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					 Fw: Re: HERTZ FILE FZ3276/038                                                     Friday, October 1, 2010 9:53 PM

 From: "Jeanne Leblanc" <jeanneleblanc@yahoo.com>
    To: CustomerRelations@hertz.com
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Sorry -- here is the attachment.

--- On Fri, 10/1/10, Jeanne Leblanc <jeanneleblanc@yahoo.com> wrote:

  From: Jeanne Leblanc <jeanneleblanc@yahoo.com>
  Subject: Fw: Re: HERTZ FILE FZ3276/038
  To: CustomerRelations@hertz.com
  Date: Friday, October 1, 2010, 9:51 PM

  Dear Janet N,

  I am adding another piece of evidence to support my position. Please see the attached statement that the
  Hertz agency in Madrid mailed to me, my first notice that there was a claim of damage to the vehicle. The
  statement notes that the car was returned on Sept. 6, 2010 at 19:04 -- 7:04 p.m. The photos the agency
  submitted to you in support of its claim are clearly time stamped on Sept. 6, 2010 at 13:17 -- 1:17 p.m.
  How could these photos have been taken six hours before I returned the car?

  Jeanne Leblanc

  --- On Fri, 10/1/10, Jeanne Leblanc <jeanneleblanc@yahoo.com> wrote:

    From: Jeanne Leblanc <jeanneleblanc@yahoo.com>
    Subject: Re: HERTZ FILE FZ3276/038
    To: "Hertz Customer Relations" <CustomerRelations@hertz.com>
    Date: Friday, October 1, 2010, 4:27 PM

    Dear Janet N.

    Per our telephone conversation, I am attaching evidence that shows that the damage claims
    made by the Hertz agency in Madrid regarding damage to the car I rented are unfounded.

    First, please note that the "addendum and statement of vehicle condition" noted three areas of
    damage before I removed the car from the lot. Please see the attached scan of my copy of the
    original addendum, without the annotations added by the agency after I returned the car. It
    clearly shows -- number of damages: 3, with a notation about a missing cap for a towing
    connection and an x in the box for golpes / damages -- which are not specified.

    I also photographed the car before I removed it from the lot. The attached photos show the car
    from all angles. Please compare these photos with the photos provided by Hertz in Madrid, and
    you will note that:
- the Hertz photo with the file name T1%20040.jpg, which I believe is purported to show
scratches in the paint near the signal light on the passenger-side mirror, is not consistent with
the shape of the mirror and signal light in my photos. It is not the same mirror.

- it’s unclear what the unspecified “daño leve” or “light damage” to the “puerta delantera derecha”
or right side of the rear door is alleged to be in the photo with the file name T1%20039.jpg. I
can't see it. Please note the open space below the door on the right side – apparently the
missing cover for a towing connection – is noted on the initial declaration and shows in my
photos of the car before I took it off the lot.

- that the claim of “daño medio” or moderate damage to the capó or hood, made on the form
“daños declarados” is not consistent with the notations on the “addendum and statement of
vehicle condition,” which makes no claim of damage to the hood but adds notations “RLF, RLS,”
apparently to describe the damages that were already noted on the declaration when I rented the

- that the Hertz photo with the file name T1%20041.jpg does not show clear signs of damage.
The door is dirty and there is a reflection below the window. It appears to be the passenger-side
front door below the mirror. See my photos before I rented the car, showing marks in that
location -- not the marks shown in the Hertz photo. Again, I don't believe this is the same car.
Also, in any case, the original addendum declares that there was damage to the body before I
removed the car from the lot. Please note, also, in my photos that the car was very dirty when
we rented it, and it was difficult to see minor scratches.

I want to declare unequivocally that we took good care of this car and parked it in secure
locations.There was no damage to it, and the attendant who took the car in when we returned it
did not note any.

I believe Hertz should drop its claim that this car was damaged in our possession.

Thank you,

Jeanne Leblanc

--- On Fri, 10/1/10, Hertz Customer Relations <CustomerRelations@hertz.com> wrote:

  From: Hertz Customer Relations <CustomerRelations@hertz.com>
  Subject: HERTZ FILE FZ3276/038
  To: JeanneLeblanc@yahoo.com
  Date: Friday, October 1, 2010, 12:23 PM

  Dear Ms. LeBlanc:

  This letter is in follow-up to our previous correspondence. Thank you for
  the opportunity to review your concerns.

  We have been in contact with the Hertz Claims Management office in Spain
  regarding your September 1 rental charges. We have been advised all damage
  charges have been reviewed and found to be correct. Please find attached
  the requested damage copies for your records.

  We appreciate the opportunity to provide assistance.

Janet N.
Customer Correspondence Administrator
OKC Customer Services
The Hertz Corporation
P.O. Box 26120
14501 Hertz Quail Springs Parkway
Oklahoma City, OK 73134

(See attached file: T1%20041.jpg)(See attached file: T1%20040.jpg)(See
attached file: T1%20039.jpg)(See attached file:
ARF%5Cpdfperitacion%5CPeritacion_30_7800[1].pdf)(See attached file:
9577.jpg)(See attached file: ARF%5Cpdf%5CMAD50-10-7800_es[1].pdf)

Telephone: 888-777-6095, Ext. 4812
FAX: 405-290-2899

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The Hertz Corporation
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P.O. Box 26120
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