           Kitchie Nadal       TC277
  LuvKoTo/KitchieNadal          Kitchie Nadal       TC278
  Jeepney/SpongeCola            Sponge Cola         TC268
    KLSP/SpongeCola             Sponge Cola         TC269
 SheSedGdbye/DaleIbay             Dale Ibay         TC270
         VdayEdna                    Edna           IA798
  VdayMickeyNFriends1     Mickey Mouse & Friends    IA799
  VdayMickeyNFriends2     Mickey Mouse & Friends    IA800
    VdayMrIncredible            Mr. Incredible      IA801
      VdaySyndrome                Syndrome          IA802
 SikatAngPnoy/ToniSam    Toni Gonzaga & Sam Milby   DB497
    BudoyAko/JrKilat             Junior Kilat       DB498
       Angel/Pharell                Pharell         EA523
     Downfall/Cattski               Cattski         TC263
    Lunes/Spongecola             Spongecola         TC264
 TDSlyNCning/SpngCola            Spongecola         TC265
 ClseCaptnd/TwstdHalo           Twisted Halo        TC266
  Maybe/Upharmadown            Upharmadown          TC267
     MagpakatotooKa                                 BA166
   TeacherWatsDColor                                BA167
        BrotherIke                                  BA168
       I/6cyclemind             6cyclemind          RA617
   Dedma/RockSteddy            RockSteddy           RA618
  Dedma2/RockSteddy            RockSteddy           RA619
 KamandgNgYes/YesFm               Yes Fm            TC226
     Sugod/Sandwich              Sandwich           EA519
 1stOfSumer/Urbandub             Urbandub           EA520
     DDayUSaid/Hale                Hale             EA521
     Cuida/Sugarfree             Sugarfree          EA522
     Chik/Kamikazee             Kamikazee           PA817
  WeGiveIn/UpDharma          Up Dharma Down         PA815
  SleepTalk/UpDharma         Up Dharma Down         PA814
 Playground/UpDharma          Up Dharma Down         PA813
   Oo/UpDharmaDown            Up Dharma Down         PA812
  OoRemix/UpDharma            Up Dharma Down         PA811
   Sikat/ToniAndSam     Toni Gonzaga And Sam Milby   PA810
 MalikMata/UpDharma           Up Dharma Down         PA809
   Komiks/Kamikazee              Kamikazee           PA808
Layag/UpDharmaDown            Up Dharma Down         PA807
 JuneUp/DharmaDown            Up Dharma Down         PA806
Hiwaga/UpDharmaDown           Up Dharma Down         PA805
Fragmented/Updharma           Up Dharma Down         PA804
BroknMirror/UpDharma          Up Dharma Down         PA803
TuwingUmuulan/Eheads            Eraserheads          PA801
    SaDilim/Pedicab                Pedicab           PA795
CelebBBRustomImBack            Rustom Padilla        PA825
CelebBBRudyDiSiDaboy           Rudy Fernandez        PA824
  CelebBBKeannaInday           Keanna Reeves         PA823
CelebBBJohnDanceKing             John Prats          PA822
 CelebBBGretchAstgGrl         Gretchen Malalad       PA821
 CelebBBChristianHunk        Christian Vasquez       PA820
 CelebBBBiancaGudDay          Bianca Gonzalez        PA819
  CelebBBAleckTalbog            Aleck Bovick         PA818
SaKanya/SharonCuneta           Sharon Cuneta         PA802
    Narda/Kamikazee              Kamikazee           PA816
   Sikat/ToniAndSam     Toni Gonzaga And Sam Milby   PA810
  WeGiveIn/UpDharma           Up Dharma Down         PA815
  SleepTalk/UpDharma          Up Dharma Down         PA814
 Playground/UpDharma          Up Dharma Down         PA813
   Oo/UpDharmaDown            Up Dharma Down         PA812
  OoRemix/UpDharma            Up Dharma Down         PA811
 MalikMata/UpDharma           Up Dharma Down         PA809
Layag/UpDharmaDown            Up Dharma Down         PA807
 JuneUp/DharmaDown            Up Dharma Down         PA806
Hiwaga/UpDharmaDown           Up Dharma Down         PA805
BroknMirror/UpDharma          Up Dharma Down         PA803
    Narda/Kamikazee              Kamikazee           PA816
DiKKayangIwan/Sheryn            Sheryn Regis         DB496
    GandaKo/AllanK                Allan K.           DB492
 MakitaKngMuli/SugarF            Sugarfree           DB493
   MissingU/SamMilby             Sam Milby           DB494
   Close2U/SamMilby              Sam Milby           DB495
       AngelKupido                                   MA475
  LovesMeLovesMeNot                                  MA476
       LoveHurts1                                    MA477
       LoveHurts2                                    MA478
       LoveYou101                                    MA479
     ValentineD14th                                  MA480
      ValentineDate                                  MA481
         WattaLove                            MA482
  HindiKoKaya/SRegis         Sheryn Regis     PA800
 SoitsYou/Lauchengco     Raymond Lauchengco   PA799
INeedUBak/Lauchengco     Raymond Lauchengco   PA798
  Farewell/Lauchengco    Raymond Lauchengco   PA797
    SagotKita/Pedicab           Pedicab       PA796
  KontiNaLang/Pedicab           Pedicab       PA794
  IWantItNow/Pedicab            Pedicab       PA793
       Giving/Pedicab           Pedicab       PA792
    DizzyBoy/Pedicab            Pedicab       PA791
    Bleached/Pedicab            Pedicab       PA789
 AStormyNight/Pedicab           Pedicab       PA788
 AngKailangan/Pedicab           Pedicab       PA787
 Waitng4Sign/Paramita          Paramita       PA786
  TrnsitionV2/Paramita         Paramita       PA785
   Transition/Paramita         Paramita       PA784
       Tala/Paramita           Paramita       PA783
   Takipsilim/Paramita         Paramita       PA782
   Porcelain/Paramita          Paramita       PA780
   LullabyV2/Paramita          Paramita       PA779
     Lullaby/Paramita          Paramita       PA778
   Panaginip/Paramita          Paramita       PA777
      Hiling/Paramita          Paramita       PA776
    Carousel/Paramita          Paramita       PA775
       Bukas/Pedicab            Pedicab       PA790
    Stillness/Paramita         Paramita       PA781
          Omepron          Unilab-Westmont    JA022
         JudayDate         Judy Ann Santos    CB192
           Growee              Pediatrica     JA021
       Movin/NikkiGil           Nikki Gil     EA509
DoUWant2/FranzFrdind       Franz Ferdinand    SA161
 JoedmangoFootprints         Joe D Mango      OA001
   JoedmangoMissyou          Joe D Mango      OA002
      JoedmangoHug           Joe D Mango      OA003
    JoedmangoLoving          Joe D Mango      OA005
    JoedmangFeeling          Joe D Mango      OA006
     JoedmangoMiles          Joe D Mango      OA007
  JoedmangoMoments           Joe D Mango      OA008
    JoedmangoReach           Joe D Mango      OA009
     JoedmangoValue          Joe D Mango      OA010
 JoedmangoTemporary          Joe D Mango      OA011
      JoedmangoLove          Joe D Mango      OA012
       AnneTestBrain            DJ Anne       OA013
         GiaContest              DJ Gia       OA014
      PamLiveOnSpot             DJ Pam        OA015
    PamMentalHealth             DJ Pam        OA016
   RobbyGoodMorning            DJ Robby       OA017
       RobbyNoFear                     DJ Robby             OA018
      RobbyEarlyBird                   DJ Robby             OA019
   ErikManaRightThing                 Erik Mana             OA020
      ErikMana5Mins                   Erik Mana             OA021
    ErikMana100Years                  Erik Mana             OA022
    ErikManaObstacles                 Erik Mana             OA023
           LanaHi                      DJ Lana              OA024
      LeonSubscriber                    DJ Leon             OA025
   LeonWrongNumber                      DJ Leon             OA026
       LouiseSmash                    DJ Louise             OA027
          LouiseGF                    DJ Louise             OA028
          PattyItch                    DJ Patty             OA029
    PattyMentalHealth                  DJ Patty             OA030
          RickHello                     DJ Rick             OA031
        RickCoolGirl                    DJ Rick             OA032
         Lihim/ONL              Orange and Lemons           IA772
    TlagaNman/MYMP                       MYMP               IA774
       MaybeItsYou                Jolina Magdangal          GA150
       MaybeItsYou                Jolina Magdangal          GA150
     MomentsOfLove       Janno Gibbs and Jennylyn Mercado   GA153
     MomentsOfLove       Janno Gibbs and Jennylyn Mercado   GA153
       MulawinFlight                     GMA                GA148
       MulawinFlight                     GMA                GA148
       MaybeItsYou                Jolina Magdangal          GA150
       MaybeItsYou                Jolina Magdangal          GA150
 KungMamahalinMoAko                  Janno Gibbs            GA151
 KungMamahalinMoAko                  Janno Gibbs            GA151
 KungMamahalinMoAko                  Janno Gibbs            GA151
          IkawNga          South Border and Jonalyn Viray   GA152
          IkawNga          South Border and Jonalyn Viray   GA152
    ArnelIgnacioPride               Arnel Ignacio           IA406
 BernadetSmbranoPride          Bernadette Sembrano          IA407
   CesarMontanoPride               Cesar Montano            IA408
    EfrenReyesJrPride              Efren Reyes JR           IA409
   GaryValencianoPride             Gary Valenciano          IA410
  JolinaMagdangalPride            Jolina Magdangal          IA411
     LeoMartinezPride                Leo Martinez           IA412
  PrincesPunzalanPride           Princess Punzalan          IA413
    RonnieLazaroPride               Ronnie Lazaro           IA414
       PagibigJingle                   Pag-ibig             JA020
  CnIHvItLikDat/Pharel                  Pharell             EA497
    KnorrChineseSoup                     Knorr              PA773
 PinoyRap/JsonFranzen            Jason and Franzen          PA771
PinoyAkoDanceMix/PBB       Pinoy Big Brother Housemates     PA769
MagmhalStudio/SamSay                Sam and Say             PA768
PinoyAkoXmasRmix/PBB       Pinoy Big Brother Housemates     PA770
 PinoyRap/JsonFranzen            Jason and Franzen          PA771
   NturalDMahalRejoice                     Rejoice                     PA772
   IveFallenInLove/Sam                   Sam Milby                     PA767
 PinoyAkoDanceMix/PBB          Pinoy Big Brother Housemates            PA769
PinoyAkoXmasRmix/PBB           Pinoy Big Brother Housemates            PA770
   IveFallenInLove/Sam                   Sam Milby                     PA767
 Gemini(Piano)SpongeC                   Sponge Cola                    SA137
     Aircon/Mayonnaise                  Mayonnaise                     SA135
          XmasMaid                                                     IA692
         XmasRush                                                      IA693
     GudMrningTowels                                                   IA694
       MkeSabitDParol                                                  IA695
      NinongNKuripot                                                   IA696
       RudolphXplains                                                  IA697
     SPO10XmasGrtng                                                    IA698
 Sprxy1/FrancsM(UEMJ) Francis M / Ultraelectromagnaticjam              RA596
  MalAkala/BMR(UEMJ) rownman Revival / Ultraelectromagnaticjam         RA591
 UndrReggaeMoon/BMR                  Brownman Revival                  RA616
  Sandalan/6CycleMind                   6 Cycle Mind                   RA604
  Alapaap/6Cycle(UEMJ) 6 Cycle Mind / Ultraelectromagnaticjam          RA582
  Ovrdrve/Barbie(UEMJ)Barbie Almalbis / Ultraelectromagnaticjam        RA592
AkngMahal/BrownmanR                  Brownman Revival                  RA611
   Binibini/BrownmanR                Brownman Revival                  RA608
  Dahan2x/BrownmanR                  Brownman Revival                  RA609
  Gs2MoPa/BrownmanR                  Brownman Revival                  RA610
 Ikaw4Ever/BrownmanR                 Brownman Revival                  RA612
    Jeggae/BrownmanR                 Brownman Revival                  RA613
     Lintik/BrownmanR                Brownman Revival                  RA602
 NgynGabi/BrownmanR                  Brownman Revival                  RA614
    Salarin/BrownmanR                Brownman Revival                  RA615
  MalAkala/BMR(UEMJ) rownman Revival / Ultraelectromagnaticjam         RA591
 Hrd2Blv1/Cushe(UEMJ)       Cueshe / Ultraelectromagnaticjam           RA585
 Sprxy1/FrancsM(UEMJ) Francis M / Ultraelectromagnaticjam              RA596
  Sprxy2/FrncisM(UEMJ) Francis M / Ultraelectromagnaticjam             RA597
 Spolarm/Imago(UEMJ)         Imago / Ultraelectromagnaticjam           RA595
   Trpedo1/Isha(UEMJ)         Isha / Ultraelectromagnaticjam           RA599
  Ligaya/Kitchie(UEMJ) Kitchie Nadal / Ultraelectromagnaticjam         RA589
WagTanong/MYMP(UEMJ)         MYMP / Ultraelectromagnaticjam            RA588
  WagMtkot/OnL(UEMJ)  Orange And Lemons / Ultraelectromagnaticjam RA587
                    Radioactive Sago Project / Ultraelectromagnaticjam RA583
   ElBimbo/RicoJ(UEMJ) Rico J. Puno / Ultraelectromagnaticjam          RA584
 WidSmile/SBrdr(UEMJ) South Border / Ultraelectromagnaticjam           RA601
PareKo/SpongeC(UEMJ) Sponge Cola / Ultraelectromagnaticjam             RA594
 Tikman/SgrFree(UEMJ) Sugar Free / Ultraelectromagnaticjam             RA598
   PraSaMsa/Var(UEMJ) Various Artists / Ultraelectromagnaticjam        RA593
 IkawAngLahat/RegineV                Regine Velasquez                  IA375
       Kailan/RegineV                Regine Velasquez                  IA376
      OnlyYou/RegineV                Regine Velasquez                  IA377
     Paalam/RegineV              Regine Velasquez              IA378
      AMRadioTuning                                            MA362
 Hrd2Blv2/Cushe(UEMJ)   Cueshe / Ultraelectromagnaticjam       RA586
Magasn/PSantos(UEMJ) Parolo Santos / Ultraelectromagnaticjam   RA590
  Torpedo2/Isha(UEMJ)     Isha / Ultraelectromagnaticjam       RA600
  BbFilpina/BarakoBoys              Barako Boys                RA606
 HotNaHot/BarakoBoys                Barako Boys                RA607
        AyusNaJoke                                             MA458
    ChristmasHoliday                                           MA459
      ChristmasJoke                                            MA460
      ChristmasJoke2                                           MA461
      ChristmasSong                                            MA462
   ChristmasSurprise                                           MA463
   ForwardingYourCall                                          MA464
    KrismasPressSent                                           MA465
   MawigayangPashko                                            MA466
       PonyongDaElf                                            MA467
          SinoAko                                              MA468
        TamangBati                                             MA469
         TentayElf                                             MA470
       WhereAreYou                                             MA471
          WishList                                             MA472
 WeWishYouOnThunder                                            MA473
        GimmeStuff                                             IA661
       GoodLittleBoy                                           IA662
     HavAMerryXmas                                             IA663
        FunnyHoHo                                              IA664
      HoHoBeatBells                                            IA665
     Joy2UrWrldMusic                                           IA666
    NaughtyBoySanta                                            IA667
      NaughtySeason                                            IA668
      NotSoSilentNyt                                           IA669
         SantaHere                                             IA670
      SantasLilHelper                                          IA671
  Breakable/TwistdHalo              Twisted Halo               TC262
    PangarapNaBituin                    Faith                  GA147
    PangarapNaBituin                    Faith                  GA147
    InTheNameofLove                Yasmien Kurdi               GA146
    InTheNameofLove                Yasmien Kurdi               GA146
    InTheNameofLove                Yasmien Kurdi               GA146
   PinoyAkoXmas/PBB        Pinoy Big Brother Housemates        DB488
        DHL Express                 DHL Express                JA019
     Century Canning              Century Canning              JA018
MagmahalMuli/SamNSay               Sam and Say                 PA763
MagmahalMuli/SamNSay               Sam and Say                 PA763
           Ceelin                    Pediatrica                JA016
            YPO                         YPO                    JA015
 LouPardiniWatMytHavB          Lou Pardini       TC244
  KevynLettauSunlight         Kevyn Lettau       TC242
   JPizuloWatDoWeMin           Joe Pizzulo       TC241
  JoePizzuloTakeDisLuv         Joe Pizzulo       TC240
    LouPardiniJst2CHer         Lou Pardini       TC243
      TeriDesarioFallin        Teri Desario      TC245
  TeriDesarioNotinGona         Teri Desario      TC246
  NvrLetGo/JPizuloNNin    Joe Pizzulo and Nina   TC239
     CentrumComplete             Centrum         IA600
     CentrumComplete             Centrum         IA600
  MakitaMuli/SugarFree         Sugar Free        PA759
PagAgos/UpDharmaDown        UpDharmaDown         PA758
     Lintik/BrownMan       Brown Man Revival     PA757
 HinahanpKta/Rivrmaya           Rivermaya        PA756
    HarryPotterTheme        Warner Brothers      IA650
       Sorry/Cueshe               Cueshe         PA761
    HarryPotterTheme        Warner Brothers      IA650
    HarryPotterTheme        Warner Brothers      IA650
    HarryPotterTheme        Warner Brothers      IA650
    HarryPotterTheme        Warner Brothers      IA650
    HarryPotterTheme        Warner Brothers      IA650
PagAgos/UpDharmaDown        UpDharmaDown         PA758
 HinahanpKta/Rivrmaya           Rivermaya        PA756
   AlrtDArmry/Urbndub           Urban Dub        EA493
       StayReal/April              April         EA494
 DoUWant2/FranzFrdind       Franz Ferdinand      SA095
  TangingBituin/CarlaM       Carla Martinez      DB484
        DownyHappy               Downey          PA755
 SaKanya/SharonCuneta        Sharon Cuneta       PA760
 TuwingUmuulan/Eheads         Eraserheads        PA762
 LazyDaisy/Updarmadwn       Updharmadown         PA752
 LazyDaisy/Updarmadwn       Updharmadown         PA752
 LazyDaisy/Updarmadwn       Updharmadown         PA752
  RegineTBellyDancing       Regine Tolentino     CB186
     AngelikaGirlfriend    Angelika dela Cruz    CB187
      AubreyGisingNa          Aubrey Miles       CB184
     TroyGoingOnDate          Troy Montero       CB185
    TulogNa/SugarFree          Sugar Free        EA441
        MemoryGap                                MA431
    SunsilkAbotKamay      Orange   and Lemons    GA144
    SunsilkAbotKamay      Orange   and Lemons    GA144
    SunsilkAbotKamay      Orange   and Lemons    GA144
    SunsilkAbotKamay      Orange   and Lemons    GA144
    SunsilkAbotKamay      Orange   and Lemons    GA144
     KungWalaKa/Hale               Hale          EA491
        ManicGuitar                              DB468
       ParadiseIsland                            DB469
       Fascination                          DB470
        CrazyRip                            DB471
       Back2Basic                           DB472
     BermudaHigh                            DB475
      ShuffleTime                           DB477
        FilmScore                           DB479
      BlowMyHorn                            DB480
   ScarySoundFilm                           DB481
   SoundsNParadise                          DB482
  KungWalaKa/Hale             Hale          EA490
      MrHeadroom                            DB473
     ScratchNBurn                           DB474
      OrganicHigh                           DB476
      BoomBoxRiff                           DB478
    MilleniumFunk                           DB483
      DLSUReggae         Various Artists    GA139
        DLSUPop          Various Artists    GA140
       DLSUDisco         Various Artists    GA141
  SurfBangoNgPasko      Sarah Geronimo      GA138
        DLSURnB          Various Artists    GA142
  BrightLights/BillyC    Billy Crawford     DB466
HarkHrldAngls/JBrkmn     Jim Brickman       RA553
  OHolyNyt/JBrkman       Jim Brickman       RA554
 LoseCntrl/JasmineT      Jasmine Trias      DB464
 NxtBstStar/MelanieC       Melanie C.       DB467
        PAG-IBIG            PAG-IBIG        JA014
BecItsXmas/KeithMrtn      Keith Martin      EA473
      Gap/Cattski            Cattski        TC238
   SaUulitin/Mojofly         Mojofly        TC235
 CumBak/BrwnFlava         Brown Flava       TC234
     KahitPa/Hale              Hale         EA469
  KungWalaKa/Hale              Hale         EA470
DDayUSaidGudNit/Hale           Hale         EA471
         Drakula                            IA624
          Libing                            IA625
           Multo                            IA626
          Sigaw                             IA627
          Tawag                             IA628
         Tiyanak                            IA629
     BlueSky/Hale             Hale          EA465
         Alulong                            IA623
    Here2nite/Hale              Hale        EA466
    PinoyBBKuya1        Pinoy Big Brother   PA754
      LittleBigStar       Little Big Star   PA753
    TVPatrolTheme            TV Patrol      PA751
     InsiderTheme             Insider       PA750
DDream/RoseNCadillcs    Daydream Cycle      PA749
Maybe/UpDharmaDown       Updharmadown       PA748
  MakitaMuli/SugarFree      Sugar Free      PA747
Maybe/UpDharmaDown       Updharmadown       PA748
 DDream/RoseNCadillcs    Daydream Cycle     PA749
      InsiderTheme            Insider       PA750
     TVPatrolTheme           TV Patrol      PA751
       LittleBigStar      Little Big Star   PA753
   SMBOktoberfest05             SMB         PA745
Maybe/UpDharmaDown       Updharmadown       PA748
  MakitaMuli/SugarFree      Sugar Free      PA747
   AizaBlessings/Xmas     Aiza Marquez      PA559
     Unilab-Disudrin           Unilab       JA013
           Donya                            BA157
        Konsensya                           BA159
          Sonora                            BA162
     Buddha's Word                          BA163
       InfiniteLove                         BA164
          Moving                            BA165
        Hallelujah                          BA068
       PinoyRipper                          MA454
        Kolehiyala                          BA158
Hony&QuickeDnce/YsFm         Yes Fm         TC227
YsJkeTmeAnkSLbs/YsFm         Yes Fm         TC228
YesJkeTmeBatuta/YsFm         Yes Fm         TC229
        MatakotKa                           MA420
     FutureGirlfriend                       MA421
       GetIntimate                          MA422
        GoingCrazy                          MA423
       GreenMinded                          MA424
       HorrorScope                          MA427
          MyBabe                            MA432
         TakeSlow                           MA442
      ThreeMonkeys                          MA443
          TimAWa                            MA444
YourWishIsMyCommand                         MA451
  YsJkTmChrstnB/YsFm         Yes   Fm       TC232
 YsJkTmErikSntos/YsFm        Yes   Fm       TC233
YesJokeTimeBer/YesFm         Yes   Fm       TC230
YsJkeTmeBlkdyak/YsFm         Yes   Fm       TC231
     GroovyGrandma                          MA425
      HeadlineBukas                         MA426
       KenkoyKikay                          MA429
     NotATelephone                          MA433
        PartyTime                           MA434
      PerfectlySweet                        MA435
         RightGuy                           MA438
       ShowMoney                            MA439
     SummerBabes                             MA440
       SweetBabe                             MA441
       TipidSaLoad                           MA445
    TooHotToHandle                           MA446
        TrisTocino                           MA447
          Tropa                              MA448
       WakeMeUp                              MA449
      YayaNiDaddy                            MA450
        DarkRider                            MA452
        DevilFlick                           MA453
 PrendHanggangHukay                          MA436
   PsychiatricHotline                        MA437
    WillEatYourHeart                         MA455
  KhitPderAnoMsasabi      Rosanna Roces      NA001
  KhitPderKlanAksyon      Eddie Gutierrez    NA005
  KhitPderLalakeBabae     Rosanna Roces      NA006
    KhitPderRobocop       Rosanna Roces      NA007
    KhitPderSakayNa       Rosanna Roces      NA008
     KhitPderSandali      Phillip Salvador   NA009
   PidoDida2SpellBoy        Kris Aquino      NA035
 PidoDida3BakaMaLate        Kris Aquino      NA037
 PidoDida3TcherKidnap    Rene Requiestas     NA038
AngelSaLupaBatDiTwag      Dina Bonnevie      NA041
     KhitPderBayani       Rosanna Roces      NA003
    KhitPderDiMadre       Rosanna Roces      NA004
     PaknersDengoy           Tiya Pusit      NA010
    PaknersDiNaUulit     Fernando Poe Jr.    NA011
   PaknersMamasyal        Oyo Boy Sotto      NA012
 PaknersSiraNaNaman      Fernando Poe Jr.    NA013
 AgeDsntMtrHardinero       Joey de Leon      NA014
   AgeDsntMtrDriver          Tito Sotto      NA015
  AgeDsntMtrKusinero         Vic Sotto       NA016
AgeDsntMtrDscrminate      Tito Vic & Joey    NA017
 AgeDsntMtrItsEnteng      Tito Vic & Joey    NA018
 AgeDsntMtrMalakiAno      Dina Bonnevie      NA019
AgeDsntMtrLuvChimoy       Tito Vic & Joey    NA020
  AgeDsntMtrPenicillin     Joey de Leon      NA021
 PidoDida2KutongLupa     Rene Requiestas     NA029
     PidoDida2Lapis      Rene Requiestas     NA030
 PidoDida2MalaboMata        Kris Aquino      NA031
PidoDida2MramiNainom        Kris Aquino      NA032
  PidoDida2MayBabae         Kris Aquino      NA033
  PidoDida2Pronounce     Rene Requiestas     NA034
PidoDida3AnoPangalan     Rene Requiestas     NA036
  PidoDida3UyShocker     Rene Requiestas     NA039
   Pulis2BawalNaYan            Dolphy        NA040
AngelSaLupaButiNaLng      Cogie Domingo      NA042
 AngelSaLupaLtMeXplai      Dina Bonnevie    NA044
 AngelSaLupaUbosLoad      Alwyn Uytingco    NA045
  CoolDudesNewRules       Cogie Domingo     NA053
  CoolDudesRemember         James Blanco    NA054
  Story3LuvsYabangMo      Maricel Soriano   NA055
 Story3LuvsAnongKlase    Gabby Concepcion   NA056
  Story3LuvsHoyLalake      Rosemarie Gil    NA058
   KhitPderBatGanyan       Rosanna Roces    NA002
     PidoDida2Acting      Rene Requiestas   NA023
   PidoDida2BoomMic       Rene Requiestas   NA024
 PidoDida2DiKyaUntog      Rene Requiestas   NA025
   PidoDida2FullTank      Rene Requiestas   NA026
 PidoDida2FulTnkMoRin     Rene Requiestas   NA027
AngelSaLupaDontTchMe       Dina Bonnevie    NA043
 AngelSaLupaSanaIkaw      Alwyn Uytingco    NA046
AngelSaLupaSuspended       Dina Bonnevie    NA047
ManoPo1KasoLabanSaYo       Richard Gomez    NA048
 ManoPo1NilolokoMoBa      Maricel Soriano   NA049
  ManoPo1PureIlocano       Richard Gomez    NA050
  CoolDudesAngGaling       Danilo Barrios   NA051
  CoolDudesBeachBabe      Cogie Domingo     NA052
 Story3LuvsEwanKoBa       Maricel Soriano   NA057
  Story3LuvsSinoGawa           Various      NA062
    Story3LuvsStupid           Snooky       NA065
  Story3LuvsSwerteKo      Albert Martinez   NA066
 Story3LuvsKgabiDapat       Lani Mercado    NA059
Story3LuvsNoTym4Joke      Albert Martinez   NA060
 Story3LuvsSinoAtraso          Various      NA061
  Story3LuvsSinoKaBa           Snooky       NA063
 Story3LuvsSinoKaDaw      Maricel Soriano   NA064
 LoveMoves/JuliaFrdhm      Julia Fordham    EA443
  ComfortZone/Cattski          Cattski      TC222
      Surface/Kjwan             Kjwan       TC223
       Mata/Mojofly            Mojofly      TC224
  PcturPrfct/BrwnFlava       Brown Flava    TC221
      BMyLady/Nyoy          Nyoy Volante    IA586
         Omnibus           GlobeSolutions   JA009
       MobileOffice        GlobeSolutions   JA010
    Pandesal/Hotmen            Hotmen       IA596
         OfficeMgt         GlobeSolutions   JA011
           SMS             GlobeSolutions   JA012
          Hellerr              Generic      XA007
        SoreThroat             Generic      XA008
         Hypnotist             Generic      XA009
     IndayWillAlways           Generic      XA010
            Lost               Generic      XA011
           Astig               Generic      XA012
   YouWantMe/6thDay               6th Day            PA744
  WhatDoUSay/6thDay               6th Day            PA743
MeNMySuitcase/6thDay              6th Day            PA742
    LaDaDida/6thday               6th Day            PA741
       DZMMTheme                   DZMM              PA740
 DonRomantiko/Vhong            Vhong Navarro         PA739
   YouWantMe/6thDay               6th Day            PA744
  WhatDoUSay/6thDay               6th Day            PA743
    LaDaDida/6thday               6th Day            PA741
       DZMMTheme                   DZMM              PA740
 DonRomantiko/Vhong            Vhong Navarro         PA739
      Pangarap/Karel           Karel Marquez         PA737
       MrCleanJingle              Mr Clean           PA736
      Pangarap/Karel           Karel Marquez         PA737
 DonRomantiko/Vhong            Vhong Navarro         PA739
   AllByMyself/CelDion           Celine Dion         SA010
 HeartWlGoOn/CelDion             Celine Dion         SA014
 AllComingBck/CelDion            Celine Dion         SA013
       KahitPa/Hale                  Hale            EA438
     ALittleBit/MYMP               MYMP              IA553
     ALittleBit/MYMP               MYMP              IA553
 SakynNgJeep/NikkiGil             Nikki Gil          EA437
      WordUp/KoRN                   KoRN             SA050
  VaselineHugYourMom              Vaseline           GA137
  VaselineHugYourMom              Vaseline           GA137
  VaselineHugYourMom              Vaseline           GA137
  PinoyBBBobPolitician     Pinoy Big Brother Bob     PA718
  PinoyBBCassCovergirl     Pinoy Big Brother Cass    PA719
 PinoyBBChxLbratdChik      Pinoy Big Brother Chx     PA720
PinoyBBChxWlangKieme       Pinoy Big Brother Chx     PA721
PinoyBBFranzenKenkoy     Pinoy Big Brother Franzen   PA722
PinoyBBJasonBtngueno      Pinoy Big Brother Jason    PA723
 PinoyBBJBDatiBadBoy        Pinoy Big Brother JB     PA724
PinoyBBJBUrBoyNxtDor        Pinoy Big Brother JB     PA725
  PinoyBBJennyMestiza     Pinoy Big Brother Jenny    PA726
PinoyBBJennyPretyMom      Pinoy Big Brother Jenny    PA727
 PinoyBBNeneDAkoBata      Pinoy Big Brother Nene     PA728
 PinoyBBRacquelHimala    Pinoy Big Brother Racquel   PA729
PinoyBBRacquelAteGuy     Pinoy Big Brother Racquel   PA730
PinoyBBRicoHnkyChnky       Pinoy Big Brother Rico    PA731
PinoyBBRicoGwapoMcho       Pinoy Big Brother Rico    PA732
  PinoyBBSaySosiKikay      Pinoy Big Brother Say     PA733
PinoyBBUmaCertfdPapa       Pinoy Big Brother Uma     PA734
 FirstDayFunk/Parokya         Parokya Ni Edgar       PA711
    NameFun/Parokya           Parokya Ni Edgar       PA713
   NanditoVer2Parokya         Parokya Ni Edgar       PA714
  PedrosBasuraMix/PNE         Parokya Ni Edgar       PA715
   Bagsakan/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar    PA709
 KayangKaya/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar    PA710
       Muli/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar    PA712
    Telepono/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar    PA716
 DOrdertaker/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar    PA717
 DOrdertaker/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar    PA717
    Telepono/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar    PA716
 PedrosBasuraMix/PNE      Parokya Ni Edgar    PA715
  NanditoVer2Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar    PA714
   NameFun/Parokya        Parokya Ni Edgar    PA713
       Muli/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar    PA712
FirstDayFunk/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar    PA711
 KayangKaya/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar    PA710
   Bagsakan/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar    PA709
BrdgeOvrTrbldWtr/SnG    Simon and Garfunkel   SA065
     MrsRobnsn/SnG      Simon and Garfunkel   SA066
DaAnothersDnRmntko         Vhong Navarro      DB411
  PinoyAko/OrangeNL       Orange & Lemons     DB412
   IWilNverLivU/ErikS        Erik Santos      DB413
    Pangarap/KarelM        Karel Marquez      DB414
  Sweet/SouthBorder         South Border      DB415
 1stDayFunk/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar    DB416
  CryOverU/StellaRuiz        Stella Ruiz      DB418
   CloseUpJustASmile       Barbie Almalbis    DB419
DaAnothersDnRmntko         Vhong Navarro      DB420
  PinoyAko/OrangeNL       Orange & Lemons     DB421
   IWilNverLivU/ErikS        Erik Santos      DB422
    Pangarap/KarelM        Karel Marquez      DB423
  Sweet/SouthBorder         South Border      DB424
 1stDayFunk/Parokya       Parokya Ni Edgar    DB425
  CryOverU/StellaRuiz        Stella Ruiz      DB427
   CloseUpJustASmile       Barbie Almalbis    DB428
      LearnJapanese                           DB429
       MultiChoice                            DB430
       ThankU4Call                            DB431
     FoneTapWrning                            DB432
        FurElise05                            DB433
        TheGrunge                             DB434
     Paro2BukidPunk                           DB435
   HapiLondonBridge                           DB436
      TalibanHotline                          DB437
     Pamulinawenska                           DB438
    EasyWinZiSpider                           DB439
     BigBrother/ONL     Orange And Lemons     PA708
 PapaCologne/Parokya     Parokya Ni Edgar     PA704
 WalangNangyari/PNE      Parokya Ni Edgar     PA707
      Gitara/Parokya     Parokya Ni Edgar     PA701
 VictorCould/Parokya    Parokya Ni Edgar   PA706
  ParaSayo/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar   PA705
   Nandito/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar   PA703
HalinaSaParokya/PNE     Parokya Ni Edgar   PA702
    Gitara/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar   PA701
    BigBrother/ONL     Orange And Lemons   PA708
 WalangNangyari/PNE     Parokya Ni Edgar   PA707
 VictorCould/Parokya    Parokya Ni Edgar   PA706
  ParaSayo/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar   PA705
PapaCologne/Parokya     Parokya Ni Edgar   PA704
   Nandito/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar   PA703
HalinaSaParokya/PNE     Parokya Ni Edgar   PA702
    Gitara/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar   PA701
     Stuck/StacieO        Stacie Oricco    EA435
    EvenIf/Dimsum            Dimsum        GA132
Ksinungalingan/Janno       Janno Gibbs     GA133
 KungMababalik/604             604         GA134
 BeautifulDaysTheme     Jolina Magdangal   GA135
  EncantadiaTheme             Karylle      GA136
 BeautifulDaysTheme     Jolina Magdangal   GA135
   Unilab-Pediatrica          Unilab       JA008
 IWilNevrLivU/ErikS        Erik Santos     DB405
DaAnothersDnRmntko       Vhong Navarro     DB407
   StFrancisSquare                         ZA035
 PinoyAko/OrangeNL      Orange & Lemons    DB406
 1stDayFunk/Parokya     Parokya Ni Edgar   DB410
 CryOverU/StellaRuiz       Stella Ruiz     DB408
      LetsGo/FEU         FEU Pep Squad     PA693
KampaneraSabihinMo        Sheryn Regis     PA697
   PamulinawenSka                          DB306
AnghelNaWalanglangit         Krystel       PA698
  MangJose/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar   PA700
  MangJose/Parokya      Parokya Ni Edgar   PA700
     Salikadu/FEU        FEU Pep Squad     PA692
      GoFight/FEU             FEU          PA694
    Unibersidad/UP        UP Pep Squad     PA695
       LetsGo/UP          UP Pep Squad     PA696
       AnalogTrip                          DB383
     SphereOfLife                          DB384
    RBTPentatonic                          DB385
     RBTAltPicking                         DB386
   RBTSwepPicking                          DB387
    RBTMajorScale                          DB388
        BassSolo                           DB389
      LonelyGuitar                         DB390
      AstroPraning                         DB395
      KakasyaTree                          DB396
       PizzaTagal                           DB397
    DiegongBayong                           DB398
   SCQReloadOkAko          Gloc 9 & JM      DB379
  WagNaWag/KitchieN       Kitchie Nadal     DB371
   InOrOut/Sandara        Sandara Park      DB373
  NwThtIHuvU/TrinaB      Trina Belamide     DB374
 AkoySYoIkayAkn/Iaxe           Iaxe         DB375
   PgbigynMuli/ErikS       Erik Santos      DB376
  DKoKya/ErikSantos        Erik Santos      DB378
      GameKNBa?                  -          DB380
  ALilBitOfLla/Colonia       Colonia        DB381
 DooBDoo/DJPeterProj     DJ Peter Project   DB382
  CloseUpJustASmile      Barbie Almalbis    DB399
    ALittleBit/MYMP           MYMP          IA517
KeepOnMovn/Soul2Soul      Soul To Soul      EA397
      CamsurJingle           Karylle        DB370
        JoseRizal                           DB280
    AndresBonifacio                         DB281
    ApolinarioMabini                        DB282
    EmilioAguinaldo                         DB283
    GregorioDelPilar                        DB284
      EmilioJacinto                         DB285
  DooBeDoo/DJPeter       DJ Peter Project   DB287
  LilBitUhLaLa/Clonia        Colonia        DB288
   NayUrDBest/AizaS       Aiza Seguerra     DB289
 WishUWer/SouthBordr      South Border      DB290
   Playa/SouthBordr       South Border      DB291
 Wherever/SouthBordr      South Border      DB292
 TheShow/SouthBordr       South Border      DB293
 Rainbow/SouthBordr       South Border      DB294
 TooCrazy/SouthBordr      South Border      DB295
     KahitNa/Bridge           Bridge        DB296
     Kasama/Bridge            Bridge        DB297
   PansininMo/Juana           Juana         DB298
   OkAkoSCQ/Gloc9          Gloc 9 & JM      DB299
       TheGrunge                            DB304
    MafiaTerminator                         DB307
      DesertStorm                           DB308
     CartoonAction                          DB309
        FurElise5                           DB310
     BoracayWaves                           DB311
  DooBeDoo/DJPeter       DJ Peter Project   DB312
  LilBitUhLaLa/Clonia        Colonia        DB313
   NayUrDBest/AizaS       Aiza Seguerra     DB314
 WishUWer/SouthBordr      South Border      DB315
   Playa/SouthBordr       South Border      DB316
 Rainbow/SouthBordr       South Border      DB319
  TooCrazy/SouthBordr           South Border            DB320
      KahitNa/Bridge               Bridge               DB321
      Kasama/Bridge                Bridge               DB322
     PansininMo/Juana               Juana               DB323
     OkAkoSCQ/Gloc9              Gloc 9 & JM            DB324
           Pilipinas                                    DB325
         GunSalute                                      DB326
        RizalLegacy                                     DB327
        NoiseOfValor                                    DB328
       SoundOfLove                                      DB330
      FunkyEverAfter                                    DB331
         ForestBirds                                    DB332
       SummerFiesta                                     DB333
        AnimeScene                                      DB334
          GameKNB                                       DB335
    HapiLondonBridge                                    DB336
SanMigMahabangInuman             San Mig Light          PA690
  PalmoliveBalikBounce            Maoui David           PA691
  SundayShining/Kpatid              Kapatid             TC181
       Daliri/KJWAN                 KJWAN               TC182
      Twilight/KJWAN                KJWAN               TC191
   AsanNa/TwistedHalo            Twisted Halo           TC195
    Miron/TwistedHalo            Twisted Halo           TC196
      Beautiful/Velcro               Velcro             TC197
       Bolunji/Velcro                Velcro             TC198
    AnehLetsCelebrate           Lets Celebrate          TC200
  BinkyCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You      TC201
   ChinkyTopOfDWorld           Top Of The World         TC202
      FarahButtercup               Buttercup            TC203
      TopsWhattaman               Whattaman             TC204
 Umaambisyon/Yasmien            Yasmien Kurdi           GA131
 Umaambisyon/Yasmien            Yasmien Kurdi           GA131
 KunwariLngBa/Yasmien           Yasmien Kurdi           GA130
 IkawPaRnSkin/Yasmien           Yasmien Kurdi           GA129
 IkawPaRnSkin/Yasmien           Yasmien Kurdi           GA129
   IKnow/YasmienKurdi           Yasmien Kurdi           GA128
 EnjoyAndRide/Yasmien           Yasmien Kurdi           GA127
 EnjoyAndRide/Yasmien           Yasmien Kurdi           GA127
        SugoTheme                South Border           GA126
        SugoTheme                South Border           GA126
   IKnow/YasmienKurdi           Yasmien Kurdi           GA128
    Sweet/SouthBorder            South Border           DB359
 Pangarap/KarelMrquez           Karel Marquez           DB368
   Unilab-Therapharma                Unilab             JA005
  BabyWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You   TA317
       BobbyRespect                 Respect             TA330
BobbyWntLstDyWidoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You   TA337
        BoyRespect                  Respect              TA350
  BoyWntLstDyWdoutU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TA357
       CaloyRespect                 Respect              TA370
 CaloyWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TA377
       CarloRespect                 Respect              TA390
 CarloWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TA397
       CarolRespect                 Respect              TA410
 CarolWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TA417
       CathyRespect                 Respect              TA430
 CathyWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TA437
 CharlieRainyDysMndys     Rainy Days And Mondays         TA449
      CharlieRespect                Respect              TA450
 CharlieWntLstDWdoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You    TA457
  AileenAchyBreakyHrt         Achy Breaky Heart          TA158
       AileenRespect                Respect              TA170
 AileenWntLstDyWdoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You    TA177
        AlexRespect                 Respect              TA190
        AliceRespect                Respect              TA210
 AliceWntLstDyWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You    TA217
       AllanRespect                 Respect              TA230
  AllanWntLstDayWido     Won't Last A Day Without You    TA237
      AndrewRespect                 Respect              TA250
AndrewWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TA257
      AngelaRespect                 Respect              TA270
AngelaWntLstDyWdoutU    Won't Last The Day Without You   TA277
      ArleneRespect                 Respect              TA290
ArleneWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TA297
       BabyRespect                  Respect              TA310
FernandoWevOnlyJzBgn        We've Only Just Begun        TB958
FernandoWnLstDyWdotU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TB959
   JayRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays         TB971
         JayRespect                 Respect              TB972
   JayWevOnlyJuzBgun        We've Only Just Begun        TB978
   JayWntLstDyWidotU     Won't Last A Day Widout You     TB979
JosephWevOnlyJuzBgun        We've Only Just Begun        TA896
JosephWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TA897
       RickyRespect                 Respect              TB411
 RickyWevOnlyJuzBgun        We've Only Just Begun        TB417
       RollyRespect                 Respect              TB431
  RollyWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun        TB437
  RollyWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You    TB438
   JoelRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays         TB991
        JoelRespect                 Respect              TB992
  JoelWevOnlyJuzBgun        We've Only Just Begun        TB998
   JoelWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You    TB999
  JojoRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays         TC012
        JojoRespect                 Respect              TC013
  JojoWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TC019
   JojoWntLstDyWidotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TC020
      JohnnyRespect                Respect             TA870
JohnnyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TA876
JohnnyWntLstDyWdoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA877
      JosephRespect                Respect             TA890
       RomyRespect                 Respect             TB451
 RomyWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun        TB457
RomyWntLstDayWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB458
      RonnieRespect                Respect             TB471
RonnieWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB477
  JuanRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays        TC032
        JuanRespect                Respect             TC033
  JuanWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TC039
  JuanWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TC040
  MarieRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays        TC052
       MarieRespect                Respect             TC053
 MarieWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TC059
  MarieWntLstDyWidotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TC060
       JossieRespect               Respect             TA910
 JossieWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun        TA916
 JossieWntLstDyWdoutU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TA917
RonnieWntLstDyWdoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB478
       RudyRespect                 Respect             TB491
  RudyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB497
 MickeyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays        TC072
      MickeyRespect                Respect             TC073
MickeyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TC079
 MickeyWntLstDyWidotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TC080
   RicaRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays        TC092
        RicaRespect                Respect             TC093
  RicaWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TC099
   RicaWntLstDyWidotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TC100
         JoyRespect                Respect             TA930
   JoyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TA936
JoyWontLstADyWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA937
        JulieRespect               Respect             TA950
  JulieWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've only Just Begun        TA956
  JulieWntLstDyWdoutU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TA957
       SarahRespect                Respect             TB511
 SarahWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB517
       SheilaRespect               Respect             TB531
 SheilaWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun        TB537
  RinaRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays        TC112
        RinaRespect                Respect             TC113
  RinaWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TC119
  RinaWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TC120
SharonRainyDysMndays       Rainy Days And Mondays         TC132
       SharonRespect                 Respect              TC133
        ChrisRespect                 Respect              TA470
 ChrisWntLstDyWdoutU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TA477
 ChristinaHndNMyPockt          Hand In My Pocket          TA486
 ChristinaRanyDyMndys      Rainy Days And Mondays         TA489
      ChristinaRespect               Respect              TA490
         JunRespect                  Respect              TA970
   JunWevOnlyJuzBgun         We've Only Just Begun        TA976
JunWontLstADayWdoutU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TA977
       KarenRespect                  Respect              TA990
 KarenWevOnlyJuzBgun         We've Only Just Begun        TA996
KarenWntLstADayWoutU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TA997
  ShirleyRanyDysMndys      Rainy Days And Mondays         TB550
       ShirleyRespect                Respect              TB551
 ShirleyWevOnlyJzBgun        We've Only Just Begun        TB557
 ShirleyWntLstDWidotU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TB558
       SonnyRespect                  Respect              TB571
SharonWevOnlyJuzBgun         We've Only Just Begun        TC139
SharonWntLstDyWidotU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TC140
 TessaRainyDysMndays       Rainy Days And Mondays         TC152
        TessaRespect                 Respect              TC153
 TessaWevOnlyJuzBgun         We've Only Just Begun        TC159
 TessaWntLstDyWidotU     Won't Last A Day Without You     TC160
 TrishaRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays         TC172
       TrishaRespect                 Respect              TC173
 ChristinaWntLsDWdotU    Won't Last The Day Without You   TA497
        DavidRespect                 Respect              TA510
        EddieRespect                 Respect              TA530
        LarryRespect                 Respect              TB011
 LarryWevOnlyJuzBgun         We've Only Just Begun        TB017
LarryWontLstDyWdoutU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TB018
         LilyRespect                 Respect              TB031
   LilyWevOnlyJuzBgun        We've Only Just Begun        TB037
 LilyWontLstDyWidoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TB038
 SonnyWevOnlyJuzBgun         We've Only Just Begun        TB577
 TrishaWevOnlyJuzBgun        We've Only Just Begun        TC179
 TrishaWntLstDyWidotU     Won't Last A Day Without You    TC180
 EddieWntLstDyWdoutU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TA537
       EdwinRespect                  Respect              TA550
EdwinWntLstDyWidoutU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TA557
        LindaRespect                 Respect              TB051
 LindaWevOnlyJuzBgun         We've Only Just Begun        TB057
LindaWontLstDyWdoutU      Won't Last A Day Without You    TB058
         LisaRespect                 Respect              TB071
        SteveRespect                 Respect              TB591
 SteveWevOnlyJuzBgun         We've Only Just Begun        TB597
       SusanRespect                Respect             TB611
 SusanWevOnlyJuzBgun       We' ve Only Just Begun      TB618
       EmilyRespect                Respect             TA570
 EmilyWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TA576
EmilyWontLstADayWido    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA577
        EricRespect                Respsect            TA590
   EricWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun       TA596
 EricWontLstADayWidou   Won't Last A Day Without You   TA597
  LisaWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TB077
   LitoWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun       TB097
 LitoWontLstDyWidoutU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB098
       LouieRespect                Respect             TB111
       TessieRespect               Respect             TB632
 TessieWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've only Just Begun       TB638
        TinaRespect                Respect             TB652
  TinaWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TB658
 FreddieRainyDysMndys     Rainy Days And Mondays       TA649
      FreddieRespect               Respect             TA650
 FreddieWevOnlyJzBgun      We've Only Just Begun       TA656
 FreddieWntLstDyWdotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TA657
        GaryRespect                Respect             TA670
  GaryWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TA676
GaryWontLstDyWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA677
 LouieWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TB117
 LouieWontlstDyWdoutU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB118
       MannyRespect                Respect             TB131
MannyWevOnlyJuzBgun        We've Only Just Begun       TB137
MannyWontLstDyWdoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB138
        TitoRespect                Respect             TB672
   TitoWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun       TB678
 TitoWontLstDyWidoutU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB679
        TonyRespect                Respect             TB692
  TonyWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TB698
       ErnieRespect                Respect             TA610
  ErnieWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun       TA616
 ErnieWntLstDyWidoutU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TA617
      FrancisRespect               Respect             TA630
 FrancisWntLstDyWdotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TA637
        MarkRespect                Respect             TB151
  MarkWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TB157
      MelissaRespect               Respect             TB171
 MelissaWntLstDyWdotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB178
         VicRespect                Respect             TB712
   VicWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TB718
       VickyRespect                Respect             TB732
       GeneRespect                 Respect             TA690
  GeneWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun       TA696
GeneWontLstDyWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA697
       GerryRespect                Respect             TA710
        MikeRespect                Respect             TB191
  MikeWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB197
MikeWntLstADayWdoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB198
        MonRespect                 Respect             TB211
  MonWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun        TB217
  MonWntLstDyWidotU     Won't Last A Day Without You   TB218
 VickyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB738
VickyWntLstDyWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB739
      VirgieRespect                Respect             TB752
 VirgieWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun        TB758
 VirgieWntLstDyWidotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB759
       AlvinRespect                Respect             TB772
 GerryWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TA716
GerryWntLstDyWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA717
       GirlieRespect               Respect             TA730
 GirlieWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun        TA736
 GirlieWntLstDyWdoutU     We've Only Just Begun        TA737
       JanetRespect                Respect             TA750
      MyrnaRespect                 Respect             TB231
MyrnaWevOnlyJuzBgun             We've Only             TB237
 MyrnaWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB238
       NikkiRespect                Respect             TB251
 NikkiWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB257
 NikkiWontLstDyWdotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB258
 AlvinWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB778
  AlvinWntLstDyWidotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB779
       AngieRespect                Respect             TB792
 AngieWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB798
 AngieWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB799
      JennyRespect                 Respect             TA790
 JennyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TA796
JennyWntLstDyWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA797
        PamRespect                 Respect             TB271
  PamWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun        TB277
 PamWontLstDyWidotU     Won't Last A Day Without You   TB278
       PaoloRespect                Respect             TB291
       AnnaRespect                 Respect             TB812
 AnnaWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun        TB818
  AnnaWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB819
      BiancaRespect                Respect             TB832
BiancaWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB838
BiancaWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB839
 JanetWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TA756
JanetWntLstDyWidoutU      We've Only Just Begun        TA757
       JasonRespect                Respect             TA770
 JasonWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TA776
 JasonWntLstDyWdoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA777
 PaoloWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB297
PaoloWontLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB298
  PatrickRanyDysMndys    Rainy Days And Mondays        TB310
      PatrickRespect               Respect             TB311
 PatrickWevOnlyJzBgun     We've Only Just Begun        TB317
        PeteRespect                Respect             TB331
        BillyRespect               Respect             TB852
  BillyWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun        TB858
  BillyWntLstDyWidotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB859
 ChristineHndNMyPcket        Hand In My Pocket         TB868
     ChristineRespect              Respect             TB872
 ChristineWvOnlyJzBgn     We've Only Just Begun        TB878
 ChristineWntLtDyWdtU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB879
       JessieRespect               Respect             TA810
 JessieWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun        TA816
JessieWntLstDyWdoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA817
  PeteWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB337
  PeteWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB338
        RayRespect                 Respect             TB351
  RayWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun        TB357
   RayWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB358
      DennisRespect                Respect             TB892
DennisWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB898
DennisWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB899
      DonnaRespect                 Respect             TB912
      JimmyRespect                 Respect             TA830
JimmyWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun        TA836
JimmyWntLstDyWdoutU     Won't Last A Day Without You   TA837
        JoeyRespect                Respect             TA850
  JoeyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TA856
JoeyWontLstDyWidoutU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TA857
        ReneRespect                Respect             TB371
  ReneWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB377
  ReneWntLstDyWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB378
         RiaRespect                Respect             TB391
   RiaWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun        TB397
RiaWontLstADayWidotU    Won't Last A Day Without You   TB398
DonnaWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun        TB918
DonnaWntLstDyWidotU     Won't Last A Day Without You   TB919
  EllenRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays        TB931
        EllenRespect               Respect             TB932
  EllenWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun        TB938
  EllenWntLstDyWidotU   Won't Last A Day Without You   TB939
FernandoRnyDysMndys      Rainy Days And Mondays        TB951
     FernandoRespect               Respect             TB952
   BobbyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA324
  BobbyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA326
     BobbyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA327
BobbyRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA329
     BoyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA344
    BoyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA346
       BoyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA347
  BoyRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA349
    CaloyHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA364
  CaloyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA366
      CaloyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA367
 CaloyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA369
    CarloHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA384
   CarloHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA386
      CarloIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA387
 CarloRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA389
    CarolHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA404
   CarolHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA406
      CarolIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA407
 CarolRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA409
   CathyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA424
  CathyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA426
      CathyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA427
 CathyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA429
   CharlieHeadOvrFeet       Head Over Feet       TA444
 CharlieHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA446
     CharlieIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TA447
   AileenHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA164
  AileenHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA166
     AileenIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA167
 AileenRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA169
     AlexHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA184
   AlexHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA186
       AlexIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA187
  AlexRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA189
    AliceHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA204
   AliceHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA206
      AliceIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA207
  AliceRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA209
    AllanHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA224
   AllanHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA226
      AllanIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA227
 AllanRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA229
  AndrewHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA244
 AndrewHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA246
    AndrewIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA247
AndrewRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA249
  AngelaHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TA264
 AngelaHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA266
     AngelaIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TA267
AngelaRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days Mondays     TA269
  ArleneHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TA284
 ArleneHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA286
     ArleneIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TA287
ArleneRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA289
    BabyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TA304
  BabyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA306
      BabyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA307
 BabyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days and Mondays   TA309
     JayHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB966
   JayHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB968
       JayIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB969
    JoelHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB986
   JoelHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB988
       JoelIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB989
  RickyHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB407
      RickyIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB408
 RickyRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB410
    RollyHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet      TB425
  RollyHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB427
      RollyIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB428
 RollyRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB430
    JojoHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TC007
   JojoHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TC009
       JojoIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TC010
    JuanHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TC027
  JohnnyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TA864
 JohnnyHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA866
    JohnnyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA867
JohnnyRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA869
  JosephHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TA884
 JosephHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA886
     JosephIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TA887
JosephRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA889
   RomyHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB445
  RomyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB447
      RomyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB448
 RomyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB450
  RonnieHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB465
 RonnieHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB467
     RonnieIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB468
RonnieRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB470
  JuanHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TC029
      JuanIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TC030
   MarieHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TC047
  MarieHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TC049
      MarieIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TC050
   JossieHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA904
 JossieHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA906
     JossieIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA907
JossieRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA909
     JoyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA924
   JoyHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TA926
       JoyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA927
   RudyHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet       TB485
  RudyHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB487
      RudyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB488
RudyRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays   TB490
  MickeyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TC067
 MickeyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TC069
    MickeyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TC070
    RicaHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TC087
   RicaHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TC089
      RicaIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TC090
  JoyRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA929
    JulieHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA944
  JulieHndNMyPocket        hand In My Pocket     TA946
      JulieIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA947
     JunHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA964
   SarahHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB505
 SarahHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB507
     SarahIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB508
SarahRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB510
   SheilaHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TB525
 SheilaHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB527
     SheilaIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB528
SheilaRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB530
    RinaHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TC107
  RinaHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TC109
      RinaIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TC110
  SharonHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TC127
SharonHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TC129
    SharonIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TC130
   ChrisHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA464
  ChrisHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA466
      ChrisIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA467
ChrisRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA469
 ChristinaHeadOvrFeet       Head Over Feet       TA484
   ChristinaIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TA487
   JunHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TA966
       JunIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA967
 JunRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA969
  KarenHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA984
 KarenHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA986
    KarenIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA987
KarenRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA989
 ShirleyHeadOvrFeet       Head Over Feet       TB545
ShirleyHndNMyPocket      Hand In My Pocket     TB547
   ShirleyIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB548
  SonnyHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TB565
 SonnyHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB567
    SonnyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB568
SonnyRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB570
  TessaHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TC147
 TessaHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TC149
    TessaIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TC150
  TrishaHeadOvrFeet       Head Over Feet       TC167
 TrishaHndNMyPocket      Hand In My Pocket     TC169
    TrishaIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TC170
  DavidHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA504
 DavidHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA506
    DavidIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA507
DavidRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA509
  EddieHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA524
 EddieHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA526
    EddieIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA527
EddieRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA529
  LarryHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TB005
 LarryHndNMyPocket      Hand And My Pocket     TB007
     LarryIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB008
LarryRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB010
    LilyHeadOvrFeet       Head Over Feet       TB025
  LilyHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB027
      LilyIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB028
 LilyRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB030
  SteveHeadOvrFeet         Head over feet      TB585
 SteveHndNMyPocket       Hand in my pocket     TB587
    SteveIceIceBby          Ice ice baby       TB588
  EdwinHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA544
 EdwinHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA546
    EdwinIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA547
EdwinRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA549
  EmilyHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA564
 EmilyHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA566
    EmilyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA567
  LindaHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TB045
 LindaHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB047
     LindaIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB048
LindaRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB050
   LisaHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB065
  LisaHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB067
      LisaIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB068
 LisaRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB070
SteveRainyDysMndays     Rainy days in mondays   TB590
  SusanHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB605
 SusanHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB607
    SusanIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB608
SusanRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days Mondays     TB610
EmilyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA569
    EricHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TA584
  EricHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA586
      EricIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA587
 EricRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days and Mondays   TA589
   ErnieHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TA604
    LitoHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB085
  LitoHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB087
      LitoIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB088
 LitoRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB090
  LouieHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB105
 LouieHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB107
     LouieIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB108
LouieRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB110
  TessieHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB626
 TessieHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB628
    TessieIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB629
TessieRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB631
   TinaHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB646
  TinaHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB648
     TinaIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB649
 TinaRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB651
 FreddieHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TA644
FreddieHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA646
   FreddieIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA647
   GaryHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TA664
  GaryHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA666
     GaryIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA667
 GaryRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA669
  MannyHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB125
 MannyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB127
    MannyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB128
MannyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB130
   MarkHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB145
  MarkHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB147
     MarkIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB148
    TitoHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB666
   TitoHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB668
      TitoIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB669
 TitoRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB671
   TonyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB686
  TonyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB688
     TonyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB689
 TonyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB691
  ErnieHndNMyPocket       Hand In MY Pocket     TA606
     ErnieIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA607
ErnieRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA609
  FrancisHeadOvrFeet       Head Over Feet       TA624
FrancisHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA626
    FrancisIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TA627
FrancisRainyDysMnday   Rainy Days And Mondays   TA629
 MarkRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB150
  MelissaHeadOvrFeet       Head Over Feet       TB165
MelissaHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB167
    MelissaIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB168
MelissaRainyDysMnday   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB170
   MikeHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB185
    VicHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB706
   VicHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB708
      VicIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB709
  VicRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB711
   VickyHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TB726
  VickyHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB728
     VickyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB729
VickyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB731
   GeneHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA684
  GeneHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA686
     GeneIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA687
GeneRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA689
   GerryHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA704
  GerryHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA706
     GerryIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA707
GerryRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA709
  MikeHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB187
     MikeIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB188
 MikeRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB190
    MonHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB205
  MonHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB207
      MonIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB208
 MonRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB210
   VirgieHeadOvrFeet       Head Over Feet       TB746
 VirgieHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TB748
     VirgieIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB749
VirgieRainyDysMndays   Rainy Days And Mondays   TB751
    AlvinHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TB766
  AlvinHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB768
      AlvinIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB769
 AlvinRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB771
   GirlieHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA724
  GirlieHndNMyPocket       Hand In My Pocket     TA726
      GirlieIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TA727
GirlieRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TA729
   JanetHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA744
  JanetHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA746
     JanetIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA747
JanetRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA749
   MyrnaHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB225
 MyrnaHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB227
     MyrnaIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB228
MyrnaRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB230
    NikkiHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TB245
  NikkiHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB247
      NikkiIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB248
 NikkiRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB250
   AngieHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB786
  AngieHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB788
     AngieIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB789
AngieRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB791
   AnnaHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet       TB806
  AnnaHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB808
 JennyHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TA786
     JennyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA787
JennyRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA789
   JessieHeadOvrFeet        Head Over Feet       TA804
 JessieHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TA806
    PamHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet       TB265
   PamHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB267
      PamIceIceBby            Ice Ice Baby       TB268
 PamRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays   TB270
   PaoloHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB285
  PaoloHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB287
     PaoloIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB288
PaoloRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB290
      AnnaIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB809
 AnnaRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB811
  BiancaHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB826
 BiancaHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB828
     BiancaIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB829
BiancaRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB831
   JasonHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TA764
JasonHndNMyPocket          Hand In My Pocket     TA766
       JasonIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA767
 JasonRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA769
    JennyHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TA784
   PatrickHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB305
 PatrickHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB307
     PatrickIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB308
     PeteHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB325
   PeteHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB327
        PeteIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB328
  PeteRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB330
     BillyHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB846
   BillyHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket     TB848
        BillyIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB849
  BillyRainyDysMndays    Rainy Days And Mondays   TB851
 ChristineHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet      TB866
    ChristineIceIceBby         Ice Ice Baby       TB869
ChristineRnyDysMndys     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB871
JessieRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TA809
   JimmyHeadOvrFeet           Head Over Feet      TA824
  JimmyHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TA826
      JimmyIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TA827
     RayHeadOvrFeet           Head Over Feet      TB345
    RayHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB347
        RayIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB348
  RayRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays   TB350
    ReneHeadOvrFeet           Head Over Feet      TB365
   ReneHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB367
       ReneIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB368
   DennisHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB886
 DennisHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB888
     DennisIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB889
DennisRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB891
   DonnaHeadOvrFeet           Head Over Feet      TB906
  DonnaHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB908
      DonnaIceIceBby           Ice Ice Baby       TB909
DonnaRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays   TB911
JimmyRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays   TA829
     JoeyHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TA844
   JoeyHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TA846
        JoeyIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TA847
  JoeyRainyDysMndays     rainy Days And Mondays   TA849
 ReneRainyDysMndays      Rainy Days And Mondays   TB370
      RiaHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB385
    RiaHndNMyPocket         Hand In My Pocket     TB387
         RiaIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby       TB388
   RiaRainyDysMndays     Rainy Days And Mondays   TB390
    RickyHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet      TB405
     EllenHeadOvrFeet         Head Over Feet       TB926
   EllenHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket      TB928
       EllenIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby        TB929
 FernandoHeadOvrFeet          Head Over Feet       TB946
FernandoHndNMyPocket        Hand In My Pocket      TB948
    FernandoIceIceBby          Ice Ice Baby        TB949
    RicaURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TC097
 BabyWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun    TA316
     BobbyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA322
   BobbyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA334
BobbyWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun    TA336
       BoyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA342
    BoyURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TA354
  BoyWevOnlyJuzBgun       We've Only Just Begun    TA356
     CaloyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA362
         CaloyThiller             Thriller         TA372
   CaloyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA374
 CaloyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA376
      CarloFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA382
   CarloURSoBeautiful      You AreSo Beautiful     TA394
 CarloWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Bagun    TA396
      CarolFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA402
   CarolURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beatiful    TA414
 CarolWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA416
     CathyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA422
   CathyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA434
 CathyWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA436
CharlieCntSmylWdoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA441
    CharlieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA442
   CharlieHavI2ldUL8ly    Have I Told You Lately   TA443
  CharlieURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA454
 CharlieWevOnlyJzBgun     We've Only Just Begun    TA456
 AileenWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun    TA176
      AlexFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA182
  AlexWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA196
      AliceFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA202
  AliceWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun    TA216
      AllanFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA222
    AllanHavI2ldUL8ly       Hav I Told U Lately    TA223
 AllanWevOnlyJuzBgun      we've Only Just Begun    TA236
    AndrewFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA242
AndrewWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA256
     AngelaFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA262
      AngelaHavI2ldU         Have I Told You       TA263
AngelaWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA276
     ArleneFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA282
ArleneWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA296
     BabyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA302
   BabyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA314
FernandoURSoBeautifu      You Are So Beautiful    TB956
    JayURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB976
    JoelBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TB981
    RickyIWillsurvive        I Will Survive       TB409
  RickyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB415
   RollyURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB435
   JoelURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB996
   JojoURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TC017
   JohnnyiWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA868
 JohnnyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA874
 JosephURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA894
  RomyURSoBeautiful        You're So Beautiful    TB455
 RonnieURSoBeautiful       You're So Beautiful    TB475
   JuanURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TC037
  MarieURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TC057
  JossieURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA914
     RudyIWillsurvive        I Will Survive       TB489
  RudyURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TB495
 MickeyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TC077
    JoyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA934
   JulieURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA954
  SarahURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB515
  SheilaURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB535
   RinaURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TC117
 SharonURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TC137
     ChrisFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA462
  ChrisURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA474
ChrisWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA476
 ChristinaAchyBrkyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart      TA478
ChristinaCnSmylWdotU    Can't Smile Without You   TA481
  ChristinaFunFunFun          Fun Fun Fun         TA482
 ChristinaHvI2ldUL8ly    Have I Told You Lately   TA483
 ChristinaURSoBeutful     You Are So Beautiful    TA494
ChristinaWvOnlyJzBgn     We've Only Just Begun    TA496
    JunURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA974
KarenCntSmylWdoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TA981
  KarenUrSoBeautiful       You're So Beautiful    TA994
 ShirleyBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TB540
ShirleyCntSmylWidotU    Can't Smile Without You   TB542
  ShirleyHavI2ldUL8ly    Have I Told You Lately   TB544
 ShirleyURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB555
    SonnyRockWithU           Rock With You        TB572
 SonnyURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TB575
  TessaURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TC157
     DavidFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA502
  DavidURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful     TA514
DavidWevOnlyJuzBgun     We've Only Just Begun     TA516
    EddieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun          TA522
  LarryURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful     TB015
   LilyURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful     TB035
  TrishaURSoBeautiful    You Are So Beautiful     TC177
           Ferdz                                  TC199
  EddieURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA534
    EddieWat CanIDo          What Can I Do        TA535
EddieWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA536
    EdwinFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA542
  EdwinURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA554
EdwinWevOnlyJuzBgun      We've Only Just Begun    TA556
    EmilyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA562
  LindaURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB055
   LisaURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB075
  SteveUrSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB595
  SusanUrSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB616
  EmilyURSoBeautiful        You're So Beatiful    TA574
      EricFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA582
   EricURSoBeautiful       You're So Beautiful    TA594
     ErnieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA602
   LitoURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB095
  TessieUrSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB636
   TinaUrSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB656
 FreddieHavI2ldUL8ly     Have I Told You Lately   TA643
 FreddieURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA654
   GaryURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA674
  LouieURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB115
 MannyURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TB135
    TitoUrSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB676
   TonyUrSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB696
  ErnieURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA614
   FrancisFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA622
  FrancisHavI2ldUL8ly    Have I Told You Lately   TA623
 FrancisURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA634
FreddieCntSmylWidotU    Can't Smile Without You   TA641
   MarkURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB155
MelissaCntSmylWdoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB162
 MelissaURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB175
    VicUrSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB716
   VickyUrSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB736
  GeneURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TA694
  GerryURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA714
   MikeURSoBeautiful       You're So Beautiful    TB195
        MonThriller              Thriller         TB213
   MonURSoBeautiful        You're So Beautiful    TB215
  VirgieUrSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB756
  GirlieURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA734
 MyrnaURSoBeautiful        You're So Beautiful    TB235
   NikkiURSoBeautiful      You're So Beautiful    TB255
   AlvinUrSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB776
  AngieUrSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB796
  JennyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA794
   PamURSoBeautiful        You're So Beautiful    TB275
  PaoloURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB295
  AnnaURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TB816
 BiancaURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB836
  JanetURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA754
  JasonURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA774
PatrickCntSmylWidotU    Can't Smile Without You   TB302
  PatrickHavI2ldUL8ly    Have I Told You Lately   TB304
 PatrickURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB315
   BillyURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB856
ChristineCnSmylWdotU    Can't Smile Without You   TB863
 ChristineURSoBeutful     You Are So Beautiful    TB876
  JessieURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA814
   PeteURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB335
   RayURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TB355
 DennisUrSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB896
 DonnaURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TB916
 JimmyURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TA834
   JoeyURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA854
  ReneURSoBeautiful       You Are So Beautiful    TB375
    RiaURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TB395
   EllenURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TB936
 FernandoHvI2ldUL8ly     Have I Told You Lately   TB945
 BobbyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TA319
 BobbyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TA323
   BoyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TA339
   BoyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TA343
  CaloyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA359
 CaloyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TA363
  CarloBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA379
  CarloHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA383
  CarolBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA399
  CarolHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA403
 CathyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TA419
 CathyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TA423
 CharlieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA439
  ChrisBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA459
 AileenHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA163
  AileenURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA174
   AlexBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA179
  AlexHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA183
   AlexURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA194
  AliceBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA199
  AliceHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately   TA203
  AliceURSoBeautiful    Your Are So Beautiful    TA214
  AllanBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA219
  AllanURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA234
AndrewBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA239
AndrewHavI2ldULately       Have I Told You       TA243
AndrewURSoBeautiful      You Are So Beautiful    TA254
AngelaBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA259
 AngelaURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA274
 ArleneBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA279
ArleneHavI2ldULately       Have I Told You       TA283
 ArleneURSoBeautiful     You Are So Beautiful    TA294
  BabyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA299
  BabyHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA303
   JayBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB961
   JayHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB965
  JoelHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB985
  RollyBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TB420
  RollyHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately   TB424
 RomyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB440
   JojoBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TC002
  JojoHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TC006
  JuanBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TC022
  JuanHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TC026
JohnnyHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA863
JosephBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA879
 RomyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB444
RonnieBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB460
RonnieHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB464
  MarieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TC042
 MarieHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TC046
MickeyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TC062
 JossieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA899
 JossieHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately   TA903
   JoyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA919
   JoyHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA923
  RudyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB480
 RudyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB484
 SarahBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB500
MickeyHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TC066
  RicaBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TC082
  JulieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA939
  JulieHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately   TA943
   JunBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA959
   JunHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately     TA963
 SarahHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately     TB504
  SheilaBabyCome2Me       Baby Come To Me          TB520
 SheilaHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TB524
   RinaBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TC102
  RinaHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately     TC106
 SharonBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TC122
 SharonHavI2ldULately     Have I Told Lately       TC126
  ChrisHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TA463
ChristinaBabyCome2Me      Baby Come To Me          TA479
  KarenBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TA979
 KarenHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately     TA983
  LarryBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TA999
 SonnyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me          TB560
 SonnyHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately     TB564
  TessaBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TC142
 TrishaHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TC166
  DavidBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TA499
  DavidHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You I Lately   TA503
  EddieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TA519
  EddieHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TA523
  LarryHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TB004
   LilyBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB020
   LilyHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TB024
  SteveBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB580
  SteveHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TB584
  EdwinBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To me          TA539
 EdwinHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately     TA543
  EmilyBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TA559
  EmilyHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TA563
  LindaBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB040
  LindaHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TB044
   LisaBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB060
   LisaHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Latey     TB064
  SusanBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB600
 SusanHavI2ldULately     Have I told You Lately    TB604
 TessieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB621
 TessieHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TB625
   EricBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TA579
   EricHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TA583
  ErnieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TA599
  ErnieHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TA603
   LitoBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB080
   LitoHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TB084
  LouieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB100
  LouieHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately     TB104
   TinaBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me          TB641
  TinaHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB645
  TitoBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB661
  GaryBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA659
 GaryHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TA663
MannyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB120
MannyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB124
  MarkBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB140
 MarkHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB144
  TitoHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB665
  TonyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB681
 TonyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB685
FrancisBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA619
FreddieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA639
MelissaBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TB160
MelissaHavI2ldULatel    Have I Told You Lately   TB164
  MikeBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB180
 MikeHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB184
   VicBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB701
   VicHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB705
 VickyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB721
 VickyHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB725
 GeneBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TA679
 GeneHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TA683
 GerryBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA699
 GerryHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA703
  MonBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB200
  MonHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB204
 MyrnaBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB220
 VirgieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TB741
 VirgieHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately   TB745
  AlvinBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TB761
 AlvinHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB765
 GirlieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA719
 GirlieHavI2ldULately   Have I Told You Lately   TA723
 JanetBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TA739
 JanetHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA743
MyrnaHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB224
  NikkiBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TB240
 NikkiHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB244
 AngieBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB781
 AngieHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB785
 AnnaBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB801
 AnnaHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB805
 JessieBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TA799
JessieHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TA803
  PamBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB260
  PamHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB264
  PaoloBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB280
  PaoloHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately    TB284
 BiancaBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB821
 BiancaHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB825
   BillyBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB841
  JasonBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TA759
  JasonHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately    TA763
  JennyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TA779
 JennyHavI2ldULately      Have I Told You Lately   TA783
 PatrickBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB300
   PeteBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB320
   PeteHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB324
   BillyHavI2ldULately    Have I Told You Lately   TB845
ChristineBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me        TB861
 ChristineHvI2ldUL8ly     Have I Told You Lately   TB865
 JimmyBabyCome2Me           Baby Come To Me        TA819
 JimmyHavI2ldULately      Have I Told You Lately   TA823
   RayBabyCome2Me           Baby Come To Me        TB340
   RayHavI2ldULately      Have I Told You Lately   TB344
   ReneBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB360
  ReneHavI2ldULately      Have I Told You Lately   TB364
 DennisBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB881
 DennisHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB885
 DonnaBabyCome2Me           Baby Come To Me        TB901
 DonnaHavI2ldULately      Have I Told You Lately   TB905
   JoeyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TA839
 JohnnyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TA859
    RiaBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB380
    RiaHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB384
  RickyBabyCome2Me          Baby Come To Me        TB400
  RickyHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB404
   EllenBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me         TB921
  EllenHavI2ldULately     Have I Told You Lately   TB925
FernandoBabyCome2Me         Baby Come To Me        TB941
 BobbyAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TA318
    BobbyCelebration           Celebration         TA320
BobbyCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TA321
     BobbyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA325
    BobbyIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA328
     BobbyRockWidU            Rock With You        TA331
       BobbyThriller              Thriller         TA332
    BobbyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA333
    BobbyWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA335
   BoyAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TA338
      BoyCelebration           Celebration         TA340
  BoyCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TA341
      BoyHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TA345
    BoyIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TA348
     BoyRockWidU             Rock Wih You         TA351
       BoyThriller               Thriller         TA352
    BoyTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TA353
    BoyWatCanIDo             What Can I Do        TA355
 CaloyAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA358
   CaloyCelebration            celebration        TA360
CaloyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA361
    CaloyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA365
   CaloyIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA368
    CaloyRockWidU            Rock With You        TA371
   CaloyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA373
   CaloyWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA375
 CarloAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA378
   CarloCelebration           Celebration         TA380
CarloCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA381
    CarloHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA385
   CarloIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA388
    CarloRockWidU            Rock With You        TA391
      CarloThriller              Thriller         TA392
   CarloTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA393
   CarloWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA395
 CarolAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA398
CarolCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA401
    CarolHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA405
   CarolIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA408
    CarolRockWidU            Rock With You        TA411
      CarolThriller              Thriller         TA412
   CarolTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA413
   CarolWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA415
 CathyAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA418
   CathyCelebration           Celebration         TA420
CathyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA421
   CathyHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TA425
  CathyIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TA428
    CathyRockWidU            Rock With You        TA431
     CathyThriller               Thriller         TA432
  CathyTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TA433
   CathyWatCanIDo            What can I Do        TA435
  CharlieCelebration          Celebration         TA440
   CharlieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA445
  CharlieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA448
   CharlieRockWidU           Rock With You        TA451
     CharlieThriller             Thriller         TA452
  CharlieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA453
  CharlieWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA455
 ChrisAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA458
     ChrisCelebration           Celebration        TA460
  AileenBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me         TA159
    AileenCelebration           Celebration        TA160
 AileenCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TA161
     AileenFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA162
     AileenHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA165
    AileenIWillSurvive         I will Survive      TA168
     AileenRockWidU           Rock With You        TA171
       AileenThriller             Thriller         TA172
    AileenTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA173
    AileenWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA175
   AlexAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA178
      AlexCelebration           Celebration        TA180
  AlexCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA181
      AlexHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA185
     AlexIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA188
       AlexRockWidU           Rock With You        TA191
        AlexThriller              Thriller         TA192
     AlexTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA193
      AlexWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA195
   AliceAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA198
     AliceCelebration           Celebration        TA200
  AliceCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TA201
      AliceHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA205
     AliceIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA208
      AliceRockWidU           Rock With You        TA211
        AliceThriller             Thriller         TA212
     AliceTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA213
     AliceWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA215
   AllanAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA218
     AllanCelebration           Celebration        TA220
 AllanCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA221
     AllanIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA228
      AllanRockWidU           Rock With You        TA231
        AllanThriller             Thriller         TA232
     AllanTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA233
     AllanWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA235
 AndrewAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA238
   AndrewCelebration            Celebration        TA240
AndrewCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA241
    AndrewHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA245
   AndrewIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA248
    AndrewRockWidU            Rock With You        TA251
      AndrewThriller              Thriller         TA252
   AndrewTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA253
   AndrewWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA255
  AngelaAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA258
    AngelaCelebration          Celebration         TA260
AngelaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA261
    AngelaHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA265
   AngelaIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA268
     AngelaRockWidU           Rock With You        TA271
       AngelaThriller             Thriller         TA272
   AngelaTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA273
    AngelaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA275
 ArleneAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA278
    ArleneCelebration          Celebration         TA280
ArleneCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA281
     ArleneHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA285
   ArleneIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA288
     ArleneRockWidU           Rock With You        TA291
        ArleneThriller            Thriller         TA292
   ArleneTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA293
    ArleneWatCanIDo           What can I Do        TA295
  BabyAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TA298
     BabyCelebration           Celebration         TA300
 BabyCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TA301
      BabyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA305
     BabyIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA308
      BabyRockWidU           Rock With You         TA311
         BabyThriller             Thriller         TA312
     BabyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA313
     BabyWatCanIDo             What Can Do         TA315
   FernandoRockWidU           Rock With You        TB953
     FernandoThriller             Thriller         TB954
 FernandoTopOfDWrld         Top Of The Wrld        TB955
 FernandoWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB957
    JayAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB960
      JayCelebration           Celebration         TB962
  JayCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB963
       JayFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB964
       JayHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB967
      JayIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB970
        JayRockWidU           Rock With You        TB973
          JayThriller             Thriller         TB974
      JayTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB975
      JayWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB977
   JoelAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB980
      JoelCelebration          Celebration         TB982
 JoelCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB983
      JoelFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB984
      JoelHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB987
 JossieAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA898
     RickyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB406
      RickyRockWidU           Rock With You        TB412
         RickyThriller            Thriller         TB413
     RickyTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB414
     RickyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB416
   RollyAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB419
     RollyCelebration           Celebration        TB421
 RollyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB422
      RollyFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB423
      RollyHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB426
     RollyIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB429
       RollyRockWidU          Rock With You        TB432
         RollyThriller            Thriller         TB433
     RollyTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB434
     RollyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB436
  RomyAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TB439
     RomyCelebration            Celebration        TB441
      JoelIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB990
        JoelRockWidU          Rock With You        TB993
          JoelThriller            Thriller         TB994
      JoelTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB995
      JoelWatCanIDo           Wat Can I Do         TB997
   JojoAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TC001
      JojoCelebration           Celebration        TC003
  JojoCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TC004
       JojoFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TC005
       JojoHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TC008
      JojoIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TC011
        JojoRockWidU          Rock With You        TC014
          JojoThriller            Thriller         TC015
      JojoTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TC016
      JojoWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TC018
   JuanAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TC021
      JuanCelebration           Celebration        TC023
 JuanCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TC024
      JuanFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TC025
    JohnnyCelebration           Celebration        TA860
JohnnyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA861
    JohnnyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA862
    JohnnyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA865
     JohnnyRockWidU           Rock With You        TA871
        JohnnyThriller            Thriller         TA872
   JohnnyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA873
    JohnnyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA875
 JosephAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA878
    JosephCelebration           Celebration        TA880
JosephCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA881
    JosephFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA883
   JosephHeyMickey             Hey Mickey        TA885
  JosephIWillSurvive         I Will Survive      TA888
    JosephRockWidU          Rock With You        TA891
      JosephThriller             Thriller        TA892
  JosephTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA893
   JosephWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TA895
RomyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB442
    RomyFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun        TB443
    RomyHeyMickey              Hey Mickey        TB446
   RomyIWillSurvive          I Will Survive      TB449
     RomyRockWidU           Rock With You        TB452
       RomyThriller              Thriller        TB453
   RomyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB454
    RomyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB456
 RonnieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart      TB459
   RonnieCelebration          Celebration        TB461
RonnieCntSmylWidoutU   Can't Smile Without You   TB462
   RonnieFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun        TB463
   RonnieHeyMickey             Hey Mickey        TB466
  RonnieIWillSurvive         I Will Survive      TB469
    RonnieRockWidU          Rock With You        TB472
      RonnieThriller             Thriller        TB473
  RonnieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB474
   RonnieWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TB476
     JuanHeyMickey             Hey Mickey        TC028
    JuanIWillSurvive         I Will Survive      TC031
      JuanRockWidU          Rock With You        TC034
       JuanThriller              Thriller        TC035
    JuanTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TC036
     JuanWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TC038
  MarieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart      TC041
    MarieCelebration          Celebration        TC043
 MarieCntSmylWidoutU   Can't Smile Without You   TC044
    MarieFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun        TC045
     MarieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey        TC048
   MarieIWillSurvive         I Will Survive      TC051
     MarieRockWidU          Rock With You        TC054
       MarieThriller             Thriller        TC055
   MarieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TC056
    MarieWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TC058
 MickeyAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart      TC061
   MickeyCelebration          Celebration        TC063
MickeyCntSmylWidoutU   Can't Smile Without You   TC064
   JossieCelebration          Celebration        TA900
JossieCntSmylWidoutU   Can't Smile Without You   TA901
    JossieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun        TA902
    JossieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey        TA905
    JossieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA908
     JossieRockWidU           Rock With You        TA911
        JossieThriller            Thriller         TA912
    JossieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA913
    JossieWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA915
    JoyAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA918
      JoyCelebration           Celebration         TA920
  JoyCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TA921
       JoyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA922
       JoyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA925
  RudyAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TB479
RudyCntSmylWidoutU       Can't Smile Without You   TB482
     RudyFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB483
      RudyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB486
      RudyRockWidU            Rock With You        TB492
         RudyThriller             Thriller         TB493
     RudyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB494
     RudyWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB496
 SarahAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TB499
    SarahCelebration           Celebration         TB501
SarahCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB502
     SarahFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB503
    MickeyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TC065
    MickeyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TC068
   MickeyIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TC071
     MickeyRockWidU           Rock With You        TC074
       MickeyThriller             Thriller         TC075
   MickeyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TC076
    MickeyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TC078
   RicaAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TC081
      RicaCelebration          Celebration         TC083
 RicaCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TC084
      RicaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TC085
      RicaHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TC088
     RicaIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TC091
       RicaRockWidU           Rock With You        TC094
         RicaThriller             Thriller         TC095
     RicaTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TC096
      RicaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TC098
      JoyIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA928
        JoyRockWidU           Rock With You        TA931
          JoyThriller             Thriller         TA932
      JoyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA933
      JoyWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA935
   JulieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA938
     JulieCelebration          Celebration         TA940
 JulieCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA941
     JulieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA942
     JulieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA945
    JulieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA948
      JulieRockWidU          Rock With You        TA951
        JulieThriller            Thriller         TA952
    JulieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA953
     JulieWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TA955
   JunAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA958
      JunCelebration           Celebration        TA960
  JunCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA961
      JunFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA962
    SarahHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB506
   SarahIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB509
     SarahRockWidU           Rock With You        TB512
       SarahThriller             Thriller         TB513
   SarahTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB514
    SarahWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB516
 SheilaAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB519
    SheilaCelebration          Celebration        TB521
SheilaCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB522
    SheilaFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB523
    SheilaHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB526
   SheilaIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB529
     SheilaRockWidU          Rock With You        TB532
       SheilaThriller            Thriller         TB533
   SheilaTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB534
    SheilaWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TB536
 ShirleyAchyBreakyHrt     Achy Breaky Heart       TB539
   RinaAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TC101
     RinaCelebration           Celebration        TC103
 RinaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TC104
     RinaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TC105
     RinaHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TC108
    RinaIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TC111
      RinaRockWidU           Rock With You        TC114
        RinaThriller             Thriller         TC115
    RinaTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TC116
     RinaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TC118
 SharonAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TC121
   SharonCelebration           Celebration        TC123
SharonCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TC124
   SharonFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TC125
    SharonHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TC128
   SharonIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TC131
    SharonRockWidU           Rock With You        TC134
      SharonThriller             Thriller         TC135
   SharonTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TC136
ChrisCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA461
    ChrisHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA465
   ChrisIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA468
     ChrisRockWidU           Rock With You        TA471
       ChrisThriller             Thriller         TA472
   ChrisTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA473
    ChrisWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA475
 ChristinaCelebration         Celebration         TA480
  ChristinaHeyMickey           Hey Mickey         TA485
  ChristinaRockWidU          Rock With You        TA491
    ChristinaThriller            Thriller         TA492
 ChristinaTopOfDWrld       Top Of The World       TA493
 ChristinaWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TA495
     JunHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TA965
    JunIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TA968
      JunRockWidU            Rock With You        TA971
        JunThriller              Thriller         TA972
    JunTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TA973
     JunWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA975
 KarenAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA978
   KarenCelebration           Celebration         TA980
   KarenFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TA982
    KarenHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA985
   KarenIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA988
    KarenRockWidU            Rock With You        TA991
      KarenThriller              Thriller         TA992
   KarenTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA993
   KarenWatCanIDo           What Can I Do         TA995
 LarryAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA998
    LarryCelebration          Celebration         TB001
LarryCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB002
   ShirleyFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB543
   ShirleyHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB546
  ShirleyIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB549
   ShirleyRockWidU           Rock With You        TB552
     ShirleyThriller             Thriller         TB553
  ShirleyTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB554
  ShirleyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB556
 SonnyAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB559
   SonnyCelebration           Celebration         TB561
SonnyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB562
   SonnyFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB563
   SonnyHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TB566
  SonnyIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TB569
      SonnyThriller              Thriller         TB573
  SonnyTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TB574
  SharonWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TC138
 TessaAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TC141
    TessaCelebration           Celebration        TC143
TessaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TC144
    TessaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TC145
    TessaHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TC148
   TessaIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TC151
     TessaRockWidU           Rock With You        TC154
       TessaThriller             Thriller         TC155
   TessaTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TC156
    TessaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TC158
 TrishaAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TC161
 TrishaBabyCome2Me        Baby Come To Me         TC162
   TrishaCelebration           Celebration        TC163
TrishaCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TC164
   TrishaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TC165
    TrishaHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TC168
   TrishaIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TC171
 DavidAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA498
    DavidCelebration           Celebration        TA500
DavidCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA501
    DavidHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA505
   DavidIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA508
     DavidRockWidU           Rock With You        TA511
       DavidThriller             Thriller         TA512
   DavidTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA513
    DavidWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA515
 EddieAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA518
    EddieCelebration           Celebration        TA520
EddieCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA521
    EddieHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA525
   EddieIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA528
     EddieRockWidU           Rock With You        TA531
       EddieThriller             Thriller         TA532
    LarryFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB003
     LarryHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB006
   LarryIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB009
     LarryRockWidU           Rock With You        TB012
       LarryThriller             Thriller         TB013
   LarryTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB014
    LarryWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB016
   LilyAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB019
     LilyCelebration           Celebration        TB021
 LilyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB022
      LilyFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB023
      LilyHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB026
     LilyIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB029
      LilyRockWidU           Rock With You        TB032
         LilyThriller            Thriller          TB033
     LilyTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World        TB034
      LilyWatCanIDo          What Can I Do         TB036
  LindaAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart        TB039
    SonnyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do         TB576
 SteveAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart        TB579
    SteveCelebration           Celebration         TB581
SteveCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You    TB582
    SteveFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun          TB583
     SteveHeyMickey            Hey Mickey          TB586
   SteveIWillSurvive          I will survive       TB589
     TrishaRockWidU          Rock With You         TC174
       TrishaThriller            Thriller          TC175
   TrishaTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World        TC176
    TrishaWatCanIDo          What Can I Do         TC178
  Hello2x/RadioActive   Radioactive Sago Project   TC184
   Astro/RadioActive    Radioactive Sago Project   TC185
 PblicSrvce/TwstdHalo         Twisted Halo         TC186
    EddieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World        TA533
 EdwinAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart        TA538
    EdwinCelebration           Celebration         TA540
EdwinCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You    TA541
    EdwinHeyMickey             Hey Mickey          TA545
   EdwinIWillSurvive         I Will Survive        TA548
     EdwinRockWidU           Rock With You         TA551
       EdwinThriller             Thriller          TA552
   EdwinTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World        TA553
    EdwinWatCanIDo           What Can I Do         TA555
 EmilyAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart        TA558
    EmilyCelebration           Celebration         TA560
EmilyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You    TA561
     EmilyHeyMickey            Hey Mickey          TA565
    EmilyIWillSurvive        I Will Survive        TA568
    LindaCelebration           Celebration         TB041
LindaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You    TB042
    LindaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun          TB043
     LindaHeyMickey            Hey Mickey          TB046
    LindaIWillSurvive        I Will Survive        TB049
     LindaRockWidU           Rock With You         TB052
       LindaThriller             Thriller          TB053
    LindaTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World        TB054
    LindaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do         TB056
   LisaAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart        TB059
 LisaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You    TB062
     LisaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun          TB063
      LisaHeyMickey            Hey Mickey          TB066
     LisaIWillSurvive        I Will Survive        TB069
      LisaRockWidU          Rock With You        TB072
        LisaThriller            Thriller         TB073
    LisaTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB074
    LisaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB076
    SteveRockWidU           Rock with you        TB592
       SteveThriller            Thriller         TB593
   SteveTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB594
   SteveWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB596
 SusanAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB599
   SusanCelebration          Celebration         TB601
SusanCntSmylWidoutU    Cant Smile Without You    TB602
   SusanFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB603
   SusanHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB606
  SusanIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB609
    SusanRockWidU           Rock With You        TB612
      SusanThriller             Thriller         TB614
  SusanTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB615
   SusanWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB617
 TessieAchyBreakyHrt     Achy Breaky Heart       TB620
   TessieCelebration         Celebration         TB622
TessieCntSmylWidoutU   Can't Smile Without You   TB623
   TessieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB624
    EmilyRockWidU           Rock With You        TA571
       EmilyThriller            Thriller         TA572
   EmilyTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA573
   EmilyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA575
  EricAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA578
     EricCelebration         Celebration         TA580
 EricCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TA581
     EricHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA585
    EricIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA588
      EricRockWidU          Rock With You        TA591
        EricThriller            Thriller         TA592
    EricTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA593
     EricWatCanIDo         What Can I Do         TA595
 ErnieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA598
    ErnieCelebration         Celebration         TA600
ErnieCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TA601
    ErnieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA605
  LitoAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB079
     LitoCelebration         Celebration         TB081
 LitoCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB082
     LitoFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB083
     LitoHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB086
    LitoIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB089
      LitoRockWidU          Rock With You        TB092
        LitoThriller            Thriller         TB093
    LitoTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB094
     LitoWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TB096
 LouieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB099
   LouieCelebration           Celebration        TB101
LouieCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB102
   LouieFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB103
    LouieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB106
   LouieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB109
    LouieRockWidU           Rock With You        TB112
      LouieThriller             Thriller         TB113
   TessieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB627
  TessieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB630
    TessieRockWidU          Rock With You        TB633
      TessieThriller            Thriller         TB634
  TessieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB635
   TessieWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TB637
 TinaAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB640
    TinaCelebration           Celebration        TB642
TinaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB643
    TinaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB644
     TinaHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB647
    TinaIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB650
     TinaRockWidU           Rock With You        TB653
       TinaThriller             Thriller         TB654
    TinaTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB655
    TinaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB657
  TitoAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB660
    TitoCelebration           Celebration        TB662
  FreddieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA642
  FreddieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA645
 FreddieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA648
   FreddieRockWidU          Rock With You        TA651
     FreddieThriller            Thriller         TA652
 FreddieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA653
  FreddieWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TA655
 GaryAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA658
    GaryCelebration           Celebration        TA660
GaryCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA661
    GaryFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA662
    GaryHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA665
   GaryIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA668
     GaryRockWidU           Rock With You        TA671
       GaryThriller             Thriller         TA672
   GaryTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA673
    GaryWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA675
   LouieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB114
   LouieWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB116
 MannyAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB119
   MannyCelebration           Celebration         TB121
MannyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB122
   MannyFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB123
    MannyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB126
  MannyIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TB129
    MannyRockWidU            Rock With You        TB132
      MannyThriller              Thriller         TB133
  MannyTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TB134
   MannyWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB136
  MarkAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB139
    MarkCelebration           Celebration         TB141
 MarkCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB142
     MarkFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB143
     MarkHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB146
    MarkIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB149
 TitoCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB663
     TitoFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB664
      TitoHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB667
     TitoIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB670
      TitoRockWidU           Rock With You        TB673
        TitoThriller             Thriller         TB674
     TitoTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB675
     TitoWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB677
  TonyAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB680
    TonyCelebration           Celebration         TB682
 TonyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB683
     TonyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB687
    TonyIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB690
     TonyRockWidU            Rock With You        TB693
       TonyThriller              Thriller         TB694
    TonyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB695
    TonyWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB697
    ErnieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA608
     ErnieRockWidU           Rock With You        TA611
       ErnieThriller             Thriller         TA612
    ErnieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA613
    ErnieWatCanIDo           what Can I Do        TA615
FrancisAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA618
  FrancisCelebration          Celebration         TA620
FrancisCntSmylWidout    Can't Smile Without You   TA621
   FrancisHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA625
  FrancisIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA628
    FrancisRockWidU          Rock With You        TA631
      FrancisThriller            Thriller         TA632
  FrancisTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA633
   FrancisWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TA635
FreddieAchyBreakyHrt     Achy Breaky Heart       TA638
  FreddieCelebration         Celebration         TA640
    MarkRockWidU            Rock With You        TB152
      MarkThriller              Thriller         TB153
   MarkTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB154
   MarkWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB156
MelissaAchyBreakyHrt     Achy Breaky Heart       TB159
  MelissaCelebration         Celebration         TB161
  MelissaFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB163
  MelissaHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB166
 MelissaIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB169
   MelissaRockWidU          Rock With You        TB172
     MelissaThriller            Thriller         TB173
 MelissaTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB174
  MelissaWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TB176
 MikeAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB179
   MikeCelebration           Celebration         TB181
MikeCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB182
    MikeFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB183
  VicAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB700
     VicCelebration          Celebration         TB702
 VicCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB703
     VicFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB704
     VicHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB707
    VicIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB710
      VicRockWidU           Rock With You        TB713
       VicThriller              Thriller         TB714
    VicTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB715
     VicWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB717
 VickyAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB720
   VickyCelebration          Celebration         TB722
VickyCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB723
   VickyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB724
    VickyHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB727
   VickyIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB730
    VickyRockWidU           Rock With You        TB733
      VickyThriller             Thriller         TB734
   VickyTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB735
 GeneAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA678
   GeneCelebration           Celebration         TA680
GeneCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA681
   GeneFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TA682
    GeneHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA685
   GeneIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA688
    GeneRockWidU            Rock With You        TA691
      GeneThriller              Thriller         TA692
   GeneTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA693
   GeneWatCanIDo             What Can I Do        TA695
 GerryAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA698
   GerryCelebration           Celebration         TA700
GerryCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA701
   GerryFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TA702
    GerryHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA705
   GerryIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA708
    GerryRockWidU            Rock With You        TA711
      GerryThriller              Thriller         TA712
   GerryTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA713
    MikeHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TB186
   MikeIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TB189
     MikeRockWidU            Rock With You        TB192
       MikeThriller              Thriller         TB193
   MikeTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TB194
    MikeWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB196
  MonAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TB199
    MonCelebration            Celebration         TB201
 MonCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB202
     MonHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TB206
    MonIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TB209
     MonRockWidU             Rock With You        TB212
    MonTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TB214
    MonWatCanIDo             What Can I Do        TB216
 MyrnaAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB219
   MyrnaCelebration           Celebration         TB221
MyrnaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB222
   VickyWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB737
 VirgieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB740
   VirgieCelebration          Celebration         TB742
VirgieCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB743
   VirgieFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB744
    VirgieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB747
   VirgieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB750
    VirgieRockWidU           Rock With You        TB753
      VirgieThriller             Thriller         TB754
   VirgieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB755
   VirgieWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB757
 AlvinAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB760
    AlvinCelebration          Celebration         TB762
AlvinCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB763
    AlvinFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB764
    AlvinHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB767
   AlvinIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB770
   GerryWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA715
 GirlieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA718
   GirlieCelebration          Celebration         TA720
GirlieCntSmylWidoutU   Can't Smile Without You   TA721
   GirlieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA722
   GirlieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA725
  GirlieIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TA728
    GirlieRockWidU          Rock With You        TA731
      GirlieThriller            Thriller         TA732
  GirlieTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TA733
   GirlieWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TA735
 JanetAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA738
   JanetCelebration          Celebration         TA740
JanetCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TA741
   JanetFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA742
   JanetHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA745
  JanetIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA748
  MyrnaFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB223
   MyrnaHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB226
  MyrnaIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB229
   MyrnaRockWidU           Rock With You         TB232
     MyrnaThriller              Thriller         TB233
  MyrnaTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB234
  MyrnaWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB236
 NikkiAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB239
   NikkiCelebration          Celebration         TB241
NikkiCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB242
    NikkiHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB246
   NikkiIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB249
    NikkiRockWidU          Rock With You         TB252
      NikkiThriller             Thriller         TB253
   NikkiTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB254
   NikkiWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB256
    AlvinRockWidU           Rock With You        TB773
      AlvinThriller             Thriller         TB774
   AlvinTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB775
   AlvinWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB777
 AngieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB780
   AngieCelebration          Celebration         TB782
AngieCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB783
   AngieHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB787
  AngieIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB790
    AngieRockWidU           Rock With You        TB793
      AngieThriller             Thriller         TB794
  AngieTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB795
   AngieWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB797
 AnnaAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB800
   AnnaCelebration           Celebration         TB802
AnnaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB803
   AnnaFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB804
     AnnaHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB807
   JennyIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA788
     JennyRockWidU           Rock With You        TA791
       JennyThriller             Thriller         TA792
   JennyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA793
    JennyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA795
 JessieAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA798
    JessieCelebration          Celebration        TA800
JessieCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TA801
    JessieFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TA802
    JessieHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TA805
  PamAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TB259
     PamCelebration            Celebration        TB261
 PamCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB262
     PamFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB263
      PamHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB266
     PamIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB269
      PamRockWidU            Rock With You        TB272
        PamThriller              Thriller         TB273
     PamTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB274
     PamWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB276
  PaoloAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB279
    PaoloCelebration           Celebration        TB281
PaoloCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB282
     PaoloFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB283
     PaoloHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB286
   PaoloIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB289
     PaoloRockWidU           Rock With You        TB292
       PaoloThriller             Thriller         TB293
   PaoloTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB294
    AnnaIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB810
      AnnaRockWidU           Rock With You        TB813
        AnnaThriller             Thriller         TB814
    AnnaTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB815
    AnnaWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB817
 BiancaAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB820
   BiancaCelebration           Celebration        TB822
BiancaCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB823
   BiancaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB824
    BiancaHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB827
   BiancaIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB830
    BiancaRockWidU           Rock With You        TB833
       BiancaThriller            Thriller         TB834
   BiancaTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB835
   BiancaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB837
  BillyAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB840
     BillyCelebration          Celebration        TB842
 BillyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB843
      BillyFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB844
      JanetRockWidU           Rock With You        TA751
        JanetThriller             Thriller         TA752
    JanetTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA753
    JanetWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA755
 JasonAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TA758
    JasonCelebration           Celebration         TA760
JasonCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TA761
    JasonFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TA762
     JasonHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA765
   JasonIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TA768
     JasonRockWidU            Rock With You        TA771
        JasonThriller             Thriller         TA772
   JasonTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TA773
    JasonWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA775
 JennyAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TA778
    JennyCelebration           Celebration         TA780
JennyCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TA781
    JennyFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TA782
     JennyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA785
    PaoloWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB296
 PatrickAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB299
   PatrickCelebration          Celebration         TB301
   PatrickFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB303
    PatrickHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB306
   PatrickIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB309
    PatrickRockWidU           Rock With You        TB312
       PatrickThriller            Thriller         TB313
   PatrickTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB314
   PatrickWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB316
  PeteAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TB319
     PeteCelebration           Celebration         TB321
 PeteCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB322
      PeteFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB323
      PeteHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB326
     PeteIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB329
      BillyHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB847
     BillyIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB850
       BillyRockWidU          Rock With You        TB853
         BillyThriller            Thriller         TB854
     BillyTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB855
     BillyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB857
 ChristineAchyBrkyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB860
  ChristineCelebration         Celebration         TB862
  ChristineFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB864
  ChristineHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB867
  ChristineIWllSurvive        I Will Survive       TB870
   ChristineRockWidU          Rock With You        TB873
     ChristineThriller            Thriller         TB874
  ChristineTopOfDWrld       Top Of The World       TB875
  ChristineWatCanIDo          What Can I Do        TB877
 DennisAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB880
   JessieIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA808
     JessieRockWidU           Rock With You        TA811
       JessieThriller             Thriller         TA812
   JessieTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA813
    JessieWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA815
 JimmyAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TA818
   JimmyCelebration            Celebration         TA820
JimmyCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TA821
    JimmyFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TA822
    JimmyHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TA825
   JimmyIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TA828
      PeteRockWidU            Rock With You        TB332
        PeteThriller              Thriller         TB333
     PeteTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB334
     PeteWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB336
      RayCelebration           Celebration         TB341
  RayCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB342
      RayFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB343
      RayHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TB346
     RayIWillSurvive          I Will Survive       TB349
       RayRockWidU            Rock With You        TB352
        RayThriller               Thriller         TB353
     RayTopOfDWrld          Top Of The World       TB354
      RayWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB356
  ReneAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TB359
     ReneCelebration           Celebration         TB361
 ReneCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB362
     ReneFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB363
     ReneHeyMickey              Hey Mickey         TB366
   DennisCelebration           Celebration         TB882
DennisCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Wthout You    TB883
   DennisFunFunFun             Fun Fun Fun         TB884
    DennisHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB887
   DennisIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB890
    DennisRockWidU            Rock With You        TB893
      DennisThriller              Thriller         TB894
   DennisTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB895
   DennisWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB897
 DonnaAchyBreakyHrt        Achy Breaky Heart       TB900
   DonnaCelebration            Celebration         TB902
DonnaCntSmylWidoutU      Can't Smile Without You   TB903
   DonnaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB904
   DonnaHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB907
  DonnaIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB910
   DonnaRockWidU            Rock With You        TB913
      DonnaThriller             Thriller         TB914
  DonnaTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB915
   JimmyRockWidU            Rock With You        TA831
      JimmyThriller             Thriller         TA832
  JimmyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA833
  JimmyWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TA835
 JoeyAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TA838
    JoeyCelebration          Celebration         TA840
JoeyCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TA841
    JoeyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TA842
    JoeyHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TA845
   JoeyIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TA848
     JoeyRockWidU           Rock With You        TA851
       JoeyThriller             Thriller         TA852
   JoeyTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TA853
    JoeyWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TA855
JohnnyAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TA858
   ReneIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB369
    ReneRockWidU            Rock With You        TB372
       ReneThriller             Thriller         TB373
   ReneWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB376
  RiaAchyBreakyHrt       Achy Breaky Heart       TB379
     RiaCelebration          Celebration         TB381
 RiaCntSmylWidoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB382
     RiaFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB383
     RiaHeyMickey             Hey Mickey         TB386
    RiaIWillSurvive         I Will Survive       TB389
      RiaRockWidU           Rock With You        TB392
        RiaThriller             Thriller         TB393
    RiaTopOfDWrld         Top Of The World       TB394
     RiaWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB396
 RickyAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB399
   RickyCelebration          Celebration         TB401
RickyCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB402
   RickyFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB403
  DonnaWatCanIDo            What Can I Do        TB917
 EllenAchyBreakyHrt      Achy Breaky Heart       TB920
   EllenCelebration          Celebration         TB922
EllenCntSmylWidoutU    Can't Smile Without You   TB923
    EllenFunFunFun           Fun Fun Fun         TB924
    EllenHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB927
   EllenIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB930
     EllenRockWidU          Rock With You        TB933
         EllenThriller             Thriller         TB934
      EllenTopOfDWrld        Top Of The World       TB935
      EllenWatCanIDo           What Can I Do        TB937
   FernandoCelebration          Celebration         TB942
 FernandoCntSmlWdoutU     Can't Smile Without You   TB943
   FernandoFunFunFun            Fun Fun Fun         TB944
    FernandoHeyMickey            Hey Mickey         TB947
   FernandoIWillSurvive        I Will Survive       TB950
    Kuwarto/SugarFree            Sugar Free         EA392
        Imbestigador                                BA149
       SelfDstructCall                              BA150
        Internet Porn                               BA151
     MadamMambobola                                 BA152
        IDoNotLoveU                                 BA153
              Joy                                   BA155
          True Love                                 BA156
         Ernie Baron                                BA147
      Djs RadioPromo                                BA146
             Hello                                  BA148
               If                                   BA154
   Wherever/SouthBordr         South Border         DB317
        PoolsideParty                               DB329
      24Hours/Cueshe             Cueshe             RA481
     CantLetGo/Cueshe            Cueshe             RA482
   HumpAhead/Cueshe              Cueshe             RA483
 NeverLeaveYou/Cueshe            Cueshe             RA484
         Sky/Cueshe              Cueshe             RA485
        Sorry/Cueshe             Cueshe             RA486
        Ulan/Cueshe              Cueshe             RA488
  HalukayUbe/Sexbomb            Sexbomb             RA502
 AmoyNgPapa/Sexbomb             Sexbomb             RA500
 AwitnMoIssywKo/Sxbmb           Sexbomb             RA501
SumyawSumund/Sexbomb            Sexbomb             RA503
        Stay/Cueshe              Cueshe             RA487
       Talaga/CarlaM          Carla Martinez        DB338
      FullCircle/CarlaM       Carla Martinez        DB339
   DiKoKayangT/CarlaM         Carla Martinez        DB340
   HariMag/MusikathaS        Musikatha Singer       DB341
     DakilaKa/EdithSP        Edith San Pedro        DB342
      NagAalab/ErmieL          Ermie Licda          DB343
  HsusIkaw/MusikathaS        Musikatha Singer       DB344
       BakitPa/CathyA         Cathy Amaca           DB345
  Pansamantala/CathyA         Cathy Amaca           DB346
  KahangaHanga/CathyA         Cathy Amaca           DB347
  TagaMoSaBato/CathyA         Cathy Amaca           DB348
     DahilKaya/CathyA         Cathy Amaca           DB349
       Naririto/CathyA        Cathy Amaca           DB350
   AbotLangit/CathyA      Cathy Amaca       DB351
         FastPaced                          DB352
        FunkyBack                           DB353
     ItalianVocalBlitz                      DB354
      LearnJapanese                         DB355
       MultipleChoice                       DB356
      ThankU4Calling                        DB357
    PhoneTapWarning                         DB358
   NanditoAko/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     RA464
SaKanya/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     RA467
BktNgynKaLang/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     RA457
  DitoSaPusoKo/Sharon     Sharon Cuneta     RA458
HanggangNgayn/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     RA459
 IkwAngPagibig/Sharon     Sharon Cuneta     RA460
IkwSana/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     RA461
KungMawawlaKa/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     RA462
 MhlKtaWlngIba/Sharon     Sharon Cuneta     RA463
   NanditoAko/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     RA464
Pangako/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     RA465
PngrpKoIbgnKa/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     RA466
SaKanya/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     RA467
   Sana/SharonCuneta      Sharon Cuneta     RA468
TngingIkwLmng/Sharon      Sharon Cuneta     RA469
       JoyInMyHeart         Michael V.      MA393
         BeMyLady                -          DA437
 EvnDNytsRBtr/AirSply       Air Supply      RA448
   Rexona1stDayFunk      Parokya ni Edgar   GA118
   Rexona1stDayFunk      Parokya ni Edgar   GA118
   Rexona1stDayFunk      Parokya ni Edgar   GA118
   Rexona1stDayFunk      Parokya ni Edgar   GA118
  Boogaloo/SoulControl     Soul Control     PA687
  Chocolate/SolControl     Soul Control     PA688
  UNILAB-Therapharma         UNILAB         JA004
     SpaceEncounter                         DB277
     LightSaberAttack                       DB278
      RadioFrequency                        DB279
    PhilAnthemShuffle                       DB286
   Problema/LitoCamo        Lito Camo       PA685
WalangIwanan/LitoCam        Lito Camo       PA686
    Again/FaithEvans       Faith Evans      EA383
 DDayUSaidGudnit/Hale          Hale         EA385
 LuvMoves/JuliaFrdham     Julia Fordham     EA386
   Tinambak/Ghost13          Ghost 13       GA124
PnkmgdangLalke/Janno       Janno Gibbs      GA123
   MobileKusinaTheme           GMA          GA121
 NowAndForeverTheme            Kyla         GA122
   MobileKusinaTheme           GMA          GA121
 HeavenSent/Dimsum                  Dimsum                  GA120
  GalitSaAkin/Ghost13              Ghost 13                 GA119
 ExtraChallengeTheme                  GMA                   GA117
 ExtraChallengeTheme                  GMA                   GA117
  AdikSaTxt/LitoCamo               Lito Camo                PA679
   Chimpoy/LitoCamo                Lito Camo                PA680
 KakantaAko/LitoCamo               Lito Camo                PA681
Komedyante/LitoCamo                Lito Camo                PA682
  NekNekMo/LitoCamo                Lito Camo                PA683
PeraOBayong/LitoCamo               Lito Camo                PA684
     starwarstheme              Starwars Theme              TA134
       DesertStorm                                          DB266
        GunSalute                                           DB267
      NoiseOfValor                                          DB268
      GroovePsyche                                          DB269
    MafiaTerminator                                         DB270
     OddTimeBallad                                          DB271
     Independencia                                          DB272
     LupangHinirang                                         DB273
       RizalLegacy                                          DB274
         Pilipinas                                          DB275
CanDisBLuvProblemaBa      Hero Angeles and Sandara Park     PA676
 CanDisBLuvSaranghe       Hero Angeles and Sandara Park     PA677
 CanDisBLuvWersRyan     Sandara Park and Raphael Martinez   PA678
  NayUrDaBest/AizaS               Aiza Seguerra             DB265
    CanDisBLuvBisita         Hero Joross and Sandara        PA669
CanDisBLuvCornedBeef             Roderick Paulate           PA670
  CanDisBLuvDiBagay         Sandara Hero Tirso Cruz III     PA671
   CanDisBLuvGetsKo       Hero Angeles and Sandara Park     PA672
  CanDisBLuvGudBye        Hero Angeles and Sandara Park     PA673
 CanDisBLuvIniiyakan             Roderick Paulate           PA674
CanDisBLuvKrungKrung      Sandara Park and Hero Angeles     PA675
        GSUMMER                                             JA003
      CartoonAction                                         DB150
      SummerFunk                                            DB151
       AnimeScene                                           DB152
   OneMreGift/Arivera      Ariel Rivera w/ Bukas Palad      DB162
TelTheWrld/TBelamide              Trina Belamide            DB168
 DooBDoo/DJPeterProj             DJ Peter Project           DB195
 ABitOfUhLaLa/Colonia                 Colonia               DB196
  KkntaAko/LitoCamo                  Lito Camo              DA942
   GooddayRingback                                          DB203
      HelloRingback                                         DB204
   ILoveYouRingback                                         DB205
    ElephantSounds                                          DB206
      FrogCroaking                                          DB207
       CatMeowing                                           DB208
   BirdsChirping                   DB209
    DogBarking                     DB210
      LionRoar                     DB211
     TigerGrowl                    DB212
  LullabyeWaltz                    DB213
 TravoltaGroove                    DB214
   MemphisFeel                     DB216
     TakeItEasy                    DB217
     DixieTune                     DB218
    BrassShuffle                   DB219
   ChaChaFever                     DB220
    Swingyjazz                     DB221
    Marleyblues                    DB222
  Latinondloose                    DB223
 MentalBaliwCall                   DB224
   SenyoritaCall                   DB225
     OceanCall                     DB226
MeetWithPresident                  DB227
         Yosi                      DB228
       Pakiss                      DB229
  ConfusedInday                    DB230
    DramaKing                      DB232
 OutOfCoverage                     DB233
  FastenSeatbelt                   DB234
CuteMRTPassenger                   DB235
   LondonBridge                    DB236
  ImLittleTeaPot                   DB237
  HickoryDickory                   DB238
   JaboomCrush         Jaboom      DB240
    GlobeJingle     GlobeTelecom   AA003
     globejingle    globetelecom   AA004
     DoggieDog                     DB245
  ChimpManSee                      DB247
    DolphinDay                     DB248
      LionRoar                     DB249
     CowBooze                      DB250
      BuzyBee                      DB243
       Goatie                      DB244
    ForestBirds                    DB251
      MadCow                       DB252
  SummerFiesta                     DB253
     FurElise05                    DB254
  BoracayWaves                     DB255
   PoolsideParty                   DB256
 FunkyEverAfter                    DB257
 MoonliteSonata                    DB258
    Prelude InC                    DB259
       2Clos/Blue            Blue          EA134
        Slow/Kylie           Kylie         EA230
        GSummer                            JA001
PowerToThePeople/TM            -           DB242
   Bolero/RaulSunico      Raul Sunico      MA287
   ConcertoInDMinor       Raul Sunico      MA288
  DMinor/RaulSunico       Raul Sunico      MA289
 MozartNurseryRhyme                        MA290
 PaganiniRachmaninoff     Raul Sunico      MA291
  AllegroConGranados      Raul Sunico      MA292
    Arabes1Debussy        Raul Sunico      MA293
    Arabes2Debussy        Raul Sunico      MA294
   AveMariaSchubert       Raul Sunico      MA295
     Ballade1Chopin       Raul Sunico      MA296
     Ballade4Chopin       Raul Sunico      MA297
    BerceuseChopin        Raul Sunico      MA298
CarnivalIntrSchumann      Raul Sunico      MA299
 ChopinCarnivlShuman      Raul Sunico      MA300
      ClaireDeLune        Raul Sunico      MA301
  ConcertoEtudeLiszt      Raul Sunico      MA302
     DanceDebussy         Raul Sunico      MA303
 DedicationSchumann       Raul Sunico      MA304
      Etude1Chopin        Raul Sunico      MA305
      Etude3Chopin        Raul Sunico      MA306
     FantasieChopin       Raul Sunico      MA307
         FurElise         Raul Sunico      MA308
  HungarainRhapLiszt      Raul Sunico      MA309
DntDrmItsOvr/CrwddHs    Crowded House      EA039
TooCrazy/SouthBorder     South Border      DB241
       Guilty/Blue            Blue         EA217
    Listen/Stonefree       Stonefree       DB177
  InOrOut/SndraPark      Sandara Park      DB183
 MpsgotKya/SndraPark     Sandara Park      DB184
 PgbgynMuli/ErkSntos      Erik Santos      DB185
KngAknMndo/ErkSntos       Erik Santos      DB186
 SnaIngatn/ShrynRgis     Sheryn Regis      DB187
 TelTheWrld/TBlamide    Trina Belamide     DB188
     AmazingGrace                          DB189
  ClwnMillion/LCamo        Lito Camo       DB197
   KkantaAko/Lcamo         Lito Camo       DB198
   YesYesYow/Lcamo         Lito Camo       DB199
  OtsoOtso/BAgbyani     Bayani Agbayani    DB200
PamOtsoRmix/VNvarro      Vhong Navarro     DB201
  YeYeVonel/AprlBoy     April Boy Regino   DB202
       CubaRumba                           DB215
CanDisBLuvDaisyBanyo     Sandara Park      PA667
CanDisBLuvRyanBanyo      Hero Angeles      PA668
 SanMiguelBeerBabad          SMB            PA666
        GameKNB                -            DB149
      GetMe/MYMP             MYMP           IA453
 AnneCurtisGisinginKo     Anne Curtis       CB181
       Megaphone            Generic         CB161
           Bilib            Generic         CB162
    NunoSaTelepono          Generic         CB163
 MonksGregorianChant        Generic         CB164
  CarolBestMaleFriend    Carol Banawa       CB165
           Frog                             MA375
       GiddyLaugh                           MA376
        HeartBeat                           MA377
       HorseNeigh                           MA378
           Kiss                             MA379
         Laugh5                             MA381
      LaughingMan                           MA382
        PingGlass                           MA383
      PouringWater                          MA384
           Siren                            MA385
         SwishAir                           MA386
        ThroatyAir                          MA387
     TighteningNut                          MA388
         Trumpet                            MA389
        WhistleInc                          MA390
     WomanSneeze                            MA391
       ZoomAway                             MA392
 KetchupDanceNumber     Ketchup Eusebio     CB179
 KetchupRingbackRap     Ketchup Eusebio     CB180
   ClaudineShopping     Claudine Barretto   CB175
       JessaAkoBa        Jessa Zaragoza     CB176
    JessaBestFriend      Jessa Zaragoza     CB177
JessaCannotBeReached     Jessa Zaragoza     CB178
  VhongKumpareTulog      Vhong Navarro      CB182
 JohnPratsNasaStates       John Prats       CB183
         Bubbles                            MA366
           Burp                             MA367
          Buzzer                            MA368
         Buzzer2                            MA369
         Camera                             MA370
       ChurchBell                           MA371
       ClockChime                           MA372
        DrumRoll                            MA373
 Impromptu4Schubert        rual   sunico    MA310
 Impromptu3Schubert        raul   sunico    MA311
  LaPlusLenteDebussy       raul   sunico    MA312
    LiebestraumLiszt       raul   sunico    MA313
  Malaguena_Lecuona        raul   sunico    MA314
 MapleLeafRagJoplin   raul   sunico   MA315
  Mazurka68Chopin     raul   sunico   MA317
  MazurkaBbChopin     raul   sunico   MA318
   MazurkaFChopin     raul   sunico   MA319
 MeditationMassenet   raul   sunico   MA320
 MilPolonaiseChopin   raul   sunico   MA321
      MinuetBach      raul   sunico   MA323
  MinuetBeethoven     raul   sunico   MA324
 MoonSonBeethoven     raul   sunico   MA325
 NocturneAbChopin     raul   sunico   MA326
 Nocturne27Chopin     raul   sunico   MA327
    NotturnoGrieg     raul   sunico   MA328
PathetiqSoBeethoven   raul   sunico   MA329
    PianoSoMozart     raul   sunico   MA331
  PlayeraGranados     raul   sunico   MA332
Op3N2Rachmaninoff     raul   sunico   MA333
Op23N5Rachmaninoff    raul   sunico   MA334
  Prelude1Gershwin    raul   sunico   MA335
    Prelude1CBach     raul   sunico   MA336
  Prelude2Gershwin    raul   sunico   MA337
  Prelude3Gershwin    raul   sunico   MA338
  Prelude4Gershwin    raul   sunico   MA339
  Prelude6Gershwin    raul   sunico   MA340
  Prelude7AChopin     raul   sunico   MA341
  Prelude15Chopin     raul   sunico   MA342
  Prelude20Chopin     raul   sunico   MA343
   ReverieDebussy     raul   sunico   MA344
 RhapBlueGershwin     raul   sunico   MA345
  FireDanceDeFalla    raul   sunico   MA346
 RomanceRubinstein    raul   sunico   MA347
     TurcaMozart      raul   sunico   MA348
RustleSpringSinding   raul   sunico   MA349
 SerenadeSchubert     raul   sunico   MA350
 SonatinaCClementi    raul   sunico   MA351
   SwanSaintSaens     raul   sunico   MA352
 WildRoseMacDowell    raul   sunico   MA353
   WaltzABBrahms      raul   sunico   MA354
    WaltzABChopin     raul   sunico   MA355
   WaltzBMChopin      raul   sunico   MA356
    Waltz64Chopin     raul   sunico   MA357
 WarsawConAddinsel    raul   sunico   MA358
   MazurkaChopin      raul   sunico   MA359
      MinuetBach      raul   sunico   MA360
        Birdies                       MA363
        Boiing                        MA364
         BoOi                         MA365
      ImComing                        DB082
     MachoMan               DB088
     KinkyAlien             DB089
   HeloRingback             DB092
 GuddayRingback             DB093
   SenyoritaCall            DB094
     ImComing               DB123
     MachoMan               DB129
     KinkyAlien             DB130
   HeloRingback             DB133
 GuddayRingback             DB134
   SenyoritaCall            DB135
BrokenSonnet/Hale    Hale   EA368
     ImComing               DB041
     MachoMan               DB047
     KinkyAlien             DB048
   HeloRingback             DB051
 GuddayRingback             DB052
   SenyoritaCall            DB053
      OceanCall             DB086
  FeelingCelebrity          DB087
 HapiBdayPainom             DB090
        Tisoy               DB091
    SelfDestruct            DB095
     HorseRace              DB096
    GoatSounds              DB097
 Elephant Sounds            DB098
   FrogsCroaking            DB099
    CowsMooing              DB100
      CatFight              DB101
    CatsMeowing             DB102
   BirdsChirping            DB103
     DogBarking             DB104
      LionRoar              DB105
     TigerGrowl             DB106
      Werewolf              DB107
         Yosi               DB108
       RatedR               DB109
        Pakiss              DB110
   DrnkMderately            DB111
      Censored              DB112
    BestMilkInay            DB113
 HeloCelponBisaya           DB114
  ConfusedInday             DB115
       BroMike              DB116
     DramaKing              DB117
    CrushJoshua             DB118
    650PesoCall             DB119
   OutOfCoverage                    DB120
   FastenSeatbelt                   DB121
 CuteMRTPassenger                   DB122
    DumiSailong                     DB124
   MaykEnriques                     DB125
    ErnieBarong                     DB126
      OceanCall                     DB127
  FeelingCelebrity                  DB128
  HapiBdayPainom                    DB131
        Tisoy                       DB132
    SelfDestruct                    DB136
     HorseRace                      DB137
    GoatSounds                      DB138
  ElephantSounds                    DB139
   FrogsCroaking                    DB140
    CowsMooing                      DB141
       CatFight                     DB142
    CatsMeowing                     DB143
    BirdsChirping                   DB144
     DogBarking                     DB145
      LionRoar                      DB146
     TigerGrowl                     DB147
      Werewolf                      DB148
Knockin/JoyAndBevs   Joy And Bevs   PA659
Kulang/JoyAndBevs    Joy And Bevs   PA660
     GlobeSigeNa                    ZA033
     DogBarking                     DB063
      LionRoar                      DB064
     TigerGrowl                     DB065
      Werewolf                      DB066
         Yosi                       DB067
       RatedR                       DB068
        Pakiss                      DB069
   DrnkMderately                    DB070
      Censored                      DB071
    BestMilkInay                    DB072
 HeloCelponBisaya                   DB073
   ConfusedInday                    DB074
       BroMike                      DB075
     DramaKing                      DB076
    CrushJoshua                     DB077
    650PesoCall                     DB078
   OutOfCoverage                    DB079
   FastenSeatbelt                   DB080
 CuteMRTPassenger                   DB081
    DumiSailong                     DB083
   MaykEnriques                     DB084
       ErnieBarong                           DB085
      ChickenDance       Chicken Dance       PA657
HuwagKaNa/JoyAndBevs      Joy And Bevs       PA658
           Panola            Panola          PA661
  StartAgain/JoyNBevs     Joy And Bevs       PA662
         TakeItOff         Take It Off       PA663
 UHurtMe/JoyAndBevs       Joy And Bevs       PA664
           Zagidy            Zagidy          PA665
    StarDanceTheme         Star Dance        PA656
            Yosi                             DB026
          RatedR                             DB027
           Pakiss                            DB028
      DrnkMderately                          DB029
         Censored                            DB030
       BestMilkInay                          DB031
    HeloCelponBisaya                         DB032
     ConfusedInday                           DB033
          BroMike                            DB034
        DramaKing                            DB035
       CrushJoshua                           DB036
       650PesoCall                           DB037
     OutOfCoverage                           DB038
      FastenSeatbelt                         DB039
   CuteMRTPassenger                          DB040
       DumiSailong                           DB042
      MaykEnriques                           DB043
       ErnieBarong                           DB044
         OceanCall                           DB045
     FeelingCelebrity                        DB046
    HapiBdayPainom                           DB049
            Tisoy                            DB050
       SelfDestruct                          DB054
        HorseRace                            DB055
       GoatSounds                            DB056
     ElephantSounds                          DB057
      FrogsCroaking                          DB058
       CowsMooing                            DB059
          CatFight                           DB060
       CatsMeowing                           DB061
       BirdsChirping                         DB062
    YeYeVnel/AprlBoy    April Boy Regino     DA863
  TngingIna/ADlasAlas    Ai Ai de las Alas   DA866
 SnodGlaw/JboomTwns       Jaboom Twins       DA868
   StpThnk/AliyaParcs       Aliya Parcs      DA869
  Shine/RgineVlsquez    Regine Velasquez     DA870
 NowIHveU/TBelamide      Trina Belamide      DA871
 AkoSayoIkayAkn/Iaxe            Iaxe         DA872
        MemphisFeel                       DA994
        BrassShuffle                      DA995
       CubaRhumba                         DA996
        JazzBHappy                        DA997
         DixieTune                        DA998
         TakeItEasy                       DA999
      TravoltaGroove                      DB001
       HelloRingback                      DB002
    GoodDayRingback                       DB003
        HappyBday                         DB004
      AuldLangHymn                        DB005
       LullabyeWaltz                      DB006
       DEmptyTomb                         DB007
      GloriousAscend                      DB008
    BlessedAssurance                      DB009
  D10Commandments                         DB010
    DeathOfDSaviour                       DB011
       AmazingGrace                       DB012
     ItsWelWtMySoul                       DB013
      IfUComBk/Blue          Blue         EA127
         1Love/Blue          Blue         EA128
  EtrnlFlame/AtomcKtn    Atomic Kitten    EA131
 BeWidU/AtomicKitten     Atomic Kitten    EA204
         FunFunFun                        MA127
       HideAndSeek                        MA128
   JustWannaBWidYou                       MA129
          Matchless                       MA130
   NoGoodWithoutYou                       MA131
       SpecialTimes                       MA132
         SpiritCome                       MA133
        WorshipYou                        MA134
   CantStopLovingYou                      MA007
           Falling                        MA008
           Heaven                         MA009
       IBelongToYou                       MA010
JesusYouAreMyTreasure                     MA011
     WeCelebrateYou                       MA012
  YouGaveLoveAName                        MA013
DiKoNaKaya/PhaseCuts      Phase Cuts      GA115
 RYouCrying/PhaseCuts     Phase Cuts      GA113
 RYouCrying/PhaseCuts     Phase Cuts      GA113
 RYouCrying/PhaseCuts     Phase Cuts      GA113
SanayMapatawad/Phase      Phase Cuts      GA116
SanayMapatawad/Phase      Phase Cuts      GA116
SanayMapatawad/Phase      Phase Cuts      GA116
SanayMapatawad/Phase      Phase Cuts      GA116
   CristineRBestfriend   Cristine Reyes   GA114
  ALitleBtOfLa/Colonia            Colonia            DA990
 DooBeDoo/DJPeterProj         DJ Peter Project       DA991
       ChaChaFever                                   DA983
        MarleyBlues                                  DA984
      LatinOnDLoose                                  DA985
        SwingyJazz                                   DA986
       DeadbeatRiff                                  DA987
  SyachoSan/Japanese                APRIL            DA988
   SyachoSan/Tagalog                APRIL            DA989
    torpesong5/MYMP                 MYMP             TA133
        IreneTheme       Anne Joneo and Noah's Art   IA436
     FireworksTheme           Kathleen Leslie        IA434
LpaHnrng/USTSymphny        UST Symphony Band         DA852
PnasKoMhl/USTSmphny        UST Symphony Band         DA853
BhayKbo/USTSymphny         UST Symphony Band         DA854
 SnaIngatn/ShrynRgis            Sheryn Regis         DA856
KngAknMndo/ErkSntos              Erik Santos         DA857
  PgbgynMuli/ErkSntos            Erik Santos         DA858
 MpsgotKya/SndraPark           Sandara Park          DA859
   InOrOut/SndraPark           Sandara Park          DA860
   AnoneJke/YaChang               Ya Chang           DA861
  AnoneSong/YaChang               Ya Chang           DA862
  FrutsOfLabr/Caliph8              Caliph8           DA891
  RapNHphop/Caliph8                Caliph8           DA892
      Let'sFight/SVC                 SVC             DA893
LpaHnrng/USTSymphny        UST Symphony Band         DA906
PnasKoMhl/USTSmphny        UST Symphony Band         DA907
BhayKbo/USTSymphny         UST Symphony Band         DA908
 SnaIngatn/ShrynRgis            Sheryn Regis         DA910
KngAknMndo/ErkSntos              Erik Santos         DA911
  PgbgynMuli/ErkSntos            Erik Santos         DA912
 MpsgotKya/SndraPark           Sandara Park          DA913
   InOrOut/SndraPark           Sandara Park          DA914
   AnoneJke/YaChang               Ya Chang           DA915
  AnoneSong/YaChang               Ya Chang           DA916
    YeYeVnel/AprlBoy         April Boy Regino        DA917
  TngingIna/ADlasAlas         Ai Ai de las Alas      DA920
PamOtsoRmx/VongByni           Vhong Navarro          DA921
 SnodGlaw/JboomTwns            Jaboom Twins          DA922
   StpThnk/AliyaParcs            Aliya Parcs         DA923
   Shine/RgineVlsquez        Regine Velasquez        DA924
 NowIHveU/TBelamide           Trina Belamide         DA925
 AkoSayoIkayAkn/Iaxe                 Iaxe            DA926
  FrutsOfLabr/Caliph8              Caliph8           DA945
  RapNHphop/Caliph8                Caliph8           DA946
      Let'sFight/SVC                 SVC             DA947
LpaHnrng/USTSymphny        UST Symphony Band         DA960
PnasKoMhl/USTSmphny         UST Symphony Band         DA961
BhayKbo/USTSymphny          UST Symphony Band         DA962
 SnaIngatn/ShrynRgis             Sheryn Regis         DA964
KngAknMndo/ErkSntos               Erik Santos         DA965
 PgbgynMuli/ErkSntos              Erik Santos         DA966
 MpsgotKya/SndraPark            Sandara Park          DA967
   InOrOut/SndraPark            Sandara Park          DA968
   AnoneJke/YaChang                Ya Chang           DA969
  AnoneSong/YaChang                Ya Chang           DA970
    YeYeVnel/AprlBoy          April Boy Regino        DA971
  TngingIna/ADlasAlas          Ai Ai de las Alas      DA974
PamOtsoRmx/VongByni            Vhong Navarro          DA975
 SnodGlaw/JboomTwns             Jaboom Twins          DA976
   StpThnk/AliyaParcs             Aliya Parcs         DA977
  Shine/RgineVlsquez          Regine Velasquez        DA978
 NowIHveU/TBelamide            Trina Belamide         DA979
 AkoSayoIkayAkn/Iaxe                  Iaxe            DA980
  CharlieTristanJenna     Charlie Tristan and Jenna   IA425
SubkLng/CesarMontano           Cesar Montano          DA981
KylanKLngSnbi/CesarM    Cesar Montano/Sunshine Cruz   DA982
  FrutsOfLabr/Caliph8               Caliph8           DA837
  RapNHphop/Caliph8                 Caliph8           DA838
      Let'sFight/SVC                  SVC             DA839
     Last2MinutePlay                                  DA813
     OneWithNature                                    DA814
       CoolSunday                                     DA815
     GigSoundCheck                                    DA816
     BasketballGame                                   DA817
     DPassionOfPain                                   DA818
    WowaweeTheme                  Wowawee             PA653
 HumandaKa/Sandwich               Sandwich            PA654
 Search4Starinamilion       Christian Bautista        PA655
       BoraTheme          Echo Diet Bernard Piolo     PA637
    GoinBulilitTheme             Goin Bulilit         PA638
        MRSTheme                     MRS              PA639
     Prom/SugarFree              Sugar Free           EA339
 DntWnt2TinkAbt/Keith            Keith Martin         EA337
  SCQ2KCBebsAgawan         KC & Bebs Hollmann         PA646
   LloydSpiritsBantay        John Wayne Sace          PA592
 SCQ2CharlesGisingNa       Charles Christianson       PA640
   SCQ2ArronGisingin            Arron Villaflor       PA636
   SCQ2ErichSoSweet            Erich Gancayco         PA642
SCQ2FranzWagSabihin            Franz Ocampo           PA643
   SCQ2JanelleSoNice          Janelle Manahan         PA644
   SCQ2JasonPagising            Jason Abalos          PA645
    SCQ2MarlaCrush               Marla Boyd           PA647
   SCQ2MichelleNaihi       Michelle Ann Arciaga       PA648
     SCQ2OJHyper                       OJ Decena                    PA649
     SCQ2PawDate                        Paw Diaz                    PA650
    SCQ2TheoChicks                   Theo Bernados                  PA651
SCQ2VanessaRomantic                 Vanessa Grindrud                PA652
 EasyWeenZeeSpider                                                  DA788
    PamulinawenSka                                                  DA789
     TalibanHotline                                                 DA790
   HapiLondonBridge                                                 DA791
    Paro2BukidPunk                                                  DA792
       TheGrunge                                                    DA793
       GameTime                                                     DA794
     SpaceJammin                                                    DA795
      Robotronics                                                   DA796
     TurnTableScan                                                  DA797
  HighlyStaticMotion                                                DA798
     OldSkoolRules                                                  DA799
   ShimmerAcoustic                                                  DA800
 HindiSusuko/JAldana          Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA801
DiNaMwawala/JAldana           Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA802
KngSsaktanMo/Aldana           Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA803
  DingginMo/JAldana           Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA804
 SingleSmile/JAldana          Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA805
 ParaLngSaYo/Aldana           Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA806
    Hayaan/JAldana            Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA807
  Kailanman/JAldana           Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA808
     Hiling/JAldana           Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA809
 DratngPaBa/JAldana           Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA810
UrAlwysMyMyd/Aldana           Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA811
   Pagsamo/JAldana            Joseph Aldana/The Rockstar            DA812
    SCQ2ArronAkoTo                    Arron Villaflor               PA617
 SCQ2CharlesTnatwag               Charles Christianson              PA618
   SCQ2ErichPagkain                  Erich Gancayco                 PA620
    SCQ2FranzCebu                    Franz Ocampo                   PA621
   SCQ2JanelleTaray                 Janelle Manahan                 PA622
 SCQ2JasonHulaanMo                    Jason Abalos                  PA623
 SCQ2MarlaValleyGirl                   Marla Boyd                   PA625
  SCQ2MichelleHoney               Michelle Ann Arciaga              PA626
    SCQ2OJRansom                       OJ Decena                    PA627
    SCQ2PawMakulit                      Paw Diaz                    PA628
   SCQ2TheoBeatBox                   Theo Bernados                  PA629
  SCQ2VanessaCrush                  Vanessa Grindrud                PA630
  SCQ2KC&BebsMulto                KC & Bebs Hollmann                PA624
SCQ2KcBebsTheoNalito Kc & Bebs Hollmann and Theo Bernados           PA632
 SCQ2MarlaOjTagisan             Marla Boyd & Oj Decena              PA633
                   Michelle Ann Arciaga Franz Ocampo & Jason Abalos PA634
SCQ2MchleVnessaDuet Michelle Ann Arciaga & Vanessa Grindrud         PA635
     LovePoem101                                                    DA786
  Search4DStar/SarahGarah GeronimoChristian BautistaErik Santos   DA787
      FeelingCelebrity                                            DA785
  YoullBeSafeHere/Rive              Rivermaya                     PA616
      TheSoundOfLove                                              DA764
     LoveInSpringtime                                             DA765
      SmoochinKisses                                              DA766
   TechnoAcousticLove                                             DA767
        MedievalLove                                              DA768
     OneSweetMoment                                               DA769
     ILoveYouRingback                                             DA770
   Carlo&MartinAkoSabi                                            DA775
   Vivian&MartinDrama                                             DA776
   MeetingWtDPresident                                            DA777
          OceanCall                                               DA778
        SenyoritaCall                                             DA779
      MentalBaliwCall                                             DA780
       BatchiAnimalia                                             DA781
      GolfCaddieHello                                             DA782
        FunkyGroove                                               DA783
          Scratchica                                              DA784
      Vivian&CarloAja!                                            DA774
        CindyBackRub              Cindy Kurleto                   CB167
    CindyMineValentine            Cindy Kurleto                   CB168
    CindyNiceGuyVDay              Cindy Kurleto                   CB169
   Someone2Love/Kyla                    Kyla                      EA295
 SiLuningning/Denmark                Denmark                      RA443
 AnkLuningning/Denmrk                Denmark                      RA444
 IfYouSeeKaye/Denmark                Denmark                      RA445
AsukalSaMndo/Denmark                 Denmark                      RA446
  ChescaValentinesPlan            Chesca Garcia                   CB170
       YnezValentines            Ynez Veneracion                  CB171
          YnezGimik              Ynez Veneracion                  CB172
       YnezBadminton             Ynez Veneracion                  CB173
      VictorValentines              Victor Neri                   CB174
        AxeGirlRachel                  Rachel                     GA112
       AxeGirlAyanna                  Ayanna                      GA109
       AxeGirlBubbles                 Bubbles                     GA110
         AxeGirlPaula                  Paula                      GA111
         AxeGirlAngel              Angel Locsin                   GA108
    YeYeVonel/AprilBoy           April Boy Regino                 PA614
  StarCircleQuestTheme         Star Circle Questors               PA615
LuvHasCumMyWay/Heart            Heart Evangelista                 PA613
     PilipinasGameKNB            Game Ka Na Ba                    PA603
       AtHomeKaDito              At Home Ka Dito                  PA602
   DreamboyBakit/Bea                Bea Alonzo                    PA605
  DreamboyBoring/Piolo             Piolo Pascual                  PA606
 DreamboyDiBagay/Bea                Bea Alonzo                    PA607
DreamboyDiNgyayari/Bea      Bea Alonzo       PA608
DreamboyTeleserye/Bea       Bea Alonzo       PA609
DreamboyGanyanBa/Bea        Bea Alonzo       PA610
DreamboyRelaxMan/Miko      Miko Palanca      PA611
DreamboyILoveYou/Piolo     Piolo Pascual     PA612
  HappyValentinesDay      Trina Belamide     DA762
    DreamboySamaKa         Camille Prats     PA601
     DreamboyStalker        Bea Alonzo       PA599
    Dreamboy1Chance        Piolo Pascual     PA600
 KngAkinAngMndo/ErikS       Erik Santos      DA758
  YeYeVonnel/AprilBoy    April Boy Regino    DA759
    OkAkoSCQReload          Gloc 9 & JM      DA760
 SnaIngatanMo/SherynR      Sheryn Regis      DA761
         Jaboom Hi        Jaboom Twins       DA623
   JesseSpiritsBadBoy    Joseph Bitangcol    PA597
    MayaSpiritsSecret    Michelle Madrigal   PA598
        Ringcapella                          DA625
        FunnyFarts                           DA626
  MajaSalvadorLiwaliw     Maja Salvador      PA591
  MoshiAnone/YaChang        Ya Chang         DA755
   AnoneJoke/YaChang        Ya Chang         DA756
  AnoneSong/YaChang         Ya Chang         DA757
    RedSpiritsSabiNila     Rayver Cruz       PA593
   GabbySpiritsHinala     Maja Salvador      PA594
   ThorSpiritsPowerKo      Mico Aytona       PA595
   MajaSalvadorEnjoy      Maja Salvador      PA596
    BestFriendSanChai                        DA618
      VicMakeaWish                           DA619
    GimikWithVaness                          DA620
       DatewithJerry                         DA621
       KenCalledMe                           DA622
    PatriciaJavierTeas     Patricia Javier   DA624
 AkoySayoIkayAki/Iaxe           Iaxe         DA628
   RayverAnimeKilabot       Rayver Cruz      PA590
    MicoAnimeSuccess        Mico Aytona      PA589
    LuiVillaruzMakulet      Lui Villaruz     PA588
  JohnWAnimeSinoAko      John Wayne Sace     PA587
  YoullBeSafeHere/Rive       Rivermaya       PA586
      Alapaap/Eheads        Eraserheads      RA230
  BogchiHokbu/Eheads        Eraserheads      RA231
      Harana/Eheads         Eraserheads      RA233
     Fruitcake/Eheads       Eraserheads      RA232
  Hard2Believe/Eheads       Eraserheads      RA234
        Hula/Eheads         Eraserheads      RA235
  JulieTearJrky/Eheads      Eraserheads      RA238
       Kailan/Eheads        Eraserheads      RA239
     Kaliwete/Eheads        Eraserheads      RA240
    Kamasupra/Eheads        Eraserheads     RA241
        Ligaya/Eheads       Eraserheads     RA242
      Maskara/Eheads        Eraserheads     RA244
       Minsan/Eheads        Eraserheads     RA245
  MselangBhghri/Eheads      Eraserheads     RA243
    ParaSaMasa/Eheads       Eraserheads     RA246
    PopMachine/Eheads       Eraserheads     RA247
     Sembreak/Eheads        Eraserheads     RA248
    Superproxy/Eheads       Eraserheads     RA249
       Torpedo/Eheads       Eraserheads     RA250
       Toyang/Eheads        Eraserheads     RA251
  Trip2Jeruslem/Eheads      Eraserheads     RA252
 TuwingUmuulan/Eheads       Eraserheads     RA253
 WagKaMatakot/Eheads        Eraserheads     RA236
WagMNaItanong/Eheads        Eraserheads     RA237
  HoleLotLovn/FrancisM   Francis Magalona   RA258
      Luv4Lyf/FrancisM   Francis Magalona   RA255
 WhatYouWant/FrancisM    Francis Magalona   RA257
  YoullBeSafeHere/Rive       Rivermaya      PA586
   AyokoNaSana/ArielR       Ariel Rivera    RA222
  MhalNaMhalKta/ArielR      Ariel Rivera    RA224
     Photograph/ArielR      Ariel Rivera    RA225
    SaAkingPuso/ArielR      Ariel Rivera    RA226
     SimpleLang/ArielR      Ariel Rivera    RA227
  TunayNaLigaya/ArielR      Ariel Rivera    RA228
  WithoutUrLove/ArielR      Ariel Rivera    RA229
  LabanTukso/JBrothers       J Brothers     RA260
    Pasaway/JBrothers        J Brothers     RA261
  BgyanPansn/JBrothers       J Brothers     RA262
    Isputoki/JoeyDLeon     Joey De Leon     RA265
  LabAsanNa/JoeyDLeon      Joey De Leon     RA266
   SensyaNa/JoeyDLeon      Joey De Leon     RA267
    Testing/JoeyDLeon      Joey De Leon     RA268
 BringMeDwn/Rivermaya        Rivermaya      RA291
       Elesi/Rivermaya       Rivermaya      RA292
     Himala/Rivermaya        Rivermaya      RA293
KngAywMoWg/Rivermaya         Rivermaya      RA294
PnahnNnman/Rivermaya         Rivermaya      RA295
AngGustoNmin/Sexbomb         Sexbomb        RA296
    CrushKita/Sexbomb        Sexbomb        RA298
 ImNotDatGirl/Sexbomb        Sexbomb        RA300
    KahitSino/Sexbomb        Sexbomb        RA301
KissSabayHug/Sexbomb         Sexbomb        RA302
     Loveless/Sexbomb        Sexbomb        RA303
   MamasGirl/Sexbomb         Sexbomb        RA304
 TulogNaBaby/Sexbomb         Sexbomb        RA306
 Kuwano/VariousNovelty    Various Novelty   RA316
   BulagBulagan/VariousNovelty       Various Novelty     RA314
   GrabengTrafik/VariousNovelty      Various Novelty     RA315
  PagibigKoyMetal/VariousNovelty     Various Novelty     RA317
SaLangitWalangBeer/VariousNovelty    Various Novelty     RA318
      WeThree/VariousNovelty         Various Novelty     RA319
       HariNgSbly/SugarFree             Sugar Free       EA282
        KuyaWagPo/Tuesday                Tuesday         EA283
         Runaway/Slapshock              Slapshock        EA284
           Sinta/SugarFree              Sugar Free       EA285
         TheseDays/Bamboo                Bamboo          EA286
        BabyILovU/JBrothers             J Brothers       RA259
        WaitForMe/JBrothers             J Brothers       RA263
      ALongLongTimeAgo/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA269
       Afraid4Love2Fade/Lea            Lea Salonga       RA270
      DontKnowWhat2Do/Lea              Lea Salonga       RA271
             HowCanI/Lea               Lea Salonga       RA272
      DntLovYouAnymore/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA273
          INeedYouBack/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA274
        IThinkImInLove/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA275
        StayNLovDisWay/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA276
       LetThePainRemain/Lea            Lea Salonga       RA277
         OnceUponALife/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA278
           Pain/Lea Salonga            Lea Salonga       RA279
            ReachinOut/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA280
      SayThatYouLoveMe/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA281
         SpecialMemory/Lea             Lea Salonga       RA282
            TillIMetYou/Lea            Lea Salonga       RA283
      ComingHome/LOcampo              Louie Ocampo       RA284
     DalagangFilipina/LOcampo         Louie Ocampo       RA285
       FosterNMind/LOcampo            Louie Ocampo       RA286
         Josephine/LOcampo            Louie Ocampo       RA287
     PatriciasLullaby/LOcampo         Louie Ocampo       RA288
        Recuerdos/LOcampo             Louie Ocampo       RA289
      ThroughDYrs/LOcampo             Louie Ocampo       RA290
     CanThisBeLove/SMountain        Smokey Mountain      RA307
    KahitHbngBuhay/SMountain        Smokey Mountain      RA308
      Kailan/SmkeyMountain          Smokey Mountain      RA309
       Paraiso/SmkyMountain         Smokey Mountain      RA310
      SabiMo/SmkeyMountain          Smokey Mountain      RA311
      CoconutNut/SmokyMntn          Smokey Mountain      RA312
     WatsWrongWdDat/SmkyM           Smokey Mountain      RA313
                IgenERAP            Igen-Portal artist   DA680
                 IgenFVR            Igen-Portal artist   DA681
         IdRather/LVandross          Luther Vandross     RA370
               Weak/SWV                    SWV           RA395
        BopBopBaby/Westlife              Westlife        RA404
       IHaveADream/Westlife              Westlife        RA409
NvrLuvDisWayAgn/DWarwick    Dionne Warwick     RA321
          DianaSelos          Diana Zubiri     CB144
    FrancineQualityTime      Francine Prieto   CB143
      ClaudineVideoke      Claudine Barretto   CB145
    CamilleNoGirlCallers      Camille Prats    CB146
        AubreySimple          Aubrey Miles     CB147
         TroyHungry           Troy Montero     CB148
       NancyMistletoe      Nancy Castiglione   CB149
      NancyPecsBiceps      Nancy Castiglione   CB150
      PatrickJingleBells     Patrick Garcia    CB153
     PatrickNewYearHer       Patrick Garcia    CB156
      MickeyChristmas        Mickey Ferriols   CB157
      ChescaChristmas        Chesca Garcia     CB158
     AngelineChristmas      Angeline Aguilar   CB159
    NancyBestGirlFriend    Nancy Castiglione   CB160
     PatrickXmasFunHer       Patrick Garcia    CB154
    KrisBusinessPartner        Kris Aquino     CB141
    RichardGutierzSecret   Richard Gutierrez   CB137
      SharonBinibisita       Sharon Cuneta     CB136
   MauiAkoNaLangPlease         Maui Taylor     CB138
        MaricarBagay        Maricar de Mesa    CB139
  NancyXmasFriendsSing     Nancy Castiglione   CB151
         DianaInLove          Diana Zubiri     CB123
      YnezSecretXmas        Ynez Veneracion    CB124
         YnezWishKo         Ynez Veneracion    CB125
   VictorXmasKapatidko         Victor Neri     CB126
          DeepForest       Bernard Canaberal   CB127
           Operator        Bernard Canaberal   CB128
          HowDoUdo         Bernard Canaberal   CB129
          MsPandiwa        Bernard Canaberal   CB130
         JapOperator       Bernard Canaberal   CB131
          SantaKlaus       Bernard Canaberal   CB132
         Wind&Water        Bernard Canaberal   CB133
       ChescaCrushKo         Chesca Garcia     CB134
      MickeyBestFriend       Mickey Ferriols   CB135
 TngledUpNMe/SkyeSwtm       Skye Sweetnam      EA279
    NewYearCountdown                           DA739
    OnlyOne/YellowCard        Yellow Card      EA278
   AuldLangSyneBagpipe                         DA740
       NewYearCheers                           DA741
     YearEndCelebration                        DA742
      FireworksDisplay                         DA743
          FastDrivin                           DA744
         TechnoParty                           DA745
         HyperSound                            DA746
           SuperPop                            DA747
          TripleBeat                           DA748
   JadeLopezBabesSweet            Jade Lopez       GA103
    JadeLopezBestfriend           Jade Lopez       GA104
   RaileyVHoneyLambing         Railey Valeroso     GA105
        RaileyVParePogi        Railey Valeroso     GA106
    RaileyVSweetNiBaby         Railey Valeroso     GA107
   AntonDeLaPazPractice       Anton De La Paz      GA097
    AntonDeLaPazSweet         Anton De La Paz      GA098
   JennylynMercadoOops       Jennylyn Mercado      GA100
      ChristianESweetie      Christian Esteban     GA101
      ChristianETagalog      Christian Esteban     GA102
  WagNWag/KitchieNadal          Kitchie Nadal      PA576
    AizaKainXmas/Xmas           Aiza Marquez       PA560
  BernardWishingU/Xmas        Bernard Palanca      PA561
  GlaizaMgpapasya/Xmas        Glaiza de Castro     PA564
  HazelAnnMTampo/Xmas       Hazel Ann Mendoza      PA565
      JillNagluluto/Xmas            Jill Yulo      PA566
   SweetAkoDinTo/Xmas             John Lapus       PA568
 SweetSweetSanta/Xmas             John Lapus       PA569
  KayeNakakakilig/Xmas            Kaye Abad        PA570
      MajaPaalala/Xmas         Maja Salvador       PA571
  MaouiPagalagala/Xmas           Maoui David       PA572
     MikoGreeting/Xmas          Miko Palanca       PA573
       PaulaTreat/Xmas         Paula Peralejo      PA574
    RafaelPaputok/Xmas          Rafael Rosell      PA575
   JennylynHoneyTaping       Jennylyn Mercado      GA099
CherryLouStrockings/Xmas          Cherry Lou       PA578
 CholoBGalitSiSanta/Xmas       Cholo Barretto      PA579
 GemRamosRegalo/Xmas             Gem Ramos         PA580
 JennyMillerTaranta/Xmas         Jenny Miller      PA581
JMRodriguezSharing/Xmas         JM Rodriguez       PA582
MarcAcuezaGutomNa/Xmas          Marc Acueza        PA583
 SaritaGandangGift/Xmas    Sarita Perez de Tagle   PA584
    ThammieTaray/Xmas        Thammie Andrada       PA585
 DimplesXmasTreat/Xmas        Dimples Romana       PA563
  DesireeWatIWant/Xmas        Desiree del Valle    PA562
  AlwynUMaySinabi/Xmas         Alwyn Uytingco      PA577
    AllIWant4XmasBugs            Bugs Bunny        IA394
    BettinaCarlosGaleng        Bettina Carlos      GA078
      BettinaCarlosBaby        Bettina Carlos      GA079
     BettinaCarlosTaping       Bettina Carlos      GA080
       DionIgnacioCrush         Dion Ignacio       GA081
      DionIgnacioSweet          Dion Ignacio       GA082
     FrancisMEatBulaga       Francis Magalona      GA083
          FrancisMCool       Francis Magalona      GA084
        FrancisMDancer       Francis Magalona      GA085
       JulianneLeeBabes          Julianne Lee      GA086
    KarenDLReyesAction      Karen De Los Reyes     GA087
KarenDLReyesPasaway      Karen De Los Reyes   GA088
 KarenDLReyesHoney       Karen De Los Reyes   GA089
   KielRodriguezBesty       Kiel Rodriguez    GA090
     KielRMaasikaso         Kiel Rodriguez    GA091
    KielRodriguezPare       Kiel Rodriguez    GA092
MgaAngelNiGloria/G13           Ghost 13       GA093
OCmeAlYeFaithful/604              604         GA094
PaskoNgKapuso/Jolina      Jolina Magdangal    GA095
SlentNytOHoly/Dimsum           Dimsum         GA096
PaskoNgKapuso/Jolina      Jolina Magdangal    GA095
   Panalangin/NyoyV         Nyoy Volante      IA367
BalongMalalm/JDCBand    Juan Dela Cruz Band   IA360
  BeepBeep/JDCBand      Juan Dela Cruz Band   IA361
       Dukha/Judas               Judas        IA362
 HimigNatin/JDCBand     Juan Dela Cruz Band   IA363
KhitMangyari/JDCBand    Juan Dela Cruz Band   IA365
   NoTouch/JDCBand      Juan Dela Cruz Band   IA366
 TatakboAko/AteGlow            Ate Glow       IA368
TitsersEnemy/JDCBand    Juan Dela Cruz Band   IA369
  ManoPo3SherylCruz           SherylCruz      IA389
 ManoPo3DennisTrillo         Dennis Trillo    IA391
    SigawAngelLocsin         Ange lLocsin     IA392
 SigawRichardGuttierz     Richard Guttierez   IA393
 DiKoKaya/ErikSantos          Erik Santos     DA724
  KungAkoNaLngSana         Bituin Escalante   DA725
        GFNoReply                             WA062
       PistaSaBaryo                           WA063
      WishListSanta                           WA064
     ChristmasCarol                           WA065
     ChristmasFood                            WA066
   ChristmasShopping                          WA067
      ADrummerBoy             generic         WA068
     ComeAllFaithful          generic         WA069
      DeckTheHalls            generic         WA070
       FelizNavidad           generic         WA071
         FirstNoel            generic         WA072
  FrostyTheSnowman            generic         WA073
        JingleBells           generic         WA074
       SaMayBahay             generic         WA075
   WishUAMerryXmas            generic         WA076
     XmasNaNaman              generic         WA077
  NaritoPusoKo/Jolina    Jolina Magdangal     GA070
GivMe1MorChnce/Sipol            Sipol         GA071
 HigherThanHigh/Sipol           Sipol         GA072
       HoldOn/Sipol             Sipol         GA073
 KhitSandali/Jennylyn    Jennylyn Mercado     GA074
  IibiginAyIkaw/LaniM      Lani Misalucha     GA075
   DiKoNaKaya/Tux                    Tux                 GA077
 WintrWnderlnd/BingC             Bing Crosby             EA271
    Magasin/Eheads               Eraserheads             RA181
     JerryKenXmas                                        DA678
WersDHauzOfStaClaus      Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA684
   InDSpiritOfXmas       Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA685
    ABeriMeriXmas        Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA686
  JingleAllDWeeWee       Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA687
      InDHolyLand        Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA688
    PlasticXmasTree      Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA689
     XmasInTokyo         Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA690
  WeWishUAMeriOke        Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA691
 IfEverydayWasXmas       Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA692
      Comfort&Joy        Hightimes Tropical Christmas    DA693
    ComeSingALong       Hightimes Tropical Dance Music   DA694
    TrueLittleThings    Hightimes Tropical Dance Music   DA695
     ThisLittleChild            Trina Belamide           DA708
  OneWish/EmilyRey                 Emily Rey             DA709
  NowThatIHaveYou               Trina Belamide           DA726
   InOrOut/Sandara               Sandara Park            DA727
 TheReason/EmilyRey                Emily Rey             DA729
     Shine/RegineV             Regine Velasquez          DA730
   JodiFamily/Xmas              Jodi Sta. Maria          PA567
NowThatIHaveU/TrinaB            Trina Belamide           DA627
  OneWish/EmilyRey                 Emily Rey             DA675
      F2WishesYou                                        DA676
  OneWish/EmilyRey                Emily Rey              DA728
  PatrickXmasNYHim              Patrick Garcia           CB155
    XmasNaNaman                                          DA710
       DeckDHalls                                        DA711
       FirstNoel                                         DA712
    ComeAllFaithful                                      DA713
       Jinglebells                                       DA714
     FelizNavidad                                        DA715
    ADrummerBoy                                          DA716
  WishUAMerryXmas                                        DA717
     SaMayBahay                                          DA718
  FrostyDSnowMan                                         DA719
     ThisLittleChild           Trina Belamide            DA683
 KungAkin/ErikSantos             Erik Santos             PA491
  Rason/PureInstinct            Pure Instinct            PA515
 StopThink/AliyaParcs            Aliya Parcs             PA494
HwagUmiyak/TrueFaith              True Faith             PA490
 BakitKayoPaRin/Piolo           Piolo Pascual            PA485
    Paano/Hearbeat                Heartbeat              PA514
MoreThanEver/SherynR            Sheryn Regis             PA512
  Pamasko/TrueFaith               True Faith             EA260
   GrlBMyn/FrancisM      Francis M     RA210
    HarkAngelVocal1                    BA107
   Biglaan/6CyclMnd     6 Cycle Mind   RA197
   Nalilito/6CyclMind   6 Cycle Mind   RA198
 HulngElBimbo/Eheads     Eraserheads   RA179
    Ovrdrive/Eheads      Eraserheads   RA178
     PareKo/Eheads       Eraserheads   RA177
    WASmile/Eheads       Eraserheads   RA180
3StarsNASun/FrancisM      Francis M    RA212
BowWowWow/FrancisM        Francis M    RA211
   GrlBMyn/FrancisM       Francis M    RA210
KbtnKinabkasn/FrncsM      Francis M    RA208
 KldscopWrld/FrancisM     Francis M    RA209
    BaktPupy/JoeyDL     Joey De Leon   RA188
     Canton/JoeyDL      Joey De Leon   RA187
  PaepekEpek/JoeyDL     Joey De Leon   RA189
     ThinGrl/JoeyDL     Joey De Leon   RA190
        214/LukeM       Luke Mejares   RA219
     PaanoNa/LukeM      Luke Mejares   RA216
 JstASmylAway/LukeM     Luke Mejares   RA218
   LivinWoutU/LukeM     Luke Mejares   RA217
       214/Rvrmya         Rivermaya    RA205
AwtNgKbataan/Rvrmya       Rivermaya    RA206
HnahanapKita/Rvrmya       Rivermaya    RA203
  Kisapmata/Rvrmya        Rivermaya    RA207
       Ulan/Rvrmya        Rivermaya    RA204
    HarkAngelVocal2                    BA108
     HarkChipmunk                      BA109
     HarkAngelsInstr                   BA110
    HarkAngelsKiddy                    BA111
    HarkHeraldAngel                    BA112
    MerryLilXmasIns                    BA113
       MerryLilXmas                    BA114
    MryLilXmasVocal                    BA115
    MerryLilXmasKid                    BA116
      JingleBellRock                   BA117
    LilDrumrChipmnk                    BA118
      KiddieRudolph                    BA121
     LilDrummerIns                     BA119
     LilDrummerBoy                     BA120
    RudolphReindeer                    BA122
     VocalSilentNyt1                   BA123
     KiddySilentNy1                    BA124
     VocalSilentNyt2                   BA125
     KiddySilentNyt2                   BA126
     SilentChipmunk                    BA127
     ChipSleighRide                    BA129
     SleighRideJingl                     BA130
        SleighRide                       BA131
   1stNoelChipmunk                       BA133
      FirstNoelInstr                     BA134
     FirstKiddyNoel                      BA135
      TheFirstNoel                       BA136
  WytChipmnkXmas1                        BA137
   WhiteKiddyXmas1                       BA138
    WhiteChristmas1                      BA139
  WytChipmnkXmas2                        BA140
   WhiteKiddyXmas2                       BA141
    WhiteChristmas2                      BA142
    InsWinterWland                       BA143
   KiddyWinterWland                      BA144
    WinterWonderlnd                      BA145
    KiddySilentNyt2                      BA126
    BaktPapa/Sxbmb      Sexbomb Girls    RA199
  BktPapXmas/Sxbmb      Sexbomb Girls    RA168
     Daisy7/Sxbmb       Sexbomb Girls    RA202
  FeelngXmas/Sxbmb      Sexbomb Girls    RA172
 HapiMeriXmas/Sxbmb     Sexbomb Girls    RA171
    Mamacita/Sxbmb      Sexbomb Girls    RA173
   Pikpirikpik/Sxbmb    Sexbomb Girls    RA175
SilntNytNaNmn/Sxbmb     Sexbomb Girls    RA176
  SpagetiSong/Sxbmb     Sexbomb Girls    RA200
   TongSong/Sxbmb       Sexbomb Girls    RA201
 WshKoSaPsko/Sxbmb      Sexbomb Girls    RA169
PaskngNgdaan/SCuneta    Sharon Cuneta    RA159
SnaNgynPasko/SCuneta    Sharon Cuneta    RA160
   BanalNaAso/Yano           Yano        RA192
       Esem/Yano             Yano        RA196
       Kaka/Yano             Yano        RA195
    KumustaKa/Yano           Yano        RA194
     Tsinelas/Yano           Yano        RA193
 KungAkin/ErikSantos      Erik Santos    PA491
 ByebyeNa/RicoBlanco      Rico Blanco    PA487
 BakitKayoPaRin/Piolo    Piolo Pascual   PA485
    KenPerfectXmas                       DA679
   Joy2DWorldRemix                       DA696
    SilentNiteRemix                      DA697
   HarkDHeraldRemix                      DA698
  WeWishUAMeriXmas       Viva All Star   DA699
    OHolyNight/Jaya          Jaya        DA705
  HallerXmas/AJones     Angelica Jones   DA707
 BecItsXmas/KeithMrtn    Keith Martin    EA256
     VocalFirstNoel                      BA132
  LstYrsXmas/JimmyB     Jimmy Bondoc     RA162
     IDrmOfXmas/ArielR         Ariel Rivera     RA163
     NakrangPasko/ArielR       Ariel Rivera     RA164
   SnaArawAyPsko/ArielR        Ariel Rivera     RA165
    SnaNgynPasko/ArielR        Ariel Rivera     RA166
    SilntNytNaNmn/ArielR       Ariel Rivera     RA167
     SnaKhitMnsn/ArielR        Ariel Rivera     RA182
     WlaKngKtulad/ArielR       Ariel Rivera     RA183
    MnsnLngIibign/ArielR       Ariel Rivera     RA184
      SmylNUrHrt/ArielR        Ariel Rivera     RA185
         TellMe/ArielR         Ariel Rivera     RA186
      LtMeBTh1/JimmyB        Jimmy Bondoc       RA213
    ThMnIWsWU/JimmyB         Jimmy Bondoc       RA214
  AknNLngSnaSya/JimmyB       Jimmy Bondoc       RA215
   BktHangangNgayn/King             King        PA486
   HngngNgayn/Freeverse         Freeverse       PA488
       Hibang/FirstCircle       First Circle    PA489
   MuliMongMahalin/King             King        PA492
     NeverLetYouGo/King             King        PA493
     TangingInaNyo/AiAi      Ai Ai delas Alas   PA495
   BbalikKaPKya/Wisegys          Wiseguys       PA507
   FollowUrDrim/SherynR       Sheryn Regis      PA508
   KailanKDaratng/Wency      Wency Cornejo      PA509
    KailanMhalin/AnaFegi         Ana Fegi       PA510
    LastLoveSong/HeartE     Heart Evangelista   PA511
    NaritoLangAko/VinaM       Vina Morales      PA513
  SnayDPangarp/SherynR        Sheryn Regis      PA516
    SusubukanMuli/Jessa      Jessa Zaragoza     PA517
   CarlosABusyKami/Xmas       Carlos Agassi     PA543
   CarlosAXmasTree/Xmas       Carlos Agassi     PA544
   PioloNagdadasal/Xmas       Piolo Pascual     PA546
    SCQErrolNinong/Xmas      Errol Abalayan     PA547
  SCQJorossRudolph/Xmas      Joross Gamboa      PA548
   SCQJorossSanta/Xmas       Joross Gamboa      PA549
SCQJosephSarapBuhay/Xmas    Joseph Bitangcol    PA550
   SCQMelissaSanta/Xmas       Melissa Ricks     PA551
        SCQMichelleGift     Michelle Madrigal   PA552
  SCQRaphael5Star/Xmas      Raphael Martinez    PA554
 SCQRoxanneNinang/Xmas      Roxanne Guinoo      PA555
TVIdolJESisonMagUnat/Xmas        Je Sison       PA556
  TVIdolKikoSinehan/Xmas       Kiko Matos       PA557
  TVIdolMarcBabyKo/Xmas        Marc Cortez      PA558
         JerryXmasGift                          DA677
   SCQNeriNoSignal/Xmas        Neri Naig        PA553
      CnWeStpNTlk/LeaS        Lea Salonga       RA118
      PskoNSntaKo/LeaS        Lea Salonga       RA108
     SnaNgynPasko/LeaS        Lea Salonga       RA111
       FrndOfMyn/LeaS         Lea Salonga       RA115
        EvnIf/LeaS               Lea Salonga               RA116
   IRmmbrThBoy/LeaS              Lea Salonga               RA117
   We3Kings/JBrkman             Jim Brickman               RA145
 HarkHrldAngls/JBrkmn           Jim Brickman               RA147
    OHolyNyt/JBrkman            Jim Brickman               RA148
 JohnPratsKaLoveTeam              John Prats               CB142
  Haller/AngelicaJones          Angelica Jones             DA667
  KikayXmas/Hotcakes               Hotcakes                DA668
    KikayX2/Hotcakes               Hotcakes                DA669
  TotoyBiboKikayXmas Vhong Navarro/Hotcakes X'mas Medley   DA672
    TotoyBiboXMedley   Vhong Navarro/Hotcakes XMedley      DA673
StayW/MeXmas/MTBIdol             MTB TV Idols              DA674
    WazzUp/Akafellas               Akafellas               DA671
 WazUpXmas/Akafellas               Akafellas               DA670
        ThreeKings                                         IA302
      SentiChristmas                                       IA305
     RudolphResigns                                        IA306
         SantaRap                                          IA307
      ReindeerPromo                                        IA308
      PutoBumbong                                          IA309
       NocheBuena                                          IA310
      FindingNinong                                        IA313
        GiftChoice                                         IA314
     ChristmasHotline                                      IA312
     FiveGoldenRings                                       IA311
      SecurityBreach                                       IA304
        SPO10Duty                                          IA303
 Astro/RadioActveSago      Radioactive Sago Project        PA520
 MPogi/RadioactveSago      Radioactive Sago Project        PA528
  Hello/RadioactveSago     Radioactive Sago Project        PA523
  PrpseDrivnLyf/JamieR           Jamie Rivera              PA530
    DiKoKaya/AprilBoy          April Boy Regino            PA521
KlngnKta/Ornge&Lemns          Orange N Lemons              PA526
   128/AprilBoyRegino          April Boy Regino            PA519
Splndid/Ornge&Lemons          Orange N Lemons              PA533
 Kape/RadioactiveSago      Radioactive Sago Project        PA525
Leavng/Orange&Lemons          Orange N Lemons              PA527
    JohnPratsGisingin             John Prats               PA537
 1derful/Orange&Lemns         Orange N Lemons              PA534
Splndid/Ornge&Lemons          Orange N Lemons              PA533
 MPogi/RadioactveSago      Radioactive Sago Project        PA528
KlngnKta/Ornge&Lemns          Orange N Lemons              PA526
IsangGbi/Ornge&Lemns          Orange N Lemons              PA524
 GinP/RadioactiveSago      Radioactive Sago Project        PA522
 2ServeU4Ever/JamieR             Jamie Rivera              PA518
PinapangakoKo/JamieR             Jamie Rivera              PA529
     SinoAko/JamieR              Jamie Rivera              PA532
 JohnPratsCircumcize      John Prats      PA535
      JohnPratsCR         John Prats      PA536
   JohnPratsJacket        John Prats      PA538
JohnPratsNagpaganda       John Prats      PA539
JohnPratsNatatandaan      John Prats      PA540
 SanMiguelXmasJingle   Parokya ni Edgar   PA541
SnkDipOurRuts/JamieR     Jamie Rivera     PA531
     SaMayBahay                           DA663
    ConfuseSanta1                         MA251
    ConfuseSanta2                         MA252
    ConfuseSanta3                         MA253
    ConfuseSanta4                         MA254
        ElfNiSanta                        MA255
       FunkyXmas                          MA256
    HappyHolidays                         MA257
   MaligayongPasko                        MA258
      MeriKrismas                         MA259
   MgaTaoSaPasko                          MA260
    NaughtyNlang                          MA261
         PaskoNa                          MA262
   PaskoNaNaman                           MA263
       PhonePalElf                        MA264
       PlacesToGo                         MA265
  Reasons4dSeason                         MA266
      SaNorthPole                         MA267
     SantasHotline                        MA268
     TooLateWitch                         MA269
        WhyXmas                           MA270
        XmasCall                          MA271
      XmasFriend                          MA272
      XmasTawag                           MA273
   YoureSoNaughty                         MA274
    AngelsOnHigh       Voice Ensemble     MA275
     DeckTheHalls      Voice Ensemble     MA276
    ADrummerBoy                           DA654
     FelizNavidad                         DA655
       JingleBells                        DA656
   ComeAllFaithful                        DA657
         FirstNoel                        DA658
    XmasNaNaman                           DA659
 GodRestYeMerryMen     Voice Ensemble     MA277
        SilentNite                        DA660
       DeckDHalls                         DA661
   FrostySnowman                          DA662
    HarkTheHerald                         MA278
       JingleBells                        MA279
  WishUAMerryXmas                         DA664
     ComeAllYeF8ful       Voice Ensemble      MA280
     PaskoySumapit                            MA281
     PaskoNaNaman                             MA282
        FirstNoel                             MA283
     12DaysofXmas                             MA284
        We3Kings                              MA285
       WeWishYou                              MA286
GlobeCokeLoadedXmas                           ZA032
      TVIdolAjGym               AJ Dee        PA498
 TVIdolKikoKakagising        Kiko Matos       PA503
  TVIdolJESecretNatin          JE Sison       PA501
  TVidolFriendNiAhron          TV Idols       PA506
     AnaCapriFriend           Ana Capri       CB113
     AnaCapriHoney            Ana Capri       CB114
   TrueFaithKungOk           True Faith       CB120
      ParokyaBanyo         Chito Miranda      CA730
      ParokyaGising        Chito Miranda      CA731
         Bisaya                Generic        CB121
  GaryLisingSelfServe        Gary Lising      CA736
   InOrOut/Sandara          Sandara Park      DA650
MapasagotMo/Sandara         Sandara Park      DA651
     GaryLisingAdan          Gary Lising      CA733
   GaryLisingAdvice          Gary Lising      CA732
     WazzupTheme          Wazzup Wazzup       PA474
       MTBTheme                  MTB          PA470
    BornDivaTheme           Modify Later      PA462
 Heller/AngelicaJones      Angelica Jones     PA475
SunodSaGalaw/Jaboom        Jaboom Twins       PA473
OtsoOtsoPasko/Bayani      Bayani Agbayani     PA477
Pamela1/VhongNavarro       Vhong Navarro      PA472
 PagbigyangMuli/ErikS        Erik Santos      PA471
TotoyBibboXMas/Vhong       Vhong Navarro      PA482
  SanaSanta/VhongN         Vhong Navarro      PA480
 PamelaXmas/VhongN         Vhong Navarro      PA478
OtsoOtsoPasko/Bayani      Bayani Agbayani     PA477
       KikayXmas           Viva Hot Babes     PA476
 PagbigyangMuli/ErikS        Erik Santos      PA471
  SanaSanta/VhongN         Vhong Navarro      PA480
    AlaAlaNya/PioloP        Piolo Pascual     PA467
Pamela1/VhongNavarro       Vhong Navarro      PA472
TotoyBibboXMas/Vhong       Vhong Navarro      PA482
 AngelikaFriendFemale    Angelika dela Cruz   CB115
  AngelikaFriendMale     Angelika dela Cruz   CB116
   MarcLoganKulong           Marc Logan       CB117
MarcLoganMarcLoganKa         Marc Logan       CB118
  TrueFaithInspiration       True Faith       CB119
  KailanKaya/SherynR        Sheryn Regis      PA468
 MaibabalikKoBa/JoshS     Michael Josh Santana   PA469
 AgntOrange/Slapshock          Slapshock         EA177
     Alaala/TrueFaith          True Faith        EA178
     Ambon/TrueFaith           True Faith        EA179
  CldSmrNyts/FrancisM           Francis M        EA180
   EvilClown/Slapshock         Slapshock         EA182
   GetAway/Slapshock           Slapshock         EA183
        Hi/TrueFaith           True Faith        EA184
  HwMuchIFeel/Trufaith         True Faith        EA185
      Hudas/Bamboo               Bamboo          EA186
       IFeel4U/Kyla                Kyla          EA187
   Mariposa/Sugarfree          Sugar Free        EA189
    Misterio/Slapshock         Slapshock         EA190
  NtUrOrdnaryGirl/Kyla             Kyla          EA191
    PrfectAcustik/Truf8        True Faith        EA193
      SaPusoKo/Truf8           True Faith        EA194
 ShezoWickd/Slapshock          Slapshock         EA195
  SnktnPusoK/MichaelV           Michael V        EA196
  SinkOrSwim/Chicosci            Chicosci        EA197
   Telepono/Sugarfree          Sugar Free        EA199
  MissPakipot/UrbnFlow         Urban Flow        EA200
 RainbowRmix/SBorder          South Border       DA645
 TheShow/SouthBorder          South Border       DA646
      MrClay/Bamboo              Bamboo          EA201
WheneverUR/SouthBorder        South Border       DA647
    Playa/SouthBorder         South Border       DA648
  WishUWerHir/SBorder         South Border       DA649
  PaskoNaNaman/Gloc9              Gloc 9         PA479
 StayWidMe/MTBTVIdols         MTB TV Idols       PA481
 WazzupXMas/Akafellas           Akafellas        PA483
    XMasRapper/Gloc9              Gloc 9         PA484
          Banker1                                BA069
        EngineBaby                               BA070
          ADream                                 BA071
           badong                                BA072
             BIR                                 BA073
           Bisaya                                BA074
            Clinic                               BA075
      CreditCardBill1                            BA076
      CreditCardBill2                            BA077
       PromoWinner                               BA078
         Harassed                                BA079
       HealthCheck                               BA080
     HowDoILoveThee                              BA082
          DaHunk                                 BA083
     LoveNFriendship                             BA085
        LoveSecret                               BA086
       Matutino                         BA087
         Mental                         BA088
     MMDATicket                         BA089
     SexyModels                         BA090
       PhoneCall                        BA091
       RelaxCall                        BA092
    RememberMe                          BA093
    RoadNotTaken                        BA094
      SelosHoney                        BA095
     shootingStar                       BA096
     IsdangMaliit                       BA097
       Sonnet17                         BA098
        Startista                       BA099
     TheRainbow                         BA100
     turboEngine                        BA101
      PhoneVirus                        BA102
       WaitLang                         BA103
      TheWoods                          BA105
       YogaLine                         BA106
     HomeAtDay                          BA084
        Waiting                         BA104
   Masaya/Bamboo          Bamboo        EA145
    DraculasDiner                       DA637
 TellDWorldOfHisLuv    TRINA BELAMIDE   DA632
        BeAfraid                        DA633
  DeathByChainsaw                       DA634
     DevilsLaugh                        DA635
       DHaunted                         DA636
       EvilCurse                        DA638
        Exorcist                        DA639
  HeadlessHorsman                       DA640
      ScareCrow                         DA641
        Spooky                          DA642
   VampiresFathom                       DA643
       Werewolf                         DA644
  SCQReloadTheme        Modify Later    PA464
WansapanataymTheme     Wansapanataym    PA466
  MorningStarTheme      Modify Later    PA463
 RejoiceWalangSabit     Sandara Park    PA460
    TeriOnorBusy          Teri Onor     GA063
     TeriOnorMad          Teri Onor     GA064
           Tx               GMA         GA065
          Toto                          WA045
 CarlosADahilSikatKa    Carlos Agassi   PA461
    HallowChants                        WA057
   HallowLetMeOut                       WA058
     HallowMoans                        WA059
       HallowTechno                          WA060
        HallowVolts                          WA061
   StarInAMillionTheme   Star In A Million   PA465
     IzaCalzadoHoney       Iza Calzado       GA058
        BillClintone                         WA040
        SteadyChad                           WA041
            Hoy                              WA044
         MaglabaKa                           WA046
     Fallin/JannoGibbs      Janno Gibbs      GA056
    FrancineXtianTulog    Francine Prieto    CA649
    FrancineZackTulog     Francine Prieto    CA650
  FrancineZandroTulog     Francine Prieto    CA651
  CntSmylWoutU/BaryM      Barry Manilow      RA053
    CindyChitoBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA672
    CindyCholoBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA673
     CindyDanBestPal       Cindy Kurleto     CA676
    CindyDanielBestPal     Cindy Kurleto     CA677
    CindyDannyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA678
     CindyDaveBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA679
  ThWyULuk2nyt/RodS         Rod Stewart      RA098
IWnDncWSmbdy/WhitnyH     Whitney Houston     RA065
    CindyChuckBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA675
    CindyChrisBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA674
   CindyCharlieBestPal     Cindy Kurleto     CA671
  FrancineXanderTulog     Francine Prieto    CA648
     MAyaldeOnADate       Michelle Ayalde    PA415
      JennyMShower          Jenny Miller     PA421
     AlwynULaughTrip      Alwyn Uytingco     PA451
     CarlosA@TheGym        Carlos Agassi     PA455
     YaChangJapanese          Ya Chang       PA432
    RichGutLilianClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA201
      CherryLouCrush         Cherry Lou      PA333
        MAyaldeMall       Michelle Ayalde    PA413
     MAyaldeMessage       Michelle Ayalde    PA414
      MAyaldeSaying       Michelle Ayalde    PA416
     MAyaldeSoFunny       Michelle Ayalde    PA417
       JennyMCrush          Jenny Miller     PA419
        JennyMDate          Jenny Miller     PA420
      JennyMWakeUp          Jenny Miller     PA422
       JennyMWeird          Jenny Miller     PA423
   AubreyJaypeeBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA100
    DianaNickDevelop        Diana Zubiri     CB096
    DianaPauloDevelop       Diana Zubiri     CB099
     CindyAlexBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA654
     CindyAllanBestPal     Cindy Kurleto     CA655
     CindyAlvinBestPal     Cindy Kurleto     CA656
   CindyArmandBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA659
  CindyArnoldBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA660
    CindyBertBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA663
    CindyBobBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA664
  CindyBryanBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA667
   CindyCaloyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA668
   DianaPeteDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB100
  DianaPhilipDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB101
  DianaRickyDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB104
 DianaRobertDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB105
   DianaTotoDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB108
    DianaVicDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB109
  DianaVinceDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB110
 DianaVincentDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB111
    CindyCarlBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA669
       Espanyola             Generic      CB122
      TroyJosieHot        Troy Montero    CA400
AlwynUCguroNapuyat      Alwyn Uytingco    PA449
    AlwynUGisingNa      Alwyn Uytingco    PA450
  AlwynUNaptawagKa      Alwyn Uytingco    PA453
     AlwynUSinoTo       Alwyn Uytingco    PA454
  CarlosAIbangKlase       Carlos Agassi   PA457
     PalmolivePosh       KC Concepcion    PA459
 CindyCharlesBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA670
    CindyBoyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA666
  CindyBobbyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA665
 CindyBenedictBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA662
    CindyBenBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA661
   CindyArielBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA658
 CindyAnthonyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA657
     CindyAlBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA653
  CindyAlbertBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA652
  FrancineChitoTulog     FrancinePrieto   CA500
       TroyKatHot         Troy Montero    CA401
    AlwynUBiroLang      Alwyn Uytingco    PA448
AlwynUAyawMamansin      Alwyn Uytingco    PA447
     CarlosAWrong         Carlos Agassi   PA458
  SharonEstherFriend    Sharon Cuneta     CA300
  AlwynULoveNaLove      Alwyn Uytingco    PA452
      JennyMBitin          Jenny Miller   PA418
   DianaTobyDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB107
 DianaStevenDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB106
   DianaReyDevelop        Diana Zubiri    CB103
  DianaRalphDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB102
 MaricarPocholoSmile    Maricar De Mesa   CB026
  DianaBrianDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB073
  DianaCaloyDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB074
 DianaCharlieDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB075
 DianaChitoDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB076
 DianaCholoDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB077
DianaDennisDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB078
DianaDondonDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB079
 DianaFelixDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB082
DianaFrancisDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB083
  DianaIvanDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB086
  DianaJeffDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB087
  DianaJunDevelop        Diana Zubiri    CB088
  DianaLitoDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB091
 DianaMarioDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB092
 DianaNardsDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB095
 CindyDennisBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA681
  CindyDinoBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA683
  CindyDirkBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA684
   CindyDoyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA687
    CindyEdBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA688
  CindyEmilBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA691
  CindyEpoyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA692
  CindyErickBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA693
 CindyFerdieBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA696
  CindyFerdsBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA697
CindyFrancisBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA700
CindyFreddieBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA701
 CindyGilbertBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA704
   CindyGioBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA705
  CindyGlenBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA706
 CindyHarryBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA709
 CindyHenryBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA710
   CindyIraBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA713
   MaricarAbeSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB011
  MaricarAlvinSmile    Maricar De Mesa   CB012
 MaricarBobbySmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB013
  MaricarBongSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB014
MaricarCharltonSmile   Maricar De Mesa   CB015
 MaricarDennisSmile    Maricar De Mesa   CB016
 MaricarDondiSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB017
MaricarDondonSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB018
   MaricarIraSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB021
   MaricarJoelSmile    Maricar De Mesa   CB022
  MaricarMikeSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB023
 MaricarPatrickSmile   Maricar De Mesa   CB024
   MaricarRobSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB027
 MaricarStevenSmile    Maricar De Mesa   CB028
  MaricarZackSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB029
 PatrickAngelaCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB032
  PatrickAnnieCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB033
   PatrickAprilCrush    Patrick Garcia   CB034
 PatrickElizbethCrush   Patrick Garcia   CB037
    PatrickEmCrush      Patrick Garcia   CB038
   PatrickFaithCrush    Patrick Garcia   CB041
  PatrickGraceCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB042
  PatrickHoneyCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB043
  PatrickJennyCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB046
   PatrickKrisCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB047
   PatrickLisaCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB048
   PatrickLizaCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB049
    PatrickLizCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB050
    PatrickLuzCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB051
 PatrickMelanieCrush    Patrick Garcia   CB054
    PatrickMelCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB055
 PatrickMichelleCrush   Patrick Garcia   CB057
 PatrickStefanieCrush   Patrick Garcia   CB058
  PatrickStephCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB059
 DianaAlbertDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB060
  DianaAlexDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB062
  DianaAllanDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB063
 DianaAntonyDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB065
 DianaArnoldDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB067
DianaBenedictDevelop     Diana Zubiri    CB069
  DianaBertDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB070
  CindyInyakiBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA712
    CindyIanBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA711
  CindyHansBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA708
   CindyGregBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA707
 CindyGeorgeBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA703
  CindyGeneBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA702
   CindyFinoBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA699
   CindyFidelBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA698
   CindyFelixBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA695
  CindyErnieBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA694
  CindyEdwinBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA690
   CindyEduBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA689
 CindyDondonBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA686
   CindyDonBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA685
   CindyDickBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA682
  DianaZackDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB112
  DianaPaulDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB098
 DianaOyingDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB097
  DianaMikoDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB094
 DianaMarvinDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB093
 DianaJunnieDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB090
 DianaJunjunDevelop      Diana Zubiri    CB089
 DianaGilbertDevelop     Diana Zubiri    CB085
 DianaFritzDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB084
DianaEdwinDevelop        Diana Zubiri    CB081
  DianaEduDevelop        Diana Zubiri    CB080
MaricarGeorgeSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB020
  MaricarDonSmile      Maricar De Mesa   CB019
  DianaBoyDevelop        Diana Zubiri    CB072
DianaBobbyDevelop        Diana Zubiri    CB071
  DianaBenDevelop        Diana Zubiri    CB068
 DianaArielDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB066
 DianaAlvinDevelop       Diana Zubiri    CB064
   DianaAlDevelop        Diana Zubiri    CB061
PatrickMelissaCrush     Patrick Garcia   CB056
  PatrickMayCrush       Patrick Garcia   CB053
  PatrickMarCrush       Patrick Garcia   CB052
PatrickJenniferCrush    Patrick Garcia   CB045
   PatrickJenCrush      Patrick Garcia   CB044
 PatrickEmilyCrush      Patrick Garcia   CB040
PatrickEmilouCrush      Patrick Garcia   CB039
 PatrickDianaCrush      Patrick Garcia   CB036
  PatrickBethCrush      Patrick Garcia   CB035
  PatrickAmyCrush       Patrick Garcia   CB031
 PatrickAimieCrush      Patrick Garcia   CB030
 MaricarPeterSmile     Maricar De Mesa   CB025
  CindyJackBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA714
  CindyJakeBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA715
 CindyJamesBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA716
 CindyJasonBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA717
CindyJayjayBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA720
  CindyJedBestPal       Cindy Kurleto    CA721
  CindyJeffBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA722
  CindyJimBestPal       Cindy Kurleto    CA725
CindyJimmyBestPal       Cindy Kurleto    CA726
  CindyJoshBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA729
CindyJoshuaBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA734
  CindyJunBestPal       Cindy Kurleto    CA735
  CindyMarBestPal       Cindy Kurleto    CA739
 CindyMarioBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA740
CindyMickeyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA743
 CindyMikeyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA744
  CindyMikoBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA745
 CindyNardsBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA748
  CindyOcaBestPal       Cindy Kurleto    CA749
 CindyOyingBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA750
 CindyPaoloBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA751
   CindyPatBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA752
CindyPatrickBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA753
 CindyPhilipBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA756
CindyPocholoBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA757
   CindyReyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA760
CindyRichardBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA761
  CindyRickyBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA762
 CindyRobertBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA765
CindyRolandBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA767
CindyRommyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA770
   CindyRonBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA771
  CindyRyanBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA774
  CindySamBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA775
CindySammyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA776
 CindySteveBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA779
CindyStevenBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA780
  CindyTobyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA783
  CindyTonyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA784
  CindyTorryBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA785
  CindyTotoBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA787
CindyVincentBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA790
 CindyWallyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA791
   NescafeGoodDay     Barbie's Cradle   DA631
CindyZandroBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA793
  CindyWillyBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA792
  CindyVinceBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA789
   CindyVicBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA788
   CindyTitoBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA782
  CindyTerryBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA781
 CindySonnyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA778
 CindySimonBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA777
   CindyRoyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA773
CindyRonnieBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA772
CindyRommelBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA769
  CindyRollyBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA768
 CindyRobbieBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA764
   CindyRobBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA763
 CindyRandyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA759
 CindyRalphBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA758
  CindyPeterBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA755
  CindyPaulBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA754
  CindyMonBestPal      Cindy Kurleto    CA747
  CindyMitchBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA746
   CindyMelBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA742
 CindyMarvinBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA741
  CindyLouieBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA738
   CindyLitoBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA737
 CindyJonjonBestPal    Cindy Kurleto    CA728
  CindyJoeyBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA727
   CindyJetBestPal     Cindy Kurleto    CA724
  CindyJeffreyBestPal      Cindy Kurleto     CA723
  CindyJaydeeBestPal       Cindy Kurleto     CA719
    CindyJayBestPal        Cindy Kurleto     CA718
    IvFaln4U/JamieR        Jamie Rivera      EA081
BaktNgynKLng/OgieA          Ogie Alcasid     EA062
  DahlMahlKita/OgieA        Ogie Alcasid     EA063
  D2SaPusoKo/OgieA          Ogie Alcasid     EA064
    Pagkktaon/OgieA         Ogie Alcasid     EA067
    Nand2Ako/OgieA          Ogie Alcasid     EA068
     SaKanya/OgieA          Ogie Alcasid     EA069
 KngOKLngSYo/TruFth          True Faith      EA072
MntkMbotLngit/TruFth         True Faith      EA073
HwagNLngKaya/TruFth          True Faith      EA074
      BcuzOfU/Kyla              Kyla         EA075
   HangngNgyn/Kyla              Kyla         EA076
    HeyItsMe/JamieR        Jamie Rivera      EA080
        Muli/VinaM         Vina Morales      EA083
    NhuliKita/JessaZ      Jessa Zaragoza     EA084
YakpnMoAko/JoeyAlbrt        Joey Albert      EA085
    WoutU/JoeyAlbrt         Joey Albert      EA086
IkwLngMmhlin/JAlbert        Joey Albert      EA087
     Tukso/EvaEgnio         Eva Eugenio      EA088
1Bblkn1Iwnn/CMndoza       Cristy Mendoza     EA089
    YCntItB/RannieR     Rannie Raymundo      EA090
   RemmbrMe/RenzV          Renz Verano       EA091
       Sulat/RenzV         Renz Verano       EA092
   IbngIbaKa/RenzV         Renz Verano       EA093
SuprKrystala1SherynR       Sheryn Regis      PA444
   SanaMikeEmpeno          Mike Empeno       PA441
  YakapMoDianneDF       Dianne dela Fuente   PA446
 ShuBiDuWopSherynR         Sheryn Regis      PA443
SaPngrpNLngMarinelS       Marinel Santos     PA442
   IkawLngPalaJoshS        Josh Santana      PA436
    YaChangDaijobu           Ya Chang        PA431
   GemRAreUTheOne           Gem Ramos        PA426
 LbnKrystla2Gloc9&JM       Gloc 9 and JM     PA440
 LbnKrystla1Gloc9&JM       Gloc 9 and JM     PA439
Kapangyarihan2Gloc9            Gloc 9        PA438
Kapangyarihan1Gloc9            Gloc 9        PA437
     GemROnADate            Gem Ramos        PA429
  GemRWagDyanHon            Gem Ramos        PA430
    GemRGisinginKo          Gem Ramos        PA435
SuprKrystala2SherynR       Sheryn Regis      PA445
  GemRNaglaroKami           Gem Ramos        PA428
    GemRCrushKoNa           Gem Ramos        PA427
      YaChangJopay           Ya Chang        PA433
       Hilik2DBones                          DA588
      JackNJillBurp                      DA589
      LaughNSnort                        DA590
       Puke2Death                        DA591
       DirtBikeKid                       DA592
         Asthma                          DA593
        HorseRace                        DA594
        JetFighter                       DA595
       BasketCase                        DA600
         DrJones                         DA601
         Ecstasy                         DA602
        HeatWave                         DA603
        OldSchool                        DA604
        PumpItUp                         DA605
       RideWithMe                        DA606
        Sandman                          DA607
         SkyHigh                         DA608
       TechnoGeek                        DA609
   KcConcepcionPosh    KC Concepcion     PA424
 McDoLoveKoToSong       Jasmine Trias    PA425
   FrancineRicoTulog   Francine Prieto   CA610
    FrancineRicTulog   Francine Prieto   CA611
 FrancineRobbyTulog    Francine Prieto   CA612
  FrancineRobinTulog   Francine Prieto   CA613
 FrancineRolandTulog   Francine Prieto   CA614
  FrancineRollyTulog   Francine Prieto   CA615
 FrancineRonnieTulog   Francine Prieto   CA618
   FrancineRonTulog    Francine Prieto   CA619
 FrancineRubenTulog    Francine Prieto   CA620
  FrancineRyanTulog    Francine Prieto   CA621
 FrancineSenenTulog    Francine Prieto   CA624
FrancineSennenTulog    Francine Prieto   CA625
FrancineSimmonTulog    Francine Prieto   CA626
 FrancineStevenTulog   Francine Prieto   CA629
  FrancineSteveTulog   Francine Prieto   CA630
  FrancineTerryTulog   Francine Prieto   CA631
  FrancineTobyTulog    Francine Prieto   CA634
 FrancineTomasTulog    Francine Prieto   CA635
FrancineTommyTulog     Francine Prieto   CA636
  FrancineTonyTulog    Francine Prieto   CA637
    FrancineValTulog   Francine Prieto   CA640
    FrancineVicTulog   Francine Prieto   CA641
FrancineVincentTulog   Francine Prieto   CA642
  FrancineVinceTulog   Francine Prieto   CA643
  FrancineWallyTulog   Francine Prieto   CA644
  FrancineWebbTulog    Francine Prieto   CA645
FrancineWendelTulog    Francine Prieto   CA646
   FrancineAibaTulog   FrancinePrieto    CA472
  FrancineAlbertTulog   Francine Prieto   CA473
  FrancineAllanTulog    Francine Prieto   CA474
     FrancineAlTulog    Francine Prieto   CA475
   FrancineAlvieTulog   Francine Prieto   CA476
  FrancineAlvinTulog    Francine Prieto   CA477
  FrancineAnchTulog     Francine Prieto   CA478
  FrancineAntonTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA480
   FrancineArielTulog   FrancinePrieto    CA481
  FrancineArnelTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA482
   FrancineBenTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA485
   FrancineBertTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA486
   FrancineBillyTulog   FrancinePrieto    CA487
 FrancineBobbyTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA488
  FrancineBoyetTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA491
   FrancineBoyTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA492
  FrancineBrianTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA493
   FrancineCarlTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA496
   FrancineCaryTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA497
  FrancineCelsoTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA498
  FrancineChubiTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA501
   FrancineCrisTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA502
 FrancineDannyTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA503
   FrancineDanTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA504
   FrancineDinoTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA507
     FrancineDJTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA508
FrancineDomengTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA509
FrancineDondonTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA510
   FrancineDonTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA511
   FrancineDoyTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA512
  FrancineDudeTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA513
  FrancineDudsTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA514
     FrancineEdTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA515
   FrancineEpoyTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA518
    FrancineEricTulog   FrancinePrieto    CA519
  FrancineErnieTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA520
  FrancineFerdsTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA523
   FrancineFinoTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA524
 FrancineFrancisTulog   FrancinePrieto    CA525
 FrancineFrancoTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA526
 FrancineGabbyTulog     Francine Prieto   CA529
  FrancineGeneTulog     Francine Prieto   CA530
 FrancineGeorgeTulog    Francine Prieto   CA531
   FrancineGinoTulog    Francine Prieto   CA534
    FrancineGioTulog    Francine Prieto   CA535
  FrancineGlennTulog    Francine Prieto   CA536
  FrancineHarryTulog    Francine Prieto   CA539
  FrancineHenryTulog    Francine Prieto   CA540
FrancineHubertTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA542
   FrancineIanTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA543
  FrancineInnoTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA544
 FrancineInyakiTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA545
    FrancineIraTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA546
   FrancineJackTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA547
 FrancineJamesTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA548
 FrancineJasperTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA550
 FrancineJayjayTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA551
FrancineJaypeeTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA552
    FrancineJBTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA553
   FrancineJingTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA556
   FrancineJoeTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA557
  FrancineJoeyTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA558
  FrancineJongTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA561
 FrancineJonjonTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA562
  FrancineJoshTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA563
FrancineJoshuaTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA564
 FrancineJunjunTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA567
   FrancineJunTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA568
   FrancineKikoTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA569
   FrancineLitoTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA572
  FrancineLloydTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA573
FrancineLorenzoTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA574
 FrancineMackyTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA577
 FrancineMarcoTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA578
  FrancineMarioTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA579
   FrancineMarTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA580
FrancineMichaelTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA581
  FrancineMigsTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA582
  FrancineMikeTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA583
   FrancineNickTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA586
  FrancineNickyTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA587
   FrancineNicoTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA588
  FrancineNoelTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA589
   FrancineOkaTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA592
 FrancineOscarTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA593
 FrancineOyingTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA594
FrancinePatrickTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA597
    FrancinePatTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA598
   FrancinePaulTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA599
  FrancinePhilipTulog   Francine   Prieto   CA602
  FrancinePioloTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA603
FrancinePocholoTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA604
  FrancineRaffyTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA605
   FrancineReyTulog     Francine   Prieto   CA608
  FrancineRickyTulog    Francine   Prieto   CA609
   FrancineWillieTulog   Francine Prieto   CA647
    FrancineTotsTulog    Francine Prieto   CA639
    FrancineTotoTulog    Francine Prieto   CA638
    FrancineTitoTulog    Francine Prieto   CA633
    FrancineTimTulog     Francine Prieto   CA632
  FrancineSonnyTulog     Francine Prieto   CA628
  FrancineSimonTulog     Francine Prieto   CA627
    FrancineSamTulog     Francine Prieto   CA623
 FrancineSammyTulog      Francine Prieto   CA622
  FrancineRonaldTulog    Francine Prieto   CA617
 FrancineRommelTulog     Francine Prieto   CA616
FrancineRaymondTulog     Francine Prieto   CA607
  FrancineRamonTulog     Francine Prieto   CA606
    FrancinePeteTulog    Francine Prieto   CA601
   FrancinePeterTulog    Francine Prieto   CA600
   FrancinePardsTulog    Francine Prieto   CA596
   FrancinePaoloTulog    Francine Prieto   CA595
   FrancineObetTulog     Francine Prieto   CA591
  FrancineNonoyTulog     Francine Prieto   CA590
   FrancineNardsTulog    Francine Prieto   CA585
   FrancineMikeyTulog    Francine Prieto   CA584
    FrancineLuisTulog    Francine Prieto   CA576
   FrancineLouieTulog    Francine Prieto   CA575
   FrancineLanceTulog    Francine Prieto   CA571
    FrancineKyleTulog    Francine Prieto   CA570
  FrancineJuniorTulog    Francine Prieto   CA566
   FrancineJunieTulog    Francine Prieto   CA565
    FrancineJojoTulog    Francine Prieto   CA560
 FrancineJohnnyTulog     Francine Prieto   CA559
    FrancineJeddTulog    Francine Prieto   CA555
     FrancineJDTulog     Francine Prieto   CA554
   FrancineJasonTulog    Francine Prieto   CA549
 FrancineHerbertTulog    Francine Prieto   CA541
   FrancineHansTulog     Francine Prieto   CA538
   FrancineGregTulog     Francine Prieto   CA537
  FrancineGerbyTulog     Francine Prieto   CA533
  FrancineGeraldTulog    Francine Prieto   CA532
  FrancineFredieTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA528
 FrancineFrankieTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA527
  FrancineFerdieTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA522
    FrancineFelixTulog   FrancinePrieto    CA521
  FrancineEntengTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA517
    FrancineEduTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA516
   FrancineDavidTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA506
   FrancineDaveTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA505
    FrancineCesTulog     FrancinePrieto    CA499
   FrancineCarloTulog    FrancinePrieto    CA495
  FrancineCaloyTulog     FrancinePrieto     CA494
  FrancineBongTulog      FrancinePrieto     CA490
   FrancineBobTulog      FrancinePrieto     CA489
  FrancineArvinTulog     FrancinePrieto     CA484
  FrancineArnieTulog     FrancinePrieto     CA483
  FrancineAndyTulog      Francine Prieto    CA479
   FrancineAlexTulog     Francine Prieto    CA471
 FrancineAdrianTulog     Francine Prieto    CA466
   RichGutAbbyClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA126
   RichGutAliceClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA127
  RichGutAngelaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA130
 RichGutAngelicaClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA131
   RichGutAngieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA132
   RichGutAnneClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA134
 RichGutAnnetteClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA135
   RichGutAprilClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA137
    RichGutAvaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA139
  RichGutBabethClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA140
    RichGutBeaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA141
 RichGutBrendaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA145
  RichGutCelineClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA148
RichGutCharmaneClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA150
   RichGutCheriClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA151
   RichGutCindyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA154
 RichGutCristineClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA155
  RichGutCrystalClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA156
   RichGutDaisyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA157
  RichGutDebbieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA158
  RichGutDianaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA159
  RichGutDianneClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA160
   RichGutDoraClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA163
   RichGutDorinClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA166
  RichGutEllaineClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA168
 RichGutEmileenClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA170
   RichGutEmilyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA171
   RichGutEricaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA172
  RichGutEstherClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA173
   RichGutFaithClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA174
  RichGutFannyClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA175
   RichGutGellyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA176
    RichGutGiaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA177
   RichGutGirlieClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA178
  RichGutGraciaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA180
   RichGutHildaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA182
   RichGutIreneClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA184
  RichGutJamieClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA186
   RichGutJaneClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA187
   RichGutJenClose     RIchard Gutierrez   CA189
RichGutJenniferClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA190
    RichGutJillClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA192
  RichGutJosieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA193
RichGutKathleenClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA196
  RichGutKathyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA197
   RichGutLenClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA200
   RichGutLilyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA202
    RichGutLizClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA205
   RichGutLynClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA206
RichGutLynnethClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA207
  RichGutMahalClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA208
  RichGutMaidaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA209
  RichGutMaraClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA210
   RichGutMarClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA211
  RichGutMariaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA212
   RichGutMelClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA215
RichGutMenchieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA217
RichGutMenchuClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA218
   RichGutMilaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA221
  RichGutMinieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA222
 RichGutNancyClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA226
 RichGutNicholaClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA227
  RichGutNiniaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA230
  RichGutOliveClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA231
   RichGutPamClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA232
  RichGutPearlClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA235
   AubreyAlexBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA082
 AubreyAntonyBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA083
   AubreyBoyBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA086
  AubreyCaloyBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA087
  AubreyCarloBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA089
 AubreyDannyBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA093
  AubreyDinoBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA096
   AubreyFinoBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA097
   AubreyJoeyBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA102
 AubreyJonjonBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA105
   AubreyLeoBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA107
 AubreyMickeyBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA109
  AubreyMikeBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA110
   AubreyNealBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA111
 AubreyPatrickBagay      Aubrey Miles      CA112
  AubreyPeterBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA113
 AubreyRobbyBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA115
 AubreyRolandBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA116
AubreyRommelBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA118
 AubreyRonaldBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA119
AubreyTontonBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA121
 AubreyTonyBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA122
 AubreyVinceBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA124
 RichGutPennyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA236
   RichGutPiaClose    RIchard Gutierrez   CA237
RichGutRachelClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA240
   RichGutRiaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA241
  RichGutRicaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA242
  RichGutRinaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA243
  RichGutRitaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA244
  RichGutRizaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA245
  RichGutRoseClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA248
RichGutRoselleClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA249
RichGutRowenaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA250
  RichGutRyaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA253
RichGutSabrinaClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA254
RichGutSavanaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA257
RichGutSharonClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA258
 RichGutSheilaClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA259
RichGutShirleyClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA262
 RichGutSoniaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA263
 RichGutSylviaClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA265
 RichGutTanyaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA266
RichGutThereseClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA269
  RichGutTiffyClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA270
  RichGutTitaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA272
RichGutTonetteClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA273
 RichGutTrishaClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA274
RichGutValerieClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA275
 RichGutVanaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA276
 RichGutVickyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA278
  SharonAidaFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA280
 SharonAliceFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA281
 SharonAnnaFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA284
 SharonAnneFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA285
 SharonAnnieFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA286
  SharonBingFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA289
 SharonCarolFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA290
SharonChinkyFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA293
  SharonCoraFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA294
SharonDonnaFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA297
 SharonElaineFriend    Sharon Cuneta      CA298
  SharonGigiFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA301
 SharonGirlieFriend    Sharon Cuneta      CA302
 SharonIreneFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA305
 SharonJackyFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA306
 SharonJanetFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA307
 SharonJennyFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA308
 SharonKayeFriend     Sharon Cuneta   CA311
SharonKimotsFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA312
SharonLourdesFriend   Sharon Cuneta   CA315
 SharonMareFriend     Sharon Cuneta   CA316
SharonMaricelFriend   Sharon Cuneta   CA319
 SharonMarieFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA320
  SharonNinaFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA323
 SharonOliveFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA324
  SharonPamFriend     Sharon Cuneta   CA325
SharonRaquelFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA328
 SharonRemyFriend     Sharon Cuneta   CA329
SharonSandraFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA332
 SharonSandyFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA333
 SharonSheilaFriend   Sharon Cuneta   CA336
SharonShirleyFriend   Sharon Cuneta   CA337
 SharonTriciaFriend   Sharon Cuneta   CA340
 SharonWengFriend     Sharon Cuneta   CA341
    TroyAileenHot      Troy Montero   CA342
  TroyAlexandraHot     Troy Montero   CA343
     TroyAmieHot       Troy Montero   CA346
      TroyAnaHot       Troy Montero   CA347
   TroyAngelicaHot     Troy Montero   CA350
     TroyAngieHot      Troy Montero   CA351
     TroyAnnieHot      Troy Montero   CA354
     TroyAprilHot      Troy Montero   CA356
      TroyGelHot       Troy Montero   CA391
     TroyHildaHot      Troy Montero   CA394
     TroyIreneHot      Troy Montero   CA395
   TroyJacklynHot      Troy Montero   CA396
       TroyJillHot     Troy Montero   CA399
     TroyKayeHot       Troy Montero   CA403
      TroyKylaHot      Troy Montero   CA404
      TroyLitaHot      Troy Montero   CA407
     TroyLittleHot     Troy Montero   CA408
   TroyLynetteHot      Troy Montero   CA410
     TroyMaraHot       Troy Montero   CA413
       TroyLizHot      Troy Montero   CA414
     TroyMariaHot      Troy Montero   CA415
     TroyMarieHot      Troy Montero   CA416
   TroyMenchuHot       Troy Montero   CA419
      TroyMiaHot       Troy Montero   CA420
      TroyMilaHot      Troy Montero   CA421
    TroyMyleneHot      Troy Montero   CA424
    TroyAubreyHot      Troy Montero   CA358
      TroyBeaHot       Troy Montero   CA361
     TroyBethHot       Troy Montero   CA362
    TroyCarolHot      Troy Montero     CA366
   TroyCarrieHot      Troy Montero     CA367
    TroyCeliaHot      Troy Montero     CA370
   TroyCelineHot      Troy Montero     CA371
TroyCharmaineHot      Troy Montero     CA372
   TroyCindyHot       Troy Montero     CA375
   TroyClaireHot      Troy Montero     CA376
    TroyCoraHot       Troy Montero     CA377
   TroyCrissyHot      Troy Montero     CA378
  TroyCynthiaHot      Troy Montero     CA379
   TroyDianaHot       Troy Montero     CA381
  TroyDianneHot       Troy Montero     CA382
   TroyDonnaHot       Troy Montero     CA383
 TroyElizabethHot     Troy Montero     CA386
     TroyEmHot        Troy Montero     CA387
    TroyFranHot       Troy Montero     CA390
   TroyNancyHot       Troy Montero     CA425
    TroyNinaHot       Troy Montero     CA428
   TroyOwenHot        Troy Montero     CA429
     TroyPatHot       Troy Montero     CA432
  TroyPatriciaHot     Troy Montero     CA433
    TroyPearlHot      Troy Montero     CA434
   TroyPinkyHot       Troy Montero     CA437
  TroyRaquelHot       Troy Montero     CA438
    TroyRicaHot       Troy Montero     CA441
    TroyRinaHot       Troy Montero     CA442
    TroyRizaHot       Troy Montero     CA443
    TroyRonaHot       Troy Montero     CA446
    TroyRoseHot       Troy Montero     CA447
   TroySandyHot       Troy Montero     CA450
TroySavannahHot       Troy Montero     CA451
   TroySheilaHot      Troy Montero     CA452
  TroyShirleyHot      Troy Montero     CA453
   TroySonyaHot       Troy Montero     CA454
 TroySunshineHot      Troy Montero     CA455
    TroyTiffyHot      Troy Montero     CA458
    TroyTinaHot       Troy Montero     CA459
   TroyTrishaHot      Troy Montero     CA460
   TroyWowieHot       Troy Montero     CA463
FrancineAbeTulog     Francine Prieto   CA464
FrancineAcrisTulog   FrancinePrieto    CA465
   TroyWengHot        Troy Montero     CA462
   TroyVivianHot      Troy Montero     CA461
  TroyTheresaHot      Troy Montero     CA457
     TroyTetHot       Troy Montero     CA456
  TroySandraHot       Troy Montero     CA449
  TroySabrinaHot      Troy Montero     CA448
  TroyRochelleHot     Troy Montero   CA445
   TroyRocelleHot     Troy Montero   CA444
      TroyRiaHot      Troy Montero   CA440
    TroyRheaHot       Troy Montero   CA439
      TroyPiaHot      Troy Montero   CA436
   TroyPearlyHot      Troy Montero   CA435
     TroyPamHot       Troy Montero   CA431
  TroyPamelaHot       Troy Montero   CA430
   TroyNicoleHot      Troy Montero   CA427
   TroyNicolaHot      Troy Montero   CA426
   TroyMonicaHot      Troy Montero   CA423
   TroyMinnieHot      Troy Montero   CA422
     TroyMelHot       Troy Montero   CA418
  TroyMelanieHot      Troy Montero   CA417
   TroyMahalHot       Troy Montero   CA412
     TroyLynHot       Troy Montero   CA411
    TroyLillianHot    Troy Montero   CA406
     TroyLenHot       Troy Montero   CA405
    TroyKathyHot      Troy Montero   CA402
    TroyJennyHot      Troy Montero   CA398
     TroyJenHot       Troy Montero   CA397
    TroyGirlieHot     Troy Montero   CA393
     TroyGelliHot     Troy Montero   CA392
    TroyErikaHot      Troy Montero   CA389
    TroyEmilyHot      Troy Montero   CA388
   TroyElaineHot      Troy Montero   CA385
    TroyDoryHot       Troy Montero   CA384
   TroyDebbieHot      Troy Montero   CA380
    TroyCiaraHot      Troy Montero   CA374
 TroyCherrylynHot     Troy Montero   CA373
  TroyCelesteHot      Troy Montero   CA369
   TroyCecilleHot     Troy Montero   CA368
   TroyBrendaHot      Troy Montero   CA365
     TroyBingHot      Troy Montero   CA364
   TroyBabethHot      Troy Montero   CA360
   TroyAudreyHot      Troy Montero   CA359
     TroyAnnHot       Troy Montero   CA353
  TroyAnnetteHot      Troy Montero   CA352
   TroyAngelaHot      Troy Montero   CA349
   TroyAndreaHot      Troy Montero   CA348
  TroyAmandaHot       Troy Montero   CA345
    TroyAliceHot      Troy Montero   CA344
 SharonTitaFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA339
 SharonTinaFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA338
SharonSharynFriend   Sharon Cuneta   CA335
SharonSharonFriend   Sharon Cuneta   CA334
 SharonRitaFriend    Sharon Cuneta   CA331
   SharonRinaFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA330
  SharonPinkyFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA327
    SharonPiaFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA326
  SharonMerlyFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA322
   SharonMayFriend       Sharon Cuneta      CA321
  SharonMariaFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA318
 SharonMargieFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA317
   SharonLitaFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA314
   SharonLenFriend       Sharon Cuneta      CA313
   SharonJoyFriend       Sharon Cuneta      CA310
    SharonJillFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA309
  SharonHelenFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA304
  SharonGraceFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA303
  SharonEmilyFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA299
 SharonDianneFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA296
 SharonCristineFriend    Sharon Cuneta      CA295
 SharonCharityFriend     Sharon Cuneta      CA292
  SharonCathyFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA291
   SharonBethFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA288
  SharonBabyFriend       Sharon Cuneta      CA287
 SharonAngelaFriend      Sharon Cuneta      CA283
   SharonAmyFriend       Sharon Cuneta      CA282
  RichGutVivianClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA279
RichGutVanessaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA277
  RichGutTishaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA271
    RichGutTetClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA268
 RichGutTeresaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA267
RichGutSunshineClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA264
  RichGutSherylClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA261
RichGutSherilynClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA260
  RichGutSandyClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA256
 RichGutSandraClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA255
   RichGutRuthClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA252
  RichGutRubyClose      Richard Gutierrez   CA251
  RichGutRonnaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA247
RichGutRochelleClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA246
 RichGutRaquelClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA239
  RichGutPinkyClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA238
 RichGutPatriciaClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA234
 RichGutPamelaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA233
   RichGutNinaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA229
  RichGutNicoleClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA228
 RichGutMyleneClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA225
   RichGutMylaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA224
RichGutMichelleClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA220
   RichGutMiaClose      Richard Gutierrez   CA219
 RichGutMelanieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA214
  RichGutMaryClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA213
  RichGutLittleClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA204
   RichGutLitaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA203
   RichGutKylaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA199
  RichGutKayeClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA198
   RichGutKatClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA195
   RichGutKaiClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA194
RichGutJaquilynClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA188
  RichGutJennyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA191
 RichGutJackieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA185
 RichGutHoneyClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA183
   RichGutEmClose      Richard Gutierrez   CA169
 RichGutHannaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA181
  RichGutGraceClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA179
RichGutElizbethClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA167
  RichGutDorieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA165
 RichGutDoreenClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA164
 RichGutDonnaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA162
  RichGutDollyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA161
 RichGutBettinaClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA143
  RichGutBethClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA142
 RichGutChrissyClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA153
RichGutCherylynClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA152
 RichGutAudreyClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA138
  RichGutCharaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA149
  RichGutCeliaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA147
  RichGutAnnieClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA136
  RichGutAnnaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA133
   RichGutBingClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA144
RichGutAmandaClose     Richard Gutierrez   CA129
RichGutAlxandraClose   Richard Gutierrez   CA128
   AubreyLuisBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA108
AubreyVincentBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA125
   AubreyTroyBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA123
 AubreyJunjunBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA106
   AubreyJojoBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA104
  AubreyJohnBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA103
   AubreyJeffBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA101
  AubreyRyanBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA120
 AubreyJayjayBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA099
  AubreyRollyBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA117
  AubreyPioloBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA114
 AubreyJamesBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA098
 AubreyDennisBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA095
  AubreyDaveBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA094
  AubreyChrisBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA091
  AubreyChitoBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA090
    AubreyCarlBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA088
  AubreyBenjieBagay       Aubrey Miles      CA085
    AubreyBenBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA084
    AubreyDanBagay        Aubrey Miles      CA092
  RichGutMonicaClose    Richard Gutierrez   CA223
SyaBaAngDahln/JessaZ     Jessa Zaragoza     EA061
    WeR1/Slapshock          Slapshock       EA058
     NOYPI/Bamboo            Bamboo         EA057
    TellMe/JoeyAlbrt       Joey Albert      EA056
   Burnout/Sugarfree       Sugar Free       EA055
 BabaePoAko/Tuesday          Tuesday        EA054
    TellMe/JoeyAlbrt       Joey Albert      EA056
    Perfect/TrueFaith       True Faith      EA019
SnaMaultMuli/RegineV    Velasquez Regine    EA021
      PiaRBumiliLng        Pia Romero       PA362
       Dreams/DMC                           DA556
    BaronGMatapang       Baron Geisler      PA271
     JamieRCheerUp        Jamie Rivera      PA395
         JamieRPDL        Jamie Rivera      PA396
     JamieRPryrTym        Jamie Rivera      PA397
       JamieRQuote        Jamie Rivera      PA398
        JamieRSong        Jamie Rivera      PA399
      FelixRShareMo         Felix Roco      PA297
        DesireeWigs     Desiree del Valle   PA286
      DimplesRDate      Dimples Romana      PA287
       DimplesKulet     Dimples Romana      PA288
       DimplesRMall     Dimples Romana      PA289
     DominicRPagod       Dominic Roco       PA291
     DominicRPuyat       Dominic Roco       PA292
     DominicRSweet       Dominic Roco       PA293
      DominicRType       Dominic Roco       PA294
       FelixRIkawBa         Felix Roco      PA295
       FelixRWalaPa         Felix Roco      PA298
       MarkBRegalo         Mark Butler      PA300
       MarkBSaraap         Mark Butler      PA301
       MarkBWalaPa         Mark Butler      PA302
      RJOlivaHoney           RJ Oliva       PA303
   RJOlivaBestfriend         RJ Oliva       PA304
       RJOlivaSweet          RJ Oliva       PA305
        HelgaKDate         Helga Krapf      PA306
       HelgaKDress         Helga Krapf      PA307
         HelgaKPet         Helga Krapf      PA308
        HelgaKUuuy         Helga Krapf      PA309
        IsabelBCute       Isabel Blaesi     PA310
       IsabelBShop        Isabel Blaesi     PA312
       IsabelBWeird       Isabel Blaesi     PA313
       JustinGGimik      Justin Gascon      PA314
    JustinGGutom           Justin Gascon    PA315
      JustinGShop          Justin Gascon    PA316
     JustinGXcited         Justin Gascon    PA317
       KrisMGimik        Kris Marcia Cruz   PA318
      KrisMGutom         Kris Marcia Cruz   PA320
       KrisMWeird        Kris Marcia Cruz   PA321
    TanyaSIkawBa            Tanya Scaife    PA322
       TanyaSMall           Tanya Scaife    PA323
     TanyaSSecret           Tanya Scaife    PA324
     TanyaSShoes            Tanya Scaife    PA325
     IsabelBGimik           Isabel Blaesi   PA311
   SCQJorossSinoTo        Joross Gamboa     PA091
        KrisMMall        Kris Marcia Cruz   PA319
    FelixRMayDala             Felix Roco    PA296
    DimplesRAyun         Dimples Romana     PA177
    MarkBDontWori            Mark Butler    PA299
 SMBOktoberfestJingle          Karl Roy     PA411
      AizaMBalita          Aiza Marquez     PA327
  CherryLouComing            Cherry Lou     PA332
      HazelMDate        Hazel Ann Mendoza   PA342
       JillYSoulM8             Jill Yulo    PA348
    NikkiVGulatka           Nikki Valdez    PA357
      AizaMAccent          Aiza Marquez     PA326
      AizaMCrush           Aiza Marquez     PA328
     AizaMMahilig          Aiza Marquez     PA329
    AizaMNagutom           Aiza Marquez     PA330
    AizaMNapuyat           Aiza Marquez     PA331
     CherryLouHot            Cherry Lou     PA334
        JillYBalita            Jill Yulo    PA343
      JillYFavorite            Jill Yulo    PA344
         JillYDate             Jill Yulo    PA345
        JillYGusto             Jill Yulo    PA346
    JillYKmustaNa              Jill Yulo    PA347
     KetchupAkala        Ketchup Eusebio    PA353
       KetchupFif        Ketchup Eusebio    PA354
    KetchupGoons         Ketchup Eusebio    PA355
       NikkiVBaby           Nikki Valdez    PA356
      NikkiVHaler           Nikki Valdez    PA358
       NikkiVHalu           Nikki Valdez    PA359
     NikkiVSoulM8           Nikki Valdez    PA360
       PiaRAkoIto            Pia Romero     PA361
    PiaRFoneKoTo             Pia Romero     PA364
    RafaelRBurger           Rafael Rosell   PA365
     RafaelRCrush           Rafael Rosell   PA366
           Traffic                          DA586
LRanger-WilmTelOvrtur                       DA587
   CherryLouMwah           Cherry Lou       PA336
      CherryLouKiliti        Cherry Lou       PA335
 StrangeWmn/JDankwort    Jacqui Dankworth     WA050
WarOfTheSkies/MAdams       Mishka Adams       WA056
   OweUNothin/Radha            Radha          DA568
MagbabagoAko/Company       The CompanY        DA569
  KadudaDudaKa/RenzV        Renz Verano       DA570
          CoolPoop                            DA571
         Dominatrix                           DA572
       LooneyLaunch                           DA574
         MachoMan                             DA575
       March2Victory                          DA576
        SelfDestruct                          DA577
     BombsExploding                           DA578
          DirtBikes                           DA579
           Drums                              DA580
          FastCars                            DA581
       FootballGame                           DA582
         Helicopters                          DA583
        PoliceSirens                          DA584
          ShotGun                             DA585
         IntensityG                           ZA027
       MaouiDTravel         Maoui David       PA246
        MarcATulog          Marc Acueza       PA250
       PauleenLDate         Pauleen Luna      PA251
      SarahCKidding      Sarah Christophers   PA255
      AngelicaPHoney    Angelica Panganiban   PA267
        BaronGPizza         Baron Geisler     PA273
     BJPalancaPustiso     Bernard Palanca     PA278
        CholoBRock         Cholo Barretto     PA281
        DesireeInLab      Desiree del Valle   PA282
   Mamahalin/MAyalde      Michelle Ayalde     PA375
       Bibbo/VhongN        Vhong Navarro      PA376
     Exercise/VhongN       Vhong Navarro      PA377
   KantaTayo/VhongN        Vhong Navarro      PA378
     OPagibig/VhongN       Vhong Navarro      PA379
    TugoDugo/VhongN        Vhong Navarro      PA380
      InOut/Sandara         Sandara Park      PA385
   Mapasagot/Sandara        Sandara Park      PA386
     SabiKo/Sandara         Sandara Park      PA387
  SmileNUrHrt/Sandara       Sandara Park      PA388
      InOut/Sandara         Sandara Park      PA385
    TugoDugo/VhongN        Vhong Navarro      PA380
     OPagibig/VhongN       Vhong Navarro      PA379
     Exercise/VhongN       Vhong Navarro      PA377
   KantaTayo/VhongN        Vhong Navarro      PA378
      BestMilkNiInay                          DA545
          Censored                            DA546
    DrinkModerately                                    DA547
           Pakiss                                      DA548
          RatedR                                       DA549
            Yosi                                       DA550
    Boombastik/DMC                                     DA551
       Cruisin/DMC                                     DA552
      Dawsons/DMC                                      DA553
      Dilemma/DMC                                      DA554
 JaboomBestPal-Giggle           Jaboom Twins           DA555
    HeartOfAsia/DMC                                    DA557
        Jazzy/DMC                                      DA558
     MildStrike/DMC                                    DA559
  RappersDelight/DMC                                   DA560
       RedHot/DMC                                      DA561
   Referendum/DMC                                      DA562
      StarDust/DMC                                     DA563
        Tribal/DMC                                     DA564
        Zoom/DMC                                       DA565
      MaouiDReport               Maoui David           PA243
      MaouiDTaping               Maoui David           PA245
        MarcATakbo               Marc Acueza           PA249
       PauleenLMall             Pauleen Luna           PA252
      PauleenLMovie             Pauleen Luna           PA253
      PauleenLWeird             Pauleen Luna           PA254
      SarahCMahilig           Sarah Christophers       PA256
       SarahCSecret           Sarah Christophers       PA257
       SarahCSong             Sarah Christophers       PA258
     AngelicaPKilikili       Angelica Panganiban       PA269
      AngelicaPTitig         Angelica Panganiban       PA270
       BaronGSelos              Baron Geisler          PA274
       BaronGStatic             Baron Geisler          PA275
    BJPalancaOnBed             Bernard Palanca         PA276
      BJPalancaPare            Bernard Palanca         PA277
     CholoBLambing              Cholo Barretto         PA279
        CholoBPizza             Cholo Barretto         PA280
       DesireeLalala           Desiree del Valle       PA283
    DesireeRomantic            Desiree del Valle       PA284
       DesireeSelos            Desiree del Valle       PA285
DntWnaCULnly/SpinArt               Spin Art            PA381
 LoveIsNtThr/NxtStage             Next Stage           PA382
        TellMe/MP3                   MP3               PA383
     URth1/Serenity                Serenity            PA384
  LoveCame/IreneKral              Irene Kral           WA047
   TheOnlyWay/Isha                   Isha              WA048
   Jill/CameronPierre          Cameron Pierre          WA049
  SleepLitleMan/CTeal             Clare Teal           WA051
ComHomAgain/Childers     Buddy Childers And The Band   WA052
  Banhos/MonicanNois    Monica Vasconcelos & Nois   WA053
InSummertime/EMarcos         Enrique Marcos         WA054
 MknBrwnis/JTomlinson         Jim Tomlinson         WA055
  DKoKaya/EricSantos            Erik Santos         DA533
   KungAkoNLngSna            Bituin Escalante       DA544
   BaronGMatapang              Baron Geisler        PA272
      AngelicaPRed        Angelica Panganiban       PA268
     MarcAScrabble             Marc Acueza          PA248
         MarcAItak             Marc Acueza          PA247
      RafaelRMarina            Rafael Rosell        PA367
   Alpha/AdelasAlas          Aiai de las Alas       PA368
     Ina/AdelasAlas          Aiai de las Alas       PA369
  Simanlo/AdelasAlas         Aiai de las Alas       PA370
    Volta/AdelasAlas         Aiai de las Alas       PA371
     Fallin/MAyalde          Michelle Ayalde        PA372
     IfISay/MAyalde          Michelle Ayalde        PA373
  KailanKaya/MAyalde         Michelle Ayalde        PA374
        LuisAMovie              Luis Alandy         PA240
      JodiSMNawala           Jodi Sta. Maria        PA237
        JodiSMPets           Jodi Sta. Maria        PA238
      LuisAMessage              Luis Alandy         PA239
      LuisARequest              Luis Alandy         PA241
        LuisATulog              Luis Alandy         PA242
       CarloAqHarot            Carlo Aquino         PA226
        GlaizaCAral         Glaiza de Castro        PA230
   JodiSMKumakain            Jodi Sta. Maria        PA235
        CarloAqJam             Carlo Aquino         PA227
      CarloAqMusic             Carlo Aquino         PA228
       CarloAqSnob             Carlo Aquino         PA229
      GlaizaCBeach          Glaiza de Castro        PA231
       GlaizaCLigaw         Glaiza de Castro        PA232
        JodiSMDate           Jodi Sta. Maria        PA234
    JodiSMMayDala            Jodi Sta. Maria        PA236
   SCQSandaraFilm              Sandara Park         PA151
         TrisTocino                                 MA227
      SenatorSpoof              Generic             CA064
       JealousLover             Generic             CA065
        TrisTocino2                                 MA228
          GiEmEh                                    MA229
          AteDuy                                    MA230
     IpigiAnswering                                 MA231
     IpigiMovieLines                                MA232
  SEKSITikeInRequest                                MA233
    LoveEverywhere                                  MA234
         SossyGRO                                   MA235
        BobsBunny                                   MA236
   BobsBunny'sTrap                                  MA237
       BobsBunny2                             MA238
    BobsBunnyHelp                             MA239
    CtofAngelsWeird                           MA241
 EverApterOnlyMother                          MA242
    EverApterSipilyo                          MA244
     FlappyDuckFBI                            MA246
FlappyDuckSecretAgen                          MA247
  FriendPorkitTheHog                          MA248
       CarloAqBand         Carlo Aquino       PA210
    CarloAqGustoKo         Carlo Aquino       PA211
      GlaizaCBahay       Glaiza de Castro     PA212
       GlaizaCBand       Glaiza de Castro     PA213
       JodiSMBoses        Jodi Sta. Maria     PA214
       JodiSMCrush        Jodi Sta. Maria     PA215
      MaouiDMovie           Maoui David       PA218
    MaouiDNotMine           Maoui David       PA219
        MarcAHello          Marc Acueza       PA220
         MarcAHey           Marc Acueza       PA221
     SarahCCraving      Sarah Christophers    PA224
      SarahCGimik       Sarah Christophers    PA225
    IgenPortalJingle     Igen-Portal artist   DA566
   AngelikaHindiTalo    Angelika Dela Cruz    CA073
       LuisAMahilig         Luis Alandy       PA217
     LuisALumabas           Luis Alandy       PA216
 RichardGutierezCrush    Richard Gutierrez    CA057
    AngelikaCuteEh      Angelika Dela Cruz    CA071
     FShuiMayInuwi                            PA163
    DimplesRChoco       Dimples Romana        PA178
    DominicRKawBa         Dominic Roco        PA180
      FelixRAlagaan         Felix Roco        PA182
     MarkBBsketbol         Mark Butler        PA183
       RJOlivaFresh          RJ Oliva         PA186
     HelgaKAalisBa         Helga Krapf        PA187
       JustinGBakla       Justin Gascon       PA191
        KrisMBalita      Kris Marcia Cruz     PA193
      TanyaSAsleep         Tanya Scaife       PA195
       KayeABalita          Kaye Abad         PA197
        MBayleDate        Michelle Bayle      PA200
      MikoPHoldOn         Miko Palanca        PA202
       PaoloPGising       Paolo Paraiso       PA204
        PaulaPBilin       Paula Peralejo      PA205
     ShainaMGimik       Shaina Magdayao       PA208
      JustinGCrush        Justin Gascon       PA192
        KrisMCrush       Kris Marcia Cruz     PA194
       TanyaSDate          Tanya Scaife       PA196
    KayeABinabasa           Kaye Abad         PA198
        MBayleCat         Michelle Bayle      PA199
     MikoP2Piece          Miko Palanca       PA201
     PaulaPCrush         Paula Peralejo      PA206
   ShainaMBulong       Shaina Magdayao       PA207
AngelikaGwapoFriend    Angelika Dela Cruz    CA072
    SCQNeriCrush            Neri Naig        PA129
RichardGutierzFriend    Richard Gutierrez    CA058
      FShuiBagua                             PA160
   FShuiKidsChant                            PA161
   FShuiMasMalas                             PA162
     FShuiNasawi                             PA164
  FShuiTumatawag                             PA165
   FShuiUmasenso                             PA166
    AngelicaPDate      Angelica Panganiban   PA167
  AngelicaPWalastic    Angelica Panganiban   PA168
     BaronGHello          Baron Geisler      PA169
   BaronGLambing          Baron Geisler      PA170
    BJPalancaBalut       Bernard Palanca     PA171
    BJPalancaDate        Bernard Palanca     PA172
     CholoBBerks          Cholo Barretto     PA173
      CholoBDate          Cholo Barretto     PA174
      DesireeBilis       Desiree del Valle   PA175
    DesireeGanda         Desiree del Valle   PA176
    DominicRGood          Dominic Roco       PA179
     FelixR2logPa            Felix Roco      PA181
   MarkBDontWori            Mark Butler      PA184
      RJOlivaHey              RJ Oliva       PA185
     HelgaKCrush            Helga Krapf      PA188
    IsabelBBabawi          Isabel Blaesi     PA189
     PaoloPBasta          Paolo Paraiso      PA203
     GabbyEBaby         Gabby Eigenmann      GA054
  GabbyEBestfriend      Gabby Eigenmann      GA050
   MarkHBestfriend         Mark Herras       GA053
   BahalaNa/Jolina      Jolina Magdangal     GA046
  ForeverBe/Jolina      Jolina Magdangal     GA047
    Sayang/Jolina       Jolina Magdangal     GA048
 ParangBaliw/Jolina     Jolina Magdangal     GA049
  GabbyEBestfriend      Gabby Eigenmann      GA050
    GabbyEHoney         Gabby Eigenmann      GA051
  MarkHerrasBabes          Mark Herras       GA052
   MarkHBestfriend         Mark Herras       GA053
TamangInLuv/Jenylyn     Jennylyn Mercado     GA042
   JolinaFriendship     Jolina Magdangal     GA032
     TeriOHimala             Teri Onor       GA034
     ToniGFriend          Toni Gonzaga       GA036
   SCQMelissaPayo          Melissa Ricks     PA111
   SCQMichelleUuy       Michelle Madrigal    PA123
    SCQNeriLucky             Neri Naig       PA135
    SCQRaphaelTrue              Raphael Martinez           PA139
   SCQRoxanneFood                Roxanne Guinoo            PA141
   SCQSandaraTxter                 Sandara Park            PA159
      AntonioBabes              Antonio Aquitana           GA027
   XtianJadeHalaman     Christian Esteban and Jade Lopez   GA028
       GayleBabes                 Gayle Valencia           GA029
   JakeCuencaBabes                 Jake Cuenca             GA030
     JulianneFriend                 Julianne Lee           GA031
    JolinaFriendship            Jolina Magdangal           GA032
MargaretWilsonHunnie             Margaret Wilson           GA033
      TeriOHimala                     Teri Onor            GA034
     TeriODingDing                    Teri Onor            GA035
       ToniGFriend                 Toni Gonzaga            GA036
 LivingtheDream/JenM            Jennylyn Mercado           GA037
SapatNaAngMinsan/Jen            Jennylyn Mercado           GA038
 StarstruckChors/JenM           Jennylyn Mercado           GA039
 StarstruckIntro/JenM           Jennylyn Mercado           GA040
TamangInLuv2/Jenylyn            Jennylyn Mercado           GA041
   SCQMelissaAbout                 Melissa Ricks           PA102
   SCQMelissaBored                 Melissa Ricks           PA105
    SCQMelissaHello                Melissa Ricks           PA109
   SCQMichelleBanyo             Michelle Madrigal          PA114
   SCQMichelleHello             Michelle Madrigal          PA116
    SCQMichellePayo             Michelle Madrigal          PA118
    SCQMichelleType             Michelle Madrigal          PA121
     SCQNeriAdvice                    Neri Naig            PA125
     SCQNeriBanyo                     Neri Naig            PA127
   SCQNeriKamukha                     Neri Naig            PA132
   SCQRaphaelCrush              Raphael Martinez           PA136
   SCQRaphaelHobby              Raphael Martinez           PA137
    SCQRaphaelPayo              Raphael Martinez           PA138
   SCQRoxanneHello               Roxanne Guinoo            PA144
   SCQRoxannePayo                Roxanne Guinoo            PA145
   SCQRoxanneSelos               Roxanne Guinoo            PA146
   SCQSandaraCrush                 Sandara Park            PA147
    SCQSandaraDog                  Sandara Park            PA149
   SCQSandaraKrean                 Sandara Park            PA155
   SCQSandaraPayo                  Sandara Park            PA157
   SCQSandaraTeach                 Sandara Park            PA158
   SCQRoxanneDate                Roxanne Guinoo            PA140
    SCQMichelleBait             Michelle Madrigal          PA113
    SCQErrolIn&Out                Errol Abalayan           PA067
   SCQJorossNawala                Joross Gamboa            PA090
    SCQJosephTaken               Joseph Bitangcol          PA101
     WeekendThang                    Mista Blaze           DA526
        IllCityLuv                   Mista Blaze           DA527
     SummersGone                     Mista Blaze           DA528
      IKnoUrMine          Mista Blaze     DA529
          ItsOn           Mista Blaze     DA530
   SCQErrolFinal10      Errol Abalayan    PA066
     SCQErrolKulet      Errol Abalayan    PA070
   SCQErrolTry&Try      Errol Abalayan    PA072
   SCQJorossCopya       Joross Gamboa     PA087
    SCQJorossHello      Joross Gamboa     PA088
   SCQJorossMiscol      Joross Gamboa     PA089
   SCQJosephBanyo      Joseph Bitangcol   PA093
   SCQJosephHello      Joseph Bitangcol   PA095
   SCQJosephHobby      Joseph Bitangcol   PA098
    SCQJosephPayo      Joseph Bitangcol   PA100
   SCQJorossSunog       Joross Gamboa     PA092
    SCQErrolIngatK      Errol Abalayan    PA068
     SweetSexyMo          John Lapus      PA018
        PioloDate        Piolo Pascual    PA028
     KarelWazzup        Karel Marquez     PA041
 CarlaHumphrsGutom     Carla Humphries    PA044
  OliviaRchrdMyMan       Olivia Richard   PA051
      SweetDance          John Lapus      PA014
      SweetHoney          John Lapus      PA016
     SweetNoNoNo          John Lapus      PA017
     SweetSinoPa          John Lapus      PA019
        SweetTol          John Lapus      PA020
        PioloLikes       Piolo Pascual    PA029
        PioloLoad        Piolo Pascual    PA030
     PioloNapuyat        Piolo Pascual    PA031
       PioloPinaka       Piolo Pascual    PA032
       KarelCrush       Karel Marquez     PA035
        KarelDate       Karel Marquez     PA036
       KarelGimik       Karel Marquez     PA037
      KarelMahilig      Karel Marquez     PA038
       KarelPizza       Karel Marquez     PA039
       KarelSong        Karel Marquez     PA040
 CarlaHumphrsCrush     Carla Humphries    PA042
  CarlaHumphrsDate     Carla Humphries    PA043
CarlaHumphrsGutom2     Carla Humphries    PA045
CarlaHumphrsSanTayo    Carla Humphries    PA046
  OliviaRchrdComing      Olivia Richard   PA049
 OliviaRchrdComing2      Olivia Richard   PA050
  OliviaRchrdShower      Olivia Richard   PA054
   OliviaRchrdTired      Olivia Richard   PA058
      PioloTagalog       Piolo Pascual    PA034
   AveMariaGounod                         MA225
    PanisAngelicus                        MA226
    ArwanaDaVill3                         MA221
ArwanaDaVillDognappe                      MA223
ArwanaSellingDogs                      MA224
    ArwanaDaVill                       MA219
   ArwanaDaVill2                       MA220
FlyingFree/LSalonga    Lea Salonga     DA521
 NowThatIHaveYou      Trina Belamide   DA518
   ConfusedInday                       DA519
HelloCelphonBisaya                     DA520
 NowThtIHvUBetsy       Bea Alonzo      PA001
NowThtIHvUMichael      Modify Later    PA006
  NowThtIHvUBea        Bea Alonzo      PA007
  NowThtIHvUCall       Modify Later    PA008
  NowThtIHvULove       Modify Later    PA009
 NowThtIHvUInLuv                       PA010
NowThtIHvUMedley                       PA011
 NowThtIHvUMwah                        PA012
  NowThtIHvUNikki                      PA013
      MyBonnie                         MA192
 OldKentuckyHome                       MA193
      99Bottles                        MA194
    OldMcDonald                        MA196
 DarlingClementine                     MA197
      PatACake                         MA198
PopGoesTheWeasel                       MA199
     PorridgeHot                       MA200
      PussyCat                         MA201
     ClownBugle                        MA202
   ClownComedy                         MA203
      DragRace                         MA204
        EvilLaf                        MA205
       EvilLaff                        MA206
       FastTalk                        MA207
      Footsteps                        MA209
     GravelWalk                        MA210
       Groan2                          MA211
        Groan                          MA212
  HighPitchSqueal                      MA213
     MorseCode                         MA214
   SneezeWoman                         MA215
       ThisSux                         MA216
        Whip3                          MA217
      YankYank                         MA218
   MulawinChorus      South   Border   GA026
   MulawinChorus      South   Border   GA026
    MulawinIntro      South   Border   GA025
   MulawinChorus      South   Border   GA026
     911Change                         MA146
     ClownKoTo                         MA147
     LIttleBoPeep                          MA148
     LittleTeapot                          MA149
    LondonBridge                           MA150
      Confusing                            MA151
    CrushNgBayan                           MA152
   DakilangCharing                         MA153
      Demanding                            MA154
      Desperado                            MA155
  DineInOrTakeOut                          MA156
 DontTalkToAnimals                         MA157
   FairyGodMother                          MA158
       Flight465                           MA159
     HaringAraw                            MA160
    HunkAndBabe                            MA161
    HuwagMagulat                           MA162
       ILoveYou                            MA163
      LineToHell                           MA164
     MalayaKaNa                            MA165
    MalayoKaMan                            MA166
MaskuladongBeautcian                       MA167
     MouthIsFull                           MA168
    MultipleChoice                         MA169
  NumberChanged                            MA170
        OldStyle                           MA171
       PromoGirl                           MA172
    ReadyToWear                            MA173
      SantaClaus                           MA174
        Seduced                            MA175
   SplitPersonality                        MA176
     StandardOP                            MA177
        StopMe                             MA178
      SweetPizza                           MA179
        TruPrind                           MA180
        Turnilyo                           MA181
   WalangMagawa                            MA182
 WelcomeToDJungle                          MA183
       YogaGuru                            MA184
   LondonDerryAir                          MA185
         Lullaby                           MA186
    FlyingTrapeze                          MA187
     MaryLilLamb                           MA188
  MexicanHatDance                          MA189
      MuffinMan                            MA190
    DingdongBaby       Dingdong   Dantes   GA022
    DingdongBaby       Dingdong   Dantes   GA022
      Dingdong2        Dingdong   Dantes   GA023
  DingdongLambing      Dingdong   Dantes   GA024
    AccessDenied                           MA142
        Harana        Emil Evangelista     DA500
  HigitPaSaBuhay     Brenan Espartinez     DA501
         Sayo         Weng Santuanco       DA502
   DahilSinabiMo     Michael Alejandrino   DA503
    SintangDiyos       Louie Mendoza       DA504
   KayamananKo         Ermie Domingo       DA505
        Hosana        Edith San Pedro      DA506
 IbiginKangTunay      Emil Evangelista     DA507
    TangingIkaw         Jerome Cruz        DA508
   Kahangahanga        Dinah Armesin       DA509
   AlienIntruders                          MA143
     AngBumbay                             MA144
   BaliwInTheCity                          MA145
 JaboomJackNPoy        Jaboom twins        DA489
    JaboomCrush        Jaboom twins        DA490
 JaboomKikayness       Jaboom twins        DA491
     RoyaleJingle      Royale singers      DA495
    WaltzInAFlat           Bach            MA136
HornpipeFromWater         Handel           MA137
     SabreDance                            MA138
      Prelude16            Chopin          MA139
    NocturneInEB           Chopin          MA140
  CanonInDMajor                            MA141
    FarmerInDell                           MA120
    FrereJacques                           MA121
    GeorgiePorgie                          MA122
 GoodNightLadies                           MA123
     HowDryIAm                             MA125
  ISawAShipSailin                          MA126
     TwoPrayers                            MA113
 WomanAndARose          Buencamino         MA114
     MothersKids                           MA115
      Chopsticks                           MA116
      CoolColors                           MA117
         Dixie                             MA118
 DownInTheValley                           MA119
   AlouetteGentile                         MA109
RoundTheMountain                           MA110
     BikeForTwo                            MA111
    MulberryBush                           MA112
  JudayCloseKami      Judy Ann Santos      CA068
   PatrickCrushKo      Patrick Garcia      CA069
   JudayCrushKo       Judy Ann Santos      CA067
PatrickHoneyGising     Patrick Garcia      CA070
     Engkantada           Generic          CA074
     Ilokalokana          Generic          CA075
    DefenseLawyer            Generic            CA076
         Makata              Generic            CA077
          Sabik              Generic            CA078
       SecretLover           Generic            CA079
  PatriciaJavierBabe      Patricia Javier       DA432
        MuraBabe               Mura             DA428
   MahalMuraSweet         Mahal & Mura          DA429
 PatriciaJavierHotlne     Patricia Javier       DA430
  PatriciaJavierTease     Patricia Javier       DA431
       Panunumpa             Hangad             DA434
  KungMahalMoSiya                -              DA438
 TilMyHeartachesEnd              -              DA439
    DoctorLuvHotlin                             MA083
         Dracula                                MA084
      HowDareYou                                MA086
        MissedYou                               MA087
        MamasBoy                                MA088
     ManungBesaya                               MA089
 NagiisangManliligaw                            MA091
       SinoKaPala                               MA092
       StressedOut                              MA094
       UrCallingVIP                             MA095
    MahalTweetypie              Mahal           DA423
      BabyJulieAnn                              BA067
       MahalHoney             Mahal             DA421
       MahalCrash             Mahal             DA422
        RapMahal              Mahal             DA424
      BabyJulieAnn      Bernard Canaberal       CA059
 BisayangMyPrecious     Bernard Canaberal       CA060
     KabosesNiBen       Bernard Canaberal       CA061
      SigaNaBading      Bernard Canaberal       CA062
       TarayChika       Bernard Canaberal       CA063
FrancineSeryosoBaSya     Francine Prieto        CA052
VhongNavarroWazzup       Vhong Navarro          CA055
CindyKurletoLikesGuy      Cindy Kurleto         CA056
   GimikWithVaness                              DA416
      KissNiVaness                              DA417
   AlalaySiSanChai                              DA418
  BestFriendSanChai                             DA419
     SanChaiSecret                              DA420
 FrancineTulogPaSya       Francine Prieto       CA053
VhongNavarroKaibigan      Vhong Navarro         CA054
  NatureSpringJingle                            ZA019
        USTHymn         UST   Symphony   Band   DA410
    LupangHinirang      UST   Symphony   Band   DA408
        USTMarch        UST   Symphony   Band   DA409
  PilipinasKongMahal    UST   Symphony   Band   DA411
      Pamulinawen             UST Symphony Band            DA412
       BahayKubo              UST Symphony Band            DA413
     DaCoconutNut             UST Symphony Band            DA414
         Kengkoy              UST Symphony Band            DA415
      SharonPretty              Sharon Cuneta              CA045
      AkoyPilipino                                         MA081
       AkingBayan               Nicanor Abelardo           MA082
   SharonMaySecret               Sharon Cuneta             CA044
   EndayNdSirShowr                                         MA074
     WazzupWazzup                                          MA076
       KailanKaya                  Sheryn Regis            DA384
         OtsoOtso                Bayani Agbayani           DA388
    PagbigyangMuli                  Erik Santos            DA389
    StarCircleQuest       Marinel Santos & Sheryn Regis    DA391
        StopThink                   Aliya Parcs            DA392
     SunodSaGalaw                 Jaboom Twins             DA393
       TangingIna                 Ai Ai delas Alas         DA394
PamelaOtsoOtsoRemix      Vhong Navarro/Bayani Agbayani     DA400
    JollyGoodFellow                                        MA064
       LilBrownJug                                         MA065
     RainingPouring                                        MA066
     911emergency                                          MA067
      CoffinWinner                                         MA068
      Halu_telepun                                         MA069
      WhatsUpGirl                                          MA071
     ImBusyUrUgly                                          MA072
       LaoMingSu                                           MA073
 FrancinePrietoInLove            Francine Prieto           CA040
   SharonMaleFriend              Sharon Cuneta             CA041
   SharonFanFriend               Sharon Cuneta             CA042
  SharonCunetaPlans              Sharon Cuneta             CA043
    JohnLloydCaring             John Lloyd Cruz            CA039
    DeLaSalleHymn                                          MA054
        UPanthem                                           MA055
       UST_Hymn                                            MA056
 EensyWeensySpider                                         MA057
     HickoryDickory                                        MA062
        JackAndJill                                        MA063
  JennylynMercadoHi            Jennylyn Mercado            GA016
  JennylynMercadoHi            Jennylyn Mercado            GA016
 MarkJennylynPacute     Mark Herras and Jennylyn Mercado   GA017
    MarkHerrasHello                Mark Herras             GA018
 CamillePratsPopular              Camille Prats            CA034
  DisneyDonaldDuck                Donald Duck              IA151
      DisneyGoofy                     Goofy                IA152
 DisneyMickeyMouse                Mickey Mouse             IA153
DisneyWinnieThePooh             Winnie The Pooh            IA154
      DisneyStitch           Stich        IA155
     DisneyTigger           Tigger        IA156
DisneyBuzzLightyear     Buzz Lightyear    IA150
     DisneyTigger           Tigger        IA156
     SharonFriend       Sharon Cuneta     CA035
 AkoySayoIkayAkin            Iaxe         DA362
BayaniAgbayaniTawa     Bayani Agbayani    CA029
 GregMartinThisGirl      Greg Martin      CA032
    PinoyAngGusto         DJ Alvaro       DA357
  PLEASEDONTCRY         Sooper Babes      DA358
         Singkit          DJ Alvaro       DA359
     JohnnyAngel        Sooper Babes      DA360
       FelixBakat           Jhego         DA361
  CindyKurletoBed       Cindy Kurleto     CA031
        Cutiepie                          IA132
   Darkunderarms                          IA133
        Fishballs                         IA134
         Drama                            IA135
     Putingpating                         IA138
        Seashells                         IA139
          Astig                           IA140
          Ala-e                           IA141
       Correctdial                        IA142
       Gandapare                          IA143
         Master                           IA146
     Pickledpepper                        IA147
         Saykiss                          IA148
      Babygiggles                         IA149
        Lagarista                         IA145
         Gulong                           IA144
          Super                           IA137
       Makeligaw                          IA136
  ambulance siren                         MA045
       babysheep                          MA046
      nigthengale                         MA047
         kwago                            MA048
     sparrowclose                         MA051
   Claire_de_Lune                         MA052
   Radestky March                         MA053
  Hungarian Dance          Brahms         MA034
 Mazurka in D Major         Chopin        MA036
  Military Polonaise        Chopin        MA037
  Symphony No.9        Ludwig Beethoven   MA038
 Magic Flute Opus 9         Mozart        MA039
 buenas dias amigo                        MA040
    master of calls                       MA041
   reminder ni god                        MA042
 nawawalang tsinelas                                           MA043
  tumawag_tumatae                                              MA044
BtuinWlngNing/Sharon            Sharon Cuneta                  IA120
          Goofy                     Goofy                      IA110
    Ara-WetHands                  Ara Mina                     CA028
        myGlobe                                                ZA005
         Gentxt                                                ZA006
   GWhattaSummer                                               ZA007
  Claudine-Fanfriend           Claudine Barretto               CA023
      Ara-Galante                  Ara Mina                    CA024
           Feel                                                IA108
         Pamiss                                                IA109
     AngelsPlaying                                             DA330
      Churchbells                                              DA331
  StringsfromHeaven                                            DA332
       BakitPaBa            POPULARIZED BY JAY R               DA333
  FriendshipWithGod                                            DA334
     KeepTheFaith                                              DA335
  Claudine-CrushKo             Claudine Barretto               CA026
   StrengthFromGod                                             DA336
       TrustInGod                                              DA337
      Ringcapella                                              DA338
        FolkRings                                              DA339
    OccationalRings                                            DA340
          Asam                  Carmela Cuneta                 DA343
   MyMemoryOfHim                 Denise Laurel                 DA344
    MyMemoryOfHer                   Infuse                     DA345
      AubreyNicky                 AubreyMiles                  CA017
       AubreyFino                 AubreyMiles                  CA018
      AubreyCholo                 AubreyMiles                  CA019
  Answering Vacuum                                             MA032
       arte_hiyee                                              MA033
    SooperBabyLav                Sooper Babes                  DA270
   SayYourGoodbyes               Wings Soriano                 DA271
      PrinceofRap      krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA272
       Spolarium       krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA273
 BasketballInterlude   krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA274
    PhoneInterlude     krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA275
     ImLeavingYou      krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA276
    SouthsideStory     krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA277
  GettingHotTonight    krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA278
      BitchIsYours     krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA279
           Zoe         krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA280
   NoAlbumGotSkills    krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA281
         IfOnlyI       krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA282
     AmazingGrace      krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA283
LvFrstylsFrmSnFrncsc   krazykyle & the rapskallion   familia   DA284
               R-A-P        krazykyle & the rapskallion familia   DA285
      PapaKaBa/DJAlvaro                  DJ Alvaro                DA266
              Makulit                    DJ Alvaro                DA267
         FullCourtPress     Krazykyle & the Rapskallion Familia   DA268
           TheAnswer        Krazykyle & the Rapskallion Familia   DA269
           AnalogParty            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA248
        Don'tComeHere             Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA249
              Reborn              Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA250
         Trancesilvania           Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA251
         EnterANewLife            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA252
          KindaMorelo             Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA253
        ReasonToNoOne             Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA254
           SalsaBonita            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA255
       FactoryAmbience            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA256
          ShoppingMall            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA257
            SchoolFair            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA258
            WildSafari            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA259
        HighspeedTyper            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA260
        OfficeAmbiance            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA261
         RunningWater             Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA262
      IWantToFallInLove                     WAX                   DA264
         DateWithJerry            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA233
         I'mJerry'sDate           Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA234
       JerryHasMyPhone            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA235
          JerryLikesMe            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA236
          KenCalledMe             Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA237
             KenCutie             Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA238
    Ken'sAnsweringMachin          Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA239
         Ken'sCupcake             Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA240
         Ken'sGirlfriend          Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA241
    RememberVicLovesYou           Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA242
         SiJerryDaoYan            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA243
              VicCutie            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA244
         VicMakeAWish             Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA245
             VicSleepy            Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA246
      Vic'sWishComeTrue           Rhubone J. Pagligaran           DA247
            KrisAquino                  Kris Aquino               CA016
            JolinaHello              Jolina Magdangal             GA013
     ALitlNytMusc/Mozart                   Mozart                 MA030
     Nutcrckr/Tchaikovsky               Tchaikovsky               MA031
ComedicRapping -with drumbeats Ma. Valerie S. Meily (DMC)         DA150
        CrushOnJoshua           Ma. Valerie S. Meily (DMC)        DA151
           DramaKing            Ma. Valerie S. Meily (DMC)        DA152
              BroMike           Ma. Valerie S. Meily (DMC)        DA153
           YouKilledMe          Ma. Valerie S. Meily (DMC)        DA154
         AmIDreaming            Ma. Valerie S. Meily (DMC)        DA176
        DiscoChallenge          Ma. Valerie S. Meily (DMC)        DA177
       EenceyWeenceySpider        Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA178
           FarmerInTheDell        Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA179
               GimikScene         Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA180
         HickoryDickoryDock       Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA181
           I'mALittleTeaPot       Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA182
        It'sRainingIt'sPouring    Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA183
               Kookaburra         Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA184
             LondonBridge         Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA185
        MaryHadALittleLamb        Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA186
        ConnectToMyMansion        Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA139
               I'mComing          Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA140
         CuteMRTPassenger         Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA141
         FastenYourSeatbelt       Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA142
            OutOfCoverage         Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA145
   SubscriberCanNotBeReached      Ma.   Valerie   S.   Meily   (DMC)   DA146