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					Unit 7
where would you like
to visit?
               Section A1a – 2c

Go for it J9
T: Where would you like to go on
S: I would like to go to Shanghai .
T: Why?
S: Because I like exciting vacations.
   Write adjectives to describe the vacations .use adjectives from
   the box and other adjectives you know.

                                  Vacation 1       Vacation 2

beautiful      relaxing           relaxing
tiring         dangerous
educational    peaceful
fascinating    interesting
fun            boring
thrilling     exciting
西湖                           T: Where would you like to visit?
                             S: I’d love to visit Hangzhou.
                             T: Why?
                             S: Because I’d like to visit
                             somewhere beautiful.

T: Where would you like to              云南
S: I hope to go to Yunnan.
T: Why?
S: Because I like places where
the weather is always warm.
 西安                     海南

      Where would you like to visit?
      Why? Look at the pictures and
      practice the conversations with
      your partner.
 Listen and number these
 statements in the order
 that you hear them.

_______ I love places where the people are really friendly.
_______ I hope to see Niagara Falls some day.
_______ I like places where the weather is always warm.
_______ I hope to visit Hawaii one day.
Where would you like to visit? I‘d like to visit somewhere relaxing.

                               I hope to go to France some day.

                               I ‘d love to visit Mexico.
                  Practice the conversation below . Then make
                  new conversation with the information in the

A: where would you like to go,
                                   Hong Kong / very crowed / interesting
                                   / great entertainment
B: I’d like to go to Kunming.
                                   Mexico City / relaxing / exciting / lots
A: Isn’t it supposed to be very    to do
                                   New / York / touristy / fascinating /
B: Yes, it is. I’m only going to   wonderful galleries
pack light clothes. But
                                   Sydney / expensive / beautiful /
Kunming is also beautiful, and
                                   fantastic beaches
it has lots of wonderful sights.
                    Think of a city you know. Make a list of things you
Task 1              like and things you don’t like about the city. Then
                    talk to your partner about it.

          City name

Things you like   Things you don’t like
Find some information
about the places you’d
like to visit. Brainstorm
a list of things that are
important to you when
you go on vacations.
Section A 3a –
section B 2c
What is important to you when you go on vacation?

    Not too hot
    Near the ocean
    Have a lot to do
                       TRAVEL SPOTLIGHT: PARIS

                           What do you think of Paris?

Read this newspaper article about
Paris. Circle the things you like
about visiting Paris. Underline the
things you don’t like.
                        Answer these questions after
                        you read the article about Paris.

1. Where is Paris?
2. Are there any beaches?
3. What is the most famous sight in
4. Do Frenchmen speak English?
5. If you go to Paris, how will you
   visit the city?
6. What do you think of Paris?
                        Make some sentences using these

consider doing
the capital of        1. _______________________
one of                2. _______________________
in the world          3. _______________________
be convenient to do
                      4. _______________________
in general
                      5. _______________________
                      6. _______________________
         Jeff has a summer job at a travel agency. Listen to the
         conversation and number the pictures.

Listen again and complete the chart.
                        Write the answers to these questions. Then
                        talk about them with your partner.

                                         A: Where would you like to visit?
                                         B: I’d like to visit Holland.
1.   Where would you like to visit?      A: Why do you want to go there?
                                         B: …
2.   Why do you want to go there?
3.   What would you do there?
4.   Where don’t you want to go?
5.   Why don’t you want to go there?
             Make a survey in your class to see what your
Task 2       classmates want and don’t want for vacation.
             Then fill in the chart.

                   wants            doesn’t want

     Student A

     Student B

     Student C
                              Choose the right word to fill in each blank.

explore from provide offer            surf   private forest exotic

 1.   _______ is a kind of water sport.
 2.   The scientists from China _______ the Antarctic regions.
 3.   Maria is an ________ name. Where does she come from?
 4.   This is a ______ land, you can’t walk across it.
 5.   Thousands of old trees were lots in the _______fire.
 6.   I must ________ them an apology for not going to attend their
 7.   A plan began _______ in his mind.
 8.   The school ________ tents, but we must bring our own food.
Section B 3a –
Self check
Do you travel alone or with others? Why?
What do you think about a trip most ?
                          Read the e-mail message to Ace Travel
                          Agency. Then read the statements about the
                          e-mail. Write “T” (for true), “F” (for false), or
                          “DK” (for don’t know).

1. The person has a lot of money to spend on the vacation. ______
2. The person wants to relax and do nothing on vacation. ______
3. The person is a man.                                        ______
4. The person has children.                                    ______
5. The person likes to swim.                                   ______
6. The person wants to go to another country.                  ______
Imagine you work for Ace Travel
Agency. Write an e-mail message
to S.T. Zhang. Tell where you
think he or she should go on
                      Imagine you work for Ace Travel Agency. You
Task 3                want to know what the ideal place for a school
                      trip is. Make a survey using the words from
                      the box and any other words. Then complete
                      the chart.

  relaxing exciting educational beautiful cold hot crowded expensive

  an ideal place for Student A       Student B        Student C
  a school trip
  Qufu in
  The Great Wall in
  The Stone Forest
  in Yunnan
Which of these
places would you
like to visit most?
Write an article
about why you
would like to go
 What’s your dream?

My dream is to walk on the moon.
                    Read the article for three times,
                    and then make up some more
                    questions. Then answer these

1. Why do some students want to start work as soon
   as possible?
2. What is important to students about the work they
3. What example is given of an impossible dream?
4. _____________________________________?
5. _____________________________________?
6. _____________________________________?
7. _____________________________________?
             Discuss the following questions in
             small groups with reference to the

1. Is there anyone in the world who does not
   hope or dream?
2. Might the dreams of Chinese teenagers be
   different from others?
3. Can dream come true?
                                           I’d love to have my
Write down a dream you
                                           own company one
have. Share your
thoughts with a friend
who might help you see
how you could achieve
this dream. Together list   I can achieve that:
the small steps you could   1.   by working hard at school to learn
take to do so.                   as much as I can.
                            2.   by finding out how successful
                                 people did it.
                            3.   ___________________________.
                            4.   ___________________________.
                            5.   ___________________________.

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