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					                 Clark Purity
                        Per Master Herbalist, Dr. Hulda Clark

   Professional Grade Cleanses
   Based on 30 Years of Research

             Dr. Clark

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              Digestive Aid

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              Liver & Gallbladder

                                              Formulated according to public
                                              protocols of world recognized
                                              researcher, best-selling author
                                              and Master Herbalist Dr. Hulda
                                              Clark Ph.D., Biology
                                              Please see disclaimer on last page.

                                                                    September 2009
For Customer Service Contact Us:
                                                          To Those Wanting Guidance: If you want to seek guidance from
                                                          a Health Professional we offer a comprehensive resource and
                                                          reference document that covers a wide spectrum of protocols.
                                                          Both Dr. Hulda Clark public protocols and links to find any kind
                                                          of health professional you want including Medical Doctors,
                                                          Naturopathic Doctors, Homeopaths, Osteopaths, Chiropractors,
                                                          Dentists and many more*.
                                                          New! Newest resources include research services.

           Flow Chart Guide
           Always remember to start slowly when                                        As indicated, remember to stay on
        taking potent and powerful herbal
   OPTIONA                                                                             the Once Per Week - Dr. Clark Para-
           remedies like ours. Make sure you                                           Zap Cleanse until you do the Liver

  Dr. Clarkfollow the directions. You can take                                         Flush, then, for best results, continue it
  Super T
Para-Cleanse 18   day Dr. Clark ParaZap program                                        afterwards.
   50 days at the same time as you take the Dr.
         PClark Colon-Bowel Cleanse.
           ag                               Both
           help cleanse the colon.

                       Dr. Clark                    Dr. Clark ParaZap Maintenance Program                              Dr. Clark ParaZap
                       ParaZap                      Until Liver Flush, but continue after.                             Maintenance
                                   18 days
             Take Simultaneously

                                                          Dr. Clark              Dr. Clark
                                                          Kidney                                          Dr. Clark            Dr. Clark
                                                                                   Liver                   Liver               ParaZap
                                                          Cleanse               Support Tea                Flush
                                                            21 days                7 -14 days               2 days            Maintanence
                                                                        e7                                               1

                                                                                              e                      e                      e5
                                                                  Pag                     Pag                    Pag                  Pag
              Dr. Clark                                                                  Repeat 5 times
            Colon-Bowel                                                                  every 2 weeks.
                                   24 days
           Days                          Pag                                                                         About 2 months to do
              18                               24           41                      55                      57       complete program.

                                                                                   Tip: Hard to swallow caps? If you or your
                                                                                   child have a hard time swallowing the

                                                                                   capsules, eat one or two bites of bread and
                                             DIGESTIVE CLEANSING
                                                                                   they will go down easily. Of course always

                                                                                   drink a glass of water.

                                                         ORGAN CLEANSING
  !   Warnings & Information
About the Liver Flush: It is important            your Health Professional. We are not
not to do the Liver Flush when                    responsible or liable for any actions or
constipated. Therefore, for best results          diagnosis made by a user based on
stay on ParaZap (Original cleanse)                the directions. We encourage you to
maintenance program and the                       consult with your Health Professional
Digestive Aid also if needed, until the           and do personal research. The
day before you do the Liver Flush. If you         cleanses are for adults only. We do not
are chronically constipated please                recommend anyone under 18 years
contact your Health Professional. Only            to go through the cleanses. However,
do the Dr. Clark Liver Flush if your are          the Para-Zap cleanse may be suitable
having regular bowel movements.                   for children, but only under guidence
Also make sure you are able to tolerate           of a health professional.
Magnesium Sulfate , see caution 9 on
page 15.                                          Interaction with Medication and
                                                  Other Supplements: If you are taking
Do not take the cleanses during                   medications, you should check with
pregnancy, lactation or if nursing.               your physician or pharmacist before
                                                  cleansing. You may also search online
Diagnosis                                         for: Interaction with Medications and
The enclosed cleanse protocols are                Supplements.
provided for educational purposes
only and should not be treated as a
substitute for the medical advice of

Dear Valued Customer,                             Please let us know if your experience with us is
                                                  anything less than perfect. Good or bad, we
With our Dr. Clark Purity brands of herbal        want to hear from you.
organ cleanses, you have the option of a
Quick and easy cleanse or more intensive          Thank you,
Original cleanse.                                                       Oskar Mar Thorvaldsson
Dr. Clark Quick Cleanse Line is designed to                          1-888-DHC-PURE (342-7873)
be convenient and easy for the busy person.
Each Quick Cleanse contains a blend of
selected high quality herbs and nutrition,        Testimonial
such as vitamins and minerals.                    Mike from Washington D.C.

Dr. Clark Original Cleanse Kits are designed      “I have been a customer for years, and have
to provide a more intensive action, following     always been more than satisfied with the prod-
Dr. Hulda Clark’s professional grade recipes.
The kit contains easy to follow protocol          ucts. I will continue to be a customer for years
descriptions for using our custom made            to come. You just won’t find better. Thanks.”
tinctures and herbs.
                                                  Testimonial# 502

Dr. Clark has spent over 30 years developing
her protocols, using her own insights as a
research biologist. Her following is legendary
– she is the #1 leader in cleansing. We are the
original manufacturer of the Dr. Clark line of
cleanses. All our products are manufactured
in strict compliance with the purity and
potency protocol of Dr. Hulda Clark.
             CTURI                                                  Here is how we are different



                  E           Good Manufacturing Practices

    Our products were originally formulated by                                      Whole Herb
    world             recognized      researcher,    best-selling   Dr. Clark believes you should receive the
    author and master herbalist Dr. Hulda Clark                     whole herb, not herbal extracts. The more an
    Ph.D, Biology.               Dr. Clark has spent over 30        herb is processed, the greater the likelihood of
    years developing the most effective cleansing                   incorporating pollutants in addition to leaving
    protocols available to promote the health of                    out wholesome nutrition. That is why we use
    the body. Health professionals recognize her                    the whole herb in our herbal supplement

    protocols as safe and effective, while providing                products.

    the highest standard of quality and potency.
    Purity and Potency is what makes our products
    unique to the industry.

                                                                                    Canadian Gelatin Capsules
    Our customers know our commitment to pure
                                                                    Dr. Clark discovered that capsules made
    manufacturing according to the Dr. Hulda
                                                                    from vegetables are typically polluted with
    Clark protocols. In addition we have recently
                                                                    chemicals from the extensive processing
    updated our protocols on FDA Current Good
                                                                    required during manufacturing. We use easy
    Manufacturing Practices (cGMP).
                                                                    to swallow gelatin capsules made from bovine
                                                                    hide and are certified to be BSE free.              Our
    This       means           we   test   raw   materials   and
                                                                    gelatin capsules are:
    finished products for identity and purity using
                                                                    • Halal certified
    conventional laboratory equipment.
                                                                    • Kosher certified

    We have comprehensive SOPs, MBRs and
                                                                    • Certified BSE-Free               K         HALAL

                                                                                                      Pu r e C a p su le s
                                                                    • 100% bovine hide gelatin
    MPRs. This ensures meticulous record keeping                    • Preservative-Free
    and the quality assurance.

    1. SOP – Standard Operating Procedures

    2. MPR – Master Production Records                                                   No Tablets
                                                                    We don’t manufacture tablets, they have
    3. BPR – Batch Production Records                               binders, release agents and other highly
                                                                    processed, potentially toxic ingredients.
    Our commitment is to purity. We don’t simply
    substitute the GMP Protocols for the Dr. Clark                  No Excipients

    Purity Protocols. We continue to follow the Dr.                 We never use harmful excipients, such as

    Clark protocols to the letter.                                  magnesium stearate, which is known to
                                                                    decrease absorption of nutritional supplements
                                                                    in the body and contain high amounts of
pesticide residue. For this reason, most of our   the specific step-by-step instructions, written for
supplements have only two ingredients: the        each and every aspect of manufacturing and
pure supplement itself and the capsule.      In   are meticulously followed by all employees.
some cases, and only when necessary, we           Over the years, we have carefully developed
incorporate pure rice flour as a filler.    And   our SOPs and continue to upgrade and
when we do, it is clearly marked on the label     improve these procedures as we develop new
as one of the ingredients.                        and more effective manufacturing processes.
• No magnesium stearate
• No corn starch
• No colors

                                                  Quality and Safety of Raw Materials:
                                                  All raw materials are obtained from one of the
                                                  best nutrition and herb suppliers in the USA --
Fresh & Potent                                    we never buy anything directly from abroad.
Our products are manufactured on demand
approximately every 4 to 6 months, giving you     Of course many of the raw materials we use in
highly fresh and potent supplements.              our products are not grown or manufactured
                                                  in USA. We do not source those raw materials
GMP - Good Manufacturing Practices:               directly.   Instead we go through extremely
GMP or cGMP are followed by pharmaceutical,       reliable US companies that also carefully follow
biotech and nutritional supplement firms to       the FDA cGMP protocols.
ensure the products produced meet specific
requirements for identity, strength, quality,
and purity. FDA regulates these industries to
ensure cGMPs are being carefully followed.
GMP is the manufacturer’s roadmap to quality
and provides a high level of safety for the
consumer. We at Dr. Clark Store incorporate
Good Manufacturing Practices in all aspects
of our laboratory analysis, manufacturing,
                                                  “Hypoallergenic” Definition:
packaging     and   labeling   processes.   We
                                                  Non-allergy producing. A term applied to
consult with leading quality control experts to
                                                  a preparation in which every possible care
continuously update our cGMPs and SOPs.
                                                  has been taken in formulation and produc-
                                                  tion to ensure minimum instance of allergic
SOP- Standard Operating Procedures:
Whereas GMP provides the general roadmap
                                                  – Blakiston’s Medical Dictionary
for safe and consistent manufacturing, SOPs are
                                               Dr. Clark                                 *                      1

                                            1st Step in Colon Cleansing
Formulated by Hulda Clark Ph.D, Master                                   Turmeric     and      Fennel     support
Herbalist*                                                               optimum balance of good flora and
                                                                         microorganisms in the colon. Once used
Betine HCL and Citric Acid support the                                   to the potency of our herbs you can take
acid requirements of proper digestion.                                   up to 8 capsules of Turmeric and Fennel
Stomach acid is essential in maintaining                                 based on need.
a healthy digestive system by allowing
the body to break down proteins and                                      Cascara Sagrada should only be
activate enzymes. Dr. Clark finds that the                               used when experiencing occasional
acids are important in helping sanitize                                  constipation. Avoid products that mix
food in the stomach before it enters the                                 that herb into formulas as it is habit
colon, thereby maintaining a balance of                                  forming.
microorganisms and flora in the colon.*
                                                                         Occasional      heartburn,   indigestion,
Contrary to popular belief, excess                                       gas, and bloating may be a sign of
stomach acid is typically not the problem                                improper eating habits and a dietary
in most cases of indigestion. Often, it                                  change should be considered. Visit :
is a lack of stomach acid that triggers                         to
this occasional discomfort. Too little                                   learn more about healthy eating habits
acid in the stomach can cause food to                                    to promote good digestion and reduce
putrefy causing gas and expand into the                                  or eliminate indigestion and heartburn.
esophagus, producing indigestion, and
that feeling of heartburn. In the case of                                For optimum results, please use this
occasional Heartburn take more Betine                                    product simultaneously with the Dr.
HCL with meals and less or no Citric Acid,                               Clark’s ParaZap Cleanse. If you are not
depending on need.                                                       used to potent herbal supplements,

      Stomach Acid Secretion (mg/hr)

                                                                                                     (Fig. 1)




                                              11-20   21-30   31-40       41-50     51-60    61-70
                                                                      Age (years)
    Contrary to popular belief, stomach acid secretion tends to decline with advancing age. This graphs shows mean
6   stomach acid secretion from the second decade to the eight decade. (From “Why Stomach Acid is Good For You”)
please begin treatment with a small dose.             relatively constant throughout adult
Contrary to popular belief, stomach acid              life. Unfortunately our ability to
secretion tends to decline with advancing             properly digest food and absorb vital
age. This graph shows mean stomach acid               nutrients declines with advancing age.
secretion from the second decade to the               Surprisingly, one of the most common
eight decade. (From “Why Stomach Acid is              age-related causes of impaired
Good For You.”)                                       digestive function is the reduction of
                                                      hydrochloric acid produced by the
The human requirement for vitamins,                   stomach.*
minerals and other nutrients remains

  Tip: For best results take   the Colon-Bowel Cleanse and ParaZap Cleanse at the same time.

 Dr. Clark Colon-Bowel Cleanse Standard Handy Chart
               Turmeric        Fennel     Betaine HCL#       Citric Acid#
    Day       Each dose in the morning,
                                        Take with meal. Never with Coffee Take only as needed
              afternoon and evening.
                                        and not on empty stomach.         and following
              On an empty stomach.
                                                                          directions on bottle.
     1                 1•1•1                         1•1•1
     2                 2•2•2                         2•2•2
  Onward               2•2•2                         2•2•2                 Tip: Always start
     USE:                 Take up to amount of caps indicated.              slowly. Once you
     1                 1•1•1                         1•1•1                  are used to the
     2                 2•2•2                         2•2•2                  supplements you
                                                                            can     take    the
     3                 3•3•3                         2•2•2
                                                                            intensive dose.
     4                 3•3•3                         2•2•2
    5-7                8•8•8                         2•2•2
 Dr. Clark Digestive Aid and ParaZap help with maintaining healthy bowel movements.
 For best results, do them at the same time, but remember to start slowly if you are not
 used to potent herbal remedies. One or two weeks later you can start the Dr. Clark
 Kidney Cleanse.

 # Note: Betaine and Citric Acid help raise your stomach’s acid levels to optimum levels.
 For some this can cause too high of an acid level, in this case discontinue use and call
 your Health Professional. Always take with meals. Do not take with coffee.

                   Dr. Clark Quick Digestive Aid Cleanse
                   Enhance your cleansing power with the Quick Colon-Bowel
                   Cleanse. It contains a ready made blend of ingredients. Take
                   it to work or carry it with you, so you have it handy whenever
                   you eat.

          “I ordered products for the bDigestive Aid, and have had the best restfull
            sleep I have had in years!” - Quote from our Customer Surveys #480.
                               ParaZap                                                   2
     This cleanse supports the body’s natural defenses with natural
    compounds that discourage the proliferation of foreign organisms known to
    occupy the human body, bringing about balance between your body and
    microorganisms. Ideal for pet owners and people returning from abroad.*

    Example of Potency for You:                    Tip: Don’t like tinctures? Take the Caps!
    A good example                                 Some people don’t like to take alcohol
    of our adherence                               based tinctures. For this reason we have
    to purity and                                  formulated Green Freeze-Dried Black
                                                   Walnut Hull capsules that are free of
    potency is our                                 alcohol.
    Black Walnut Hull
                                                                  For pinches open 1
                                                                  cap to get powder.
    First, it’s potent because we use large                       Squeeze    between
    amounts of the unripe Green Hulls                             the thumb and a
    from Black Walnuts. The average                               finger.

    tincture strength (hull:grain alcohol)
    is 1:0.68.

    Second, in our experience**, Black             5 capsules = 2 teaspoons Extra
    Walnut Hull that is Green has up to            Strength Tincture
    about 10x the amount of juglone, an
    essential ingredient in the tincture. Dr.     Testimonial
    Clark Purity, guarantees unopened
                                                  Catherine from Boston
    bottles of the tincture to be green           “I have been using their products for
    at least until Use By Date. After you         the past 5 years, I highly recommend
    open the bottle the tincture will start       them. They have the highest potency
    to oxidize and turn brown and then            and purity with the best price that I have
    black. At this stage it contains much         found anywhere.”         Testimonial# 517
    less of Juglone, so double the dose.
    Other manufacturers do not go the
                                                  We have received 1000s testimonials of which
    extra mile and offer only brown or            we can not show you per FDA regulations.
    black tincture.
**Tests on File: Adpen Lab

    Call us at 1-888-DHC-PURE.

       Tip: If you stop any of these programs or miss a day
       or two, don’t worry, start again wherever you left
       off. You will still benefit even if you don’t follow the
       directions to the letter. (Liver Flush Excluded)
Dr. Clark ParaZap Handy Chart
         Black Walnut Hull Extra Strength             Power W Caps                Clove Caps

                                                                                                        Check As You Go.
      If tincture: Put in ½ cup of water.+        Once a day, on an         3 times a day on an
Day   If capsules: Take with water. For pinches   empty stomach, at least   empty stomach, at least
      open 1 cap to get powder.                   13 min before a meal or   13 min before a meal or
      Both: Please take on an empty stomach,      at mealtime if you have   at mealtime if you have a
      at least 13 minutes before a meal.          a sensitive stomach.      sensitive stomach.

 1           1 drop / pinch of powder                     1 cap                       1•1•1
 2        2 drops / 2 pinches of powder                   1 cap                      2•2•2
 3        3 drops / 3 pinches of powder                   2 caps                     3•3•3
 4        4 drops / 4 pinches of powder                   2 caps                     3•3•3
 5              5 drops / 1 capsule                       3 caps                     3•3•3
 6               2 tsp. / 5 capsules                      3 caps                     3•3•3
 7                                                        4 caps                     3•3•3
 8                                                        4 caps                     3•3•3
 9                                                        5 caps                     3•3•3
 10                                                       5 caps                     3•3•3
 11                                                       6 caps               7 caps all at once
 12                                                       6 caps
 13              2 tsp. / 5 capsules                      7 caps
 14                                                       7 caps
 15                                                       7 caps
 16                                                       7 caps
 18                                                                            7 caps all at once
           Now take these supplements once a week. Refer to Maintenance Chart. Below.
+If you weigh over 150 pounds, take 2.5 teaspoons.
NOTE: Its best to take all three herbs at the same time.

NOTE: Coffee may cause diarrhea if taken close to the time you take the ParaZap herbs.

Dr. Clark ParaZap Maintenance Program
Once a week,          Black Walnut Hull Extra Strength             Power W                    Cloves
every week            2 tsp. or 5 capsules all at once        7 caps all at once     7 caps all at once

       Dr. Clark Quick ParaZap Cleanse
                               Enhance your cleansing power with the Quick
                               ParaZap Cleanse. It contains a ready made
                               blend of ingredients. Take it to work or carry with
                               you. Follow directions on bottle. Can be taken
                               simultaneously with Dr. Clark ParaZap Cleanse
                               Kit, Dr. Clark Quick Colon-Bowel Cleanse and Dr.
                               Clark Colon-Bowel Cleanse Kit Aid.

                “I am 46 years old and I found Dr. Clark many years
                ago through an article in [a] magazine. [...] The ParaZap
                Cleanse is the best maintenance for health I have found.”
                          - Quote from our Customer Surveys #80.                                                           9
Dr. Clark ParaZap
Safety Warning for Children
We do not recommend you give the cleanse to anyone under 18 years, however
the cleanse may be suitable for children, but only under guidance of a Health
Professional. Recommended dose from health professionals should not exceed
the following chart. Never give the cleanse to ill children. Use it to maintain good
health only. Keep a close watch on children when doing the cleanse program.
Niacinamide is optional, it helps detoxify the alcohol in the tincture, it may cause hot
flashes. Always contact a Health Professional if unusual conditions arise, including
hot flashes or fever.

Maximum Levels for Wormwood and Cloves
Increase dosage maximum one day for each year. For instance, a four year old
would follow the adult ParaZap program (page 4) until day 4, then stop. It is not
advisable for children to be on the maintenance program. Take during routine
seasonal cleansing only.

 Maximum Levels for Black Walnut Hull                                Age                         BWT     Niacinamide
 Tincture Extra Strength                                             Under six months            ¼ tsp.      50 mg
 Children follow the same ParaZap program                            6 months to 5 years         ½ tsp.      50 mg
 (page 4) as adults through day 5. On day                            6 to 10 years               1 tsp.     100 mg
                                                                     11 to 16 years              1½ tsp.    500 mg
 6, instead of 2 tsp., the maximum dose is:

                                                     Tip: Ideal for travelers returning
                                                     from abroad and those who
                                                     love sushi.

                                                             Pets Need it Too!

 Dr. Clark ParaZap Program for Pets
                   Parsley Water+              Black Walnut Hull Extra Strength               Power W       Cloves
     Week Teaspoons of Parsley                Drops on food. Cats twice per               Open capsule, capsule,
          water or Pinches of                                                             put small pinch put small
                                              week. Dogs daily.
          Freeze-dried Parsley                                                            on food.        pinch on
                    1 or more
       1          based on size
       2            1 or more                              1 or more                                 NONE
                  based on size                          based on size
                    1 or more                              1 or more
       3                                                                                       1 pinch
                  based on size                          based on size
                    1 or more                              1 or more
       4                                                                                       1 pinch            1 pinch
                  based on size                          based on size
       5     1 or more based on size                1 or more based on size                    1 pinch            1 pinch
     +Cook a bunch of parsley about 1 to 2 in. (2.5 to 5 cm) thick at stems in a quart of water for 3 minutes. You may have to
     cut down the parsley in order to get it under the water. Drain and throw away the parsley. After cooling, you may freeze
     most of the liquid in four 1 cup containers or in several ice-cube bags. This is a month’s supply.

                                Kidney                                                         3
Dr. Clark Kidney Cleanse helps lighten the load on your kidneys
through a synergistic blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals traditionally
used to cleanse and nurture the kidneys. Dr. Clark Kidney Cleanse helps to
support your body’s ability to maintain proper functioning of your kidneys*

  Step 1     Preparing the Root Tea of Kidney Support Tea

    A        Pour one bag of kidney support tea into a pot with 8 cups of cold tap water.

             Optional: Add a pinch of vitamin B2 powder into the pot as well. Vitamin B2 helps
             sterilize the tea. (This can also be accomplished by re-boiling the tea every 3rd day.)
             DO NOT BOIL IMMEDIATELY. Let the ingredients soak four hours (or overnight). Since
    C        each bag is ½ cup, you are using ¼ cup of each root at this time. Close the opened
             bag carefully and store in a cool, dry, dark place until your next kidney tea boiling.

  Step 2     Boiling the Root Tea

    A        After four hours (or overnight), heat to boiling and simmer for 20 minutes.
             Add Black Cherry Concentrate (8 oz. or less depending on taste) and bring back to
    B        boiling. The Black Cherry Concentrate is for taste and it supports cleansing.
    C        Let it cool, then pour through a strainer into glass jars.
             Refrigerate half of the root tea (7 day supply) to use this week, and freeze the other
    D        half for next week (another 7 day supply).
Each ½ cup; will last for 28 days. You can double the time by freezing the used tea herbs after
boiling and reusing.
  Step 3     Tea Dose Routine
Drink ¾ cups per day in divided doses. Drinking it in one dose could cause you to get a stomach
ache or feel pressure in your bladder. Start with half the dose if you have a sensitive stomach.
Optional: Add 20 drops of goldenrod tincture and any spice, such as nutmeg, cinnamon.
NOTE: This herbal mixture can easily spoil. Reheat to boiling every third day if it is being stored in
the refrigerator. If you need to take the tea to work then boil it in the morning so you can keep it
unrefrigerated during the rest of the day.
Making the parsley Tea
If you don’t have the Freeze-Dried Parsley Capsules, you can make the Parsley Tea as follows.

    1        Wash 4 bunches of fresh parsley, chop it up every 2 inches, and soak in 7 cups of tap
    2        For sterilization purposes add a pinch of vitamin B2 powder into the pot.
    3        Cover the pot, let soak for 2 minutes, then boil for 1 minute.
             Let cool, then strain into glass jars or jugs. Throw away the parsley. When cool enough,
    4        pour yourself ½ cup. Sip slowly. You may add this to your root potion.
             Refrigerate half of the parsley tea (3 ½ cups, enough for 7 days) and freeze the other
    5        half.
Step 4 Contains Supplement Dose Information. Next Page.

 Step    Supplement Doses
          Ginger Root         Uva Ursi        Freeze-Dried Parsley      Vitamin B6   Magnesium Oxide
 Day     Take 1            Take 1 in the     Take 1 capsule twice
         capsule with      morning, and      a day with meal.                Take 1 capsule daily.
         meal.             2 in evening.
 1-21        1•1•1               1•2                      1•1             1 cap            1 cap
Take these supplements just before your meal to avoid burping. You do not need to
duplicate the B6 and magnesium doses if you are already on them.

                      Dr. Clark Quick Kidney Cleanse
                      Enhance your cleansing power with the Quick Kidney
                      Cleanse. It contains a ready made blend of ingredients.
                      Take it to work or carry it with you. Take on
                      empty stomach 13 min before meal.

 Tip: If you stop any of these programs or miss a day or two, don’t worry,
 start again wherever you left off. You will still benefit even if you don’t
 follow the directions to the letter. (Liver Flush Excluded)

 CLEANING YOUR LIVER                                       Increase amount for 1 teaspoon everyday.
 Your body produces and eliminates waste every             Day One Take 1 Teaspoon
 second. You can see your body releasing toxins            Day Two Take 2 Teaspoons
 in four different ways, through:                          Day Three Take 3 Teaspoons

     1. Lungs by breathing.                                Increase dose until you get diarrhea, then
     2. Skin by perspiration.                              decrease amount to the level that will not
     3. Kidneys by passing urine.                          cause diarrhea. Stop this practice run when
     4. Large intestine by bowel movements.                desired and start the flush!

 Your invisible detox organ is your liver. Your liver      To Gain Courage to Use Olive Oil, do next:
 is the biggest and most important organ in your           Take daily 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil (Extra
 body. It has everything to do with how you live,          Virgin) mixed with 1 or 2 tablespoons of
 that’s why it’s called the liver. Your liver condition    freshly pressed lemon or grapefruit juice.
 can actually tell you how long you will live and
 how well you look and feel.                               Increase by 1 tablespoon everyday:
                                                           Day One Take 2 Tablespoons of Oil + 2
 You have two main filters for detoxification. The         Tablespoons of Juice.
 first one is your liver. Your blood carries nutrients     Day Two Take 3 Tablespoons of Oil + 4
 and waste from the digestive system through               Tablespoons of Juice
 your liver filter, your liver breaks down the toxins      Day Three take 4 Tablespoon of Oil + 4
 and absorbs the nutrients. Your blood travels out         Tablespoons of Juice
 of your liver, partly clean, into you kidneys, your
 second main filter.                                       Stop this practice run when desired and start
                                                           the flush!
 Your kidneys keep your nutrients in the
 bloodstream but relieve toxins through                    Read about other people’s experiences
 urination.                                                online: Google “Liver Flush” then zone in on
                                                           other people’s experiences.
 I’m Afraid to do the Liver Flush. Please Help me!
 Here are simple ways to gain courage to flush             We all had our doubts before doing our first
 the liver and gallbladder.                                Liver Flush. Your are not the only one...

 To Gain Courage to Use Epsom Salts: Take daily
 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts with water OR freshly
 pressed fruit juice. Biting into a lemon before
 and after helps!

    Liver & Gallbladder
 Everything you eat, drink, breathe and absorb through your skin
 is purified and detoxified in your liver. Every day your body is
 being polluted by harmful chemicals... what your body doesn’t eliminate
 ends up getting stored in your body, including your liver. Dr. Clark Liver and
 Gallbladder Cleanse helps lighten the load on your liver and gallbladder
  with a systematic cleanse that helps maintain your liver’s vitality.*

How does your liver function?
It is the job of the liver to make bile, 1 to 1 1/2 quarts (1 liter to 1.5 liter) per day. The liver is
full of tubes (biliary tubing) that deliver the bile to one large tube (the common bile duct).
The gallbladder is attached to the common bile duct and acts as a storage reservoir for
bile, which aids in the breakdown of proteins and fats. Eating fat or protein triggers the
gallbladder to squeeze itself empty after about 20 minutes, and the stored bile finishes its trip
down the common bile duct to the intestine.

The biliary tubes in a healthy liver allow the bile to flow with minimum restriction into the
common bile duct. The Liver Support Tea and Flush may help you maintain healthier and
cleaner bile ducts and thereby continued good flow.

How Often to Flush?
This depends on the toxins you eliminate. Inspect. Initially, you may repeat The Flush at two-
week intervals. This allows your organs to get enough rest in between. After your initial Flushes,
a quarterly or semi-annual Flush may be enough.

Liver Support Tea Preparation                         5. You can save the strained herbs and store
There is no time to waste! Prepare the Liver          them in the freezer for use one more time.
Support Tea in the following way:                     The second brew will not be as strong.

1. Add 1 bag (1/2 cup) of herbs to 2 quarts (8        6. Drink 3 cups a day for 1 to 2 weeks prior
cups) (2 liters) water. Bring to a boil.              the flush. If you get off schedule then pick
                                                      up from where you left off, in other words a
2. Turn heat off and put lid on.                      gap of a day or two is OK.

3. Let it sit for 6 hours or overnight at room        If you are going to do The Flush after taking
temperature or in the refrigerator.                   the tea, then make sure you also complete
                                                      three weeks on Dr. Clark ParaZap before
4. Strain and add sweetening such as Agave            The Flush. Make sure that you take the
syrup or honey. You can make it extra good            ParaZap Maintenance within 7 days of
by adding fresh coconut juice from young              starting the Liver Flush. See Page 8.
coconuts available in many health food

                         Dr. Clark Quick
                         Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse
                         Enhance your cleansing power with the Quick Liver and
                         Gallbladder Cleanse. It contains a ready made blend of
                         ingredients. Take it to work or carry it with you. Take on empty
                         stomach 13 min before meal. Please note that this quick cleanse
                         does not replace the Liver Flush.

The Liver & Gallbladder Flush (The Flush)
Flushes are generally safe for people in reasonable health and without complicating
factors. Consuming fatty foods may carry a comparable risk. Regardless, please adhere
to the following cautions. This information booklet is not intended to replace the advice
and treatment of a Health Professional who specialize in the treatment of diseases.

     CAUTIONS REGARDING THE FLUSH               7. CAUTION: The Flush is only for adults over
                                                18 years of age. Although individual use on
1. CAUTION: Do not Flush when constipated.      the product labels suggests that it can be
Get the bowels moving regularly first.          used for adults and children 12 and over,
Should you be occasionally constipated          for safety we do not recommend anyone
you can take the Dr. Clark ParaZap and          under 18 years to go through any of the
Digestvie Aid.                                  cleanses, except the Dr. Clark ParaZap.

- If you are chronically constipated please     8. CAUTION: Do not take during pregnancy
consult with your Health Professional.          or lactation. Keep away from children.
- Once your bowels are moving regularly,
for best results, do the Dr. Clark Kidney       9. CAUTION: Make sure you are able
Cleanse and the Liver Support Tea before        to tolerate Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom
The Flush.                                      Salt) before you attempt to consume 4
                                                tablespoons (15 capsules), People unable
- You want your kidneys, bladder and
                                                to tolerate Magnesium Sulfate may suffer
urinary tract in top working condition so
                                                a negative reaction, even death. Several
they can efficiently remove any undesirable
                                                people have died from the results of Epsom
substances incidentally absorbed from the
                                                Salt overdose.
intestine as the bile is being excreted.
                                                10. CAUTION: If you experience initial
2. CAUTION: Always make sure you have
                                                symptoms of hypermagnesemia such
completed three weeks on Dr. Clark
                                                as nausea, vomiting, and weakness,
ParaZap before The Flush. Make sure
                                                discontinue use and contact your doctor.
that you take the ParaZap Maintenance
within 7 days of starting the Liver Flush.
                                                11. CAUTION: You will get diarrhea after
See Page 5.
                                                taking the Epsom Salts, this is normal,
3. CAUTION: Do not take when ill. Consult       in fact, please contact your health
with your health professional to get X-         professional if you do not.
ray and CT scan before doing the Liver &
Gallbladder Flush if you suspect you have
an obstructed bile duct or gallstones.          Dont Like the taste?
                                                                                          Fig. 1
4. CAUTION: Please follow the detailed
directions in this kit. If you change these
recipes you might expect problems. The
liver is quite sensitive. If you plan to make
changes, be sure to seek the assistance of
a Health Professional.

5. CAUTION: Do not take medicines, vitamins
or pills that you can do without during The
Flush; they could prevent success. Make
sure you check with your physician.
                                                We Solved the Bad Epsom Salt Problem!
6. CAUTION: If you are taking medications,      For those that DON’T LIKE THE TASTE of
please check with your physician prior          Epsom Salts, visit:
to the Flush.    Ask them about known 
INTERACTIONS.                                   N ow Ava i l a b l e: Magnesium Sulfate Capsules!

Preparing for the Two-Day Liver & Gallbladder Flush
Step 1. Schedule 2 Days For The Flush - The             Step 3. Buy Supplies not Included in this Kit
Flush takes 2 days. Choose a day where
                                                        NOTE: (Buy supplies not included in this kit)
you will be able to rest the 2nd day.
                                                         1. Fresh Pink Grapefruit, 1 large or 2
                                                         small, enough to squeeze ½ cup juice
Step 2. Prepare For Zero Fat Diet - For best
                                                         (you may substitute a lemon, adding
results stop eating fat and protein the
                                                         water or sweetener to make ½ cup
night before the Two-Day Flush. On the
                                                         liquid) for each flush. Wash grapefruit
first day of cleansing, continue eating
                                                         twice in hot water and dry before
a no-fat (containing zero fat) breakfast
                                                         cutting it open.
and lunch such as cooked cereal,
fruit, fruit juice, bread and preserves or
                                                         2. Pint jar with lid (½ liter)
sweetening (no butter or milk). For best
results finish eating by 12 noon with only
                                                         3. Make sure you have at least 1/2
sips later. This allows the bile to build up
                                                         cup Olive Oil on hand. (Light olive oil
and develop pressure in the liver. Higher
                                                         is easier to get down) Choose “Extra
pressure pushes out more toxins. Limit the
                                                         Virgin” Olive Oil, because it is cold
amount you eat to the minimum you can
get by on. You will purge more toxins out
if you do. Take a look at alternative Flush
Schedules. See figure 1.

       Step 4. Organize and Check Supplies Make sure you have on hand:

      Supplies Check List                                       Epson Salts are also called
                                                                   Magnesium Sulfate.
   1. Pint jar with lid (½ liter).
   2. Epsom salts...................4 tablespoons
   3. Olive oil.........................½ cup           8:00 AM - Eat a no-fat (containing zero
   4. Citric Acid.....................½ teaspoon        fat) breakfast and lunch such as cooked
   5. Vitamin C......................½ teaspoon         cereal, fruit, fruit juice, bread and
   6. Fresh pink grapefruit....1 to 2, enough           preserves or sweetening (no butter or squeeze ½ cup juice                           milk) oatmeal is the most ideal choice.
   7. Honey.............................1 tablespoon
   8. Ornithine.......................4 to 8 caps, to   For lunch eat plain cooked or steamed sure you can sleep. Don’t skip this or        vegetables with white rice. Do not eat may have great difficulty relaxing.          any protein foods such as butter or you
   9. Large plastic straw.......(to help drink          might feel ill during the flush.
   the mixture.)                                        2:00 PM - Do not eat or drink after 2
   10. Black Walnut Hull Tincture Capsules              o’clock, otherwise you could feel quite ill
   1 teaspoon or two capsules per cleanse.              later. Get your Epsom salts ready. Mix 4
                                                        tablespoons and ½ teaspoon Vitamin C
Flush Schedule                                          in 3 cups water and pour this into a jar.
                                                        This makes four servings, ¾ cup each.
Before you start flushing read the
entire precautions. For best results stop               The Vitamin C powder improves the
eating any fat the night before. For the                taste. Set the jar in the refrigerator to
remainder of the flush eat no-fat and no                get ice cold (this is for convenience and
sugar or other sweeteners. No spices,                   taste only)
milk, butter, oils, yogurt, cheese, ham,
eggs, nuts, pastries, etc. Fruit or fruit juice         If you are taking the Epson Salt caps
are fine.                                               make sure you have 60 capsules handy.
6:00 PM - Drink one serving (3/4 cup) of the       You may use cinnamon, or straight
ice cold Epsom salts or if using capsules          sweetener like agave syrup or honey to
take 15 capsules with no more than 3/4             chase it down between sips. Have these
cup water. (Dose 1) You may bite into a            ready in a tablespoon on the kitchen
lemon or rinse your mouth, but spit out the        counter. Take the oil mix to your bedside if
water. If you did not prepare this ahead of        you want. Remember to take the 2 black
time, mix 1 tablespoon in ¾ cup water now.         walnut hull and 4 to 8 ornithine capsules
Get the olive oil (ozonated if possible) and       with the first sips. Four Ornithine will help
grapefruit out to warm up.                         you sleep through the night. Take eight if
                                                   you already suffer from insomnia.
8:00 PM - Repeat by drinking another 3/4
cup of Epsom salts or take 15 caps.                Now lie down immediately, don’t get
(Dose 2). You haven’t eaten since two              out of bed and don’t eat. You may fail to
o’clock, but you won’t feel hungry. Get            get toxins out if you do. The sooner you
your bedtime chores done. The timing is            lie down the more toxins you will get out.
critical for success.                              Be ready for bed ahead of time. Don’t
                                                   clean up the kitchen. As soon as the
9:45 PM - Making Grapefruit/Olive Oil Mix          drink is down walk to your bed and lie
                                                   down flat on your back with your head
     1. Pour ½ cup (measure) olive oil into a      up high on the pillow. Try to think about
     pint jar.                                     what is happening in the liver. Try to
     2. Wash grapefruit twice in hot water         keep perfectly still for at least 20 minutes.
     and dry; squeeze by hand into the             You may feel toxins traveling along the
     measuring cup. Remove pulp with fork.         bile ducts like marbles. There is no pain
     You may squeeze lemons in the juice           because the bile duct valves are open
     also. You should have at least 1/2 cup        due to the Epsom Salts. Go to sleep. You
     juice (measured). Add this to the olive       may fail to get toxins out if you don’t.
     oil. Close the jar tightly with the lid
     and shake hard until watery (only fresh       Next Morning (after 6:00 am)
     grapefruit juice does this).                  Upon awakening take your next dose
     3. Add ¼ to ½ teaspoon citric acid to         of Epsom Salts (Dose 3). If you have
     the olive oil-grapefruit mixture. Stir till   indigestion or nausea wait until it is gone
     dissolved. Do not take yet!                   before drinking the Epsom Salts. You may
     4. Have two capsules of the Green Black       go back to bed. Don’t take this potion
     Walnut Hull or 1 tsp and 4 to 8 capsules      before 6:00 am.
     of Ornithine ready.
     5. Now visit the bathroom one or more         2 Hours Later (after 8:00 am)
     times, even if it makes you late for your     Take your fourth and last dose of Epsom
     10 o’clock drink. Don’t be more than          salts. You may rinse your mouth, but spit
     15 minutes late or you may not be as          out the water. You may go back to bed
     successful with the Flush.                    again.

10:00 PM - Have the following on hand:       After 2 More Hours (after 10:00 am)
- The Grapefruit/Olive Oil Mix               You may eat. Start with fruit juice. You
- One tablespoon of honey (optional)         may add another ½ teaspoon citric acid
- Ornithine (4 to 8 capsules)                to it and get even more toxins out. Half
- Green Black Walnut Hull or 1 tsp tincture. an hour later eat fruit. One hour later you
- Cinnamon (optional)                        may eat regular food but keep it light. By
                                             dinner you should feel recovered. Please
Take the Grapefruit/Olive Oil Mix standing avoid sweets and don’t eat too much
or sitting up. Get it down within 5 minutes fruits. Start on vegetables.
(15 minutes maximum). Drinking through a
large plastic straw helps it go down easier.
ParaZap                            Quick Cleanse
                                                                              QUICK CLEANSE

                                   520 mg - 135 ct
                  Turmeric        Cardamom Seed
                  Nutmeg           Coriander Seed
                  Wormwood            Fennel Seed
                  Anise Seed                Cloves
                           Green Freeze-dried Hulls
                              (From Black Walnuts)
                      Original Cleanse Kit
                      Black Walnut Hull Tincture
                      Extra Strength - Green, 1fl. oz
                      Power W 365 mg 77 ct
                      Cloves    500 mg 102 ct

          Digestive Aid!                             Colon Bowel Quick Cleanse
          1st Step in Colon Cleanse                                   Contains
          Contains                                               535 mg - 125 ct
          Cascara Sagrada        425 mg 100 ct                      Ingredients
          Fennel Seed            450 mg 100 ct                                Turmeric
          Turmeric               500 mg 100 ct                            Betaine HCL
          Betaine HCL            425 mg 100 ct                              Citric Acid
          Citric Acid            590 mg 100 ct                            Fennel Seed

          Original Cleanse Kit                           Kidney Quick Cleanse
          Contains                                     Contains - 520 mg - 125 ct
          Kidney Support Tea                                         Ingredients
          Hydrangea, Marshmallow,                                          Gravelroot
          Gravelroot           2 x 5 oz Bags                              Hydrangea
          Ginger Root          500 mg 63 ct                               Ginger Root
          Uva Ursi             500 mg 63 ct                         Magnesium Oxide
          Freeze Dried Parsley 385 mg 42 ct                                   Uva Ursi
          Magnesium Oxide      300 mg 21 ct                             Marshmallow
          Vitamin B6           230 mg 21 ct                       Freeze Dried Parsley
                                                                           Vitamin B6

          Original Cleanse Kit                              Liver Quick Cleanse
          Contains                                     Contains - 520 mg - 125 ct
          Liver Support Tea                                          Ingredients
          Bags                   6 x 1/2 Cup              Freeze-Dried Pomegranate
          Epsom Salt             10 oz           EDTA-                 Skullcap Herb
          Ornithine              500 mg 50 ct    Thioctic Acid-           Gravel Root
          Freeze Dried Black -                   Marshmallow Root-        Mullein Leaf
          Walnut Hull            360 mg 10 ct    Licorice Root-       Milk Thistle Herb
          Citric Acid            2 tbsp          White Oak Bark-       Wild Yam Root
          Vitamin C              1 tbsp                       Green Freeze-Dried Hull
                                                             (From Black Walnut Tree)
                            Multi-Vitami n           Multi-Mine ral

               Vitamin A                                            Vitamin E
            V i t a m i n B1                                          Biotin
          Vitamin B2                                                   B o ro n

         Vitamin B3                                                     C h ro m i u m

         Vitamin B5                                                     Vitamin D
         Vitamin B6
          V i t a m i n B9
         V i t a m i n B12
            Vitamin D3
The CRaNiULS formula is based on the Council for Responsible Nutrition’s (CRN) Upper Level of
Supplementation (ULS) described in Vitamin and Mineral Safety, 2nd Edition(2004), which can be
viewed on their website Rather than use the US FDA’s Recommended Daily Intake(RDI),
CRN examines current scientific research to determine the maximum a human can consume with no
adverse effects. Believing that optimal health levels lie closer to the ULS than the RDI, one CRaNiuls
capsule contains 50% of the CRN ULS for the nutrients listed.

             Black Walnut Hull Tincture                    Freeze Dried BWHT
              Black Walnut Hull tincture is traditionally used to help nutritionally
              support the normal cleansing of the body of waste materials and
              create an environment unfriendly to parasites.

              Some people prefer Freeze Dried BWHT capsules since it does
              not contain any alcohol.

            Product# 10406                                             Product# 10504

                                                                                    Dr. Clark Purity

                     Digestive Enzymes                                                  Product# 10544
                     Digestive Enzymes break down the food you eat and convert it into the basic nu-
                     trients needed to build and repair different parts of your body. Pancreatin breaks
                     down food in the acidic stomach as well as in the more neutral intestines. Pepsin
                     degrades food particles into peptides. Ginger Root is a time-tested herb for nour-
                     ishing digestive tract health. Lipase is an enzyme necessary for the absorption
                     and digestion of nutrients in the intestines. Bromelain is a pineapple enzyme that
                     may assist the body during times of physical stress. Papain is a protein-cleaving
                     enzyme derived from papaya and certain other plants. Enzymes are involved in
                     every metabolic and cellular process in your body, including maintaining your
                     immune system.
                                                                                  Dr. Clark Purity
                            Vitamin D3
                       Our super pure Vitamin D is 100% olive oil and coconut
                       based and does not contain corn oil. Vitamin D helps
                       the body to regulate the transport of calcium from
                       the digestive system through the bloodstream to
                       bone. It also assists in the retention of calcium and
                       phosphorous. Vitamin D helps maintain normal bone
                       and tooth formation. SHRC Vitamin D is 100% natural

                      Product# 10516

                                                               Dr. Clark Purity

    Sanitation Spray
     No Perfumes. Healthy Ingredients Only!
     Keep this bottle handy for use when soap and water is not available.
     Spray on hands, under fingernails and on cutlery, tables and areas
     where food touches. The Dr. Clark Hand Sanitizers are chemically
     pure, meaning they don’t contain any ingredients that can harm your
     body. Your skin is an ORGAN – it’s not plastic. Whatever you put ON it
     goes INSIDE you. This is why all the ingredients in our soaps are food
     grade. But don’t drink or eat our soaps – they taste awful.
     Product# 10933

                                                               Dr. Clark Purity

Lugol’s Veggie Wash
When you buy iodine tinctures from us, rest assured you are
buying pure products made with the purest raw materials
available and made in accordance with Dr. Clark protocols.

The CA Health Code states that the 25ppm concentration
qualifies as a sanitation solution for restaurants and is as strong
as a 100ppm chlorine solution.

We put Lugol’s in a glass container with a dropper so it is easier
to dispence in larger quantities.

       Product# 10767                              Product# 10896

                                                               Dr. Clark Purity
      Our History...
   Self Health Resource Center was founded in 1993 by Geoff Clark, son of world recognized
  researcher, best-selling author and master herbalist Dr. Hulda Clark Ph.D, Biology. It was
  his mission to produce the purest, highest quality herbal supplements strictly following Dr.
  Clark’s formulations and protocols.

  Since then, we have grown in size and scope, providing over 250 quality products to satis-
  fied customers throughout the world. Our steadfast commitment to purity and quality can
  be found in every one of our products. The raw materials we use come from one of the
  best nutrition and herb suppliers in the United States – so we never purchase ingredients
  from abroad. And unlike competitors’ products, ours do not contain unnecessary addi-
  tives or harmful excipients.

  We know our customers depend on us to provide them the purest and most potent supple-
  ments available. We take this responsibility very seriously. You can be assured when you
  purchase our products, whether from a retail store, a health professional, or directly from
  our Website,, you will be receiving the finest nutritional supple-
  ments available today.

                                Directions are available on-line.

                                Available From:

                                                                                       Customer Service Contact

These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to
diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Although some of us or our customers may be interested in the research
and statements of Dr. Clark, this company, its web site and owner do not adopt any health or disease related claims
based on her work or otherwise. Although we test our products with Dr. Clark bio-resonance testing we do not claim that
our products are better, purer or superior because, as we do not have scientific proof for that statement. Although the
company attempted to ensure accuracy and completeness of information, the company assumes no responsibility for
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resulting from the use of any of the preparations or procedures described in this booklet. Readers should use their own
judgments or consult a Health Professional for specific applications to their individual problems.

                                                                                                                    V1 Date

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