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•   What is Skype?
•   System Requirements
•   Where Do I get Skype?
•   Educational Usage
•   Video Conferencing
•   Remoting with Skype
•   Video Meeting Room
 Skype (IPA: [skyɪp], rhymes with type) is a software
 program created by the Swedish and Danish
 entrepreneurs Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.
Skype allows users to make telephone calls over the internet to
other Skype users free of charge, or to landlines and cell phones
for a fee.
Additional features include instant messaging, file transfer, short
message service, video conferencing and its ability to circumvent
The Skype Group, acquired by eBay in September 2005, has
headquarters in Luxembourg, with offices in London, Tallinn, Tartu,
Prague[1] and San Jose, California. Skype experienced rapid growth
in both popular usage and software development since the launch, of
both its free and its paid services.

       Wikipedia -
• Communication Software
  – Uses VoIP service
• Text Communication
• Voice Communication with Video

• Now combine this with the usage of
  add-ons like Remote-X and
• VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol
    –   internet telephony
    –   peer-to-peer
    –   P2P, IP telephony
    –   broadband telephony
    –   voice over broadband
    –   simpler term - free calls over the internet
• The really cool thing about VoIP is that it allows you to make free Skype-
  to-Skype calls – and unlike some other VoIP providers like Vontage
• Skype has no monthly fee to make free calls. Yep, if both you and your
  friend have downloaded Skype you can call each other for free and talk for
  as long as you like

• Video Conferencing
   – Remote Guest Speakers
   – Online Lectures
   – Presentations
• Global Collaboration
   – Using text chat to share web
     links or written information
   – Using VoIP to meet online
• Technology Assistance
   – Take control of their desktop
     or show your desktop to
     enhance your session
   – Assist a fellow teacher on their   A Skypecast with Penn State
     desktop                               University College of
                                           Engineering Students
Classroom set up with a Smart
     Board and webcam

  Smart Board    Web Cam

                                  Director Rick McClintic with
                                 Engineering Students Natalie
                                and Chloe discuss the College of
                                  Engineering from Penn State
                                University with students at Corry
                                          High School
•   High Speed Internet - 380kb or faster
•   Digital Camera - high quality preferred
•   Microphone - table stand or headset
•   Speakers – usually built into the computer
    (won’t need speakers if you have headset)
• Free Download
• Download the
  program and
• When it is done
  installing, a start
  up box will
• Insert your first and last
  name, a user name will be
  automatically created for
  you (if you don’t like the
  given user name, you can
  change it)
• Insert a password and
  add in your City, if you   Skype Name
  want (I put City, State)
• After submitting the
  information, it take a few
  minutes to register.       Password
• Once the registration
  takes place, you Skype
  will start.
• Add or delete contacts
• Contact users by either call or chat
  – Call is to call by phone over the computer
  – Chat is to communicate through text
• Set up your camera and microphone
• Search for family members/friends
Click on        to add users.
There are three ways to search a user
    1. By First and Last Name
    2. By Skype user name
    3. By e-mail address

                                        Just type in the
                                        person’s name, e-
                                        mail, or Skype
                                        Username in the
                                        box and click Find.
Choose the correct
contact you want
and click on Add
Skype Contact.
Complete this
message form and
click OK.

This will send an
invitation to the User
for approval

If the user approves
you, you will be
added to their
contact list and they
will appear on your
contact list.
Just like e-mail,
you need to add
                    This is your name.
                    A      means you
Click Add if you    are online.
know their screen
name, e-mail
address, or first
and last name.
                    This person is
                    online. He has a
Click Search to     green check to the
search their        left of his name.
name with

                    This person has a
Notice down         webcam available.
here the call and   She has a blue
hang up button.     camera icon to the
                    right of her name.
               Two ways to contact someone. Just (single)
                click on a user and choose the following:

Call                                             Chat
To Call someone                                  To chat with
means to call them                               someone means to
like on a telephone.                             have a conversation
The phone will ring                              with text only. This is
on the Users                                     like e-mail but a
computer.                                        conversation can
To answer a call, just                           take place NOW.
click answer. You                                To do this, click on
can also reject a call                           the blue icon to the
or click on Chat to                              right of the user you
chat with them                                   want to contact.
instead of talking.
  When a call comes in, this will pop up on your screen.

Click on Answer       Click on to      Click on Chat to stop the
to answer the call.   reject the       call and open a chat box.
Make sure your        call. You        If you can not talk at that
                                       moment, it is a good idea
microphone is         reject if you    to click on Chat to let the
ready to go.          are busy.        person know if you can
                                       not talk at that time.
Click on the   (down
arrow) to access this menu

                             You can set you own setting to let
                             people know if you are available or
                             not. The Online choice is default.

                             You can choose:
                                 Not Available
                                 Do Not Disturb
                             These let users know if contacting
                             you is available.
• SkypeMe! mode allows everyone else on Skype
  know that you are available and interested in talking
  or chatting.
• This includes people who you do not know or you
  have not authorized but who can find you by
  searching the Skype directory.
• SkypeMe! mode disables your privacy settings and
  allows anyone to contact you, whether you've
  authorized them or not.
• Your privacy settings are restored as soon as you
  leave SkypeMe! mode.
• Remote X is a Remote Desktop
  software add-on that Skype let’s you
  use to control or show one’s desktop
• This software is great for
  demonstrations and assisting others
  with computer issues.
• Click on Tools on the tool bar
Click on
  – Tools
  – Do More
  – Get Extras
Click on

Remote X,
Click on
the Green
 The program will download and install
• After remote X
  installs, you need to
  click on Tools, Do
  More, and Remote
  X should appear on
  your menu
• Click on Remote X
  and a menu of your
  contacts will
 If you do not get this menu, you need to
 change your Remote X Settings (next slide)

Choose the
person you
want to
Remote X with
by checking
the person’s
name and
click Continue
• Click on the
  at the bottom of
  your Skype
• This will bring a
  Pop Up Window
• Click on
  remotex.exe to
• Click on
• Notice new pop
  up window
• Click Allow this
  program to use
• Click OK
• After you submit
  the invitation you
  should get a
  screen like this.
• This screen will
  go away when
  the other person
  accepts the
• If it doesn’t, you
  need to
• Both users need to be updated to the
  most recent update of Skype
  – Click on Help/Check for Updates on Skype
• Make sure both users
• Free Video Collaboration website
• Multiple Webcams at once (10+ cameras)
• How to use it?
   – Go to
   – Type in a name of your video room
       • Make up a strange name (we2the3people)
       • If you make a common name, you create a chance to have other people adding in to your
   – Click connect
   – The Video Room will begin, now just copy and paste the URL into a Text Chat
     on Skype to the people that you would like to join your session.
   – The website using Flash technology so you will get a Flash warning (on most
     computers). Click allow Flash to use this software and click close.
   – You can revisit this settings menu by clicking on Settings in the bottom right
     hand corner of YOUR video box.
   – You can change your video output from webcam to any other video source
     you have (i.e. – Video camera or Video Tuner)

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