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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ARAB TIMES, FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2011
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             Constipation, heart risk tied

New test may spot
‘Alzheimer’s’ early
CHICAGO, June 23, (Agencies): A new way of testing for signs of Alzheimer’s
disease in spinal fluid may help more accurately identify which people with mild
memory deficits will progress to full-blown dementia, researchers reported on
   The findings, released in the journal Neurology, are part of a push to find new
ways to diagnose Alzheimer’s early, before the disease causes too much harm.
   “Being able to identify who will develop Alzheimer’s disease very early in the
process will be crucial in the future,” Dr Robert Perneczky of the Technical
University Munich in Germany, who led the study.
   “Once we have treatments that could prevent Alzheimer’s disease, we could
begin to treat very early and hopefully prevent the loss of memory and thinking
skills that occurs with this devastating disease.”
   Current spinal fluid tests for
Alzheimer’s look for an imbalance in            ‘Excessive sweating’
two proteins: beta amyloid, which
forms sticky plaques in the brain, and
tau, which is seen as a marker of brain
cell damage.
                                               Botox, texting
   People with Alzheimer’s tend to
have lower levels of beta amyloid and          not a good mix
higher levels of tau protein in their          NEW YORK, June 23,
spinal fluid, and doctors often test for       (RTRS): Anyone contemplat-
this to confirm the dementia is caused         ing Botox treatments for
by Alzheimer’s.                                excessive sweating might
   In the study, Perneczky and col-            want to consider the case of
leagues looked for remnants of a key           a US teenager.
building block of beta amyloid called             The 17-year-old girl, a typi-
amyloid precursor protein or APP.              cal whiz at sending text mes-            This Friday May 20, 2008 file photo shows Fitness instructor Cristina Peerenboom, (bottom center), as she uses drumsticks while teaching a fitness class called
   “If you are cutting out a cookie, it’s      sages from her phone, had                                                         ‘Pound: Rockout. Workout,’ at Crunch Fitness in West Hollywood, Calif. (AP)
the dough around the cookie that’s             Botox injections to control
left behind,” said Dr Marc Gordon,             excessive sweating on her
                                               palms — and afterwards, she
                                                                                                                                                                                        ‘Drumstick-smashing class’
an Alzheimer’s researcher at The
Feinstein Institute for Medical                couldn’t text as well, accord-

                                                                                                                                          ‘Pound’ offers vigorous workout
                                               ing to a case study published
Research in Manhasset, New York.               in Archives of Dermatology.
   “That is what they were measuring              Doctors who use Botox
here,” said Gordon, who was not                said they had never heard
involved with the study.                       complaints of texting impair-
   The researchers collected spinal            ment from patients, but they                                                               WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif, June 23,                   Pilates exercise, which requires people            heavily and sweating through her
fluid from 58 people with slight               added that it wasn’t entirely                                                              (Agencies): Move over, pole-dancing,              to hold the position while swatting                clothes, Hemming smiled broadly and
memory problems, or mild cognitive             unexpected since the injec-                                                                kettlebells and Zumba. Drumstick-                 their hands up and down 100 times.                 said, “it goes by so fast and it works
impairment, a condition that often             tions have been linked to                                                                  smashing is the latest rage to hit the               American College of Sports                      absolutely everything.”
progresses to Alzheimer’s.                     muscle weakness.
                                                                                                                                          Hollywood exercise circuit, offering a            Medicine spokesman Mike Bracko                        Physical exercise is any bodily activ-
   After three years, 21 people had               “I would definitely discuss
developed Alzheimer’s, 27 still had            this with my patients going                                                                workout similar to Pilates or boot                applauded the Pound fitness model,                 ity that enhances or maintains physical
mild cognitive impairment, eight peo-          forward as a specific potential                                                            camp, but without the serenity of a               saying ‘anytime you add music, espe-               fitness and overall health and wellness.
ple had reverted back to their normal          side effect,” said Julia                 In this file photo, Brazilian plastic sur-        yoga studio or the bark of a drill                cially if it’s up-tempo music, people              It is performed for various reasons
cognitive health, and two others               Lehman at the Mayo Clinic in             geon Juarez Avelar shows a silicone               instructor. The high-volume group fit-            just have a tendency to go with the beat           including strengthening muscles and
developed a condition called fron-             Rochester, Minnesota, who                breast implant at his clinic in Sao               ness class, called Pound, was devised             of the musicî and work harder than                 the cardiovascular system, honing ath-
totemporal dementia and were                   treated the teenager.                    Paulo, Brazil,      December 7, 2000.             by Cristina Peerenboom, 25, and                   they might without it.                             letic skills, weight loss or maintenance,
                                                  The case “shows the                   Women need to beware that while                   Kirsten Potenza, 26, who tout it as a                ‘Bilateral movements like drum-                 as well as for the purpose of enjoyment.
excluded from the analysis.                    importance of thinking about             breast implants are safe, they are not            fun and energetic alternative to the              ming, with left hand up while right                   Frequent and regular physical exer-
   The study showed that people who            modern-day activities and                meant to last a lifetime and could lead
progressed to Alzheimer’s had signif-          how our treatments could                 to problems later on, the top US drug
                                                                                                                                          usual sweat-inducing routines.                    hand is down, in a boat or a lunge posi-           cise boosts the immune system, and
icantly higher levels of this remnant          potentially impair some of               agency said June 22, 2011. ‘Breast                   Using weighted drumsticks or wood-             tion would certainly challenge the core            helps prevent the “diseases of afflu-
of APP called soluble amyloid pre-             these modern-day activities              implants are not lifetime devices. The            en ones provided in the class, members            muscles,’ he added.                                ence” such as heart disease, cardiovas-
cursor protein beta in their spinal            such as texting.”                        longer a woman has silicone gel-filled            smack the ground repeatedly to a fast-               The class is slated to roll out to nine         cular disease, Type 2 diabetes and obe-
fluid than those who did not develop              Lehman’s patient suffered             breast implants, the more likely she is           paced soundtrack of hip-hop and rock              Equinox gyms across Southern                       sity. It also improves mental health,
Alzheimer’s.                                   from excessive sweating, or              to experience complications,’ the US              songs. Once participants are panting,             California this summer and to New                  helps prevent depression, helps to pro-
   When combined with other bio-               hyperhidrosis, on her hands              Food and Drug Administration said in              Peerenboom compliments their vigor                York and other locations nationwide in             mote or maintain positive self esteem,
markers, such as the presence of tau           for several years.                       a report. The FDA approved the sale               and makes occasional lewd jokes.                  the next year.                                     and can even augment an individual’s
and a person’s age, the test was                  Along with making it diffi-           of silicone breast implants in
                                               cult for some people to do                                                                    The two fit, bubbly instructors say               After holding classes at a few private          sex appeal or body image, which is
roughly 80 percent accurate in pre-                                                     November 2006 for women aged 22
                                               their jobs and perform other                         and above. (AFP)                      they came up with the idea last year at           studios in January, Pound classes start-           also found to be linked with higher lev-
dicting whether the disease would                                                                                                         a party attended by rock royalty in the           ed up at Crunch Fitness in West                    els of self esteem.
develop.                                       tasks that require dexterity,
                                               hyperhidrosis also causes                                                                  Hollywood Hills. Matt Sorum, the for-             Hollywood in March. The gym’s new                                   Concern
   And they found that the form of
beta amyloid normally used to test for         embarrassment and keeps                                                                    mer drummer for Guns N’ Roses, had                offerings are frequently rolled out to
                                               many people away from                                                                      just wrapped up a set on the drums at             members interested in keeping up with                 Childhood obesity is a growing
Alzheimer’s was not a good predictor           social events.                                                                                                                                                                                  global concern and physical exercise
of which patients with mild impair-                                                                                                       the rowdy party when the women                    the latest trends in exercise.
                                                  Prescription       antiperspi-                                                          approached the kit. Both had played                  Every few months, the chain updates             may help decrease the effects of child-
ments might progress to dementia.              rants are usually the first                                                                                                                                                                     hood obesity in developed countries.
   While the study is very early,              treatment step. But when the
                                                                                                                                          drums in the admittedly nerdy setting             or replaces yesteryear’s fitness fads,
                                                                                                                                          of school bands and both had been ath-            from the spandex-wearing aerobics of               Health care providers often call exer-
Gordon said tests like this will be            teen didn’t get any better,                                                                                                                                                                     cise the “miracle” or “wonder” drug —
needed as companies try to develop             Lehman moved on to Botox                                                                   letes most of their lives. That night, the        Olivia Newton John to kickboxing
                                                                                                                                          two worlds collided.                              classes, with fresh offerings like Afro-           alluding to the wide variety of proven
treatments for Alzheimer’s that can            — which, given in tiny injec-                                                                                                                                                                   benefits that it provides.
keep the disease from progressing.             tions on the palm and fingers,                                                                “We were drumming without a drum               Brazilian dance, striptease classes and
   Some 26 million people have                 blocks the signal that causes                                                              stool to accompany the kit and we were            Skatergie, a workout that mimics                      Physical exercises are generally
Alzheimer’s, a fatal disease that is the       sweat to be released.                                                                      squatting over it and realized that the           movements in ice skating. Dozens of                grouped into three types, depending on
most common form of dementia.                     But it also relaxes other                 Campbell                    Lennon            movement of the arms was acting to                people filled the Pound class to capac-            the overall effect they have on the
Current drugs only help symptoms,              muscles not related to sweat-                                                              throw the entire body off and in order            ity recently.                                      human body; Flexibility exercises,
but no drug can arrest Alzheimer’s,            ing in the process.
                                                                                                                                          to counteract that, we were having to                                                                such as stretching, improve the range
which costs $604 billion a year to                A week after getting Botox,
                                               the patient sweated much
                                                                                                   Health                                 squeeze ... our core muscles,’
                                                                                                                                                                                                               Sweat                           of motion of muscles and joints.
treat.                                                                                                                                    Peerenboom said.                                     With the pounding of the drum-                  Aerobic exercise such as cycling,
                                               less, but her texting skills had                                                                                                             sticks, ‘you’re literally hearing if               swimming, walking, skipping rope,
              ❑ ❑ ❑                            decreased as well, Lehman                Campbell has Alzheimer’s: “Rhin-                                   Sequence
                                               reported. The impairment                                                                                                                     you’re doing the workout correctly,’               rowing, running, hiking or playing ten-
Constipation, heart risks: Older                                                        estone Cowboy” singer Glen Campbell                  From there, Peerenboom’s back-                 said Potenza.                                      nis, focus on increasing cardiovascular
women bothered by severe, chronic              lasted for about six weeks,              says he is in the early stages of Alzheimer’s
                                               although the patient did not             disease, and has recorded one last album as       ground as a dancer and choreographer                 But no musical skill is required to             endurance and Anaerobic exercises,
constipation may have a higher risk                                                                                                       helped piece together a sequence of               break a sweat with drum rolls and fills.           such as weight training, functional
                                               need a new Botox injection               a farewell to his fans.
of heart disease than those who                for several months.                                                                        drumming movements that take the                     “Something we worried about in the              training, eccentric training or sprinting,
aren’t, according to a US study of                                                          Campbell, 75, had been suffering from
                                                  Other doctors said that               short-term memory loss for years, but the         body through a broad range of motion.             beginning was ëare people who don’t                increase short-term muscle strength.
older women.                                   hand weakness was a known
   While the findings, based on more                                                    terminal Alzheimer’s diagnosis only came             A typical progression could have               have any musical ability going to be                  Physical exercise is important for
                                               side effect of Botox treat-              six months ago, according to an interview         drummers standing with legs spread,               able to do this?’ But I think if you can           maintaining physical fitness and can
than 70,000 postmenopausal women,              ments, but that most patients            published in People magazine on
do not mean that constipation itself           with hyperhidrosis are willing
                                                                                                                                          before moving their torsos in a wide              clap your hands you can do Pound,’                 contribute positively to maintaining a
                                                                                        Wednesday.                                        arc, bending to pound the ground next             said Potenza.                                      healthy weight, building and maintain-
explains the extra risk, women with            to take the trade-off because                “I still love making music,” he was quot-
chronic constipation may tend to               the condition interferes with            ed as saying. “And I still love performing for
                                                                                                                                          to one foot, standing to smack the                   The instructors warn people who                 ing healthy bone density, muscle
have more risk factors for heart dis-          their lives so much.                     my fans. I’d like to thank them for sticking      sticks together overhead to the beat and          take their class that although the 45-             strength, and joint mobility, promoting
ease such as a low-fiber diet, too little         The Botox dose or admin-              with me through thick and thin.”                  then bending to pummel the ground                 minute class will zoom by, they can                physiological well-being, reducing sur-
exercise, and higher rates of high             istration technique can be                   Campbell’s wife, Kim, said they decided       next to the other foot, pivoting back             expect to feel it the next day.                    gical risks, and strengthening the
blood pressure or high cholesterol.            changed if patients have side            to go public with his diagnosis ahead of a        and forth.                                           Cindy Hemming was sore for two                  immune system.
   “We cannot make definitive rec-             effects the first time around.           final concert tour this fall.                        Another move focuses on abs and                days after her first class, but now the               Exercise also reduces levels of corti-
ommendations based on this study,”             Botox treatments for hyper-                  “Glen is still an awesome guitar player       back muscles, with pounders sitting on            athletic 55-year-old is hooked.                    sol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that
said      lead     researcher     Elena        hidrosis have to be repeated             and singer,” she said. “But if he flubs a lyric
                                               every few months, although                                                                 the ground with legs raised, leaning                 Though she runs marathons, swims                builds fat in the abdominal region,
Salmoirago-Blotcher, a cardiologist                                                     or gets confused on stage, I wouldn’t want        back to form their bodies in a V-shape.           and dances to stay fit, Hemming takes              making weight loss difficult.
                                               the time between treatments              people to think, ‘What’s the matter with
at the University of Massachusetts             often increases after the first                                                            They drum the floor alongside their               the Pound class three days a week.                    Cortisol causes many health prob-
Medical School in Worcester.                                                            him? Is he drunk?’”
                                               few rounds.                                  Campbell, who has been sober for years,       bodies in a move similar to a core                   After a recent class, still breathing           lems, both physical and mental.
   “We can only suggest that consti-
pation may be a helpful tool to identi-                                                 returns to stores on Aug. 30 with “Ghost on
                                                                                        the Canvas,” an album featuring original
fy women who may have several risk          remained linked to heart trouble.           songs composed by the likes of Paul                  San Francisco is set to be the first US city   ents should not be able to force on their          er to San Francisco’s tradition of cultural
factors for cardiovascular disease and         Salmoirago-Blotcher said it was          Westerberg of the Replacements and Jakob          to hold a public vote on banning male cir-        young child. They say the procedure is             and religious tolerance.
consequently be at increased cardio-                                                    Dylan of the Wallflowers. Backing musi-           cumcision after city elections officials con-     unnecessary, extremely painful and even                “As Jews, we take the threat of banning
                                            hard to draw conclusions from that                                                            firmed last month that the initiative had         dangerous. Backers of the so-called San            circumcision personally,” said plaintiff
vascular risk,” she told Reuters            since it wasn’t possible to account for     cians include Chris Isaak, surf-guitarist Dick
Health in an email.                                                                     Dale and Smashing Pumpkins frontman               enough signatures to qualify for the ballot.      Francisco Male Genital Mutilation bill did         Jeremy Benjamin. “This measure singles us
                                            all the factors that might explain a link                                                        The measure would prohibit circumcision        not immediately respond to an email request        out, along with the Muslim community, as
   The study, which appeared in the         between constipation and cardiovas-         Billy Corgan.
American Journal of Medicine, fol-                                                          It marks a follow-up to 2008’s wryly          on males under the age of 18, making it a         for comment.                                       illegitimate and unwanted in our own city.”
                                            cular disease. In addition, only a small                                                      misdemeanor offense punishable by a fine of          The ballot measure is running into fierce           International health organizations have
lowed 73,000 women over six to 10           number of women in the study — 1.6          titled “Meet Glen Campbell,” in which he
years.                                                                                  covered tunes by U2, Green Day, John              up to $1,000 or up to one year in jail. There     opposition, especially among Jews and              promoted male circumcision to help reduce
                                            percent of the entire group — reported      Lennon and the Foo Fighters.                      would be no religious exemptions.                 Muslims who consider circumcision a sacred         the spread of the AIDS virus, but there has-
   At the start, the women reported on      severe constipation.                                                                             Supporters of the ban say male circumci-       religious rite. They say the ban would vio-        n’t been the same kind of push in the US, in
their health and lifestyle habits,                                                          Campbell, who started out as a session
including whether they’d had consti-                      ❑ ❑ ❑                         guitarist for the Beach Boys and producer         sion is a form of genital mutilation that par-    late their constitutional rights and run count-    part because nearly 80 percent of American
                                                                                        Phil Spector, rose to fame in the 1960s with                                                                                                           men are already circumcised, compared with
pation problems over the past month.        Bydureon: Eli Lilly and Co says             such hits as “Wichita Lineman” and “By the                                                                                                             the worldwide average of 30 percent.
   Overall, 35 percent had constipa-        European Union regulators approved                                                                                                                                                                     The Committee for Parental Choice &
tion. Over the following years, they                                                    Time I Get to Phoenix.” Perhaps his best-
                                            Bydureon, a version of its diabetes         known song, “Rhinestone Cowboy,” was a                                                                                                                 Religious Freedom held a news conference
were more likely than other women           drug Byetta that is taken once a week       No. 1 hit in 1975. (RTRS)                                                                                                                              on the steps of City Hall to denounce the
to develop clogged arteries, have a         instead of twice per day.                                                                                                                                                                          efforts of a San Francisco resident who gath-
heart attack or stroke, or die of heart                                                                    ❑ ❑ ❑                                                                                                                               ered more than 12,000 signatures to put the
                                               Bydureon is designed to help
disease.                                    patients control their blood sugar in       Lawsuit to block circumcision ban:                                                                                                                     measure before voters on Nov 8. The group
   Among women with severe consti-          combination with other diabetes med-        An unlikely coalition of Jews and Muslims                                                                                                              contends the signatures should be supersed-
pation, meaning it disrupted their nor-     ications.                                   on Wednesday filed a lawsuit to block a San                                                                                                            ed by a state law that says local governments
mal daily routine, just under 2 percent        Indianapolis-based Lilly developed       Francisco ballot measure that would ban the                                                                                                            can’t prevent “healing arts professionals”
suffered a cardiovascular event each        the drug with Amylin Pharmaceuticals        circumcision of male children, a procedure                                                                                                             from performing medical procedures.
year of the follow-up.                      Inc, its partner on Byetta, and             widely practiced by members of both faiths.                                                                                                                “This measure singles us out, along with
   That compared with just under 1          Alkermes Inc, which created the tech-          The case filed in San Francisco Superior                                                                                                            the Muslim community, as illegitimate and
percent of women who had regular                                                        Court asks the court to remove the voter ini-                                                                                                          unwanted,” said Jeremy Benjamin, one of
                                            nology that gradually releases the          tiative from the city’s Nov 8 ballot, arguing                                                                                                          the lawsuit’s individual plaintiffs, who also
bowel movements at the outset.              drug over the course of a week.             that California law bars local governments                                                                                                             include the Jewish Community Relations
Meanwhile, women with mild to                  Common side effects of Bydureon          from restricting medical procedures.                                                                                                                   Council and the Anti-Defamation League.
moderate constipation problems fell         included mild to moderate nausea,              The plaintiffs include five Jews, three                                                                                                             Jewish and Muslim groups have practiced
somewhere in between.                       vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation        Muslims, two physicians who regularly per-                                                                                                             male circumcision as a matter of ritual for
   But the link largely disappeared            The companies have not received          form circumcisions, the Anti-Defamation                                                                                                                centuries.
once the researchers accounted for a        approval to sell Bydureon in the US.        League and the local chapter of the Jewish                                                                                                                 Lloyd Schofield, who spearheaded the
range of other factors including age,          The Food and Drug Administration         Community Relations Council.                                                                                                                           signature-gathering effort, said use of the
weight, diet, exercise and traditional      declined to approve Bydureon in                “It’s a measure that would basically                                                                                                                word “mutilate” to describe male circumci-
heart risk factors such as high blood       October, asking the companies for           infringe upon my rights as a Muslim to prac-                                                                                                           sion is accurate, and was included deliber-
pressure, diabetes and high choles-         more information about the drug.            tice here,” said plaintiff Leticia Preza, 31,                                                                                                          ately. He said the ban is about a lack of
terol.                                      They plan to submit that information        who has a 4-year-old son and baby daughter.       Leticia Preza, holds her daughter Sabiha Preza, six months, who are Muslim, at                       choice on the part of the circumcised.
   In the end, only severe constipation     in late 2011.                               “It would also take away my rights as a par-      a news conference in front of San Francisco City Hall in San Francisco, June                             “Just because you’ve been doing this for
                                                                                        ent to choose what’s a good procedure for         22, 2011. They are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the November ballot of banning                    centuries doesn’t make it morally, ethically
                                                                                        my child.”                                                                         circumcision. (AP)                                                  or legally correct,” Schofield said.(Agencies)

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