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									                      Published by the Nursing Students Association
             The DSLCC NSA is a constituent chapter of the NSNA and the VNSA
                                      October 2007

           Community Outreach is Really Reaching Out!
                  -The Aluminum Can Drive for Habitat-

The Community Outreach Committee got the ball rolling for the Aluminum Can Drive to raise
funds Habitat for Humanity in the Covington, Clifton Forge, and Rockbridge County areas.
Pictured above are from left, Joyce Edwards, VP for finance and administration, NSA
members Karen Butler, Hannah Ripani and Amy Ledford, NSA President

                               The Outcome

                Community Outreach Co-chair Ginger Lipes (at left) and NSA member Karen
        Butler awarded Alleghany Habitat for Humanity $ 100.00 from the proceeds of the
          sale of aluminum cans. With them above are John Barnes, President, Alleghany
                      Habitat (far right) and Gary Wallace, Habitat Director.

                                     SYNERGY: October 2007
                Committee Updates ….…2                 Inspirational Speech…....4-5
               Calendar of Events ….….3                Creative Corner… …….5-11
               News and Events……......3                 Editorial……………..….12
                                    Committee Updates
All committee chairs are to submit written reports at meetings so this section of the Synergy is updated.

          Please see attached sheet regarding membership. Recruitment for NSA
membership is open to Pre-Nursing students.

Community Outreach: This committee is continuing to collect cans for Habitat for Humanity,
and canned food drives, job well done! A package to Glenn Anderson, serving in
Afghanistan, was mailed out. A $100 check was given to John Burns, the president of
the Alleghany Chapter, for Habitat for Humanity. There is now a new Rockbridge group
of students collecting aluminum cans for Rockbridge Habitat. Ginger and Tina co-chairs.

Sports: Anyone for Samba?! If interested, meet at the Moomaw Center on Monday’s
October 15, 22, & 29 and November 4, 12, & 16 from 11-11:30 a.m. Room 502. Let’s
get our groove on! Walking is now Wed. mornings before class. Karen and Brandi – co-chairs

Scrapbook:    No report.

Executive Board:
               Welcomed newly elected officers Summer Helper-Vice President, Nicole
Kellison-Assistant Secretary and Nicolas Shoemaker-Assistant Treasurer. Discussion
was held to make plans for the upcoming Membership Meeting scheduled for October 26
(moved to November 2) including New Membership Packets and Induction of Officers
and New Members. NSNA Mid Year Conference to be held on November 15-18 in
Kansas City Missouri. Reviewed Committees and responsibilities of the Chairs and Co-
Chairs. Adjourned meeting and scheduled the next Executive Broad Meeting for
November 7 at 2:45pm.

          There was a September issue, now this October issue. Please submit your
November items for inclusion to Amy Ledford, Natalie Wallace, or Adrianne Reyns by
Nov. 10.

Capping and Pinning:
                  Please start thinking about a speaker and a photographer. Pretty soon
we will be making nominations. Diane and Tammy – co- chairs

Alumni:Tammy Mace and Nick Shoemaker will co-chair. This committee will create a
master list all of the Alumni – of the DSLCC nursing program.
Calendar of Events
               October 19th:   Job Fair, DSLCC, Kendal Flu Shots
               October 20th:   Career Day in Buena Vista
               October 21st:    Rockbridge Hospice Hustle
               November 2nd:   Induction of new members into NSA, Installation of New Officers

  Congratulations Ginger Lipes on winning the 2007 DSLCC Showcase Award.
   Thanks for your dedication and hard work as chair and co-chair of Community Outreach!

            Nursing Students Sponsor Flowerbeds on Campus!

        What a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the maintenance of out beautifully
landscaped campus. Nursing students and others are sponsoring different flowerbeds
throughout the campus. Enthusiastic Nursing students adopted the Gazebo beside the
Moomaw Center, where we all hang around during break and other times. Thanks to all for
making it happen!

                               VNA District 9 Legislative Meeting
        A legislative dinner was held at the Augusta Medical Center Community Building on
Wed. October 10. Sponsored by the Virginia Nurses Association District 9, Faculty and
nursing students who attended were: David Wiley, Christina Creech, Connie, Parkin, Cynthia
Ray, Marcia Tingler-Oliver, Ginger Lipes, Natalie Wallace, Ann May, and Gloria Smitka.
Nurses and students presented questions and listened to the responses and positions of
Virginia politicians and candidates for political offices. Nursing Education, Nursing
Shortage, the Scope of the Practice for Nurse Practitioners were some of the topics

                                                  program at Dabney S. Lancaster
                                                  Community College? My immediate
                                                  answer to that question is “family”! As
                                                  you sit here today and look around you,
             A Dream to Reality: An               you may be thinking “this group of
                                                  strangers is not my family, what is she
Inspirational Speech                              talking about”. And at this moment, you
                                                  may be right. But, as the days become
By: Tammy Mace                                    weeks, and the weeks become months,
Delivered at the PN Graduation, August 18, 2007
                                                  you will find that a bond has slowly
                                                  been formed, and that this group of
         The faculty, staff, NSA                  strangers here today have indeed
 Executive Board, and the ADN Class of            become your extended family. I
 2008 of Dabney S. Lancaster                      promise you this; you will be spending
 Community College, would like to                 more time with the people in this room,
 welcome each of you to the nursing               than you will with your own family.
 program and to congratulate you on               Whether you are happy or sad, these
 your achievements and hard work. We              people will be here to celebrate with
 would also like to congratulate the 2nd          you or to console you. You will begin to
 year nursing students on successfully            share things with them that you can’t
 completing the LPN program. It has               share with your immediate family
 definitely been a long and hard road,            because you will realize that only
 but we made it!                                  another nursing student can truly
         When I was asked to be the               understand the trials and tribulations
 speaker for today, panic set in, and I           that you will go through as you are
 wondered “Oh my goodness, what will I            following your dreams. I promise you
 speak about, and what pearls of                  that there will be times when you will
 wisdom can I impart to our new nursing           cry together, and times that you will
 students?” Thoughts and ideas began              laugh together, and no one will be
 tumbling around in the little bit of             there for you more than your fellow
 space left in my overloaded brain.               nursing students and instructors.
          I encourage the incoming                         The nursing program here at
 nursing students to make the most of             Dabney S. Lancaster Community
 the next two years. Absorb everything            College will teach you key skills in
 that the nursing program and NSA has             leadership and teamwork. By joining
 to offer you. It will carry on with you          the NSA and becoming an active
 when you become a full-fledged                   member, you will gain the opportunities
 registered nurse beginning a career              to put these skills into practice and
 that will bring you fulfillment that only        make a difference in the communities
 a nurse can know. You will become a              in which you live. Not only will you
 stronger, more confident person, not             acquire leadership and teamwork skills,
 only within your career, but also within         but you will also gain the opportunity
 your own personal life.                          to give back to your community
         One thought that I have that             through community outreach
 sticks out among the many others is              projects, making you a more
 the question, What does the nursing

  Tammy Mace Speech con’t.
                                              granted. I would also like to thank my
                                              fellow nursing students for all of the
  compassionate and understanding             love and support that they have given
 nurse.                                       to me and to each other.
          Your instructors, the faculty,               In closing, I would like to say
 and other staff members are here to          that we are truly a “family” and we are
 support you and help you to achieve          honored to have each and every one of
 your dreams. I beg of you to please          you as part of our family. I hope that
 make good use of this support, it will       you will mingle and mix and become
 be invaluable to you. They truly love        acquainted with your new family. I
 what they do, and they very much want        know that God will truly bless each and
 to help you in any way that they can         every one of us and that the glory is
 because they want you to be the best         His. In the coming months, when times
 nurse that you can be. I don’t believe       are hard and you don’t think you can go
 that you can find a better nursing           on, remember that God promises never
 program or better instructors                to forsake us, and that the strangers
 anywhere.                                    in this room, today, are proof of His
          I would like to thank Gloria        promise. So, I wish each of you good
 Smitka, Ann May, Debbie Williams,            luck and many blessings as you start
 Karen Persinger, Lisa Edwards, Judy          out on this new path that God has
 Coleman, Julia Carter and the rest of        shown you.
 the faculty and staff, for everything
 that they have done for myself, and
 for my fellow nursing students. The
 love and support that you have given to
 us will never be forgotten or taken for

A Nurse's Wish
Author: Unknown

Submitted by AdriAnne Raines,
                                             To do the things that comfort and heal.
Second-year student

                                             Suffering makes patients' fear grow worse
To be a nurse requires dedication,
                                             And they seek reassurance from their nurse.
With years of study and preparation.
                                             Help me see things from their point of view
I pray for guidance and humbly ask,
                                             And always to know what is best to do.
That I will do well with this chosen task.

                                             May I have a part, in some small way,
When illness strikes or pain demands,
                                             In restoring good health to someone today.
And a life is placed within my hands,
                                             Let my work be all that I want it to be--
Give me compassion, knowledge and skill
                                             I ask the great healer to work through me.

Creative Corner                                       Listening to Stories, My Kendal Rotation
                                                      Brian Jenkins, first year nursing student

    Students are encouraged to write items for the
    DSLCC Synergy, the NSA newsletter. Here are
    the results of their creativity.                   Borden Center, the skilled nursing wing of Kendal
                                                       of Lexington, located in Rockbridge County is an
                                                       interesting place and this is where our group is
    Her Last Night at Home                             assigned for the nursing home rotation. It's one of
    Originally published in THE ATLANTIC MONTHLY       those places that make you think about life, what
    Author: Johnathan Musgrove, First-year student.    it means to be alive, the importance of quality of
                                                       life, how you want to go about living life and on
    Her last night at home
                                                       whose terms. Spending time at Kendall has
    she phoned, out of breath.                         certainly made me think about some of these
    I was still half asleep                            things. Getting old, physically frail, and to the
    when she said, “There’s a bird                     point where you can no longer take care of
    or a bat, loose in the house.                      yourself is a reality. It happens. This could very
    Please can you come home now?”                     well be me in another 40-50 years (if the bird flu
                                                       or bush doesn't get me and others first. But I've
    From outside I could see                           still got 40-50 years (hopefully). The clients that
    the light in every window.                         we've been interacting with are there now and
    She met me at the door,                            the issues I have mentioned are part of their daily
    “It’s behind the curtain                           realities. I can't help but empathize with the folks
    in the dining room, I think.                       I meet. As depressing as this all sounds, I find it
    Something flew down the stairs.”                   amazing that the clients are as upbeat and
    She handed me a tennis racket,                     positive as they are. I think this helps everyone
    and sat exhausted, thin, pale.                     working there stay upbeat, and it turns into a
                                                       cycle of positive reinforcement for all parties
    I looked everywhere: the cellar,                   involved. I have enjoyed my time there so far. The
    upstairs, in every window.
                                                       best part for me is just sitting and talking with the
                                                       residents. I like listening to stories about
    Nothing was behind the curtain
                                                       Rockbridge County in the old days and most of
    except the night, black,
                                                       the people I've met are happy to share their
    full of morphine, and her house
                                                       memories and stories. Everyone enjoys
    flooded with all its lights,
                                                       themselves and or me, that is the best part of my
    reflecting back in the glass,
                                                       Kendall experience.
    rooms unfolding one after another:
    a long corridor to an empty kitchen.

Valerie Schooler, first year nursing student

The Past: When I was young, growing up, I      The Rockbridge Hospice Hustle
had lived with my grandmother. As she          By Amanda Church, first year nursing
aged, she was placed in and out of nursing     student
homes she did not consider home. Her
experiences somehow affected me and I          It was a wonderful day for walking Sunday
developed a strong dislike for nursing         afternoon, let me tell you, the weather was
homes.                                         fabulous and the cause was delightful!
                                               Martha, Brandi and I were ready to get
The Present: Now in the nursing program at     rocking! Gloria found us at Hopkins Green
DSLCC. What do I go through but that my        in Lexington , she took pictures at the start
first clinical rotation is going to be in a    and off we went! Man, did it get hot though.
nursing home. I dreaded this, my inner being   We had to make a short pit stop at VMI!
fought against it. My mind told me , “you      (Brandi had a bathroom emergency!) We
will be reminded of grandmother!”              should have performed catheterization before
                                               we left, All in all it was a wonderful
When I first stepped into the Kendal Borden    experience with a great nursing family.
Center the nursing home of Kendal, I was       Next year perhaps my mom and sister will
scared to death. I was afraid of what          tag along.
memories will stir up for me. I had a few
break downs to say the least!! But the more
time I have spent there the more I see that
it is a wonderful establishment and how
wonderful the employees with the

Now that we have only one more clinical
rotation, I wish we had more time to spend
with the whole group of residents that make
Kendal their home!!

The Future: Someday, I hope to become a
caring nurse.
                                                   to blue, then yellow and so on the ringing
                                                   depending on the pointers’ direction.

The Musical Therapy of Chimes"                     Amazing Grace- with the piano
Faith Huff, DSLCC, first year nursing student      accompaniment, chimes in chords ringing.
                                                   How Great Thou Art!!
The first day of our clinical, and I must say      He Touched Me!! And so on. We went on
that my nerves were more than a little             to octaves, everyone was assigned specific
shaken. "What would it be like?" I                 notes. Background music turned on, Mrs.
wondered. My insides were trembling as I           Knudson conducted: Edelweiss, America,
went to meet my resident. However, within          the Beautiful were the distinct favorites.
minutes of meeting my resident, I felt more        What a wonderful melody, as each one rang
at ease.                                           her own chime. The whole music became a
                                                   wonderful melody.
She was friendly and outgoing despite a
handicap and she put me at ease right away.        My apprehension for the clinical day and for
By 9:45 AM, Ms. M was looking forward to a         each day that followed totally melted away!!
trip to Heritage Hall, another retirement          Seeing the residents taking part in chimes
facility in Lexington for a joint chimes choir.    and Mrs. Knudson working so well with the
But it was not to be. Too many residents           residents was a wonderful experience. Not
were not feeling well that day and they had        only was it therapeutic for the residents, but
to stay in. However her face lit up when she       it provided a calming sensation for me also. I
found out that there would be chimes right         won't forget my first clinical day, sharing the
there at Kendal with the ones who were not         fun of chimes with the Kendal residents.
ill. (And has been every week since our            After that first day, we all started to feel
rotation started. Perhaps there was no need        comfortable – two weeks after I am now
                                                   the leader who points to the RED, BLUE,
to go to Heritage Hall while we nursing
                                                   YELLOW cards as each one rings. As you
students could fill in the gaps). And since
                                                   can guess, I am now an avid fan of the
then every clinical day at 9:45 students and       Kendal chimes choir.
residents alike look forward to the Chimes
choir. We students help gather and
encourage residents to play or to listen.

I understood once I went with my resident                              _____
to the chimes session why she was looking
forward to this activity. Mrs. Knudson, the
friendly music therapist and Chimes choir
director put everyone at ease. She
welcomed us students, brought the chimes
out from the cases: A, B, C, D E, F chimes
notes (color coded in red, blue, yellow,
green,etc.) and assigned us students and
residents alike. (I was apprehensive still, will
I play accurately, I wondered?) Mrs.
Knudson ran her fingers on the piano giving
us a warm up. Opening chords - Amazing
Grace she announced – Red starts, Harriet,
the leader pointed, to the colored squares
and we rang - the chimes in unison, pointer
                                                           On days I let my self esteem get low
Hands on - A Great Experience                      and my stress level is off the charts I can
by Jennifer Williams, first year nursing student   now think about what my resident has told
                                                   me and this keeps me going on to continue
    The day had finally arrived to wear my         for a more positive outcome in 2009.
fully ironed white uniform to show others          Kendal was a very good first experience for
what we all have learned in the past few           me and I hope other students had the same
weeks. As my classmates and I walked to            opportunities I did. As for Webster she was
the front entrance to Kendal my stomach was        not at the door greeting us on the way out. I
churning and my nerves were making me              assumed she was looking for a treat I mean
think of all the negative things that could        treats.
happen. And then when I walked in the door         After all, Halloween is just around the
there it was, one of the loves of my life was      corner.
greeting me into the main lobby it was--                               _______
Webster the cat. This is just not any
ordinary cat. It is dark orange in color, has
great self-esteem about herself, and weighs a
lot. Webster is so fat she cannot rollover on
her back. Webster helped relax my nerves as
she alked (meowed) to me while waiting for
the others.
      It is now time to make our way into the
nursing home and meet everyone. We all
got the names and room number to our
residents and off we went. My experience
with that was this is it, we are on our own.
Everything I had been taught in the last few
weeks from our instructors and second year                 “Mrs. N”
students was running quickly through my            Ashley Moore, DSLCC first year nursing student
mind before I reached the resident’s room. I
found the room walked in trying to be very         At first I thought she was rude,
professional and guess what? No one was in         sometimes even a bit crude.
the room. Now what? Thank God for Gloria           She didn’t like her husband or the nurses.
Smitka. She directed me in another                 When she looked at me,
resident’s room and told me to talk to her. I      I felt her casting curses.
said “ok.” The residents and the workers at        Then one day I was assigned to her.
Kendal are some of the nicest people you           I realized how funny
would ever want to meet. They took                 and personable she could be.
us in under their wing and showed us things        One-on-one time was the cure.
that will help a lot in our future career. The     And to my heart, she had the key.
resident I had was such a fine and very            I’m going to miss our time spent together.
educated person. She taught me things about        Profoundly!!
Africa and copyright lawyer work. Her
travels came up a lot in our conversations.

       She is a very persistent and easy
going person and was always encouraging
me to continue with school. She always let
me know I will be a very good nurse and she
hopes to see me later in my career field
doing what she thinks I do best.

                                             The Check - off
                                             Gloria Smitka, NSA Faculty Advisor
Gloria Smitka, NSA Faculty Advisor           “Would you check me off?”
                                             Alright, are you ready?, you said.
They come, slowly,                           “I think so, I’ve read, watched, viewed,
holding on to the railings.                  practiced every step we were told….
They march on wheels,                        also a mental scenario, I hold
directed by hands,                           and yes I am prepared,
feet shuffling one after the other.          if that’s what you mean.” I said.

Five of them here huddled,                   The “rights” all in place: the order,
others almost at various points              the patient and all: safety,
some at the halfway mark                     body mechanics, center of gravity,
some just inching slowly                     communication and more
emerging from hallways.                      …..positive attitude most of all.
This direction.
                                             Equipment? Supplies?
“Would you like me to help you on?”          Armed with my kit……I start,
-Yes, please would you mind?-                Per instructions
                                             of Kozier & Erb, am I right?
Necks in lateral flexion,                     I pick up the first item
spines in forward direction                  a blue color unfold, latex
shaped in C minor.                           Behave calmly, my heart
An arm resting on a foam cushion             rhythm range regular .
Hair coiffed, combed in 50’s, 60’s fashion
Sweaters, slacks matching,                   Dominant hand in,
Facing another similar day!                  non –dominant assists.
                                             Non - dominant’s turn.
More arrive … by the wall,                   Dominant great charge:
 they are parked                             Zero contaminants allowed.
chairs and wheels together locked
like cars in a parking lot,                  Continue then: I pick up a blue square,
no alarms set off.                           drop it
                                             ….Arrange all items, you said.
All attentive… listening..                   This goes here , that one there.
There is music…lute!                         Very calm, am proud, everything in
                                             exact order …
“Right here is fine!” Thank you.             Ready one, two, three! SMILE!
                                             ”Done!! Bravo, the applause divine.
Where hallways converge,                         “Hon, wake up, don’t be late!
Mr. Maslow please meet Mr. Erickson.              By the way, who is sterile?”

                                             (The Check-off was inspired by a student who shared
                                             with me about her husband waking her up while she
                                             was trying to “document” in her sleep. GS)
Lessons Learned At Kendal
Angie Alford, DSLCC first year nursing                           I know that sounds simple, and I guess,
student                                                      looking back now, it really wasn’t too bad.
        There we were at 8:00 a.m. on a                      However, at the time I think we, the
Thursday morning; a group of anxious                         students, were the ones experiencing sensory
nursing students in our blue pinafores,                      overload. We were in a new, strange
huddled together and walking down the                        environment; there were new sights, new
winding halls of Kendal. We had no idea                      sounds and a lot of new smells. We began to
what to expect and from the perplexed looks                  learn the necessity of being able to adapt
we were getting as everyone stopped to                       quickly and think critically as we cared for
watch us pass by, the staff and residents of                 our assigned resident and others needing our
Kendal didn’t know what to make of our                       assistance. Oh, I also need to mention the
invasion either. We were led to the nursing                  fact that the body mechanics we reviewed in
station, given our assignments and we were                   skills became very important.
off. (The orientation was a couple of weeks                          Nonetheless, it didn’t take very long
prior so we knew where the rooms were                        to realize that being a nurse isn't all just
located at. and who our assigned residents                   wearing cute scrubs with stethoscopes
were going to be but have not met them                       around the neck; but that being a nurse
then.) We went from room to room and                         requires caring, thinking, comforting,
identified our residents. Some were still                    communicating and is truly back breaking.
asleep, some not wanting to be bothered,                     We left Kendal at the end of that first clinical
ultimately it was up to us to apply our first                day feeling, for the most part, a little
assigned skill: communication skills and                     overwhelmed, but with each visit we have all
through application of this skill to get to                  seemed a little more at ease. Although, we
know to know and assist our resident as                      have an incredible amount to learn and have
much as possible. It was made clear by our                   challenging and exhausting days ahead, the
instructor that day, the chart was not the                   smiles and gentle hands of the residents at
priority, the resident was. We were to pore                  Kendal have confirmed for me, at least, that I
over the charts on our own time for the care                 really want to be a nurse.
plans and case studies.

Ellen Essex, First-year Nursing Student

       I would like to take the opportunity to thank God, the Father, through is Son Jesus Christ, for
allowing me to enter the Nursing Program here at DSLCC. I prayed and prayed for His answer, but my
faith wasn’t where it should have been. I should not have doubted God the Father in any way and I am
truly sorry. From now on, I am putting my total faith where it is supposed to be, with God. I would like to
also thank the members of the A Center, Student Services, faculty, friends, Father McGinnity, and my
husband (Rudolph Essex) for all the love and support they have given me. My dream to be a nurse has
always been alive in my heart. Now God, the Father, has placed me in this position to make my dream come
true and it’s up to me to make it happen.

             The Synergy is posted on the NSAwebsite:
               Co-editors: Amy Ledford, Adrianne Reyns, and Natalie Wallace
                           Submit items by the 10th of each month.

As we continue on that winding road to professionalism, don’t forget to pull over
and enjoy the view. A long road has been traveled thus far, but it will only become
more interesting and stressful….are you up for it? Ask yourself if you have done
something for someone that comes straight from the heart lately! Give back and
don’t be afraid to share….both parties will reap the benefits. Also, make every
attempt to gain knowledge and give people the benefit of the doubt….every cover
of a book should have the benefit of being explored. Learn from one another, as
others will learn from you……Natalie Wallace

Happy Halloween from the Synergy Editors:
         NSA Members
         2007 - 2008

         Luciana Adams                  Summer Hepler                    Constance Parkin
         Angela Alford                  Faith Huff                       Diane Perdue
         Marcia Alfred                  Brian Jenkins                    Adrianne Reyns
         Joshua Armentrout              Susan Johnson                    Hannah Ripani
         Martha Brown                   Trista Jones                     Valerie Schooler
         Brandi Bruce                   Nicole Kellison                  Jessica Sherman
         Matthew Burch                   Heather Kisamore                Nicholas Shoemaker
         Karen Butler                   Sara Larkin                      Charmaine Simpson
         Amanda Church                  Emily Lawson                     Marcia Tingler- Oliver
         Judy Craft                      Amy Ledford                     Natalie Wallace
         Justina Dunaway                Ginger Lipes                     David Wiley
         Ellen Essex                    Tammy Mace                       Shannon Weikle
         Joanne Forbes                  Johnathan Musgrove               Jennifer Williams
         Jennifer Hayslett               Joyce Nicely

     Pre- Nursing Members
                                                        Shannon Ware
         Kelli Miller                                   Jane Webb
         Catherine Dressler                             Michelle Winebrenner

    THE Nursing Student Association Executive Board
2007 - 2008

President: Amy Ledford                                Membership: M.Tingler Oliver & N. Kellison
First Vice President: Summer Hepler                   Fundraising: S. Hepler & J. Hayslett
Second Vice President: Tammy Mace                     Scrapbook: E. Lawson
Treasurer: Hannah Ripani                              Synergy: A. Ledford, A. Reyns, N. Wallace
2nd Treasurer: Nicholas Shoemaker                     Bulletin Boards: J. Nicely & S. Johnson
Secretary: Marcia Tingler-Oliver                      Capping and Pinning: D. Perdue & T. Mace
2nd Secretary: Nicole Kellison                        Alumni: T. Mace & N. Shoemaker
Parliamentarian: Natalie Wallace                      Sports: K. Butler & B. Bruce
                                                      Faculty Advisors: G. Smitka & A. May
   Committee Chairs
Community Outreach: V. Lipes & J. Dunaway

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