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                               LIFESTYLE MAGAZINE FOR SMART SHOPPERS
                                            Issue 19. Dec. 2009 - Feb., 2010

Fashion tips
What to wear this season
Overweight Vs Obese
What you need to know
Unique gifts
For everyone in your life

     Shopping Time!
     Celebs share their Christmas must haves

                                             Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   1
                                                                     R E G I O N A L
2   Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                38. Leisure
6. Regulars                                      38. Poetry/Puzzles
                                                 42. Books review / Reading Room
                                                 52. Recipes
   6. Highlights
                                                 70. Finance: Planning your retirement
  35. Gardening
  46. Kid’s World
  56. Supplier Profile
  66. Product Advice
  68. Pictorial

12. Holiday                                     34. Features
              Special                            15. Coincidences
12. Sugar and spice makes Christmas nice         34. Illusions and your brain
16. Have we got Christ’s date of birth right?    36. Improve your image in the new year
20. Budgeting for a stress free season           60. Valentine’s Day
24. Funzi Island the tented camp
40. Christmas melodies
46. The first Nativity

26. Health
              & Beauty
  26. Combat stress with massaging
  28. Heath Q & A
  30. Ready to become a vegetarian?
  32. New year’s resolution: loose that
        extra flab

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           Smart News Team
                    Managing Director
                       Atul Shah

                                                                       Atul’s Message
                 Operations Director
               Thiagarajan Ramamurthy

               Advertising Coordinator
                     Justus Nyaga

                      Rosemary Tollo

             Advertising Administrator
                  Benard Mosomi

                    Design and Layout
                      Evelyn Chibole
                       John Mwatha

                          Riz Mehar
                                                                                      appy New Year!
                                                                                      Once again, here we are with another promising year to look forward to.
                         Neil Thomas
                                                                                      I am pleased to start this note with a most sincere word of gratitude for your
                        Barbra Minishi                                                continued support. Over the festive season, I did afford time to reflect on
                                                                                      the good and bad times that the year 2009 brought with it to me, Nakumatt
                        Make-up                                        Holdings as a company and also to you as our esteemed customer. The year 2009 is now
                  Tony Airo(Airos Salon)                               gone and 2010 is here with us complete with a world cup tournament on the African soil!
                                                                       Like the proverbial phoenix rising from the ashes, we have no choice but to make the best
                         Stylist                                       of what God has so graciously extended to us. This year, I’ve made a New Year resolution to
                      Wambui Thimba                                    look at the positive side of things and ensure that we keep going up, up, and up. The setbacks
                                                                       that we’ve previously faced are now behind us and the opportunities ahead of us must be
                 Editorial Contributors
                                                                       explored and positively harnessed.
                  Patricia Hughes-Scott
                                                                       Political bickering, weather vagaries, international economic climates and such other factors
                        Leah Julu
                      Oscar Ludelu
                                                                       will always be here with us and it’s only fair that we appreciate what we can do in such
                       Komal Shah                                      circumstances. However, we can also focus our energies more on making the East Africa
                      Lenny Luvaga                                     region a better place than it already is. This is a choice that I encourage each one of you to
                       Ann Songole                                     consider taking in 2010 as I’ll personally be making the best of 2010.
                      Karimi Mirero                                    On the corporate scene, I am happy to confirm that 2010 will be a big year for Nakumatt and
                    Awendo Omondi                                      our esteemed shoppers across the region. This year will be even bigger for our dedicated
                   Jayne Rose Gacheri                                  staffers, suppliers and all other stakeholders.
                        Ogilvy PR                                      We are set to open the doors to four new branches in Nanyuki, Diani, Eldoret and Kakamega
                                                                       within the first quarter. These four branches have been under development for the better
               Send all correspondence to:                             part of last year and are now ready for formal opening as we seek to further deepen the
            The Editor, Smart News magazine,                           local retail market.
               Nakumatt Holdings Limited,
                  P.O.Box 78355-00507                                  We shall also be enhancing our presence in Uganda and Rwanda through a strategic and
                     Nairobi, Kenya.                                   customer focused stocking of the two branches in Kampala and Kigali. The continued growth
        Tel: 650137/9, 0733 632130, 0722 204931                        from these two branches has encouraged us to fast track the opening of complementary
                                                                       stores in the two countries and we hope to make an announcement on the same within the
                                                                       course of the year.
                                                                       As usual, our expansion plans though major, will not in any way compromise our commitment
                                                                       to provide five star services at our existing outlets. We shall strive to ensure that we maintain
                                                                       our award winning world class standards at all times.
    While reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the         Thank you once again for your continued patronage and do hope that you enjoy this issue
    accuracy of information provided, neither Nakumatt Holdings
    Ltd, its advertisers, nor printers can accept responsibility for   of the Smart News!
    any damages or inconvenience that may arise therefrom. The
    views expressed within the magazine are those of the authors
                                                                       Happy New Year!
    exclusively and not necessarily those of the “Nakumatt Ltd”.
    Material sent to us will be treated as unconditionally assigned
    for publication and will be subject to the Nakumatt Holdings                                                                                           Atul Shah
     Limited’s unrestricted right to edit and comment editorially.
                                                                                                                                                    Managing Director

4                 Smart News September-November, 2009
Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   5
Corporate Highlights

 Alpha, Nina & Christian receive shopping vouchers from Nakumatt Rwanda

                                                                                            arely a week after receiving the Tusker Project
                                                                                            Fame 3 crown, Rwandese singing sensation
                                                                                            Alpha Rwirangira’s star continued to shine as
                                                                                            the regional retail giant Nakumatt Holdings
                                                                                            stepped in to celebrate Alpha’s triumph by
                                                                               donating shopping vouchers valued at Rwf 800,000 to
                                                                               all the Rwandese star performers including Nina Bola and
                                                                               Christian Rwirangira.
                                                                               For the pride bestowed on Rwanda by the trio, Nakumatt
                                                                               Rwanda’s Country Manager Adan Ramata and Regional
                                                                               Marketing Coordinator Justus Nyaga presented shopping
                                                                               vouchers to Alpha, Nina and Christian during a packed
                                                                               autograph signing session at the 24-hour Nakumatt
                                                                               City Centre supermarket, with Alpha taking home a Rwf
                                                                               400,000 voucher while Nina and Christian received Rwf
                                                                               200,000 respectively.
                                                                               With his new found celebrity status equal only to that of
Nina Bola, Alpha Rwirangira and Christian Rwirangira                          key politicians in Rwanda, Alpha started off a busy weekend
with a show at the top end B-Club on Friday evening, a performance at Kigali Business Centre’s Planet Club on Saturday and a marathon
autograph signing ceremony at Nakumatt City Centre in Kigali. Alpha was accompanied by compatriots Nina and Christian all through the
busy schedule.
Speaking at the Nakumatt meet-and-greet session, the Rwandese trio revealed plans to record a joint album in coming months alongside
an East African tour that will see them perform in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania and Uganda.


International School of Kenya’s Director, John Roberts receives        John Mwatha of Nakumatt hands over a donation to a Staff of
a donation towards a spectathlon from Benard Mosomi of                 KSPCA. The donation went towards the KSPCA Shaggy Dog Show

             Ida’s surprise visit to Fidesco street childrens’’ home, Rwanda

Harriet Nduma, deputy acting Kenyan Ambassador, Ida Odinga             Ida Odinga receives a Christmas card mage by one of the
and Adan Ramata, manager at Nakumatt City Centre, Rwanda               children at the home, looking on are Harriet Nduma and Adan
and Elie Ntibwiriza, coordinator of Fidesco street children’s          Ramata
home arrive at Fidesco stree children’s home
6        Smart News September-November, 2009

  Reckitt Benckiser unveils affordable JIK as a part of market development

             ealth and Personal Care products
             firm Reckitt Benckiser has moved
             to enhance its market share in the
             domestic bleach products category
             with the launch of an affordable sized
JIK household bleach pack in the Kenya market.

The launch of the new 70ml size pack dubbed “JIK
TOSHA” is expected to boost the firm’s market
share through a strategic move to meet the Kenyan
consumers’ need for affordable and high quality

“By unveiling this new affordable pack, we will
tackle the problem of affordability as JIK Tosha will
be invariably priced low, leading to acceptability by
consumers in the lower market segments who are
also seeking to lead hygienic lives,” Gachaga said.

And added: “JIK is the trusted household bleach
with the benefit of extra whitening power to remove
stubborn stains leaving clothes whiter and brighter than before”

During the launch ceremony attended by scores of key Reckitt Benckiser Traders at the Nairobi Inter Continental Hotel and presided over by
the acting Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director Dr. Joel Kioko, Reckitt Benckiser East Africa officials affirmed their commitment
to support KEBS efforts to stamp out sub standard product sales.

Reckitt Benckiser’s Finance Director Mr. Prateek Ghose said: “JIK which bears the KEBS Standardisation mark is a proof that Reckitt Benckiser
is committed in maintaining the highest standards of quality products to consumers.

For consumers JIK Tosha, he noted, will provide an avenue for consumers to try and use a quality product at an economic price.

                                    Information service number launched

                                                                                                             amba Moja (2525) is an SMS
                                                                                                             Information Service Provider
                                                                                                             that enables consumers to
                                                                                                             access information that they
                                                                                                             need “now” on mobile via
                                                                                                sms. The firm has already launched an SMS
                                                                                                Directory, Matatu Routes, Entertainment
                                                                                                and Group Notice Boards SMS services.
                                                                                                It will also be launching Traffic, News,
                                                                                                Stockmarket among other services.

                                                                                            Smart News December 2009- February, 2010       7
                                 Casino Malindi Food and Wine Festival 2009

                                                                                                                   asino Malindi hosted
                                                                                                                   its    fourth    Annual
                                                                                                                   Casino Malindi Wine &
                                                                                                                   Food Expo, at the La
                                                                                                                   Griglia Restaurant on
                                                                                                      September 26, 2009.
                                                                                                      This event is an annual industry
                                                                                                      trade fair designed to offer both
                                                                                                      local and international food, wine
                                                                                                      and beverage manufacturers the
                                                                                                      opportunity to showcase some of
                                                                                                      their finest products.
                                                                                                      Inspired by innovation and
                                                                                                      excellence, chefs from all corners
                                                                                                      of the world came together to share
                                                                                                      their tricks of the trade and impart
                                                                                                      tips on both local and international
                                                                                                      The Wine & Food expo has
     Malindi Food and Wine festival
                                                                                                     experienced tremendous growth
over the years. It began as a wine tasting event in 2006 and after two successful years, the event graduated to a wine and food expo in
“Learning about wine is a fascinating experience, but a food and wine expo provides a much bigger opportunity for lovers of culture to
enjoy and experience cuisine, culinary demonstrations, wine tasting and much more,” said Daniela Cellini the Marketing Manager of Casino
Malindi. Despite the tough economic times, the festival recorded an increase in the number of exhibitors. “Hard economic times call for
innovativeness in marketing. The exhibitors have been very creative – there is definitely more variety for consumers to enjoy this year,”
Cellini added.
Some of the businesses have participated
in the event since 2006. Hosted in the
spacious and beautiful landscaped
grounds of the Casino, Kenyan companies
offered a veritable banquet of Kenya’s
finest produce at their attractive stalls -
mouth-watering food and drink. Guests
from the media, and top level business
executives had an excellent day out,
and many stayed to dance and enjoy the
facilities of the gambling hall. Daniella
Cellini reiterated the importance of
the event as follows: “It is our aim to
showcase what the Casino offers, what
Malindi offers, to Kenyan nationals, and
to the world”. And that, they certainly did
very well.

8         Smart News September-November, 2009

         Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   9
Hidden Treasures

      Shop and save by taking
     advantage of the ongoing
      sales this festive season

                                                 Sony Portable DVD
                                                  player Ksh 13,995

                                                                                           Xmas decorations, Ksh 734,
                                                                                             Ksh 734 and Ksh 496

                                                                    Sony stereo head-
                                                                  phones key ring style,
                                                                       Ksh 2,645

                                                                                                         Victorinox Hercules
      Nutrisense foam bath Ksh 312, Gen-                                                                leatherman Ksh7,749
      telle bath essence Ksh 129, Enliven
     conditioner Ksh 182, Imperial leather
       shower gel Ksh 349, Fa shower gel       All Items Available
                    Ksh 229                             @
*Prices subject to change

10       Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                       Hidden treasures

                                                            Sony Cyber shot digital camera
                                                                     Ksh 22,995

Decorations Ksh 496, Ksh 64 and
            Ksh 379

                                                     Victorinox knife set
                                                          Ksh 6,579

          Reflexology pamper pack
                  Ksh 2,395                                            All Items Available

                                    *Prices subject to change

                                                      Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   11
Christmas Special

sugar and spice makes
     Christmas Nice!
Every year more than 400 million people celebrate Christmas around the world. They use the
festive season as a time for church celebrations, exchange of cards, gifts. While most people are
keen to talk about their Christmas plans, we are more interested in knowing what’s going on in
the kitchen. We spoke to a few personalities to find out their favourite Christmas recipes and
what’s in their shopping basket.

                                                                   Carol Radull
                                                                   Super Sport presenter and Radio Jambo
                                                                   Programmes Controller Carol Radull can’t
                                                                   imagine Christmas without her mother’s
                                                                   special roast goat meat, with steamed rice,
                                                                   spinach and carrot. “I can’t explain what
                                                                   makes it so special, I think it’s because she
                                                                   has her own unique way of mixing it.”
                                                                   When it comes to shopping, she likes to
                                                                   keep it simple. The five must haves in her
                                                                   Christmas basket this year are; Christmas
                                                                   decorations, rice, Royco, cheese and Aromat.
                                                                   “I put Aromat and cheese on everything.”
                                                                   She confesses.

                                                                                                                   Photo: stock.xchng

                                                      Felix Oduor aka Jalang’o
                                                      Jalang’o the famed radio presenter who came into
                                                      the limelight by starring in the ‘Papa Shirandula’
                                                      comedy says that he is not very particular about a
                                                      Christmas dish but when it comes to his cocktail,
                                                      there is no compromise. “I have to have gin with
                                                      lemon cordial or fresh lemon. Food, I eat anything.”
                                                      In his Christmas trolley: “First of all I will buy all
                                                      types of food, some new underwear preferably in
                                                      red or black. A bottle of cobra cologne, three litres of
                                                      Fanta and some DVDs to watch during the season.”

12     Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                                                                Christmas Special

Kamal Kaur
East FM radio presenter and The Star columnist admits that Christmas is not complete without her favourite glass of wine. I love stocking
sparkly wine and orange juice in the fridge because when you have guests come in it’s the best sparkly drink you can have and it goes down
well with everyone. White sparkling sweet wine mixed in equal halves with orange juice (unless you want more of an alcohol kick then just
reduce the OJ).”

In her Christmas trolley:
Sparkling wine! Nothing is festive in life without a bit of sparkle in it. I always have a bottle in the fridge at any given moment.
Mince pies - I don’t make them. I love buying them! I also beg friends and relatives to get me some from UK Duty Free. Harrods does the
best mince pies ever. Even better than Mr. Kipling.
Ready roasted turkey - I don’t have the time or patience to roast my own so I buy the ready roasted stuff which can be served cold as hors d’
oeuvre or chopped and stir fried with veggies or anything else you can think of doing with it. It’s a serious life saver to have in the fridge.

A crate of decent wine and boxes of chocolates - I hate going empty handed to anyone’s place when invited over the festive season and if I
haven’t already a Christmas present out I find it safe to go with a decent bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. Always goes down well and
to avoid faux pas by taking alcohol to a teetotaler’s, I also invest in sparkling non alcoholic wine. It’s always appreciated.

A black dress - Christmas isn’t all about food and drink. But sometimes I get seriously partied out and never know what to wear so I treat
myself to a black dress every season so that I can always dress up or down depending on my occasion and party and feel fabulous with my
accessories. I end up feeling and looking good. It’s all in the attitude!

                                                                      Daddy Owen
                                                                      The famed King of Kapungala admits that he is truly
                                                                      kuku about chicken. Christmas is not Christmas if kuku
                                                                      is not on the menu.
                                                                      “I have to have chicken. My mum always makes us
                                                                      chicken and pilau, that’s my favourite Christmas lunch.”
                                                                      In his Christmas trolley: “Flour for chapatis, rice for the
                                                                      pilau, juice and basic ingredients such as salt and sugar. I
                                                                      have to do some major Christmas house shopping because
                                                                      I travel up country to celebrate with my family.”

                                                                                             Smart News December 2009- February, 2010      13
Christmas Special

Cecilia Mwangi
The former Miss Kenya and anti-jigger campaigner Cecilia Mwangi is a teetotaler so only fruit punch will do for her. “I don’t mind what fruit
is mixed in it. For Christmas, my mum always makes chicken biriani, and we have a barbeque. What makes it so special is the fact that my
whole family will be there to share in the celebration.”
In her Christmas trolley: “I have nieces and nephews so first and foremost, I have to get them chocolate. Then I’ll buy some cake. Every year,
I also shop for necessities such as milk, sugar, unga then I give to the needy, so that would be third on my list. Of course I can’t be without
some nice Christmas carol CD s. Finally I’ll get a gift for myself. This year I’ll probably buy myself a flat pair of shoes or sneakers because I
seem to only have heels.

14        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                Available at all Nakumatt branches countrywide

Coincidences                                 By Patricia Hughes-Scott

Can things be explained by the law of probability – or are there mysterious forces at work?

             ow’s this for a coincidence? Life magazine reported      teacher Leonard Dawe, the crossword compiler, some time to
             that all 15 people scheduled to attend a rehearsal of    convince the authorities that he was not a Nazi spy – and that his
             a church choir were late for practice on March 1, and    choice was just an incredible coincidence.
             each had a different reason: a car wouldn’t start, a
             radio programme wasn’t over, ironing wasn’t finished,    Coincidences have given rise to some novel theories on the part of
a conversation dragged on.                                            scientists who believe that probability can’t explain everything. A
                                                                      pioneer in this field was Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, who collected
However, it was fortunate that none arrived on schedule at 7.15       examples of coincidences all his life. Jung claimed in one of his essays
pm as the church was destroyed by an explosion at 7.25! The choir     that coincidences occur much more frequently than probability
members wondered whether their mutual delays were an Act of           theories would predict, and that many must therefore be the work
God as it was estimated there was only a one-in-a-million chance      of an unknown force seeking to impose universal order. He coined
that all 15 would be late the same evening.                           a word, ‘synchronicity’ to describe the phenomenon of seemingly
                                                                      unrelated events occurring in some unexpected association with
Some coincidences hinge on so many peculiar variables that the        each other.
chances of their occurring seem impossible to calculate. Could
probability – or even, for that matter, the most crazed conspiracy    Beguiling coincidences have been intriguing people for aeons. To
theory – account for the string of bizarre similarities between the   the mathematician, however, some coincidences aren’t mysterious
assassinations of US Presidents John F. Kennedy and Abraham           at all and can be explained by the laws of statistical probability.
Lincoln? Kennedy was elected President exactly 100 years to the       But, in the search for a new principle to explain coincidences,
week after Lincoln; both were deeply involved in civil rights for     some eminent physicists have also offered speculations that go
blacks; both were assassinated on a Friday in the presence of their   beyond probability theory. As early as 1935, it was shown that two
wives; each had lost a son while living in the White House; Lincoln   subatomic particles, having interacted once, can respond to each
was killed in Ford’s Theatre, Kennedy in a Lincoln convertible made   other’s subsequent motions thousands of years later and light-
by the Ford Motor company; both men were succeeded by vice-           years apart. This strange phenomenon is called the EPR paradox,
presidents named Johnson who were born 100 years apart (1808          named after Albert Einstein and his collaborators Boris Podolsky
and 1908).                                                            and Nathan Rosen, who first noted it.

And what about this: Businessman George D. Bryson was travelling      After investigating the phenomenon for several decades, physicist
by train through the southern USA and decided to make an              David Bohm suggests that particles and people alike may influence
unscheduled stop in Louisville, Kentucky. He was in no hurry and      each other because everything in the universe is connected to
had never been to the city before. After registering at the Brown     everything else – past, present and future – in what he calls “the
Hotel, he was assigned Room 307. Moments later, the receptionist      implicated order.”
handed him a letter addressed to “Mr. George D. Bryson, Room
307.” By coincidence, the previous occupant of the room had been      Particles are not really separated, but connected in a way that is
another George D. Bryson, from Montreal, and of course the letter     invisible to ordinary concepts of reality. In the human domain, he
was for him.                                                          suggests, his theory allows for extra-sensory perception effects
                                                                      – that ‘different people who are somehow attuned to each other
When the Allies were preparing to invade Normandy in 1944, the plan   might develop common notions at the same time’.
employed a number of top-secret code words, including Mulberry,
Neptune, Omaha, Overlord and Utah. Imagine the consternation          Of course, it’s a long leap from theories to conclusive proof that
of the Allied commanders when each of these words appeared as         coincidences are more than random occurrences. The scientific
an answer in a series of crossword puzzles in ‘The Daily Telegraph’   debate goes on; the coincidences continue to occur, leaving us all to
just before D-Day. How could the puzzle constructor possibly have     wonder about it when an example occurs in our own lives.
chosen those words unless he knew of the invasion plans? It took

                                                                                           Smart News December 2009- February, 2010       15
Christmas Feature

have we got Christ’s
   date of Birth right?                                                                           By Patricia Scott-Hughes

 The actual date of the birth of Christ has never been truly established with accuracy. Although
 it is recognised that he was born about 2000 years ago, the celebration of this event has been
 variously held on December 25; January 6; March 25, 28 and 29; April 19, 20, 21; May 20 and
 September 29. It is remarkable that for this most momentous occasion which has so affected the
 world, there is no precise date. Why?

           he earliest written reference to December 25 as Christmas                   and starlit and travel for the Magi would also have been possible. At
           Day (which actually means the Mass of Christ) occurs in                     this time of year the shepherds would be awake at night, as this is
           an Italian manuscript in which the writer states that the                   the time when new born lambs need special care. In late December
           French celebrated the birth of Christ on that date in                       the hills around Bethlehem are bitterly cold and it is very unlikely
           the year 150 AD. Although the rest of the world did not                     that shepherds would be out with their flocks at that time of year,
follow France’s lead for several centuries, the date was confirmed                     or that lambs would be born then.
about two centuries later.
                                                                                       And the Year?
This happened with the appearance of the Latin Chronology dated                        Not only is the date of Christmas Day open to doubt, but the first
AD 343 which stated ‘Year One after Christ, in the Consulate of                        year that Christmas occurred as well. Roman history tells us that
Caesar and Paulus, the Lord Jesus Christ was born on December                          Herod died in the year 4 BC. His last years were a reign of terror
25, a Friday, and the fifteenth day of the New Moon.” By whose                         and, according to St. Matthew, he ordered the slaughter of all the
authority this date was laid down has never been made clear.                           infant boys in Bethlehem to ensure the death of Jesus, whom he
                                                                                       visualized as a rival. It is known that Jesus was born during the time
 ‘At this time of year the shepherds would be                                          of Herod; therefore the very latest year would have to be in the last
 awake at night, as this is the time when new                                          months of Herod’s reign.
         born lambs need special care’
                                                                                       The mistake of something like four years can be traced to a monk
Many scholars consider it most probable that Christ was born in late                   named Dionysius Exiguus who worked in a monastery in Rome. Until
March, as it is in this month that the skies in Palestine are cloudless                the 6th Century, most of Europe had a calendar which numbered
                                                                                       its years from the foundation of Rome, many centuries before the
                                                                                       start of the Christian era. Dionysius was given the job of calculating
                                                                                       Easter Day and he worked out the table we still use today.
                                                                                       He also produced a system of reckoning the year from the first
                                                                                       Christmas. The figures he produced delighted the religious world
                                                                                       for the new idea banished what had been thought to be the pagan
                                                                                       aspect of the old Roman system. No-one checked Dionysius’ figures
                                                                                       until, long afterwards, it was found he had made a small slip in his
                                                                                       subtraction and had unwittingly dropped four years into oblivion.

                                                                                       Compounding this is the fact that there is no year 0. When Dennis
                                                                                       the Short (as Dionysius was nick-named) was doing his calculations
                                                                                       he had never heard of the number zero. This was not an oversight
                                                                                       as Western mathematics was only introduced to this concept by the
                                                                                       Arabs a few centuries later. Thus, in his calendar, 1BC (Before Christ)
                                                                                       marked the start of AD 1, (Anno Domini – in the year of our Lord).
                                                                                       In fact, if we take Dennis as a guide, then the millennium should
                                                                                       have begun on January 1st 2001 – however as this would have been
                                                                                       perpetuating a 15,000-year-old error, and it is now past anyway, it’s
                                                                                       probably best to go with the flow, as it were.
                                                                  Photo: stock.xchng

                                                                                       The mystery of the date of the birth of Christ has exercised historians
                                                                                       and archeologists for over 2000 years, and it is still thought possible
                                                                                       that some engraved stone or papyrus will be discovered which will
                                                                                       reveal the truth and the exact date may yet come to light.

16        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                                                    GARANTIE 5 ANS
                                                                                                    5-YEAR GUARANTEE

                                                                Smart News December 2009- Mega...)
  Available at NAKUMATT stores in Kenya (Westgate, Ngong, Lifestyle, Junction, Nyali,February, 2010 17
                                    & in Uganda (Oasis)
Christmas Feature

Christmas on the Battlefront
It was December 25 1914, the first Christmas of World War One,
when the French and the English were fighting the Germans. The
men in the trenches that day on the Western Front could only look
forward to more mud, more shells, more rats, lice, bitter cold, bad
food, wet feet and loneliness. But, in remembrance of what day it
was, the guns of both sides were silent.

                                                                                                                                             Photo: stock.xchng
Then, out of the silence, came the clear melodious voice of a young
German soldier. Lying in the wet trenches, he began to sing ‘Stille
Nacht (Silent Night, Holy Night).’ A few Frenchmen cautiously
responded with ‘Noel, Noel’. Then, spontaneously, all up and down
the lines, Frenchmen, Englishmen and Germans joined in.

They began to climb cautiously out of their holes and venture into
‘No-man’s Land’, the strip of battered earth that lay between the
opposing sides. In a few minutes, the enemies were friends; just
young men together, showing photos of their families, exchanging
cigarettes and their meager rations, singing and talking together.
Soldiers slogged their way into the forest to cut down small trees,     and his father, for the first time in their lives, had a meaningful
decorating them as best they could with odds and ends they could        conversation. “We talked and prayed together,” he recalls, “and
find, and then setting them up between the lines where everyone         it was in those moments that I began to understand how quickly
could see them.                                                         life could pass and that it was important to have something more
                                                                        significant on my mind than drinking and partying.
For one day, the war was put aside and the men came together
as brothers to celebrate this special day, the day we choose to         “I wasn’t a religious kid but now, though, I promised God that my life
remember a man called Jesus who preached love and friendship,           would be different. I promised to use my legs for good, and if I could
not war. But, after the night passed, Christmas was over, and the       still have two good legs, I would devote two whole years of my life
men who had sung together were back to fighting and had to try          working for the church.”
and kill each other.
                                                                        Months later, after his mangled leg had been put together again and
A Christmas promise                                                     he could no longer see his own bones through his wounds, he was
“Five of us went joy-riding in a friend’s car on Christmas Day the      discharged, but the doctors thought the leg would never function
year I was sixteen,” says Charles Gibbs, “and that ride changed the     normally. At home, Charles forced himself to use his bad leg to the
course of my life. We were kidding around in the car and the driver     limits of his endurance. Soon he was involved with school sports
veered, hitting the side of the bridge. As the car crashed and rolled   again and became a member of the football team.
over, I was thrown out and a rail went right through my leg.”
                                                                        “That accident was the best thing that ever happened to me,”
At the hospital, the first doctor who saw Charles recommended that      Charles says today, more than 30 years later. “Before, I never took
his badly damaged leg be amputated, but a second newly qualified        anything seriously. But that Christmas Day I realised that you never
young doctor thought it could be saved, and asked to try. Charles       know your span of time and that it’s necessary to use your time

18        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                                                             Christmas Feature
for something important. If I ever forget, my scar is an excellent      trying to communicate. Nobody knew why. He had also become
reminder.”                                                              frightened and withdrawn and spent much of his time standing
And Charles served his two years for the church, just as he             motionless in a corner. He would occasionally say a single word if
promised.                                                               pointing didn’t bring the results he wanted, but he had never spoken
                                                                        a complete sentence.
The boy who finally talked – to Santa
At a primary school in America, Santa Claus (a 19 year old volunteer    In school, he communicated by drawing pictures. Though Michael
fireman called Donny) was doing the rounds talking to each child.       was treated by a psychologist as well as a speech therapist, nothing
He noticed a small, quiet six year old boy hanging back.                helped – until the day he met Santa Claus.
“What’s your name?” said Santa to him. “Come on over here.”
                                                                        “He really believes in Santa,” his mother said emotionally. “I
“My name’s Michael,” the little fellow answered, climbing on Santa’s    suppose the excitement of seeing him overcame whatever it was
knee.                                                                   that made him afraid to talk. He went to school that morning the
“And what would you like for Christmas?” asked Santa, as the boy        same as always, silent, scared of everybody, and he came home
settled against him.                                                    talking and laughing. He told me a long story about Santa Claus. We
                                                                        had never had a two-way conversation before. It was a miracle – a
“Well,” Michael thought for a moment, “I’d like a puppy and a toy       Christmas miracle”.
car and . . .” Once he got going, his list was a long one.
                                                                        Michael hasn’t stopped talking since. After five years of silence he
As Donny recalled afterwards “It wasn’t until I saw the teacher start   must have saved up many experiences to relate, but what he talks
crying and the other kids jumping up and down yelling with big smiles   about most is firemen, and his favourite pastime is visiting the fire
on their faces that I knew something unusual had happened.”             station. The reason could be that the night of his visit to Santa, he
                                                                        was given a ride on a big red fire truck accompanied by the young
What, in fact, had happened was that Michael had talked! Though         fireman who, though Michael doesn’t know it yet, sometimes
Michael had been born normal, at 18 months of age, he has stopped       doubles as Santa Claus.

                                                                                                                                         Photo: stock.xchng

                                                                                            Smart News December 2009- February, 2010          19
Christmas Feature

                budgeting for a S
Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a wild shopping extravaganza this festive season with
our writer Jayne Rose Gacheri

           he key to blissful shopping is planning early – and buying     season is finally gone.
           early.                                                         Here are some tips to avoid pitfalls that come with the festive
           “I have learnt that shopping early comes with huge             season.
           benefits such as reducing the stress and rush and most         Learn from your past mistakes
           importantly, saving hugely on my shopping budget,”             Draw up a meticulous budget for your hard earned cash. Remember
says Jayne Mbugua, a Communications Manager.                              the friends and extended family that you were dancing and drinking
                                                                          with during Christmas will not be there to sort out your bills when
Jayne says she does her festive shopping as early as October.             you land in a financial quagmire.
“This means that I get time to slow down and get the stress of the
festivities out of my system come December and New Year,”.                Limit your credit card use
                                                                          Most Kenyans are using credit cards to shop. Although it is a wonderful
Mem Maina, the Chief Technical Officer of Namba Moja concurs.             financial companion, it can mow you down if you don’t discipline
He travels up country during the December holidays but from               your usage. As much as possible, use cash for your Christmas
experience prefers to shop early. “Though the festivities are             purchases, or limit your card use to absolute necessities.
supposed to be a time to relax and make merry, it doesn’t happen.
To some people, it is one of the most stressful events of the year,”
says Maina.                                                                 ‘Remember the friends and extended family
                                                                             that you were dancing and drinking with
This, he says, is because unlike other festivities such as Easter,           during Christmas will not be there to sort
Christmas and New Year festivities are about going on a shopping             out your bills when you land in a financial
spree for gifts. The festivities are thus financially draining and time                      quagmire’
consuming, with lots of running up and down.
The CTO advises: “If you are planning to spend time with your family
or friends, stay one step ahead of the festivities. If you do this you    Budget
will still be wearing a broad smile on your face when the holiday         Work out a rough budget plan of what you and your family expect

20        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                                                                  Christmas Feature

Stress Free season
   to spend. It can also help you avoid unnecessary travelling to places   Riungu, chairlady of a Women’s Group Chama.
   like Kumusalaba in Western Province to see your great grandma’s         “During the festive season, I have itchy fingers and sometimes find
   nephew and yet you didn’t have a prior plan. A budget will help you     it difficult to keep off the budgeted kitty. By opening a ‘Holiday Club’
   not to buy unnecessary things and in the process save a shilling        account I have been able to shop as much as I want,” says Susan.
   especially during these hard times when unga has shot up to
   unimaginable prices and has disappeared from the supermarket            “I know this works because my 12 merry-go-round group members
   shelves anyhow. If you know how to take care of the shilling, then      and I have been operating such a kitty for the last three years. Ours
   you will have no problem with the notes.                                is called the Christmas/New Year piggy Bank. I am sure that come
                                                                           this festive season, my brown purse will be bulging with KSh45,000-
   Timothy Mutuku, an accountant and a financial adviser says that         all for a great pre-planned holiday spending. And do you know how
   the best way to do this is by calculating how much of your income       much each of us has been contributing per day?
   you want to spend.                                                      That’s a story of another day”, laughs Susan.

   “This can be done by dedicating a certain amount of cash you make
   every week or month, in advance before the holiday or the planned       Effects of the global economy
   event time. If, for instance, you save KSh500 per week for at least     Because of the current global economic slowdown, people have had
   six months before the event, then it will not be an uphill task to      to adjust and reduce their spending on items that were considered
   provide your family with a holiday that they will remember,” says       essential in the past. For some it is time to be ideal to rethink and
   the accountant.                                                         re-plan the festive budget. Plan your spending in the face of the
                                                                           current economic crisis.
   Holiday Account
   It is possible the money you have saved will not be enough to give      “If you feel that you need to plan for a great Easter Holiday, set the
   you the holiday or event you deserve. If this is the case, you may      limit of what you intend to spend,” says Mr. Mutuku, the financial
   need to rework your budget to a more realistic amount, notes Susan      expert.

                                                                                                                                              Photo: stock.xchng

                                                                                                Smart News December 2009- February, 2010           21

                                            Grey sweater from IVORY (Ksh 3,495)
                                            Purple polka dot dress from IVORY (Ksh 3,995)
                                            Satin blouse (Ksh 4,495), black trousers (Ksh 5,995) both
                                            from IVORY
                                            Bar table set (Ksh 225,000) from NAKUMATT
                                            Gift boxes (Ksh 250) from NAKUMATT
                                            Xmas tree (Ksh 750) from NAKUMATT
                                            Frontera red wine (Ksh 495) from NAKUMATT
  Spice up your Christmas                   Cinzano Rose (Ksh 895) from NAKUMATT

 with some elegant pieces;                  Camus VSOP Cognac (Ksh 5,100) from NAKUMATT
                                            Tia Maria (Ksh 1,590) from NAKUMATT
 softly draped tops, flared
  dresses, gold jewellery                   *Prices subject to change

22    Smart News September-November, 2009

   Silver sequin top (Ksh 1,500), black trousers (Ksh 5,995),
   both from IVORY
   Purple dress from IVORY (Ksh 9,995)
   Shoes-models’ own
   Wooden dressing table set (Ksh 24,990) from NAKUMATT

   *Prices subject to change

Effortless style               Add a touch of glamour with
                                sequinned separates and
                                    sumptious fabrics

                                                                Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   23
Travel Feature

Funzi Island
       the tented Camp
Getting away for a day or two can be such fun, and there are
                                                                                                  By Patricia Hughes-Scott

so many places to take a trip away from home at reasonable             cushioned sofas with your after-dinner drink and yarn and laugh
rates. You have to choose what you like or need: Are you taking        the night away under the huge dome of the night sky ablaze with
the kids with you? Do you want a complete change? Are you              stars, including the Southern Cross constellation, which can only be
looking for the luxury of a star hotel - even just for a day and       seen south of the equator.
night? Here is the perfect desert island get-away
                                                                         ‘You can cruise the bay in an Arabian dhow,
                                                                           where you might see dolphins traveling
                                                                          through, and sometimes even stopping to
An idyllic, get-away-from-it-all desert island camp, Funzi Tented                  frisk around your boat’
Camp is a tropical paradise set on a remote, south coast, offshore
island in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.                        During the day you can choose to just relax around the camp or
                                                                       swim and sunbathe on the huge silver sand bank revealed at low
The departure point from the mainland is the sleepy village of Bodo    tide. Or you can explore the meandering estuary of the Ramisi River
on the south coast mainland, with about a 20-minute journey by         by flat bottomed motorized dinghy, entering a secret world of shafts
boat to reach the island – and you may have to wade the last few       of sunlight and shadow, home to sleeping crocs and myriad birds,
metres if the tide is low! A short walk along a sandy woodland path    including a huge colony of kingfishers that pop in and out of their
brings you to the beautiful camp site.                                 mud nests on the river banks. If you’re in the mood, you can cruise
                                                                       the bay in an Arabian dhow, where you might see dolphins traveling
On arrival you are greeted with a fresh drink in the huge ‘makuti’-    through, and sometimes even stopping to frisk around your boat.
covered, sand-floored lounge, where you can relax in cushioned
alcoves around the half walls before you are shown your quarters.      You can walk for miles along the sandy beach, inquire from a warden
                                                                       about the turtle conservation programme and see the nests where
The tents are deluxe, with en-suite bathroom and toilet, Lamu          the females come ashore to lay their eggs – on the same shore
canopied beds and spaciously set out furniture – a delight to relax    where they themselves were born. One wonders how they find their
in. Sandy paths link the tents to the main areas surrounded by         way back after swimming thousands of miles in the ocean.
huge shady trees. The accompanying sounds of birds, the chatter
of monkeys high up in the trees, and the occasional small donkey       So much to see, so easy to relax in peaceful surroundings away
wandering through the camp complete the setting.                       from the stress of modern-day living, and this is one holiday where
                                                                       children are welcome – there is a family atmosphere on Funzi, the
A canopied, open air dining area is the site for some wonderful        perfect desert isle.
seafood fresh from the ocean, a choice of many tropical fruits and
vegetables, home baked bread – you are truly spoilt. If you have       Contact:
never dissected a huge boiled crab to get at the delicious meat, you   Paul, Manager tel. +254-40-320-2044 cell +254-722-762656
will be shown how to use the small hammer to break the shell and       E-mail
dig in with your fingers!
                                                                       Pick ups can be arranged from your arrival point. A mini bus takes
After supper one can sit round a camp fire on large comfortable        clients to the village departure point from their office in Diani.

                                                                                                         Shimba Hills Tree Top Hotel

24        Smart News September-November, 2009
                      Travel Feature

Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   25

                                                                                                                                              Photo: stock.xchng
Combat Stress
    with a Massage                                                                                                         by Karimi Mirero
It is difficult to imagine what the overwhelming demands of just living day to day can do to our
health and well being

                  e might choose to do things that we normally          Relief of muscle tension and pain
                  would not do, such as making attempts to hide or      Widespread research indicates that getting a massage on a regular
                  escape from the cause of our stress. On the other     basis can assist in the release of the physical symptoms of tension.
                  hand, we could choose to do things that lead to       Increase in flexibility and mobility
                  a happier outcome, such as listening to uplifting     A massage is a good complement to a workout programme. It can
music, accepting the situation as an opportunity to learn, or even      enhance one’s fitness while providing relief to the body.
getting regular massages.                                               Improvement of circulation
A massage can provide a safe, warm and comfortable environment          Our fight and flight reflexes release stress hormones that cause the
for relaxation. The soft clean linens, warm aromatic oils and           body to go into a defensive posture. Blood rushes to the extremities
background music set the perfect scene. A good massage therapist        and muscles tense up. As long as we retain the emotion which
will have knowledge of how the body works, warm hands, and a            initiated the stress, our muscles will remain tensed up and our
sincerely caring touch that guides you into relaxation of those tired   immune system’s ability will begin to decline. A massage helps to
and stressed muscles.                                                   counter this response.
There are many styles or application techniques of massage.             Better sleep and relaxation
They range from aromatherapy to sports massage. While some              A massage can put one into a deep state of relaxation. As a result, the
provide for a very spiritual outcome, others are incredibly relaxing    recipient can get rid of any sleep problems they may be having.
emotionally.                                                            Acceleration of injury rehabilitation
The benefits of a massage are vast. Some of the main ones               Massages such as the deep tissue massage are specifically designed
include:                                                                to deal with physical trauma.
                                                                        Promotes general well-being
Reduction of stress and anxiety                                         From birth to death we all crave touch. Sincere and unconditionally
Stress has been linked to a growing number of illnesses. When           given touch promotes and enhances our general sense of well-being.
under stress we may exhibit a variety of indications such as anger,     It returns our bodies to a natural state wherein the Spirit / Mind /
frustration, increased anxiety, physical discomfort, higher blood       Body connection can begin the process of healing from within.
pressure, shallow or hesitant breathing, insomnia, depression and       Go on, make getting a massage part of your routine this year. You
much more.                                                              deserve it.

26        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                 Smart News December 2009- February, 2010

                                       Health in
                                            Your Hands
                                Dear readers, direct all your health
                                questions to Dr. Komal Shah. She
                                                                           Question: I am a 32 year-old woman. Recently, I was diagnosed
                                is a qualified Naturopath (N.D.),
                                                                           with candidiasis. Kindly shed some light on how to treat this
                                Yoga Therapist (P.G.D.Y.T.) and a
                                Nutritionist. E-mail your questions
                                                                           Candidasis is a chronic overgrowth of the fungus candida – also
                                                                           known as chronic yeast infection. If you have been on long-term
Question: My three-year-old child suffers from an allergy of               antibiotic therapy, a diet high in sugars, have used steroids or have
nuts. I would like to know the real cause of the problem and if            a suppressed immune system, you are at a higher risk of contracting
there any natural methods to tackle this problem.                          candidasis.

The blood can be overwhelmed by fungus and poisons from                    The symptoms of candidiasis are wide-ranging and include :
several sources, severely stressing the immune system. In addition,        •	 Frequent genital yeast infections, including ‘jock-itch’
digestive difficulties often prevent the proper breakdown of protein.      •	 Frequent oral yeast infections (thrush)
Partially digested proteins which are not used by the body can still       •	 Chronic ear, upper respiratory, allergic or sinus problems
be absorbed into the blood, especially if a leaky gut exists. In this      •	 Urticaria (hives, wheals or welts), itching or burning sensation
form they serve no purpose, other than to feed bacteria and yeast/              in the skin
fungus. The immune system perceives the faulty proteins as filth and       •	 Stomach, digestive and elimination problems
initiates a clean up. Because the filthy matter increases constantly,      •	 Fluid retention, swelling and bloating
in the long run, the ‘clean up’ becomes less successful. The irritation    •	 Skin problems
caused by the faulty proteins present in the system may result in          •	 Difficulty losing weight, or inappropriate weight gain
chemical or nutritional sensitivities – allergic reactions to other
substances, which are called allergens. These allergens can be food        This kind of problem can be treated with dietary intervention.
items (nuts, wheat, eggs, etc) or airborne matter or chemicals. The        However, it is necessary to be monitored regularly by a good,
allergy causing food or chemical does not cause the allergy directly,      nutritionally-oriented doctor or practitioner.
but only triggers it. The body reaches a threshold situation where         I generally advise my patients to avoid foods that ‘feed’ yeast.
because of the level of toxicity or acidity, the allergen instigates the   These include anything with yeast itself (including breads), sugars,
reaction, but does not cause the allergic condition.                       all refined flours, fruit, dairy, all meats (dead food!), mushrooms
There are several ways to eliminate this problem naturally. The            and fermented products like vinegars and alcoholic drinks.
first major change which should be brought out is a change in diet.        Probiotics are supplements which contain live bacteria – the ‘good’
Plenty of rest and patience is required, in addition to conducting         bacteria found in fermented foods such as miso (fermented soy or
various detox programs to clean up the body, such as the liver,            grain paste) and fresh unsweetened yogurt. We are supposed to
blood and intestines.                                                      have these in sufficient quantities in our intestinal system.
Some of these natural detox programmes create uneasy symptoms              Candidiasis usually affects young women. A Finnish study found that
in the body (such as soreness, swelling, runny nose, eczema etc),          giving probiotic supplements to pregnant women close to delivery
but, this is only one way to eliminate the toxic material from the         and then to their new born children could help prevent childhood
body. It is therefore important that you consult a qualified medical       allergies in their babies, as probiotic bacteria can train the immune
practitioner before attempting any kind of treatment.                      system to resist allergic reactions, including candidiasis.
                                                                                                                                                   Photo: stock.xchng

28        Smart News September-November, 2009
Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   29

  ready to be a
Why being a vegetarian can be advantageous                                                                             By Dr. Komal Shah
to your health                                                             White Meat no better than red
                                                                           Over a billion animals are slaughtered each year for human
                                                                           consumption. The vast majority of them come from factory farming.
There are many reasons why you should avoid animal meat, not the           Factory farms raise cattle, pigs, chickens, egg-laying hens, veal
least of which is that animal meat is simply dead and lacks any kind       calves, or dairy cows.
of enzymes. Vegetables are far superior and full of enzymes, energy        They are not kept in any meadows or green pastures. The animals
and phyto-nutrients.                                                       are instead confined inside buildings, where they are literally
The human digestive tract is long and complicated. It is designed          packed in on top of each other.
for the slow absorption of complex and stable plant food. Animal           It is said that egg-laying hens are crammed into cages so small that
meat is unstable, and requires the short, simple bowels found in           they are unable to open their wings and their mangled feet actually
carnivores, for minimum transit time. In addition, the intestinal          grow around the wire mesh floors. This overcrowded, stressful
flora of carnivores is different from that of humans.                      environment causes chickens to peck at each other (and factory
Research points out that yeast causes the ageing of meat, and              farm workers), so the ends of their beaks are seared off their faces
that the final taste and texture is determined by the nature of the        using a hot knife.
microbial ageing process. Thus, all meats which are properly aged          Pigs and cows are imprisoned in stalls so small that they are unable
for human consumption are partially fermented, and as such will            to turn around or lie down comfortably. Cattle are subject to third-
be permeated by toxins and other toxin-generating microforms.              degree branding burns and having their testicles and horns ripped
Consumption of fermented meat and moldy fat may well be one of             out.
the most dangerous of all human dietary habits.                            They all live in the filth of their own urine, faeces and vomit, with
We seldom or never eat raw flesh, but almost always cook it to kill        infected, festered sores and wounds. To keep animals alive in these
parasites and morbidly evolved microforms, and to disguise it from         unsanitary conditions, farmers must give them regular doses of
the corpse that it really is. Cooking or processing the meat is unlikely   antibiotics. Half of all the antibiotics made in the United States each
to destroy the myco-toxins in meat as they are heat tolerant. Animal       year are administered to farm animals, causing antibiotic resistance
food is highly acid forming and has high levels of bacteria, yeast/        in the humans who eat them.
fungus and associated toxins.”                                             According to the American ‘Journal of Epidemiology’, eating chicken
                                                                           (and fish) can be linked to colon cancer.

                                                                                                      Nutritionally speaking
                                                                                                      It is a well known fact that meat contains
                                                                                                      a large proportion of protein, and that
                                                                                                      it has a great tendency to create uric
                                                                                                      acid in the system. This is because of
                                                                                                      the decaying cell nuclei that form a large
                                                                                                      part of the structure of animal protein.
                                                                                                      The decaying cell nuclei form poisonous
                                                                                                      material that is being thrown off by the
                                                                                                      body every minute throughout the day. It
                                                                                                      is this process of decay and regeneration
                                                                                                      that is the very process of living and
                                                                                                      therefore the tissues of all animals
                                                                                                      contain certain amounts of poisonous
                                                                                                      material. When we eat the flesh of the
                                                                                                      animal, we must eat, together with the
                                                                                                      nutritious portions, these poisons -
                                                                                                      which are practically inseparable from
                                                                                                      all animal tissue.
                                                                                                      Many other vegetable foods that supply
                                                                                                      an equal or greater amount of protein are
                                                                                                      to be preferred, for the reason that they
                                                                                                      supply less of the toxic material which
                                                                                                      invariably accompanies animal meat.
                                                                                                      So, make a wise choice, have a strong
                                                                                                      mind: choose a vegetarian diet and
                                                                                                      enjoy a better quality of life!

30        Smart News September-November, 2009
Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   31

                                           Vs overweight
Our current lifestyle has brought about various self-created problems. There is no time for
                                                                                            By Dr. Komal Shah

exercise, no proper eating times. We indulge in on-the-run snacks, have overly ambitious goals
and create poor sleep patterns

                                                                                                                                             Photo: stock.xchng
           ome predict that today’s generation of youth will be the    Low self-esteem is further associated with feelings of sadness,
           first in over a century with a life expectancy shorter      loneliness and nervousness, and is also seen to create tension in
           than that of their parents.                                 the child’s family, suggesting a detrimental effect of obesity on
                                                                       emotional well-being for older children and adolescents.
            In adults, obesity has long been known to be associated    In obese women increased acne formation, early menarche and
with a range of health problems such as coronary heart disease,        irregular cycles are additional problems that lead to low self-
diabetes and cancer. But now, alarmingly, this so called disorder is   esteem and psychosocial discrimination or isolation. Eventually this
affecting a large number of youth and children too. Young people       frustration often results in drug-abuse, sex-abuse and suicides. It
in our country are becoming increasingly inactive, and they eat less   also creates difficulties in relationships with health professionals.
than half the recommended portion of fruit and vegetables, while
exceeding recommendations for fat, sugar and salt.                     Prevention
                                                                       “Obesity cannot be prevented or managed solely at the individual
Emotional well-being                                                   level. Committees, governments, the media and the food industry
Although the risk to physical health is the issue that appears to      need to work together to modify the environment so that it is less
have received most attention, the first negative health outcomes of    conducive to weight gain” W.H.O report 1997.
obesity are often psychological.
                                                                       Encourage your children to play more sports during and after
Evidence shows that overweight children are more likely to be          school hours. Parents should create an environment which
victims of bullying than their normal-weight peers, and are even       promotes healthy eating habits and physical activity. The role of
perceived as less intelligent by their teachers.                       parents is crucial and they should be a consistent role model to
                                                                       their children.
Very young obese and non-obese children do not tend to differ
markedly in self-esteem, but by age five, a difference has already     I feel quite strongly that healthier options must be provided at
been noted with obese children showing lower self-esteem.              school as children spend the majority of their time in school during
                                                                       the day. Introduction of healthier vending machines, healthier
By late childhood/early adolescence, obese young people have           lunches and cookery clubs would be a start.
significantly lower self-esteem, and this is particularly true for
girls.                                                                 Organise youth clubs/activities which promote a healthy lifestyle at
                                                                       colleges or in the workplace.
‘Evidence shows that overweight children are
more likely to be victims of bullying than their                       Prevention measures also include substituting unhealthy foods
normal-weight peers, and are even perceived                            which eventually cause fatal diseases like obesity, cholesterol, cancer
     as less intelligent by their teachers’                            and heart-related disorders. Below is a list of foods (all available at
                                                                       Nakumatt Branches) which are not only health-promoting but taste
                                                                       great too!

32        Smart News September-November, 2009
                     Instead of                                          Rather

                     Using refined table sugar                           Sweeten drinks with jaggery powder, Stevia, molasses, dried fruits
                                                                         (where practical)
                     Using “energy” drinks                               Energy drinks are laced with sugar, hence should be avoided. Use fresh
                                                                         fruit, dates and lemon water to make energy drinks
                     Using butter/margarine/chocolate spreads on bread   Use mashed avocado and tomatoes paste (guacamole), or make a
                                                                         coriander and green chilly paste with peanuts. Delicious!
                     Using white rice or white flour products            Use brown rice and whole grain products such as whole wheat flour. Use
                                                                         whole food cereals such as muesli, granola and seed mixes
                     Using fried crisps                                  Par-boil cut crisps, brush little olive oil/sesame oil. Place in a flat pan.
                                                                         Oven bake at 180 degree Celsius
                     Boiling vegetables                                  Why leave a wealth of valuable nutrients in the water? Rather steam your
                                                                         vegetables (steamers are inexpensive) or bake them in an oven.
                     Cooking at high temperatures                        Learn to cook everything at the lowest temperature possible. Heat
                                                                         destroys the nutrients in food. In frying, temperature is as high as 500
                                                                         degree Celsius
                     Three meals a day                                   If you are not involved in heavy manual work, you should derive great
                                                                         benefit from a two meal a day plan. Those who are ill should try this – the
                                                                         results are gratifying. In either case, we should always have a very light
                                                                         meal at night. CHEW, CHEW and CHEW
Photo: stock.xchng

                                                                                                       Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   33

      illusions and
                   your brain                                                                                     By Lenny Luvaga
From your brain’s point of view, life is a staggering blast of         ones.
completely disorganized stuff. Impressions, feelings, images,          Humankind has been puzzled since time immemorial by an
smells are being fire-hosed into your brain through your eyes,         apparent paradox. Why does the moon seem to shrink as it
ears, nose, and skin every waking hour. It’s confusing, never-         climbs in the sky?
ending, and hopelessly chaotic.                                        We all know the effect: At moon rise, on the horizon, the full
                                                                       moon is enormous, while a few hours later, in the midst of a
At least it would be if your brain didn’t create an internal filing    black sky, it has shrunk back.
system to organize everything. This filing system is mostly            Everyone, from that hairy homo sapiens who looked up from
unconscious, and the process by which it works is multi-               a cold dinner of pterodactyl drumstick and watched the full
layered and very complex; but the biggest, most important              moon rise over a belching volcano, to today’s astrophysicists,
step is probably the first: Most of what goes into your brain, it      have proposed theories to explain it. But the explanation that
simply throws away. One example would be the sensation your            seems to enjoy the most popularity these days is the same one
shoes make against your feet; your brain generally ignores it.         we just went through. You might call it the Automatic Heighten
If your brain did not “edit” the input in this way or organize         Button Theory.”
the rest into familiar patterns, you would undoubtedly be              On the horizon, with buildings or trees in the foreground, the
paralyzed by the onslaught. In fact, psychologists believe that        moon is perceived as a background object. As a result, the
some forms of mental illness stem from faulty organizational           “Automatic Heighten” button gets unconsciously pushed and
“wiring”. The patient experiences too much and as a result,            the moon becomes enlarged.”
fails to organize it into patterns.                                                         Hours later, with no more foreground
This basic fact of life often comes                                                           buildings or landscapes to compare
as a surprise, especially to those                                                            it with, the moon itself becomes the
of us who are clearly not very                                                                “foreground” and the button is not
organized. But there’s plenty                                                                 pushed. The result is an apparent
of proof. Illusions, optical as                                                               difference in size. But, if you hold a dime
well as most of the other kinds,                                                              at arm’s length, when the full moon
demonstrate this unconscious                                                                  comes up, you’ll see the dime and the
organizational process because                                                                moon just about to match up. A couple
they trip it up. An illusion sets                                                             of hours later do the same thing. Even
up an “ordinary” scene, gives                                                                 though the moon looks a lot smaller, the
our brains all the regular cues,                                                              “dime test” will give the same results.
and then pulls out the chair at
the last instant.                                                                              Illusions like the ones you’ve just looked
But note the most interesting                                                                  at take advantage of the fact that your
part of all this. It’s not the                                                                 brain generally knows how to fast-
punch line, when your brain                                                                    forward past the obvious stuff. It has also
goes sprawling (as funny as that                                                               stored billions of pieces of unconscious
is). Instead, it’s in the set up.                                                              data and uses them unthinkingly to
That’s the proof that your brain                                                               make sense of the world. It has to. But
has trained itself to operate in                                                               the process can be carried to extremes.
a blindened, not very bright-                                                                  If you fell for the surgeon riddle, as I
seeming kind of way. For example try this riddle that you’ve           did, you’ve seen an example of the problem. Most surgeons
probably heard before. A father and a son are driving to a ball        are men, so your brain takes a shortcut. It hears the word
game when the car stalls on the tracks. In the distance, a train       “surgeon” and says to itself “male.” Say the word “nurse” and
whistle blows a warning. The father tries frantically to start         your brain barely wakes up enough to say “female.”
the engine but to no avail. The train hits the car, kills the father   The word for this kind of thing isn’t just “mental shortcut,”
and injures the son, who is soon in an ambulance on the way            it’s more like “bias” or prejudice.” Some people get such a bad
to the hospital and the operating room. As the boy is prepared         case of it that they start saying things like “Surgeons ought to
for surgery, the doctor walks in, expecting a routine case.            be men,” or “Nurses ought to be women.”
                                                                                                                                             Photo: stock.xchng

However, on seeing the boy, the surgeon pales and mutters,”            That kind of thinking can lead to real problems. But now that
I can’t operate on this boy. He’s my son.”                             you know where it comes from, you can take some active steps
As you’ve probably suspected, the answer to this puzzle is             to prevent it. Just give your brain a real wake-up call whenever
obvious. If you haven’t got it, it just means that your brain is       you suspect it might be taking one of these lazy shortcuts that
hop-skipping over it. You have to slow down and examine every          it shouldn’t.
assumption you are making, particularly the unconscious

34        Smart News September-November, 2009

secrets to a
   Flavourful Harvest                                                                                                  By Oscar Ludelu

            ou spend the season tending to the needs of your               above watering techniques to prevent powdery mildew developing
            vegetable and fruit crops- feeding, weeding, watering          on plant leaves or soil borne pathogens from splashing onto leaves.
            and fighting off pests- and then comes your moment             Many pathogens need a period of moisture on the leaves and fruit
            of truth: Has the fruit of your labour reached its peak        to infect. Watering in the morning after dew has dried completely
            of ripeness? And will it have that toothsome delicious         allows wet leaves to dry off before diseases have a chance to take
taste the consumer yearns for?                                             hold. And maintain hawk -eyed vigilance in the garden-it will help
                                                                           you spot and nip diseases in time!
Whether you bare a market gardener or simply garden for your
kitchen, attaining the crops natural sweetness is every growers            Again nutrient deficiency will leave your plants discoloured and weak
goal.                                                                      while over fertilising will give vigorous green soft disease-friendly
                                                                           growth-especially for tomatoes and lettuce. You don’t want your
While fresh farm produce will be snapped up quickly at the market,         plants stressed, but you also don’t want luxurious growth that will
it is the sweet natural flavour that will see consumers coming for         make them susceptible to disease. Stunted growth, yellowing lower
more and the sellers trooping to your garden. Indeed in matters            leaves and over all light green colour indicate nitrogen deficiency.
of vegetable production taste and freshness are two sides of the           Reddish purple or extremely dark green leaves signify phosphorous
same coin.                                                                 issues while weak stems and yellowing leaf tips, turning brown
                                                                           imply potassium deficiency.
The best tasting plants are happy plants. These are plants raised          One trick to use here is to interplant vegetables with high nutrient
under optimum conditions. To create optimal conditions for your            needs like corn with crops that add nitrogen to the soil, such as
plants you need, first of all, to amend your soil. Many diseases           beans.
that affect plant flavour thrive in poorly drained soils. This can
be addressed by incorporating organic matter like compost which            Try to moderate extreme temperatures by use of shade cloth.
enhances drainage. In addition nitrogen rich organic matter reduces        This is often used to preserve flavour in lettuce, greens and other
bitterness in certain crops like potatoes by lowering levels of bitter     cool season crops by keeping temperature and moisture at desired
tasting glycoalkaloids found in the potato skins.                          levels. For instance lettuce plants start shifting their biochemistry
                                                                           to deal with hot, stressful conditions. These biochemical shifts can
Furthermore strive to manage moisture. Use either drip irrigation          result in bitter compounds, less sugar and coarser leaves that follow
or soaker hoses which deliver water at the roots. This encourages          plant stress.
plants to develop extensive root system that guards against drought
stress. Mulching stabilises soil moisture, reduces watering needs          Providing great growing conditions is only half the battle, you must
and improves the flavour of vegetables by encouraging earthworms.          also grow flavourful varieties. Find information about tasty varieties
Earthworms by their burrowing actions help reduce plant stress by          from your extension officers, trade journals and fellow growers.
improving soil drainage and making essential soil nutrients more           Sometimes experimenting with two or three types can result in a
accessible to the plants.                                                  suitable choice.

Of course nothing affects taste like disease. Here your best bet would      In a nutshell poor production practices put stress on plants. Such
be to control diseases with cultural practices. Start off with certified   stress can trigger vegetables to produce higher levels of certain
disease free seed ,and look out for disease resistant varieties. At        compounds or different compounds than they normally produce
planting space generously and during growth stake if need be so            under healthy conditions- which alter flavour, for the worst!
there is ample air circulation. Keep the foliage dry by using the
                                                                                                                                           Photo: stock.xchng

   ‘Many diseases that affect plant flavour thrive in poorly drained soils.’

                                                                                               Smart News December 2009- February, 2010                   35

                     Improve your image in
                           the new year                                                                                                     by Karimi Mirero

                                                                                           interact with others- can be just be important in determining
                                                                                           whether they will or will not be promoted, and may even be creating
                                                                                           a negative image without their knowledge. There are also many
                                                                                           professionals who think that they are great at networking, making
                                                                                           small talk, and connecting with people when in reality they exude
                                                                                           an unprofessional image. Having well-rounded socializing skills are
                                                                                           not an option, but a necessity of business life.
                                                                                           Have you ever been to a business lunch and not known which knife
                                                                                           and fork to use? Or perhaps had to make an important business
                                                                                           presentation and felt that you would be terrible, despite knowing
                                                                                           your subject perfectly.
                                                                                           Maybe you want to be able to work a room with confidence to give
                                                                                           you that extra edge when it comes to networking. Whether your
                                                                                           personal ambitions are corporate or social – poor conversational
                                                                                           skills, inappropriate dress, a clumsy walk or a lack of presence
                                                                                           might be hindering you. You are not alone. The following can be of
                                                                                           great help.
                                                                                           Steps towards a Better You
                                                                                           •	 Set goals. When do you want to be in one, three and five years
                                                                                                 from now? Do you want a promotion? A new job or career?
                                                                                                 What are you willing to do to achieve them? Write them down
                                                                                                 and review them periodically to keep on track.
                                                                                           •	 Take a good look at yourself or better yet, ask your mentor for
                                                                                                 feedback. Unfortunately, we never see ourselves as others do.
                                                                                                 If you are not getting the results you want, ask for feedback
                                                                                                 from others to better understand what is holding you back.
                                                                                           •	 Commit to the change you want to create. To make any change
                                                                                                 in behaviour you must practice the new skill repeatedly. Set
                                                                                                 aside time to do this and make it a priority.
                                                                                           •	 Dress appropriately. Wear clothes that fit well and are
                                                                                                 appropriate for each business occasion. Understand the
                                                                                                 difference between traditional business attire and the different
                                                                                                 levels of business casual. Wear clothes that say you are there
                                                                                                 for business and should be taken seriously.
                                                                                           •	 Learn how to properly shake hands. Touch thumb joint to
                                                                                                 thumb joint. Make it firm – not a bone crusher or a loose fish
                                                                                                 handshake. People form an impression of you by your greeting.
                                                                                                 Make sure they have formed a good one.
Photo: stock.xchng

                                                                                           •	 Keep your body language open. In business, many professionals
                                                                                                 are not aware of how they are communicating with their body.
                                                                                                 Fidgeting or not making eye contact, will give you away. Keep

                                                                                                 a smile on your face and your body language open. Actions
                                    ost people make up their minds about you in                  speak louder than words.
                                    the first five seconds of meeting you. In today’s      •	 Fake it until you feel it. If you feel as if you have already
                                    competitive business environment the importance              achieved your goal, it will happen. Individuals that maintain an
                                    of making the right first impression cannot be               up-beat attitude portray a positive image and attract positive
                                    overemphasized. They say you do not get a second             company.
                     chance to make a first good impression. Therefore the business of     •	 The bad news is cut throat competition will always be here,
                     impression management is as critical as the business at hand.               however the good news is you can do something to help you be
                                                                                                 confident and enhance your impressions among others.
                     Most people looking to move up the corporate ladder realize the
                     importance of mastering job-related skills. But what they may not     You are your image. Package yourself the way you want others to
                     also know is that soft skills-the way they carry themselves, dress,   perceive you. It is in your best interest.

                     36        Smart News September-November, 2009
Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   37

                                                                                       Photo: stock.xchng

Last week was bad.                              How will I take care of my children?
He was very drunk and                           What will I do for money?
His back-handed blow knocked me                 I’m afraid of him
Hard against the wall.                          But I’m too scared to go ;
My ribs hurt and                                And I know he needs me – look -
My face is bruised and swollen;                 He’s brought me flowers
But I know he’s sorry because
He’s brought me flowers                              ..........

He broke a tooth                                The day was dull and rainy
When he hit me Saturday.                        And the children, dressed in black,,
My eldest tried to shield me;                   Held forlornly to each other
They’re frightened for me but                   And cried silently.
I don’t want them to hate him;                  Flanked by two policemen
I want them to understand it’s                  He wept too.
Just his temper; he doesn’t mean it-            He’s so sorry - See on her grave
And he’s brought me flowers                     He’s put a bunch of flowers

Yesterday he hurt me so bad                          ..........
I had to go to hospital,
But I didn’t tell them how it happened;
                                                By Patricia Hughes-Scott
He’s my man and I
Married him for better or worse.
He’s the father of my children
And I know he’s sorry because
He’s brought me flowers
My mother wants me to leave him
But , If I leave, where can I go?

38        Smart News September-November, 2009

                                           Health Puzzle
     ACROSS                                                                      5 One of the most essential oils used in aromatherapy due to its many
     1 Compound in red wine that may activate genes that slow cellular           benefits. (4)
     aging. (11)                                                                 8 What peppers is other name for red peppers that have lots of vitamin
     2 Thick liquid food that contains good bacteria that helps maintain         A&C ? (4)
     gut health. (6)                                                             10 This herb helps in protection from all micro-organisms. (4)
     7 Spinach has this element in above average quantity. (4)                   11 Limiting these foods lowers blood sugar and makes body burn bad fat.
     9 Antioxidant in tomato juice that can lower alcohol’s blood pressure       (8)
     power. (8)                                                                  12 They have beta-carotene which improves vision when changed to
     12 Nutrient in collard greens which also fights cancer. (8)                 vitamin A. (7)
     13 This root is also low in calories and has no fat. (3)                    14 Any of the substances (acids) which combine to form proteins. (5)
     17 Its in red peppers and it can reduce risk of heart related illness and   15 Dark brown powder that preserves healthy function of blood vessels.
     stroke. (9)                                                                 (5)
     18 Long thin strip of nutritious pasta used mostly in Italian & Chinese     16 Very alkaline sweet hollow pear shaped fruit that helps balance PH of
     cooking. (6)                                                                body. (3)
     19 Compound in sesame oil which stops your liver from making
     cholesterol. (7)                                                            SOLUTIONS
     DOWN                                                                        1 Resveratrol 6 Yogurt 7 Iron 9 Lycopene 12 Celinium 13 Yam 17 Folic-acid 18 Noodle 19
     1 Antioxidant in asparagus that strengthens walls of capillaries. (5)       Sesamin
     2 Type of bean that’s very rich in protein. (3)
     3 Many antioxidants are in the sun of this plant which fights heart         DOWN
     problems. (8)                                                               1 Rutin 2 Soy 3 Eggplant 4 Olive 5 Pine 8 Bell 10 Neem 11 Starches 14 Amino 15 Cocoa 16
     4 This oil contains antioxidants that help prevent age related disease.     Fig

1            2           3                              4                 5

                                                                                               NAKUDOKU PUZZLE
             6                                          7
                                                                                                 3               2             7              9      1
             8                 9                             10
                                                                                                 6                     9
                                                                                                                                                     2      6
                                                                                                         2              3                     1      5       9
                                                 13     14

                   15          16
                                                                                                  7      9              6              5             8

             17                                                                                   1              9      7                     3
16                                                                                                4       5                                   2      3
                                           18                                                            3       8      4      5              6

                                                                                                              Smart News December 2009- February, 2010              39
Christmas Melodies

Santa Claus is comin’ to town                  Have yourself a merry little Christmas
You better watch out                           Have yourself a merry little Christmas
You better not cry                             Let your heart be light
You better not pout                            From now on our troubles will be out of sight
I’m telling you why                            Have yourself a merry little Christmas
                                               Make the Yuletide gay
Santa Claus is comin’ to town                  From now on our troubles will be miles away
Santa Claus is comin’ to town
Santa Claus is comin’ to town                  Here we are as in olden days
                                               Happy golden days of yore
He’s making a list                             Faithful friends that are dear to us
He’s checking it twice                         Gather near to us once more
He’s gonna find out
Who’s naughty or nice                          Through the years we all will be together
                                               If the fates allow
Santa Claus is comin’ to town                  Hang a shining star upon the highest bough
Santa Claus is comin’ to town                  And have yourself a merry little Christmas now
Santa Claus is comin’ to town

He sees you when you’re sleeping               Other Christmas CDs available
He knows when you’re awake                     Christmas with Babyface
He knows when you’ve been bad or good          Christmas with Disney
So be good for goodness sake                   The Greatest Holiday Classics by Kenny G
                                               Christmas in South Africa
So you better watch out
                                               The original Christmas Album
You better not cry
You better not pout
                                               Jim Reeves - Twelve songs of Christmas
I’m telling you why                            The best of Donna Summer - The Christmas
Santa Claus is comin’ to town                  Essential Christmas
Santa Claus is comin’ to town
Santa Claus is comin’ to town

The kids in girl and boy land
Will have a jubilee
They’re gonna build a toyland
All around the Christmas tree

So you better watch out
You better not cry
You better not pout
I’m telling you why

Santa Claus
Santa Claus
Santa Claus is comin’
To town

40       Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                              Christmas Melodies
On the first day of Christmas      On the ninth day of Christmas,        Eleven pipers piping,
On the first day of Christmas,     my true love sent to me               Ten lords a-leaping,
my true love sent to me            Nine ladies dancing,                  Nine ladies dancing,
A partridge in a pear tree.        Eight maids a-milking,                Eight maids a-milking,
                                   Seven swans a-swimming,               Seven swans a-swimming,
On the second day of Christmas,    Six geese a-laying,                   Six geese a-laying,
my true love sent to me            Five golden rings,                    Five golden rings,
Two turtle doves,                  Four calling birds,                   Four calling birds,
And a partridge in a pear tree.    Three French hens,                    Three French hens,
                                   Two turtle doves,                     Two turtle doves,
On the third day of Christmas,     And a partridge in a pear tree.       And a partridge in a pear tree.
my true love sent to me
Three French hens,                 On the tenth day of Christmas,        On the twelfth day of Christmas,
Two turtle doves,                  my true love sent to me               my true love sent to me
And a partridge in a pear tree.    Ten lords a-leaping,                  Twelve drummers drumming,
                                   Nine ladies dancing,                  Eleven pipers piping,
On the fourth day of Christmas,    Eight maids a-milking,                Ten lords a-leaping,
my true love sent to me            Seven swans a-swimming,               Nine ladies dancing,
Four calling birds,                Six geese a-laying,                   Eight maids a-milking,
Three French hens,                 Five golden rings,                    Seven swans a-swimming,
Two turtle doves,                  Four calling birds,                   Six geese a-laying,
And a partridge in a pear tree.    Three French hens,                    Five golden rings,
                                   Two turtle doves,                     Four calling birds,
On the fifth day of Christmas,     And a partridge in a pear tree.       Three French hens,
my true love sent to me                                                  Two turtle doves,
Five golden rings,                 On the eleventh day of Christmas,     And a partridge in a pear tree!
Four calling birds,                my true love sent to me
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the sixth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the seventh day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Seven swans a-swimming,
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

On the eighth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Eight maids a-milking,
Seven swans a-swimming,
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree.

                                                                       Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   41
Reading Room
                                                                          What is your preferred genre of books?
                                                                          Well researched texts on various life issues that challenge me
                                                                          intellectually, and the good old African writers’ series. I find myself
                                                                          inclined to reading African writers.

                                                                          How do you kick away stress?
                                                                          I journal in the quietness of my room, pray, listen to music, and
                                                                          write short stories/articles or poems. Though I have yet to publish
                                                                          any work, I have put together a collection of material that I intend
                                                                          to present for publication in the near future.

                                                                          What would you say are your bad reading habits and what would
                                                                          you call would describe as bad reading habits generally?
                                                                          Procrastination – the inability to be consistent in reading a book. I
                                                                          also sometimes find it difficult to finish a book because of loss of
                                                                          Generally, other bad reading habits include: not reading at all;
                                                                          watching more movies and television than reading; borrowing
                                                                          books and never returning them or losing them – it infringes on
                                                                          trust; and limiting oneself to only one genre of writing.
Lucy Simiyu, Executive Director & Consulting
Psychologist at the Olive Leadership and                                  What recommendations do you have for building a strong
Mentoring Institute Bungoma, Kenya                                        reading habit?
                                                                          Self discipline and being accountable first to oneself and then to
Simiyu believes that a reading culture among                              reading buddies.
the youth should be incorporated as soon as                               Invest in buying books in order to build a personal library; in that
a baby can utter its first words. She spoke to                            way you will be compelled to read.
Writer Jayne Rose Gacheri.                                                Engage in discussions online or among friends about the books
                                                                          you intend to read or those you are currently reading – it is very
                                                                          stimulating for the mind.
Where is your library positioned and why?
My library is in my bedroom because I consider my bedroom as the          What is your advice to young people?
most private and safe part of my house. It is more convenient for         They should be encouraged to either join or form book clubs, in
me to have it there because if I wake up in the middle of the night       addition to the social clubs or peer groups where the youth are
and feel like reading, I can easily stretch out and reach out for a       currently exchanging movies.
                                                                          How many books do you read at a time?
What are you reading right now?                                           It varies, but at most I try to read two books. There is the book I read
The Working Poor: Invisible in America by David K. Shipler and            while taking a bus-ride or as I wait for someone at a restaurant;
Quest for Love: True Stories of Passion and Purity by Elisabeth           then there is one which forms part of my early morning devotion
Elliot                                                                    time. Considering that I read an average of three books in a month.
                                                                          That’s about 36 books in a year. I have never cared to count but that
Who would you recommend the book you are reading to?                      is sure a lot of books!
I would recommend the book by Elisabeth Elliot to anyone
interested in courtship and marriage God’s way. It is relevant for        What is the greatest book that you have read?
both the young and the old singles alike.                                 The Bible – it is very inspirational and is relevant to all aspects of
                                                                          my life.
David Shipler’s book is a must read for those passionate about
social justice issues in both developed and under-developed               What is your greatest quote?
societies. This book opens one’s eyes to the reality about American       ‘All things work out together for good for those who love God and
life.                                                                     are called according to His purpose’ - this keeps me going even
                                                                          through the most difficult of times
How would you describe your reading habits?
I would describe my reading habits as generally consistent and            Your parting shot to other readers?
diverse. I try to read a book in one week or two weeks at the most.       It is only through reading that our view of the world around us is
I rarely read a book twice.                                               shaped. We are able to travel through other people’s minds and
                                                                          experience exotic locations through reading. It is important to keep
Who is your mentor on reading habits?                                     reading in order to experience growth at a very personal level. I
I think this is a habit that was instilled in me by my English teachers   would encourage every literate Kenyan to develop a reading culture.
at primary and high school levels and I have never looked back.           Start by reading newspapers and magazines.

42        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                                                                    Reading Room
                                                                                         either side of the divide
                                                                                         In the story, Sonko is trying to raise money to
                                                                                         marry Peninah, the love of his life. And he is
                                                                                         depending on his cabbage crop to mature so
                                                                                         that he can sell them and make his dreams of
                                                                                         love come true. However, Kanywaji and other
                                                                                         elephants in his herd have different ideas.
                                                                                         The novella is written using the literary technique
                                                                                         known by psycho-analysts as “stream of
                                                                                         consciousness” in which one character narrates
                                                                                         the story as though he were remembering it
                                                                                         or replaying it in his own mind. The narrator in
                                                                                         this case happens to be Madirari, whose name,
                                                                                         incidentally, is sheng for money although he, like
                                                                                         his friend Sonko, is a poor man. Through him, the
                                                                                         reader catches a glimpse of the life of Sonko and
                                                                                         how far he has had to travel in his quest for elusive
                                                                                         success and the heartaches he suffers from loving
                                                                                         a woman who does not love him back.
                                                                                         The strength of the book, however, does not only
                                                                                         lie in the way it tackles the pertinent social and
                                                                                         environmental issues of the day. More importantly,
                                                                                         it is told in a humorous style that will leave the
                                                                                         readers smiling as they read along.
                                                                                         “This is definitely a very well-written book. I have
                                                                                         enjoyed reading it a lot,” said Mr David Njeng’ere
                                                                                         of KIE, who was among the first people to read the
                                                                                         novella after it was published in October.
                                                                                         And Jackline Moraa, a student at St Paul’s
                                                                                         University said: “I slept at 2am because I didn’t
                                                                                         want to put it down. Kudos for work well done!”
                                                                                         Ng’ang’a Mbugua is a newspaper columnist.
                                                                                         Besides ‘Terrorists of the Aberdare’, he has
                                                                                         written several other books, mainly for children.
                                                                                         He has also published an anthology of poetry and
                                                                                         short stories together with other Kenyan writers.
                                                                                         He studied literature and philosophy at Egerton
                                                                                         University before proceeding to Germany where
                                                                                         he studied editing at the International Institute of
                                                                                         Journalism. His next novel, ‘Different Colours’, is
                                                                                         due to be published by Big Books Ltd in February
                                                                                         2010. Big Books Ltd is a new publishing firm
                                                                                         founded by four friends all in their mid-thirties to
                                                                                         provide a platform where books targeting adult
The destruction of the environment remains one of the biggest          ‘Terrorists of the Aberdare’ is available at the following outlets:
debates of our time since it has been linked to dramatic changes in    Silverbird Stores (Westgate and Junction), Prestige Bookshop,
climate, the drying up of rivers and the increasing conflict between   University of Nairobi Bookshop, KU Bookshop, Nature Kenya
people and wild animals.                                               gift shop and also online at Readers can
And this is where Ng’ang’a Mbugua’s novella, ‘Terrorists of the        also order directly from the publisher by sending an e-mail to
Aberdare’, makes its entry, painting a sad yet hilarious picture
of the cost of the conflict between one poor farmer called Sonko
Wakadosi and an elephant called Kanywaji.                              Kirori Kimani is a teacher by profession.
During the colonial era, the Aberdare Forest was the theatre of
conflict between the Mau Mau freedom fighters and the colonial         Title: Terrorists of the Aberdare
forces. It was a bitter battle for independence that marked an         Author: Ng’ang’a Mbugua
important turning point in 20th century Kenya.                         Publisher: Big Books Ltd.
But 42 years after independence, and just five years into the new      Year: 2009
millennium, the Aberdare and its neighbourhood was transformed         Pages: 100
into yet another a battlefront, only this time the combatants are      Reviewer: Kirori Kimani
elephants and farmers, with Kanywaji and Sonko representing            Price: KSh300

                                                                                            Smart News December 2009- February, 2010      43
                            Reading Room

                                     Citizen Power
                                                                                                                               generalisations and conclusions, which

                                                                                                                               I will consider in subsequent sections of
                                                                                                                               my critique.

                                                                                                                               Upon reading this work, one develops a
                                                                                                                               feeling that the book wants to strike a
                                                                                                                               middle ground between the mighty and
                                                                                                                               those who are the worst off in society.
                                                                                                                               The former comprises of academia,
                                                 A Different Kind of Politics,                                                 the people in control of power and the
                                                A Different Kind of Journalism                                                 media, and those who serve power.
                                                                                                                               The latter constitutes the masses. With
                                                                                                                               insight, I would conclude that it tilts
                                                                                                                               towards the latter. The author tends to
                                                                                                                               paint the picture that traditional media
                                                                                                                               is a homogenous field owned by a cabal
                                                                                                                               of entrepreneurs who care less about the
                                                                                                                               democratisation project and its promise
                                                                                                                               unless it ensures they have a good
                                                                                                                               balance sheet.
                                                                                                                               He also looks at media owners as a
                                                                                                                               homogenous group that is against the
                                                                                                                               will of the people and that their structure
                                                                                                                               of operation is one that serves the King.
                                                                                                                               In fact, he sees the traditional media as
                                                                                                                               the reincarnation of court poets of the
                                                                                                                               ancient world. This is in agreement with
                                                                                                                               some media scholars like McQuail, 1995,
                                                                                                                               Barnett, 1997 and Franklin, 1997 who see
                                                                                                                               the traditional media as having failed

                                                                                                                                 In terms of the overall structure of the

                                                C H A AC H A M W I TA
                                                                                                                                 book, the author would have done his
                                                                                                                                 readers a lot of good were he to use
                                                                                                                                 the introduction to analyse the complex
                                                            Foreword by Evan Mwangi                                              relationship between the mass media, and

                                                                                                                                 African society and how this relationship
                                                                                                                                 poses a challenge to the democratisation
                            1. The Need for a Different Kind of Politics and Different Kind
                                                                                                    project. While this is not to say that he does not make that clear, the
                            of Journalism
                                                                                                    references are disjointed and far apart in the whole book. Perhaps
                            The publication of this book is both timely and laudable for several
                                                                                                    some copy editing would have improved it tremendously.
                            reasons. First, it comes as a necessary explanation given the poor
                            performance of the media during and after the disputed 2007
                                                                                                    3. The Role of the Media in the (de)Democratisation of Kenya
                            Presidential elections. Second, there has been very little work
                                                                                                    and Africa
                            published on the performance and experiences of the media in
                                                                                                    Media is now an integral part of our social reality, regardless
                            relation to the democratization process in Kenya. In fact, the last
                                                                                                    of whether we live in a developing/democratising country or
                            work that I know of was I Accuse the Press, published nearly two
                                                                                                    industrialised/democratised country.
                            decades ago. Third, the study of the relationship between journalism
                                                                                                    The book is very clear from the outset that in using the example of
                            and democratisation is inexorably multi-disciplinary. It straddles at
                                                                                                    bungled Presidential Elections of 2007 in Kenya, it hopes to explain
                            least four distinct domains — political, technological, economic and
                                                                                                    the frailties of the mainstream and traditional media in facilitating
                                                                                                    the promise of democratisation.
                            2. STYLE, LANGUAGE, DELIVERY AND CITATION
                                                                                                    While this is helpful to the reader, it poses some challenges for the
                            Overall, the book is an easy read but the author makes unjustifiable

                            44        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                                                                      Reading Room
logical development of the central theme. For instance, the book         do it in the second wave.
would have benefited a great deal had the author attempted some
conceptual unbundling of what he calls the media and what types          Studies by media scholars like Hyden and Leslie, Guy Berger among
exist in Kenya given the effects of Globalisation and the Information    others have shown sufficient evidence to demonstrate that the
Age. He should have defined the type of journalists that exist in        media has been part of the two waves of democracy and one of
Kenya and how they differ from public relations practitioners,           reversal towards authoritarianism.
advertisers, entertainers, etc.
                                                                         But key to what results we get from the media is the class of
Whilst it is true that pioneer media studies only discussed the          journalists that work in media. A society like Kenya has four types of
media as print (newspapers, magazine) and broadcast (radio, TV           journalism; cocktail journalism, journalism of next-of-kin, journalism
and film) and their role as being to educate, entertain and inform,      of the general orders and journalism of conscience. While this
I wonder if that is true of media in 21st century Kenya. The author      classification is neither empirical nor based on any systematically
talks of public journalism, where communication in public interest       collected data, it is heuristically significant in the search for an
ought to address the political issues of suffrage and the provision of   objective classification scheme.
information to allow participative decision-making.
A question that can be asked is whether citizen/public journalism        Cocktail journalists (or Gin and Lime journalists) are the party and
holds the promise of entrenching democracy far and beyond the            pub crawlers who habitually drink up at social events and then
contribution of traditional media.                                       proceed to report in a fictional manner. Next-of-kin journalists
                                                                         always slant their coverage to the advantage of their relatives while
But how may we understand the role of the media? A distinction           journalists of the General Orders are errand boys and girls of the
of the four domains, that is political, cultural, technological and      people in government and business. The journalists of conscience
economic, is necessary if one is to develop an understanding of the      owe allegiance to their profession only, and believe in publishing
relationship between media and democratisation.                          all the truth, without fear or favour. It is obvious that only the last
                                                                         category is desirable and the first three are blatant aberrations and
From the book it is evident that the relations between the political     must be scorned.
and cultural domains go in both directions, that is the media
influences democratisation and vice versa. By contrast, the effects      The conscientious journalist who tries to be adversarial exposes
of the economic and technological domains are unidirectional, that       themselves to the risk of harassment by the authorities. By trying
is economic and technological factors shape the media but not vice       to be a watchdog, they run into a wall of secrecy surrounding public
versa.                                                                   office. By trying to set the agenda, they are likely to be accused of
                                                                         arrogance. The author aptly covers this when he talks of the fate of
The key issue in the political domain is how the media promotes,         the country’s renowned investigative journalists.
protects and helps fulfill freedom, liberties and fundamental rights.
In the anecdotal evidence adduced in the book, the author is able
to show how the traditional media has been complacent in the face        The promise of public journalism is that through New Media it
of blatant violations of fundamental freedoms and liberties. This is     gives a platform for sharing, forming and influencing the minds
one of the reasons why the author, Chaacha Mwita is pessimistic.         of the ordinary citizens by fellow citizens and not power brokers.
                                                                         That is the essence of democracy. The technological domain
However, it is clear that there are numerous situations and occasions    offers opportunities to reorganise the space within which power
in the past two decades when a sub-section of traditional media in       is contested and protected. It is creating civic consciousness for
Kenya spoke for and with citizens. When the organs of State media,       citizens to take up their civic duties.
namely the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) and the Kenya
Times caricatured the Kamukunji multi-party demonstrations of            In the final analysis it remains true that the democratisation project
the early 1990s, the Nation Newspaper showed the carnage that            in Kenya and Africa is going to continue facing hiccups because of
had been caused by state agents in muzzling and gagging voices           the incrementalist approach to governance by the political elite
of dissent. It was then that the media played its triple role of         and their scions. The media alone may not deliver democracy but it
adversarial, watchdog and agenda-setting roles in the first wave of      stabilises the democratisation process.
democratisation in Africa in general. They are just learning how to

                                                                                             Smart News December 2009- February, 2010       45
Kids World

the first Nativity
A little over 2000 years ago, something spectacular happened that had a tremendous effect on
                                                                                                     By Patricia Hughes Scott

the world. This is the story. In the most humble of surroundings, on a bed of straw, a baby boy
was born. As a child, he grew up in an ordinary working class home; as a man, he never left his
home area where he preached the gospel of love until, at the age of 33, he was crucified on a cross
by his enemies. This story, His story, has had such an effect on the history of the world that our
present day record of time dates from his birth.

      t all began in a village in Palestine called Nazareth where   In a dream, the angel also visited Mary’s fiancé, Joseph the local
      a girl called Mary lived. Mary had been chosen by God for     carpenter, and explained God’s plan. Joseph was stunned by the
      a most important task – to be the mother of God’s son who     news that Mary was to be the mother of the Lord Jesus, but he knew
      would come to earth to be a Messiah – a Saviour. One day a    the story of a Messiah promised to his people, and he accepted this
      messenger from God, the Angel Gabriel, appeared to Mary       as God’s will. He realized that he himself had a part to play; to love
and explained God’s plan, that she would conceive as a miracle a    and care for Mary in the months before the baby was born, and to
male child, and his name was to be Jesus.                           guard and guide the child Jesus as he grew up.
                                                                    At that time, the Romans had conquered most of the countries in the

46       Smart News September-November, 2009
Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   47
Kids World
then known world, and one of the countries they ruled was Palestine        So Mary and Joseph went into the stable and Joseph arranged their
where Mary and Joseph lived. That year the Roman Emperor, Caesar           few possessions as the servant brought some fresh, sweet-smelling
Augustus, commanded that everyone should return to their family            hay and made a comfortable place for Mary. By the light of the
home to be registered for official reasons - a census - everyone           lantern, animals in their stalls gazed calmly at the unaccustomed
had to be counted. Joseph’s family came from Bethlehem, in the             scene. That night, the baby Jesus was born into the world in the
province of Judea, which was a long way from where they were               humblest of surroundings, watched by soft-eyed cattle and guarded
living, but they had no choice but to go. They were a ruled people.        only by his mother and father.
                                                                           Joseph took the tiny baby, wrapped him in swaddling clothes and
The Journey                                                                laid him on a bed of hay in a manger, an animal feeding trough.
Joseph was worried about Mary because it was nearly time for the           Now there was an air of wonder and peace in the small stable; and
baby to be born, but they had to obey the Roman order, so they             this night would be remembered and celebrated for thousands of
set off on the long 70-mile journey south to Bethlehem with Mary           years to come, the night when Jesus was born.
riding on a donkey. The journey was long and tiring and when they
eventually reached Bethlehem, they found that the town was packed          Outside Bethlehem
with visitors, all needing a place to stay. Everyone had come to be        The fields sloped gently around Bethlehem town, as it was built on
counted. Joseph, leading Mary on the donkey, tramped around the            a ridge of hills. Shepherds grazed their flocks of sheep on those
town from place to place – and everywhere they received the same           hills and on this night they were there guarding the sheep. They
reply. “Sorry, we’re full”.                                                were sitting under a tree, talking and warming themselves at the
                                                                           little brazier glowing with heat, as it was winter and the night was
Finally, they came to the last small hotel, an Inn, and knocked at the     very cold and dark. But as they looked up, it seemed the stars
door. The Innkeeper came out and regarded the weary pair by the            became brighter and then a great light blazed across the sky as a
light of his lantern. Joseph asked him pleadingly, “Please sir, have       host of angels gathered on high. All the angels in heaven were so
you a room for us? We are very tired and my wife needs to rest.”           happy because Jesus was born that they had come to earth and had
The innkeeper looked at them compassionately but his answer was            gathered in the sky to rejoice.
the same. “Sorry, there’s no room at the Inn.”                             The shepherds on the hillside were the only ones awake to see and
                                                                           hear them. They knelt in awe and fear as they witnessed this great
Mary held her head in her hands. What were they to do? The                 host from heaven, some shielding their eyes from the wonder, but
Innkeeper saw this and felt a wave of pity; she was young and looked       then came a voice from the leading angel.
so pale and weary; it was obvious the baby was due. He suddenly
had an idea.                                                               “Fear not,” the angel said, “for behold, I bring you good tidings of
                                                                           great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day
“If I’m not offending you, sir, you could stay in the stable at the back   in the city of David a Saviour, who is Christ the Lord. And this shall
of the house. It’s warm and dry and I’ll spread some clean hay. At         be a sign unto you; you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling
least your wife can rest and be more comfortable.”                         clothes lying in a manger.” The heavens resounded with such
                                                                           beautiful singing the shepherds could no longer be afraid.
Mary and Joseph looked at each other and Mary nodded. She could
go no further.                                                             Eventually the light faded and the heavenly sound of the angels died
“Thank you sir, we would be very grateful,” said Joseph.                   away. The shepherds looked in amazement at one another. They
                                                                           could hardly believe what had happened. Now all was quiet and the
                                                                           night sky had closed in where the brilliant light had been. But there
                                                                           was one star still shining, one great star hanging above them, and it
                                                                           seemed to move. Was it their guide?

                                                                           “Let us go and see the baby Saviour,” said one shepherd. “That star
                                                                           will guide us. I know it.”

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                                                                                                                             Kids World
“But what can we take as a present?” said another. “We are poor          the palace, Herod was furious. But he masked his anger and told
people, we have nothing to give.”                                        the Three Wise Men no, he was not there. But then he asked them
                                                                         to come back and tell him when they found the baby, so he could
“We will take a baby lamb for a baby king,” said another. We will        visit the Saviour himself. He was viciously jealous, believing that the
give all we have”.                                                       baby would grow up to be a rival to him, and he knew he had to find
                                                                         him and get rid of him before this happened.
With a newborn lamb, they set off down the hillside following the
star, stumbling through the dark, but sure that they were being led.       ‘Determined to make sure Jesus could not
They followed the star until they were in the town, and then they            grow up and challenge him, he sent his
realized it had stopped and was shining down on a stable.                soldiers all over the nation and ordered them
                                                                                to kill all baby boys in the land’
“Can this be the place?” the shepherds wondered. But the star did
not move again, so they entered and there, in the dim light, they        However, the Magi did not go back to Herod because an angel came
saw Mary, Joseph, and in a manger, a newborn baby. It seemed a           to them and warned them that Herod‘s intentions were bad. Later,
halo of light shone round his head. They knelt down before him           when the wise men did not come back to tell him where the baby
and placed at his side the newborn baby lamb – a simple gift from        was, Herod’s anger was even greater. Determined to make sure
ordinary people to a child who was to be a Saviour to his people.        Jesus could not grow up and challenge him, he sent his soldiers
Many times, later as a man when he was preaching, Jesus would use        all over the nation and ordered them to kill all baby boys in the
the allegory of a shepherd looking after his sheep, and a baby lamb      land. But by that time, Joseph had taken Mary and baby Jesus and
was the first gift he ever received.                                     escaped to Egypt.

From the East                                                            But that was in the future.
Far away in the East, across the desert, there were wise and             Now, the Three Wise Men were puzzled because the baby had not
learned men who studied the stars. They believed the pattern and         been born in the palace of the King of the Jews. So they went out
movement of the stars affected the affairs of people on earth.           of Herod’s palace and looked at the star again. They saw that it
Nowadays we would call them astrologers; then they were called           seemed to be leading them to a poor part of the town. When they
magi - wise men.                                                         followed, they saw it was shining over a stable. They looked at each
                                                                         other in puzzlement. How could a baby who was to be a Saviour for
One night as they were studying the sky, they saw something totally      mankind be in a stable - a hut for animals? But the star had stopped
new. A beautiful star arose in the western sky. It shone so bright and   there, so diffidently they entered the stable. When they saw for
clear that the wise men were overcome with excitement. They all          themselves the light shining around this baby, they knew they had
agreed that such a star must have a very special meaning. This must      found the Saviour.
be the star that was to show it was the time for the savior, promised
in their scriptures for so long, to be born on earth.                    They knelt down one by one and gave their gifts. The first gave gold,
                                                                         wealth for a king. The second presented Jesus with frankincense,
The wise men decided this was so important they must go                  a resin which burns with a steady flame and a delightful perfume,
themselves to see the Saviour; and they knew the star would lead         an incense which is an offering men make to God. The third wise
the way. They selected special gifts to take to honour the new baby,     man gave myrrh, a fragrant healing ointment, very precious and
saddled their camels and set off across the desert. Overhead every       rare. Then they too, took their positions in the stable, along with
night, the great guiding star blazed a trail for them to follow.         the shepherds and worshipped for a while, content to be in the
                                                                         presence of the baby Saviour. They saw that the Angel Gabriel was
When they got to Palestine, they went first to the Palace to see King    also in the stable, and knew that this was a holy moment, and they
Herod, who called himself the King of the Jews. The Romans allowed       were part of it.
this because he was useful to them, but Herod was an evil, cruel
man who did not help his people.                                         This then was the first nativity – the group in the stable: Mary,
                                                                         Joseph and baby Jesus; the shepherds; the wise men; the angel; and
When the Three Wise Men explained the purpose of their journey           the animals nearby - a scene we duplicate every year in churches
- that they had seen the sign in the Heavens that the promised           all over the world when we celebrate the Christmas story as it
Saviour had been born - and asked him whether the baby was in            happened over 2000 years ago.

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Kids World


                                                         Robert Brown
                                                         9 years
                                                         Gift Voucher worth KShs 2,000

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 6 years
 Gift Voucher worth KShs 2,000

                                                     Jack D. Nyang’wara
                                                     6 years
                                                     Nakumatt Gift Voucher Worth Ksh 1,000
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     Gift Voucher worth KShs 1,000
                                               Winners will be contacted by Smart News team. Vouchers
                                                will be collected from your nearest Nakumatt Branch.

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Colour and Win

    WORTH KSH 2,000 OR KSH 1,000                   AGE:
                              AGE LIMIT 9YEARS.
                CLOSING DATE: 31ST JANUARY, 2010   BRANCH:

                                                                Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   51
  Eat smart

  pan seared fillet of
     Fresh Victoria Perch

  Recipe by Savanna Coffee Lounge

       Trusted for Years


British Designed and Registered                  WATER DISPENSERS OF DISTINCTION

 52        Smart News September-November, 2009

INGREDIENTS (Makes 4 portions)                              Boil the potatoes until they are half done.
For the fish                                                Peel and grate them.
8pcs (200g) fillet of Victoria perch                        Season with crushed black pepper and salt.
100ml Olive oil for sealing                                 Place 4oz of the potato mixture in a cookie cutter ring (3&1/2 inch in
Salt/pepper to taste                                        diameter) and press to form a patty.
2 teaspoons Lemon juice (for brushing)                      Pan-fry the patty in melted butter on both sides until golden brown.
                                                            Keep aside and heat in the oven just before serving.
For the ‘red wine shallot buerre blanc’
40g Chopped shallot                                         Procedure for the vinaigrette
100ml Red wine                                              Mix all the ingredients and whisk the mixture vigorously.
100g Soft butter
1 cup Reduced fish stock                                    Procedure for the ‘red wine shallot buerre blanc’
100ml Heavy cream                                           Sauté the shallot in butter.
For the vinaigrette                                         Add the red wine and reduce till it becomes dry.
50g Roasted chopped shallot                                 Take out the sautéed shallot and spread it on a sheet pan and dry it in
1 table spoon Very finely chopped green and red pepper      the oven.
1 teaspoon Chopped and roasted garlic cloves                Reduce the fish stock and heavy cream to half.
70ml Olive oil                                              Take the mixture out of the fire and incorporate the soft butter by
30ml White vinegar                                          whisking.
Seasoning                                                   Just before serving add the dried shallot to the sauce.

For the ‘roesti’ potato                                     Procedure for the vegetables
600g Potato for baking                                      Seal the beef steak tomato in a hot plate and season.
Salt/ pepper                                                Sauté the onion rings in a hot plate and season.
100g Butter                                                 Grill the zucchini slices and season.
                                                            Place two slices of the zucchini into each onion ring and arrange on top
For the vegetables                                          of a slice of grilled tomato.
8 slices Beef steak tomato cut into 1/2 inch thick slices   Heat them in the oven before serving.
8pcs of Red onion (cut into rings)
8 slices Zucchini (cut into thick half moon slices)         Procedure for the herb oil
                                                            Blend all the ingredients and leave them to rest for a day in the fridge.
For the herb salad                                          Drain the oil from the top as the sediments settle down.
½ bunch Tarragon
½ bunch Baby parsley                                        Procedure for the herb salad
½ bunch Alfafa sprout                                       Clean all the herbs and keep aside.
½ bunch Chervil                                             Mix with a little herb oil and salt.
½ bunch Fresh Mint
½ bunch Fresh Dill fresh                                    Procedure for the fish
½ bunch Baby basil                                          Seal the fish in a pan using olive oil; brush with fresh lemon juice and
For the herb oil (3qt)                                      Cook the pieces on both sides until done.
½ lb Basil
½ bunch Chives                                              Compiling and Serving Suggestion
1 bunch Parsley                                             Place a tablespoon of the ‘red wine shallot buerre blanc’ at the centre
1 bunch Watercress                                          of the plate.
50ml Olive oil blend                                        Place the roesti potato on it.
                                                            Put the fish on top of the potato and the vegetables on top of the fish.
PROCEDURE                                                   Drizzle with the vinaigrette and few drops of herb oil.
Procedure for ‘roesti’ potato                               Serve garnished with herb salad.

                                                                                    Smart News December 2009- February, 2010      53

Supreme of Chicken
      hazelnut crust

                                           Recipe by Savanna Coffee Lounge

54   Smart News September-November, 2009
INGREDIENTS (Makes 4 portions)             PROCEDURE
For the chicken                            1. Procedure for the Jasmine Rice
200g Butter solid                          Mix all the ingredients (except the rice &cheese) and boil the mixture
40g Chopped garlic                         for 10 minutes.
½ tea spoon Minced lemon zest              Cook the rice in the same mixture.
1 ½ table spoons Fresh lemon juice         Once done fold in the cheese and keep aside.
½ tea spoon Tabasco
20g Dijon mustard                          2. Procedure for the chicken
50g Hazelnut powder                        Pre-heat the oven to 375 f.
200g Fresh bread crumbs (dry)              Lightly grease sheet pans.
½ tea spoon Dried tarragon                 In a small pan put butter, garlic and lemon zest. Place over low heat
½ tea spoon Freshly ground white pepper-   until the butter has melted and the aroma of lemon and garlic are
8pcs (150 g) Chicken breast                released then set aside.
                                           Combine lemon juice, tabasco and mustard and keep aside.
For the jasmine rice                       In another bowl mix the hazelnut powder, the dry bread crumbs,
300g Jasmine rice                          herbs, salt and pepper.
20g Chopped ginger                         Dip each chicken breast into the mustard mixture, then coat evenly
2pcs Kaffir lime leaves                    with hazelnut mixture.
50g Chopped shallots                       Place each piece of coated chicken in the prepared sheet pan and
80g Chopped parmesan                       ensure that they do not touch one another.
600 ml Vegetable stock                     Pour the butter mixture evenly on the chicken (at this point the
                                           chicken can be covered and refrigerated for the next day’s use, but
For the vegetables                         it should be brought to room temperature before cooking).
8pcs Diamond of green pepper               Bake for 20 minutes and then turn the chicken gently. Place a lemon
8pcs Diamond of red pepper                 slice over each breast. Spoon pan juices on top and continue baking
8pcs Diamond of yellow pepper              until the chicken is browned and firm to touch.
250g Fresh Tomato (peeled and diced)
10g Chopped garlic                         3. Procedure for the vegetables
2 tablespoon Olive oil                     Sauté the garlic, pepper and onion in butter.
¼ tea spoon Crushed black pepper           Add the tomato, season and keep aside.
Salt to taste
                                           4. Procedure for the carrot emulsion
For the carrot emulsion                    Blanch the carrots nicely.
150g Carrots                               Blend them together with the olive oil and season.
50ml Olive oil
                                           5. Procedure for the Soya ginger reduction
For the Soya ginger emulsion               Put olive oil in a pan and add the chopped ginger and garlic to it.
10g Chopped Ginger                         Add sugar, Soya sauce and seasoning.
10g Chopped Garlic                         Reduce the mixture to half on slow heat.
1 teaspoon Sugar
100ml Light Soya Sauce                     Compiling and serving suggestion
                                           Place a cup of rice at the centre of the plate and some stir-fried
For the garnish                            vegetables.
1 tablespoon Carrot emulsion               Rest the chicken on top of the vegetables.
1 tablespoon Ginger Soya reduction         Drizzle the Soya ginger reduction and the carrot emulsion around
1 bunch Watercress                         the chicken.
                                           Garnish with a sprig of watercress and serve.

                                                                   Smart News December 2009- February, 2010         55
Supplier Profile

                                  Fresh, Healthy,
                                       baked bread
                                          ‘A whole new meaning to healthy food

           his is the phrase that speaks for a bakery that opened       company’s production of healthy products that cater to the special
           its doors to its first customers in June 1996. And rightly   dietary needs of its customers. The company also chooses to use
           so, because Ennsvalley Bakery offers a large variety         biodegradable wrappers, thus demonstrating its commitment to
           of breads, pastries and cakes that are made from the         environmental conservation.
           healthiest grains one can find.
                                                                        For the festive season, the special offers that the company has for
Ever heard of the eight-grain loaf? The question on everyone’s minds    its customers include the famous gingerbread house, Christmas
when they hear about it for the first time is whether it is actually    cookies, the gingerbread Santa Klaus, not forgetting their large
possible to have a loaf with eight different types of grain. Well,      variety of cakes. You can add a little flavour to your Christmas
Ennsvalley produces this type of bread with wholesome ingredients       festivities by partaking of their traditional brandy-filled Christmas
such as cracked soya, sunflower seeds, linseed, sesame seeds, and       cake with marzipan, or by going for their scrumptious Christmas
other ingredients whose identity one can find out after tasting the     log. The company has special offers for Valentine’s Day and over the
nutritious loaf. This bread and the famous cheese sticks, are some      Easter Holiday. The subsidiary company that also produces cakes
of the niche products that the bakery has produced over the years.      and is located in over six branches of the Nakumatt Supermarket
                                                                        is ‘Sprinkles’. Sprinkles is the one place that parents can find
Ennsvalley Bakery’s mission is ‘to constantly produce, market and       delicious themed cakes for the celebration of their children’s special
present quality bread and pastry products which meet international      occasions.
standards’. The company has achieved this through products
designed by top pastry Chef and Baker, Klaus De Schneider, from         The customers of this famous brand have only good things to say
sun seed loaf, to their spiced farmer’s branch loaf, olive herb and     about the quality and unique taste of their products. Mothers are
garlic loaf, and gluten-free bread. The company also offers what        delighted that their children can choose to purchase pies instead
it calls Sweet Delights, which include products such as pastries,       of other high-calorie foods; that their celebrations are more
doughnuts and Danishes. For that special occasion, you can try          memorable because of the high quality products available to them.
their mouth-watering cakes.                                             One parent was overheard telling her friend, “the kids picked pies
                                                                        over chocolate,” and this she delighted in. The Pies2Go outlet in
Their quality production process saw the company partner with           Nakumatt stores is also a subsidiary of the Bakery where one will
NAS in the year 2000 to supply their brands to airlines. This           find these delicious pies that they can share with their family and
partnership provided a platform for the expansion of its operations.    friends when on the go.
Ennsvalley now supplies freshly baked products to 30 retail outlets
in Nairobi, Mombasa, Naivasha and Eldoret, including the Nakumatt       Visit their web site to see the recipe
stores. This growing number of retail outlets is in part due to the     of the month. You can also place your order for that special
                                                                        product on their web site.

56        Smart News September-November, 2009
Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   57
Supplier Profile
An independent journalist was given the privilege to try out the
Ennsvalley Bakery company brand and give you her thoughts on it.
                                                          By Dee Sangale.
                                                                            A WHOLE NEW MEANING
                                                                            TO HEALTHY!
                                                                            There has always been the notion that healthy food does
                                                                            not always taste great. Well, allow me to introduce you to
                                                                            the exception. The company brand Ennsvalley has gone
                                                                            out of its way, dedicating their services and expertise to
                                                                            creating a healthier slice of life, refreshingly catering to
                                                                            special dietary needs of their customers.

                                                                            True wholeness baked to perfection comes in the form
                                                                            of the 8 grain loaf that features cracked soya, sunflower
                                                                            seeds, linseed, sesame seeds, oats and rye and does not
                                                                            look or taste like a brick. This good for you range answers
                                                                            the needs of people with wheat intolerances, gluten
                                                                            intolerances and diabetics. The promising range from
                                                                            Ennsvalley as natures bakers have gone a step further
                                                                            by packaging their products in biodegradable wrappers,
                                                                            taking care of the environment as well.

                                                                            I have been told to watch this space with the promise of
                                                                            more to come from Ennsvalley. So far they get two thumbs
                                                                            up and two big toes up from me.

                                                                            SPRINKLES                         TAKES                 THE
                                                                            I have decided to start the ‘I can’t stand Hannah Montana
                                                                            Parents Club’ for all my friends who have daughters. After
                                                                            buying all her merchandise, the birthdays come, and the
                                                                            themes keep changing while we parents cling on helplessly
                                                                            to the notion that ‘she is still my little girl’. And if she wants
                                                                            a Hannah Montana themed birthday with Hanna Montana
                                                                            birthday party bags and a Hannah Montana cake, she can
                                                                            have it, and Sprinkles are the bakers who know what she

                                                                            You can tell Sprinkles love baking from their black forest
                                                                            cakes – deliciously moist, not too sweet, seriously whipped
                                                                            cream and not that hard icing, and it’s like they tasted
                                                                            every strawberry to make sure it was sweet enough before
                                                                            putting it on the cake. They personalise their cakes, either
                                                                            choose from a catalogue or annoy your daughter on her
                                                                            sweet sixteenth and put your picture on her birthday cake!

                                                                            Put some umph into your Christmas family reunion with
                                                                            the really scrumptious, traditional, brandy filled Christmas
                                                                            cake with marzipan, or the mouth-watering, delectable
                                                                            Christmas log. Do something special on Valentines and
                                                                            propose with a cake, but be prepared to eat lip-smackingly,
                                                                            luscious cake looking for the ring! As their slogan goes,
                                                                            “have your cake and eat it,” let Sprinkles bring out the kid
                                                                            in you, even if you secretly like Hannah Montana!

58        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                                                                 Supplier Profile

                                                                    Yes it sounds crazy, but Pies2go launched in the fun environment
                                                                    of rugby and has got undivided attention from 6 Nakumatt’s. Using
                                                                    “Its in the filling” as their catchphrase, these distinguished and
                                                                    superior range of pies are a great hunger buster, with no mess,
                                                                    no fuss, and all you will need is a glass of juice. For road trips, in
                                                                    between meetings or after the kids football match, the fresh from
                                                                    the oven Pies2go exercise those taste buds and deliver healthy,
                                                                    nutritious snacks for everyone, any time and any place.

                                                                    Pies2go are so appetising and full of flavour that I overheard one
                                                                    thrilled parent at the till at Nakumatt say, “the kids picked pies
                                                                    over chocolate!” Now that’s definitely something you want to try.


While shopping one day in Nakumatt with my seven year old
son, the hunger pangs started kicking in and the to-do list was
just half way down the rota. We needed food that was easy to
eat, filling, healthy and at the same time won’t distract us from
the day’s agenda. Passing the bakery, Simani, my son points
out to a red and yellow poster goes into a frenzy laughing and

                                                                                          Smart News December 2009- February, 2010           59

Valentine’s Day

                                           Red silk pyjamas (Ksh 5,950) from IVORY
                                           King size bed (Ksh 125,000) from NAKUMATT
                                           Lamp (Ksh 9,995) from NAKUMATT

                                           *Prices subject to change

60   Smart News September-November, 2009

Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   61
Valentine Feature

Shopping for the perfect
   Valentine’s Day Gift
Oh! little loveliest lady mine,                                         Dark chocolate and white chocolate are gifts that celebrate your
What shall I send for your valentine?                                   love for your Valentine. Chocolate communicates yearning. Wrap
Summer and flowers are far away;                                        the chocolate in red paper as the colour red signifies life and
Gloomy old Winter is king to-day;                                       vitality, and make sure to get some that are heart shaped. Nakumatt
Buds will not blow, and sun will not shine:                             branches sell a variety of chocolates to suit every pocket.
What shall I do for a valentine?
I’ve searched the gardens all through and through
For a bud to tell of my love so true;
But buds are asleep, and blossoms are dead,
And the snow beats down on my poor little head.
So, little loveliest lady mine,
Here is my heart for your valentine!

Laura Elizabeth Richards

            he dilemma of what Valentine’s Day gift to send a loved
                                                                        Ladies love to smell good. When you send her a sweet-smelling
            one may overwhelm you, especially if you are a man.
                                                                        perfume, you will be telling her that you are passionate about her. A
            Men all over the world spend approximately twice as
                                                                        lavender scent communicates attraction, a rose scent tells her that
            much as women on this day for gifts and cards.
                                                                        you are unearthing your secret desire for her. And if you are looking
            Giving gifts is really a form of communication. No
                                                                        for love, find a perfume with sandalwood fragrance.
one would like to give a gift that conveys a wrong or unintended
message. A poorly thought out gift could turn your Valentine’s Day
into ‘Single’s Awareness Day’ if you are not careful.
Since women are usually a lot pickier than men when it comes to
receiving gifts, great consideration should be taken when shopping.
The woman in your life should be proud to declare to her friends the
gift that you have sent her; otherwise you will have a difficult time
undoing the damage that a poorly thought out gift causes.
Here are a few gift ideas for her:

Red Roses
The red rose is the oldest Valentine’s Day gift and symbolizes
romantic love. The only way you can go wrong with this gift is if
you send roses of a colour whose meaning you do not understand:
                                                                        Diamonds. These hardy, expensive stones are a girl’s best friend.
Yellow roses are the ultimate ‘friendship-signifying’ rose; Opt for
                                                                        They signify faithfulness, steadfastness and honour. Diamonds
purple roses when you want to tell your lover that yours is a case of
                                                                        however, will be hard to find (and afford), so get her jewellery in
love at first sight. Communicate desire by sending coral or orange-
                                                                        gold, silver or platinum, or even beads. Buy her a beautiful bracelet,
coloured roses.
                                                                        a necklace or earrings. Do not give her fake stones or cheap metal
                                                                        jewellery as it may react with her skin and have her conjure up ill
                                                                        thoughts of you.
                                                                                                                                                 Photo: stock.xchng

62        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                                                                                      Valentine Feature
Lingerie                                                                    Gadgets and gizmos
If it is lingerie that you choose to give her on Valentine’s Day, make      If he loves to work with his hands then you have a whole range of
it lacy. For the longest time, lace has been associated with love;          gifts to choose from.
most women have used it to convey their messages of love to their
admirers. Lingerie is a bold gift and it has sexual undertones that
should be limited to lovers only.

Men are simple and straightforward. Do not get him a gift that is
too complicated.
A few gift ideas for him are:

Women love to have a musky-smelling man in their arms and may
imagine that giving deo-spray as a gift will do the trick, but, it won’t.
Anything with the tag ‘deodorant’ on it tells your lover that you need
them to smell good (clearly because they do not). Instead, save up
and buy your man musky-smelling cologne on this special day. Musk
is associated with manliness.

                                                                            Leave flashy heavy platinum chains to the celeb wannabes or
                                                                            teenagers. The best kind of jewellery to get your man is a watch −
                                                                            try a Casio or a Swatch watch. Most men appreciate gold and silver.
                                                                            If he likes bracelets, get him a thick bracelet made of either silver or
                                                                            white gold. Whatever you choose, take his wardrobe and personal
                                                                            style in consideration.

A good book for a man who loves reading is thoughtful. The subject
of the book speaks for itself and says a lot about you. If he loves to
travel, get him a book on the best tourist destinations worldwide. If
he loves wildlife, and then get him something on the subject. Do not
go for books that interest you, get him a book on a topic that you
know he is passionate about.                                                Shoes
                                                                            Men love a good pair of shoes, and it has to be leather. To boost his
                                                                            wardrobe the kind of shoes you buy should complement his favourite
                                                                            style. If he likes casual attire try moccasins. If he is a formal dresser,
                                                                            black stylish shoes are a good start.

                                                                            So take your time and make sure that the gift you choose does send
                                                                            the message that you intend to send.

                                                                                                 Smart News December 2009- February, 2010         63
                                                         Burberry Weekend for Women –
                                                         Perfume, body lotion and shower
                                                         gel Ksh 7,445

Red roses, Ksh 600,
Frontera red wine Ksh 495,
long candle holder Ksh 895,
metallic candle holder Ksh
395, red watch Ksh 2,185

      Valentine gifts
      for HER...
  Large candle holder Ksh 1,500,
  smaller candle holder Ksh
  1,200, gel wax tube candle Ksh
  1,495, triple candle holder Ksh
  895, set of 4 candles Ksh 595                    Ladies watches, Q&Q Ksh 2,195,
                                                   Alpha Ksh 6,995 and Q&Q Ksh 2,195

                                                                            All Items Available
*Prices subject to change

   64        Smart News September-November, 2009
                                                               Stylito watch,
                                                               lighter, key ring
                                                               and pen gift set,
                                                               Ksh 3,495

                                                         Philips grooming
                                                         kit Ksh 5,095

                                                             CK deodorant and cologne
                                                             set, Ksh 7,345

                                                ...and HIM

                                                                            Cross Class Country
37 piece socket set Ksh 8,700                                               pens Ksh 9,289
                                   All Items Available
       *Prices subject to change            @

                                                                   Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   65
Product Advice

                                   Bar-coding helps to fight counterfeits

             barcode is a machine-readable representation of            •	   No stickers - cut costs
             information; usually dark bars on a light background       •	   Accuracy and fast sales information
             used for automatic identification.
                                                                        To manufacturers/Suppliers
             With the world truly becoming a global village, there      •	 Retail acceptance
is need for a single language that is spoken and understood by all      •	 Standard international stock codes
business partners, with emphasis on accuracy and efficiency.            •	 No tags on brand names
                                                                        •	 Easy access on sales information
The retail business in Kenya is taking on a new shape, with             •	 Feedback on stock movement
customers becoming more knowledgeable and buying based on               •	 Proper control on price, promotion, automated warehousing
informed choices.                                                           etc.

Due to proper practices of bar-coding technology, most businesses       To consumers
have realized a double digit growth.                                    •	 Time saving
                                                                        •	 Less costs
GS1 Kenya services ranges from GS1 barcodes, to GS1 e-com               •	 Convenience
(electronic commerce tools), to next generation technologies and        •	 Making informed choices
solutions such as GS1 DDSN (data synchronization), EPC Global
(using RFID) technologies and Traceability.                             Now GS1 Kenya has made it easy for all consumers to know the
                                                                        origin of the products they intend to buy by simply sending an SMS
Proper usage of the GS1 barcodes automatically helps the retail         to 6162 from their mobile phones.
sector in proper category management and shrink management.             Take advantage of this and authenticate the origin of the products
Following the marriage of EAN ( European Article Numbering) and         you consume.
UPC (Universal Product Code) in 2005 that gave birth to GS1, a new
dawn arose, ushering in one acceptable standard of coding to all        The country prefix for Kenya is 616 so for all products manufactured
the trading partners the World over.                                    in Kenya, please be sure to single out the fake prefixes!
There are various benefits to the retailers, manufactures and finally
to the consumers when proper bar-coding practices are applied.
                                                                        GS1 Kenya Office
To retailers:                                                           D. +254 (020) 4451411/44552680/1
•	 Faster checkouts                                                     F. +254 (020) 4452690
•	 Proper stock controls                                                E.
•	 Minimization of shrinkage                                            W. or

66        Smart News September-November, 2009
               NAKUMATT MEGA
     Uhuru Highway, Opp. Nyayo Stadium, NAIROBI

                NAKUMATT UKAY
           Mwanzi Road/Ring Road, NAIROBI

                Prestige Plaza, NAIROBI

       Monrovia/Moktar Daddah Street, NAIROBI

            Oginga Odinga Road ELDORET

              NAKUMATT NYANZA
            Oginga Odinga Road, KISUMU

             New Nyali Road, MOMBASA

               UTC Mall, Kigali, RWANDA

               NAKUMATT OASIS
   Oasis Complex, Yusuf Lule Road, Kampala, UGANDA

Anytime, All the time                Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   67

                                   Alpha performs at
                                  Nakumatt City Centre

               Alpha signing the guest book

                                                                            Alpha receives his cheque

            Alpha a Resolution Health Cover

                                                           Alpha, Nina and Christian with Nakumatt City Centre-Rwanda staff

     I’m a fan, my t-shirt says it all, need i say ,more
                                                           The crowd that came to get Alpha’s autograph and see him perform
68        Smart News September-November, 2009

Miss World

Catherine of Nakumatt presents contestants with a                                     2nd Runner-up                                      1st Runner-up
       voucher and Smart News magazine

                                                    ...and the winner is... Fiona Konchellah
      Mrs. Terry Mungai and Churchill
       read out the winner’s name

                                                                                                      Fiona Konchellah is crowned by the former Misss
                                                                                                              World Kenya 2008 winner Ruth

          Tears of joy                                  Too excited to hide her joy                                 Fiona’s other gift
                                                                                                      Smart News December 2009- February, 2010       69

planning for
 Your Retirement
                                                                                                                       By Ann Songole
                e all face the fact that at the end of all our careers,   Control your debt
                we will leave our jobs and begin a new phase called       Make sure that the loans that you take are absolutely necessary
                “Retirement”. Retirement is an inevitable aspect          and planned for. The projects that the loan money is to be spent on
                of working life. It is a time when your savings early     should be well written down, able to be accounted for and audited.
                in your working career determine your lifestyle
after work, when you are dependent on a limited income from your          A large number of loan sharks are in existence now and one should
pension and on your savings.                                              not be swayed by the competitive and attractive interest rates that
                                                                          these loans offer.
Because saving for retirement requires a lot of commitment, the
financial steps you take while you are still young will determine         Once you have taken the steps towards financial planning, identify
whether you will meet your retirement saving goals or not.                the best retirement saving plan.

Here are some tips on financial planning:                                 The retirement benefits industry is one of the best tools for saving
                                                                          and investment. Your retirement savings are safeguarded by the
Create a budget                                                           Retirement Benefits Authority. And, these are the only savings in
The first step towards saving for your retirement kitty begins with       the country that have tax exemptions.
creating a budget. Financial experts recommend that you critically
assess;                                                                   The most important factors to consider when planning for
                                                                          retirement are age, current employment type, current income and
•	   Your income estimates and projections                                financial goals.
•	   Include in your monthly budget an amount saved towards
     annual expenses                                                      The younger you are the higher risks you can take in your retirement-
•	   Identify and control your spending patterns – where you              benefits plan. The type of benefits that your employment offers
     spend, and on what                                                   should inform your choice of personal pension scheme; whatever
•	   Track and record your cash expenditure - is the item you are         you choose should complement your financial goals as this will
     about to buy a necessity?                                            determine the sort of benefits you will receive at the end of your
                                                                          working life.
Cut your expenses
Once you have created a budget, and are sure that you have                Remember that the value of your investments can rise and fall,
accounted for all expenditure, identify areas that you can save up        especially if your investment portfolio is concentrated on the stock
on. You may find that miscellaneous expenses contribute to a large        market. By diversifying your investment portfolio, you can avoid
chunk of your expenditure.                                                these fluctuations and maximise your retirement benefits. Once you
                                                                          have started contributing regularly to a pension scheme then you
Most financial experts recommend that any salary increment that           should receive your benefits statements annually. Try to attend the
you receive should go towards a saving of sorts and retirement            pension scheme’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the pension
saving is a good start. You could decide to channel your resources        scheme’s performance is discussed.
into mortgage payments, or even invest in a new project.
                                                                          Remember, it is never too early to start saving for retirement.

70        Smart News September-November, 2009
Smart News December 2009- February, 2010   71
72   Smart News September-November, 2009

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