Harnessing the Power of Social Media by shuifanglj


									Big Brothers Big Sisters
    of Kentuckiana
Harnessing the Power
   of Social Media
Our Agenda

• What is this thing called social media?

• The real world of social media

• How to be a “fan” favorite

• GoogleMap to the BBBS-KY Facebook
What is Social Media?
According to Wikipedia :

“Social media is media designed to be disseminated through
social interaction, created using highly accessible and scalable
publishing techniques. It uses Internet and web-based
technologies to transform broadcast media monologues (one to
many) into social media dialogues (many to many).”

Social Media refers to any technology that allow for people to
actively engage, collaborate, and communicate with others.
Generally, we like to share stuff and interact with each other.

Why should you consider a social media plan? Basically, because
everyone is!
Why Does Social Media Matter?
• Over 100,000,000 bloggers in blogosphere
  (Technorati) & blog reading has risen 66% globally in
  one year (Universal McCann)

• Number of text messages has been steadily
  increasing; in many demographics, texting is more
  than calls

• Over 140,000,000 users on Facebook, with 600,000
  new each day (Inside Facebook, 12/16/08)

• Social media is not just for young people! There are
  30.5 million Facebook users aged 26-55; there are
  more Facebook users aged 26-44 than 18-25 today!

• Twitter has grown from about 600,000 users to 3.5
  million in 2008 (comScore)

    What other things make Social Media important?
The Real World of
  Social Media
The Real World of Social Media
Although social media is free, there are costs involved:

•   Staff time and responsiveness

•   Everything is an acronym! (ROTFL, BRB, NP)

•   The face of social media changes just like Joan River’s!

•   Limited control over content from users

•   Child safety concerns

•   Lack of personal one-to-one interaction

•   Misinterpretation of content/intent

•   Increased exposure to negative
    comments and situations
The Real World of Social Media
                     Social Media will help you
                    accomplish three main goals:

                   ACQUIRE – RETAIN – ENGAGE

                       Social Media can help to
                     exponentially expand your
                       circle of supporters and
                     increase awareness of your
                    mission. It can help create a
                     sense of connection to your
                      cause by your supporters.
The Real World of Social Media
Additional Benefits of Social Media Include:

•   Recruit donors and volunteers

•   Expand your network of constituents

•   Provide a better understanding of your organization

•   Personalize your relationship with constituents

•   Increase constituent loyalty and retention

•   Allow constituents to sell/promote your services for you

•   Screen potential volunteers

•   Alumni relations

•   Event publicity/advertising/promotion

•   Fund development efforts
How to be a Fan Favorite
How to be a Fan Favorite
•   Think before you dive in

•   Determine your target audience (your fans)

•   Decide on which media to harness

•   Recognize your limitations and define boundaries

•   Just like good produce, social media must be FRESH!

•   Have a purpose, not a plan.

•   Interest must go both ways; you cannot only self-promote.
    Look for ways to get your people talking and creating
    content of their own!
Our Path to Facebook
Our Path to Facebook
•   At the end of 2008, we decided to dip our toes into the
    waters of social media and created a Facebook page

•   Facebook allows us to reach out to many users as the
    Internet’s leading social utility

•   It’s a one-stop-shop!

•   We like Facebook because it shows the human aspect
    behind our organization and gives our brand a personality

•   We’ve found over time that the more we update our Fan
    page, the more traffic it generates

•   We started with 2 fans – we now have 435!
Our Path to Facebook
What you’ll find on our Facebook page:

•   Profile Picture

•   Status Update (FRESH – FRESH – FRESH!)

•   Comments/Wall Updates

•   Photo Albums

•   Notes (FRESH – FRESH – FRESH!)

•   Events

•   Videos

•   Facebook Ads
Our Path to Facebook
Our Path to Facebook
Our Path to Facebook
What we’ve learned:

•   The more you put out there, the more you’ll get back

•   Our roadblocks to success

•   Start small, but do start!

•   Looking forward…
           Thank You!
If you have any questions, please contact:

            Kristin Milosevich
              (502) 753-3754

           Melissa Hutchins
            (502) 753-3747

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