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Zi Mei                        Events
                                                             Issue 7                                                   Term 3
                                                            July 2010
Winter 2010
I can hardly believe that we are half-way through
2010. June was a busy month with the much
                                                                    Management of Upper Limb Hypertonicity
anticipated PRPP - The Perceive: Recall: Plan and                                                    15th - 17th July, 2010
Perform System Assessment workshop, as well as                                                            Dr Jodie Copley
ABCs of Report Writing and our regular Teaching                                                                   Brisbane

Functional Handwriting for Written Communication
workshops. I have been able to confirm the Visual             This practical three day workshop is aimed at occupational

                                                            therapists working with adults or paediatric clients with upper

Perceptual Skill in the Classroom for September and
A guide to using “Clinical Observations” workshop in             limb hypertonicity due to stroke, traumatic brain injury or

                                                                                rk                          cerebral palsy.

November. These were popular EOIs, so ensure
your register early to avoid missing out .                                                        Click for more information
Expression of Interest
EOIs allow us to gauge the response to workshop
ideas to ensure we are meeting the needs of
participants. Unfortunately without receiving
sufficient EOIs we are unable to proceed with
workshops. We Presently have some interest in the
Exploring the OT Toolbox and OT and Autism
workshops—this will be the final attempt to gauge
numbers before deciding to go ahead with these
workshops (or not).

Workshops suggested by participants (eg ADOS
training, Management of Upper Limb Hypertonicity —
Melbourne) have also been included in this

Thankyou to everyone who has taken the time to
respond to recent Expressions of Interest.                  Participants enjoying a break
                                                            at the recent ” Teaching
Email List                                                  Functional Handwriting for
If you wish to join our email list or if you are changing   Written Communication
workplaces or internet providers—please ensure that         “Workshop in Brisbane
you send through your updated contact/email details.
That way you can keep informed of our latest events
on offer.                                                                           Visual Perceptual Skills in the Classroom
                                                                                                             Friday 10th September, 2010
Registration/Tax Invoice Reminder                                                                                                Brisbane
As Tax time is upon us once again, I just thought I                                                                    Dr Chris Chapparo
would take this opportunity to remind participants
that your Registration Form is a Tax Invoice. It                             This one day workshop will provide an introduction to visual
meets the requirements set out by the Australian                            perception, its role in attention and learning, and how to use
Tax Office. Please keep copy for your records                               strategies in the classroom, to assist your students and sup-
                                                                                port their learning. Suitable for early education providers,
If you have any further queries, please contact the                         childcare workers, special needs teachers and support staff.
office on (07) 3847 8375 or via email                                                                             Click for more information
Leisha Ward
  E     info@zimei.com.au
  P/F   07 3847 8375
  A     PO Box 685 Stones Corner Q 4120                                        (Note: Further information for events can be viewed on our
  W     www.zimei.com.au                                                       website by following the green – More information - links)
  Term 4

 What to do with the Wees and Poos:
 Behavioural Management for Encopresis                                                                       Participants at the recent PRPP
                                                                                                           Assessment workshop in Brisbane
 and Nocturnal Enuresis in Children
 Dates to be confirmed
 Rebecca Khan & Leisha Ward - Townsville, Qld
 This workshop will provide an overview of the occupational thera-
 pist’s role in the management of Nocturnal Enuresis (bedwetting)
 and Encopresis (chronic constipation/soiling) in children 4-12
 years. The workshop is open to occupational therapists,
 physiotherapists, child health and school health nurses.
                                                                                      A guide to using ―Clinical Observations‖
 Click for more information
                                                                                                      5th & 6th November 2010 - Brisbane
                                                                                                          Lisa Scott & Suzanne Wakefield
                                                                           This workshop will give participants an overview of using Ayres
                                                                      Clinical Observations. Clinical Observations are a particularly useful
                                                                         tool when standardised testing is not possible, or when additional
                                                                                 information about a child’s sensory processing is required.
                                                                            Observation of structured tasks linked to underlying tactile and
                                                                              vestibular/proprioceptive functioning can assist with planning
                                                                               intervention for children with a wide range of developmental
                                                                               concerns. This workshop is open to occupational therapists.
                                                                                                                 Click for more information

                                                Presenter Insight                         WHAT DO YOU DO ON SUNDAYS?
                                                 A glimpse into the life of…              At the moment, go hunting for tiles and various
                                                 Dr Jodie Copley                          other renovation paraphernalia. (And watch

                                                                      WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU READ?
                                                                      Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. It was so good I have had trouble
                                                                      getting into another book since (I have five sitting beside my bed).
                                                                      WHAT ARE YOUR HOBBIES?
Besides the obvious (husband, children, dog, photos) I would say
                                                                      Cooking, bushwalking, planning parties for people, keeping up with
my teapot and my stained glass windows.
                                                                      new music, watching British crime shows on telly.
                                                 WHAT CARTOON CHARACTER BEST DESCRIBES YOU?
                                                                      To my dismay, my husband says the Tassie Devil, because I take a
My partner loves to keep really old concert T-shirts from the
                                                                      ferocious approach to getting the job done (but I don’t bite, really).
eighties that don’t quite fit anymore, empty spirit decanters, and
every receipt he has received in the last 25 years. Take your pick!   YOUR FAVOURITE ITEM OF CLOTHING AND WHY?
WHO INSPIRES YOU?                                                     It used to be a black jumper I bought in Paris when I first backpacked,
                                                                      but I wore it until it fell apart. But in general it would always be jeans
Leigh Sayles who presents Lateline on the ABC. She takes on all
                                                                      or shorts because I like to be casual most of the time (with the odd red
the politicians and never gets a word wrong! Plus I harbour a
                                                                      dress or little black number thrown in for dressing up).
secret desire to be a newsreader…
YOUR MOST ANNOYING HABIT?                                             YOUR PERSONAL MOTTO?
My friends would say my refusal to buy a mobile phone (I will         Don’t keep anything for a special occasion. Being alive is the special
need to buckle soon though so I don’t get called an old fogie).       occasion.
Expressions of Interest
  Semester 2, 2010                                                                                    Exploring the OT Toolbox
                                                                              Integrating the evidence into the clinical reasoning
                                                                       process for complex paediatric developmental caseloads
                                                                                                                    Semester 2, 2010
                                                                               This workshop will guide clinicians through the clinical
                                                                    reasoning process of translating research knowledge into family-
                                                                     centred practice. This workshop will consider the evidence with
                                                                   regard to various clinical intervention models and techniques that
                                                                             Occupational therapists utilise as part of their ―toolbox‖.
                                                                                                        More information coming soon

                                                                             Participants enjoying a break at the recent “”
                                                                             Teaching Functional Handwriting for Written
                                                                             Communication “Workshop in Brisbane

                               PRPP presenters Judy Ranka
                                    Dr Chris Chapparo

Introduction to the Autism Diagnostic
Observation Schedule (ADOS):
Using the ADOS in clinical assessments
2 days - Brisbane – Semester 2, 2010

The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) is a semi-                                             Workshop Confirmations
structured, standardised assessment of communication, social interac-                A confirmation email will generally be sent within 3-5
tion, and play. It provides a series of standardised contexts in which the               days of registering for an event – if you have not
child’s social, communication and repetitive, stereotyped behaviours can            received a response in that timeframe, please contact
be observed. It has been designed to assist in the diagnosis of autism                   us so that we can confirm we have received your
and pervasive developmental disorders .                                                                    registration form and payment.

Workshops are designed for psychologists, paediatricians, and psychia-
trists. Speech pathologists, occupational therapists who have experience
in standardised assessment measures are also able to attend.
Click for more Information
Occupational Therapy and Autism:
The Occupational Therapy role in diagnosis,
intervention and integration/inclusion
                                                                                  Expressions of Interest
3 days - Semester 1, 2011
Dr Chris Chapparo – Sydney/Melbourne
This three day workshop aims to give occupational therapists an
understanding of the breadth of their role in the
multidisciplinary team with regard to assessment and
interventions with children with ASD and their families.
 Click for more information                                                       Management of Upper Limb Hypertonicity
                                                                                                 3 day workshop - Semester 1, 2011
                                                                                                                   Dr Jodie Copley
      "I cannot teach anybody                                              This practical three day workshop is aimed at occupational
     anything, I can only make                                           therapists working with adults or paediatric clients with upper
            them think."                                             limb hypertonicity due to stroke, traumatic brain injury or cerebral
                                            Socrates                                                          Click for more information

                                                                             Participants enjoying a break at the recent
                                                                             “PRPP Assessment” Workshop in Brisbane

                                                                                     Understanding Visual Perceptual Skills
                                                                                                               in Children
                                                                                                            3 days - Semester 1, 2011
                                                                                                          Dr Chris Chapparo – Sydney
                                                                         This workshop for occupational therapists will provide partici-
                                                                        pants with an opportunity to study visual perception and visual
                                                                              perceptual deficits that are commonly found in children.
                    OTHER TOPICS
       Feedback Welcome with regard to these                                                                   Click for more information
             workshop topics for 2010

      Goal Attainment Scaling/ Goal Setting
         PRPP Assessment—Melbourne
          PRPP Intervention—Brisbane
   Please contact Zi Mei Events at info@zimei.com.au to
       express your interest in these or other topics.
                                                                                    Creating a SENSORY-Smart Classroom
                                                                                                                Semester 1, 2011
                                                                                               8:30 – 3:00pm Brisbane/Melbourne
                                                                     This workshop will provide an introduction to sensory processing,
                                                                  its role in attention and learning, and how to use sensory strategies
                                                                      in the classroom, to interact with your students and support their
                                                                    learning. Suitable for early education providers, childcare workers,
                                                                                  special needs teachers and allied health/therapy staff.
                                                                                                             Click for more information

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