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 “Search results are only as good as the
 query you pose and how you search.
 There is no silver bullet”
        Some search engines
     (There are more than 2500)

   Altavista          About
                       Magellan
   Ask Jeeves
                       NetFind(AOL)
   Google             Lycos
   Infoseek           Inktomi
   Northernlight      Looksmart
                       Dogpile(Metasearch)
   Excite             Metacrawler(Metasearch)
   Hot Bot            Mama (Metasearch)
   Go                 Savycrawler(Metasearch)
                                  The World Wide
What is a search engine?
   Program used to find Web pages pertaining to
    a specific topic

              Search text                Spider
               Word or phrase         Program used by
              entered in search     search engines to find
              engine’s text box        Web pages that
                                     contain search text
                Also called a
                  keyword           Also called a crawler
                       The World Wide
                What is a hit?
                   Any Web page name that
                    lists as the result of a search
                                          97 hits

Google search

                            organized topics
    What is a directory?    from which you
   Search tool with
    organized set of
    topics and
   Lets you find
    information by
    clicking links rather
    than entering
 1 Billion or more Internet Documents
 Combining multiple search criteria in a
  given search can increase the likelihood
  of finding the information desired by a
  factor of 3.5 or more
 50% of searches find broken links
                 Search Tools
   Web Directory
    – Compiled by humans and organized by subject
    – Analogy: Card catalog in a library
    – Smaller size - hand picked, credible sites that give
      in-depth information of subject
    – Usually less references than search engines
          Search techniques
 Specific to the engine used
 Keyword searching
    – Type in string of words
    – Natural language queries - conversational
         askjeeves, excite, lycos
            Search Tips
 Natural Language
 Boolean Algebra (AND,OR,NOT)
    Mozart OR Beethoven
   Symbols “ “, +, -_
    Cherokee – jeep
    quotation marks for phrases
    “great barrier reef”
    Hotels+Paris-”Bed and Breakfast”
       General Search Tips
   Enter precise search terms - be specific
   Enter singular terms, not plural
   Enter multiple spellings, multiple searches
   Use double quotes for specific words in
    precise order
   Wildcards (ie - comput*)
   Use capitalization for proper nouns
   Use synonyms or alternate spellings (ex. Car
    and automobile)
     Evaluating Information
   Accuracy and Authority
    – Is there an author? Who wrote the page? Can
      you contact them?
    – What are the author’s qualifications?
    – Why was the document produced?
    – Is there an e-mail address provided for
    – Is there an author or is it a Webmaster?
    – What Institution is hosting the site – dissect the
      URL (look at the domain name)?
     Evaluating Information
   Objectivity                       Coverage
    – What are the goals of the
                                       – How in-depth is the
           Inform, advertise or
            convince                   – Do links lead to relevant
    – How detailed in the                information?
      information?                     – Can you find the same
    – Opinions or facts                  information elsewhere?
   Currency
    – When was it produced?
    – Are there dead links?
    – When was it updated?
   100 million searches every day
   97% of users find what they need most of
    the time
   15 million visitors each month
   Contains its own system of measuring
    relevancy, partially based on number of links
    to that site
   No paying for ranking
   40 computer science PhD’s maintain it
   Index stored on 10,000 PCs
   Google powers Yahoo and now AOL
 Image search
 Cached pages
 Type in a name, city, state – get their
  phone number and address
 Type in address, city, state – get a map
  of the location
 searches
  only gov’t websites
       More Googleing
 - adds the Google
  Toolbar to Internet Explorer
 to get to their
 Not great for broad-based searches;
  best for more specific
          Some searches to try
Shutdown articles 95 –98

General format:
    Search term:site name

   Great site: let’s go there now…

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